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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 2, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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ends soon. visit for a store near you. now at 11:00, break after break after break. water mains bursting all over d.c., maryland and virginia creating an icy mess in somef
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your commute. >> the ice also getting thick on the potomac tonight and in ponds and streams, too, but experts warn not thick enough. how they want you to stay safe. and all eyes on the forecast. not only a chance for snow but even cold air coming our way. good evening and happy new year. i'm doreen gentzler. >> glad to be back with you tonight, folks. let's start with a cold blast we just can't seem to shake. we go to chief meteorologist doug kammerer. doug, what's in store? >> cold across the area the next couple days and we're tracking the big storm that's making its way up the coast tomorrow and into thursday. it's already snowing into louisiana right now. take a look at the numbers right now. this is so different, because any time you get clear skies, very easy to cool. but the city does not cool nearly as fast as the suburbs. it's 20 degrees right now in d.c., 13 in college par
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dulles. it is 14 degrees right now in manassas. incredible the difference in the cold. this is the thursday storm now. i'm going to have an update on this and how much snowy expect to see in your area from this storm as it moves on through. tracking everything for you, the frigid weather continues. tracking the storm for thursday and the coldest air yet moves in. almost incredible to think how cold we're going to get. i think most of us get to 15 degrees below zero. >> that hurts just to hear, doug. thank you. we've been all over the dmv chasing down water breaks to bethesda to suitland. there are many more. nbc's shamari stone is live at that trouble spot. we've been watching all day on new hampshire avenue just inside the beltway. shamari? >> reporter: first let me tell you the water main here at new hampshire avenue in silver
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the crew members tell me it's fixed, however, it will take a while for all lanes to open here, especially for tomorrow morning's rush hour. these water mains, every second you keep on receiving updates saying there is a water main broken here, one broken here, one broken here. hard to keep up with, but we're showing you the ones we came across tonight. let's take a look. tonight these guys work under nearly a full moon in freezing temperatures. as they fix a broken water main under new hampshire avenue and oakview drive near the 495 exit. all this racket is keeping anna c cardona and her dogs up. they live across the street. >> they can't sleep because of the noise. there's a lot of traffic. you can't go nowhere. >> reporter: this truck can't go anywhere. at holden
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a broken main turns the street into an ice rink. and savannah place in west d.c., same issue. an 8-inch pipe burst. crews are replacing it. and this is really affecting people who live near new hampshire avenue and the beltway. look what happens when i try and get water from this sink. as you can see, there isn't any. the woman who lives in this home went to the store and bought her own bottled water so she can get a drink. meanwhile she's waiting for the water to turn back on. >> i need the water. i know nothing. >> reporter: meanwhile, anna cardona knows she needs peace and quiet. >> i don't know why they take longer. >> reporter: the good news is that the water has turned back on, but as, again, for the lanes, if you plan on going from silver spring into d.c. or jumping off the beltway here at new hampshire avenue, we do not know if all the lanes will be reopened by toow
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i asked the tidal basin with more warnings from fire departments. hi, jackie. >> reporter: the water on the tidal basin is only partially frozen. you're not allowed to ice skate here, anyway, but that does not stop people from trying to walk and skate and even drive in equally dangerous places. take a look at these rocks sitting on the ice in a partially frozen tributary of the potomac river in
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firefighters say police throw them to see if the ice is strong enough to walk on. it's a gamble. that can have disastrous consequences. >> the stick is something we use. we can go out, we can reach out to you. >> reporter: master firefighter larry curry demonstrates some of the equipment needed to undertake a frozen water rescue. in the last 24 hours, at least two local fire departments have had to rescue people from vehicles that ended up on the ice. >> we try to reach out to you, we try to reach things to you. we throw things to you. then the last-ditch effort, we tether a rope to us and we actually go out to get you ourselves. >> reporter: chopper 4 captured these images of people skating, walking and playing on the ice throughout the area. popular skating spots include the canal. people are allowed to skate on the canal at their own risk except for a section of great falls. the fire department recommends against skatingn
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of water. they recommend to sticking to skating rinks, like this one in the national gallery of art sculpture garden. much safer. >> i can't feel my toes at all. i think i need to go to emergency care because i can't feel my toes. i can't feel my lips, either. we're used to skating indoors. >> reporter: and that advice to stick to the ice skating rinks probably a good idea. live at the tidal basin, jackie bensen, news4. >> good advice. thank you, jackie. fairfax county school officials say students may see more school bus delays in the morning. some school buses had problems starting today because of the extreme cold weather. hundreds of students were forced to wait in the cold for nearly an hour. tomorrow you can track the delays on our nbc washington app. search "bus delays." in the district we just learned cramer middle school will reopen tomorrow morning as scheduled. today a pipe bur
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the basement. crews worked all day to fix the pipe and clean up the mess. the school tweeted just a few minutes ago, telling students and staff to use the front entrance tomorrow. leon harris here at the live desk where president trump has started the new year as you would expect, on twitter. in just the l]q couple hours, he has seemingly threatened to cut off u.s. aid to the palestinian authority, compared the size of his, quote, nuclear button to the one in north korea, and attacked what he calls the dishonest media. so let's start quickly now on the situation in north korea. president trump appeared to be responding to a thinly veiled threat from that president there in that country, kim jong-un, when he tweeted this, quoting, i too have a nuclear button, but it is a much bigger and more powerful one than his, and my button works. u.s. military sources tell nbc news that kim jong-un might be
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missile. days ago he claimed that he had a nuclear button on his desk. and in that same address, by the way, he called for talks with south korea and mentioned that north koreans may be allowed to compete in the winter gamesc games coming up in south korea. it is said he may be breaking the ice. chopper 4 over a townhouse that caught on fire earlier tonight in prince georges county. you can see the smoke coming from the second floor of the building on spanish oak lane in largo. experts say the fire started in the basement. they're looking at how it started and they say no one here was hurt. it's 18 degrees outside. a maryland man is worried that his father hasn't been seen in about 12 hours. prince georges county police are looking for 65-year-old daniel
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dehaven. he was last seen at the bilmore costco earlier today. his son says dehaven has dementia and will not be able to communicate. he does not have an id on him. if you see him, you're urged to call 911. police released the name of a woman shot and killed last week before the car was set on fire. carisse lewis was from hyattsville. police found her in the burning car last thursday. she had been shot multiple times. police are still looking for tips that could lead to an arrest. a maryland mother sent five children to the hospital. tonight we're getting our first look at brandon vincen. he took them on a chase that ended on centreville and frying pan roads. one of the chen
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condition, but police say the child is stable now. vincen also assaulted officers and carjacked two vehicles that night. she was just trying to get to school, but crossing one of the busiest roads in prince georges county ended with an 11-year-old in the hospital. a car struck the child this morning on pennsylvania avenue in suitland. she suffered life-threatening injuries. she was headed to drew city middle school. the driver stayed at the scene after the accident. next at 11:00, doug is back with a closer look at our painful 10-day forecast. the snow chances tomorrow night into thursday and the huge wave of cold coming after that. new tonight, we'll hear from the family of a local college football player who may be paralyzed for life after chaos opened up at a new year's eve party. and our nbc family celebrates some good news for
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tonight a mother and father in columbia, maryland feel helpless and upset. >> their son was shot in the back at a new year's eve party and now he's paralyzed. larry aaron iii plays college football at marshall university in west virginia. ken daly from our affiliate in baltimore spoke to his family. >> i'm so upset. i know you're not supposed to ask why, but my son had everything going for him. >> reporter: a football scholarship at marshall university in west virginia, good grades and a loving family.
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19-year-old larry aaron was set to head back to college in columbia last week when he attended a new year's eve party in a house on severn that he and his friend saw advertised on social media. >> he was standing up against a wall in maryland and two guys got in an argument and they started shooting. my son stepped in front of his girlfriend to shield her, and one of the bullets got him. >> reporter: the bullet lodged in his spinal cord. doctors can't operate because it might do more damage, so they have to leave it there. aaron, a lifelong athlete, is paralyzed from the waist down. >> he's had his moments. he's been very calm but he has had a few breakdowns and that's to be expected. >> reporter: police are investigating to find out who fired the shots, but they estimate there were more than 100 people at the party, many from out of state, so it's hard to track down witnesses. >> we know most of the people, if not all, that are at this party have social media accounts, cell phones. so wre
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any type of individuvideo or pi from the party to please contact the police. >> reporter: his parents are upset. >> what can we do? nothing. it's frustrating. >> that was kim dacey reporting. larry aaron's football coach at marshall tweeted today, it is with a heavy heart as we bring in this new year as i send my thoughts and prayers to larry aaron and his entire family. your whole football family is here for you. it has been an exciting and historic day here at nbc news. hoda kotb is officially joining savannah guthrie as co-anchor of the "today" show. for the first time in nearly seven decades, nbc's morning program will be hosted by two women. you've probably seen the story
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after the show this morning, hoda and savannah talked about their unique opportunity to make some history. >> someone asked us, they said, well, what do you think when young kids are watching and now look up and see two women? we both got chills. we were like, wow, it would be normal. now it's just a thing. it's not like, wow, look at those two. it's like, oh, of course, those two. >> hoda has roots in our area. she graduated from fort hunt high school in alexandria and went to virginia tech. don't worry if you love her and kathie lee. hoda says nothing is changing about that 10:00 hour of the "today" show. that is exciting news. we love hoda. >> we do, indeed. we're happy about that decision. so anybody thinking about retiring? not us, not us. >> someone may be, though. $361 million -- doug is going for his pocket. mega
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grab your tickets, folks. 1, 42, 47, 64, 70 with a mega ball of 22. >> okay, there you go. but if your luck ran out tonight, don't worry. tomorrow's powerball drawing is worth even more. 440 million. you really could retire on that. we haven't seen a powerball drawing that big since august when somebody in massachusetts won 758 million. >> and where are they now? they're probably anchoring somewhere in paducah. >> it doesn't matter. it's cold everywhere. >> they're in hiding, which is what i would do if i had $758 million. it's crazy. so it's going to get even colder. that is hard to take in, doug. >> it really is. right now manassas is 5 degrees. 5 degrees in manassas, and to think they could be 20 degrees colder than this. coming up in the next couple days when we talk about the wind chill. let me show you what w
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dealing with out there again. very cold night. some areas colder than others. downtown temperatures sit at 20 degrees. that's because we have the urban heat effect. that's what we're dealing with right now. you see that number come in at the 20-degree mark and you wonder what's going to be happening here. we don't have much of a wind so we have a wind chill of about 15 degrees right now. the suburbs cool so much more effectively. 7 in culpeper, 9 in winchester, 10 in huntsiington and cambridg. we do have a winter storm watch. it does not affect anyone in our area. down to the south and east, however, around ocean city, around salsbury and cambridge, that is where it's going to affect. maybe calvin county, st. mary's county, you guys had a chance to get any snow out of
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but look at the winter storm warnings from virginia beach to tallahassee for the potential of snow and ice. i think places like savannah have a better chance of seeing snow than we do here in the d.c. metro area, at least accumulating snow. this is why. we have a storm system that's going to be developing off the southeast coastline. look at the snow right around the coast, the charleston area, they're expected to see some snow. here it comes around raleigh. this is one of the newest computer models that we have, and this one actually does bring the snow into the d.c. area with some accumulating snow in here. this is around 7:00 a.m. on thursday, and then it moves out of here. any shift in the pattern is going to change things big time. if it shifts to the east, it could be lower amounts. if it shifts to the west, we could be talking about significant snow in parts of our area. let's show you. this is one of the models that we look at. here we are, 1:00 tomorrow night, and you'll notice the snow coming up right around parts of southern maryland, in
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notice the heavier snow just to the south and east of this, and it's all out of here pretty quickly but could coincide with the morning rush. who is going to see what with this? here's my forecast with the storm. fredricksburg, warrenton, nothing. i-95 southeast, less than an inch. extreme south, 1 to 3. and in ocean city, could be more in these areas. i expect this to change a little bit during the day tomorrow, so be sure to stay tuned. the biggest change here, the biggest forecast issue and the biggest issue for all of us, the wind chill tomorrow into thursday night, minus 3 in frederick. look at friday morning. 16 below zero in martinsburg, 8 below in d.c. that is the extreme story. it is the cold and not the snow. high temperatures only in the teens on both friday and
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at 5 and that puts many areas much colder than that. some of you will be below zero, i think, on sunday morning. it could be friday, saturday and sunday for some of you. >> relentless cold. thank you, doug. coming up, the great
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great hockey tonight. the caps come out on top. >> they are, and everyone is smiling for caps fans tonight. i have to say winning in regulation io
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the capitals finished only two of their last games in 60 minutes, and alex ovechkin turning 2018 historic. not the best night for hopi. he comes out for the hope chuck, finds the back of the neck here. hopi comes out of the crease and just can't get back. a little help from brett orpec and caps take the lead. alex ovechkin to the rescue. he turns the puck over. nice to know he scores backhand. ovechkin gets it off his skate, leading in 26 goals for the season. we had to overtime, and in o.t. watch the sequence. at the end, he gives it to ovechkin before getting a breather. he doesn't need
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scores. ovechkin's second goal of the night. ovechkin the ninth player in nfl history with 100 career games for winning goals. mark turgin and the terps looking to avenge with penn state. 16 points for them, penn state up 4, but maryland coming back. in the corner knocking down the 3. nine points for him. but wait, it's kevin turner. turner gets the shot to go and the foul. 13 points for him. maryland beats penn state 75-69. meanwhile, georgetown warriors.
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derekson completed the 3-point play, and later another big man doing work, jesse. he and derek leading the way. georgetown wins it 90-81. then some redskins legends, joe jacoby one of the finalists for the pro football hall of fame. >> again. >> so maybe the third time is your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 1,300 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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okay, this is how cold it's
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florida state university, not the gators, they're a little tougher, but no school for the seminoles tomorrow because it's going down to the 20s? >> 20s and they have a chance for frozen precipitation. sleet, freezing rain, snow. winter storm warning from tallahassee all the way up to virginia ach. be
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kate mckinnon, patton oswalt,


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