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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  January 9, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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i'm chris lawrence. we'll get to the school closings and delays in a second. but it's the stuff you can't see that's the big danger this morning, right, sheena. >> of course. if it looks wept, it probably is ice. here's a look at the temperature map. we have areas below freezing in parts of northern virginia, northern maryland. clinton at 32. 25 frederick. 29 dulles. in the district, a couple degrees above freezing. even though we're dry, it's all the precip that moved through giving us areas of patchy ice this morning. approach with caution. visibility is low too. gaithersburg, manassas, visibility less than a half mile. dense patchy fog this morning. especially in those areas that may still be seeing some snow-covered ground out there. warrenton is down to 0. we have ice this morning and fog.
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temperatures. i think you're rile going to like it. nice break from the cold, chris. >> i'll take it, sheen a thank you. a lot of school districts are giving students extra time to get to class this morning all because of the weather. in maryland, montgomery county schools are on a two-hour delay. in virginia, classes will start two hours later. in fairfax, spotsylvania, stafford, rappahannock and fredericksburg. schools in prince william and loudoun county and city of manassas also on that two-hour delay. whether walking on the side streets or driving to work this morning, you want to take your time. you can see people had trouble walking last night in arlington. water on some of the untreated roads and walkways may have refroze after temperatures dipped below freezing. black ice may be to blame for a crash that left an apartment complex badly damaged in bethesda. three families are out ofh
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shomari stone has more from that scene. >> reporter: people who live in this neighborhood tell me the woman was driving on this cold pavement. hit some ice. you can see the tracks here and plowed into this building. take a look at all of this damage here. this is a piece of her car. right over here, you have a part of the engine. there are bricks and blinds and all types of debris all over this place. now, let's show you video that shows the actual suv smashed into the apartment. a montgomery county fire spokesperson says a woman was in the unit at the time this evening. fortunately, she's okay. investigators released photos showing the damage from inside the unit. the kitchen and living room. this is on the 7,000 block of clarendon road in bethesda. the driver was trapped inside the suv. firefighters rescued here. they got her to the hospital. she has serious but not
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they evacuated people from the building. there are three units in which seven people live in and they cannot live in in building because you see these, it extends to the top of the building. these folks cannot live here. the red cross is providing temporary food and housing vouchers. we'll bring you updates as it's available on our nbc washington app. shomari stone, news 4. we have news from the korean peninsula. north korea will send a dell grags to the winter games next month. this comes after formal talks between the two countries. signals a potential thaw in the relationship. the talks were only centered on the olympic games, not kim jong un's nuclear progr
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first step. he even suggested he may be willing to sit down with kim jong un if north korea abandons its missile program. police are hoping you can help them find a missing woman. sylvia griffiths is 5'1", 73 years old. the last time she was seen she was wearing a blue sweater and jeans. if you've seen her, call the prince george's county police. we're asking to keep an eye out for daniel dehaven. today marks one week since he was seen at the costco in beltsville. he has dementia, he doesn't speak. he's about 5'9" with salt and pepper hair. dozens of people joined to search for him over the past few days. they've expanded the search to anne arundel county. police think he was given a right to an area around gambrell. college
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if this feels like deja vu, there's good reason. the alabama crimson tide won it all again. if you went to bed before the final whistle, maybe you thought georgia went home with it. but the crimson tide replasd their starting qb wb with a true freshman, rallied and overtime where they won 26-23. this was alabama's 11th national championship. may be more impressively. their fifth in the last nine years. sheena, we've got a lot of alabama and georgia fans here in our newsroom. a lot of folks on opposite sides of this one. >> i'm florida state over here, so i don't care about either team. but i will say, anywhere down south, once you get to the final game for the title, it's going to be a good game. o
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anyways, hopefully we can soak up some of their milder weather. i think we will. but not this morning. we're starting out with temperatures below freezing and ice issues from last night's precip. look at these numbers. if you're in gaithersburg, frederick, leesburg, front royal, dulles, anywhere below freezing, you have a chance to see ice this morning. be very careful out there. we'll talk more about the warmup coming up straight ahead. the first credit card bills are starting to come in. we're working for you to dig your way out of debt. how to get out from under all those bills. it is back. we've got a sneak peek at the return of the
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i'm an imaginary friend of a kid just like you.ada! you probably have lots of questions. but look, we'll get through this together. tyson any'tizers and crispy strips. [ sound of sports game ] you help fuel greatness. you'll just have to make the ultimate game day sacrifice... and be eaten.
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that he was irresponsible, that he made terrible decisions. but i came within -- >> that part. >> fresh off the golden globes win, sterling k. brown and the rest of the pearson family return to television tonight on the show dealing with the aftermath of kevin getting a dui and going into rehab. kevin and his wife still pretty upset that he drove drunk with their daughter in the car. in flashbacks, jack is going to surprise his family with
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9:00 on nbc4. i know you'll like this next story. >> you know i will. i love it. >> the competitors in this year's puppy bowl are hoping you will swipe right on their new tinder profile. yes, tinder. >> that's weird. but i still like any story about animals. >> this one is the dating app. the hollywood reporter says the aspca is partnering with animal planet for a show that airs super bowl sunday. each puppy gets a profile card in the app. you swipe right to donate money to shelter pets across the country. >> that's awesome. i love it. >> d.c.'s own cupcake getting involved creating custom cup indication that you can buy in any of their stores. i was thinking, are we actually supposed to like judge the puppies? >> i didn't really know what the
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i thought we were matchmaking the puppies. i'm glad to see that there's money going for homeless animals for that. look at the puppy bowl. how can you not watch it? it's the most exciting thing on tv. >> i tell you. people are not the only ones who struggled to stay warm in recent days. but alligators stay warm in an entirely different way. >> were they petting the alligator. >> in an ocean in north carolina, the gators poke their heads through part of the frozen waters. workers hearsay the gators stick up their snouts through the ice to breathe. then they go back and hibernate. they're able to lower their body temperatures and metabolism to survive during these cold winter months. >> i would expect them to lay in the sun to get warmth. look at this guy. >> how low t
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>> i'm surprised the alligators are still alive in this cold. >> i wish i could lower my body temperature and hibernate. you can wake me up with april, sheena. >> i'm more concerned that he stuck his fingers in will alligator's -- >> more this morning. first it was the snow and then the freezing cold. >> i'm so glad that's done with. >> and now the stuff you can't see. >> kind of. anything that looks shiny out there could be ice. we have icy spots around from last night's precip. a lot of areas below freezing. as you wake up and head outside for your commute, keep in mind, we'll be below freezing through the area. by 7:00 a.m., patchy fog, too. but wait until you see what happens this afternoon. i like it. new video. looking at harrowing video of
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were ambushed in colorado. an ambush in which one of them
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if you're just turning on your tv this morning, you're not imagining things. storm team weather alert mode. wintry mix and the refreeze that follows. depending where you live, give yourself extra ti
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and roads. we check back in with sheena. first, we're getting a first look at stunning body camera footage. this was just released from that new year's eve ambush. the one in which a deputy was killed. several other deputies wounded. we have to warn you, some of these images can be somewhat graphic. >> where you hit? where you hit? >> that footage has been edited. the deputies face gunfire as they face a domestic disturbance. officers were inside a man's apartment when they starting unloading on him. zack parrish died. four others wounded and a man -- in the state of washington, sheriff's officials arrested a man involved in the death of a
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deputy. daniel mccartney was shot and killed on sunday. he was responding to a home invasion at the time. another suspect was found dead at the scene. another suspect will be charged with first degree murder. today, president trump will host a bipartisan meeting on immigration at the white house. yesterday the administration terminated the temporary protective status for about 200,000 salvadorians who came here to escape the humanitarian crisis in their own country. that and previous decisions by the administration caused demonstrators to protest around the district. up for discussion today, the act and plans for a border wall. tracie potts will join us later in the hour with more insight on how this meeting could play out. if you shop until you drop, now it's time to face the consequences. if your mailbox is brimming with credit card bills, we've got your back.
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working with you to help you start digging out of debt. >> okay chblgt first of all, don't panic. you've got this. you have to be strategic when you're trying to pay off your debt. first things first, from this point going forward, do not use your credit cards anymore. you really can do this. if you have good credit, look for a credit card with a 0% balance transfer. that way you can combine your debt, put it all on your card and have one year of no interest. it's super easy to have one bill to focus on. if you can't do a balance transfer, then start paying off the card with the highest interest rate first and double the minimum payment too. they suggest you pay your credit card bills after receiving your paycheck. taking care of your monthly obligations before letting yourself indulge in other expenses is a helpful budgeting strategy that will help you dig out of debt. credit card debt with consume you, don't let it take over your
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remember the feeling you have right now and take control of your finances. simply learn to say no. this improves your credit card by 20 points. i'll show you four steps how to do that tomorrow morning on "news4 today." >> we're back in the storm team 4 weather center. you see all the red because we're in weather alert mode. depending where you are, you could face real problems. i didn't have any problem getting in. but somara was slipping and sliding down the driveway. >> depending where you are, you could be waking up to ice on your windshield. you have to scrape it off your car. any wet spots could be ice. i didn't have problems either. but this is better safe than sorry type of a situation. we're getting reports of ice out there this morning. ice is the most dangerous thing out there when you are driving. way more dangerous than as we see snow falling and also rain. early ice before sunrise, that's the main time a
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through much of the area and we have patchy dense fog out there too. be careful with that. we are nice and dry on the radar. everything is looking really good. except the temperatures will be the concern for the ice stricting around. if the areas are treated where you live, you have a a good chance of not hitting ice. clinton is 30 degrees. quantico, 31. frederick at 23 degrees right now. we did have reports of ice there this morning. for your commute today, by 7:00 a.m., still looking at areas of ice, still patchy fog. temperatures around freezing. we have some visibility that's about less than a half mile through part of the area right now. by noon today, 43 degrees. by 5:00 p.m., we're going to be in the 34id 40s. we're looking at a pretty nice day as far as the temperatures are concerned. we're finally going to start warming back up. we'll see plenty of sunshine and expect the roads to be dry throughout the afternoon. so as far as that commute is
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morning. that's why we have a weather alert out for the early morning ice. tomorrow in the mid-40s with more clouds around. look at thursday. we'll have late rain moving in mainly thursday night. finally, we see the temperatures warm back up. in the mid-50s on thursday. friday, 62 degrees. this is a huge difference from what we saw recently. that arctic air is moving back up north. by saturday, early showers. temperatures in the mid-50s saturday. but then we actually get colder after that. we'll look at the ten-day forecast and the entire weekend and talk about what to expect coming up. if you have kids, you know how hard it can be to tear them away from their phones or tablet. that's when some people are calling on apple to help with. some are calling this a public health crisis. we're also staying on top of several school delays. we'll run through the updated
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b remember, you canut
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h and m is apologizing for a -- picture showed an african-american child in a sweatshirt that said coolest monkey in the jungle. social media exploded over the photo and h and m would move that image if the african-american child. although they kept images of children modeling that same shirt. the company says it sincerely apologizes any i am imagine it may have offended. if you're worried about your children glued to their screens, i have to say put it down, put it down. some of apple's
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urging them to take action to prevent kids from becoming addicted to smartphones. snapchat, youtube, instagram, all this time on smartphones bad for our kids. >> increasing in anxiety, increases in depression, certainly increases in sleep deprivation because they're staying up late at night texting each other. >> now two large shareholders are calling on apple to step up. writing in part, it is both unrealistic and a poor long-term business strategy to ask parents to fight this battle alone. the letter asks apple to help develop better apps for parents that limit time and content on their children's phones. >> 50% of teens say they're addicted to their devicedevices. 8th graders who spend lots of time on social media have a 27% higher risk of depression. a year ago we had a group of teens track their daily phone
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>> i'm over 9 hours. >> we asked kids to give up their phones for a week. >> i'm already really bored. >> kind of sucks. >> then something interesting. >> i guess i should, like, start not going on my phone as much. >> did anyone else feel something similar? >> yes. almost everyone. >> i didn't have my phone so we really talked all the time. that was nice. >> giving up the phone entirely is not realistic. but being smarter about smartphones is something parents and now perhaps apple itself cannot ignore. >> certainly is a rising issue. it is now 4:26. i'm heading to the live desk to bring you the latest on north korea and south korea talking for the first time in years. news 4 continues now. over to aaron and eun. that breaking news overnight,
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talks between north and south korea. what they agreed on and how it could change the upcoming winter games. >> still no sign but no hope for the family of a man missing with did did he men that. roll tide roll. while you were sleeping, alabama managed to come back and win the national championship in college football. news 4 begins now with storm team 4. and that is because once again we are in storm team 4 weather alert mode. you may be able to see why after the freezing temperatures last night, things could be a little slick when you head out this morning. see that guy, these people walking like penguins. that is the strategy recommended. >> walk like penguins. >> walk like a penguin. >> you walk too fast, you may slip. there are patchy spots on the sidewalks and stairways. i had to scrape off the
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>> that's all right. i can handle it. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. we're nine days into the year and most have been filled with a lot of bad weather. >> we're working with you for what you need to know to get your family where you need to go safely. we'll check in with our crews in a moment. >> some are giving students extra time to get to school. starting in maryland, montgomery county schools on a two-hour delay. virginia, fairfax, rappahannock, fredericksburg city, prince william and loudoun county schools on a two-hour delay. manassas city schools opening two hours late today. >>let see when things will warm up today. meteorologist sheena parveen has our first forecast. >> good morning, guys. after sunrise, that's when we'll be a little better. you'll like these afternoon temperatures. this morning, the reason why we have a weather alert is because of patchy isiah cross the area. we have a lot of temperatures below freezing. better t
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mind that that could be ice out there. we are dry on the radar. we don't have anything falling from the sky. we don't expect it today either. gates burglary and frederick, 23 in manassas. 30 clinton and lorton. you see a lot of areas below freezing. what we had falling yesterday afternoon and evening could very well still be frozen out there if the roads in your area are not treated. we also have pretty thick fog. gaithersburg looking at half a mile of fog. warrenton down to zero. clinton, quantico looking at dense fog. speaking of out there, we have somara theodore on the weather patio. >> good morning, sheena. i can attest to that. walking to my car was slippery this morning and driving in fog -- look at the travel impact. a lot of treated roads and main roads, i-95 around the beltway, just looking at wet, slick roads. the side streets and untreated
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roads, that's where we've got a chance for patchy ice. you want to take your time as we're seeing issues with the driving conditions. as we head throughout the day, we'll see lots of improvement. temperatures are going to be rising without the upper 40s. so that's good news. we have a warmup on the way. sheena and i will be checking on that soon. >> actually pretty good. not too many issues in too many spots. side streets, sidewalks, the driveway, all of that slippery this morning. it's been treated. it's actually going to look pretty good here. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no problems right now. you still have this water main break with the repairs eastbound. east-west highway after new hampshire avenue getting by. westbound washington boulevard, the ramp to 110, we had that work zone. they're here this morning taking a look outside the beltway at st. barnabas. just a little bit foggy across the area


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