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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 6, 2018 11:30pm-11:59pm EST

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and fourth down coming up. trufont taking down their third down options. this is now a secondary gaining confidence at just the right time. that has been some job they have done on the outside tonight. >> cris: emanuel has done a fantastic job turning this team around. they weren't very good against the run. they improve. secondary spent a lot of extra time. and not all of the memories of that super bowl.
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football team in this moment to come in here on the road and get a win. >> al: arthur blank. so he's going to watch his team go to philadelphia. we'll have that game for you next saturday afternoon here on nbc. one more kneel down will end it. and last year, they had a clear path to the playoffs. a bye and two home games. second of which will be 3:30 eastern time. our coverage will begin from philadelphia nbc. the rams dream season comes to an end. but this is too good of a team. quarterback tonight was not thr
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year. so excited about coming here and same old thing for him. matthews before they head back to the locker room. atlanta falcons over the los angeles rams. coming up next, the quicken post game report.
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>> final score here, falcons 26, rams 13. hello, everyone. liam mchugh back here in l.a. the falcons, the defending nfc champions but they entered this postseason as the sixth seed. and today they take their first step in their quest to become the third team to do so. and a big reason, three men getting game balls here tonight. robert alford get once. so does jones. and matt ryan, 218 yards passing and a touchdown. michele tafoya. >> michele: matt, you told us this season wasn't easy, wasn't perfect. how does the season prepare you. >> we had to grind it out, de
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against a great defense tonight. we ran the football. our guys played up front so hard. and in the second half, we started to get it going a little bit. i'm proud of pit . it was a fourth quarter game and i'm proud of this win. >> cris: now you go to philly, a place you're very familiar with. you probably have lots of people there supporting you. what does it mean to go in there and pursue this playoff run? >> doesn't matter where you're going, we're going. i'm happy for my team. we're putting together a lot of hard work through the offseason. and to keep it going is our main goal. we're excited to head up to philly next week. . >> michele: congratulations. let's go do deion jones. >> we knew it was going to take all four quarters. all my guys were ready to fight till the end.
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it was great. 6. >> michele: how much confidence does a performance like tonight give you guys? >> it gives us a lot of confidence. we still have a couple and we still have to go back and get ready for next week. >> michele: congratulations on the win. they are as confident as can be. . >> two road teams advance. you heard from matt ryan, he doesn't care where they're going, they will face the philadelphia eagles next saturday. that one on nbc. and that means that the winner of tomorrow's saint-panthers game will take on the vikings in minnesota next sunday. move over to the afc. crazy game in kansas city. the chiefs led 21-3. but the titans scored 19 unanswered points to come from behind and win it 22-21. kansas city has now lost six straight home playoff
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tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern. the titans will travel to foxboro. should the bills win, it would be buffalo versus new england. and tennessee versus pittsburgh in the divisional round. the story here tonight, well, falcons, they hold the nfl's top offense to just 13 points. they pick up a huge road victory today. thanks to julio jones right there. the final, 26-13. but there's still more room. we gotta go. juicer!... we don't have a juicer! the all-new volkswagen tiguan. it fits the everything you need, and everything you don't. live people help.
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... while also producing more power. this could be big. energy lives here. so we go on to philadelphia next week. one thing we can say about atlanta, if there was a super bowl hangover, they're over it right now. they have the gingera le, whatever they needed. now they can see a path ahead.
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they go to philadelphia, no carson wentz. nick foles. what are your first thoughts about this game? >> it's going to be interesting. this defense, obviously what they did with their secondary and their speed and their pass rush, they are going to giver nick some issues. that offense hasn't been the same as what it was with carson wentz. they had a chance to practice and get it on track and get it exactly how they want. and don't forget, jim schwartz's defense is pretty good on the other side. it woultd not be surprising to see this turn into a bit of a defensive battle in philadelphia. >> kind of crazy the way things work out. philadelphia, you know, early december, they looked like they might be the best team in the league. atlanta was struggling to get into the playoffs. now you goe in with philadelphia, the quarterback having issues down the stretch here. >> matt ryan is looking pretty good. follow the quarterbacks. pretty good motto in the
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national football league. >> and julio going in the red zone. that helps as well. that is the story. we'll talk to you next week from the city of brotherly love. atlanta 26 and the rams 13. coming up next except on the west coast, it's your local news. for now, al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, our entire gang saying good night from the coliseum in los angeles. see you next saturday.
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right now we are dealing with single digit temperatures, the coldest air of the season so far sparking a storm team 4 weather alert. >> it is saturday night, date night in georgetown, it sure does not look like. it is bitter cold driving a lot of people in doors. we talked to a few brave ones that turned out tonight. why howard university is delaying classes until the mid x l of the month. >> news 4 begins now with storm team 4. >> we have live team coverage on the frigid temperatures including a wind child advisory and nearly'j:÷
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breaks throughout our area. lets get started. good evening, breaking right now, weather complications for howard university to postpone classes until january 16. somara is joining us with more on the viciously cold weather. >> you know what to think, erika, this morning, our low is around 11 degrees. over night hours and tomorrow morning, we could be colder, folks. lets see what it feels like stepping outside right now. for those braving the cold tonight, this is bone chilling. we are seeing feel-like temperatures in the district below zero. current temperatures 14 degrees. winds are out of the 9northwest. that's what's making it feel just so frigid. temperatures over night are going down into the single digits. lets go ahead and get a look
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advisory. it does not expire until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. believe it or not. winds are going to be calm. it is so cold out there, the slide will make windchills below. >> we do see some relief as winds continue to calm. we got a lot to talk about and we got a rain wintry mix coming up tuesday and wednesday and it is getting warmer by the middle of the week. lets go back to breaking news on howard. we are talking about ruptured pipes and-e heating issues. news 4 darci spencer is live on campus. >> reporter: they are dealing with a lot of problems here at howard university at northwest washington. these problems are created by the extreme cold that we h
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last several days. i will show you some video. now, howard is postponing undergraduate, graduate and social work classes for more than a week. power outages and heating problems. the yupuniversity is working ard the clock to get the problems resol resolved. spring classes were set to start on monday. they are being pushed back to january 16th. that's a tuesday for graduate, undergraduate and social work students. jer residents hall are opened. students whose classes delay return to campus. we have much more information on our website, nbc and the nbc washington app. erika, back to you. >> darci spencer, thank you. a busy week for crews working on nearly 100 water main breaks in our e
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>> 14 water breaks in montgomery county. eorge county reported of 52 water main breaks. fairfax county is working on two dozen water main breaks. we got tips for how to prevent frozen pipes and other helpful information for you. we are talking about your homes and pets and pets, all of that you will be able to find our washington app just by searching winter weather tips. family members are worried of these two cousins, nobody have seen or heard from them since yesterday. on the left of your screen is the 11-year-old and her cousin 17-year-old. they disappeared from madison street, northwest dc. police say they maybe together, if you see them please contact police. friends and family will resume their search for a
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missing maryland man who has dementia. about 200 people looking for daniel haven. he was last seen at a costco store. if you are using your fireplace tonight, here is another reminderjj on what can happen if you don't follow proper safety features. this inferno was caused by somebody using an in flammable liquid to restart the fire. chopper 4 caught the scene. the fire spreading to adjacent homes, 20 people are now looking for some place else to stay. >> i smell smoke and i heard some screaming outside and i went upstairs and everybody was kind of freaking out. so i really only had a couple of seconds to grab my things and run outside. >> the red cross is helping some of the displaced folks,
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the scene cleaning up the icy shell of the home. they talked to people in the neighborhood about fire safety as well. a former dc charter schoolteacher is under arrest charged of sexually abusing a child. robert leach was arrested. he fled the country. he was extradited here to face charges. the abused happened between e.1 and 2013 while leach worked at the school. the victims told police about it in 2014. police have not released the name of the charter school. president trump on twitter b defending his fitness for office by saying his two greatest asset are mental stability and being quote, "like really smart." he went to calling himself a stable genius. i it comes after a tell all
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by mr. wolff. >> i don't know this man, i guess sloppy steve brought him to the white house. that's why he's looking for a job. >> the author of "fire and fury" will join chuck todd tomorrow. a scary situation for passengers aboarding a flight, a plane co
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grab those powerball tickets tonight. the numbers have been drawn. 12, 29, 30, 33, 61 and powerball 26. once again winning numbers. the powerball of 26. last night,cp7 the passengers and crews evacuated safely using the emergency slides. new tonight
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they're going to start 2018 in the jail cell. officers arrested the 18-year-old tyrese and tyquese >> just a few days, his brother helped in a robbery. all right, our team coverage on the bitter cold continues orgetown water ge
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all right, our team coverage continues. we found some party souls who are not letting dc spoils their saturday night plans. darci went to town to check out the frigid evening. >> talong the water
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fou t fountain is blowing. extreme cold driven many in doors. some ventured out to bars and restaurants. vanessa one of the brave ones, went to dinner with her sorority sisters. >> reporter: what is it like being out in the cold. >> it is okay, it is only cold imlayer i am layered up now. it is not too bad. >> reporter: they're bundled up and the exercise helps them keep them warm. >> you knew what you were getting into, right? >> i didn't expect to be this cold. >> reporter: you think you are going cut the night short? >> yeah, starting to try to warm up my fingers, they're a little numb right now. >> this art display is part of georgetown glow, a cure rated


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