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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 31, 2017 9:00am-9:59am EST

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scene about 1:30 this morning. this is a hotel where a planned new year's celebration is set to take place. we're continuing to monitor this story and get you an update as it becomes available here, but that is something to keep in mind as we go through today. >> especially after what we saw in las vegas. so obviously a lot of concerns there. first, it is 9:00 on this sunday morning. it is new year's eve and want to welcome you in with us. thanks for waking up with us. >> back together again. >> new year, lauren is off because she just got married. you know who we called up? >> sheena. >> sheena. >> and she's with us now. >> this sunday morning to tell us how cold it is outside. >> oh, it's freezing out there, but congratulations to lauren. i'm sure she really has no care in the world right now except hr marriage, so congratulations, lauren. yes, temperatures outside are feeling below 10 degrees for most of the area. it is a frigid start once again, 19 degrees is the
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it feels like 7 degrees right now in the district. it is going to be another cold day today. the wind is not going to make it feel much warmer than about 15 degrees this afternoon. so prepare for that. it feels like 2 in gaithersburg. clinton 3. 5 in fredericks. hagerstown feels like 0. as we go through the morning and into the afternoon, the suburbs won't get out of the low 20s. we'll talk about how cold tonight for the celebrations coming up. >> thank you very much, sheena. we're looking to learn about a d.c. officer-involved shooting in northeast. >> derek ward is in the news room with the latest on this developing story. what are you learning? >> reporter: this happened last night around 9:30 at the 800 block of northeast. police were responding to a domestic disturbance. they confronted a man who they say appeared to be armed with a handgun. at some point police wounded the man after
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>> our officers responded for a sec time to a domestic situation. they were out here. they were looking for a suspect who had returned to a home, not really sure about the details of the domestic. when they get on the scene, they confront an adult male who appears to be armed with a handgun. the officers end up firing their weapons. >> now, the wounded man has not been identified. the investigation continues. >> derrick ward following developments from the news room. thanks. more developing news this morning in what was a cold overnight, imagine this, being out there for several hours. that was the reality for montgomery county firefighters battling this fire in potomac. fire investigators will be back out on the scene today. there's no word yet how it started. that's why they'll be
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there to figure that out. we do know the damage pretty extensive about $1 million worth. >> then there's this, dozens of people in gaithersburg have to find a new place to live after a missive fire there strikes there. this is video you'll only see right here on news 4. look at the flames coming out of that building. resident capturing the flames. this fire started around 4:00 in the morning yesterday. everyone got out safely, thankfully. but they had to brave the bitter cold when they were out there and despite the ordeal, residents are just focussing on the fact that everyone is safe. >> nobody got hurt, we're okay. we're just need money. red cross will come and help us. >> that could have been us. but like we're actually safe now. it makes me appreciate stuff and makes you appreciate the time you spend with people. >> absolutely. while no residents were hurt result of the fire, one n
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was treated for smoke inhalation. no word on how all of this started. three, two, one -- happy new year! >> all right! >> whoa! >> just waking up, you slept through it. >> nah. >> just kidding. that was just a test, a test of the ball drop. >> okay. >> it's working. one of the last things organizers had to go ahead and do ahead of tonight's big celebrations in times square. a crowd of onlookers they got to watch the practice run of the iconic waterford crystal ball yesterday. it's pretty heavy, 12,000 pounds. >> whoa. >> yeah. >> it will be glowing tonight as it helps to ring in 2018. we're going to go live to times square to chat with nbc's chris palone later in the show. it will be a frigid outdoor party there. >> absolutely cold up in new york city. >> and they stay out there for hours. >> not me. >> not me either. >> no. >> in fact, i'm sticking closer to home. >> not this year, not another year. >> there's things to celebrate around here.
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many new year's celebrations happening. >> that's right. >> you don't have to stay up all night to ring in 2018. we have you covered starting at 10:00 a.m., you can bring the kids down to yards park in southeast d.c. for noon yards eve. love it. it's going to be a holiday wonderland for kids and adults plus a balloon drop right at noon. alexandria, celebrate with first night alexandria. music will be scattered throughout buildings in the old town. adults you have to pay. the kids are free. fireworks will go off at midnight. those are free for everyone. for the first time ever, there will be a ceremonial hoisting of the anchor at the capital yacht club down at the new district. if you plan on celebrating new years into the wee hours of morning, you have some options to get home safely. no excuses for not being safe. metro rail will stay open until 2:00 a.m. and metro bus will run on a sunday schedule.
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ride, head to the sober ride website a code will be posted today after 2:00 p.m. for a free trip up to 15 bucks. all you have to do is enter that code into the lyft app. there you go. no excuse not to do it. >> 15 bucks in your pocket. there's no way around the cold today. it is brutal out there. is there any relief in sight as far as the temperatures are concerned? sheena may not have good news for us. she's breaking down how cold it will get in just a minute. you may be going through your coat pocket, your jeans, where is it, that loto ticket? are you waking up a millionaire? >> whoa. >> make sure you have it on you. we'll run through the numbers and tell you where some of the inningsw
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to save at havertyst chancfurniture. ar get up to $1000 in bonus discounts now through new year's day. plus, you can finance with no interest for 36 months. ring in the new year with stylish upgrades. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. hurry, this sale ends new year's day at havertys. life looks good. welcome back. time to pull out your lotto
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numbers. 28, 36, 41, 51, 58 and the power ball number 24. >> ah. you just missed the power ball number? >> yeah. >> i only got five. >> don't expect to be a multimillionaire from the numbers. turns out no ticket won the jackpot set at 384 million bucks. the prize now jumps to $440 million. separately the megamillions jackpot also grown to $343 million after there was no winner on friday. hey, it is football sunday. the final football sunday for the redskins. round two for the skins as they go up against the giants. >> they've already beat the giants this season, 20-10. they're looking for another win. that game at 1:00 p.m. at metlife stadium. this will be their last game for the season since they're not in the playoffs. >> really only one nfc team that made it this year. >> he's going to phillyin
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with this. >> e-a-g-l-e-s. >> it's okay. 9:10 on this sunday, it is cold, cold, cold, cold out there. no other way to describe it. i had to tell you, it's going down. >> it is going down. >> colder. we'll check in with sheena with details on these temps just ahead. >> is that a song reference, going down? a month later, he is back on the job. we'll tell you about a closer look at the growing problem in the danger that officers fac each daye t
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♪ well, good sunday morning. it is the last morning of 2017 and we are going out with a cold finish. and it will be a frigid start to 2018, too. here is a look at the feels like temperature around the area. the wind chill when you factor in that wind and cold, feels below 10 degrees for most of us right now. close to 0 for some. we'll take a look at your new year's eve and new year's day planners coming up. >> thanks so much, sheena. back on the job after a brush with death. news 4 reviewed state records that show a recent string of crashes where suspected drunk drivers collided with maryland state police. now, one of those troopers was seriously injured back in june, but now he's back on the job and speaking with the news 4 eye team scott mcfarland. >> we patrol from the wilson bridge up to route 50. >> reporter: in his second year as a maryland state
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trooper, solomon flash has learned to navigate. >> hope that people stay vigilant. >> it sent my vehicle in the opposite direction of where everything was. >> reporter: the other driver was drunk, police say, and crashed into flash. seriously injuring him. >> i was disoriented. i really don't remember too much of what happened. they found at least eight troopers have been hit by suspected drunk drivers this year, including one trooper who was hit twice. >> that trooper is charles tittle who recovered and would eventually pull over 60 over suspected drunk drivers last year and win a trooper of the year award. new law signed last year in maryland is aimed at reducing drunk driving, requiring people convicted of drunk driving to use ignion
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preventing them from driving under the influence again. state police administrators hope that reduces the risk to their troopers in the future. >> a lot of times it's a repeat offender who is either arrested for dui or causes some sort of crash. >> it's mainly four of us working the route. >> reporter: solomon flash has resumed his patrol for dui. >> has your mentality changed? >> actually i thought it would but, no, it hasn't really changed. i've always had the same drive to go out and get or try to stop people who were drinking and driving before and after the accident. >> reporter: an accident that nearly cost him his career. and his life. scott mcfarland, news 4. now that driver who injured trooper flash is from upper marbro and is expected in court in a couple weeks to face a series of traffic charges. "the new york times" says a trump campaign worker told an australian diplomat that russia had dirt on hillary clinton and that revelation helped persuade the feds to investigate russia's d
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its alleged ties to trump. australia passed the information from george papadopoulos to the fbi after the e-mails were leaked. papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to fbi and is cooperating with the special counsel's probe. a wave of protests turning deadly overnight taking you to western iran. two protesters losing their lives. and iran state media reporting that authorities have temporarily blocked instagram and messaging app telegrams in order to, quote, maintain peace. hundreds of people have been chanting against the government since thursday. you're looking at a tweet from president donald trump. support for the protests in that tweet as he put it out. at 9:16, let's look at erie, pennsylvania, yikes. snow still coming down. >> is this supposed to make us feel better? >> not me. >> makes me feel better. they can keep it. as you can see here, residents are managing to get out and about despite the weathe
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lake-effect snow causing record-breaking snow. on christmas day alone, one day, 34 inches. month of december, erie has gotten over 100 inches of snow. you live there, you come to expect it and see people were delivering packages. whatever. people are out and about. >> you know, you can't move tos erie without knowing this is a very high possibility because of where they're located you get lake-effect snow coming in and sometimes that snow, that lake-effect snow doesn't stop for a couple days. we've seen it. >> i don't know. some of those shots, though, those folks look miserable walking down the street. >> that would put us out of commission for two months. 100 inches of snow. we would shut down forever. >> no, we would. we definitely would. >> we're great drivers. >> we're really tough around here. two inches of snow and the show is over. >> we would be making snow angels and start complaining and wondering when it's going to get warm again. >> winter is just getting started, so we might have a snowstorm to deal with. >> we're still watching for the middle of next week. don't jump the gun. >> i'm not
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sheena, this is your department. i would never step on your foot. >> he is looking to the next year. >> you're looking into 2018. >> not hard to do. >> we are watching one system that wouldn't be until the middle of next week. it looks to stay farther offshore. as for this morning, for your new year's eve, it's a brutally cold start to the day, wind chills below 10 degrees for most of the year. right now, and it's going to stay even colder as we go into tomorrow morning. so the brutal cold surprise, surprise, it does continue. wind chill advisory overnight into 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, so temperatures will be colder. the wind will be up as we ring in the new year and it will be dangerously cold in some areas, so needless to say a frigid start to 2018. live look outside. we have mix of clouds and sunshine. it's 19 degrees in the district feels like 7 degrees. look at these wind chills, 2 degrees gaithersburg, 2 below zero in
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7 degrees in quantico. everybody is under wind chill advisory until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you could get frostbite in about 30 minutes on your exposed skin. so remember that as we go overnight tonight. here is a look at the satellite and radar, we are dry. could see some passing snow flurries as we go through today. one small clipper system moving toward ohio there, but some could bring a few flurries. that's about it. new year's eve, 5:00 p.m., 23 degrees. midnight, around 19 degrees, but remember, going to be windy, so it will feel colder. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, 12 degrees for a low but feeling anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees below zero. 4:00 p.m., topping out around 25 degrees. now the forecast morning low i mentioned 12 degrees, that's the coldest new year's low temperature since 1968. so it's been a while. but it's going to be very cold for the next several days. not just tomorrow morning. now, if you're wondering the normal high, we're resuming this time of the year.
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today we're in the mid 20s. tuesday upper 20s. wednesday little closer, 37 degrees. then after wednesday we drop back down into the 20s. not much relief there. that's when i was talking about that early snow chance thursday morning. could be south and east of the district, mainly we'll have to watch that, though. the models are still not in agreement on it. it could remain mostly offshore, but look at friday, 20 degrees for a high. windy, some areas may only make it in the teens. and as we go into next weekend, it looks pretty good, but it ill looksst
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oh, check this out. >> nice. >> demands a lot of work. >> it's a winter wonderland made entirely out of ice this is on full display in northeastern china. the ice and snow world festival. >> pretty cool. >> yeah. >> but this takes a lot of work, we're talking 10,000 workers using 6.3 million feet of ice to create this masterpiece. the entire display is also lit, as you can see there from l.e.d. lights. chinese state media calls it the largest of its kind in the world. >> love that. >> yeah. >> very cool stuff. >> careful when you walk around, right? >> slick. >> final touches meanwhile in bloom for tomorrow's rose
9:24 am
different. thousands of volunteers have carefully constructed hundreds of floats being built in pasadena, california. listen to this, parade officials say it costs about 250,000 to 500,000 bucks just to make one float. >> wow. >> see every inch of the float is covered by flowers or other natural materials like leaves or bark. flowers aren't cheap. >> you can't just call 1-800-flowers. >> those would be expensive, too. >> it would be nice if you got that for your wife and drive up with a big float. >> a float? >> yeah. >> that would be. >> special gift for 2018. the weather is concerned we wish totally straight out there union station. >> and right on cue. >> right on cue, there it goes. >> wow. mother nature listens to you. >> the wind chills will be brutal out there. it's 19 degrees out there with the wi
9:25 am
worse. sheena has the answer as far as how low it will go. >> director naomi giving us the blow in the wind. it's new year's eve, folks are preparing to fill this place. >> oh, that's more than we have seen. >> they're getting there. >> they're going to be there for a while, too. >> we'll have an update on the security measures in place as we welcome in 2018. all this and more when news 4 continues on a sunday morning. stay with us. good morning. it's the final game for the redskins. burgundy and gold spending new year's eve with the new york giants. new york 2-13 on the season. a great opportunity for the redskins to finish this season without a losing record for the third-straight year. once the final whistle blows today, the skins need to figure out what they're going to do with kirk cousins. cousinss played the last two seasons on a franchise tag which they
9:26 am
many fans hope they can sign cousins long-term to keep him here in washington. cousins is not worried about any of that just yet. >> i'm looking at the future as sunday against the new york giants and that's really where my future is right now. when we finish that game, get on a flight home, have a chance to decompress, have conversations then we'll talk. >> the baltimore ravens still in the playoff hunt. a win and they're in. a loss and they need some help. the nfl moving the bengals/ravens game from 1:00 to 4:25 p.m. to new year's eve, not exactly making everyone happy. >> the people that have plans hope to give their tickets to somebody else and they get there and want the place to be packed, want the place to be packed and loud. i don't think the nfl did us any favors by moving it back, but they don't care about us. >> one last week with wall to
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>> announcer: "news 4 today" begins with breaking news -- 9:29 a lot going on on this sunday morning. a total shutdown of the belt way starting to clear up a bit. that is good news. what happened was a major tractor trailer fire causing this scene between new hampshire avenue and the split with 95 and college park. at one point, all inner loop lanes and lanes for exit 25 to u.s. 1 were closed. right now that fire is out but some lanes you can see there remain blocked as emergency response is still on scene. some cars getting by in the left side of the shoulder there
9:30 am
other cars are taking the exit ramp near the ikea. adam, let's bring folks this breaking news story coming to us from houston we're following this closely as we're now starting to get images into the news room here. police there have arrested a man they say they found with several guns and ammunition inside his hyatt regency hotel room. this is especially scary given what we saw in las vegas. this was a hotel that overlooks an area where there was a planned new year's celebration set to take place. obviously very frightening to hear this. we're continuing to follow the developments in this. good news is at least they catch him before any potential issue down there. so we'll continue to monitor that and bring you up to date. >> absolutely. that is something you had to be concerned about on this day, for sure. i want to welcome you all in on 9:30 on this sunday morning. they put us back together again. >> i don't know how it happened. >> we're getting along fine. >> we always get along. >> we're having a good time this
9:31 am
culliver. and lauren is not here, you know why? >> i heard she got married. >> she got married so we dialed up sheena parvine. >> i can see where into the future? >> i can see into 2018, yeah. oh, yeah. yeah. i mean, i can see the end of 2017, of course. you know, this is our last morning newscast of 2017, did you think about that? uh-huh. it's the last one. tomorrow, though, we'll be talking about colder temperatures than today. dangerously cold in some areas we have the wind chill outside right now look at this, feels like 7 degrees right now in washington. by 10:00 a.m. this morning, the actual temperature will be 22 degrees. but it's not going to feel like that. it's still going to feel close to 10 degrees in some areas, by 2:00 p.m., mid 20s. so we're not going to get past the mid 20s. 5:00 p.m. as many of you are heading out to your new year's celebrations. we are still going to be very col
9:32 am
and into the new year, we're talking about even colder, feels like temperatures of what we have right now. here is the current wind chill, 2 gaithersburg. 3 degrees in clinton. look at winchester. 2 degrees below zero. coming up, we'll look at tonight's forecast for your plans and as you wake up tomorrow morning straight ahead. >> when i see those temperatures, sheena, i now know why lauren chose this weekend for her wedding, makes sense. >> makes perfect sense. stay inside. don't go outside. you can go outside. just briefly. >> she was celebrating inside. we can show you some of her big moments. this is pretty cool. >> check it out. picture of lauren. hey! >> and her new husband eric. he's a marine, right? >> he is indeed, serving our county. >> the guy is no joke and absolutely lauren's love of her life. we want to say congratulations to lauren who looks absolutely smashing in her wedding dress there. and tied the knot last night. >> down in north carolina. >> north carolina, right. >> i'm
9:33 am
this morning. couldn't make it back to work in time? >> not that far of a drive. >> get on it. >> we'll see her next year, that's for sure. congratulations to lauren. >> exactly. the countdown is on to next year, to 2018, despite the frigid temperatures that sheena was just walking us through. think about going north, million folks expected to celebrate tonight in times square. >> nbc's chris palone tells us how those spectators will be greeted not just with the cold but also unprecedented security. >> four, three, two, one -- happy new year! >> all right! >> reporter: the world's most famous crystal ball tested and ready to go. thousands of balloons inflated the countdown to 2018 is in its final stages. >> come on in. >> reporter: tourists have descended on midtown manhattan. >> it's the magic. it's the big city. it's the lights, the excitement, the
9:34 am
>> i have on layers. i learned -- i did a lot of research about different materials, so i have an undershirt and sweater and scarf and two pairs of leggings on. >> reporter: police say recent terror attacks in new york and around the world helped guide their latest security plan. >> this will be one of the most well policed, best protected events and one of the safest venues in the entire world. >> reporter: thousands of officers will be on the streets, uniform, plain clothes and heavily armed anti-terrorism units using bomb vaping sniffing dogs. officers have new instructions on how to spot and stop potential suicide bombers and because of the las vegas sniper attack, detectives will be stationed in every hotel surrounding times square. >> you'll see increase in heavy weapons, bomb squad personnel, radiologic detection teams, and our technology to include over 1,000 cameras in and around the area of times square for the event.
9:35 am
threat to new york's new year's eve celebration. sean nash visiting from australia says he will not live in fear. >> if you live like that you will never live at all. you might as well get out and live. get on with your life, i think. >> reporter: do you feel safe? >> yeah, absolutely. >>reporter: the celebration is on. >> happy new year. >> reporter: turning the page on 2017 in just a few hours. the coldest ever ball drop here one degree in 1917, the second coldest, 1962 when it was 11 degrees, forecasters say we will be close to that when wind chills near 0 when we ring in 2018. in times square, chris palone, nbc news. >> always a lot of excitement moving into a new year. at the same time, you have to reflect on the past year. and this year we lost some very talented people, including our own jim van. >> here is a look at some of the greats that we lost in 2017.
9:36 am
♪ ♪ who can the turn the world on with her smile ♪ ♪ >> never hurtful. and it's always something that's sarcastic but fun. >> ladies. >> lady. >> oh, i just love this job. ♪ i think i love you ♪ i think i love you >> here is pat domino singing "blueberry hill". ♪ found my thrill ♪ on blueberry hill ♪ go, go, go johnny go, go >> to really have good intentions, some of your ventures may be wrong, but i think you come back. ♪ knowing that your door is always open ♪ ♪ still i'm free ♪ free falling
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♪ >> i'm a fearless man but i'm scared to death of you. >> i want to go! let's go! >> it's been an honor and a privilege. ♪ >> i don't think that any other magazine in the 20th century had more influence on america and the world. that's a pretty wild position to
9:38 am
be in. >> steve holcomb is braced for gold. ♪ ♪ still stings. knowing how much he meant to not just everybody watching at home but everybody here at the station as well. we're back with more "news 4 today" but ending 2017 and ringing in 2018 right after this.
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welcome back. it's 9:40. well, he almost gave up hope that it would ever happen to him. >> but now a drummer who we know as ringo star has a new title, sir. >> he's the second beetles band member to be knightedn
9:41 am
honors, 20 years after his band mate sir paul mccartney. ringo was the only one honored. co-founder and singer of the bee gees barry gibb searching his knighthood for, quote, his services to music. >> very cool. >> how would you like to be known as sir. >> i would love it. >> you can't. >> you have to be british. >> what about cuban american, does that work? >> i don't know what they call that. >> call me sir. senior. >> i'll take it. >> we have much more to come on this sunday morning as we give you a live look outside at the white house. it even looks cold out there. >> i'm surprised that the pond out there is not frozen. >> you're right. the fountain is still going, for now. we'll see. >> it is brutal. >> sheena is tracking temperatures that could make that freeze over. >> we're checking in with our forecast for 2017 and 2018. stay with us.
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♪ good morning. we're looking at some very frigid temperatures across the area. the wind is making it feel way colder, too. feels close to 0 in some spots, but almost everybody, if not everybody now, feeling below 10 degrees outside. this afternoon's forecast will stay very cold for the last day of 2017. tomorrow morning, it will be even colder. dangerous wind chills in the forecast. i'll show you that as well as your new year's eve forecast for whatever you have planned tonight. that's coming up. good mornin
9:45 am
looking back at 2017 and ahead to 2018. we're going to look at the promises president trump made, the promises he's kept and the ones he's broken. plus the 2018 political landscape. democrats aim to take back congress. republicans hope to hang on to power. we're going to talk about what to watch for next year. and 2020 early moves, potential candidates are already visiting the early primary and caucus states. and thinking of challenging the president. and finally, the ways president trump has influenced culture, from the words we use to race, to the conversation about sexual harassment. it's all ahead on a packed "meet the press." and as chuck looks ahead to 2018, we reflect back on 2017 now, really a turbulent year. >> a year that was violent, full of conflict and a wave of natural disasters, remember those? saw people pull together in order to pull through some tough situations. he
9:46 am
look back at 2017. >> i, donald john trump. >> reporter: it has been a year of change, challenges, conflict and incredible loss. >> everyone is running, people are screaming and crying. >> reporter: 22 killed at a concert in manchester, england. 58 gunned down in las vegas. 8 people run down by a self-proclaimed terrorist along a new york city bike path. more than 300 ambushed inside an egyptian mosque. 26 murdered inside a small town texas church. >> it's not much but pray and cry and hope. >> reporter: hope and hard work is what carried houston through historic flooding. >> i told my wife, let's start packing and get whatever we can take and get out of here. >> reporter: millions left homeless by mother nature.
9:47 am
deadliest in the state's history. a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in mexico city, and multiple hurricanes, puerto rico, like so many places right now, still struggling. >> this will not happen overnight. this is going to be a marathon. >> reporter: a political storm. >> chaos, there's zero chaos. we are running -- this is a fine-tuned machine. >> reporter: continues to rage in washington. >> i am an historian. i've studied a lot of presidents. i have never seen anything like that. >> reporter: an administration dealing with an investigation by special counsel robert mueller after the president fired fbi director james comey. former national security adviser michael flynn admitting he lied to the fbi while issues like north korea, health care, tax reform and immigration are often overshadowed by online slights and rants, partisan ranker and personal attacks from both sides of the aisle.
9:48 am
>> currents of anger and resentment are underpinning our national conversation. >> reporter: that anger spilling over. republican congressman staffers attacked while practicing for a charity baseball game. divided protests across the country, fights over confederate statues, marches turning violent and deadly in charlottesville. the lights of hollywood have never been brighter, shining now on allegations of sexual misconduct. the media and congressmen caught up in the ugly glare from decades of abuse, giving voice to victims, sharing their pain and anger, many online, using #metoo on social media. questions of equality and racial profiling from police spilled on to the playing field in the nfl, athletes standing up by taking a knee. still, there have been signs of unity this year. congressman steve scalise back on capitol hill.
9:49 am
>> you have no idea how great this feels to be back here at work in the people's house. [ cheers and applause ]. >> reporter: millions pausing together. >> it's the most amazing thing i have ever seen. >> reporter: to watch the shadow of the moon race from coast to coast during the great american eclipse. 2017 has been a whirlwind, some might even say a circus after 146 years the greatest show on earth ringing brothers, lowered its curtains for the last time this year. and now, as the curtain rises on a new year, many hope it will bring with it a new sense of optimism and unity. jay gray, nbc news. >> yeah. weather played a huge role in 2017 with those hurricanes and even going out on 2017 we're seeing all that snow and the lake effect and all that going on. >> now would you stand out
9:50 am
>> i really have no desire to do it. >> no way. >> i've done new year's eve in new york city but not there. >> no. >> we talked to chris earlier. he said some folks can buy these restaurant passes and be indoors or get the media pass when you can get one. i would do one of those two options. >> not the crowd. you literally can't go to the bathroom. yes, they can't. they tell you you can't. >> when they tell you you can't, you have to go. >> aside from that, the temperatures will be so cold. >> other than all of this, it sounds fantastic. you guys are just raining on people's parade today. once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> there's a million people going. >> hopefully nobody is sick in that crowd. they say this time of year you get all close. >> how about ringing in the new year. you kiss the person next to you. >> don't do that if you don't know them. i mean, you could get sick. >> you know what, sheena, what's cool is that you can see into next year already. >> i can in my crystal ball. >> it's looking cold. >> it looks very cold,
9:51 am
2018 -- >> nice, nice. >> it looks very cold. it's going to be colder than this morning. you will really want to bundle up if you're outside tomorrow morning. i would only be outside for a short period of time. we have dangerous wind chills in the forecast for tomorrow. here is your outlook for today, though. holiday travel if you're doing any of that today, just know that we have some icy spots out there. temperatures will be staying below freezing. the sidewalks are still icy, too, from yesterday morning's snowfall. they have not had time to warm up. they really won't for a while if you're heading out to brunch today, bundle up. last brunch of 2017. dinner tonight, getting much colder. midnight to 9:00 a.m., dangerous cold and dangerous wind chills. i'll show you that in a second. feels like 7 degrees washington, 2 gaithersburg, 3 in clinton. winchester feels like 1 degrees and hagerstown feels like 0. everyone is under the wind chill advisory through tomorrow morning. with those wind chills at 5 to 10 degrees below normal. so again frostbite can occur in about
9:52 am
skin, so really make sure you're careful and dress warm. we have a chance for some passing flurries today. that's really about it. we'll stay partly to mostly cloudy. by noon, mid to low 20s. by 5:00 p.m., not budging too much but again the wind will make us only feel as warm as about 15 degrees. midnight, temperature 19 degrees. heading into 2018, look at tomorrow morning, 12 degrees for the morning low, but it's not going to feel like 12 degrees, it's going to feel colder than that. that's dangerous cold. it could feel colder than that. mid 20s for your new year's day. i mentioned 12 degrees for a low tomorrow morning, that would be the coldest new year's low since 1968. so it's been quite a while. here is that arctic air that is in place now. it's going to retreat a little bit wednesday but then right come back in to end out the week. your ten-day forecast showing wednesday 37 degrees, that's going to be the balmiest day of the week and then we go into the end of next
9:53 am
friday. windy. we don't see a 40 degree temperature until the end of the four day forecast. that could change as we get closer. mo dereta
9:54 am
"what if" more of the came from renewable resources? "what if" the electric grid could detect, fix and even prevent power outages? "what if" our grid were less vulnerable and more secure? "what if" all these "what if"s became a reality? well, they are. at dominion energy, we're completely transforming our power grid and the way we think of energy... move from "what if" to "what's next." dominion energy.
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all right. as we look forward to a new year, always the question is -- what is your resolution? do you have one? >> ah -- >> you're on it. >> you're on it, my gosh. you did say you want to k
9:56 am
positively. bad vibes, sending them out. anything of that. >> might sound crazy at home, little crazy here, it's all good, though. >> the happy thoughts. >> and you? >> i do journaling, writing things down. >> really? >> i usually do that every year. by mid january, it's all gone. >> elizabeth beck, a coordinator at the national wellness institute is giving us seven totally doable resolutions she says will change your life. set a daily goal for yourself. next, tackle the hardest task of the day first. beck suggests starting using breathing techniques to help. i think i'll start doing that as well. >> yeah. >> start being healthy in 2018 by taking the steps instead of the elevator. and apologize sincerely. that's in general. >> you take the steps? >> park far from the grocery store, too. walk. >> tell someone in your life one thing that we
9:57 am
town wind. >> absolutely. >> we like that. all right. let's check out the scene in new york right now as we look live, starting to gather a crowd there. folks already getting together in times square for the big celebration. tonight, it is a cold one up there. we're going to get the latest on your new year's eve forecast when we come back. >> adam, we have breaking news that we're following in colorado. a report of multiple officers down. folks, this is just coming in. we're going to get you a fresh update as soon as we see you on the other side of thi
9:58 am
9:59 am
but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
10:00 am
>> announcer: "news 4 today" begins with breaking news -- 10:00 on the dot on this sunday morning, new year's eve, 2017. good morning, thank you so much for starting your day with us. i'm adam t-uss. >> i'm david culliver. angie has the sunday off. we have breaking news, this is just coming into our news room south of denver. >> reports of multiple sheriffs deputies down in littleton, colorado. the douglas county sheriff issued a shelter in place for people in that area. they don't have an update on the conditions of deputies remains an active situation. we'll update you through the nbc washington app. >> pretty frightful scene there. i know we also have some breaking news out of houston, too, that we're following. we'll keep you updated on that. cold weather out there as we start out this sunday in the 2017 year.


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