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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  January 1, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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to safety after a two-alarm fire tears through a d.c. home. what crews had to do after the flames were out. >> my goodness. have you stepped outside yet? don't bother if you haven't. temperatures settling in and not going away. why we're in storm team 4 weather alert mode this morning. 2018 is fiefrnly here. we're working for you to help you keep your new year's resolutions. >> we're talking about new year's resolutions. we're only 4 1/2 hours into the new year. >> we have aaron and eun both off this morning. you're stuck with molette and me this morning. we just made the rounds. >> having a good time. came to work. enjoying being here with all
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you. boy, going outside after those new year's parties, sheena, it slaps you in the face. happy new year. >> happy new year, guys. my resolution is to listen more. i don't listen enough. and selective reading and hearing. that's a problem. >> sometimes you need that. >> with certain people, yes. with certain people you have to be selective on what you hear and see. >> we always listen to you, sheena. >> you have to listen to me today. we're talking about a weather alert day because of the cold. look at the temperatures. these are actual temperatures. this is not the windchill. these are actual temperatures right now. if we get down to 12 degrees in washington, we have quite a few hours before we hit our low, that would be the coldest morning on new year's day since 1968. a lot of the areas looking at the single numbers for the windchill. look at the windchills for the area. 7 below in
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1 below dulles. 5 degrees in washington. we'll see what's coming up, guys. >> thank you so much. chris lawrence is at the live desk. >> d.c. firefighter fell through the floor while battling a fire at an apartment building. this fire is in a building along buena vista terrace. take a look at the pictures from the scene. we're told the fire started around 3:00 this morning. no word on how that happened. most of the fire is ouchlt there we go. it looks like everyone got out safely. the good news is the firefighter's injuries aren't that serious. we have a crew headed to the scene now bringing you updated information as it comes in. david, back to you. >> chris, thanks. following another fire this morning out of northwest d.c. firefighters had
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to unfreeze an extension ladder at that fire because of bitter temperatures sheena was telling us about. flames breaking out the row home around 1:00 this morning. this is on 5th street northwest. most of the fire is out as you see there. someone in a wheelchair was taken from a neighboring home but wasn't hurt. no word on what started the flames. unprecedented. that's how fire officials are describing this past weekend. >> absolutely. over a 24-hour period, fire crews battled over a dozen fires. it's partially because people have been trying to keep their homes warm. one fire was at a home that could have easily been prevented. >> someone removed the fireplace ashes in an improper manner and fashion. they rekindled or reignited. burnt down a large component of the house. >> there was only
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over the weekend. one firefighter slipped on the ice and was hurt. smoke alarms alerted people caught inside burning homes and they got out. today is the deadline to comply with the new law aimed at preventing home fire deaths. the rules depend when your home was built. homeowners are required to replace their old smoke alarms. if you are caught without a new one, you could face a misdemeanor. developing this morning, we've learned that ten americans have died. what you're looking at there, it's a horrific plane crash in costa rica. it went down on sunday off the pacific coast. 12 people in all lost their lives. investigators will look into a possible cause of the crash. five of those who died were family members from new york. a mother, a father and their th
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i'm chris lawrence here at the live desk. four people are dead after a shooting this morning in long branch, new jersey. law enforcement sources are telling our nbc station in new york the suspect is 16 years old and in custody. the victims include the suspect's mother and grandmother. the suspect used an assault rifle to shoot two other people, a girl and a man. it's not clear if they're related or not. all this happened this morning. we'll update you as soon as we learn more about this. molette? >> chris, thank you very much. want you to take a good look at your screen. there's concern for this missing woman. he had nall virginia green was last seen at the hospital in takoma park. she was released from there on saturday. she hasn't been heard from since then. call police if you know where she might be. 2017, doesn't it feel like yesterday? >> it
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>> sure. having a look back on highs and lows of a turbulent year, molette. >> it seems like there are new sexual misconduct allegations made or and more each day. now one of the most powerful people in the legal system wants to take a closer look. supreme court chief justice john roberts has laid out a plan. devastating hurricane tore through texas. a harvey survivor reveling in a generous donation. the gift that has him singing a
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2017 was anything but boring. >> that's for sure. the year saw unprecedented change and unpredictable change at that. very real tragedy. see how folks come together. that always brings smiles, especially to laugh through. the challenges. it gives us a reason to look forward to 2018. jay gray got a look back. >> i donald john trump do solemnly swear -- >> it's been a year of change, challenges, conflict and incredible loss. >> people screaming and crying. >> 22 killed at a concert in manchester, england. 58 gunned down during a slaughter in
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terrorist along a new york city bike path. over 300 ambushed inside an egyptian mosque. 26 murdered inside a small town texas church. >> it's not much. but pray and cry and hope. >> hope and hard work is what carried houston through historic flooding. >> start packing and take whatever we can take and get out of here. >> millions left homeless by mother nature. wildfires in california, the deadliest in the state's history. a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in mexico city. multip mul multihurricanes. puerto rico still struggling. >> this will not happen overnight. >> a political storm. >> zero chaos. we are running -- this is a fine-tuned hi
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washington. >> i'm an historian. i have never seen anything like this. >> frustration dealing with an investigation by special counsel robert mueller after the president fired fbi director james comey. former national security adviser michael flynn admitting he lied to the fbi while issues like north korea, health care, tax reform and immigration are often overshadowed by online slights and rants. part son rancor and personal attacks on both sides of the aisle. >> anger and resentment are underpinning our national conversation. >> that anger spilling over. republican congressman and staffers attacked while practicing for a charity baseball game. divided protests across the country. fights over confederate statues, marches turning violent and deadly in
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the like lights of hollywood have never been brighter. p giving voice to victims sharing their pain and anger. many online using a #me too on social media. questions of equality and racial profiling from police spilled on to the playing field in the nfl. athletes standing up by taking a knee. still, there have been signs of unity this year. congressman steve scalise back on capitol hill. >> you have no idea how great this feels to be back here at work in the people's house. >> millions pausing together. to watch the shadow of the moon race from coast to coast during the great american eclipse. 2017 has been a whirlwind. some might even say a circus after y
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show on earth, ringling broth s brothers, barnum & bailey circus lowered its curtain for the last time in year. as the curtain rises on a new year, many hope it brings with it a new sense of optimism and unity. jay gray, nbc news. on this new year's day, let's get you another look at what you're up against on this weather alert day, sheena. >> brrr. some areas 7 degrees below zero. we'll take a look at what you can expect today coming up. new details about how the fbi was tipped off about russia meddling in our presidential election. the campaign adviser now being accused of leaking the information. and new year, new rules. what you need to know before tossing anything in your garbage or
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we are off to a frigid start. windchills before zero. we have not bottomed out yet with our temperatures occurring around 7:00, 8:00 this morning. i'll show you the forecast later this week coming up. we'll check in with you then. maybe a new year but the investigation into possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia continues. >> we now have an idea who it was that tipped the fbi off in the first place. it was an australian diplomat. after a meeting with a trump campaign adviser. nbc's jennifer johnson reports. "the new york times" reports that the tip that led to the russia investigation originated
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in london between trump campaign adviser george papadopolous and an australian diplomat. in may 2016, papadopolous told alexander downer that russia had thousands of e-mails that would embarrass hillary clinton. when they were leaked, australia tipped off the fbi. >> when australia, one of america's top intelligence partners, called the fbi, they're going to take it seriously. i think this is a big deal. >> president trump blamed the fbi's investigation on what he called a bogus dossier from the clinton campaign. the times report citing four anonymous current and former u.s. officials says it's unclear if papadopolous shared the e-mails with the campaign. >> when you uncover the data and information, president trump was nowhere near the russians as it related to the campaign or anything thereof. >> the response, it's continuing to cooperate with the special counsel. >> 2018, this investigation will go forward,
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investigation conducted without political influence and the president needs to focus on his day job. i need to focus on being a senator. we all need to let mr. mueller do his job. >> the president has repeatedly said he wants this probe wrapped up soon. papadopolous pleaded guilty of lying to the fbi and is now a cooperating witness in this investigation. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. supreme court chief justice, john roberts says the nation's courts will take a fresh look at sexual misconduct policies in the new year. his annual report says the judiciary is not immune from workplace harassment. roberts has asked for a group to review workplace misconduct policies within the courts and a report on that is expected by may 1st. this last months, prominent appeals court judge alex cue zin ski retired after allegations. afi
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destroyed hundreds of vehicles in liverpool. take a look at this new video coming into the newsroom. firefighters were fighting this huge fire yesterday. police said all the cars in the parking lot were completely destroyed. to give you perspective of how big the fire was, that lot has the capacity to hold about 1600 cars and trucks. investigators say the fire was accidental. it started with one vehicle and then completely spread from there. molette, back to you. >> incredible story. we'll take a look at this video that was sent to us. an apartment caught fire yesterday in springfield forcing dozens of people to run out of the building. we were told that the fire burned through eight apartments. at least 40 people had to find somewhere else to stay. they cannot return home. in your resolution is to go green a little more, you can do
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that. you can boost the efforts, especially if you live in the district. d.c. expanded the list of items that can now be recycled. starting today, everyone, including businesses, required to recycle some items instead of just toss them in the trash. pizza boxes, paper, plastic plates and food containers. plastic bags wrapped in film not accepted. the district is trying to divert 80% of the trash from going into the land fills. four months since hurricane harvey put the texas gulf coast under several feet of water. it could be years before some places fully recover. >> one survivor is hoping the music he made in the floodwaters can help keep hope alive during this time. here's the story. >> ♪ >> eric harding never had to use words to express how he felt. >> it's a piece of music
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it's largely been part of my life. >> his father, a piano technician. his oldest a pianist. after his home was destroyed by harvey, he posted this. a song with a verse, romans 8:18. >> there's hope in the moment you're in. we need to be reminded that a lot, there's so many stages of this thing, the running and getting away, then there's the getting back and ripping it out and then there's the rebuilding. >> his piano didn't make it. but it was a powerful image. >> a yamaha artist had seen the video. she was sending out this who is this guy, you who do i get ahold of him. >> moved by harding's message to spread god's love and hope, she worked to get him a $7,000 piano free of cost the 14-year-old son can practice again. >> it's really
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i can never imagine even like being able to get one of these ourselves. >> despite the rebuild, this home is full. >> to have that kind of generosity to come about, that's just one piece of all the generosity that has happened not only for us, but a lot of people in the area. >> with a joy that words could not express. >> maybe a piece of normal coming back. >> wow. that's incredible. >> roseanne air gone with that report. >> happy new year. >> happy new year, sheena. >> nice to be here. >> this is the first morning newscast of 2018. >> we ended it yesterday and -- you haven't slept at all. >> i haven't slept. >> you've been at parties. >> of course you slept. >> no. she rolled -- look at you -- >> i mean, i showered. i freshened up. >> it is 2018. you got to get off to a clean start. >>a
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dress-up clothes. >> i had nowhere to go last night. i'm doing this to make it look like i was social. i was in bed by 9:30 after watching this is us. >> i was in bed probably a little earlier. i'm not each going to tell you. it's embarrassing. i was up when a lot of people were still out. anyway, we're talking about weather alert today. if you're inside watching, stay inside for a while. we have dangerous windchills in part of the area. we're watching snow chances for the middle of this week. don't put your warmest coat away. the arctic air sticks around for a long time. look at these windchills right now. 7 below zero in manassas. 5 degrees in washington. 4 leesburg. feels like 3 in clinton. quantico feels like 1 degree. martinsburg feels like 0. some areas could get close to 10 degrees below zero. this goes until 9:00 a.m. that's dangerous this mornin
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exposure in 30 minutes on your exposed skin. we are dry. not looking to snow any time soon. watching the windchills through the day. here's 9:00 this morning. future feels-like temperature close to 0 through much of the area. we go through lunchtime, closer to 10 degrees. by the afternoon, feeling more like 15 degrees. if you are doing holiday travel wherever you're going or wherever some of your friends or family are going, for today, the dry roads. tomorrow we look good too. the dry roads but temperatures starting out in the teens. we're almost at 12 degrees in washington for our morning low. if we hit 12 degrees, it's going to be the coldest new year since 1968. keep in mind, our normal high is 44 degrees. won't be normal until the end of your ten-day forecast. i mentioned the snow chance. that comes on thursday. mostly south and east. more coming up in a bit. a closer look at that system.
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highs near 20 degrees. that is very cold. >> if one of your news years resolutions is to be financially fit, we're working for you, david. tips on how to get the most out of your money. >> i want to win the lotto. >> a local family ringing in the new year with a new baby, molet molette. >> i love it. >> neither of us. we'll show you the first
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baby bass born at 12:03. 7 pounds, 6 ounces. both mom and baby are happy and healthy. one of the times of the new year for some of us might be the really long lines, packed ellipticals at the gym. plenty of people want 2018 to be a better year for them. >> makes sense. >> we have tips on how to hit financial goals. >> back straight. >> work out more, eat less, quit smoking and/or drinking. the top resolutions for 2018 aren't that much different from rs
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for breaking them. sometime around the end of january. >> number one resolution, save more money. >> bank's greg mcbride says breaking financial resolutions like saving more can be risky. especially if there's an emergency. >> you want to have enough to cover six months worth of expenses ideally in your emergency fund. >> setting aside 10 to 15% of your paycheck is the target he says for retirement fund that's easier to hit with help from your employer. >> maximize the employer match in the 401(k). another important resolution. mcbride also abdicates getting out of debt in 2018. especially with interest rates rising. >> ints late yourself from further interest rate increases and give yourself the opportunity to make serious headway on paying down that
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will look even better than 2018. chris clackum, nbc news. >> think about it. we'll go through our resolutions later. >> add a few. >> after that, for sure. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. breaking news this morning. multiple people dead after a shooting in new jersey. the details still coming in this morning, including the latest on the gunman. overnight, firefighters pull a wheelchair bound person after a fire tears through a d.c. home. what the crews had to do after the flames were out. i've been inside an hour already and i'm still shivering. dangerously cold temperatures settling in. they're not going away either. why we're in weather alert mode this


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