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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  January 9, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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roads, that's where we've got a chance for patchy ice. you want to take your time as we're seeing issues with the driving conditions. as we head throughout the day, we'll see lots of improvement. temperatures are going to be rising without the upper 40s. so that's good news. we have a warmup on the way. sheena and i will be checking on that soon. >> actually pretty good. not too many issues in too many spots. side streets, sidewalks, the driveway, all of that slippery this morning. it's been treated. it's actually going to look pretty good here. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no problems right now. you still have this water main break with the repairs eastbound. east-west highway after new hampshire avenue getting by. westbound washington boulevard, the ramp to 110, we had that work zone. they're here this morning taking a look outside the beltway at st. barnabas. just a little bit foggy across the area
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the temperatures may be a bit warmer than we've been in weeks. don't be fooled by that. as we've been saying, there are still icy conditions in places. >> look at all that slipping and sliding. be extra careful when you leave your home. justin finch continues our team coverage now. he's driving through northwest washington to show us conditions firsthand. justin, how is it looking out there? >> hey there, eun. perhaps you can see here driving slow on d.c. streets in northwest, we experience problems on the roads already. you will see salt out here and also icy patches out here. you may sometimes feel that -- sliding out here. so you do want to be careful at mentioning the main streets out here are more or less going to be okay. treating your side streets and your neighborho
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at sidewalks. there are icy patches over there. if you're walking or driving today, you want to be extra careful to watch the conditions you're in. you're seeing some light and low-level fog out here. you have some conditions out here that are going to change your driving today. you want to be careful. some schools are delayed this morning. looking at pretty much why with these road conditions slick as they can be this morning. justin finch, live for us on the roads. justin, thank you. this is what we're talking about when we say take your time on the roads. an apartment complex badly damaged in bethesda. get it off the road. >> the damage from inside and outside.
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building were displaced. the driver was trapped in the suv and has to be rescued by firefighters. she is in the hospital because of serious injuries. >> cleanup is under way. flooded the basement of historic clara barton home . the home is being renovated right now. most of the valuable items had been cleared out. served as the headquarters for the american red cross in the 1800s. >> the latest forecast in your area on the nbc washington app. we have the latest school closings and delays running at the bottom of your screen in the app. 4:33 now. breaking news out of north korea. >> chris lawrence is at the live desk with the latest. >> south korea says north korea will send a delegation to the winter olympics. this after the first talks wean the countries
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signaling a potential thaw in that relationship. seniors from both nations met in a border village. the talk only centered around the winter games, not kim jong un's nuclear program. he calls it a good first step. the president said he's willing to sit down with kim jong un, only if north korea abandons the missile program. >> chris, thank you. it's 4:34. a man accused of killing two teens the night before their graduation will go on trial. jose canales-yanez's case will be heard by a judge. he waived his right to a jury yesterday. he's one of four men accused in the murders of the two teens. they were found shot to death in a car back in june hours before their graduation from northwest high school. police believe they were killed in revenge for the robbery of canales-yan canales-yanez's girlfriend --
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sylvia griffis was last seen yesterday. she's about 5'1", 71 years old. she was wearing a blue sweater and jeans last time she was seen. police want you to keep an eye out for daniel dehaven. it's been a week since he was last seen at the costco. he doesn't speak. he's about 5'9" with salt and pepper hair. dozens of people have been searching for him. they've expanded the search into anne arundel county. he may have been given a ride to the gambrell area. he responds to the name danny if you see him. senate democrats will host a news conference to discuss reinstating net neutrality. you'll remember late last year the fcc repealed those rules. net neutrality prevented internet service providers from favoring certain websites and companies over others and charging connection fees based onos
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back in place. they say the rules micro manage the internet. the conference is scheduled for 10:30 at the capitol. the president is back in washington after visiting tennessee and georgia. his legal team is considering the possibilities of president trump sitting down to be interviewed as part of the ongoing russia investigation. right now it's unclear whether that interview, if it happens, would be conducted by robert mueller himself. coming up, tracie potts will join us live from capitol hill with the latest on this. new this morning, national champions again. the university of alabama celebrating a huge win. if you went to bed before the final whistle, you probably thought georgia was going to win. but crimson tide rallied in the second half, tied up the game. forced overtime and then won 26-23. huge. this is alabama's 11th
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championship. their fifth in the last nine years. >> that separates champions. winning under pressure in clutch situation like that. alabama wins every year. i feel bad for georgia. >> you give the audience a good game when you play like that. >> it's 4:37. we want to let you know right now, we have more school delays to tell you about. arlington county schools and manassas park schools on a two-hour delay. let's get another check on your weather and traffic now. could be a bit of a slick drive into work. we'll check in with melissa. >> first, sheena and somara, there's concern because of the black ice out there. >> there is a concern. that's why we have a weather alert day. >> i was slipping and sliding on the way to my car and fog. >> if you see anything wet out there, it could very well be ice. we have a lot of temperatures below freezing. we'll look at that in a second. the radar is dry. that's good this morning. the patchy ice is
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issue. especially in parts of northern maryland and northern virginia where we have temperatures below freezing. the fog is also a big issue this morning. gaithersburg, less than a half mile. clinton, manassas, less than a half mile. warrenton down to zero. as you wake up and walk outside, temperatures around freezing by 7:00 a.m. we'll warm up this afternoon and let's take a look at the current temperatures. somara, how cold is it out there? >> warm in comparison to the past couple of days. but still a lot of us below freezing. we are seeing feels-like temperatures around 28 degrees. the current temperature is 34. the windchill not that bad. 37 towards winchester. here are the numbers. 25 in gaithersburg. 23 in manassas. you see a lot of us still below freezing. that's why the ice could be a bit of an issue. take a look at the temperature trend. nothing but hope, folks. temperatures on thursday, around 55 degrees. by friday, flirting with the 60s. normally, around 43 degrees.
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pace. let's get a check of the traffic now. taking a look at the roads, a couple of things are happening. southbound gw parkway, the ramp to reagan national airport, we have a closure here. somara doesn't know which way to go here. the water main breaks and the other ramp is open. you can get through that way this morning. inner loop and outer looch the beltway, no problems. you can see as somara was saying, the fog will keep us from not seeing in the area. the fog is hanging around right now. inbound 5, icy conditions there. a couple of different spinouts being reported here this morning. aaron? >> melissa, new dee details in the death of a local teenager found after a night of drinking. what officers say he had on him and why nobody is expected to face any charges right now. it happens to the best of us. do it online, it could come up with big con
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squatting. criminals search web addresses similar to ones where we online shop. then they wait for you to trick you into making purchases on their knock-off websites. >> they look for major brand name, a website address you normally visit and add a letter, remove a letter, maybe choose two that are similar on the keyboard. nbc news -- with the e after the t. southwest spelled with an r rather than a second t. one can say you accidentally -- you made one purchase and at one time nearly $400 charged to his accountant. warmup is on the way. thank goodness, what you -- >> weather alert. we've got patchy ice. we want you to take yourtime.
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life looks good. welcome back. we're on weather alert. issues on the roads, patchy ice and dense fog. take your time as you head throughout the day. we'll see a lot of improvement. mostly sunny by this afternoon and folks coming up, we're talking a major warmup. sheena will have that in the full forecast. >> somara, thank you. 14 before the hour. we've learned new details about the death of a teen found after a house party in bethesda. the owners of the home where he was allegedly drinking will not face charges. investigators say the 17-year-old had a bottle of vodka and two fake i.d.s when his body was found in a ravine near river road. police say that vodka was purchased outside montgomery county. he was a senior at walt whitman high school.
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he a died from acute alcohol i drowning and hypothermia. a guilty plea in an ms-13 gang member. she admitted killing 15-year-old alexandra reyes in gaithersburg last january. the gang took cell phone video of the murder to promote themselves to gang leaders in el salvador. that video has been used against them at trial. so far seven of ten have admitted, four found guilty. the commonwealth's attorney will be seeking a long prison term when she's sentenced in may. some local families are struggling with the trump administration's announcement that ends the temporary protection status given to some 200,000 salvadorians. >> those families came to america to escape crises in their country.
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but many face deportation. a small group of stood in front of the white house to prevent the president's decision. people from el salvador had been allowed into the u.s. after a massive earthquake devastated their country. thousands were left without a home. they were given the legal right to work and live here. >> i worked hard for a long time. >> that's juan cortez. he moved to montgomery county buying a truck and starting a business. he's among thousands who are unsure about the future in the u.s. today the president will host the white house meeting on immigration. >> news 4 tracie potts live from capitol hill with details. who would be there and what will the conversation look like? >> let's talk about who is going to be there because the white house describes this as a bipartisan meeting. some democrats and some
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republicans, negotiations here on the hill over whether or no young immigrants has broken down with poureder security. republicans want to see more of it. the president wants an $18 billion wall. now he's bringing in both sides to see if they can come to an agreement. tiling is critical here. two weeks from today -- they insist to get the votes on the budget, the president needs to do something about extending protection for the young immigrants. tracie, i want to ask you about the possibility that president trump might be interviewed as part of the russia investigation, maybe even by robert mueller himself. is that a done deal? >> no, not at all. they're in preliminary talks according to our sources. what we're hearing is that they're trying to break down basic things like who the president will talk to. when and where and how he would testify. would he answer questions in writing or would he come face to
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face with robert mueller or sone tracie, thank you. delegate-elect danica rome is moving forward with a plan to fix traffic troubles. she's filed a request for a joint resolution in the house of delegates. the resolution calls for the state to study ways to unclog that highway. she thinks the best solution is to get rid of the traffic lights in favor of other options, such as roundabout. opponents are stepping forward to kill a super high-speed rail line between d.c. and -- they don't think it's economically viable and are concerned about the environmental impact. they say public funds should be used to improve the existing rail system. there are supporters backing the project. they say traffic troubles along the suggested i-95 corridor. you've heard about thieves going after your personal items
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inside your car. >> what's on the outside of your car. last week they took car doors from the vehicles inside this condo garage. the garage is supposed to be secure. that's what people thought. police say it took the crooks four hours to dismantle car doors and some airbags. >> it's very disturbing. i've lived here since the building became a condo. so it's very, very upsetting to me. >> in one case, the car had golf clubs in the trunk. the thieves didn't take them though. they left one clue behind. an oakland as hat. >> breaking news out of california where the victims of those wildfires are on alert again. >> chris lawrence has the latest from the live desk. chris? >> boy oh, boy, i've lived through more than a few of these in california. the same folks that had to flee from the wildfires now have to
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handle bring another type of danger, mudslides. more than an inch of rain in northern california. flash flood warnings were issued. some of the property owners in the northern wine country put up sandbags to stop the flow of water and mud. it's already fairly weak from the fire. it's more susceptible to the mudslides during a rainstorm. they're looking for the worst of the rain overnight and into the morning. 20,000 people in santa barbara a and ventura counties have been ordered to evacuate. sfwliefrmt chri chris, thank you. orkin released the top bedbug cities. d.c. is number two on the list. you head up 95, you reach the number one bedbug city. baltimore.
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orkin bases it on where it does the most which sort of says then those are the least -- >> i like that logic. >> get rid of the bedbugs. we want to tell you about a few more school delays. maryland, charles, anne arundel and frederick county schools ton a two-hour delay. there are a bunch of schools opening late today. >> we have possibility of slick surfaces and fog. >> we have the ice out there, dense fog too. we have a weather alert because of patchy ice. we have the wintry mix move through yesterday, yesterday evening, yesterday afternoon. it's all gone now. temperatures are below freezing. so patchy ice before sunrise. the thing to keep in mind this morning, if it looks wet, it could be ice. be cautious out there. we have patchy dense fog out there as well. be careful driving. the radar is nice and dry. we have nothing falling from the sky. we don't expect anything until
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thursday evening with wet weather headed look at the temperatures, 25 gaithersburg, 23 frederick, manassas, 32 in lorton. 28 clinton. needless to say with the temperatures below freezing, any untreated surfaces could have slick spots. if you're out there exercising, patchy ice and fog. look at the afternoon. 47, mostly sunny. finally mild. this is going to be a great break this week. today and tomorrow, we stay dry, clouds increase tomorrow. that leads us into a pretty wet friday. temperatures, look at that. friday, 52. degrees if you can believe that after such cold we had just recently. >> let's check the roads, melissa. >> not too many issues this morning. that's very, very good of course.
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as you mentioned, do have a lot showing you how folks moving just fine. again, those treated roads are fine. untreated roads. i know my driveway was a mess this morning. southbound gw parkway, blocked by a water main break. inner loop and outer loop, no problems. the water main break is a -- thank you, melissa. it's their second amendment right but some people in the marijuana industry say they have to give up their guns. how their use of medical
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well, they speak for themselves. medical marijuana users in maryland may have to give up their right to own a gun. marijuana is illegal at the federal level and federal gun laws ban drug users from owning or buying firearm. baltimore sun reports that maryland state police asked potential gun buyers if they had a medical marijuana card. several other states told card holders they cannot buy gunts and some even tell card holders to turn over weapons that they already own. there is a new approach to slow the opioid crisis.
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>> it's in response to a skyrocketing number of deaths from fentanyl. scott mack far land and the news 4 i-team explain. >> they want to keep manufacturers of fentanyl overseas if it comes to the united states and causes death. that comes mid a surge of cases, a string of seizures of drugs, including fentanyl at dulles international airport. they suspect the chemists make the drugs overseas and then ship the drugs here. officers see some hidden inside food packaging, even lollipops. others were pokd in passenger luggage. the u.s. attorney general tells us they've brought two criminal cases against these international manufacturers. >> this is the first time we've actually indicted by name chinese chemist in china who are alleged to have supplied fentanyl that resulted in injuries or deaths in the united states. coming up tonight at 11:00, we go behind the scenes with
5:00 am suitcase they suspect has contraband inside and we speak po the families of fentanyl victims. the one thing that has to be done in addition to prosecution to help stop fentanyl from getting on to our streets. scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. breaking news overnight. historic high-level talks between north and south korea. what both sides just agreed on and how it could change the upcoming winter olympics. >> plenty of hope from a family of a man with dementia missing more more than a week. >> and roll tide roll. while you were sleeping, alabama managed a big comeback and win. the nationals championship in college football. news 4 begins now with storm


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