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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 1, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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iand i like these award-winning cheddar puffs. first place. both events? booyah! we're an awards family. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning organic cheddar puffs from aldi. simply smarter shopping. now at 11:00, new video of a transformer fire. knocking out power to thousands on a freezing cold night. we're live in the neighborhood where petco was
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trying to restore the situation. plus a 92-year-old war veteran dead after his house caught fire this morning. and tonight we hear from his family. and president trump returns to washington facing a new crisis overseas in the new year. well, where else do we begin tonight but with the cold blast of arctic air still gripping all of us in this new year? if you can believe it, doug said it's going to get even worse in the ten-day forecast. so let's get right to him in the storm center with more on tomorrow morning. it's going to get worse before it gets better. >> kind of hard to believe, leon. i think we may get above freezing on wednesday, but then we come crashing back down, and boy, it gets even colder. right now it's just frigid. the big deal, it's still the wind. the wind. take a look at the flag blowing out there in the wind. we've got winds that are gusting over 20 miles per hour at this hour. take a look at the current wind gusts. 22 miles per hour in d.c., 18
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every once in a while the gusts get higher many of the other locations. what does that mean? the wind chill is still such a huge factor. look at these numbers. we're down below zero in gaithersburg. 5 below zero in martinsburg. it feels like 2 degrees in d.c. some incredibly cold numbers across our region. frigid weather continues. tracking our storm for thursday. some new thoughts on that. we're getting some latest computer models in right now. and then the coldest air yet moves in. it gets a lot colder than it is right now. hard to believe. i've that forecast for you in about ten minutes. >> all right. we'll see you in just a the bit. in the meantime, an underground transformer caught tire in montgomery county tonight, knocked out power and thousands of people. a viewer captured this fireball from their car. news 4's darcy spencer live in montgomery village now with more on the effort to get everybody's power turned back on in this dark and frigid temperature situation. darcy. >> reporter:
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power was out in this neighborhood from about 5:00 this afternoon until 8:00 this evening. it looks like pepco has been able to get everyone back on. you can see the beautiful holiday lights in the house behind me. but? residents are telling me this really disrupted their holiday plans. this video posted on twitter shows the explosion. that fireball left thousands of people without power for several hours in montgomery county. no power meant no heat on one of the coldest nights of the season. josie mccaauliffe was inside wi her dogs rocky and zina. >> we all snuggle together under blankets and everything. so we stayed warm. >> it was kind of nice having this. a two-dog night. >> yeah, we had a three-dog night. there's one more. >> reporter: this driving video shows a montgomery village neighborhood. homes with no lights. christmas decorations gone dark. it happened when many are home for new year's day. gene zep says the
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canceled her holiday dinner. >> you were without power for how long? >> at 5:00 i put in my lasagna for my new year's eve dinner and at 5:20 the lights went out. >> reporter: pepco worked quickly to restore the power. 5700 customers lost their lights for about three hours. residents thankful it didn't last longer and made the best of a cold and dark situation. >> what did you do during the hours when the power was out? >> we lit lots of candles and had lots of as my husband called zen time. we just sort of sat and talked and fixated on what it would be like to have hot lasagnlasagna. >> reporter: i'm thinking a lot about hot lasagna right now. it sounds pretty good. they also wanted to watch the football game tonight. fortunately, they got their power back in time for the kickoff. so it all worked out tonight, leon. back to you. >> thank you, darcy. it's nice that they can laugh about it. but i know what they w
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through tonight. but not such a positive outcome elsewhere. a 94-year-old world war ii veteran died in a fire at his home this morning. fairfax county firefighters fought the flames in the bitter cold, and new tonight, we are hearing from the victim's family. here's news 4's jackie bensen. >> reporter: family members say louis spessard and his wife built in th as their dream home. >> if we go to the bob evans in springfield, this all knew who uncle lou was. they all made sure he got his extra rolls and his coffee cup was filled. because they liked uncle lou. >> reporter: john walker is talking about his great uncle. he treasures this photo of lewis spessard seen here with his first wife hazel around the time he served in the military where he learned aw skill that would make him a sought after repai
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>> they would go to the fine department stores, pick up things, people would bring things to their home. they were very well known in the annandale community and in northern virginia. >> reporter: lewis spessard was found dead in the house on columbia road after fire swept tlou the house around 4:00 a.m. fire officials say mr. spessard who useded a walker became trapped and unable to escape. a woman who rents a room says she escaped the burning house as smoke detectors began sounding. mr. spessard remarried several years ago. he's seen here in a photo with his second wife who had been at one point employed as his caregiver. john walker his he had a wide circle of people who cared about him. >> he was just a very, very sweet man. he had a wonderful disposition. he was very rarely without a smile or a laugh or a kind word. >> reporter: the cause of the fire remains under investigation. in
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news 4. >> thank you, jackie. three children are without a mother tonight in prince george's county. officers found lizbet mendez stabbed inside a home on 38th place this morning. she later died at the hospital. her uncle tells our sister station telemundo, washington that officers arrested her boyfriend in this case. brentwood's mayor lives just down the street from the victim, and she says domestic violence is an important issue within the latino community. >> i don't know if it's a cultural thing, but we don't tend to talk about this until it's so late. >> mendez had moved to the u.s. from guatemala. detectives have not released any information about the man they arrested in this case. they say that other people were in the home at the time of the stabbing. we are working more -- working rather to learn more bay man killed today in prince george's county. a metro transit police canine vehicle ran into him on train highway at
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around noon. northbound lanes of crane highway were closed down for hours while maryland state police investigated. news 4 has learned maryland legislators are considering a review of all school crossings statewide because of growing concerns that kids aren't safe enough when they walk to school. the number of pedestrian accidents in maryland jumped between 2012 and 2016, including a string of incidents near schools. and one of them a crash in 2012 near silicon valley high in germantown was a deadly one. delegate eric luedke wants the state highway administration to undertake an engineering survey of all state roads and then ask counties to do the same on their local streets. >> you go to almost any elementary, middle, high school, public or private, in my district and you'll see what you see behind me, busy roads, no sidewalks, no bike paths no, safe routes. >> he'll propose this legislation when lawmakers reconvene in annapolis later this month, and we'll be watching to see what happens
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there. national news now. president trump and first lady melania trump returned to washington this evening with their son barron. their first family sfent the holidays at their florida resort in mar-a-lago. the president returns with a number of domestic and foreign issues on his plate. one of those issues mr. trump has been monitoring is the deadly uprising in iran. we have learned tonight that the violent protests that have been taking place in the country took a deadly turn when demonstrators shot and kld a police officer. this happened in the city some 200 miles south of iran's capital tehran. this the first report of an officer being gunned down. protests now going into their fifth day. 13 people have been killed. these protests started last week over economic issues and government corruption. >> anytime you have thousands of people risking their lives against a state that is prepared to use, quote, an iron fist, that's impressive. >> president trump blasted iran's leadership over the
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issues. iranian government shut down a messaging app and instagram, which protesters had been using to communicate amongst themselves. tomorrow senator al franken's resignation officially takes effect. he stepped down after a string of sexual misconduct allegations. wednesday the woman replacing him will be sworn in. minnesota lieutenant governor tina smith's appointment will increase the already record number of women in the senate to 22. smith says that she has fundamental differences with president trump and is vowing to hit the ground running when she gets there. alabama senator-elect doug jones is also going to be sworn in on wednesday. he won his special election last month. his opponent, roy moore, still has yet to concede this race. but alabama stied the results last week. jones is a democrat replacing a republican appointed after jeff sessions became attorney general. but the gop will still mold a majority in the senate,
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so that margin has narrowed. storm a northetomorrow a noa man will face a federal judge. the fbi says he searched for ways to find isis. fbi arrested shawn andrew duncan last friday at his home and we caught video of fbi agents taking boxes from his house. duncan searched the internet for things like body armor and isis attacks. the fbi says he tried to destroy a memory chip and a thumb drive when agents arrived at his home to confiscate it. he's now charged with attempting to obstruct a terrorism investigation. coming up next here at 11:00, 10 americans killed in a plane crash. they were on vacation in costa rica and now we're learning one family had ties to maryland. plus recreation. not medicine. the first day of legal marijuana sales in california. the business not ely
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everywhere in the golden state.
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with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement. we've learned some new details about some of the 12 people killed in a plane crash in costa rica. 10 of those victims were americans, including a family of five from new york. irene steinberg was from potomac, maryland and she and her husband and her three boys all died in that crash. her son zachary attended johns hopkins university in baltimore. nbc's gabe gutierrez now with more on the investigation into the crash. >> oh, my
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like i can just see all the smoke. everybody's screaming and yelling. >> reporter: near costa rica's pacific coast an eyewitness describes the horrifying scene after a single-engine plane crashed in the woods. 12 people killed, including 10 americans and two local crew members. >> it all of a sudden beared to the left and nose dived right in front of us. >> reporter: tonight in suburban new york friends and family are mourning the loss of bruce and irene steinberg and their three sons, matthew, william, and zachary. >> inconceivable that a whole family should meet with such a disaster. they were a lovely family. >> reporter: also among the dead mitchell and leslie weiss from near tampa, florida along with their two xharnlchildren. the charter plane belonged to nature air which did not respond to comment.
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flights crashed into a river. authorities say this aircraft had been inspected a month ago but strong winds had dlied its landing earlier on sunday. the california-based travel company that organized the trip says it's extremely heartbroken over this horrific loss of life and that it's working with local investigators to find out exactly what caused this unimaginable tragedy. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. in california the new year means legal retail sales of recreational marijuana. and in new places where pot shops have actually opened business was steady today. the mayor of berkeley attended a ribbon cutting for one store early this morning. others from san diego to sacramento also opened up their doors. but the new shops do come with some strict rules. no selling to anyone under the age of 21. and it's only sold in sealed child-resistant packaging. and shops must close by 10:00 p.m. >> we're going to make sure these are not located near parks
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or schools or churches, things of that kind. >> these new stores are not up and running everywhere, though. only 100 state licenses have been issued so far. and the state's two largest cities, los angeles and san francisco, did not authorize the shops there in time to get those licenses in and in place by the first of the year. we can't blame you if you didn't bundle up to go outside and see it. so just in case you missed the big show in the sky tonight, here it is, courtesy of news 4. because we're working for you. the second of three supermoons out tonight. these moons appear bigger and brighter than other full moons because they're full when they're closest to the earth and their orbits. and if you missed tonight's don't worry the next one's going to be here january 31st and that one is going to be actually even better because it's going to feature a lunar eclipse. >> that'll be cool. and i guarantee it will be warmer. >> it will be warmer in january? >> i'm rolling the d
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than we were last night. >> this one's called the wolf moon. >> yeah. >> what's the next one is going to be cooled? >> i've got to see what it's going to be called. but it's going to be a blue moon because it's the second full moon in a month. anytime you get two full moons in a month the second one's a blue moon. >> you have to drink an orange -- >> i got you. outside we're looking at some clear skies. and man, it is just cold. it's been a broken record for the last couple of days. we've got winds still gusting up to 20 miles per hour. look at the numbers. 16 with a northwest wind of 14 miles per hour. that's why we've got this wind chill that is down close to zero right now. the actual numbers, these are real numbers. current temperature 10 degrees in winchester, 12 in manassas, 15 in huntingtown, but you add in the wind and that's the wind chill you get 5 below zero right now in frederick, 2 below zero in manassas. 1 below i
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and it's going to stay that way. that's one other reason we're not seeing any rain or snow. we've been very dry. just a little snow during the day on saturday. the next one makes its way our way too but it's just off the coast. clear skies here. the area of high pressure's so expansive the cold air so far down to the south the jet stream's going down -- you can actually see it. look at that jetstream moving right off the coast of florida here. extremely cold air wall all the way down the gulf coast. look at everybody in blue. these are all wind chill advisories from canada all the way down toward southern florida. right around the fort myers area. areas there under a wind chill advisory. same thing with areas like houston. snow, they can see more snow around the charleston area than us. for us it's the cold. look where the low temperatures go. wind chills by early tomorrow morning about where they are right now. below zero in many areas. stepping out the front door for the kids at the bus stop, for you at the bus stop or for you heading in
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layers, layers, layers, try not to have any exposed skin because it is that cold. 28 is what i'm going for in the afternoon. sun and sunny and cold. the wind chill may not get above 18, 19 degrees. still a cold day. 35 on wednesday. we get above freezing right now. that's the way it looks. we're not going to stay there long. we go right back to below freezing on thursday. 27, windy and cold. chance of snow on thursday. but this storm, let's take a look at it. we've talked about the jetstream dipping all the way down to the south. that allows the storm to stay out to sea. some of the models have tried to bring it back but i think it's just far enough out to sea, this storm that will become a monster of a storm, we will not see much of this. the big thing it does is it reinforces the cold and brings in even colder air. look at the high temperature on friday. 19 degrees. look at the overnight low friday night into saturday. five degrees. the wind chill in the city i
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and 10 below zero. he wouldn't be surprised if we saw some areas below 10 below. some extreme cold coming in. if you thought it was cold out there tonight, it's going to get a lot colder as we head toward the weekend. next week more cold coming in. >> we're going to feel balmy. >> it's insane. >> still ahead, could it be the best college football game of all time? all time? your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 1,300 items.
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ever? >> in college football. >> it's all because of doug's wolf moon. we haven't had a wolf moon in a while, right? >> or wolf season. >> still have to figure it out. >> that's a whole other story. this college football playoff business, you know, it started in 2014. the idea to spruce things up and to come up with a definitive national champion. instead the semifinal games have only been semi-interesting. only one of the previous six semifinal games was close, and the average margin of victory was 23 points. but rose bowl 2018 by any other name would not be as sweet. this was special. to pasadena, california. a beautiful setting for one of the best college football games ever. i'm not kidding. georgia had scored 24 unanswered points. leon's favorite, the heisman trophy winner baker mayfield trying to lead them back. mayfield looking, scrambles, fires to dimitri flowers for the touchdown. 11-yard score. and now we're tied at 38. is somebody booing?
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georgia down a touchdown. how about a direct snap to nick chubb? breaks it outside. he finds the end zone. two-yard touchdown. >> yay. >> ties this game at 45. we head to overtime. after the teams exchanged field goals, sooners going for another. wait a minute, georgia with the block, lorenzo carter skies aboston line, gets his hand on it. huge play for the bulldogs. you can tell by the chest bump. any score wins it for georgia. why not do what works? snap to michel. already with three tchtds on the day. how about a fourth? fourth td of the game. georgia wins a wild one in double overtime. first double overtime in the rose bowl. 54-48. they advance to the national championship. all right. now, georgia is waiting on the winner of the sugar bowl going on right now in new orleans. i told you the semifinal game is decided. right now alabama leads clemson 24-6. the rose bowl was special. that's in the third quarter. to redskin park, teams cleaning out their locker before o i
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for the redskins that unknown is the off-season. kirk cousins not in the locker room while the media was allowed in. there may be a few questions for him. le be back? we don't know. veteran safety deangelo hall the 34-year-old has been with the redskins since 2008. he's most likely heading elsewhere next season unless he decides to retire. certainly an emotional day for deangelo hall. but maybe more so for his wife. >> my wife, she might cry. are you going to cry? i'm like hell, no, i'm not going to cry. you know. this has been a fun journey. i've enjoyed every minute of it. i've tried to this last couple weeks, somebody asked me why are you on the scout team playing receiver? i'm like i'm just enjoying the moment. hasn't been hard for me, though, because at some point you kind of -- you know, you know. you know when you know. i don't know yet but i'm feeling like i'm get
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good time doing it. >> that's why he's a pro. because he's working on the practice zwoogd whatever it takes. and doreen gentzler somewhere is doing the wam because georgia won. that was maybe the best college football game ever. >> that's the way the universe is supposed to work, dave.
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we're going to freeze our butts off under a wolf moon. that's it? >> and many times over again. temperature tomorrow 28. but look what comes after our little storm. slight chance of storm. i'm not thinking it's going to be much. but bundle up the kids tomorrow morning. saturday even colder weather. >> colder? it can
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