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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 28, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> i'm aaron gilchrist. we have team coverage of this crash. 'll get to chuck and sheena in the forecast for a minute, but let's start with megancgrath. she's live at the scene for us. good morning. >> reporter: take a look behind me. e,u can see the detour hehe state highway vehicle and the electronic sign telling people right. over to the we've got a tractor-trailer on its side. now, this is the ramp from westbound 370 t t on to southbound 270. last nigait the tractor-r was going around that curved ramp. it flipped on to its sides. it's carrying televisions. what they're doing at this point is trying to offload the tvs so that they can then get in there and right the truck and get it out of here. now, this has been going on, unfortunately, for hours. we're starting to see the beginning of rush hour here, and it still a problem. westbound 370, that ramp to
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southbound 270 is closed, and we stilndon't have estimate of how long it's going to be closed. plan accordingly. now, with more on that work-around, we're g go over to melissa. this traffic alert here, megan. this morning going to be a big problem for folks, as megan was just showing you. we have the closure shown in westbound 370ramp to southbound 270 closed because of the overturned tractor-trailer. what you c do is what megan was showing you there. they're kind of pushing you around. if you are headed westbound on 370, you can continue on turn around at fields road and get back on the southbound 270 that way this morning. going to be quite a pain for folks if thats around too long. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no major issues right now. arlington, northbound gw parkway after the 14th street bridge with just the right lane there. blocked by debris. sounds like some sort of cabinet there. inbound after arizona avenue just one lane getting by.
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a inwned tree here this morn taking a look outside now, good morning, mr. bell.rn >> good g, melissa. look who is getting back from vacation. did. i was in florida. >> right. >> and it was very hot and humid, obviously, this time of year florida, but their average high is already around 90 degrees. that's notabnormal. but here, i mean, we're going to be heating up and feeling like florida. >> big-time. average is already 87 here. we're going to be inching into the 90s over the next few days. iyour thursday, though starting off with cloudy skies and a south breeze this morning. that southerly wind is courtesy of a warm front that's going through the area this morning. you'll notice it'sg to start to be quite a bit hotter around here, and we're watching someps raindhere. the far western end of winchester and the blue ridge. a little bit of light rain this morning. nothing major. this will all be drying up relatively quickly. should beone with rain chances probably no later than about 8:00 this morning. tempatures are milder. we're in the 70s already. afternoon high today near 89
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degrees. again, any chance for rain is relatively early. perf it weather to grill o the backyard this evening. no chance for rain on those backyard barbecues. we'll be back with the extended forecast and start looking it a hat fourth of july. back to you. >> it's 5:03. police need your help racking down aexual predator targeting women in the district. >> the assaults have women and lice on high alert. news 4's justin finch is live o mpshire avenue in northeast d.c. justin, what are you hearing? >> aaron, n, good morning. of course, a lot of people live so work in this are there's real concern for the victims in this case, but also that the suspect or suspects responsible could still b out there and could still strike again. i do want to show you the video that we got from d.c. police just yesterday. it shows a manl wearing a jeans, and dark hat, skbree arrying a cell phone. you'll notice he is tailing that woman in the red dress there.en this ha in the 1100 block
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of new hampshire avenue were in nor. he then lunges at her and the reaction goes off camera. peopl who have watched the video say they're finding it chilling. >> to know that it handens right arhe corner, i mean, it's really scary, and just lets you know that this stuff happens everywhere, and you always have to be ready for it. >> again, that beire too place n new hampshire avenue on june 13th, 8:00 a.m. broad daylight, as you say. erpolice are cod that man you saw in that video could be tied to another attack. this one happening on sunday close to 11:00 p.m. on the 00 block of newport place. police say if you are a victim of a sex assault anywhere in the recognize r perhaps that person you are seeing on that video, to give them a call immediately. we're live here northwest, i'm stin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank you. your time is 5:04. also developing in northwest washington, the search for a person who robbed an fbi
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mployee while the city was celebrating the stanley cup championship. it happened on seventh street in chinatown. while the woman was celebratin m police say tried to take her backpack. the suspect was able to get the t that contained her fbi badge. police believe this is the uspect you see here wearing glasses and a black hat trying to use the woman's atm card. if you recognize this man, call police. we have a update for you to a story we brought you yesteay morning. a little girl shocked at mgm national harbor remains in critical condition. we've learned the 6-year-old grabbed an energized handrail near an outdoor fount app area tuesday night. security guard jumped in to help the girl whose heart had stopped beating. a police officer performed cpr on her as she was rushed to the hospital. the guard was shocked as well, but was not badly injured. mgm national harbor sent out a statement saying, "this is a horribleaccident, and we are
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heartbroken. we offer our support and prayers for the family. we are fully cooperating with the prince george's county fire department to investigate the incident." six minutes after the hour. a major battle is shaping up on capitol hill over the seat of supreme court justice anthony kennedy. justice kennedy announced he will retire at the end of july. now, his departure gives president trump the chance to onlect a s supreme court justice. his choice could solidify a conservative majoritn the court. president trump says efforts to replace kennedy will beg immediately. senate republicans hope to hold a confirmation hearing before the midterm elections. demcrats, though, say not so fast. they're citing republicans holding up president barack obama's nomination of judge merrick garland in 2016. >> our republican colleagues in the senate should follow the rules they set in 2016. not to consider a supreme court justice in an election year. >> it's imperative that the
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president's nominee be considered fairly and not subjected to personalat cks.>> justice kennedy was apoupointed to the high court in 1988 by president ronald reagan. it was a talking point for president trump during a campaign rally in north dakota last night. the president was in fargo stumping for republican senate candidate kevin cramer. now, between digs at democrats, the president thanked justice kennedy for his service and the timing of his decision. >> i'm very honored that he chose to do it during my term if ce because he felt confident in me to make thece right ch and carry on his great 'gacy. thwhy is he there. >> we'll have more on the impact the president's nominee could have onrethe futu of the court coming up at 5:45. >> hey! where is your nicest jean? back here in washington demonstrators rallied outside of the home of tilon
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congresswoman maxine waters. a group called patriot ticket gathered outside waters' home in northwest d.c. last week she told supporters to call out trump cabinet members if they see them in public. it camefter several incidents after sarahee huck sanders was asked to leave a restaurant in virginia. that restaurant, the red hen in lexington, virginia, will n be closed until next week. yesterday protesters swarmed the small town. a man was arrested for pouring e chicken man on to the building. we're told the restaurant will reopen july 5th. 5:08 now. the jusouce department aed dozens of new charges against a ma accused f ramming his car into people protesting a white nationalist rally in charlottesville. the grand jury handed down almt 30 new federal hate crimes charges against james fields. heatr higher was killed ihe incident last august. if convicted, fields could get life prison. the justice department says the new charges send a strong message that hate crimes well
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not tolerated. the organizers behind that unite the right rally are asking for a permit to demonstrate in d.c. this august to mark one year sin the gathering of charlottesville. the police officer at the center of the deadly shooting of an unarmed black teeger is o of jail this morning and being charged with criminal homicide. pittsburgh police officer michael rossfeld shot and killed 17-year-old antoine rose last week. ell phone videohows him shoot rose in the back as he ran away from a trae ic stop. pollled the car over because it matched the description of a car involved in an earlier shooting. invest ators, though,y rose was not involved in that shootings and was unarmed when he was killed. >> you do not shoot somebody ii the ba they are not a threat to you. >> he found himself in the wrong place at therong time. in no way that justifies his
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murder. >> courtrocuments say offi rossfeld admitted he did not see a gun before ooting. > this morning a prince george's county teacher is suing the school district claiming her principal bullied he she's a second grade teacher at ardmore elementary school. crutchfield's lawyer says the prin ipal verbally attackedr ha the parking lot two weeks ago. noes were filed, but a note was sent home to children because theyight have seen the confrontation both women are on leave. crutchfield wants the principal to be fired. >> if i'm going and if the bully isn't stopped, they'll continue. theews 4 has reached out t principal of the school. so far we've not heard back. today the head of the fbi set to testify on the agency's actions during the 2016 presidential campaign. fbi director christopher rayro d ronstein will seek to
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testify before the house judiciary mttee. they'll likely to have answer questions about what both agencies did during the 2016 race. still ahead, the number of opioid deaths across our area rising. >> the new lawsuit aimed at saving livs. plus, caught on camera. the wildoment that shut down a portion of an l.a. freeway. sheena. >> well, this morning we have a couple of showers on. not for everybody. it's mostly north and west of d.c. we could have a couple more as we go through t next few hours. coming up, though, chuck is back and we'll show you how the afternoon will shape up and a afternoon will shape up and a look ahead to how h
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a standoff came to an entertaining end. a man in his underwear did ali back f on to an inflatable cushion on the wit told police the man was on the highway sign -- on the hi way with abull horn and holding a anti-pollution banner.
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police quickly took him a once he was off that highway sign ove. yikes. a couple in washington state had a new trailer for just abou 20 minutes before it was destroyed on the highway. that trailer overturned on the road and then fell intoe path of oncoming traffic. the driver says she felt the t trailer stto sway, but she couldn't regain control. no one was hurt, but the driver who lost control did get a speeding ticket. virginia leaders are takingo drastic stepsry to stop the deadad opioid epidemic. it's risen dramatically all ov our area. take a look at the numbers from the cdc. opioid related deaths jumped 151% in the district between 2015 and 2016. in maryland they increased 51% over that same period. in virginia it was24%. yesterday virginia's attorney general said he is suing drug maker purdue pharma. mark herring says purdue lied about the dangers of opioid
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products such asox ontin, and n de patients believe that over-the-counter p medications are not effective. they want purdue to compensate victims. they are leaving tt dollar amo to the court. improved behavioral health a facility iut to open in fairfax county. news 4 was given an inside look. that facility is located at the anova falrfax med center. it includes individual patient rooms and adolescent unit and added patient sfety enhancements. center offers a full spectrum oa mentalh and addiction treatment services. >> ultimately, what you are concerned about is that someone's illness will push tem into a decision to harm themselves or try and take their life, and that's a tragedy that wi want to avoid at all cost. >> the facility open to its first patients early next month. 16 after the hour right now. a natural garden in alexandria is turning some heads. >> homeownerim clark is all
5:17 am
about using what he calls native plants. take a look. his labor of love is on display in his front yard. so much so that the city of alexandria sent clark a notice. city officials told him to cut the weeds orhey might do it for him, and that he might have to pay a fine. clark called news 4's david culver who had the city's horticulturalist check out clark was there.. he was right. there are no weeds in his yard. ou i think of myself as an example of what ycan do with native stuff instead of ivy and stuff that kill >> the city found the majority of the plants are ornamental. ey sayihey wll also provide more training for inspectors to recognize these types of native plants. in case you do get a no like clark did, you caniste it yourself with the inspector listed on the notice. just call that number. old school style. >> yeah. a i notice he ha virginia flag t-shirt on.
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>> let's go to melissa. melissa, how about the situation? >> big problem, guys, here this morning with this big issue in gaitsbur gaithersburg. take a look at some of the picks. we're talking about westbound 370 here. the ramp tohouthbound 270 down because of the overturned tractor-trailer. this is going to be a big issr fo a lot of folks. let's take a look the map. right now you can see that closure there in purple here ow this morning ng you where things are shut down. as far as getting around, you can ctinue on 370, slip around at fields road and get on to southbound 270 to kind of bypass the entire thing. inner loop and outer loop. no problems on the beltway right now. zooming in, northwest inbound canal. single lane, and 66 looking good. fairfax county parkway to the beltway. good morning,mochuck. >> gooing, melissa. it is indeed a pleasant enough start to the day.
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perfect weather to get outside and enjoy it a little bit. still a couple of lickering raindrops around first thing this morning. but those rain chances will be drying up very, very quickly. can alrea start to see breaks in the clouds over washington this morning. we'll be backt to m sunny conditions later today, and finally a significant chance to out around here since may 12th. 47 days ago. about seven weeks. it has rained on 29 of 47 days. it's added up to nearly 14 inches of rain, and that is double the avera over th same stretch of time.e ve been inundated with rain. eight of those days have had more than an inch of rain on as le day. it hasn't been a little bit of rain, but it's been coming down in buckets. that's going to be changing, though, as a big dome of high pressure with high temperatures and high humidity builds its way in for tomorrow andnd the wee and most of next week as well. here's the last of the real rain
5:20 am
chances around this morning. winchester to martinsburg, these raindrops are going frck, maryland, all have a chance to get some sprinkles of rain this morning. southof i-66 towards fredericksburg, stafford and southern maryland, rain chances areignificantly lower. here's our future weather. again, between now and 8:00 or , 9: primarily the northern half of the dmv is likely to see a passing rainop or two. later on in the afternoon, just a mix of clouds and sunshine. some of the puffy clouds could drop one or two drops of rain ow, but really after 9:00 or 10:00, i don't think you'll need to worry at all about rain chances. temperature get warm. going to we're already at 77 in washington. 72 at dulles airport. highs today, still in the 80s. upper 80s, though. 89 today with a rain drying up quickly, and then no chance for rain friday saturday, sunday, or monday. look at that warming trend. 90s. low 90s tomorrow. mid to upper 90s saturday, sunday, and monday. the ickiness ofmidsummer is
5:21 am
just about here. >> marnsand's smart trai may be in danger of missing a d mandatory dline to make travel safer. coming up, the news 4 i-team investigates what's wrong. transforming interstate 66. the major project iing und
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a news 4 i-team obtained a letter saying the railroad is at risk of missing ary mandat deadline to make the train safer. investigativeeporter jody fleisher has more. >> reporter: every day thousands of commutras take the . they're glad to know the federal government is making all railroads install positive train controls, or ptc, a safety system that slows or stops trains automatically to prevent collisions are and derailments. ll it's probably overdue, actually. >> the ntsb says ptc could have prevented crashes like this one, which killed eight passengers in philadelphia three years ago or this one which killed 11 people near silver spring back in 1996. >> it is frustrating to go to accident after accident that could have been prevented. >> the ntsb chairman calls any
5:25 am
further delay in implementing ptc unacceptable. >> i think -- >> records obtained by the i-team show mark still has 26 locomotives to upgrade, and it' train any employees. this federal warning letter says the railroad is at risk of failing to meet the congressional deadline. we asked maryland's governor about the letter addressed to him. >> i don't really knything about that. i haven't seen the letter. not eare, but we'llainly get to the bottom of it and try to get an answer. >> maybe just step up their game andet it done. >> a mark spokesman said no one was available to answer our t questions abo warning letter, but insisted mark is on track to meet the deadline. amtrak has said it may not let t trains withou run on its tracks after january 1st. jody fleisher, news 4 i-team. it's a5:25. coming up, a soccer star bringing his talents to the district. details on a possible deal with one of the biggest names in the professional league.
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zblierng welod thursday morning. we have a couple of showers as you make your way out the door. you could run into a few of those. throughout the day g 'll see imconditions and it will be heating up. i'll show you that forecast in a few minutes. plus, bevere teamoverage and first 4 traffic after a tractor-trailer overturned. it's causing problems for two tsy highways. everything you ne kn, everything you ne kn, ow jardiance asked: wh it comes to managing your type 2 diabetes, what matters to you? you got a1 heart, diet, and exercise. slide 'em up or slide 'em down.
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or have severe kidney problems. other side effects aresudd, genital yeast infections, increased bad cholesterol, inary tract infections, which may be serious. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. man:your doctor ae and get to the heart of what matters. cleanup crews are working to
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clean up the tractor-trailer that -- >> this happened on i-370 west to 270. that means trouble for two highways that usually start to get busy around this time. we have team coverage for you on this first 4 traffic alert. >> melissa will have your alternate routes. first,e megan is l along 370 now with a closer look at the scleenup. what are you seeing? >> just within the last couple of minutes we saw equipment arrive on the scene. they have also added some cones and another detour si at the
5:30 am
detour point. bottom line ishat the ramp from westbound 370 to southbound 270 is closed, aoi that's to be the case inle they can clean up this mess. last night a tractor-trailer wan traveling hat ramp going around the curve. it was carrying a load of television sets as the truck went around the curve for wha reason. it slipped on to its side, and it's been laying on its side for hou hours. they're in the process of trying to clean. it the southbound 270 closed, and we're seeing a lot of people ind of confused. they're coming ther fast on this detour, and then they're having to quickly bet to the right. just bear ifnd the detour is here. bring yourself -- good morning. here's what you need to know.
5:31 am
continue westbound 370 where megan is this turn around at fields road to get back on to the southbound lanes of 270 rsh that will get you around it. i can tell i have been on that ramp hundreds, maybe thousands of times, and it is a pretty quick left. i can see how this happened here ely this morning. hopefully that gets out of the way for folks pretty soon. inner loop and outer loop in thy beltwooking good. all of the other main rooes into and out of town. no northwest inbound canal road after arizona avenue single lane getting by a downed tree. 66, for example, still lookingp etty good. aaron. all right, melissa. thank you. 5:31. leads go to chuck and sheena for a check on the weather oday. hello, guys. >> i'm finally a little chance to dry things out. whichwould you rather have? >> rain. i would rather it rain. to have humidity and a lot of heat. coming up we're talking about 90 degree temperatures. high humidity, and feeling like
5:32 am
triple digits out there. righwanow in hington, 77 degrees. much of the area sitting about the mid to low 70s. 73 gaithersburg. a few showers on the map. most of the area is, in fact, dry, but we do have a couple of showers up near winchester over near hagerstown across 81. close to martinsberg. nothing heavy. you don't have to be concerned with that this morning. just light rain out there making some of the roads a little wet. here's future weather by 8:00. we could see a couple of scattered showers around the area. around d.c. and then parts of maryland. mainly. then as we getcloser to lurj time, we'll see much dryer conditions. upts to hydrate, though. looks at the temperatures climbing to near 90 degrees by 5:00 p.m. we'll see a mixfun and clouds, and it will be humid out there, but into the weekend, we're talking about even motter weather in theforecast. chuck will show you what it looks like at the beach if you are heading there coming up.
5:33 am
>> n justin finch is there for us this morning. what can you tell us? right now ron, eun, police have reports of another sexual attack. this one happening near 21st and newport place on sunday. close to 11:00 p.m. a short walk to where we are right now. 022nd and new hampshire avenue wheou that attack just saw, that video, took place in broad daylight. we're showing you thdeo one more time. again, 8:00 a.m., close to, on june 13th. about two weeks ago. s you'll that man in the blue t-shirt, a dark hat, jeans, and cell phone. we do know he is nowanted for a misdemeanor sexual abuse here. also, that video now making th roubds in this area where people live and work this video
5:34 am
troubling. >> as somebody who walks and commutes here, this is kind of worrisome. >> i feel pretty safe here, so i it's le disturbing. >> another reason why you are seeing that vide twice is people have reason to believe, including police, that that samo mad be behind that newport place and new hampshire avenue assaults here, and that's why they want as many eyes on that video as posible. you were a victim or perhaps recognized that man policeu re asking give them a call immediately. live from the nthwest, justin finch, news 4. eun, aaron, back to you. >> justin, thank you. now to th prima in decision 2018. today we could finally learn thc e of some close races in maryland. they begin counting provisional and absentee ballots. one race, those ballots could impact, is thent montgomery c executive race. right now candidates mark elrica jason blair are basically tied. the provisional ballots are playing a big role in this
5:35 am
primary because there could be shouz of them. you may remember a computer glitch at the maryland motor vehicle administration left 80,000 people improperly registered and the only way they could vot was with a provisional ballot. >> here are some of the top stories we're working for yoe the sens gearing up for a showdown over the next united states supreme courtcejustice. justnthony kennedy announced his retirement yesterday effective at the end of in exmonth. republicans say they will voteo torm his replacement this fall before the midterm elctions while theyhave control of the senate. democrats say the vo should wait until after the election. more on what impact the next justice will have.'s thaahead at 5:45. today, first lady melania trump wi visit a shelter from children who have been spragtd from their parentsr than 300 children are staying at a teen iks, arizona, facility.
5:36 am
we'll take you inside a viry ina facild hear from a sno are who toured it. the it is girl who was shocked at mgm national hbor remains in critical condition. mgm security guard jumped in to help the girl.e a prigeorge's county police officer performed cpr on her, as she was rushed to the harpital. the was shocked as well, but wasn't badly injured. a man who died in police custody this week may have had an embolism. that's what fairfax county police are saying after picking upul christopher police were called out for an overdose and restraining call. that's when he stopped responding. he died at the hospital. wayne rooney will arrive oday to sign a multi-year contract with d.c. unreed. t's been speculation about
5:37 am
the move for mods now. rooney is england's all timele ing goal scorer. during his time with manchester united, 3 scored goals and 6 won 1 majortrophies. it's believed rooney's deal would keep him in washington through 2020. the transfer window opens july 10th. that means that rooney could play when united opens at audi d fi that's set for july 14th. >> you have to bring a big star for that. ff in ger woods teeing auerbach yard. we talked to him before his return to the tournament he startedo.ears ag plus, the fourth of july holiday is almost here. thet reminders foraying safe. thet reminders foraying safe. you'll wanthe
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is remembering joe jackson, the father of music's most popular family. he died yesterday after a balgs with pancreatic cancer. remember he brought their group to international super stardom. >> in re years joe jackson was reportedly estranged from most of the jackson children. jackson's michael estate released a statement offering condolences to his wife, catherine, and the entire jackson family. there's no word on funeral arrangements. e jackson was 89 years ld. with just a week to go until the fourth of july, many of you are planning a day of cookouts and fireworks. we have a safety warning. showing us just howangerous fireworks can be.
5:42 am
>> the best advice is to watch fireworks and let the professionals handle all the pi pyrotechnics. you can check out the nbc washington app for a list fireworks shows around our arti. me now 5:42. >> first 4 traffic alert this morning. a closure in gaithersburg. what is shut down and how to get around it, coming up. and speaking of fireworks on the 4th, sheena will have your fourth of july forecast with the ten-day coming up. for now cloudy ses across the region. leading to a little light rain across parts of p thenhandle of west virginia, out in through parts of paige and shenandoah countiesar temperatureson the muggy temperatureson the muggy side in the mid 70s.
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. time is 5:45. we're tracking a traffic alert
5:46 am
as y start your morning. these are live pictures from the westbound lanes of i-370, which are closed to i-270. you can seett the cars gg by on the highway, but the ramp is going to be impacted for quite some time. a tractor-trailer ov turned before midnight, and the mess is still being cleaned up right now. >> montgomery county fire tweeted that the trailer was filled with tvs, apparently, and other trailer was brought in to haul them all out. then, the trailer itself will need to be moved. no word yet on whether anybodyw hurt here. melissa will join us in a few minutes with some is alternate routes for you. after 30 years on th sbench u.s.preme court justice anthony kennedy is retiring. an his announcement yesterday sets up epic battle on capitol hill over who will take his spot on the tion's highest court and when. news 4 tracie potts following the latest for us. tracie, what impact will the nominee have on the future of the court? >> well, we're talking about court that now has four conservatives, four liberals, and kennedy is the swing vote ant has been for the l
5:47 am
decade. if it he is replaced as p president trans to do with someone much more conservative, that 5-4 majority could a have huge impact on decisions for the next generation. liberals already concerned aboum thect on gay rights, on abortion rights. will some of those decisions be overturned? now, president trump has said he is already srting to look from his list of 25 conservatives of who would replace kennedy, who plans to retire at the end of next month. >> aght, tracie potts for us this morning. tracie, thank you. in one of justede ke's final decisions, the court dealt a serious blow to public unions. in a 5-4 decision the court ruled state government workers who choose not to jin a union do not have to pay a share of union dues. there are 23 states where public unions bargained for both members and s.non-memb the study found that a ruling like this one could result in public unions using more than
5:48 am
700,000 members. another effort to pass immigration reform failed, and it wasn't even close.ra every dem in the house voted against the compromise bill yesterday. republiowns were split, and n lawmakers may try to pasa stand-alone bill a only -- only the family separation issue for their july 4threcess. yesterday we learned the pentagon was asked to find space on military bases to house up to 12,000 people. about 2,000 of those people would be resettled in the next two months. ei> some of the children separated from parents at the border are being housed in our area. senator mark warner of virginia said to use the youth for tomorrow in bristow. we were not allowed on the property, but health and human services released pictures from that facility.r all childen there have been connected with their loved ones some way. until they are reunited,
5:49 am
though -- >> these kids are being taken care of in a clean and appropriate environment. they're get cng the healre and the education that they need. >> innother facility ho children who have been separated from their parents is in stanton, virginia. that place is facing serious ab allegations oe. virginia governor ralph northham says the state is investigating those claims. of course, divers in northern thailand temporarily stopped their 12 teenagers and their soccer coach who went missing inside a cave. their ages went from 11 old to 16. the teen entered the cave on saturday, and no one has se themselves e thems ince. rescue officials say the rain th they had ovewight caused
5:50 am
er levels to rise, making search efrpforts dangerous. team is a chance that this of boys is still alive. back to you. >> all right, megan. thank you. it is 5:50 right now. the all-sgame kicks off here in d.c. in a few weeks. today we'll learn how metro plans to accommodate all the fans. this afternoon metro and mlb leadership will hold a joint lenews conference and re details. thousands of fans from across the country are expected to be here during are the eths. ame f national fan favorite is saying good-bye to baseball.n >> jasowerth is he me the announcement yesterday during an interview. he is quoted as saying i'm done. whatever you want to call it, no regrets. he has been playing for a triple-a team where he will be remembered forve hin seasons with the nats and this amazing jment. this iason werth's walk-offom e run during the playoffs against the cards.20 that was in 12. as ill go down in history one of the best moments in d.c.
5:51 am
sports. he helped the nats go to fur playoff appearances. 39 years old. spent 15 seasons playing major league baseball. a lot of great memories. congrats. well, tiger woods is back on the links in virginia playing in a tournament that he helped get off the ground. the pro-am attpc potomac started up wednesday. tiger hasn played in thi tournament since 2015, but fans were more than ready to welcome him back. he told reporters it was great to be back. >> it's great to be back. it's bn frustrating not to able to compete and play and be a part of this event. i think that what we've created ovrs the yea has been kind of ecial. >> this event ismembs o the mil. children under a15lso play free with paying adults. tickets start at $39 each day.
5:52 am
>> woods is scheled to tee off around 1:20 this afternoon. the first round of golfers begins at 7:00 this morning. it's now 5:52. we want to check back in with melissa for an update on that trouble in gaithersburg. melissa, how is it looking? we areto southbound 270, still shut down because of the overturned .tractor-trail this will be a big delay for a lot of folks. you can see the closure here in purplehis morning. your alternate continue on 370, turn around there at fields road and then get back on to 270. can you do that this morning. that is good news there. as we widen out, beltwaylos okay. northbound fairfax county parkway at new chape blocked by a crash there. virginia center point parkway, this tractor-trailer was blocking part of that right lane. looks like it's now onthe right shoulder. that is good news, of course. travel time, 270 here looking pretty good this morning. germantown to the spur. top of the igbeltway, no delays right now. that's looking really good
5:53 am
there. 61 miles per hour. can't get much better than that. inbound on n66,o problems. 95 north qauntico to the beltway going about 37 miles per hour. remember to listen to 10.5 f when you hop in your car. rightow, sheena, have to say it's nice out there. >> yeah, melissa. it does feel nice out there, and as we go through the day today, it's going to get hot. take a look at this. we have video from early this morning. this is a strawberry moon. we were talking about ites rday. we were talking about it on social media. you might have heard about it. this is a beautifulhot ofhe strawberry moon. we do have clouds outside right now. yo see them kind of passing across the moon there. they're called ara erry moon because it's the time to start picking up ripened strawberries. saturn the closest. if you have anng ama telescope, take a look at that. right now we're looking at eye few showers around the area. f certainly n everybody, though. they're passing through martinsburg. haagersto across near
5:54 am
frederick, and crossing 81. they're not heavy showers at all. mostly just light rain. through the next couple of hours, there's a chance we could see a few more showers try to move through. not a big deal this morning. just be aware of those. temperatures are pretty warm and a little muggy outside. 77 in washington. 75 qauntico. 72 frederick 73 degrees in clinton. here's what future weather shows. between, is would , about 7:00 and 9:00, we could have a couple light showers try to move through. through the afternoon, though, we'll be a bit dryer seeing a mix of sun and asouds. we go through your thursday, this morning a chance for a couple of showers again. not for everybody. shouldn't be a huge deal. by luntime, mid 80s by the afternoon. topping out around 89, hot and i od. clear up ovalnight. look a the hot -- or the heat, i should say, around the country. this ialmoving in loy. as we go into the weekend and even until monday, our heat index cou anywhere from 100 to 105 degrees when you factor humidity. it's really going to be heating up around here soon. if you are heading to the beach,
5:55 am
this is really going to be a grhat place for your fouf july weekend. i guess you could call it ahead of fourth of july, it's technically on wednesday, but as you head to the beach this weekend, it will stay dry, sunny. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. as we go through the next several days, we're looking at temperatures staying in the 90s, and feeling like 10ur say. 105 sunday and monday. 5:55 right now. tod crews will begin construction to ease your commute on i-66. they aredding another eastbound lane. now, this one runs from esconnector to fairfax drive. v dot agreed to add the lane as pt of the express lanes project. improvements will also be made to the w and od trail in that area. construction is expected to wrap up by 2020. nothing says summer quite like an amuseme park.
5:56 am
>> molette green is checking out the new attractions just in time for theay holweekend. molette, good morning. >> good rning, to youguys. we really want to jump into this water here. this is the newest attraction. it's anadventure. there are currents there, and these kids, these guys can't wait to jump in. we're going to talk about this option for you a also, of course, it's the july 4th weekend. we've go to talk about the activities planned here at the same park, and we have freedom and uncle sam with to help us talk about all of that in the 6:00 hour of news 4today. stay with us. we're going to jump in in just a short bit. >> all right. we will see you in just a little bit. coming up, a disturbing assault under investigation. a look at the surveillance footage of why police think the man at the center of it may have done this more than once. >> plus, keeping you safe on your commute.
5:57 am
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you'll always save on something for every you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx. zpliefrmgt that breaews may impact your morning commute. right now cleanup crews are working to remove a tractor-trailer that slipped overnight on i-370 westbound in gaithersburg. that crash forced a closure of the i-270 on ramp. we've been tracking that for you all morning, and we'll bring you constanmoupdates. gooing. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we have team coverage of that crash.
6:00 am
l check your weather with chuck and cena. she's live at the accident in gaithersburg. megan. >> well, guys. unfortunately, no change. this ramp is still closed. if you look behind me here, you can see that they've got the electronic arrow signinhere tellpeople to get to the right. now, this is the ramp from westbound 370 to get on to southbound 270. it has been closed all night long because of this accident. a tractor-trahaer was using ramp. are truck would carry a television set atly. as it took the ramp and went around that e,cur truck slipped on to its side. they have quite a cleanup job to do. they've ben offloading th televisions. got to complete that work, and uen haul the out of here. for the time being, this ramp still closed. westbound 370, that ramp seuthbound 2 p 0. a lot of peopleit. a lot of people come upon this detour ahe


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