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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 27, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tonight the f biggest chanor the supreme court in half a century. swing justice anthony nnedy announcing retirement giving president trump another seat to fill and could dominate the hiest court. >> we will begin our search for a new upustice of the united statesme court that will begin immediately. >> how it could impact abortion, guy rights and much more. stunning priry upset, how a newcomer knocked top democrat and what it s mer the critical midterms. treme weather, the family terrified as a tornado comes gh rit at them and dangerous heat
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threatening 160 million. al roker is tracking . hijacking false alarm, scary moments when police storm airplane. racist rant. >> why do you hate us? because wexican? >> the man targeted in a shocking viral video speaking out. need some peace and quiet? we'll take you to the quietest place in oumerica. >> aer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. the landscape of americanustice is shifting dramatically tonight on news that 81-year-old supreme court justice anthony kennedy is now for the second time in his presidency, donald trump is poised to exercise one of a president's most consequential powers, na nong the court's next justice, a choice that is widely expected to drive the court fuher to the right. the wheels are in motion and the battle lines are being drawn night just hours after justice kennedy, the court's long-time swing vote informed the president of his retirement after 30 s ye the court. our justice correspondent pete williams begins our coverage.
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>> rorter: anthony kennedy's retirement will set in motion the biggest change in the supreme court in half a century, that's because kennedy is often the most influential justice casting the deciding vote in closely divided cases. hi >>was anthony kennedy's court because you couldn't get a major issue alecided without his votest without exception if it was a critical, ideological hot button, it wastop im. >> reporter: he hand delivered this letter to the white house todall g it a respectful and formal notification he intends to retire july 31st. although ronald reat him on the court for his conservative credentials, he's been the swing justice. when kennedy voted with the four conservative justi the court upheld the herump travel ban, guttedoting rights act and allowed corporate money in politics. when he voted with the four libals, the court cut back on the deatpenalty and declared detainees at guantanamo bay have
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legal rights. in one of the most influential actions, 2015 decision that struck down bans on same-sex marriage after writing a series of ruling on gay rights. a trumreplacement for justice kennedy would give the court a solid five-vote conservative majority. the president's choice is sure to be far more conservative as the first trump nominee has been in his first year on the court. a kennedy departure could put abortion righ in doubt although he voted for a ban on partial birth aborti abortion, he has consistently supported it. the trump nominee would probably oppose it. anthony kennedy turns 82 next month and is the court's second oldest justice, ruth reins burg is 85. his rent will end nearly 31 years of service on the supreme court. >> pete, let me ask you about the timing why is kennedy leaving now? >> reporter: he said he has a deep desire
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to spend more time with his family. he's a conservative and comfortable with president trump and someone would nominate to succe him. he's simply ready to step down. >> let myou about abortion rights and gay rights with kennedy gone. uld they be overturned? >> reporter: only clearance thomas is on record oppingr roe v wade and if the other three conservatives jo him, it's by in means certain chief justice john roberts would follow them and overturn a president. the court didn't make it the law of the land until it was legal in 27 states so i would say a rollback there likely. >> justice kennedy did have a final big vote today, right? >> yes,e vot to conservative unions r thresent
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unionship and influence. >> petequilwilliams, thank you. kennedy's announcement kicked off the guessing game who will replace him. search to gain a voice in the process. chief white house correspondent hallie aackson reports on the battad. >> reporter: at the white house, a secret meeting minutes before the announcement. >> supreme court justice anthony kennedy. >> justice anthony keedy. >> justice kennedy. >> reporter: justice kennedy slipping into the west wing for what the president caed a ep discussion. >> he's displayed tremendous vision and tremendous heart and he will be missed and g opefully we're go to pick somebody who will be as outstanding. >> reporte who will you pick to replace him, sir?
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>> well, we have a list of 25 people that i actually had during my election. >> reporter: that list consists mostly of conservative-leading judges including brett and thomas hardman. whoever the president picks, could reshape the court for a algeneration and dond trump knows it. >> some people think outside of the most important thing that you can have >> reporter: the president's choice will have confirmed by the senate, setting up a bitter political cright. demoats are demanding any ftonformation vote happen the november midterms. pointing to how republicans, back before the 2016 election refused to a hoote on then president obama's pick but mitch mcconnell today is rejecting that comparison. >> we will vote to confirm justice kennedy's successor this fall. >> reporter: the razor thin gop nominees means moderate republicans have the leverage. for many trump voters, this is why they picked him. one in four said the possibility of filling vacancies is the top reason for voting for donald tru >> i am looking to
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appoint jues very much in the mo of justice scalia. >> reporter: a major motivator for blicans and the president, a chance to define his legacy. and keep in mind there is nothing senate mocrats can do to stop the president's pick here if republicans stay lester, that is still a big if. >> hallie jackson at the white house, thank you. justice kennedy's decision to retire was greeted with excitement or alarm pending where you sit as his announcement suddenly puts some of the most divisives of the day viewed through a different lens and as stephanie gosk tells us, it will surely ele electfy these november elections. an>> reporter: withi hour, the national association for abortion rights posted a message, roe v wade was in danger. >> i think if the trump administration gets their way and rams thi justice through by any
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means necessary, women will suffer. ca> reporter: while evange advocating against abortion six the controversial ruling 0 was made more than years ago, the first real opening for the cause in a long time. >> this is a very, very big d. matter of fact, we would think it's a historic day for the culture of life. r orter: the head of the family research anti abortion and same-sex marriage posted justice kennedy's retirement will turbo charge the evangelical vote for le pehat feel strongly about issues like abortion, same-sex marriage, affirmative action to name a few, today's news is nothing short of a shift. >> we believe that we should go back to god's degn for marriage and family, which is one man, one woman marriage. r eporter: it's being greet with jubilation on one side and fear in the other. >> this puts the lgbtq community in a square shot of having a l our rights rolled back. >> reporter: while the
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legal defense and branch of the naacp took to twitter predicting a solidly conservative court would haveormous impact on civil rights and undermine progmass de toward greater .racial justice and equali tonight, some supreme court experts are calling kennedy's retirement, the ultimate rally cry and the cry is loud on both sides. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. >>with justice kennedy's retirement adding fuel to the fall elections, president trump is in north dakota tonight to support a candidate for senate there. this comes after the bombshell result in a im congressional y here in new york where a young democrat defeated a party fixture. nbc's peter alexander is trave with the president and has more. >> reporter: even for alexandria cortez, a stunning result, the 28-year-old former bartender and bernie sanders organizer still page off student loans knocki off one of the top house democrats, joe crowley, a possible house speaker in
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waiting eyeing nancy pelosi's seat. >> what we really need to do is put aside our differences and make sure we're charting a productive path forward for this country. >> reporter: her campaign video going viral. >> this race is about people versus money. we've got people, they have got money. >> reporter: cortez mi thrity ma lean yell woman reflecting the changing demographics of her and demographic party.>> t's a surreal experience to see these 4, 5-year-old girls that say mommy, she looks like me. >> reporter: president trump delighting in a top democrat's defeat tweeting he should have been nicer to his president trying to brand the opposing party as weak as they h otched wins in no carolina and new york. in utah mitt romney ee brzing the victory. >> i had two twinkies and chocolate milk in one night. >> reporter: aiming to unseat a democratic senator in this reliably red state but icthe top tariff p has many uneasy. >> we'll lose a bunch
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of farms if this holds were he's a fourth generation wheat and soybean farmer. >> soybeans are down $2 a bushel. >> reporter: from when the president made a thouncement. >> just the trade. >> reporter: the president's next stop wisconsin home of davidson after again today antagonizing the company for announcing it would move uction overseas and the president tweeting we won't forget and neither will your customers. >> peter alexander in north dakota tonight, thank you. tonight some 15 million people are at risk of severe storms in the southeast. a tornado outbreak across fivstates. one terrified an illinois family that recoed this dramatic video of an ef-1 tornado coming right at them wiimated peak winds of 90 miles
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per hour. brace yourself for dangerous heat about leto hit an incred 160 million of us st ting tomorrow. our al rocker in is st. louis tonight tracking the threat. good evening. >> reporter: here it feels like it's over 95 degreesa lot of folks will feel that heat tomorrow. 160 million folks will feel likit's more than 90 degrees, 60 million feeling like it's over 100 d 210 will feel like it's over 90 and almost 100 million will feel like it's 0 d100rees out there. 100 degrees out there. the heat index over 100 for kansas, dallas, jacksonville and close to it in miami and on friday, boy, look at the weekend, we're talking about temperatures that will feel love 100 degrees for chicago, memphis, charlotte, jacksonville, new york city and new orleans. sure you stay hydrated and check on the elderly. this is very dangerous heat, lester. >> al, thank you. back in the headlines, a deadly attack in chlottesville, virginia when a car plowed into a crowd
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that it was protestingag nst a white nationalist rally theren august and killed a woman. the justice partment charged the driver james alex fields junior with dozens of federal hate crimes. the police officer at the center of the firestorm over a haeadly shooting has beened with criminal homicide. officer miael rosefield shot and killed unarmed 17-year-old antwan rose last week outside pittsburgh as rose fled from a traffic stop on foot. court documents show rose initially claimed he thought he had a gun but change his story and said he saw no weapon, he's free on bond. at the disturbing viral video that shows a white woman unleashing a hate-filled tirade on a latino doing yard work while his mother records it all. tonight we're hearing from the target of the outrage and nbc's
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miguel aaguer has the story. us> why do you hate us? becawe're mexican? >> reporter: the hate-filled conversation is difficult to hear. >> we're honest people here. >> animals. le >> how many have i raped? >> reporter: the message is clear. >> how many drugs have i dealt? he >> reporter: confrontation between estaban guzman who is a college grad and an identified white woman happened while he was cleaning a yard. >> it happened to me and my mom and i was fortunate to be there and defend my mom. >> come here, little bo >> she was being racist to my mom and being ignorant. >> reporter: it took place in this sout earn california community.southearn california community.southern california community. guzman says the woman mocked his mother an invoked the president. >> how many drugs have i dealt? >> they are bringing drugs. they are bringing crime. they are rapist and
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some, i assume, are good people. >> this is a bigger issue because i don't want this to be about the president. this isn't the first time and i'm pretty sure won't be the last. violence is not the answer. hate is not the answer. >> reporter: tonight guzman whose video has been viewed more than he's only speaking out so others can speak up. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. stild, the scare on a jetblue flight when gh authorities tha hijacking was taking place. also, on a dark road in full view of police a suspect in a car theft makes a dramatic escape. we'll be right back. for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower a1c, with diet and exercise. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, tiredness, and trouble breathing. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of ketoacidosis
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you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. we're back now we're back now with terrifying moments aboard a jetblue flight from jfk to los angeles. a swat team storming the plane of a hijacking signal was sent from the cockpit but as tom costello explains, it was a false alarm. reporter: the coded message from the jetblue pilot to the air traffic contro
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hijacking in progress. >> check out the aircraft right here, ? co >> reporter: within minutes, police had the plane surrounded, stunned passengers told to put their hands up. >> everybody got their hands up, you knowma de a pretty dominant presence. >> reporter: while the pilot assured passengers it was a miscommunication, a heavily armed swat te boarded the plane to make sure. >> it was scary because it's never happened to me before. >> reporter: one passenger taking to twitter, my worst nightmare honestly thought ere going to die. i'm alive. it all started when jetblue flight 1623 lost contact with the tower while ta for take off. unable to communicate, the pilot meant to type in a four-digit code he was having radio problems. tlinstead he accid typed in the four-digit code for hijack. >> it's a key pad in a small box and a four digit coddigit cod- and the pilots inadvertently entered wrong digit. >> reporter: finally, word it was all a
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false alarm. no hijacking. for terrifies passengers, a three-hour del for the nightly flight to l.a. tom costello, nbc news, washingtowe l take a break here in a moment, why this spectacular show in the sky tonight may have you over the moon. he was a father of some of pop music's biggest superstars. we'll look back at the controversial life of jim jackson. sign up for bonus cash back and it's only on a few categories. and when those categories change, you gotta sign up again. when does it end?! with the capital one quicksilver® card, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's like a cash back oasis. what's in your wallet? when you combine ancestry's with its historical records... you could learn you're from ireland donegal, ireland
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the the patriot and manager of one of the most famous families has died joe jackson whose young sons became the jackson five, michael jackson and his sistert jauld become global superstar on their own and alnine children racked up 27 number one singles. michael and janet jackson cut ties with their father with michael revealing his father's physical abuse. years old. was 89 now to a brazen escape caught on
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dashcam, video shows the moment nebraska deputies encountered a man getting out of a stolen car when another car suddenly pulls up. the suspect leaps inside through an open window and the car drives away. he is ill at large tonight. if the sky is clear where you are this evening, this will be something remarkable to see. stnot only will the colorful moon of the year brighten the sky but the moon will be extrely close to saturn meaning your view of the planet should be spectacular, as . we when we come back, the sound of silence, our journey to what might just be the quietest place in america. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long, and sometimes i don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition i'm missing. boost high protein now has 33% more protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. and it has a guaranteed great taste. man: boost gives me everything i need to be up for doing what i love.
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disappearing. can't be found in cies, it's vanishing om small towns. gadi schwartz found it inside washington's olympic park. >> reporter: among the ancient trees in washington state there is something so elusive that even the owls seeit out. it's a state of nature that gordon says is facing extinction. ci forest free of arti noise. >> like right now, let's listen. >> reporter: with 13 feet of rain a year, the muffng moss grows so thick it can be quieter than a recording studio. gordon spent his life traveling the world recording the sounds of nature. nohe believes society longer appreciates the power to listen. do you think we forgot how to be quiet? >> yes, we've becona a on of shouters. like a church here, isn't it? you don't talk normal in church, you listen.
7:28 pm
it's sacred space. >> reporr: gordon's hope to convince jets to fly around the park and eliminate noise pollution. t k us to what he calls the quietest place in america. >> we'll walk through the tree but don't talk. >> when you're quiet, everything is so much clearer. d the complicarld back home is simple again. what's n to love about quiet? gadi schwartz, nbc news, olympic national park. >> i'm tempted to whisper. that is nightly news for this wednesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, good night and
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ank you for watching.
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. lights, camera, "access." ca ♪is is ame >> is it a rip off of another song? >> flip or flop she is here to tell us


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