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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 2, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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tonight the death toll rising from extreme cold gripping the nation. snow and ice whiting out roads. dozens of vehicles in a massive pileup. over 200 million blasted with below freezing temps. tonight the new storm threat brewing. al roker is tracking it. violence exploding in iran. at least 20 killed. in clashes in the streets. iran's supreme leader blaming outside enemies as president trump cheers on protesters. family of one of the ten americans killed in plane crash in costa rica speaking out. >> so proud. to be your mom. i love you to death. >> u.s. investigators on the ground to determine what went wrong. under fire, youtube star who shared a shocking vi
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15 million followers, many of them children. tonight the backlash. california's new gold rush, inside the world's largest market for legal recreational pot. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening and happy new year. great to be back with you. millions of americans made the post holiday track back to work and schools today in the teeth of an arctic blast that has left at least 15 people dead. triggered wind chill and deep freeze warnings from the deep south, state of emergency in georgia, to new england. perilous travel, left firefighters battling fire and ice, turned niagara falls into a chilling still life. for some, the worst is still to come. blake mccoy with the latest. >> oh, my god. someone just ran off the road. >> reporter: tonight 19 degre
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a massive pileup is snarling interstate 90, a foreboding look at what's to come with a major snowstorm set to move up the east coast. >> wow. look at that truck. >> reporter: much of the country already sits under a brutal deep freeze. contributing to at least 15 deaths. in chicago, fourth day in a row below zero temperatures. >> it's just cold. no way around it. i don't think you can really prepare. >> reporter: more than half the u.s. population, 200 million americans, saw temperatures below freezing today. from the north at niagara falls, down south to savannah. 23 people hurt in bronx, new york, including a firefighter as they battled elements, fire and ice. hoses and ladders frozen. frozen pipes a common site in midwest. illinois house caught fire when homeowner tried to thaw pipes with blow torch.
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>> i wouldn't recommend that. for a homeowner, trying a torch. this is professional use only. >> reporter: check out close call near dallas, a police officer slipped and fell on icy highway as car nearly slid into him. not all bad, crisp air ideal viewing for tonight's super moon. ice fishermen happily dropping their lines. but amber martin isn't looking for silver linings. >> can't tell you how many inches of ice on it. >> reporter: she's looking for way out. speaking of, travel going to be even more difficult starting tomorrow with snowstorm developing off east coast. drivers and fliers will be impacted. some airlines already offering waivers. lester. >> blake mccoy, thanks. turn to al roker who is here and tracking the storm. >> moderation of temperatures t
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raleigh, detroit. all with temperatures well below freezing and zero. winter weather advisories for 22 million people. florida. first time this time of year we've had winter storm warnings in four years. wintry mix up into the mid-atlantic states. norfolk going to see problems. morning rush in northeast, philadelphia, new york, boston to bangor, heavy snow, strong winds, blizzard-like conditions possible for boston. snowfall up the coast, talking upwards of 8 to 12 inches. and moves further west could be heavy snow in new york, philly, down to washington. bears watching. >> al roker, thanks very much. now to major developments in two hot spots around the globe. in iran at least 20 people killed in clashes between antigovernment protesters and security forces.
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[000:04:58;00] take up kim jong-un's surprise offer for new talks weeks ahead of the winter olympics. we've got it all covered from both flashpoints tonight, beginning with latest on widespread protests in iran. chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. >> reporter: protests rarely seen in iran. cars burning, buildings in flames. poster of the all-powerful supreme leader is trampled. chants of death to the dictator. khomeini blaming the u.s., saying the enemy is waiting for opportunity for a crack through which it can infiltrate. a claim strongly rejected by administration. >> we know that's nonsense. the demonstrations are completely spontaneous. >> reporter: unlike disputed elections in 2009, this is
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sparked by frustration over a weak economy. spreading nationwide. president trump supporting the protests, tweeting people of iran are finally acting against brutal and corrupt iranian regime, u.s. is watching. tweeting time for change. >> is he calling for regime change? >> president is talking about exactly what the iranian people are saying. they want change, the government to take care of them. >> reporter: could the tweets backfire? sparking a crackdown? >> we could give the regime excuse to come down very hard on them. >> reporter: u.s. caught off guard by protests but now encouraging them. andrea mitchell, nbc news at state department. >> reporter: i'm kelly cobiella in seoul. tonight u.s. military sources tell nbc news kim jong-un might be about to test another ballistic missile. what would be a dramatic move after surprising call for talks with south korea saying he wants to ease tensions. south korean officials
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suggesting a meeting most dangerous border on earth, demilitarized zone. in buildings known as truce village where guards stare each other down, not far from where a north korean soldier was shot in november during a desperate escape to south korea. now talk about north korea's figure skaters gliding across the border for winter games with kim jong-un's blessing. president trump weighing in. sanctions and other measures beginning to have big impact. rocket man wanting to talk to south korea for first time. perhaps it's good news, perhaps not. we will see. kim jong-un already claiming to have nuclear button on his desk, that his missiles like this one launched in november can reach all the way to east coast. experts say still technical hurdles still to cross. >> i think we have a 10% chance of full-on war on the korean
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peninsula. chance to resolve it diplomatically. >> reporter: wednesday morning in seoul and no response for from the north korean regime to that invitation from the south. lester. >> kelly koeb aia, thanks. another tense global front, president trump took to twitter to threaten cutting off aid to palestinians, acknowledging the stalled peace process, accusing palestinians of refusing to negotiate. quote, why should we make massive future payments to them? after made the controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and move the u.s. embassy there. investigators from the faa and ntsb arrived tonts in costa rica to help determine what caused small plane to slam into a mountain, killing a dozen people. learning more about
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the victims, including ten about their loss. gabe guttierez with stories. >> reporter: amanda geissler was fearless. 33 years old, prime of her life. >> loved with all her heart. would do anything for anything. anyone. >> reporter: family is heartbroken. >> had this light nobody else has. >> reporter: grew up in wisconsin, college basketball standout. loved adventure. working as trip leader for travel company since may. >> that was the magic of this young -- she could do things and move people. >> reporter: she was among ten americans and two local crew members killed sunday when a single engine nature airplane slammed into a mountain in costa rica. also gone in an instant, weiss family
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from near tampa, florida, and steinbergs in east >> family goes on vacation, don't come back. >> reporter: another crash today, civil aviation director said didn't believe indicated larger safety issue with the airline. but for amanda geissler's mother -- >> amanda, i was so proud of you. to be your mom. i love you to death. >> reporter: it's not why that matters, it's who was lost. gabe guttierez, nbc news. in other news, a new gold rush of sorts kicked off in california, now that sale of recreational marijuana has become legal with the new year. hundreds of new businesses cropping up and looking to cash in. jacob soboroff takes us inside the new pot bonanza. >> reporter: day one of sales, at madmen, they're hoping that lines multiple city blocks long help them cash in on projected $5 billion of legal pot sales.
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why do you come here? versus another ever been in. it is like an apple store. >> reporter: expecting to quadruple. lured in like this. dr. j's lateral oz. whatever that means. in seoul even as valley, been refurnishing greenhouses to grow cannabis. lots of it. you've been waiting for this a long time. >> working and struggling towards this moment entire adult life. >> reporter: hopes taking page from modern agriculture and producing pot on massive scale become a brand name in weed. to me this almost looks like you could be growing anything found in supermarket. >> can grow in greenhouses what is equal in quality and less expensive. than the cannabis
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grown in warehouses. >> reporter: dispensaries. this is almost like ground zero, how many more are you going to open? >> expect a statewide footprint within three years and hope to take this model out to the rest of the world. >> reporter: in a country where marijuana is still federally illegal, not everyone is happy. nobody ever is in a gold rush, and this one is officially under way. jacob soboroff, nbc news. los angeles. widow of colorado deputy killed in new year's eve ambush is honoring memory and opening up about the tragedy. learning new details about the gunman and disturbing video trail he left behind. we get the latest from nbc's steve patterson. >> reporter: widow of slain deputy zackari parrish held her daughters close as spoke to packed memorial. >> i will do everything in my ability to honor you. >> reporter: one of the girls whispering to mom it's okay.
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allegedly killed by matthew riehl. firing more than 100 rounds, wounding four more deputies and two bystanders. bullets flew across the courtyard into apartment, one striking his arm. >> i thought it's all over. and with god's blessing i'm still alive. >> not here to hurt anybody but i do have firearms. >> reporter: chilling new video obtained by gep hrt and nbc usa shows him recording himself rambling, drinking, calling 911, saying he had been victim of domestic assault. but deputies arrive, he becomes agitated, barricades himself, takes aim. >> leave me alone, go, get out. [ gun shots ] >> reporter: you can see how riddled the shooter's apartment unit is. one window busted out. other draped in flag with skull and two assault rifles. veteran and lawyer with no criminal record, motive is mystery. for this family, grief
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is all too clear. girls to love you. >> reporter: steve patterson, nbc news, littleton, colorado. this new year also off to tragic start for the u.s. military. service member was killed in combat engagement in afghanistan, four others injured near the border with pakistan, an area that's become a stronghold for isis. name of the slain american is being withheld pending notification of the family. still ahead, what are your children watching online? youtube star facing backlash. sharing something horrific with millions of followers, many of them young kids. also those who serve, women making sure fallen heroes never make their final journey alone. hope you can stay with us. you want your denture to be stain free. did you know there's a specialty cleanser that's gentle enough for everyday use and cleans better than regular toothpaste? try polident cleanser. it has a four in one cleaning system
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have made gillette w get gillette quality at lower prices -- every day. brought to you by 1200 workers in boston -- we're proud of giving you our best. gillette. the best a man can get. we're back now with the outrage over a shocking video posted online by a youtube star. he's now apologizing after sharing what appears to be images of a suicide victim with
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his 15 million followers, many raising new questions about what our children should be able to see on the internet. more from nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: with more than 15 million followers, mostly millennials and younger, youtube star logan paul is known for making daily video blogs that detail his life. >> let's jump out of a plane and hopefully not die. >> reporter: often funny and high energy. but latest video is a low key apology. >> i've made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgement. >> reporter: facing backlash for video of him and friends walking through japanese forest, place known as destination for suicides. >> do you think that's real? >> reporter: video viewed by millions before deleted showed a body hanging, an apparent suicide victim. >> i should have never posted the videos, put the cameras down. >> reporter: forbes ranked him, fourth on list of highest paid youtube
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stars, saying he made $12.5 million in a year. stars are looking to push the envelope. >> because so much competition for ad money and clicks, going out of their way to shock the viewer. >> reporter: in written apology paul said i didn't do it for views, i get views, i did it to make a positive ripple on the internet. >> never stand next to a dead guy? >> reporter: but mental health experts say showing a dead body doesn't raise awareness about suicide. >> somebody sees a negative harmful image, can impact the distress they're already feeling. >> reporter: youtube said this video violated policies. in wake of suicide prevention group so people realize they can reach out for help. joe fryer, nbc news. taking a short break. when we come back, do you have lotto fever? still time to get tickets for two massive jackpots.
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senate is says he won't run for re-election this year after 41 years in office despite president trump urging him to seek another term. could open up a path for mitt romney, who is rumored to be considering run for the seat. nearly $800 million is up for grabs in combined jackpots this week. $361 million in tonight's mega millions and $440 million in wednesday's powerball. odds of winning both, roughly 1 in 75 quadrillion. familiar face, now a permanent fixture on the 7:00 to 9:00 hours of the "today" show. congratulations to hoda kotb, officially named coanchor alongside -- replaces matt lauer, fired for sexual misconduct. proud and thrilled for hoda.
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find the right hotel for you at the lowest price. finally tonight, let me share with you a story about a special group of women who stand for those who stood for us. known as arlington ladies, comforting figures at virtually every funeral at arlington national cemetery, each representing a branch of the military. honoring those who served. most don't recognize their names but recognize duty and sacrifice. >> wanted to celebrate with you his great
7:27 pm
spirit and his love for his family. >> if only for hour, an arlington lady is family. and sometimes like this one, only family present when american patriot is laid to rest here. >> paying respect, honor, dignity. >> attended hundreds of burials, stood with hundreds of families, starting with air force in 1938. today part of virtually every arlington funeral. >> after the flag is presented, move forward to the next of kin, usually a spouse. present the card from chief of staff and personal note from the arlington ladies. >> all of them have personal connections to the military. they are not professional mourners. >> quite the opposite. and i am presenting to them any comfort i possibly can. and they have two extra ears, two shoulders to lean
7:28 pm
on, two hands to hold at one of the most [000:27:59;00] their life. >> they have to balance emotions with being a comforting presence. >> that is the hardest thing, the emotion. it's difficult. it's difficult. >> too difficult for some volunteers. >> they've literally self-eliminate. when they break down and they hear the rifle volleys. [ gun shot ] that's one of the toughest things. you hear the rifle volley and "taps." >> this gentlemen is from world war i. >> the funerals a time line of america's wars. >> just about through with second world war now, then there's korea. and we're into korea. >> no matter when or how they served, they can know
7:29 pm
this -- idea here is no one is buried alone. >> that's exactly right. forgotten. appreciate you spending part of your evening with us as we begin a new year. that's "nightly news" for this tuesday night, i'm
7:30 pm
lester holt, for all of us here at nbc news, thanks for watching and good we like to be this close. is there a problem? >> history made this morning on "today." only "access" is uncovering the surprising secrets behind this dynamic duo. >> yes.


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