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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  January 5, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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yet. look at the windchills this morning. a lot of our region already in the negatives. believe it or not, it's only going to get worse. good morning everybody. i'm chris lawrence. sounds dire when you say it like that. we're going to get to all your school closings and all that stuff, but we got to start with chuck. boy oh, boy, it's down-right >> this is not the records, but we're within a couple degrees of record low temperatures. the real issue is the persistence of the wind and cold. a lot of times we get a break when the sun goes down and the wind eases up. not so on this pattern. the cold door is open to the north pole and persisting northwest wind will continue to drive the windchills down below zero pretty much all through the morning. actual air temperatures are hovering around 10 to 12 degrees or so. but the winds are still gusting well over 20 mi
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many spots. as a result, the windchills are averaging between minus 5 and minus 10 to get your day going. there's your planner then. windchills below zero, at least through the morning hours. recovering only slightly to zero zero for the afternoon. afternoon below 20 degrees. when does it warm up? i'll show you the forecast coming up. going to be a while, chris. >> thank you very much, chuck. a lot of school buses going to have trouble today so a lot of the schools are closing because of the weather. you can find the closings and delays at the bottom of your screen and on the nbc washington app. in maryland, prince george's, calvert, st. mary's. hampshire schools in west, virginia, closed. a big list of closings in virginia. fauquier, spotsylvania, frederick all closed among
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others. >> shenandoah page, rappahann k rappahannock, culpepper. manassas city, manassas park, loudoun, winchester schools, closed as well. maryland. montgomery, anne arundel schools will open two hours late. alexandria, falls church, two-hour delay. jefferson county schools in west virginia are on that two-hour delay as well. the federal government is open for business. we're working for you if you have to go out in the cold. exposed skin out in those elements for a short time, it can cause serious damage. news 4 went out to see how you can protect yourself from frostbite. numbness, blisters, color change and the smell of your skin. if you have any of these symptoms, seek treatment early and try to get to a doctor. clean, dry,
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running them under room temperature water. >> if you have a cold temperature injury and then you treat that area with something that's too hot, you can make the wound worse. >> the bottom line is, bundle up out there in this very cold weather. the nightmare continues for those trying to get up around the northeast part of the country. a major winter snow has left airports closed, hundreds of flights delayed. take a look at this map from flight aware. anywhere that you see red are flights that are either delayed or canceled. several flights were headed to dulles international airport. flights were held on the tarmac for several hours. one flight from buenos heireai a
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>>. >> the flight was delayed three hours. we were in the air for 11 and a half hours, on the ground for 4 hours. then he's going to fly to jfk. they said the plane was going to take off, everybody was going to stand up. >> how flight cancellations and delays are handled is up to the individual airline. justin finch will be at reagan national arant for a report. we have breaking news on virginia avenue. we're hearing about a water main break. >> reporter: this is in a tricky spot that's affecting access. this truck here, they're salting it down. you can see the incredible amount of ice built up since this pipe burst here. the spot is tricky here. we're talking about 27th street where it meets virginia avenue. right in the area of the
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watergate. this is a spot where a lot of people jump on 66 west. all of it is closed. access to 66 west from here closed, the e street expressway, access to the teddy roosevelt bridge from this spot. a lot of people do that, you won't be able to do that this morning. down virginia avenue, they actually have that closed as well because of all of this ice in the area. they're trying to get a handle on the ice because it's very, very slippery. could take them a while. some of the accumulation is really rather thick. you saw behind me, there's a truck on the scene. they are working on t this is kind of a big area for people as they make their way into work. they're working on it, but at this point a lot of ways to get on to the expressway, all closed. we'll keep an eye on it for you. >> great work, megan. it's probably freezing as fast as it flows.
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modified schedule between d.c. and boston. there will be fewer a sell a express and -- all trains canceled between d.c. and norfolk. lore done down to florida, also won't be running today. amtrak is urging you to call ahead to check status of your train. the only way to stay updated on changing weather is with our nbc washington app. download it. the app is how you find out the latest school closings and delays. we'll have all the delays running on the bottom of your screen throughout the morning. chuck, boy, you're a busy man today. yesterday was the snow coming down. today it's the frigid temperatures. >> the wind is not going to lay down at all until probably sometime after the sun goes down tomorrow. the northwest winds will keep you frigid all through the day. look at these highs in your hometown today. 19 here in washington. only 1
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virginia. stay bundled up. >> all of us game of thrones fans knew winter was coming. why it may be a while before we see the final season of the show. a giant jackpot. how much is at stake in the mega millions and
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happening today, america may soon welcome another millionaire. tonight is the mega millions drawing. if someone wins the $445 million, it will be the largest -- the last winner was in october. fear not, a powerball drawing is saturday with a massive jackpot worth well over half a billion dollars. be sure to check out nbc4 for the winning numbers. chuck and i pledge if we win, we shall show up for work the next day. >> just to turn in my notice. >> love y'all. this may sound weird, but snipping your partner's clothes -- sniffing your partner's clothes can give you lower stress. >> they handle anxiety induced tasks when they
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the scent belongs to their significant other. i don't know if that applies to men as well. i don't know if they just did women. i don't know. on the other hand, the scent of a stranger increases stress mode. >> that makes sense. >> instincts or -- >> when someone comes home and that's not your cologne. really? >> it's going to be a while before the hit show game of thrones returns. the network announced the final six episodes won't air until 2019. usa today reports. the first time the series is skipping an entire calendar year since it debuted in 2011. there's still no specific premiere date. all of us game of thrones fans, know, chuck that winter is coming. >> it's here. there's no more ifs. the long cold stretch. we're going to be into single numbers tomorrow morning and again on sunday morning. the cold is not relaxing any
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the storm that caused it all is roaring through the canadian maritimes now. good riddance to that one. >> it's something that will probably be on a lot of folks lunch plates today.
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well, if you're just waking up, we're in storm team weather alert mode. you can see why.
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windchills folks in our area are waking up to this morning. they're expected to drop even more. we'll check back in with chuck with a closer look at that and when we can expect the balmy 40s to return in just a minute. of course, staying on top of that breaking news because of that cold weather. let's look at the scene in d.c. megan mcgrath has been reporting from 27th street northwest near the virginia avenue area. all lanes have been blocked off by this water main break. we're told right now, chuck was saying the windchill in d.c. right now is negative 4. you can see some of that water turning to ice and overflowing on the rock creek -- on to the road there. it is now 4:15. sadly, new york's deadliest fire in decades has claimed another victim. 13 people have lost their lives. fire investigators say the fire started on the first floor of an apartment building near the bronx zoo. a
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with a stove. the fire quickly spread to five other floors before the -- after the boy's mother left the front door open when she ran out with those kid. north and south korea agreed to hold talks for the first time in years. they will discuss how to cooperate at the winter olympics next month. representatives from both countries will meet tuesday at a border town where a north korean soldier was shot while defecting to south korea. it's the book that's got everybody talking. fire and fury went on sale at midnight in several book shops including kramer book. stayed open late. michael wolf alleges the chaotic first year inside the trump white house. the publication turned the president against his former adviser, steve bannon. bannon was a source for the author and was critical of the president and his
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when bannon left the white house, he lost his job and his mind. in just a few hours, in an exclusive interview on the "today" show, michael wolf will speak with savannah guthrie. he's expected to talk about what he saw in the white house and some of the wilder allegations he makes in that book. it may be too late to stop an e. coli outbreak. that's because the food that's been carrying the outbreak has already been sold. gabe gutierrez has more. >> christian nims loves lettuce. >> romaine is one of the ones i look for as a staple. >> a stern warning from consumer reports. stay away from romaine lettuce until health officials get to the bottom of what's causing an e. coli outbreak linked to at least two deaths. in the u.s., the cdc reports that 17 people in
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gotten sick. in canada, even more. >> u.s. health officials are interviewing people to find out what they ate in the weeks before they got sick. because it hasn't identified the source, it can't recommend avoiding a particular food. >> we think that the u.s. government should be warning consumers about eating romaine lettuce until they figure out where this problem is coming from. cooking usually kills food born bacteria such as e. coli, but lettuce isn't usually cooked. >> simply don't use the romaine lettuce. use something else. >> even if romaine lettuce is the source, it's highly unlikely to still be in stores. the last illness was reported in mid-december. >> until there is a little more proof, i mean, i continue to keep an eye out. >> it could be weeks before the cdc and fda pinpoints the
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we know exercising the body important. what about exercising the face? live says researchers followed a group of middle aged women who learned and practice 32 expresses. after 20 weeks, the women had firmer skin and more toned faces with fuller cheeks. that makes a lot of sense, chuck. if you're like trying all these -- >> exercising my face. >> it does. i didn't know there were 32 facial expressions. >> i mean, how many emote cons are on your phone now. >> that's true. >> that's approximately how many there are. hey, anything that will work. put extra moisturizer on your hands and any exposed skin as you go out today to protect it from the incredible dryness. we all know about the cold butt real issue is the cold air sucks the
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my hands are as dry as they can be. nebraska avenue in northwest washington. it is a frigid start to the day. 14 degrees. but the feels-like factor is minus 4. courtesy of a northwest wind averaging 22 miles an hour and gusting over 30 miles per hour at times. so as we've been talking about the last couple of days, limit your time outside. make sure you check on your neighbors, make sure their heat is working, especially elderly neighbors who may not have the heat turned up enough. winds are going to be gusting over 25 miles per hour for much of the day. feels-like factors will average between zero and minus 10 for the commute in to work and for the schools that are open, school kids as well. there's your planner for today. not much of a recovery. mid and upper teens for highs today. brutal cold here for today. equally cold and windy for tomorrow.
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doesn't look like a big chance monday, but with the arctic air in place, any moisture could be problematic on that monday commute. tomorrow morning, wake up with temperatures in the single numbers again. moats everyone should be above zero tomorrow. but the windchills will remain a real issue. windchills at below zero. a look at the weekend and the ten-day forecast coming up. thank you chuck. there's a new twist in the fight over legalized marijuana. how it could impact folks in our area. we're working for you on the storm team 4 weather alert day. another look at the major school closings and delays in our area. (mal e #1it's a little something i've done every night since i was a kid, empty my pocket change into this old jar. it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar. and i never thought i could get quality life insurance
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sessions is given the green light to fully enforce federal marijuana laws. that reverses an obama policy. lawmakers in states like colorado and california say it flies in the face of voters who chose to legalize the drug. in our area, there are concerns from the medical marijuana industry and its patients. chris gordon spoke to some of the patients warning that their treatments could be at risk. >> i wanted to get two of the lemon cartridges. >> robert king fears federal prosecutors could decide to cut off his ability to buy the medical marijuana he uses to treat his opioid addiction. >> it's really important because i feel this is benefiting me huge. so if they were to crackdown on it, it would be a huge loss for not only me but a lot of people in the country. >> the operators o
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dispensary in maryland and the grow house located hearsay they strictly comply with the law. there are security cameras in the grow rooms. we were sprayed with a disinfek tabt and asked to wear protective suits. we're not allowed to touch any of plants. these are some of the precautions that maryland's medical cannabis industry is taking. >> we will keep doing that every day of the week unless and until someone knocks on the door and tells us we can no longer do it. >> maryland's top prosecutor, attorney general brian frost says the medical marijuana industry is legal in maryland. he's going to try to protect patients' rights. >> the patients, i would say, look we're going to do everything we possibly can to ensure that you get the medicine that you need. >> i asked about d.c. marijuana dispensaries and grow houses. the u.s. attorney's office focus is
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pose a threat to public safety. chris gordon. it's coming up on 4:26. i'm headed over to the live desk to bring you the latest on a carbon monoxide leak. "news4 today" continues right now with aaron and eun. now on "news4 today," the winds have been whipping all night and if you thought it's been cold, you haven't seen anything yet. >> take a look at the windchill. oh, my gosh. >> are we seeing negatives all over the map? >> have you seen this before. a lot of the region in negative temperatures. >> poor hagerstown. >> it's only going to get worse from here. at laeast it's friday. >> yea. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. we're going to get you up to date on the latest school delays and closings, as well as a look atth
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first, we have to start with chuck bell because somebody has to -- >> that's not what it says, chuck. >> aaron, next time, will keep you warmer. >> we got a whole conversation about that. i sat down with a tie on and was convinced to take it off. >> it's friday, he's going a little casual. >> he's complaining about the cold and taking things off. every little bit helps. we'll get you the whole wrapped around your head. that's what you need today. if it is exposed skin, it is in danger of being frozen today. current temperatures, air temperatures are hovering right har around 10 to 15 degrees. the windchill is the real problem. minus 10 hagerstown and gaithersburg. minus 2 manassas. fredericksburg, practically warm at 4 above zero. planning out your day. dangerously low windchills and precious little in the way of a warmup today. afternoon temperatures hover in the mid to upper
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windchills will hover near zero all through the course of your frigid friday. the weekend will be every bit as cold. sunday morning may be the coldest of the bunch. i'll share that part of the forecast in two more minutes. it is traffic time on a friday morning. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. taking a look right now at one problem we have here in northwest washington. rock creek parkway near virginia avenue. megan mcgrath, as you saw earlier on the scene. look how slushy and slick this is. this is a water main break with closures. northbound rock creek parkway pushed off on to virginia avenue because of the icy conditions caused a by water main break to the right side. coming down the hill on 27th street, southbound 27 before virginia, lanes blocked there. because of the water main break. big problem for that area near the kennedy center. inner loop and outer looch t
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aaron? >> all right, melissa. thank you. 4:29 now. a lot of schools decided to close today because of the weather. >> you can find all the closings and the delays running on the bottom of your screen and the nbc washington app. let's get to that them in maryland, prince george's county, calvert, st. mary's and charles county schools are all closed. hampshire county schools in west virginia closed as well. >> a big list of closures in virginia too. fairfax, fauquier, prince william, warren, spotsylvania and frederick county schools are all closed. as are fredericksburg and clark, shenandoah, page, culpepper county skals. manassas city, manassas park city. winchester. closed. maryland, montgomery, anne arundel and washington county schools will open two hours late. arlington, alexandria and falls church schools open two hours late in virginia. as well jefferson county schools
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the federal gooft is opvernment today. take a look at the icy mess that we're seeing from a water main break in northwest d.c. >> megan mcgrath is live to let us know which roads are blocked because of this. looks like an icy mess out there, megan. >> reporter: it actually is. the water has been cut to the pipe. we're no longer seeing running water. you can see what happened in the time it was still flowing. it immediately turned to ice because of all the frigid temperatures that we're seeing. we've got big clumps of ice, thick accumulation of ice. this is going to take a while to melt and clear up. they did have a salt truck here a while ago. they put down salt and chemicals trying to thaw things out. this is going to be something that will stick with us through the morning rush hour today because of the frigid, frigid temperatures. this is kind of a tricky little spot here. we've got a lot of different streets that come together, a lot ofe


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