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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 4, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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through. >> tonight our team is work for you. it's not the storm. it's the cold moving in next. >> we'll have schools for you at the bottom in real time. >> let's begin our coverage with doug kammerer in the storm center. doug, we have not even seen the worst of this yet, have we? >> no, guys. i mean, this really is going to get a lot worse over the next 12 to 24 hours or so as we move on through the night tonight into tomorrow. waking up tomorrow morning, wait until you see how cold it's going to be. here's the storm now. the storm system itself, historic storm make its way up the coast. you can see where the center is just to the east of the boston area making its way up toward the coast there. boston getting hit extremely hard, new york, philadelphia right along the jersey shore. 17 inches reported towards cape may. around the d.c. metro area about an inch in some locations, down to the south saint mary's county picking up close to 4 inches of snow. this whole system moving out and behind it the cold is really starting toet
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we're all under a wind chill advisory tonight. it starts at 10:00, but it's already on the cold side. right on through noon tomorrow. we wouldn't be surprised to see it go into tomorrow night and saturday morning, too. another wind chill advisory then. look at the wind chills, 11 below 0 pittsburgh, 8 degrees currently in washington. so, we could be 20 degrees colder than this by early tomorrow morning, and it's frigid outside already. much more on the wind chill, what to wake up to tomorrow, when we may see some relief from this cold temperatures coming up in just a couple minutes. >> all right. we'll see you soon. thank you, doug. if today's snowy conditions have you dreaming about a day at the beach, well, this probably isn't what you had in mind. blizzard conditions in ocean city today. they got hit hard, leaving the popular beach town practically unrecognizable, covered with um to a foot of snow in some spots at the beach. md's governor declared a state of emergency saying it's going to take awhile to clean this
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here on the shore. they're not used to this kind of storm although we're getting more of them. but we declared a state of emergency last night. i'm glad we did because we saw an awful lot of people stuck in snow banks. most people listened to the advice and heeded the advice and stayed off the roads. >> virginia's governor also declaring a state of emergency. coastal communities like virginia beach deserted today. road conditions treacherous in many areas like norfolk and hampton roads. dominion energy reporting more than 44,000 people without power in south eereastern, virginia. a long snowy day ending and now your kids hoping for a delay tomorrow morning. >> you know they are. may depend how many neighborhood roads the plows can reach overnight. our team coverage continues with prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins. >> she's watching the side streets in brandywine. all right, tracee, how does it look out there? >> reporter: well, it's looking a whole lot better and prince george's county school kids, they got t
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school tomorrow. when you look at some of our video, you'll understand why they made that decision. 2 to 4 inches of snow in this part of southern maryland, but this is what the secondary roads are looking like in most of prince george's county. but you come over this way and this is what it's looking like on those neighborhood streets. still compacted snow and now we have to prepare for that deep freeze. it's not much snow, but just enough for a kid to slip when trying to climb up a small hill. and just enough for a soft landing for the brother who didn't help his little sister. >> too darn cold for me. >> reporter: and it's just going to get colder. >> very slushy, very slushy, and very dirty. >> reporter: and that slush and ice are expected to hang around throughout the night and through tomorrow. >> this morning was kind of rough because the snow was accumulating so fast. >> reporter: chris carol's plowing roads for the state of maryland. he said main roads are
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how much of a help was it to have schools out today? >> oh, a great help. a great help. jerry lew government was delayed so that made it easier on us. >> reporter: but neighborhood streets are covered. >> the light snow, in other words, it's not sticky. so it's easy to get off the cars. it's easy to get off the sidewalks. and most likely for the road crews easy to get off of the roads. >> reporter: but that wind, the news4 storm team said winds are up to 50 miles per hour in southern maryland. >> it's not bad snow. just real cold and windy. >> reporter: so, we are watching crews working on all of the roads. in fact, we just had one of the plows go past us. prince george's county is saying some 75% of their primary roads are taken care of. they're starting to move into those neighborhoods. reporting live in brandywine, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. >> a tough job for a whole lot of road
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>> thank you, tracee. >> and reporters, too. our coverage of this winter storm is just getting started. you'll see how our airports are becoming a life boat for stranded airline passengers. we'll show you why it's not too late to make sure your car is ready for the extra cold blast and show you why frostbite could be a bigger danger than you might think. remember, you can always stay one step ahead of this wintry weather. download the nbc washington app on your phone and get the power of storm team4 right there on your phone. >> turn now to some national news. a moment that is unusual to say the least, at the white house briefing today, the press secretary played a pretaped video from president trump touting his economic agenda. reporters pointed out that mr. trump was down the hall and could have actually come inside the room and delivered his message in person. in fact, he's held one solo news conference since taking office. that was back in february of last year.
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five solo news conferences in his first year. president barack obama had 11 in his first year. >> the fall out from the bombshell book that contain comments from steve bannon insulting the president's children. bannon has not disavowed quotes that call out donald trump, jr.'s meeting at trump tower with a group of russians as treasonous and unpatriotic. bannon is also quoted as describing ivanka trump as, in his words, dumb as a brick. behind the scenes, the president's personal lawyers are busy. they sent cease and desist letters to the book's author and publisher demanding they halt the release of the book or face a possible liable lawsuit. they also fired off a letter to bannon warning him to stop disparaging the president's family. but the publisher is not backing down. blayne alexander is tracking all of this today. blayne, quite a story. >> reporter: well, doreen, in fact, they're not backing
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they are putting that book out even sooner. instead of coming out next tuesday as originally planned that book is hitting the shelves tornl. it's worth noting nbc news has not independently confirmed much of what's in that book. today the white house is pushing back hard, calling it a work of complete fantasy, written by, quote, a crackpot. true to its title, the new tell-all book bringing more fire and fury between president trump and former top advisor steve bannon. >> i don't talk to him. i don't talk to him. >> reporter: after a scathing statement yesterday, today the president with a cooler response to explosive quotes about his family attributed to bannon. >> he called me a great man last night. he obviously changed his tune pretty quick. >> reporter: in fact, bannon said this during a radio show this morning. >> there is nobody we think higher of than president trump and the agenda. so let's not let the left wing media stir that up. >> reporter: but he notably did not deny calling a trump tower meeting between the president's son and a russian attorney
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or saying that the russia investigation would crack donald trump, jr. like an egg. the president's lawyers warning bannon legal action is imminent with a similar cease and desist letter to the book's publisher and author. >> creating more jobs -- >> reporter: today the president making a rare video appearance in the white house briefing room. his spokeswoman insisting americans are more worried about things like the economy. >> i don't think they really care about some trash that an author that no one had ever heard of until today, or a fired employee wants to pedestridle. >> reporter: a book stirring a fire storm before it even hits shelves. coincidentally next week there will be a brand-new policy in the west wing, no personal cell phones allowed. the white house said this plan has been in the works for months and is for security and has nothing to do with the book. doreen? >> is that fo
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reporters, too, blayne? >> reporter: for staffers, yes, reporters should be okay. staffers and guests specifically cannot bring a personal phone inside. >> okay, blayne alexander, thanks. keep us posted. >> tension, anticipation, finally a winner in a virginia race that has the whole country watching. >> the winner of house district 94 is david yancy. >> david yancy is the incumbent republican from newport news and the random drawing now sends him back to richmond and it keeps republicans in control of the house of delegates. bureau reporter david culver has more on what this means for the balance of power. >> reporter: when we hear odds of winning, lately the lotto comes to mind. an extremely slim chance of taking home the jackpot. but the odds of winning a virginia house of delegates seat, much better in a bowl. >> i want to assure everyone these are brand-new cannisters. >> reporter: in the
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house district, a 50/50 chance. david yancy versus democrat shelly simonds. roll it up, mix it up, what do you get? >> the winner of house district 94 is david yancy. >> reporter: shelly simonds name second. >> for me all options are on the table. >> reporter: you might ask what brought us to this point. one ballot, this one. after a recount this became the deciding factor in the local race. two bubbles filled, a slash, officials couldn't say for sure who the vote was for. so, they turned to the bowl which got the nation's attention. >> i think it's very interesting right now that we've got the eyes of the nation on state races and state races are so important. >> that room wasn't only filled with the media and those involved in politics, but we also caught up with a student from fairfax county. his reason for being here in richmond today? curiosity. what did you think as it was happening? >> i a
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laughing a little bit because i thought it was a ridiculous process for deciding an election where there's 23,000 people's votes decided by, you know, a flip of a coin basically. >> reporter: republicans including the man likely to become house speaker hoping this decision slid identifies their slim majority. >> i think the key point we want to make here is it is time to move forward. >> reporter: to think democracy decided in a bowl. in richmond, virginia, david culver, news4. >> when is the last time you saw a 35 millimeter film cannister? >> been quite a while. i wonder where they found those to use for the drawing. still ahead, the u.s. attorney general is stirring up some new controversy. >> tonight, making a move against legalized pot. how it could impact people in our area who rely on it for their health. >> have we mentioned extreme cold is coming? frostbite could set in faster than you might think. we'll show you what you need to
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>> bitter cold and whipping wind could make for several cold days. doug and amea will come back li
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"what if" our grid were less vulnerable and more secure? "what if" all these "what if"s became a reality? well, they are. at dominion energy, we're completely transforming our power grid and the way we think of energy... move from "what if" to "what's next." dominion energy. here we are, the school closings and delays for tomorrow are already coming in. in virginia, fairfax, fauquier, loudoun, public sls
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to close tomorrow. alexandria just announced it will be on a two hour delay. >> in maryland, prince george's county and montgomery county will be two hours late. anne arundel county will be closed. we'll be updating in real time throughout the newscast as well as the nbc washington app. >> the eastern shore is really feeling the brunt of this storm system with blizzard conditions hitting ocean city, blanketing the sandy beaches with snow. and the wind gusts there are brutal. 40 miles an hour. the temperatures have reached the point of danger spending too much time-out side, it can really be life-threatening. >> absolutely. and the early stages of frostbite can actually come on quick. maybe even quicker than you thought. but how can you tell when it's time to head inside? amee cho talked with experts today and she's now outside in northwest to explain what she learned. amee? >> reporter: hi, leon and doreen. as you can tell, the wind is pretty bad out here, too. to deal with conditions like this, of course it
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scarf, gloves, sweaters, maybe several sweaters, several gloves. but even if you do have a lot of layers, it's important to keep them dry. >> layers and keep warm. >> reporter: as people brave the cold it is important to remember even a small amount of bare skin can have big consequence. >> you can lose fingers, toes due to tissue damage that occurs from frostbite. >> reporter: the doctor has seen dozens of cases of frostbite. he wants people know the damage kellyanne conway permanent. >> because it's usually not painful after the tissue loss has occurred, most people downplay how significant it might be. >> reporter: the symptoms you want to look out for, numbness, blisters, color change and a change in the smell of your skin. if you have any of these, get to a doctor right away. and in the meantime -- >> you want to stick to clean dry dressings if you have a wound whether from frostbite or laceration or a burn until you get it
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if you seek treatment early, there are things we can offer such as clot busting drugs. >> reporter: another way to warm your fingers up is running them under room temperature water. you don't want to run them under hot water because the numbness in your fingers will keep you from feeling how hot the water is. >> if you already have a cold temperature injury and then you treat that area with something that's too hot, you can make the wound worse. >> reporter: out on the streets, most people are bundled up. those who aren't, quickly learning their lesson. how cold are you right now? >> so much. this is like so cold. it's one of my first times in this weather. >> i'm going in to get gloves. >> reporter: now, i've tweeted out a list to all the symptoms of profit bite. you can find that at amee cho 4. doreen, leon? >> thank you, amee. >> good advice and we all need to be very careful because these are seriously cold times. >>
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you're out there, girl. >> thanks, amee. time to get a look at how low the temperatures will go. >> we're going to double up with team coverage from doug and amelia standing by in the storm center. yeah, how low will it go? >> it is getting low and it's going to continue -- guys, we're going to see numbers we don't typically see in the months of january. january is always our coldest month. we could see record low temperatures at dulles and bwi where the records currently sit at 5 degrees. >> it's when you factor in the winds. that's when we talk about the dangerous cold we're going to be dealing with. >> that is going to be quite brutal tomorrow morning. that is why so many schools are closing tomorrow or at least having a two hour delay. even a two hour delay helps, although the schools that do have that delay might want to think about closing, too. the temperatures, we don't expect them to get above 0 at all with the wind chill. right now 23 degrees. the wind northwest at 22 miles per hour. the wind chill at the airport is now 8 degrees. with 38 mile an hour wind gusts
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degrees around parts of the area. 19 right now the current temperature in gaithersburg. 16 in winchester, 24 down towards fredericksburg. most areas will be in the single digits by early tomorrow morning. there is nothing on the radar now. the storm system is gone. remember yesterday when i told you this is the kind of storm that once it develops we talked about a bomb cyclone and bombo genesis? this is earlier today. look at that right in there. that is the center of this monstrous storm, just an amazing satellite presentation here as it moved up the coast. and now it continues to move up and away. look at that, just continuing to move right up towards parts of the northeast off the coast. thank goodness. but still bringing boston some of the worst flooding they have ever seen from this storm right here. now, as this continues to move off for us, it's all about the winds we're going to continue to get. we are going to see those winds in here. winds as a matter of fact gusting upwards of 33 miles an hour in d.c., 41 in
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advisory -- no, we were hoping this would be canceled. it has been canceled. no longer a wind advisory across the area, but the wind chill advisory, that is in effect right on through tomorrow. amelia? >> exactly, doug. everybody, everybody is going to be under a wind chill advisory starting 10:00 tonight through lunchtime tomorrow. some of us under a more serious warning as far as the wind chills go. take a look at the map. you can see all the areas shaded in light blue under that wind chill advisory. a wind chill warning for western maryland, parts of west virginia and the blue ridge. this is cold you need to take serious when you are outdoors. wind chill temperatures this low will cause frostbite in 30 minutes. feeling 1 in gaithersburg as well as manassas and about 8 degrees here in the district. this is tonight at 10:00. maybe you're taking the dog out or you're running a late night errand, something like that. it is already feeling below 0 area wide. 2 below 0
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tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. it only gets worse. just about everybody about 10 degrees at least below 0. winchester, almost 20 degrees below 0. doug, at best, tomorrow afternoon, only feeling 1 above in the district, 4 below in gaithersburg. this continues for the weekend at least the first half of the weekend. >> that's why we're talking about those schools that even have that two hour delay. the wind chills will still be brutal by the time the kids are getting out of school tomorrow. so, once again, maybe a good idea to think about that. 19 on your friday. weather alert right on through friday and saturday. dangerous cold. high of 18 on saturday. overnight low temperatures saturday night into sunday around 9. but i think some areas will be below 0. 24 degrees on your sunday. 38 on monday. a chance for some scattered rain, maybe a mix. that's a storm system we're going to continue to watch. next week, a little bit better. hey, guys, we get to average. yeah. >> yeah. >> something to lift our
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>> we sure will. thank you, doug. >> thank you, doug. >> more to come from doug. it's not too late to get your car ready for this cold. some simple steps you can take with your car that could prevent a big problem in the very near future. >> plus, the tv forecaster jumps into action after a woman's car nearly gets stuck in bitter cold flood waters. >> and as we head to break, not everybody is trying to avoid the winter weather. in hard-hit boston, these dogs are having a little too much fun in the snow. how do they stand that? i don't know. and they're walking around on bare paws, too. >> that's why we love them. >> one of the many reasons. we'll right back. be
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what a guy, the weather channel's jim cann or ee helped a woman out of a potentially dangerous situation up in massachusetts. she got stuck trying to get her vehicle away from rising waters on the coast line there. cantore and the producer helped her push it away safely. communities along the new england coast have been hammered by snow, ice, heavy wind and widespread flooding. >> could
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combination, wind like that, cold like this, and water. >> cold, the ice and the salt are already beating up our cars. >> that's right. we're working for you tonight with four things you can do tonight to keep your car running well all winter. first, go look for splits or cracks in your wiper blades. you can replace them yourself for under $20 apiece. and then second, check the tire pressure on your vehicles. a sticker on the inside of your door will tell you the proper pressure for your car, either there or inside your gas cap. right now is a good time to go do this. >> you want to check the tires when they're cold as a general rule of thumb. >> third, make sure you have enough antifreeze to protect your battery when the temperature drops. you should check antifreeze levels every year. >> and last but not least, test your battery's charge. at 0 degrees, your battery has half the cranking power that it has at 80 degrees. a professional can check it for you or you can follow the instructions in your owner's manual.
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>> sure you know there are lots of flight delays and cancellations. but what it's it like to actually fly in this weather? i'm adam tuss. you're going to hear from a pilot coming up. >> this massive east coast snowstorm is impacting tens of millions of us tonight and it's not over yet. >> now the big concern painfully cold air and strong winds moving in. lots more from do and storm ug
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now at 6:30, storm team4 weather alert. first the snow that left a coating in our area but did a lot more damage to our east and north. the beaches of ocean city are a winter wonder land now. and boston, dealing with snow, wind and storm surge flooding the streets tonight. >> but another big story is about to impact all of us, dangerous cold and painfully low wind chills coming in quickly. several schools have already decided to either delay or close for tomorrow. you're going to see those scrolling on the bottom of the screen tonight. our team coverage rolls on here at 6:30. >> more on the nationwide travel impact of the storm in a moment. but first back to doug in our storm center. it's not just the cold, doug, it's really windy out there. cuts right through you. >> that is exactly right. you saw adam tuss out there below me a second ago his face red from the wind. that's the big thing. one thing for sure, you want to make sure iu
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overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, you don't want to have any exposed skin. it is that big of a factor here. that dangerous of a factor. look at the current wind chill. 8 in d.c., 1 in gaithersburg, dulles and manassas, camp springs coming in at 11. this is where we're going, 11 below in pittsburgh, and i think we will see that number all around our region tonight. that's why we have that wind chill advisory as you can imagine as we move on through the rest of the night tonight. it's going to be quite brutal. the storm system itself moves out. you mentioned the fact we had so many flight delays. it's all because of the system all up and down the coast. and really all the way down towards savannah. they still had their airport closed till 5:00 this afternoon from the snow that they had, too. trust me, guys, i know adam, after he's done with his live shot here in a second, he's putting everything back on his face. he did that so we can see him on camera. >> he'll do it with a quickness. we know that's for sure. >> we don't see you going outside in this, doug. >> nope. e'
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>> we're starting to notice that. >> folks, as you can imagine flights up and down the east coast have been canceled because of the storm. >> here is a look at flight's misery map. all the red shows flights that have been delayed or cancelled right now. >> transportation reporter adam tuss at reagan national where people are getting ready to spend the night there. adam, what's going on? >> reporter: we'll talk about doug's toughness in a second. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah, we are out here. it is brutally cold outside. everything he's been telling you is the truth because this is some real-deal cold weather out here. a lot of people about to spend the night here at reagan national airport. over 3500 flights canceled all across the country. a lot of that pain being felt in the northeast. but there's plenty of misery to go around. much like the weather, the planes and crews are dealing with, it hasn't been a pretty day for lots o
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either. >> i'm trying to go to boston, but the flight was canceled. >> reporter: moreno is settling in for the night here at reagan national. he now has to sleep here. crossing his fingers he'll be able to get closer to boston tomorrow. >> the airway hoping tomorrow morning i can go back to new york. >> reporter: all up and down the departures board cancellation. >> book me supposedly tomorrow, sometime tomorrow. we'll see. >> reporter: dulles international has had to take in a number of flights, both domestic and international, that couldn't go any farther to the northeast. so, what's it like to fly in these conditions? william fire, a pilot for american, says the biggest concern is just idling in the weather. >> there's a lot of time that you have that you're sitting on the runway, especially if it's snowing or you have precipitation. >> reporter: that's why he says you shouldn't get upset it may take longer to get off the ground. >> that's part of the de-icing process. it gets backed up on a highway, it gets backed up on the taxi
6:34 pm
ways. >> reporter: but not all hope lost for those at reagan today. the macpherson family heading to jamaica where it's about 80 degrees. >> vacation, family, food, sunshine, looking forward to it. >> reporter: a nice drink perhaps on the beach? >> definitely. definitely. >> reporter: on this day, that thought is warm comfort. ah, sunshine seems nice right about now. another reminder, if you want to get the attention of airlines, a great tool is social media. they respond very quickly to things on facebook or twitter. if you're trying to get some answers, guys, you should use that. tell doug when you come out here, go like this. warm thoughts. warm thoughts. >> that's what's working for you? >> it's important for me. >> your face doesn't look as red as doug made it sound, adam. >> thank you very much, doreen. appreciate it. >> get inside and warm up, would you? and we will send ups
6:35 pm
phone on both travel and the coming cold air. just open up the nbc washington app for that. >> moving on to other news now, a man told police he shot a person after he confronted a group of people breaking into his car. tonight three now are facing charges, including two teenagers. this all unfolded early yesterday morning in montgomery county and news4's mark segraves has the story. >> reporter: this is where it all began in the 14,000 block of twig road here in silver spring. just after 3:00 in the morning yesterday, police got a call for someone breaking into a car in this area. as police were canvassing this neighborhood looking for the suspects in the car break-in, they got here to the court where they were flagged down by a homeowner who told police he also had been the victim of a car break-in. >> he confronted the suspects and during that confrontation he actually fired a shot off or multiple shots off at the suspects and they had fled. >> reporter: minutes later while police wereil
6:36 pm
the man who said he had opened fire on the suspects, a second 911 call came in, this time from just a few blocks away here in the 1300 block of elm grove circle. from a man who had been shot. >> and officers responded, found an adult male and determined that he was shot in the lower body and he was one of the suspects from the earlier theft call. >> reporter: that suspect is 18 years old and is in a hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the two other suspects were found nearby. they are both juveniles and were a reflt arrested and charged with car break ins. police in prince george's county are still investigating a similar shooting in chillum christmas when a homeowner said he shot someone breaking in his car. that shot was fired from inside the home. neither have been charged with crimes. both cases remain under investiti
6:37 pm
have a right to defend yourself, but you have to weigh that right versus what crime is being committed. >> reporter: in montgomery county, mark segraves, news4. >> tonight, new word of a security flaw that could leave virtually every computer and digital device you own exposed. >> yeah, not one but two major hacks. we're working for you to let you know what you need to know. >> and it's our big story of the night, the dangerous cold that's moving in. tomorrow morning is going to be the coldest we've seen here yet. and, of course, we're tracking it for you and looking ahead to the weekend. >> and how quick programming alert, the golden globe awards now just three days away. seth meyers is this year's host and nbc4 is the only place to catchall the
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a consumer group is urging all of us to skip the caesar salad until official learn more
6:40 pm
it made six ill since december. it is spread across 13 states and virginia is included in those. canada is reporting another 41 cases. canadian health officials have linked their outbreak to romain lettuce. but the cdc officials say they have not yet found the source of the infections in the u.s. consumer reports is not willing to wait, though. that organization is advising americans to stay away from romain lettuce until the cause is identified. >> stick with the ice cream. good advice. all right, folks, we're working for you with a warning about a major security flaw that affects virtually every computer, smartphone and tablet on the market. that's because it involves the computer chips that are found in all of those devices. now, the chips are made by intel, amd and a.r.m. and they're found in apple, microsoft and google phones and computers among others. there are two major hacks that are being investigated right
6:41 pm
down. that only affects intel chips and allows hackers to break into your device and steal passwords. companies reportedly have pafrpes for that hack and they could be coming out with that as soon as next week. now, the more long-term concern is the spectre hack. that one affects chips made by all of the companies. this one can trick apps into giving up your secret info. patches still being developed for that one. google says that it has sent out updates for many of its devices to fix the issue and they have more coming on the way. apple and microsoft have not yet commented on the hacks. >> snow, wind, now flooding. we'll take you live to one of the hard est hit parts of the east coast and doug is tracking dangerous cold. doug? >> absolutely. we know about the wind chill advisory till tomorrow. it will probably be till saturd
6:42 pm
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that violent east coast storm is still wreaking havoc delivering gusty winds and the coldest air of the season to millions of us tonight. >> forcing school cancellings, knocking out power across the east coast as well. >> tonight storm team4 is working for you. stick with us for doug's forecast coming in just a few minutes. plus a live report from nbc's blake mccoy in new england. one of the areas that's been the hardest hit. attorney general jeff sessions giving the green light today to fully enforce federal marijuana laws. >> and that actually reverses an obama-era rule that shielded states where marijuana is now legal.
6:45 pm
federal government crackdown on crime, but lawmakers in states like colorado and california say the decision flies in the face of the voters who chose to legalize the drug in those states. >> and in our area, there are concerns from the medical marijuana industry and its patients. news4's chris gordon spoke to some of those patients today, worried that their treatments are at risk now. >> i wanted to get two of the cartridges. >> reporter: weber king fears federal prosecutors could cult o -- cut off his ability to get the marijuana he uses to treat his opioid addiction. >> this is important because this is benefiting me huge. so, if they were to crackdown on it, it would be a huge loss for not only me, but i feel a lot of people in the country. >> reporter: the operators of zen leaf dispensary in jessup, maryland say they strictly comply with the law. there are security
6:46 pm
we were sprayed with a disinfected and asked to wear protective suits. we're not allowed to touch any of the plants. these are some of the precautions that maryland's medical cann bils industry is taking. >> we will keep doing that every day of the week unless and until someone comes and knocks on the door and tells us we can no longer do it. >> reporter: maryland's top prosecutor says the medical marijuana industry is legal in maryland. and he's going to try to protect patients's rights. >> well, to the patients i would say, look, we're going to do everything we possibly can to ensure that you get the medicine that you need. >> reporter: i asked about d.c. marijuana dispensaries and grow houses. the u.s. attorney's office says its focus is dismantling criminal gangs and large-scale drug distribution networks that pose a threat to public safety. chris gordon, news4. >> doug is back with more about our weather and just how cold and nast
6:47 pm
tonight and tomorrow. >> yeah. >> did you see the video of jim cantore rescuing the lady in the car? >> you would have done the exact same thing, doug. >> absolutely, absolutely. i would love to be out in this kind of thing. i would have loved to be up there, my buddies in boston. >> yeah, i hear you. >> hey, i love it. i love it. but nothing to love about the cold that's really coming in tonight. that's going to be the factor tomorrow morning. i'm really glad many of these schools have closed tomorrow because the kids just walking to school, some of them walk half a mile to a mile in parts of the counties around our region. that is going to make things very, very difficult for them. so, good news for those kids, they do not have to walk where it's going to be 15 below 0 tomorrow. out there right now, that current temperature is sitting at 23 degrees. winds out of the northwest at about 22 miles per hour. as we move on through the rest of the night tonight those winds are going to stay up. here's the radar, nothing to show. we had snow early this morning.
6:48 pm
through 4:00 in the eastern zones. it's all gone. this is the 24-hour loop on the radar. storm right off the coast, it comes into our area and starts to intensify and pick up. look at the snow shield extending from our region down around norfolk all the way up towards canada, really just an amazing storm. new york getting the brunt of it, parts of the boston area getting an historic storm up around their area as well. it's going to be one for the record books for that region. record books for us could be in the way of cold weather, cold air coming in tonight. what to expect this evening, winds 15 to 20 miles an hour, gusting to 40. we could have some power outages. be ready for power outages just in case. i think the biggest thing this is not a night where you say i'm ready for the power to go out, i can hunker down here. you what might want to make sure you have friends or relatives or have a back up plan just in case because tonight being so cold, you don't want to stay in the house if it's going to be this cold. wind chill advisory in e
6:49 pm
between 10:00 tonight and noon tomorrow. we could see another wind chill advisory tomorrow night. that is something we're going to be watching very closely. as we look towards the feels like temperature currently, these are the actual wind chills now with 8 in d.c., 1 in gaithersburg and manassas. winchester coming in already at 4 below 0. and i think, again, i said we could be 20 degrees colder by this time tomorrow morning. that would be 12 degrees below 0 if you're in the d.c. metro area. yeah, that could happen early tomorrow morning. we're talking near 20 degrees below 0 in some places with the wind chill. let's talk more about it. the wind forecast windy for sure, gusts up to 40 miles an hour. 5 below to 15 below 0. this is friday into saturday. tomorrow afternoon feels like minus 10 to plus 5. many of you tomorrow will not get above the 0 mark when it comes to the wind chill. that's the kind of cold air we've got coming in. so, next couple of
6:50 pm
weather alert, 19 on your friday, 18 dangerous cold on your saturday. plenty of sunshine, but that's not going to help at all. 24 on sunday. believe it or not, 24 on sunday is going to feel a lot better than saturday because we won't have quite as much wind. but still a problem. 38 mix, maybe a mix with some rain on monday. we're going to have to watch that system close and next week a little bit better. average high this time of year is 44. we may go above average next week but i'm tracking that system, too, to figure out exactly where that one is going to be going. >> that is going to feel absolutely balmy. that is going to be out of control. >> thank you, doug. it's bad here, but you know what? it's even worse in new england. nbc's blake mccoy is live right now in situate, massachusetts where they're dealing with flooding on top of everything else. what have you got there, blake? >> reporter: well, doreen and leon, good evening. you can see the snow continues to blow here, near blizzard like conditions as the back end of this storm m
6:51 pm
but as you alluded to, the flooding has been the big, really surprise here because they've had historic storm surge today, almost 5 feet in boston and along the coast here. and it's gone over the tops of the sea banks and flooded a lot of these streets. it's the highest flooding since at least 1978, potentially breaking even that record. we've seen a lot of rescues today. and looking ahead towards tonight, that cold air is going to move through here in massachusetts as well, which threatened to turns all of this snow into solid ice. the danger is not over for folks here yet. >> all right. blake mccoy. stay safe up there in situate, massachusetts. thank you for that. nightly news continues the winter weather coverage tonight right after our broadcast. they'll have teams from virginia up to the northeast. keep it here on news4. nightly news starts in just a few minutes. >> in the meantime, coming up in sports, new information about the opening of a brand-new stadium in d.c. why one particular week in july is goin
6:52 pm
and then lots of school closings and delays already announce you had, maryland, montgomery county and prince george's county schools will be opening two hours late. anne arundel county a two hour delay. >> in virginia fairfax, loudoun, prince which will yamt closed tomorrow. alexandria will be on a two hour delay. we'll have real time tsnouncemen
6:53 pm
tone of the most pristine and beautiful parts --
6:54 pm
but barbara comstock just voted to put it up for sale. why? to pay for tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations. comstock supported donald trump's tax scheme for the wealthy, adding $1.5 trillion to the debt and leaving us with the bill. tell barbara comstock we won't stand for selling our wild lands to give billionaires a tax cut.
6:55 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk. >> welcome back into news4 at 6. i'm sheree burruss live at the mgm studios where the monumental sports and entertainment foundation is having a banquet with the capitals. we are just learning how to play the game of craps. show us your wrist technique, how you do that. right here. so, this even
6:56 pm
fun for the guests. what do you get out of an event like this? >> it's a lot of fun. i think for everyone involved. obviously for a good cause. so, it's a tradition. it's always on the calendar every year, it's punish to get out here. >> reporter: i'll ask you another one if you want to take a roll. how important is it for you to take time-out of playing hockey, take time off? >> yeah, it's good. obviously on the ice is important to everyone. but it's nice to be able to interact off the ice and obviously a good cause for charity and they always do a really good job so it's fun. >> reporter: if you had to say anyone on the team had the best poker face or the best gambler, who would it be? >> i don't know. the russians definitely can lead you one way if they want. but twossy, oily. i don't know. most guys are pretty easy going.
6:57 pm
faces. >> reporter: thank you so much. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> all right, sheree. with weather like this we can start to think about july, right? going to be a busy few days in the middle of july. nationals hosting mlb all-star game tuesday, july 17. announced today the inaugural game at the new audi field will be saturday july 14th. the black and red will open the new digs against the vancouver night caps. 7:00 audi field, 20,000 seat capacity soccer venue under construction at buzzer point in southwest right now. two blocks from nats park. united does have two home games before the stadium opens. according to washington post, march 17 will likely be the maryland soccer plex. then at the naval academy in annapolis. over to college park, brenda freeze iowa native taking on hawkeye. maryland turning up the defense. charles the steal. she convert
6:58 pm
first quarter alone. in the second quarter, more maryland. check out the passing. blair watson and shanice lewis, up at the half. finally a snow day great day for sledding at battery campbell park in d.c. capturing these great images, the dogs, kids, day off from school, and this is what happens when you put a go pro on a shredder. going to hurt a little bit. >> there we go. >> there we go. wait for it. >> no! >> no! [ laughter ] >> the c & o canal, some say they've been out there the last three days taking advantage of the cold temperatures. i wouldn't try that. go pro. >> you know what you need after that? you need a vancouver night cap. >> you do. >> that is one of the best names. >> it's true. >> then you have to think about a helmet, too. >> that,
6:59 pm
>> doug, just saying. >> thanks for joining us, folks. nightly news starts in 60 seconds. >> we hope to see you at news4 at 11:00. updatedorecast. f
7:00 pm
tonight, from snowy rockefeller plaza, the powerful blizzard emergency blasting the east coast. new york, d.c. and boston delivered a knockout blow. the so-called bomb cyclone paralyzing cities. up to 18 inches of snow and hurricane-force winds shutting down airports and triggering dramatic storm surge rescues. >> none of that we expected. it's kind of like an apocalypse vibe to it. a dangerous wind chill on the way. how about 40 below? a major milestone for the economy. the dow soars past 25,000 for the first time. what it means for your money. president trump is firing back with threats against steve bannon, the publisher of that bombshell new book. a new alert about something that's on a lot of dinner plates right now. why consumer reports


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