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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 4, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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ends soon. visit for a store near you. . now at 11:00, chaos in crowds of dulles airport. passengers stuck on the runway. >> people
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>> with the snow behind us, dangerous cold is heading in now. talking to the people who are most vulnerable. i will show you what you will wake up to in the morning. almost all of us have been done with snow for hours. but the worst of the winter weather may be arriving now. good evening. >> not just cold, it is dangerous out there. more school closures to tell you about more than last night. prince georges county, fair faqs, loudoun, and prince >> we have heard from many more and you will see them scrolling on your screen. let's
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and chief meteorologist doug, how cold is it going to get. >> the wind continues to make things worse. look at the flag just blowing in the wind. the gusts, look at these numbers. here we are at 11:00, and normally your gusts start to come down at night. wind gusts currently 44 miles per hour. 30 in annapolis. it is just windy. we saw some wind gusts over 50 miles per hour today. look at the feels like outside. four in d.c. six is one of the warmest spots in the region. that's why we have a wind advisory, rather a wind chill advisory for the entire
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winds gusting to 40 miles per hour through tomorrow. wind chill 5-15 below. just painful. not everyone is able to get out of the cold out there. and tonight volunteers are out focusing on those most at risk. live in bethesda with one group that could be saving lives. >> reporter: montgomery county health and human services urging homeless people to get in the shelter. dangerously cold. there is a local organization that is trying to help the homeless as we speak. right now they are in silver spring and imagine being homeless sitting on a cold concrete or on a
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passing out hand warmers along with blankets to try to keep folks warm. john mendez has been standing outside for about five minutes and he is already freezing. >> an intense feeling know that there are people experiencing homelessness. t >> reporter: volunteers are on emergency patrol in montgomery county passing out blankets, hats. >> socks, gloves, hand warmers. >> reporter: wind chills can be anywhere from zero to negative 20 tonight and through tomorrow morning. this washington gas crew is bundled up as they fix a gas line. donna cooper is the
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president. >> have to be prepared because as a company we are. that means having flashlights. knowing how to report outage events. that is calling us directly at 877 pepco 62. >> reporter: pedaling home in the misery. >> doesn't matter, scarf gets wet. >> reporter: at least he has a place to stay tonight. some folks don't have a place to stay, but bethesda cares is going around doing the best they can. thank you. a nightmare tonight for people trying to get to the northeast in the storm. closing 800 flightsn
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the people headed to those cities are diverted here in dulles leaving passengers stuck. jackie b jackie bensen. >> reporter: video sent to us by someone who had been on the plane for more than four hours. after hours of the type of tension seen in that video, passengers from the flight from bueno airs to jfk were on the plane for hours. >> we sat at the tarmac for something like four and a half hour and then they called the
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eventually put on buses to new york not before sitting for hours in the cramp confines for hours on the plane. >> it wasn't right. the pilot wasn't making the proper decisions. the flight was delayed for three hours. in the air for 11 hours. people were scared. they said the paper was going to take off. >> reporter: ultimate decisions on how flights are handled is up to the airlines. >> this is one of those instances where there are mobile lounges that come in handy. pick passengers up and take them to the customs building. >> reporter: now as you can see behind me, it is still busy here. 11:00 at night at dulles airport. people will be sleeping here tonight. and delays expectedo
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if you are flying, call your airline before you leave. jackie bensen. amtrak says it will operate on a modified schedule. trains between d.c. and norfolk are canceled so is at auto train from virginia to south florida. snow blanketing the sand, leaving the popular beach town. maryland's governor declaring a state of emergency for that area saying the snow is going to take a while to clean up. >> serious storm down here on the shore. we declared a state of emergency last night and i am glad we did.
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snowbanks but most people heeded the advice and stayed off the roads. not just us folks, leon harris at the live desk. 15 to 20-foot waves slamming chunks of ice and debris into homes. what you see here is the situation in scituate, massachusetts. it is only january 24, but the storm is being called the blizzard of 2018. boston harbor, highest storm surge in years. >> this is probably the worst i have seen it since living here. >> definitely isn't nowhere. >> the tidal surge
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little different. >> reporter: what is the concern now? >> the next high tide. 1:00, 1:30 in the morning. all you here is the waves splashing against the house. these people no strangers to blizzard. the governor urging people to stay home. parts of new england have seen more than a foot of snow and this bitter cold coming in could turn the snow into ice. jim, back to you. >> just incredible pictures there. thank you. breaking news, officials in north and south korea have agreed to hold their first talks in more than two years. will meet in a border village to discuss among other things how to cooperate during next month's winter olympic games. hours after the u.s. agreed to spe
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until after the games are over. a virginia told police a night of drinking with friends ends with an uber driver raping her. arrested today. he picked her up in herndon last week. a man in critical condition after getting shot in the an suv in landover. happened a few blocks from central avenue. looks like the shooter was in another car. still looking for that person. next at 11:00, new fall out from that provocative new book about the trump white house. what the author is saying about the president's mental th
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plus an e-coli outbreak. why there is no recall yet from the
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new reporting tonight from the new york times says president trump pressured the top attorney at the white house to stop jeff sessions from recusing himself. and it could be part of an obstruction of justice case against the president.
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he has fully cooperated with the investigation and they believe he will be exonerated. we are hours away from getting our hands on the juicy new book that has everybody buzzing. new fall out on the bitter feud. steve bannon has lost the support of gop donor. suggesting that bannon should be fired. michael wolff is raising questions about the president's mental health. >> disgraceful and laughable. if he was unfit, he wouldn't have defeated the most qualified group of candidates the republican party has ever seen. >> the release date was moved up to tomorrow. and he will
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show." today the dow soared past another milestone closing above 25,000 for the first time ever. the dow has skyrocketed since trump's election. and wall street bullish on the tax law. only half of american households own stock. wage growth has been slow and today we learned that sears and macy's closing more stores. romaine lettuce, they want people to stop eating it until c canadian and u.s. health officials can get to the bottom of e-coli outbreak. it has been linked to at least two deaths. 17 people in 13 states including virginia have gotten
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pinpointed the source of the problems. the popular quiz show jeopardy is on hiatus. trebek saying he had surgery to remove blood clots from his brain. he is 77-years old and hosting jeopardy for 33 years. he hopes to resume taping later this month. tomorrow isn't exactly going to be the best visit to the zoo. but you can pay a visit to the newest addition pavel, an amur
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left in the world. >> pretty incredible. >> he is out in the snow. but tomorrow, i would be surprised if any animals are outside. >> well he came down from chicago and it is colder there. we have cold down here, but he is trying to get farther south. couldn't do it. this is amazing. steal dealing with 40, 45-mile-an-hour wind out there. take a look outside towards union station. the wind continues to blow. the flags around in our region. seeing the wind gusts downtown between 20 and 30 miles per hour. out there right now currently a balmy 16 degrees. winds out of the northwest of nine miles per hour. the wind chill is based on this, 16 and nine. your wind chill is well below
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zero. winchester 16. temperatures are one thing and no rain, no snow to talk about. of course it would be snow, the snow that came through earlier this morning is out of here. we saw an inch in the d.c. metro area. close to 8 inches of snow. now just about all of it, look how expansive that storm was across the northeast. for us, it is just bringing down the cold air straight out of canada. we talk about the polar vortex and this is it. this is about as cold as we get this time of year. 21 degrees in d.c., or 21 miles per hour the current in d.c. you look at these wind gusts and you add that. and this is what we are looking at.
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six below in n six below in manassas. look at this. wind chill advisory in effect for everybody through noon tomorrow. we are going to continue to see the winds and the brutal numbers. six below in d.c. this is 9:00 tomorrow morning. 15 in winchester. most of the schools in our region have closed or delayed. you don't want the kids walking to the bus stop or school in extreme weather like this. 5:00 and it is still zero in d.c. many of you will not make it to zero for the wind chill all day long. it goes right through the day on saturday. here is saturday. look at frederick, a 20-degree
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if you think this is a one day event, it is not. dangerous cold through saturday. sunday is better with 24. 24 and less wind is basically better than 18 and 24 miles per hour wind. possibly a mix of rain, sleet and slow and even ice that is something to watch. cool next week. all of these storms, the temperatures have been so cold over the last few days. >> get in survival mode for a few days. >> and bundle up. i am wearing more closthes thani have in my life. >> we saved
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ikea. tough 1 on the road tonight. >> maryland men's basketball team passing their first test. time to party with sparty of course. maryland. first half with the one point turf lead. spartans up one. later in the half, maryland staying with it. look at this. turner and the
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then michigan state took over. mcquaid knocks down the three. later on, the run continues. tillman, he gets it to go. think he is fired up. michigan state on a 15-0 run. 91 to-61. maryland women ace taking on iowa. maryland rolled by iowa 80-64. breaking the schedule allows them to shift their fun off
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ice. chance to do gambling and mingling with the fans. we give you some of the sights and sounds of the evening. >> foods hot here. let's heat this table up. >> if we were on a real floor, we would be doing pretty good. >> also arrested. >> for cheating? >> just relaxed and hang out and play some games and hang out with the band. so it is a great event. so fun every year. >> a great event. i can't put my hair down like some, but a lot of the guys enjoying the event. >> yeah. now we're talking. we're hot. >> i do not gamble, my
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put a curse on me. i don't gamble. >> biggs would be like one of the guys that would tap someone on the shoulder and say hey, time to go. >> just so we know, they are not gambling with real money. >> no wonder it is
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