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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 11, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> first tonight, chaos and questions after two students were stabbed inside a prince george's county county high school today. >> parents frantically trying to find out if their kids were okay. unhappy with the school's response after the story unfolded. >> bureau chief tracee wilkins. tracee? >> reporter: cell phones can make a big difference for folks who were worried about their kids. >> in situations like this, each kid should be allowed to contact their parents and say, i'm okay, mom, i'm okay, dad. >> reporter: parents stood outside a prince george's county high school this morning wondering if their child was okay. >> i'm so angry because his phone is always on and it's at this moment that his phone is not on. >> reporter: stabbings inside central high school, two freshmen students are the victims, the suspect a junior. the violence unfolded shortly after scho
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student xavier williams says he didn't see this coming. >> i know the person that was in the incidents i'm just like, wow, you know, i'm shocked. >> reporter: outside the school, police and the ceo of the school system worked to calm the fears of nervous parents who couldn't reach their children after the school was placed on lockdown. >> obviously there's no longer a threat because the person was apprehended. communicate with the parents by way of text message, e-mail, something. let us know something. >> the situation is stable. the students have been returned to their classrooms. >> reporter: police say the incident began with a fight between three male students. why and how it escalated to the point of a double stabbing is still under investigation. all of the kids involved are expected to be okay. this student wants better security inside of his school. >> the school doesn't really take a proper precautions of maybe what happens in the school, who has what, what's being brought into the school. so, it's really a school thing they have to get under control. >> reporter: that's one concern. parents say another is communicating with them when things like this happen. >> when schools are closing early or delayed or going
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be -- i receive a text message. i didn't receive anything about this. >> reporter: prince george's county school ceo kevin maxwell says the school system doesn't operate that way like college campuses do. that when there are emergencies like this, they don't send out county-wide text messages to parents. some parents saying today that that's something the school system should consider. reporting live in capitol heights, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> tracee, thank you. some breaking news that came out in the past hour, president trump under fire for a comment he made in the oval office disparaging immigrants from african countries and haiti. the washington post first reported that president trump said, quote, why are we having all these people from expletive whole countries come here? he then suggested the u.s. should bring in people from countries like norway. those comments came as a bipartisan group of lawmakers talked about immigration reform. the white house just issued a response that does not deny the president made those
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certain washington politicians choose to fight for foreign countries, but president trump will always fight for the american people. >> i'm erika gonzalez. following more breaking news as the scope of the devastation from the california mudslides comes into focus tonight. first to the numbers. right now, 17 people are dead. dozens more injured. officials say at least seven people are still missing. more than 400 homes damaged, 64 of them absolutely destroyed. the power of the mudslide can be seen in this cell phone video, images of boulders tossed around like toys, mangled cars washed all the way to the pacific ocean. but amid the destruction, small signs of hope. a baby that was rescued, adults plucked from the rooftops. >> all around the house was like roaring rapids with rocks and cars. i saw my mom's car get lifted up and floatedw
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to go to now and it's really hard. and i just -- i'm so grateful that all of our family got out. >> tonight we know an emergency cell phone alert designed to warn people about the mudslides wasn't sent until after the mud began moving. the emergency manager for santa barbara county told the l.a. times they considered sending the alert earlier but worried if a mudslide didn't happen, people might think that the county was, quote, crying wolf. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. >> oh, my gosh. well, our weather, we have some dramatic changes ahead. the same system that brought mudslides to southern california and snow out in north dakota is coming our way but it is bringing rain. >> but then another big change comes in. doug is tracking it all from storm team4. what's the word, doug? >> yeah, guys, we talked about a shock to the system. we've used that term a couple times this season. we're using it again because it really will b
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day on saturday. let's take a look at those temperatures. first off, these are the high temperatures today. 62 degrees in washington, 69 in richmond, near 70 there. so, we do have some warmer air that is going to continue to make its way across our region. temperatures tonight may actually go up instead of down. we're all watching a frontal boundary back to the west with some rain out ahead of it. here's the rain we're going to get into tonight and then more rain back towards the west. once that moves through, our temperatures take a huge, huge tumble. we're going to talk much more about that and why you need the coats, the gloves, the hats, the scarves, all of it all over again. i'll see you back here in just about ten minutes. >> a family's worst fear is confirmed as police reveal that a d.c. man who disappeared eight months ago was murdered. marty mcmillan, jr.'s family got that devastating news this week and his grandmother talked to news4's mark segraves saying she is furious that police did not do more to find her grandson. >> reporter:
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mcmillan's family reported him missing in april, they told police they suspected foul play. they said d.c. police would only categorize it as a missing person's case. >> today is his birthday. he would have been 23. >> reporter: ms. cook and her family never stopped looking for the construction worker who told him before he disappeared he met a woman on the site dating for fish. a young man's remains were fount off suitland parkway in prince george's county. >> my daughter said she had a bad feeling about it. >> reporter: two months would pass with no word from police, until this week when the family was told that the skeletal remains found in prince george's county back in october were, in fact, mcmillan's. he had been shot multiple times. most likely somewhere in the district. his body then dumped in the woods of maryland. >> so, he laid out there all at
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he could have been found long before now. >> reporter: mcmillan's grandmother believes police could have done more to find her grandson whose body appears to have lay in the woods since last spring. >> every day i hurt, thinking about the cold, thinking about the rain. he was a person. he was not just an animal. we don't do that to animals. he was a person, he wasn't trash. he deserved better than that. >> reporter: police do not say if they have suspects or motive in mcmillan's murder. in the district, mark segraves, news4. >> the irs is rolling out some new rules when it comes to withholding income taxes and telling businesses to make adjustments by mid february. the agency released new tax tables today. it says many people should see increases to their paychecks starting next month. but that could vary on how quickly your employer implements the new tables and how often you get paid. nbc tom costello is
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some people may want to double-check their company's math. that's ahead, next on nightly news. now to the foreign intelligence surveillance act, also known as fisa, the intelligence community considers fisa an essential element of national defense. overnight, the white house released a statement in support of today's renewal vote. so, it caused some turmoil this morning when president trump sent out a tweet that slammed the law. blayne alexander is at the white house to pickup the story from there. kind of confusing, blayne. >> reporter: you know what, that's what a lot of people said today, that this caused a lot of confusion. doreen, you just mentioned among the intelligence community, and lawmakers in both parties agree fisa is a necessity. but the tweet this morning from president trump caused some to ask whether the president fully understood today's vote. >> 256, the nays 164. >> reporter: the house today easily passing a measure to renew fisa. the federal surveillance program
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terrorists and foreign criminals. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: but before that vote, a behind the scenes scramble after the president called fisa controversial, suggesting it was used to spy on his campaign. the confusion forcing a quick clean up. chief of staff kelly dispatched to the hill to save legislation the white house supported. soon, another presidential tweet, this time praising fisa. >> did he not understand what bill you were voting on today? >> he just has concerns about other parts of fisa. >> it wasn't confusing to me. i'm sorry if it was for you. >> reporter: elsewhere on capitol hill, negotiations continuing on daca, the law protecting thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. >> we are very close and hoping that in a matter of hours or days we can make a -- >> reporter: a group of senators pushing the first bipartisan fix. the white house response, skeptical. >> a deal has not
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would need to look like on our end for it to happen. >> reporter: president trump making clear he will not approve any measure without funding for the border wall. blayne alexander, nbc news, washington. >> the number of bills to stop the sexual harassment scandal in congress has now reached 12. congressional leaders introduced another wave of legislation to try to protect the thousands of young men and women who work on the hill. scott macfarlane helps cover capitol hill for us and reports on the fallout. >> wendy, the sex harassment scandal which consumed congress last month has quieted a bit, but little has formally changed since. the house and senate have approved some new mandatory harassment training for all members in all 15,000 plus staffers. but a news4 review of the congressional record shows little traction so far among several new bills to stop harassment including legislation that would get taxpayers off the hook. hundreds of thousands of dollars
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been paid in the past decade. other new bills would streamline, speed up the process through which potential victims could file complaints, including a bill co-sponsored by virginia senator tim kaine. >> we had to make a cultural change to enable people who feel that they're subject to abuse or improper behavior, we have to make them comfortable to say it. hey, i shouldn't have to tolerate this. >> under current policy, a victim of sex harassment must undergo mediation and cooling off period before getting a hearing or being able to file a suit against a member of congress who harasses. one house committee has promised to debate and markup a bill to change the system. we checked today and no date has been announced. wendy and doreen, i talked to a lot of staffers who wonder if the momentum has run out on this. >> aren't we detecting some sort of statement, closing, or guess or something at the state of the union address? >> it's possible members of congress will go forward with a reported plan to wear
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>> like what they did at the golden globes. >> and retrigger the momentum. >> it certainly is a topic that is not going to away. so, thank you, scott. we have more breaking news on that search for survivors in california buried alive by those mudslides and why officials now fear the death toll will keep climbing. >> the hurricane disaster in puerto rico having an impact here now. how hospitals are making changes after a critical medical supply runs low. >> chances are you've been here in bethesda to meet friends, just to unwind maybe. but this prime piece of real estate will be changing tonight. and how the move will impact shoppers and
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scary new video of the deadly mudslides in california. one man recording on his cell phone as a river of destruction came crashing into his parents' home. it's been three days now since this tragedy began and nbc's gina kim is live with the search for people still missing tonight. gina? >> reporter: hi there, doreen. officials just announced the names and identities of the 17 people who have died so far in these mudslides. they are all montecito residents. four of them unfortunately were children. the community here is still hoping beyond hope that the seven people who are missing are just hanging on wherever they may be. but with scenes like this everywhere, that hope is difficult minu diminishing. the search for those unaccounted for after the massive
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boulders in montecito, with bodies found, the rescue effort is not easy. images of the moment the powerful torrent swept down the hillside, in some cases drivers were washed down roads. >> what surprised me was the amount of debris that made it from five miles up the canyon down to the bottom. still, 2 feet, 3 feet. just massive stuff. >> reporter: the clean-up effort will take months if not years. >> it's kind of emotional to see all what happened here. because it's something i've never seen and i've been doing this for 30 years. >> reporter: highway 101 usually clogged with traffic is shut down and will remain so through the holiday weekend dealing another blow to an already battered tourist destination. >> i took a left-hand turn. it looked like a war zone. >> reporter: nearly 500 homes were damaged, 64 were completely de
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mothers and fathers, many were the young and elderly who couldn't escape fast enough. with more lives lost now than the thomas fire that preceded it, some say water proved to be deadlier than fire. now, in addition to the seven people who are missing, somewhere around here, there are 12 people still who are hospitalized with injuries and four of them, doreen, are critical. >> gina kim. thank you. >> they're calling it the epic bag debacle. thousands of pieces of luggage still not returned to their owners after that massive melt down at jfk airport is new york. the chaos started when that winter storm shut down the airport last thursday. well, on sunday a terminal flooded causing even more confusion. today our nbc partner in new york found hundreds of pieces of luggage stored at a hotel near the airport. the bags are believed to be from an air china flight. and ford announces
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death involving that defective takata airbag. federal safety regulators are now warning people who have certain 2006 ford rangers to park their pickup trucks until the airbags are repaired. ford says about 3,000 vehicles have airbag inflaters that pose a higher risk of rupturing during a crash. the company says it will send a mobile repair team to your home. head to our app to see if you're impacted. the affected trucks are already part of an existing recall. >> it may be a store that is part of a chain. for the past two decades it has been a staple in a local community. >> and in a matter of hours, barns & noble will be closing its doors for good. lester holt indication at the top of bethesda row shutting down. and for the people who live and visit that area, this is a loss. >> news4's chris gordon is in downtown bethesda tonight with more on the impact of it. hi, chris. >> reporter: hi, this is a story about children. look over here.
6:19 pm
the other, just minutes ago, i saw a family taking a picture of their kids saying, we want to remember the bookstore where our kids learned to love to read. and i'm going to ask this young fellow for some help today because this is all about kids. this is roland miller. his father and brother griffin, he's 4. do you already know how to read? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: you do. did you ever come to this store before? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: your father said you did. but in any case, what's important, you can read, right? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: as of 10:00 p.m. tonight, this bookstore, barns & noble in bethesda, will be closing for the very last time. the bethesda barns & noble is more than a bookstore. it's a gathering place. if you come to bethesda row to shop, eat, or catch a film, chances are you end up here. >> spend a half hour before the movie started or after the movie before you went to dinner, and it was always filled with people. and the people were from the
6:20 pm
>> reporter: barns & noble says it had discussions with the property owner in hopes of agreeing to an extension of their lease. but unfortunately they're unable to come to an agreement. when you call barns & noble, you get this recorded message. >> it has been our pleasure to serve the bethesda community for the last 21 years. we thank you for your continued patronage and support and send you our best wishes for the coming year. >> reporter: jackie and her son james had their car serviced right across the street. then they'd spend their time waiting at barns & noble. >> closing, it's going to be sad because, like i say, i've been doing business up here for over 20 years and to see that barns & noble is going, what are we going to do when my car is being serviced now? >> reporter: montgomery county council president hans reamer says he expects bethesda to be even more exciting with the purple line arriving. >> we've just acquired a big piece of land right here across the street. we're going to build a
6:21 pm
town square for bethesda, which will kim people a lot of what they wanted. what they had here at barnes and nobility. >> reporter: now, other barns & noble book sellers will remain open, but this one in bethesda was like a landmark. can you say, back to you? can you say, wendy and doreen? >> wendy and doreen. >> reporter: there it is. back to you. >> he's hired. love it. >> i sure spent a lot of time at that barns & noble with my children when they were younger. it will be so sad to see it go. >> yeah. i just spent a lot of time wandering around the place. i did plenty of that, too. >> thank you, chris. >> thanks, chris. >> and your co-anchor out there. >> coming up next, a dog abandoned and left for dead until local police stepped in. we're going to share max's survival story. >> reporter: i'm adam tuss here on the metro train. it's not moving. you're not moving. so, how long before you should get a refund? i'll tell you about a proposal that was just passed coming up.
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today. we get warmer tomorrow. but the rain moves in, too. i'll show you which part of the day has the heaviest rainfall and what to expect for that weekend.
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feels like springtime out there today. >> yeah, like spring break. >> pretty nice. >> yes, i saw a lot of people with their puffy coats that they wore to work walking around with them unzipped. >> unzipped. around the waist, exactly. that's the case. you walk outside today thinking, it's going to be another cool day, and boom, we get into the 60s across the area. tomorrow it won't be the coats. it is going to be the umbrellas that you'll need. the coats, you'll need those pretty soon, too. out from right now, a very mild night. temperatures 58 degrees at the airport, winds out of the south right now at 8 miles an hour. starting to see the winds pickup a little bit. the wind is going to be a pretty big factor tomorrow, too, but the wind will help to keep temperatures up. 55 right now in manassas, 59 in leesburg, fredericksburg coming in 56 degrees. along the water, colder along the chesapeake, 37 degrees towards annapolis. everybody on the mild side. average high this time of year is 44. storm team4 radar nothing to show. we have a couple of showers
6:26 pm
much going on down around the warrenton area, culpepper. i'm watching two distinct areas of rain. one, you see that wuming in. that's moving in overnight through tomorrow morning. another one to the south around memphis all the way to chicago, that band moves through early or rather late on friday. late tomorrow about this time, as a matter of fact. we're going to take you hour by hour now and show you what to expect. tonight, a few showers in our western zones between 7:00 and about 11:00 tonight. you see the showers back here towards the blue ridge. back towards rappahannock county, loudoun county, frederick county. d.c. around 11:00, watch the rain come in. we see the rain through the morning rush. i do expect slow conditions for the morning rush, but none of this is too heavy. most of it is light to moderate during the day. watch what happens around lunch time. the kids did not have much in the way of recess the last week-and-a-half because it's been too cold. tomorrow, that's not going to allow you to have recess. that's some heavy rain out there. baltimore, annapolis towards fredericksburg, areas of
6:27 pm
we may even see a rumble of thunder or two tomorrow. i think a better chance of thunder tomorrow night. after that round moves through we get a little bit of a break. maybe 4:00, 5:00 for the evening rush, some wet roads but no rain falling. but the rain comes back during the evening. this is with a little boundary that moves through. and we could see some thunder with this. maybe gusty winds. gusts that could be 40, 50 miles per hour. we're going to be watching that. not concerned too much about severe weather, but an isolated 50 mile an hour wind gust definitely not out of the question. behind that, we get cold. when i say cold, guys, we're talking a 50 to 60 degree temperature drop in the way it's going to feel. so, periods of rain, heavy at times during i day on friday. some thunder possible. not a lot. much colder into saturday. we're going to have much more coming up at 6:45. notice, 67 for a high on friday. 36 on saturday. 18 for an overnight low saturday night into sunday, and the wind chill, i'm expecting between 0 and 10 degrees early on sunday mornin
6:28 pm
again, 29 for a high on sunday, another cold one, 32 on monday. staying on the cold side most of next week. temperatures only in the 20s and 30s. a chance of snow next tuesday and wednesday. i'm not expecting much from that, but it is a storm system i'm going to be watching. we do moderate toward the end of the week and next weekend. all eyes on the rain. big time differences as we make our way through saturday. saturday will be a day that you really are not sure what to do because you walk outside in the morning, might not feel too bad. and is the cold coming in ook with all that wind? >> the wind is going to be brutal. absolutely. >> you're just so full of good news today, aren't you, doug, dougles? >> thank you, doug. hospitals keeping a close eye on an iv saline solution shortage. triggered by the aftermath of hurricane maria in puerto rico. what's being done here to keep up with demand as flu season is underway. >> a refundt
6:29 pm
even on the buses, a closer look at the plan to reimburse riders if you're late to work thanks to metro. >> reporter: moments ago jurors here right here in prince william county convicting a megachurch youth pastor for sexually assaulting an under age girl. those jurors are back deliberating right now. this time to de
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
some breaking news out of in
6:32 pm
a church youth leader and pastor's son convicted of exposing himself to and touching an under age girl. >> right now the jury is working to determine an appropriate punishment for jordan baird. news4's david culver is outside the courthouse in manassas. david, what's next? ? >> reporter: wendy, let me tell you, you asked about the range of punishment. i just learned it could be quite wide, anywhere from 5 to 50 years in prison. that's what they're determining now. even at this late hour, they're up on the third floor of the courthouse deliberating that sentencing phase. i can tell you a couple of hours ago when that verdict came down, it shocked the many supporters and church members. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: this is video of jason baird performing in the fall of 2012. a contestant on the cw show. photos of him performing alongside his wife for church events. also on stage with him, the then
6:33 pm
she told george that baird touched her inappropriately and exposed himself to her multiple times from 2014 to 2015. >> basically a he says she says is what this is. >> reporter: he sat through the two day trial in the jury box before he was excused as an alternate. he agrees with the guilty verdict the other jurors reached adding while the evidence wasn't overwhelming, he believed the victim. >> it's like, what does she have to gain? it's like, to me, i believe her. >> reporter: prosecutors say baird misused his position as a church youth pastor. the defense argued that baird wasn't in that role. the church says the pastor's son helped lead their music ministry. the fauquier times say the victim new baird many years. pictures entered in evidence showed the two together quite often. tonight jurors determining the youth leader's sexual interactions with the girl crossed a line. when that verdict came down there was no visible reaction from the victim's
6:34 pm
baird's family, some of them had to excuse themselves from the courtroom. they were overcome with emotion. now here we are going into the later part of the evening here and i can tell you that the deputies are trying to determine staffing as we are going later and later because they don't have court tomorrow and it's closed on monday. so, they're hoping this wraps up at some point this evening, wendy. >> david culver, thank you, david. a local father has been indicted for the murder of his daughter's boyfriend. prince george's county police say gregory bauer, jr., intentionally ran over nathaniel mckinnon. tracee wilkins first told you about the story last year. officers found an assault rifle on the victim when he was killed and at one point was questioning whether bauer acted in self-defense. a grand jury indicted bauer today. >> time is money and metro says it doesn't want to waste your
6:35 pm
your money back. you heard the story first on news4, and tonight transportation reporter adam tuss is along the orange line to explain what this rush hour promise is all about. >> reporter: show up late, get your money back. >> i think that's a great idea, especially most of the time i am at least five minutes late. >> reporter: a plan that would essentially refund you the cost of your rush hour trip if you're delayed by 15 minutes or more is moving forward. >> it boils down to this. if you're delayed more than 15 minutes during the rush hour on either a train or bus, your trip is on us. >> reporter: the credit goes back to your smart trip automatically on the rail side. for the bus you'd have to fill out a form. d.c. mayor muriel bowser weighing in responding to one of our tweets saying it's encouraging that metro is asking to be held accountable for reliability with consequence for delays. >> i think it's pretty good. keeps them on time. >> reporter: let's show you how this could work, for example. this week according to metro, th w
6:36 pm
and tapped out at bethesda. that trip should have taken just over 21 minutes at the longest. it actually took this rider just over 36 minutes. credit would have been given because it was a delay of just over 15 minutes. how do you make sure people aren't cheating the system, just staying on trains and stations longer than they should? metro says the proof is in the data. >> ours allows us to be able to see the path of travel of the customers. virtually the data protects you from the false claims that might come in. >> reporter: manow, metro says y delay from something other than weather 0er scheduled project, that is all covered. sources tell us this is the most generous transit refund package ever put together. back to you. >> well, that's always nice to get some money back in your pocket when you've been inconveniences by metro. >> let's hope they can work it out.
6:37 pm
giving employees a big bonus thanks to the president's tax reform package. >> plus a second chance for a dog abandoned and found near death. we'll show you who stepped in to help nurse him back to health. >> and i'm tracking the rain. keep the umbrella handy. we're talking the big umbrella for tomorrow. and then you need the big puffy coats again. we'll talk much more about it. see you back here in just a minute. before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network.
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em both but love our price. award-winning organic mac and cheese from aldi. simply smarter shopping. a maryland hospital says it is as shocked and disappointed as you are after seeing video online of a patient left alone on a cold city street. a man took video of the woman tuesday night outside the university of maryland medical center in baltimore. he says people in uniform dropped her at the bus stop then walked back into the emergency room. the woman is wearing only a hospital gown. she appears confused and disoriented. you can hear her
6:40 pm
man trying tries to help. a spokesperson from the university of maryland medical center says they failed the patient. the hospital says it is taking this matter seriously and personnel actions may be coming. >> well, this is a story we have just loved. it's an up lifting story of that little retriever named max in fairfax county. animal protection officers say he is a trooper. just a month ago they found this little guy abandoned near death. he couldn't even stand on his own. news4's amee cho shares his remarkable recovery. >> reporter: if you ever need to find a perfect stick, max the retriever is all too happy to help. just looking at max you'd never guess, but this was him just one month ago, starving, freezing, barely alive. >> i was very scared for max. i honestly didn't have any hope. but i really also wanted him to survive. >> reporter: officer lugo still isn't sure what happened to max, but she thinks he was kept in
6:41 pm
he couldn't stand on his own, had infections on his belly. >> it was hard to deal with. it was hard to look at him. and not be able to do anything. it was just waiting, waiting to see if the medications would work, waiting to see if he had it in him to fight. >> reporter: and as you can see, max did. now today all he has to worry about is which stick will do the trick. >> can i have it? it's very emotional actually to see him that he did it. he pulled through. he's a winner. >> reporter: police say they almost always solve cases of animal abuse, but they're hoping someone will come forward and help them find out what happened to max. in fairfax, amee cho, news4. >> max is not available for adoption right now because he's still recovering. i think they want to get some more weight on him. i know there are people lining up to adopt max. >> he's a survivor. >> he is. looks so healthy after what
6:42 pm
saw before, so. >> well, there is rain on the radar as the same system that brought mudslides to california heads straight for us. doug is tracking the timing and the impact, and the 50-degree temperature drop that will follow. >> yikes. >> it's a sort of double wham! i for health care providers. an ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you
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♪ ♪
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hey! yeah!? i switched to geico and got more! more savings on car insurance!? they helped with homeowners, too! ok! plus motorcycle, boat and rv insurance! geico's got you covered! like a blanket! houston? you seeing this? geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. this was the scene in puerto rico last october. i was part of a news4 team on assignment in the aftermath of hurricane maria there. neighborhoods destroyed, people cleaning up because water had just receded. damagev
6:45 pm
trees and poles, no power, no water. puerto rico is still struggling to get back to something close to normal months later. the lack of power has also impacted critical medical supplies getting to the main land. puerto rico is home to quite a few medical manufacturing companies and their production has been seriously affected by the hurricane and the outages. >> now some hospitals here are feeling that impact. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey tells us how a celine bag shortage in parts of the u.s. has local hospitals making some changes during this busy flu season. >> reporter: to a sick patient an iv fluid back seems like a life line to recovery. at anova health systems, they use several thousand bags each day to replenish fluids and dispense medication. when they learned their main bag supplier baxter had been heart hid by hurricane maria, they acted quickly. >> how are we going to take care of the patients in the community
6:46 pm
conserve our supply. >> reporter: they centralized to keep better track. one step hospitals are doing is switching from dispensing medications through iv to tablet. >> it is an oral tablet instead of iv formulation. >> reporter: the spike in flu cases and dehydrated patients also putting a strain on the iv supply. >> drink some of this gatorade. >> reporter: at some hospitals like this one in the boston area, oral hydration with gatorade is replacing ivs in some cases. >> back in our region some are taking similar steps. in columbia and fairfax county, their iv supplies are fine. but the fda says the crunch is easing. issuing a statement reading in part, the production situation in puerto rico remains fragile. we expect the shortage of iv saline fluids will improve in early 2018 with continuing impront
6:47 pm
dr. meta says even with more flu cases coming, anova and its patients will be fine. >> we are seeing some improvement. we think we will be okay as far as increased demands with the flu. we have what we need for our anticipated needs. >> reporter: in fairfax county, julie carey, news4. >> two hospitals in our area are taking steps to protect patients from the flu outbreak. prince william medical center and haymarket medical center are discouraging hospital visitors under the age of 12. all visitors are asked to stay home if they have flu symptoms, like a fever. to be clear restrictions apply to visitors and not people seeking treatment. hospitals across our area are coping with the flu emergency right now. nationwide, there are already three times as many flu cases as there were this time last year. >> over the last week we've had two of our busiest days in the history of the hospital here. >> we're seeing both elderly and children, but we're also seeing healthy people that are coming in with the flu as well. r.
6:48 pm
suburban hospital said the flu shot is still one of your best defenses and it's not too late to get one. >> higher pay and an extra thousand bucks in the bank, that's what some wal-mart employees get to look forward to. the world's largest private employer is now considering that new lower corporate tax rate and it is going to raise its starting hourly wage from $9 to 11. full-time hourly workers will get a cash bonus based on their time with the company and employees with more than 20 years experience will receive a thousand dollars. wal-mart is also expanding paid maternity and maternity and paternity leave for full-time hourly workers. these big-name companies are also passing on the ben if the of that corporate tax cut to its employees. $1,000 is the most common amount. waste management, inc., is giving out $2,000 bonuses. but nay sayers point out most companies are offering one-time cash bonuses and not permanent raises. some like wells fargo
6:49 pm
increasing their minimum hourly wage. >> you see comcast on that list? have you seen any e-mails about that? me either. >> it's something on us now, something going on? >> when they hear your weather forecast, your bonus may be retracted. >> exactly. >> it's like santa claus bringing me coal for christmas. that would be the case the last couple weeks. on the cold side for sure since christmas. we finally saw things warm up today after a high temperature of 62, but you know we got some big things coming. over the next couple of days, out there right now, current temperature sitting at 58 degrees. temperatures dropping, but notice they're not going to be dropping much. 57 next hour, 11:00 we're at 56 degrees. after that i expect temperatures to actually go up. now, at that 11:00 hour, we may start to see some showers into parts of the area. right now 59 in reston, 58 fort belvoir. 60 in camp springs. only 44 in annapolis because of the cold chesapeake bay waters. again, have some ice on the bay and
6:50 pm
rain, we're tracking some showers but most of this not even reaching the ground just yet. but we are going to see some showers tonight. i think they're going to be here around 10:00, 11:00 hour. this is the area of rain i'm really concerned about as far as tomorrow morning is concerned. there is actually a storm system here moving to the north. and another one back to the west, that one is moving our way, too. so, this is kind of a rain in the morning situation and then rain in the afternoon situation, too. so, take a look at how much we'll see between now and tomorrow night into early saturday morning. well, anywhere you see this purple area, that is over an inch of rain. you see that off to the east, anywhere in the blue, you're looking at half an inch to an inch of rain and that's most of our region. back in the west, less than half an inch in the green, but i really do expect half an inch in most locations with this storm. we're not talking any flooding in here. but what we are going to be seeing, i think the big deal is going to be this. look at these temperatures. to tomorrow morning 65 degrees. it will be nice to wake up to. 1:00 in the 60s. beautiful. tomorrow night, you
6:51 pm
the rain is trying to move on out, you'll still need the umbrella at this time. but we're still in the 60s at 10:00 tomorrow night. really quite amazing how warm we're going to be with the system. notice 3:00 a.m. comes in, here's the 20s. these are the feels-like temperatures, the wind chills. notice by noon on saturday, the wind chill down to 21 degrees in d.c., 17 in frederick, and we get even colder sunday morning. sunday morning i expect those wind chills between 0 and 10. so, there's your 50 degree temperature drop. high of 29 on sunday. cold again on monday with a high of 32. much nicer tuesday and wednesday. if you like a chance of snow, much nicer. relative term, but i'd love -- love a little bit of snow. i need some for my winter forecast. so far winter forecast looking good but i need a bit of snow to make up for that january. >> sounds better than freezing rain. >> yes. coming up, sports next. and first, though, here's lester holt with a look at what's ahead on nbc nightly news. >> doreen and wendy, ahead
6:52 pm
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> we've got a lot of local athletes making us proud. kevin durant on the basketball court, katie ledecky in the pool. >> the peterson brothers, both guys getting ready for fights obts saon the same night. that's pretty impressive, sheree. >> yes, it is, wendy. this is not how i train. these guys take it a little bit more seriously, right? boxers lamont and anthony peterson both representing this area well. over the last ten plus years and a week from saturday both brothers boxing in front of a national tv audience. one looking for another shot at a title and another happy just to finally be back in the ring. >> like that. >> ready to go. >> while one-year-old lennox peterson may have stolen
6:56 pm
his dad lamont peterson. the big-hitting boxer and d.c. native getting ready for his title fight against the current welter weight champ. >> no if, no if. i will win the fight. at this point just looking to be back on top. so, this is the opportunity. i'm ready for it and i'm sure i'll get there. >> also boxing up in brooklyn, that same night, lamont's brother anthony who hasn't had a fight in almost two years. >> it was a beautiful thing. both of us fighting the same night. the last time that happened was october 17th of 2015. so, you know, that's been a long time since we've been on the same call together. as far as i can remember he's been there. i pretty much live the same life i live. he can always relate to me and know where i'm coming from and vice versa. so, we always lean on each other for support in many different ways and it's just a blessing to have
6:57 pm
>> barry hunter hoping for a win for both brothers because it means a win for d.c. >> it will be huge, you know. lamont has been holding the city down a long time now. >> you have a lot of young lamont petersons, anthony petersons who want to be where those guys are. it will be definitely a beacon of light shining down on these people, man, and showing them the way how to get there. >> pretty cool. they've already overcome so many obstacles. when they were younger they were actually homeless. so, it's great to see these two young men succeeding. >> boy, that's a heck of a workout. >> whew, did you see the abs? >> you're hanging. >> they're hanging, big heavy hitters, those two. but speaking of the capitals, heavy hitters, the protecting their home ice, their winning streak at 10 with a chance to keep growing tonight. the caps hosting the hurricanes the first game of a home series. and speaking of homes, the topping outer
6:58 pm
go-go in the wizards practice facility in southeast. all the workers staying for their efforts. so far everyone you saw signing the main beam before it's hoisted in place to the 120,000 square foot facility set to open with two nba practice courts, the coach and players happy. it's coming together l. >> i've been through all the blueprints, so i know where everything is supposed to be. it's fun to see it actually in progress and you can see the end in sight. it's exciting. >> this community is the only community in the world that can say it houses four professional sports teams all in the same place. the washington wizards, this will be their practice facility. after watching the end of the game last night, hurry up, get this up. we need the help. >> they lost last night is what he's hinting at. >> good for
6:59 pm
nightly news starts in 60 seconds. >> we hope we'll see you for news4 at 11:00. have a good evening.
7:00 pm
breaking news tonight. shocking comments from president trump in the oval office. sources tell nbc news he attacked immigrants from africa and haiti using vulgar language to describe their countries. asking why do we want them here. the grim search in california to find people buried alive. tonight the new view of the sudden force of nature. >> a flash flood right there! get out of here. go. >> as the water rushed in. a new alert about your taxes. why you need to pay extra close attention to your paycheck to make sure you're getting the right amount. the sex scandal swirling around a gop rising star governor admitting he cheated on his wife but denying explosive allegations he threatened to blackmail the other woman. and when every second counts, why can't 911 tell exactly where you are when you


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