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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 5, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> it could be worse. that's along the coast up north. some coastal towns are buried in snow, ice and rising floodwaters. >> thanks for waking up with us this morning. you may not want to get out of bed yet. >> if you thought it was cold yesterday, we're here to tell you, it's going to get worse. we went from snow to driving winds to the brutal arctic temperatures. look at all the negatives. >> we're now seeing a water main break causing trouble for drivers. this is near virginia avenue and the watergate. this could be a sign of more problems to come. >> first, we need to get you the storm team weather alert day. meteorologist chuck bell, we know you're the messenger, chuck. >> start to call it the
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instead of the watergate. the wind is the issue. windchills are running between 5 and 10 below zero this morning across most of the area and points north and west. as you're going outside today, waiting for a bus tstop, no matter what you're doing, bundle up. windchills through zero over the course of the day. the sun will be out. highs today will be in the teens. so be like this little kitty, this is what you should wear today. layer upon layer upon layer. you got it, put it on. your winter parka, insulated gloves, thick socks, i don't think i left anything out. we'll double-check. melissa, let's hear more about the skating rink problem. >> breaking news near the kennedy center. rock creek parkway near virginia avenue. take a look at this. it is an ice rink because of a nearby water main break. you can see out there, trying to treat the roads.
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megan mcgrath, we'll get a live report in a minute. northbound rock creek parkway. westbound have va vairginia ave. you cannot use i-street ramp to 66 or get from whitehurst freeway to rock creek because of this. nice flight volume. i like this. do have a problem in gaithersburg. going to be there in a minute or two. we'll show you those pictures. 124 at cloper. downed wires there. >> melissa, thank you. 6:02. a lot of schools are closed in the area because of the weather. you can find all the closings and delays at the bottom of your screen and in the nbc washington app. prince george's, calvert, st. -- hampshire county schools are closed as well. >> fairfax, falk we are, prince william, spotsylvania, warren and frederick county schools and fredericksburg,
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rappahannock and culpepper county schools. manassas city and park. stafford county and winchester schools are closed. montgomery, anne arundel and fairfax county schools will open two hours late. arlington, alexandria and falls church schools will also open two hours late in virginia, as will jefferson county schools in west virginia. the federal government is open today. let's go back to the breaking news melissa mentioned that could impact your commute today. water main break in d.c. causing a major icy mess. >> here's why. take a look at these temperatures. any water that hits the road is going to turn into ice. news 4's megan mcgrath is live on 27th street to let us know which roads are blocked because of this. that's a really busy area for commuters, megan. >> reporter: yeah. it's kind of one of these strange little areas where there are all kinds of access points to several freeways, parkways and roads. it all is in this
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look at all of the ice on 27th street. we're near virginia avenue here at the watergate. there was a water main break. the water has been shut off. you can see what water did come gushing out, it immediately froze on all of the roads. this is causing big issues. people coming off the whitehurst freeway, it's closed up there. can't come down 27th to get on to the rock creek parkway. that's all closed. northbound on the rock creek parkway, you're going to get stopped at virginia. they're going to detour you on virginia. if you're coming westbound on virginia, you'll get stopped at 27th street. the i-street ramp to i-66, that's closed. we're talking about a lot of different roadways, a lot of commuter routes all impacted by this one situation. you can see that they've got another salt truck out here. they've been out all morning long trying to treat the
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there is accumulation of several inches of ice in some of the spots here. it is just absolutely frigidly cold. so even though they're treating the surface of the roads, this is going to be with us for a while. we're not seeing any kind of melting going on. not in a couple of hours that we've been here. this is going to be a problem for a while. a big commuter route for a lot of people going a lot of different places. so the advice here is just plan accordingly. avoid the area altogether. because they're not going to let you go over this ice. they're going to detour you. this will go through rush hour. >> megan, thank you. we're following breaking news out of new jersey. a blizzard may have caused a carbon monoxide leak at an apartment building killing one person and making several others very sick. a 13-year-old girl died from fumes at that building last night. three of her family members are still in critical condition this morning. officials say 41 ppl
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27 of them were police officers. officials are looking to see whether carbon monoxide detectors in the building worked. take a look at these dramatic images from massachusetts. damaging storm surges, high winds and blizzard conditions. combined to make the perfect storm. 15 to 20-foot waves slammed chunks of ice and debris along those homes on the coast. >> now for those of you attempting to travel in this weather. take a look at this map from flight anywhere there's red, those are flights either delayed or canceled. thousands of people are now stuck in airports waiting out the storm. take a look at the scene at reagan national airport on this cold morning. travelers are doing what they can amid the cancellations. you can see big groups of people at the
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next half hour with a full breakdown on the local travel impact. stay with us for that. several flights were diverted to dulles international on thursday due to this major snowstorm hitting the east coast. passengers were held on the tarmac for several hours. there was a flight from buenos aires to new york. a lot of passengers believe the flight crew could have made better decisions. >> the pilot wasn't making the proper decisions. the flight was delayed three hours. we were in the air for 11 and a half hours. then he's going to fly the plane to jfk. people were scared. they said everybody would stand up if the plane took off. >> how things are handled is up to the individual airline. justin finch will be live for us later in the hour. today, amtrak is operating on a modified schedule between the district and boston. there will be fewer express and northeast regional
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norfolk are canceled. so is the auto train from lore done, virginia, south to florida. amtrak urges you to call ahead to check the status of your trains if you are going anywhere today. right? >> it did? what are you going to do? >> get on another one. >> working for if you have to face this cold weather. >> some people have to go to work. it's difficult to do this with weather like this. exposed skin can cause serious damage. molette green is live in dupont circle with more on how you can protect yourself. molette, you have everything you can wrapped up there, right? >> reporter: i'm trying to do my best. i've been torturing myself watching the thermostat on the building behind me. it reads 11 degrees. it feels much colder than that. then i kind of walked over and saw this sign lit up indicating that there's something warm and yummy and sugary inside that could help things out while i'm
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we ran into a few folks out here. some of them had the on the proper gear, head to toe. i saw people who didn't have gloves or hats. there was a smart metro escalator worker over there who told me he's ready for this weather. >> i come prepared. i layer. last night we were working 20, 30 minutes and going back inside. working 20, 30 minute and back inside. >> and that's what you have to do. you have to have a strategy. if you have to work outside. you have to be out here, take precaution. that expose skip could really get you in trouble. here are the sim tomts. numbness. blisters, color change of the skin. the smell of skin. if you have any of these symptoms, you're going to have to get treatment. in many cases you might have to see a doctor. if you have a wound, you want to keep it
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warm up your hands, if they get really cold, run them under room temperature water. that is the best bet. if you can at all, stay inside. many of of the kids have the day off today. that's a good thing. that's the latest live from dupont. but the warm sign, is it still on? it's still on. back to you guys. >> looks like you need to turn around and go inside. >> i was going to say. hot krispy kreme doughnuts, molette. you earned it. >> thank you, molette. 6:10 right now. for the latest flight updates, snow team coverage, go to the nbc washington app. it is 6:10. developing now, north and south korea agreed to hold normformal talks for the first time in more than ten years. representatives will meet tuesday at a border town where a north korean soldier was recently shot while escaping to south korea. the book that
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on sale. fire and fury was released overnight. people are lining up to get a copy. readers showed up to boonger bookstores to pick up a copy. the book's author, michael wolf, alleges a chaotic first year. the publication tufrnd the president against his former adviser receive ban i don't know. in an exclusive interview -- he'll talk about the wilder allegations he makes in this book. another chance to become a millionaire. tonight is the drawing for the mega millions jackpot and more than $445 million. >> this is the fourth largest jackpot in the history of the game. last time anyone won the mega millions drawing was back in october. not too long ago. i think my chances are going up. october, now january.
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i'm going to keep playing. >> if you don't -- you get a chance to strike it rich frk the powerball drawing set for saturday. that's set for $550 million. we'll let you know the numbers as soon as they come out. >> i want the chance to win the mega millions. tell you the numbers. damaging storm. the cleanup begins. we'll take you to the harr he's hid communities. >> if you have a computer for a smartphone, this will probably impact you. i'm meteorologist chuck bell on another weather a letter day. we don't have to wore about snow or ice but we need to protect ourselves against the cold. not much of a risin tempe er
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i promised you a peek at the weekend forecast. if you want sunny and warm weather, it will be sunny through the course of the weekend. both saturday and sunday morning will be dangerously cold. the wind will be the real issue for tomorrow. flat-out cold by sunday morning. chance for wintry weather on monday. in first 4 traffic, a couple of problems right now. one cleared out of the way. 124 at wires down. that's now out of the way. a pretty big issue in northwest washington as far as closures and a water main break and a lot of ice on the roadway. we're talking about rock creek parkway near the kennedy center. details coming up. coming up, we're working for you with a warning about a major security flaw affecting virtually every computer,
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market. >> chris lawrence is here and has more on this story. >> it all has to do with the chip in all of these devices. these are made by companies like intel, amd and arm. they're everywhere from iphones to android tablets and even microsoft computers. right now, investigators are looking into two potential hacks. the first is called meltdown. it only affects intel chips. this allows them to steal passwords. reportedly some of the companies have a patch that could be coming as soon as next week. the bigger long-term concern is called specter. this hack affects chips made by all the companies and actually tricks you into giving up your private information. they're still working on a patch for that one. google says the latest version
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and more updates are on the way. apple is developing protections for its safari browser as well. thank you, chris. here it goes. firefighters in new jersey say this gas station canopy was already teetering by the time they got there. then a strong gust of wind came along and ripped it right down. there was time to cut the gas and electricity before the roof fell. nobody was hurt there. other city workers came in to take down the roof with a backhoe. people in some states are losing their lives because of snow-related accidents. >> massachusetts is one of the states being hit the hardest. we're live from sterling, massachusetts with the latest on the state's snowfall. good morning. >> reporter: good mog
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massachusetts. that's central massachusetts for those that aren't familiar. this is a scene that you will see all over different towns and cities across the area. feet of piled high snows after the plows did all the work they could. where we are, they got 16 inches of snow. so the big predicament that we're in here in massachusetts is that after all the snow came, the temperatures are dropping pretty quickly or getting that really arctic windchill in this area. they could see negative 15 in windchills. it was imperative that they got all the snow off of the streets. for those that didn't, there is a lot of driveways that still have snow piled up, front doors are shut in from all the snow. they're going to have a little bit of an issue today to get the snow off. a little tougher now that it's really frozen to the ground. what we're dealing with now is not only all of the snow, there's nowhere for it to go, but also the temperatures will be dropping over the weekend. a pretty intense wintry mix out here in
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live in massachusetts, kathy arsenals. >> kathy, they said massachusetts is better equipped and the people know how to handle it and get through the winter. so is this a big deal there? >> reporter: well, so we're new englanders, we know how to handle snow. i am going to be honest with you, especially in places like boston, it's tougher to have for the snow to have places to go. definitely don't have that all down when it comes to where are we going to put the snow after it's off the streets. we are good at driving in it and dealing with it. >> all right. so better you guys than us, then. thank you very much. >> reporter: no problem. stay warm. >> where do you put the snow? >> they had a couple of issues with that a couple years ago. beacon hill, there's nowhere to put it. a lot of times they push it into boston harbor. then when the harbor freezes over --
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they had a mound of snow in a parking lot that did not disappear until after memorial day. >> that's bananas. >> that's crazy. for us it's really cold around here. this is my my baby girl deals with the cold. that's it. >> hiding? >> just the nose. the nose knows. it's auto too cold to be outside. that's how she spent her entire day yesterday. curled up underneath the blanket which i graciously provided for her. then we put on a sweater, no slow walking anywhere around town. it will be another speedy day today if you're outside. 13 the air temperature. but the feels-like factor down in washington. still averaging 18 miles per hour. windchills at 5 to 10 degrees
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yesterday we spent much of the afternoon in the low to mid 20s. today we won't get above 20 degrees. i'm forecasting 21 in fredericksburg. have your nbc washington app downloaded and zoom into your storm team 4 custom-tailored forecast by zip code. you can find me on twitter and instagram. my instagram, more dog and food pictures than anything else. tomorrow morning, wake-up temperatures in the single numbers again with windchills tomorrow morning below zero. here's your friday future windchills. staying below zero for most of the morning hours. layer up everybody. frigid for the weekend. the coldest morning likely to be sunday morning. the temperatures will be able to drop quite a bit. highs on monday back above freezing. but we may have a wintry mix to worry about on monday. we'll keep a close eye on that through
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breaking news continues in first 4 traffic. >> breaking news near the kennedy center. we're dealing with a water main break that has saturated the roadways there and then it's turned to ice. obvious obviously, because of the cold temps. the repairs happening northbound rock creek parkway, westbound virginia avenue. all that area, we do have closures. drivers cannot use many of those lanes there. also cannot use i-street. the ramp to westbound 66 or get from whitehurst parkway. showing a live look at montgomery village avenue. down to wires. beltway, other routes into town and out of town, nice light volume. eun? >> thank you, melissa. closing up shop. a celebrity chef is out at mgm national harbor. new details on the unexpected change and what could come next. plus, alex trebek off the jo
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i'm chris lawrence at the live desk following breaking news in new jersey. want to get you to new video showing a massive fire going on right now. this one is all predicated by the weather. it started in a vacant building. but then the winds started whipping it up. pushed the fire on to two buildings across the street. also several cars parked on that street are burning as well. you can see the firefighters responding. we've also learned one of the firefighters slipped on the ice and took minor injuries. again, b
6:27 am
the weather. heavy winds in that area. boy, it's been a tough couple weeks for new jersey. earlier this morning, we learned a 13th person died from that massive fire at an apartment complex there. aaron, back to you. >> chris, thank you. 6:27 now. justin finch is live managing the airport delays after the storm. >> what are you seeing at reagan national, justin? >> reporter: hey there, aaron, eun. for travelers and airlines, after snow forced wave after wave of flight cancellations, coming up when you must know if you're flying today and what it was like to be stranded here overnight at the airport. i'm justin finch. that's coming
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it is 6:30. good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. we have a good reason for you to stay warm in home under the covers if possible. just watch us. right? >> always encourage that. the good reason today is because we are getting a cruel wake-up call from mother nature. it's a wea
6:31 am
not because of the snow this time but because of the bone-chilling cold. sub zero temperatures have gripped the region. >> team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here now with what we can expect and what could come next, chuck. >> the wind is going to be with us for the remainder of your friday, friday night and saturday. finally the winds will calm down a little bit getting towards sunday. but that long way from now. between now and then, this is pretty much how it's going to be. windchills below zero this morning. minus 10 in martinsburg. minus 4 in washington. minus 2 in montgomery county. minus 4 in fredericksburg. be a smart kitty today. be sure to put as many layers on as you can. your heaviest parkas, your gloves, hats, thick socks and sunglasses. it will be a bright and sunny day today. but it will be windy all day long. northwest winds averaging 20 to 30 miles per hour at times. that will keep windchills down near zero all through the course of the day. afternoon highs today may not even get above 20 degrees. th
6:32 am
days in about three years. so it's a cold one for sure. cold and ice go together so nice, don't they, melissa? >> they do, unfortunately, for drivers this morning in northwest washington. take a look at this. water main repairs northbound rock creek parkway. westbound virginia avenue. southbound 27th street. this is where megan mcgrath is live for us near the kennedy center, the slick coating. they're trying to treat this and get it out of the way quickly. causing issues already. >> showing us at 123. we have a crash there blocking the left side of the lane. >> looking pretty good. nice light volume there. taking a look as we zoom in. inbound canal at arizona. icy conditions there. inbound memorial bridge, left lane blocked by a crash. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. a lot of schools are closed because of the weather in our area. you can find them at the bottom of your screen and our nbc
6:33 am
>> prince george's county, talbert, st. mary's and charles county schools all closed. hampshire county schools are closed. in virginia, fauquier, prince william, warren, spotsylvania and frederick county schools are closed as are fredericksburg, page, rappahannock and culpepper county schools. manase a city, manassas park city and winchester schools are closed. >> now to the delays in maryland. montgomery anne arundel, washington and frederick county schools will open two hours late. arlington, alexandria and falls church schools will open two hours late in virginia as will jefferson county schools in west virginia. the federal government is open. what's happening locally? especially for people trying to get out of town. justin finch live at reagan national to answer that question. justin, what are you seeing there? >> reporter: hey there, aaron. good morning. so far i can tell you the flight counter is
6:34 am
we're seeing flights mostly take off on time here from reagan with a few cancellations for flights due to arrive into the area. most of them from the northeast where snow was a big problem, triggering cancellations across the country yesterday, leaving passengers stranded in the airports, including here at reag reagan. let's take you to some passengers hunkered down here overnight. some were lying on the floor trying to catch some sleep. similar story also over at dulles where many were also stranded as well. you know, yesterday we did see thousands of flights that were canceled. many of them were preemptively canceled for today as well. we also spoke to one man who admits he did roll the dice yesterday trying to fly out yesterday. this morning, he's now saying his luck came up short. >> the storm might have been coming. it was reported but we never knew how bad this will be. >> reporter: he is bound for tampa along with his
6:35 am
to get out today. but the air carriers now saying you don't want to have any doubt in your flight plans. if you want to fly today, you are flying today. reach out to social media. they will get back to you. change is being -- for flights altered or canceled for today. back to you in the studio. justin finch, live at reagan national. 6:35 right now. our top stories, four people died in north carolina due to storm-related incidents. the north carolina state highway patrol responded to more than 1,000 calls related to the storm there. there have been no storm-related deaths in our area. romaine lettuce could be the source of an e. coli outbreak stretching across canada. more than a dozen states. at least two people died from this latest outbreak. health officials in canada say they believe the source is romaine lettuce. officials in the u.s. say the last reported
6:36 am
in mid-december. it's unlikely that any contaminated lettuce would still be on store shelves. a celebrity chef is parting ways with mgm national harbor. chef marcus samuelson's restaurant closed. the decision to go their separate ways was mutual. they respect mgm's new creative direction. samuelson is one of three chefs at the casino resort in 2016. a new restaurant called conservatory cafe is already going up in its place. the red carpet is ready. it's a kickoff of awards season for hollywood. a preview of the golden globes. host seth myers reveals what he has up his sleeve. megan mcgrath live monitoring a new water main break overnight. megan? an icy mess caused by a water main break is causing problems for people who use major roads like the rock creek parkway. the whitehurst
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the popular quiz show jeopardy is on a short hiatus while alex trebek recovers from brain surgery. he appears to be in good health. he had the surgery in december to remove blood clots from his brain. the clots formed after trebek suffered a bad fall in october. trebek is 77 years old. he's been hosting jeopardy for 33 years. can you imagine? he says he hopes to resume recording later this month. he's an icon in television. >> all those years. still a fun show. one of the highest rated shows here. >> they can't find a replacement for alex trebek. so the show has to go off the air for a little while. the golden globes will be handed out on sunday. host seth m
6:41 am
rolling out of the red carpet in beverly hills. he plans to mock hollywood while being respectful of the headlines about alleged sexual misconduct. myers wants to remind people that 2017 was still a great year for tv and movies. fire and fury. a new book hits the trump administration where it hurts. a look at what had local bookstores busy overnight. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. some of the coldest weather we've had in a long time. i'm forecasting 19 forev a high today. that would be the coldest high temperature since january of 2014. five years since it's been this cold, melissa. >> breaking news in first 4 traffic. that cold causing a big problem near the kennedy center. we have major slowdowns there because of ice on the roadway. we'll take a look at that and another big delay
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we continue to track the breaking news about a fire that is quickly moving through some buildings in newark, new jersey. >> we first brought you the news a few minutes ago. tracie strahan is live to give us more on this story. tracie, what's going on? >> reporter: eun and aaron, i can tell you it's an apocalyptic situation here on newark. we not only have one
6:45 am
fire but five buildings on fire. they weren't right next to each other. the flames are something that hops across the street. we have video of it from the intense flames that can be seen really from miles away around here. this is something that started at 3:30 this morning here on ninth avenue in newark. they say it started in an abandoned building. it spread to two buildings next to it. the single digit temperatures. hopped across the street. no major injuries reported. but as you can imagine, newark's fire department has their work cut out for them. they're trying to get the flames under control. it's turned to ice. at least a couple of firefighters had slip and falls that were minor injuries. thank goodness. we're being told from the deputy chief, we need to get out of this area. as we bring you live from the area, there's a pole on fire here. we're in jeopardy of it falling down right now. this situation
6:46 am
under control. if you can believe it, this is not the only fire that newark's fire department is dealing with right now. well, there's another fire just blocks away and that's why they're asking for help from other departments around the area. aaron and eun, back to you. >> tracie, you get going. thank you. >> now to a look at the headlines on the massive winter storm. up the east coast and dumped as much as 18 inches of snow from the carolinas to maine. unleashed record flooding as well. >> flights are slowly resuming at jfk in new york after they were strand add cross the country. >> national guard was called in to help with rescue in massachusetts. coastal towns were hit with historic high tides. >> "news4 today" team is working for you from the changing forecast and the timing of the winter weather. the water main breaks and road closures across the regi.
6:47 am
us live from northwest washington with a big problem near virginia avenue. what do you see now, megan? >> reporter: we've got another truck that's here on the scene taking another swipe here laying down salt on this icy mess that has happened. here at the intersection, this is a really bad spot for this to have happened. this is an area where a lot of major roads have their access points. so the whole intersection is closed down because of the ice. that means people coming off the whitehurst freeway cannot access the rock creek parkway. people who use that ramp to 66 west, that's closed. people going northbound on the rock creek, well, they can't go past virginia avenue. they're getting detoured off all because of the ice that has collected in the area. while they're salting and treating, we've not seen any melting going on since we've been here in morning. it is wickedly cold out here. so everng
6:48 am
the pipe instantly froze. we have a couple of inches of accumulated ice in some spots. it's going to take a while for this to melt. the bottom line here, for people who use these major roads, you're going to have to figure out another way to go this morning. because this whole area is blocked off. we're expecting the volume to build here. we're expecting big -- back to you guys. >> megan, thank you. no doubt about it. >> we're working for you and everyone that has to be out there in the cold for the next few days. news 4's molette green has been out in dupont circle this morning. looks like a lot of people are staying indoors, molette. >> people are really thinking smart about this weather. it's dangerously cold. the temperatures have gone down 1 degree. it's 10 degrees, of course. it feels colder than that. i did my own unscientific
6:49 am
i have on three layers, my photographer has on three layers and many of the folks that i've talked to say three layers. >> reporter: more are a must. >> i'm dressed very properly. >> how many layers? >> three. >> three layers. >> three layers work for you? >> yes, it does. the only thing cold is my eyes. >> reporter: yeah. i feel you. my eyes and the tip of my nose very cold at this point. exposed skin, of course, at real risk when you're out in in kind of weather for an extended period of time. even for a little bit of time. here's what you need to look out for. here are the warning signs, symptoms that you might be in trouble here.
6:50 am
skin, see blisters developing, if the color of your skin changes and if you smell your skin. you need to seek treatment, get treatment immediately. sometimes you may have to see a doctor in some cases if you have an open wound, you need to keep it clean, keep it dry. and of course, if your hands are cold. one of the best ways to warm them up is to run them under room temperature water. those are tips to help you get through this brutal -- >> sometimes the audio freezes. at 6:50, a blizzard may have caused a carbon monoxide leak at an apartment building killing one person and making several others very sick. a 13-year-old girl died from the fumes at this building last night. three of her family members are still in critical condition this morning. officials also say 41
6:51 am
27 of them were police officers. officials are looking to see whether carbon monoxide detectors in the building worked. take a look at these incredible images from massachusetts. damaging storm surge. high winds and blizzard conditions combine to make the perfect storm. 15 to 20-foot waves slammed chunks of ice and debris against homes along the coast. >> now for those of you attempting to travel in this weather, take a look at this map from flight anywhere you see red, those are flights that are either delayed or canceled. thousands of people now stuck in airports waiting out the storm. take a look here at the scene at reagan national airport on this cold morning. it's been busy there for the last hour or so. travelers are doing what they can amid the cancellations and delays there. amtrak is operating on a modified schedule between the district and boston. there will be fewer
6:52 am
express and northeast regional trains. trains are canceled. so with the auto trains from lore done, virginia, south to florida. amtrak urges you to call ahead to check the status of your trains if you're going anywhere today. for the snowstorm coverage, head to the nbc washington app. everything you need to know to get you ready for today, the weekend. it is 6:52 right now. it's been a tricky morning in several places because of the cold weather. water main breaks. it's been rough. >> melissa mollet has you covered in traffic. >> breaking news in northwest washington. take a live look at megan mcgrath's camera here this morning. ice-covered roadway. let go to my map, show you what's going on near the kennedy center. the repairs northbound rock creek parkway, westbound virginia avenue, southbound 27th street. lanes blocked through that area because of this water main break. drivers cannot use the ramp to westbound 66 or get from whitehurst freeway to rock creek
6:53 am
northwest this morning. chopper 4 over this problem. southbound gw parkway at 123. earlier crash there causing big delays as you head inbound. in northwest, inbound canal road at arizona avenue. icy conditions reported there. kind of the story all over the area. inbound memorial bridge, left lane blocked. do have this hanging around. 6:19 west with the lanes blocked this morning. now, nice light volume when you look at the beltway and other main routes into and out of town. you can prove it by looking at the travel times. school delays and cancellations no doubt helping the traffic this morning. 95 northbound also looking quite good this morning. very happy with that. >> remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. chuck? >> thanks, melissa. we'll be very cold for today,
6:54 am
will be today and tomorrow. record low temperatures over the weekend are within reach. probably not going to get all the way down to records on saturday morning. sunday morning might be a different story with less wind. temperatures might fall better saturday night into sunday. the record low tomorrow morning. 5 on sunday. that one could be within reach. dulles 4, tomorrow morning that's in reach. sunday morning's record, 1 above. that one also could be tied or broken. bwi marshall, the records are - 5-and 3 for saturday morning. we'll keep you posted on that. as it stands now, frigid. 13 now in washington with a windchill of minus 3. the winds are gusting over 20 miles per hour in many spots. so the windchills will stay at dangerously low levels throughout the day. we're averaging about minus 5 to minus 10 for windchills to start your day out. don't do any more than put
6:55 am
stay inside as much as you can. the storm that did all this damage is now moving up through the canadian maritime. good riddance to that one. the planner for today, temperatures below 20 degrees. we stay below 20, that will be the coldest day in five years. tomorrow morning, numbers down in the single numbers yet again. then as we get into sunday, a little improvement sunday afternoon. we should be able to get back into the mid and upper 20s. we may not get all the cold air out before the moisture comes back. we may have a wintry mix to concern ourselves with. we'll be keeping a close eye on that for you. thank you. it is 6:55 right now. here are four things to know. you take a look at the scene at reagan national airport. rather, look at the board. you can see lots of canceled flights on this particular board here. travelers on the move after having to camp out in the airport due to the snow hitting the northeast. the latest flight updates. go to the nbc
6:56 am
>> more people died in north carolina due to storm-related incident. there are no weather-related deaths in our area. fire and fury, the new book detailing the trump administration's first year caused a firestorm within the administration. the president entered a public feud with former adviser steve bannon, a source for that book. the author will appear on the "today" show. the drawing for the $445 million mega millions jackpot is tonight. it's the first time the powerball and the mega millions jackpot have been over 400 million at the same time. the powerball jackpot is up to $550 million and could grow again before the numbers are picked tomorrow night. the winning numbers will be posted on our app tonight. good luck. big problem here. good luck with this as well. near the kennedy center in northwest. rock creek parkway, 27th street, virginia ae,
6:57 am
because of the repairs happening. icy conditions. the closures just not so great. chuck? >> this does not look like a nice day at all. >> temperatures only mid to upper teens for highs. today and tomorrow, some of our coldest weather in more than five years. thank you, chuck. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather and traffic and local news. until then, enjoy your day and weekend. >> good luck folks. make it a great friday everybody. ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea.
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now through january 10th. ikea. good morning. ice age. 139 million americans facing dangerously cold temps this morning. windchills well below zero across much of the the deep freeze adding to the misery. caused by that massive winter sto storm. heavy snow bringing traffic to a stand still. entire towns iced over. breaking overnight.


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