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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 2, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight. when i say a break, it's relative. we are at 16 last hour for wind chill. now we're up to 18. the reason we don't have a lot of wind tonight, but that's going to help temperatures to fall. look at the temperatures around the region, though. 14 the current wind chill in hagerstown. 0 up to the north at state college. 13 in ocean city. ocean city getting ready for accumulating snow fall in that area. i'm going to talk much more about that thursday storm in a minute. 21 degrees currently in rockville, down to 17 in dulles with the lighter winds. areas that normally school, places like manassas and warrenton are going to fall quickly. already down to 14 at 6:00 on your tuesday evening. 14 in manassas, 18 down towards honeytown. so, we've got the cold in tonight. we're going to get a little break tomorrow. but the frigid weather continues. most areas tomorrow, i say a little break. we may get close to or surpass freezing by a degree or two. that's the break that we've got. tracking storms -- tracking the storm for thursday, and the
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if it was 25 today, it could be 40 degrees colder than that or at least feel 40 degrees colder by friday morning. that's the kind of cold air we're talking about. >> doug, thank you. it's hard to keep the chill from getting into the house right now. you probably needed an extra layer at work, too. it's the same at some local schools. check out this retweet from our scott macfarlane. it shows 48 degrees inside a montgomery county classroom today. but for another school district, the trouble started even before the bell rang. news4's meagan fitzgerald is in fairfax county. meagan, what was the issue with the buses? >> reporter: well, fairfax county officials tell us the problem is the school buses have been sitting outside in the freezing cold weather like they are behind me here for the last two weeks while students were on winter break. so, this morning when they started them up, some of them didn't turnover. others broke down later. but this is just one of several issues we saw in school districts across our area.
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>> yeah, it's really cold. especially with the wind. >> reporter: no one thought the start of 2018 would be a warm one. >> it's really cold. we're all wearing our coats. >> reporter: but students returning from winter break at richard montgomery high school figured it would at least be comfortable inside the classrooms. >> i thought the school was going to be warm. it's so cold. >> i just remember walking to first period in the morning, everyone was like huddling up and wearing their coats. >> reporter: a student tweeted this, saying, weather forecast at richard montgomery high school, negative 5,000 degrees. but on a more serious note, this picture sent to us from inside a classroom shows the temperature dipped below 50 degrees. montgomery county public schools says the cold weather contributed to problems with the heating system. it was a chilling and unexpected start to the new year in fairfax county, virginia, too. >> the cold weather, you know, really kind of gripped all of us this morning.
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steadily now that school is over, but jeff plat earn burg with fairfax county public school says that wasn't the case this morning. me cann cal issues from the freezing temperatures caused buses to break down. some couldn't even start. out of the 8700 bus routes in fairfax county, the school district says 200 were impacted. that means hundreds of students were forced to wait in the cold for nearly an hour. >> even with us doing the starts the past couple days, letting them run 30 minutes, sometimes the cold cranking required is a little too much. >> reporter: so, here's the thing. fairfax county officials say it is possible that students waiting at the bus stop could see more delays tomorrow morning. so, you can track those delays, though, by going to our nbc washington app, searching bus delays. we have a lincoln there for you. doreen? >> the bad situation. meagan fitzgerald. thank you. now to what's happening at a school in d.c.
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calls to learn whether they will have class tomorrow. a pipe burst and several feet of water filled the basement. only news4 cameras were there as mayor bowser toured the school in southeast today. you can see some of the water in this ground level stairwell. there is no heat, electricity, or water in this school while repairs are being made to the boiler there. >> this cold weather is also leading to local water mains bursting here in bethesda. crews had to actually bring in equipment to remove ice after the water that spilled onto the roadway quickly froze. and in silver spring, a pipe burst here at new hampshire avenue just inside the beltway. water rushed into some people's homes and right now just one lane of traffic is getting by. our pat collins will have a closer look at that impact in our next half hour. with this bitter cold sticking around for a while, now is the perfect time to stay a step ahead of the winter weather. just open your nbc washington app to get the latest from
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team4 any time anywhere. doreen? >> an 11 year old girl is fighting for her life tonight after she was hit by a car on her way to school. it happened this morning as she tried to cross busy pennsylvania avenue near brooks drive in suitland. the scene just a few blocks away from the girl's middle school, prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins as people voice their concerns about safety. tracee? >> reporter: doreen, i've covered a lot of accidents here on pennsylvania avenue, most of them fatal. tonight this 11-year-old girl is fighting for her life. her principal, her family, all by her side. this as prince george's county police are working to figure out what happened here. >> book bags and a pair of girls tennis shoes lie in the southbound lanes of pennsylvania avenue. police are investigating a terrible accident. >> it's really hard and it's really sad to hear that somebody's child was injured. >> reporter: an 11-year-old girl was hit here according to police.
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but school spokesman says she attends drew freeman middle school. >> she was transported to a local hospital with critical injuries. the driver did remain on the scene. the driver is being very cooperative right now. >> reporter: pennsylvania avenue route 4, brooks drive, is a major crossing point for students attending drew freeman and suitland high school. the busy state highway is also a source of worry for many parents. >> it's bad. kids have to cross here and then go over there and then they have to worry about the traffic coming around. and traffic coming from more than one direction. >> reporter: crossing guards are here for a short time in the morning and evening, offering some assurance. but our cameras rolled as countless students navigated the busy road on their own after the crossing guard left. >> but if they're late or they come out early, you know, it's nobody there to secure them and make sure they're getting across safely. >> reporter: prince george's county police are investigating to try and figure out exactly
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no more information on whether this child was walking in or out of the crosswalk or if the driver was at fault. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. >> all right, tracee, thank you. just yesterday news4 told you about a statewide proposal in maryland to review the safety and engineering of sidewalks and crossings near every public school in the state. state delegate eric lutke of montgomery county will formally propose that review when the state legislature reconvenes later this month in annapolis. earlier this week, lutke said an engineering study of school crossings could reveal vulnerabilities and hazards to children. in 2012 a car hit and killed a sophomore trying to cross germantown road to approach seneca valley high school. >> a child says two men tried to kidnap her from her own yard before school. she was waiting for her dad outside elm avenue in takoma
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he said they had candy. she pushed the door closed and told her father. the man who spoke to her has a nose ring, a pimple near his eye and flower tattoo on his left hand. the gray van has dents and damage below the rear passenger window. >> developing tonight, prosecutors say a sterling man was inspired by isis. now the suspect could be facing new charges. investigators say that sean duncan ran and tried to destroy evidence as the fbi raided his home. news4's chris gordon is outside the federal court house in alexandria to tell us how it all went down. chris? >> reporter: well, doreen, in court today sean duncan is charged with obstructing justice. if convicted he could be sentenced to two years in prison. and we are told he could face additional charges for allegedly researching isis-related
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chopper4 gives us a bird's eye view as the fbi searches the sterling, virginia home of sean duncan on friday. they were not intending to arrest him at that time, but agents say duncan, the alleged isis supporter, tries to destroy evidence. court papers say duncan tries to run and get rid of a thumb drive and memory chip. duncan is now charged with obstruction of justice. the judge tells duncan he's charged with impeding a federal investigation by destroying evidence. duncan appears in court wearing a beard and a t-shirt. on the back of the shirt there is a stars and stripes in black and white. underneath the flag it reads, herndon police department supporter. but more serious charges could be filed against duncan. the fbi and sheriff's deputy searching his home removing boxes to be analyzed as evidence. investigators say duncan expressed interest in joining isis and conducting an attack in the united states.
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held in custody. he will be brought back here to federal court next monday for a preliminary hearing to determine the weight of the evidence against him, and whether he should be held in custody or released. we do not know if additional charges will be filed against him by that time. that's the latest. live at the u.s. courthouse in alexandria, virginia. jim, back to you. >> chris gordon. chris, thank you. and breaking news on the north korea missile threat tonight, military officials tell nbc news a ballistic missile test is possible, if not likely, in the coming days. the u.s. intelligence community has spotted the kind of activity that has foreshadowed previous icbm launches in the past according to two officials. this news comes in the same week that north korean leader essentially threatened the u.s. with a nuclear strike while extending an olive branch to our ally south korea. >> it's our big
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bone chilling cold shattering records and being blamed for several deaths. >> see the hardest hit areas as we track the coldest air of the season coming our way. >> a promising sign when it comes to your safety. the three things that help drive down violent crime and murders in our city. >> and by now you've heard it. history on the today show this morning, the story has been all over social media. now new reaction from hometown girl hoda kotb about the goals she has for the new year, and this new era in television. we're comi right this new era in television. we're comi right before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network
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bitter cold and strong winds making for a dangerous combination. our area could see temperatures fall in the coming days with wind chills going to below 0. doug is going to have more on that in about 60 seconds. but, listen, we're not alone. the bone chilling cold is gripping much of the u.s. tonight, breaking records, and also causing several deaths. warming shelters are open in the south as temperatures dip close to 0 in alabama and georgia. a 99-year-old record low was shattered in aberdeen, south dakota on new year's day where it dropped to minus 32. >> whoa. >> the dangerous cold being blamed on at least nine deaths in the past week. nbc's sarah dalov is tracking conditions across the
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>> reporter: just days into the new year, new winter weather records in communities across the u.s. chicago's high on new year's day, a bone-chilling 1 degree and conditions haven't improved. morning commuters making their way to work tuesday in sub-zero temperatures. >> frigid, just frigid. like it's biting in the face, just cold. it's no way around it. >> reporter: classes at this connecticut middle school canceled after heating units on the roof froze. elsewhere in the state, crews working overtime to thaw infrastructure. >> we fix one and it puts more pressure on another area of the pipe. >> reporter: a water main break in davenport, iowa froze this car in place. >> i couldn't even tell you how many inches of ice it has on it. >> reporter: the cold not just miserable, but life-threatening. at least at deaths in seven states are being attributed to the weather and the danger isn't over. 116 million people now impacted. and winter storm watches have been issued for as
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coastal georgia and florida. homeless shelters there scrambling to accommodate overflow. >> we don't want anyone to perish because of the weather. >> reporter: a wait for warmer days that seem a long way off across the country. sarah dalov, nbc news. >> well, we have our own show right here. chopper4 in the air to show you brutally cold conditions here. take a look at this. the potomac river frozen over. this is video from great falls just a few hours ago. and we even saw some people skating on the ice here along the canal. even though it's cold, you know this is not a good idea. >> oh, you know, i think there are times when the canal is safe to skate on, but the national park service makes an official announcement about that. >> right. >> they haven't said a thing yet. you would have a warning about that i'm sure. >> absolutely. we're going to be talking about this more tonight at 11:00, because all of the back ponds, you've got the ponds in your neighborhood. montgomery village up there in tg
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it just takes one bad step and you're under water there. so, really, tune in tonight at 11:00. we have a great story on some tips for that that are coming up because in this cold, you know you just have to bundle up for sure. take a look, this is a live picture out of alexandria. people walking around all bundled up in there. the coat, the scarves, hats, hood, everything out there today. it's going to be like another one of those days over the next couple of days. and, boy, you see a lot less people out in weather like this. it is an amazing. friday and saturday you might not see anybody at all. i think my wife and kids have been to every single movie that they could possibly go to. that's all you can do the last couple of days. movies and stay inside. 24 degrees, winds out of the southwest at 5. this is key. only 5 mile an hour wind right now. that's good news. wind chill down to 18, but 5 mile an hour wind gives you a little wind chill. current temperature 19 in gaithersburg, 18 in culpepper, 14 in manassas. with the wind, again, it's not much. notice 19 was the temperature in gaithersburg
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that tells you that we're dealing with some very light winds. that's some great news here. i think you're going to stay fairly light tomorrow. not all that bad. it's thursday we have to worry about. this is for thursday, too. winter storm watch in effect. not for our region. it's just off to the south and east. cambridge, salisbury, ocean city over towards rehoboth, all under winter storm watch now. the potential there for three, maybe 6 inches of snow in those areas. now take a look at the rest of this. you guys will love this. jim handly, you went to school right there, buddy. >> i sure did. >> gainsville, florida, under winter weather advisory. florida state university under a winter storm warning. they're actually cancelling classes now. up the coast here, charleston, winter storm warning there, 1 to 2 inches of snow with ice mixing in all the way up towards parts of north carolina. this is really unprecedented cold that we've got across parts of the area. numerous record lows going to be set. we could set records here, too. watching the storm now trying to develop, if you look at the map, somebody said today can you s
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it's not there yet. it's not formed. by tomorrow night it will be formed. it's two pieces of energy. one to the north and one to the south. these are going to meet and form right off the coast here and move up the coast and this thing is going to, what's called bomb out. meaning this is going to strengthen incredibly fast. and by thursday, we're going to be looking at the potential for like an eye of a hurricane type storm system off the coast of cape -- up there towards the cape, up around boston area. watch out for that. what cape is that again? >> canaveral. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> i said cape hatteras first. i know that's not it. up around cape cod. geography 101, folks. here we go, over towards ocean city and you're looking at rehoboth bay, getting my geography back. snow is south and east of washington. look at where it comes thursday. it makes its way close to our area. some of the models do bring it close to the d.c. metro area.
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east. most of the snow and i do believe most of the snow will stay east of the d.c. metro area. here's the next couple of days. snow east on thursday. here's the frigid cold. 19 friday, 18 saturday. dangerous cold, the overnight lows in the single digits. wind chills, i'm going to show you this at 6:45. wind chills well below 0. >> unbelievable. doug, thank you. >> yes, trouble with cape cod, but the bay is no problem. thanks, doug. well, still ahead, a milestone in our nation's capital when it comes to violent crime. what police are contracting with driving down the murder rate. >> tragedy in the air after the plane crash in costa rica leaves ten americans dead, tonight the
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there are some new details emerging in the costa rica plane crash that killed 12 people including a family with ties to our area. >> oh, my god, like it is right here. you can see all the smoke. it went up and all of a sudden it beared to the left and nose dived right in front of us. >> investigators say they think strong winds
6:24 pm
problems most likely caused that crash on new year's eve. the plane went down shortly after taking off in a mountainous area of costa rica. 10 of the victims were americans including a family of five from new york. irene steinberg was originally from potomac, maryland. she died in the crash along with her husband and their three boys. the couple's son zachary attended johns hopkins university in baltimore. a family of four from florida was also killed. >> new details in a deadly crash in prince george's county, we have learned the victim is a 16-year-old boy from clinton. the crash happened here along crane highway near chads ford drive around noon yesterday. a metro transit canine vehicle hit the boy. the officer behind the wheel is on routine administrative leave as maryland state police investigate. it is still not clear why that teen reportedly stepped into the street. doesn't appear the new rush hour tolls on i-66 are encouraging drivers to car pool.
6:25 pm
surveyed about a thousand drivers. more than half of them say their commute has gotten worse since the tolls began last month. about a quarter of the drivers say they have shifted their commute times to avoid the tolls. most commuters say they're sticking with their cars. public transit and car pooling are ligssted among the least popular alternatives. >> tonight we focus on a group of unsung heroes at arlington national december at this. they are known as the arlington ladies. they all have connection to the military. their mission, to ensure that every service member is laid to rest in the company of someone who cares. >> it's pretty remarkable. there are people who are buried here, for whatever reason, family couldn't afford to travel. there's no family here. the arlington ladies are there to stand as family and to be there, offer condolences when there are families here. and it takes a special breed.
6:26 pm
>> nearly 200 women are part of the arlington ladies. they represent the army, navy, air force, and coast guard, and they have attended hundreds of funerals. lester holt has more reporting on the arlington ladies on nbc nightly news right after this broadcast including what the women say is the hardest part of their role. >> how wonderful. what a service they do. when we come back, it's the one thing everybody's talking about. that blast of bitter cold as temperatures tumble across our region. >> we're also tracking the chance for snow. doug is next with a closer look at what's ahead. >> water main breaks have wssc pipe detectives out there trying to find them and fix them. 80 so far today. holy back up .
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before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement.
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now at 6:30, a bitter blast of cold air impacting nearly two-thirds of the country tonight. the drastic temperature drop is creating headaches for drivers as crews race to repair dozens of water main breaks across our region. >> oh, it's rough out there. news4's pat collins has more on the impact. but let's talk with doug kammerer. he's in the storm center with this brutal winter weather that's headed our way. doug? >> it's hard to believe we can get colder than we have been the past couple of days. we are definitely going to get colder as we move into thursday and friday. tomorrow may be a bit of a break. look at the temperatures around
6:30 pm
roanoke got to the freezing marks. we get into the slightly warmer weather, southerly wind, so we get up to 30, 34 degrees in the d.c. metro area. until this comes crashing our way during the day on thursday. something else we've been talking about our chances for snow. i want to show you this. this is a brand-new computer model just in earlier today. i was talking about the fact that most of the models are keeping this storm well off the coast. well, this one just came in, it's the american model, one of the american models. it now gives d.c. upwards of 2 inches of snow and brings the snow all the way back towards areas like frederick and leesburg. most of the snow down to the south and east continuing to be down to the south and east. i think this is a little bit too far to the west. but it is something that i'm watching. is this a trend that will continue? right now i'm still thinking d.c. gets less than an inch. if we get a coating in d.c., i think that would be a lot. we're going to continue to track this for you. i have more on this storm coming up at 6:45. >> okay, we'll be watching. thank you, doug.
6:31 pm
with a problem that's cropping up all across our region. water main breaks, wssc tells us they've had dozens of pipes burst today. that includes one taking a big toll on traffic. news4's pat collins is along new hampshire avenue just inside the beltway. what kind of a mess do you have there, pat? >> reporter: well, it's a mess that began early this morning. it continues on tonight, doreen. we're on new hampshire avenue and they're working under the lights right now on this water main break. you have three lanes of traffic that are squeezed into one. it's been a commuter nightmare since early this morning. it's still going on here. you know, water is something we sort of take for granted, until we don't have it. this is the gomez house on oakville drive. they still have no water. when you're a teenage girl and there's no water
6:32 pm
>> it's pretty hard because, you know, i have to take a shower. i'm a girl. so, it's kind of really hard without water. >> reporter: the wssc dropped off water to victims of the broken pipe, hoping it will get them through until the big fix. will it get you through the morning? >> yeah, for brushing my teeth and stuff, but not like -- like every day. >> reporter: here is the culprit. actually, you can't see the culprit, which is part of the problem. they have trouble finding it. it's an 8-inch main buried beneath new hampshire avenue. the wssc has to deal with a lot of old pipes, and when it gets really, really cold, they crack and break before you can say, back up on new hampshire avenue. how long will it take to fix it? >> i wish i had a crystal ball and could tell you, but until we actually expose the broken section of pipe, it's really hard to give an estimate. and we haven'on
6:33 pm
>> reporter: we could be talking hours. >> we could be talking hours. >> reporter: one of the by-products of a water main break, the sidewalks and driveways. take a look at this. ice capades. in bethesda they had to bring out salt trucks and snow plows to clear the way so the pipe detectives could do their job. back live here on new hampshire avenue, and boy do i have some good news, they found the break in the pipe over there. they're going to replace a four-foot section of that eight-inch pipe. water service should be restored to everybody around here by 10:30. that means people will be able to not only brush their teeth and can wash their hair, maybe even take a shower, and the commute here on new hampshire avenue should be, well, close to normal by tomorrow morning. jim, doreen? >> maybe those repair crews can get inside and warm up
6:34 pm
do that job. thank you, pat collins. >> going to be very cold tonight. >> thanks, pat. the frigid weather of course is our top story as schools struggle against the bitter kold. >> yeah, the weather is blamed for a broken pipe that flooded the basement of a district school. >> in fairfax county students were stranded for an hour when buses refused to start in the cold, and classrooms in one montgomery county school were so cold students stayed bundled up in their coats. >> a child is in the hospital tonight in critical condition after a car hit her on her way to school. the car struck the 11-year-old this morning on pennsylvania avenue here in suitland. the child was walking to drew freeman middle school on brooks drive. the driver did stay on the scene. >> tonight, though, a sterling man's home was raided by the fbi last week was charged with obstructing justice. the raid was part of an isis investigation. investigators say sean duncan took off running and tried to destroy evidence during the raid. officials say more charges are
6:35 pm
with a long to-do list, including another deadline to prevent a government shut down. this as a late shake up in the senate could bring a familiar face to washington at this time next year. our blayne alexander is tracking the day's developments. blayne? >> reporter: very hard to believe we're only two days into 2018 because it's already shaping up to be a busy, busy year. the senate comes back into session tomorrow. the house next week. and already they've got a lot on their plates at the start of this pivotal midterm election year. for washington, the 2018 to-do list is starting off somewhat like the end of 2017. most pressing, avoid a government shut down again. congress has less than three weeks to pass a budget. also on the list, fund children's health insurance, approve natural disaster relief for hurricane hachl ravaged cities and stabilize obamacare market places.
6:36 pm
new year. >> it starts where we left off. tax reform is working incredibly well. we're seeing our economy take off. >> reporter: among republican wish list items, an infrastructure overhaul. for democrats, fixing daca, the law protecting thousands of undocumented immigrants brought here as children. but a compromise could prove difficult. >> daca has several issues. it's not just the wall. there is citizenship issues, chain migration issues, all have to be ready to come ploe miprom. >> reporter: pr president trump, tweets on russia investigation and airline. this announcement from a top republican senator. >> after much prayer and discussion with family and friends, i have decided to retire at the end of this term. >> reporter: senator orrin hatch, the longest-serving gop senator, announcing he will leave his office when his term expires this year. and one big name reportedly considering a run for that soon to be
6:37 pm
presidential candidate mitt romney. >> blayne alexander. thank you, blayne. fighting back against sexual harassment, how hollywood heavy weights are coming together to protect after actresses made movement. >> hoda gives a shot out to her mom in
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
minnesota senator al franken's resignation takes effect tomorrow. franken resigned last month under pressure from fellow democrats, you'll recall, after he was accused of sexual harassment. his resignation met with mixed reviews from constituents. some fully supported the step, but others believe the charges against him were politically motivated and his punishment was more severe than his alleged misconduct. nevertheless his replacement will take office tomorrow. minnesota lieutenant governor
6:40 pm
until a special election next november the the winner of that election will fill out the remaining two years of franken's term. some of the most powerful women in hollywood are joining forces to protect workers across the country from harassment. television producer shonda rhimes, actress and producer reese wither spoon, and actress eva long ore i can't are among 300 prominent women behind the initiative called times up. they say they plan to fight sexual harassment in hollywood, but they also aim to helpless powerful women like nurses and workers in the hospitality and service industries. their program includes a legal defense fund to help protect women from sexual misconduct and the fallout from reporting it. >> history on the today show for the first time in nearly seven decades, nbc's morning program will be hosted by two women. you've probably seen the story all over social media. hoda kotb was officially named co-host of today along with
6:41 pm
kotb has been a main stay at nbc, and also she has roots in our area. did you know she graduated from fort hunt high school in alexandria? she went to virginia tech. after the show today, the two co-anchors talked about their unique opportunity to work together. >> i get to sit next to savannah guthrie starting in 2018, and it was so cool. there was something about hearing our names together. >> yes. >> and it just -- it felt right >> it was so touching this morning because every single person was hugging her and congratulating her and applauding her. and none of that was for tv, none of that was for show. that's just how everyone feels about hoda. >> hoda's mother still lives in alexandria and works at the library of congress. in case you were wondering, hoda will also continue to anchor the fourth hour of today with kathie lee gifford. during the show savannah guthrie called this the most popular decision nbc news has ever made.
6:42 pm
it's certainly popular among her colleagues. tom brokaw called the announcement historic and so deserved and a huge step for women. greg melvin said there is no kinder and more generous spirit at the peacock. celebrities also weighed in. ellen d he will degeneres said hoda phone. get it? cashing in on the region, the best neighborhoods for flipping homes and turning a profit. >> promising signs when it comes to violent crime in our area. see what's driving down the numbers and making our streets safer. doug, how is our weather looking tonight? >> it's only getting colder. tonight going to be a cold night, but thursday night into friday, we've got wind chills well below 0. going to talk much more about that. and remember that video we showed you, the potomac and we showed you those people ice skating along the c & o canal? they are able to do that. the national park service said, yes, you can do it, but just skate
6:43 pm
mile marker 12.6 to 13.4. but that right there, guys, yeah, you can do it.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
the district was a safer place in 2017. d.c. police say they saw a big drop in every single crime category, including murder and rain. but as news4's mark segraves found out, not all the people in the district are seeing this trend. >> reporter: in big cities across the country, crime is down. on average by a few percentage points. but here in the district, overall crime is down 11%. looking at specific categories, murder, down
6:46 pm
robberies with guns down 35%. chief peter newsham pointed out burglaries are down 28%. >> those are the crimes that appear to be the most random. it could be anyone's home that's broken into or anybody who could be the victim of a robbery, have huge reductions in those two categories is significant to the safety of our residents here in the city. >> reporter: d.c. mayor muriel bowser and police chief newsham point to good old-fashioned police work as part of the reason the crime has gone down, but they also say science and technology are playing big roles as well. the mayor and chief say improvements here at the district's crime lab have helped to put serious violent offenders behind bars. like the 18-year-old charged last week in three separate murders after his gun was tested here. but the district's crime lab is doing more than just testing guns and
6:47 pm
it's training a new generation of forensic scientists, like 17-year-old janai collins who as a high school student last year interned at the crime lab. collins said she was inspired to become a forensic scientist after experiencing firsthand the violence in her community. >> we can take a step forward and make things different in the community. >> reporter: jurisdictions in maryland and virginia said they hope release their annual crime data in the coming weeks or months. in the district, mark segraves, news4. >> we did some digging and here's how d.c. compares to other big cities similar to it in size when it comes to murder rates in 2017. as mark mentioned, the district had 116 murders. that is fewer than detroit where more than 260 people were killed last year. denver and boston, each had 58 murders in 2017. by comparison, 24 people were killed in that same time in period in seattle,
6:48 pm
once known for its violence is now one of the hottest places to flip houses. walnut street finance tells our news partner wtop radio that houses in trinidad offer a high return on investment. dean wood, edgewood and ecking ton are some of the other neighborhoods in northeast d.c. for flipping. in northwest, pet worth. it is hot now foreign vegass. >> now is the right time to work on the indoor renovation. >> that's right. don't go with anybody by the name of fernando. i'm telling you, do not do that. i want to show you what's going on out there right now. it's cold here, right? but it is really cold -- we like to show erie lately. they've had 7 feet of snow. >> poor guys. >> 7 feet of snow. that's in december. take a look at this video in the erie area. they had blizzard warnings in parts of the area. guess what, school was canceled again today. >> you can see why. >> the roads still a mess there
6:49 pm
the reverse side, normally you'd go reverse meaning beautiful warm weather. take a look. as far south as it gets down here, this is miami, and this is all part of the cold making its way down towards the miami area. the winds whipping down there today. and they could see temperatures into the upper 30s away from the coast over the next couple of days. and, trust me, when it gets into the 50s or 60s, the weather guys down there are going, okay, guys, hold onto your hats. here it comes. the cold air making its way that way. now, again, ours much different. we have temperatures of 24 degrees right now. those numbers dropping, 23 at 7:00, down to 19 by 11:00. the wind chill not as much of a factor. we only have winds now of 5 miles per hour at times. most areas, though, seeing calm winds. that's allowed temperatures to cool to 19. gaithersburg over towards baltimore, 13 in warrenton, 19 in fort belvoir area, 14 in manassas. extreme cold. radar showing nothing. we don't have any rain or snow right now in the
6:50 pm
then we look down to the south. this storm system is making its way down toward the southeast and it is going to bomb off the coast. these are the kind of storms that create monstrous snows up the i-95 corridor. this one however will stay off to the east. but it's so far off the east and so cold, look at the snow. snow around savannah, georgia. winter storm warnings in effect for tallahassee, savannah around charleston, south carolina. this storm making its way up and coming close to our area. look if he snow shield here. all the way to i-95. if you're west of i-95, i'm not expecting much if anything. you might not even see any flakes. best chance of accumulating snow is extreme southern maryland before this moves off. again, i'm tracking this for you. any chance of snow chance shifts east. if this moves east a little bit, snow chances lower. if it moves to the west, one or two miles have done that this evening, we could see the snow come back towards the d.c. metro area. once again, the bigt deal here is the cold. it's not the snow. it's the cold. what are we talking about?
6:51 pm
night for wind chills. 5 in d.c., negative 1 in frederick. negative 2 in martinsburg 7:00 on thursday night. look at friday morning. friday morning's wind chills, 14 below 0 winchester, 7 below in d.c., 12 below 0 in gaithersburg. here we are at 11:00 a.m., and it's still well below 0. in credible tim tours connell mcshaning in. friday and saturday may not get to 20 degrees. 19 on friday, 18 on saturday. actual low down around 5. and we stay cold through the weekend. little bit of a warm up early next week, but a chance of some mixed precip there. we're going to talk more about that when we get closer. right now all eyes on that thursday through sunday time frame. >> all right, thank you, doug. >> coming up in sports, after a disappointing end to the season, redskins head coach jay gruden is a little critical of his quarterback. sheree is up next. >> first here's lester holt with a look at nbc nightly news. >> jim and
6:52 pm
responds to a surprise offer by north korea. a sign of pending missile launch. with millions of followers, blogers youtube posting on suicide promotes anger and hurt. more ton
6:53 pm
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> all right. here we go. we heard it from jay gruden. he's talked a little about kirk cousins, huh? >> a little. no news really about what could happen. but they are putting a bow on this year. the lockers are cleaned out. now comes the real evaluation and reflecting period for the redskins. jay gruden wrapping up with his final press conference today. he echoed the woes of skin fans and without sugar coating about expectations particularly the quarterback kirk cousins. he ended the season with the worst game of 2017. three interceptions in the loss to the
6:56 pm
year. third straight over 4,000 passing yards, kirk now owns three of the franchises five 4,000 yard season. cousins also durable, becoming the first redskins quarterback to start all 16 games since they started playing 16-game seasons. still a 7-9 record doesn't sit well with fans or jay gruden who was asked to assess kirk's season. >> when you're 7 and 9, you know, it's hard to say, wow, this guy really was outstanding. there's a few guys obviously that jump out. kirk had his flashes where he was really good. from a consistent standpoint over the course of 16 games, we're 7 and 9. he did some great things, over 4,000 yards, 29 touchdowns, i believe, i think he's a very good quarterback without a doubt. as far as getting us over the hump from 7 of 9 to win a division with all the injuries we had, i think he competed and did some good things. >> the regular season over now it's time to break out the capita
6:57 pm
hot karolina hurricanes team who won 7 of their last 9. the wizards still day away from their game. bradley beale named eastern conference player the week today. the guard averaged over 26 points, six rebounds and three assists in four games. the wizards finished the week with 3 and 1, and beale the leading scorer in all but one of those games including a 39-point game last time against the bulls. wizards host the new york knicks tomorrow night. and it's a great honor for the former florida gator giving sec fans another reason to cheer. a lot of celebration going on for those who enjoy the southeastern conference today. looking at doreen over here, all sec -- >> red and black. >> national championship set between alabama and georgia. what an incredible rose bowl. >> unbelievable. >> right? it was the highest scoring, the first ever rose bowl to go into overtime. then in tha
6:58 pm
the kick to field goal, then the glorious go ahead touchdown by michelle with a record fourth rushing touchdown. so, doreen, a proud alum. were you just like -- >> screaming, yelling, after being -- biting my nails for the whole game. >> you have your red and black on which they appreciate. you guys face alabama. tough task for georgia to have to do. they're going for their 5th national championship. yeah, they were. i'll give you that one. but a whole 'nother thing with them. they're not only just throwing touchdowns. 300 pound defensive linemen are scoring. an interception on defense, a touchdown on offense. he head butts the camera? why not. alabama rolls clemson 24-6. now a time to tie bear bryant for most national championships won with six. and head coach kirby used to coach with nick saban. so there is a little fight going on there, too. >> that's going to be a great
6:59 pm
>> yes. >> all right, sheree, thanks so much. >> a completely out of range. >> $2,000 rht now.ig ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪
7:00 pm
tonight the death toll rising from extreme cold gripping the nation. snow and ice whiting out roads. dozens of vehicles in a massive pileup. over 200 million blasted with below freezing temps. tonight the new storm threat brewing. al roker is tracking it. violence exploding in iran. at least 20 killed. in clashes in the streets. iran's supreme leader blaming outside enemies as president trump cheers on protesters. family of one of the ten americans killed in plane crash in costa rica speaking out. >> so proud. to be your mom. i love you to death. >> u.s. investigators on the ground to determine what went wrong. under fire, youtube star who shared a shocking vi


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