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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 5, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EST

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mother nature unleashing a full on winter storm, including hurricane force winds, as much as 18 inches of snow and coastal flooding and now, comes a wicked deep freeze, heading in to your weekend. >> on sale now, the tell-all book released after midnight. despite the president's efforts to withhold the publication. president trump is calling him sloppy steve and a gop operative sets the scene. >> be more vial if they were monkeys hurling their excrement at each other in a cage. >> to a consumer warning of e. coli, that is linked to romai romainelettuce. >> we have a
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>> the dow hitting 25,000. will more americans invest in the stock market. >> and a health update on alex trebek following brain surgery. >> great being with you on a friday moshing. >> the east coast is waking up to fridggid temperatures. >> massachusetts bore the brunt of the power of the storm. snow falling as quickly as three inches per hour. and storm surge left massive flooding along the coast. we have more. >> reporter: just fourer days in to the new year, and we already have the blizzard of 2018. >> i have never seen this before. >> reporter: a record setting storm that dumped up to a foot and a half of snow on boston and pushed the waters of boston harborn
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a storm surge not seen in 40 years since the blizzard of 1978. a surprise to the city's mayor. >> it's the first time i can remember in four years that we have had flooding that has come up as far and gone in to basements. >> reporter: the rising storm surge caught people off guard. firefighters raced around, rescuing people from the cars and homes. >> the city is well prepared to handle snow and a blizza blizzardededed. >> we don't have any plane, you need to stay there during four nights and then, we need to wait to go. >> reporter: officials fear the heavy snow and blizzard strength winds can cause more damage in coming days. like this new jersey gas station roof. some say, it's not all bad. children in new york city enjoyed a rare snow day in
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>> reporter: now that the snow is largely over in the boston area, the news does not get better. the cold air is moving in to the northeast overnight and the highs will be in the single digits with wind chills below zero, by saturday, in many areas. the city of boston has not had a high temperature over freezing since christmas day. in boston, massachusetts, nbc news. >> well the storm is over, but now the icy temperatures are settling in. let's go to our meteorologist. bill? >> the storm is so huge, it's pulling down all the frigid air mass from canada and now it's going all the way down in to the southeast. here are the areas that returned wind chill advisories or warning. that is a toltal of 98 million people in advisories and 13 million in warnings. that goes all the way down to atlanta of all places. here is how it looks currently. these are the wind chill temperatures. washingtonc.
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pittsburgh at minus 19 and buffalo, minus 12. and it's worse in areas like minute appear lis, i s -- minneapolis. be prepared when you head out of the door. >> thank you, bill. >> this morning we have developing news for you on the russia probe and the president's alleged attempt to interfere in the special council's investigation. after the new york times published this report. the headline reading, obstruction inquiry shows trump's struggle to keep grip on russia investigation. it claims that president trump directed his white house council to urge jeff sessions to not recuse himself from the justice department's investigation. the times writing, president trump gave firm instructions in march to the white house's top lawyer, stop the attorney general, jeff sessions from recusing himself in the justice department's investigation. >> the times citing two sources saying that white house council tried and failed with sessions who gave ino
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the report continues that the president erupted in anger in front of officials, say thaeg needed his attorney general to protect him. it sheds light on trump's attempt to get comey to support him. claiming that the special council received handwritten notes from reince priebus, showing that trump talked to prius priebus, about how he had called comey to urge him to say that he was not under investigation. but the sources have corroborated the report. it has not been independently verified by nbc. >> overnight, the president directed his anger not at the "new york times" for their latest report but his former steve strategist steve bannon. calling him "sloppy steve."
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the president is saying that the book is full of lies and misrepresentations and sources that don't exist. >> still, that has not stopped the book from going on sale as it did hours ago in washington, d.c. with the publisher of the tell-all speeding up the release after the president attempted to stop the publication. threatening a lawsuit over what his lawyers claimed as misleading and misrepresentations and a incomplete version of the facts. >> reporter: president trump publically holding his fire. amid a mounting feud with his former top aid, steve bannon. >> i don't know, he called me a great man last night. so he obviously changed his tune quick. i don't talk to him. >> reporter: bannon, playing clean up on his radio show. >> the president of the united states is a great man. i support him, day in and day out. >> reporter: behind the scenes the president fuming
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bannon questioned the president's grasp of policy in the book and accused mr. trump's son and son-in-law of treason, for meeting with a russian lawyer during the campaign. on wednesday, the president excoriating bannon, saying that he lost his mind and now the trump's legal team is threatening to sue bannon, the author and the publisher. >> there's numerous mistakes and i'm not going to waste everyone's time going page by page talking about a book that is complete fantasy and full of tabloid gossip. >> reporter: new shock waves after the author raised questions about the president's mental fit innocence an article in the hollywood reporter writing that the president repeats himself. everyone was painfully aware of the increasing pace of his repetitions. the white house defiant. >> it's disgraceful and laughable. if he was unfit, he probably would not be sitting there and would not have defeated the most qualified group of candida
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questions about whether steve bannon is losing influence as republicans are siding with president trump. and they are asking if he should be fired. >> something they should look at and consider. >> in just a few hours, michael wolff, the author of the tell-all will speak out with a live interview only on "today". >> and this morning, the white house is facing policy fights within it's own party with at least one republican senator vowing to holdup all of the president's nominees to the department of justice. that is after attorney general jeff sessions changed the policy on federal enforcement of marijuana. it reversus an obama era policy that legalized weed in a number of states. it's a fight that the white house cannot afford given the slow pace of filling appointments. tracy. good morning. >> good morning, good morning, everyone. yeah, there's one threat here on
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capitol hill to block some of the nominees if jeff sessions, the attorney general goes through with reversing the cole memo that opened the door for states to legalize recreational use of marijuana. sessions said it's a return to the rule of law. there are eight states radio it now, and d.c. -- eight states right now, that allow recreational use of marijuana, and here on capitol hill, there's democrats and republicans that are against this move. take senator gardner, who is tweeting about it. he said that he will block these nominees from the justice department if in fact, jeff sessions doesn't, as he puts it, live up to the commitment he made prior to his confirmation. >> this is about a decision by the statute of colorado and we were told that state's rights would be protected. and not just by the attorney general.
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general. we were told that by then candidate donald trump. why is donald trump thinking differently today about what he promised the people of colorado in 2016? the reverse course today. what changed? i would like to know that. i think the people of colorado deserve to have that answer. >> speaking of colorado, in the three and a half years since legalizing recreational use, they have raised half a billion dollars. back to you of. >> tracy, thank you. >> nbc meteorologist is with us again to talk about what it feels like outside. it feels good. >> here is a wider view. look at atlanta at 7, because of the cold air in the south, yesterday was a cold morning and today is just as bad. freeze warnings, all the way down to naples, florida. and fort pierce under a freeze warning this moshing as temperatures are close to the freezing mark. and we will recover in florida. they will survive this a
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miami is a chilly day for them. that's a look at the big weather story of the day. and here is a closer look at the day ahead. single digits, it's all we can do for you in northern portions of new england and there's blowing and drifting snow out there. notice the portions of the middle rockies, salt lake city, 44 today and denver 52. that was pretty mild. weekend forecast coming up. >> all right, bill, thank you so much. looking forward to it. and fast forwarding in to your weekend, the red carpet has been rolled out for the 75th annual golden globes. and it will be hosted by seth myers. it will be sunday night at 8:00 eastern. >> north and south korea have agreed to have talks. they will talk about the winter olympics and how to improve relations. >> and the nfl playoffs kickoff with wild card weekend. the titans face off against the chiefs and the falcons travel to
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two more ways to breathe happy. leading the news this morning the trump administration said that it intend it s to rol back a ban on off-shore drilling. it will start in 2019 and allow oil and gas companies to drill on the atlantic coast for the first time since the 1980s. and the news has east coast republican lawmakers having problems with criticisms of the white house of the proposal, saying they will bring the fight to the secretary of the interior. other lawmakers and democrats sounded alarm, one saying he is 100% opposed to the plan and others saying it's alarming and unacceptable and others are going to fight tooth and nail to make sure it does not happen. >> alex trebek is recovering
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over 33 years revealed he underwent a procedure to remove blood clots in his brain stemming from a fall two months ago. now at home, he is sharing assuring news. >> the prognosis is excellent and i expect to be back in the studio taping more jeopardy programs very, very soon and i want to thank all of on you for your concern. >> well, sony pictures entertainment said that the show will resumetaping in january. >> a e. coli outbreak to warn you about. details next.
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> . >> a new alert about something that shows up on your lunch and dinner plates, the officials are saying to stop eating romai romainelettuce. >> she loves lettuce, at least 30% of her diet. >> romaine lettuce is my favorite and it's one of the ones that i look for as a staple. >> a stern warning from consumer reports. stay away from romaine lettuce until health officials get to the bottom of what is causing a e. coli outbreak that has been linked to two deaths. in the west, cdc reported that 17
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gotten sick. in canada, 41 people. u.s. health officials are interviewing people to see what they ate in the weeks before they got sick. they have not yet identified the source, so they cannot recommend avoiding a food. >> we think the u.s. government should warn people about eating romaine lettuce until they know where it's coming from. >> usually cooking kills e. coli, but lettuce is not usually cooked. >> the best advice is to simply not use it. switch to something else. >> the industry is cooperating fully with the investigation and if romaine lettuce is the source, it's unlikely to still be in stores the last illness was reported in mid december. >> until there's more proof. i will continue to keep an eye out. >> it could be weeks before the cdc and the fda pinpoint
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tribute. you may remember that they created the show, and they said, they appreciate the love. jennifer lopez posted this, once a fly girl, always a fly girl. referring to her time as a fly girl in the early 90s. >> i remember that on living color. >> no question, look at living color, j-lo, she is close to 50 and she looks better than she was when she was a fly girl. >> the big game, hq trivia has taken the country by storm. here is a player's reaction. >>. [ screaming ] >> you can't fake that. that is lauren may. can't fake it. can't contain her excitement after thinking she got the wrong answer, she drops to the floor. look h
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screaming with joy. she cannot believe it. >> best day in her life. >> i can't. i can't even. i can't. so, it's gone viral as you imagine. 160,000 views on twitter. and here's the thing, guess how much she won? >> a thousand dollars. >> $11.30 and then you get that reaction? >> look at that, our producers are talking about turning in to a puddle, i think it's what it means. she turned in to a puddle. >> she is still going at it. >> that's amazing. >> okay, $11.30. that reaction, that is worth way more than the 11 bucks. >> so many people are jealous, they would love to be that excited about anything in their life. congratulations. 11 bucks. wall street is hitting a major milestone, find out what it means for your wallet. next on "early today" and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day
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now on "news4 today," the winds have been whipping up all night. if you thought it's bp cold, well, you haven't seen nothing yet. we're weather alert mode. how to keep you and your family safe, as well as the latest school closures and delays. we'll be dealing with the cold for another 2 1/2 days or so. as you step out the day this
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would you listen to that. the winds have been whipping up all night. if you thought it's been cold, well, yin
4:00 am
yet. look at the windchills this morning. a lot of our region already in the negatives. believe it or not, it's only going to get worse. good morning everybody. i'm chris lawrence. sounds dire when you say it like that. we're going to get to all your school closings and all that stuff, but we got to start with chuck. boy oh, boy, it's down-right >> this is not the records, but we're within a couple degrees of record low temperatures. the real issue is the persistence of the wind and cold. a lot of times we get a break when the sun goes down and the wind eases up. not so on this pattern. the cold door is open to the north pole and persisting northwest wind will continue to drive the windchills down below zero pretty much all through the morning. actual air temperatures are hovering around 10 to 12 degrees or so. but the winds are still gusting well over 20 mi


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