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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 2, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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new at midday, a maryland park is the scene of an unthinkable crime this morning. a 3-year-old child has been killed and police say they know who's responsible. >> this defendant was walking around downtown cleveland, conducting he con sans on what he thought was a large-scale attack, planned for the fourth of july. >> preventing a terror attack. what police say this man planned the to do and how he was stopped. andight now, we are very dry across the area. don't expect the rain relief today. coming up, i'll whow youho's under a heat advisory and how a hot it feeeady.
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good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. >> right now detectives are piecing together a family tragedy. a father and his 3-year-old daughter have been found dead in a patruck at a park in charles county. >> police say it's a murder/suicide. megan graf now live. what have you learned about this? >> it's just an absoluty heartbreaking story an father shoots and kills his 3-year-old daughter before turng the gun on himself. it happened in a park here in charles county, the gilbert run park. take a look at the video in the area.otte hall and it's a rather rural park. a lot ofwoods, a lot of acreage. now, 33-year-old brian davis had visitation rights. he was out with his 3-year-old daughter, maddy, on sunday. he was supposed to bring her home at around 6:30,ut he didn't show up. that's when the family got concerned and they began toch se for him.
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they found his pickup truck in the parking lot of gilbert run park. and inside, brian davis and his 3-year-old maddy were found dead. investigators believe this is a murder/suicide. >> in this case, with iwas usual that he didn't return home. it was unusual that he didn't pick up his phone. and iyhink t just became alarmed. and they decided to look for him. and ty figured thearks were the best place to look. and unfortunately, they found s truck at gilbert run. and they were inside that trucke ased. it's just such a heartbreaking case for everybody, for the families, our hearts and prayers are with them. >> reporter: now, the sheriff's ce says there was some protection order activity, but that was back in april of 2017. they are going back through records now to see t ifre was anything that was current or active or any records on calls for service that are current. but that's going to take symptom
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ti -- some time and will be a part of this investigation. >> just a terrible story there. thanks so much. we'll switch gears now to a weather alert day. dangerous heat in our forecast. look at that 90already! >> it's 11:00 in the morning. we should be used to this by now, b, shee what do we need to know heading into the afternoon? >> well, you need to make suru' hydrated today. and stay in the shade, if you can, if you have to be outside.e ise, i would just go ahead and stay in the alaska. now, we have a heat advisory for everybody, from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. today, feeling around 105. poor quality with this, also. take a look at these current temperatures. it's already 90 degrees in washgton. it's 9 in leesburg. 92 in clinton. now take look, when we factor in the humidity, look at how much hotter it already feels pinpoint feels lik 104 in washington. feels like 105 in lorton right now. 104 in manassas, gathersburg, so you can bet as we go through the next couple of hours here, some of these feels-like temperatures, t rise a little bit.
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this is dangerous heat already and we're talkingtbout a very ampk afternoon and a stretch o 90-degree weather. i'll show you how long that will last plus your fourth of july fireworks forecast, straight ahead. >> thank you. as sheena mentioned, we'll be thving with this oppressive heat for the rest o week and it's going to feel like temperatures are in the triple sigits. >> we tell you t every year when we experience soaring temperatures, but it bears repeating. we have to say it over and over again. you have to take care of yourself in this kind of heat news 4's justin finch is at the national mall with some advice on how to stay safe and cool. >> reporter: by now you've either heard abo it or felt it for yourself, that we are off the to a sizzling start to this week, and today is just going to get hotter a heat advisory going to be in effect today between noon and 8:00 p.m. we're talking about a temperature that is going to feel like 105 degrees. the real temperature, somewhere in the upper 90s. so we have these tips for you today, as you make youray out to this soupy, hot weather. you're going to want to make
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sure your clhes are loose and lightweight and also brightly colored to get that heat off of your body. you do want to take breaks, doctors say, if you're outside for long periods. every 45 minutes or so, is about the right time. also, makeou surere staying hydrated. that means drinking water or morts drinks. also,e sure you're wearing sunscreen of spf of 30 or above. that will protect your in and make sure you're replying every two hours or so. here ama the , we met people today who are staying cool the best way they can. >> stay hydrated, you know, keep the fruits and vegetables going in. d feel that i know how to set my time appropriately outside and go back inside s that i can cool off as well. >> the national weatherervice counting 107 heat deaths just last year. that is higher than the ten-year average. so you do notant to underestimate the intensity of this heat and what i can do also check in on your older family, friends, neighbors, loved es, and make sure they
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are safe in these conditions. safe for your smallil en, as well as your pets. the heat can be especially hard on them. on t mall, i'm justin fimpnch, news 4. >> with heat like this, with we t enough.r t a terror-style attack has been stopped. the fbi announced this herning thatve arrested a u.s. citizen named demetrius pitts. p authorities sts was planning an attack on the fourth of july in cleveland. thebi says within the last week, pitts has been strollingt thets of cleveland and preparing for this alleged attack. looked for locations to park a van that would be packed with explosives. he talked abou taking targets like st. john's cathedral off th map. and just yesterday, he discussed giving remote control packed with explosives and shrapnel to the children of our military uniform members. >> federal agents say pitts wanted to kill members of the military, their families, and
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any local and federal agents he could find. authorities also say pitts was planning an attack in philadelphia at an up determind date. fourth of july safety is the top concern for officials across the state especially right here in the nation's capital. and the united rvates parks e and police will hold a conference zp press conference today and lay out their safety plans f holiday. travel over the next few days could be tricky because of the july 4 tth holiday. here are the best and worst times to hit the road. >> i'm melissa mollet with a ok at your first 4 traffic. if you are headed out of up to for the fourth of july, here's what you have to do. of course, plan that drive. you want to leave early or late if you're going to the eastern shore, heavyolume on the b bridge is expected. we're talking about the big days of tuesday, july 3rd, through sunday the 8th. so we'll have volume both directions on those days. the worst day to travel, et
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tuesday,en 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. and that's almost anywhere, not just the bay bridge. that's because of a mix of rush hour and holiday travelers trying to get somewhere fun on time for the fourth. tuesday, s to travel, before 8:00 a.m. or after 8:00 p.m. wednesday, before 9:00 a . or after 10:00 p.m., and sunday, between 10:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. as we zoom back out here and kind of take a wider look a things, more than 1.1 million people expected to go by car for the holiday. most work zones will be lifted, same with hov restrictions on ju 4th. have a good one. >> and we're going to put all of that information in the nbc ashington app, along with the heavier traffic you can expect extra police patrols on the roads,s well through the holiday. today, friends and families will m hold aorial service for one of the five victims killed "capital gazette" shooting rampage. they're calling a iing celebratn of life for gazette editor rob
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hiaasen. it's going to be held at the nature center in irving mills. the service starts at 6:00 this evening. also learning about new threats made against the hometown newspaper. since the attack, the gazette has been getting death threats and e-mails from people celebrating the shooti. that's according to an editorial in sunday's paper. the editorial says the gazette will not forget beialled an enemy of the presidenp has frequently used that term to describe the media. and just days after that horrifying situation, police are looking into a man who broke into a tv station in new mexico. investigators say he got inside cbs affiliate in albuquerque. police say the man breached the curity last night a walked on to the set. krqe didn't go on-air for 9:00 or 10:00 newscast and had to put up color bars instead. he was eorted off the property, but then came back again. everyone is okay, but got away the second time without being detained. after the break, we're going to have more on the man police is responsible for the mass
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shooting at thecapital gazett zette". hear from a woman he stalked. why she still fears for her life. and whede the pre will announce his pick for a new
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investigators have said the suspect in last weak's shooting rampage at the "capital gazette" had a grudge with the newspaper.
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related to a 2011 stalking case. >> yeah, this mornin we're hearing from the woman involved in that case who spoke exclusively withbc news. catie beck has her story. >> i wouldcoe afraid hd show up anywhere for the first time and kill me. >> reporter: for the first time, lori is speaking out about her experience with the suspect "capital gazette" gunman. jarrod ramos, who she says cyb stalked her for years. still living in fear, she asked us to withhold her full name and location and mask her identity. >> i have been traumatized and tormented and terrorized for so long that it has, i think, changed the fiber of my being. >> reporter: ramos now behind bars, charged with five counts of first-degree murder, after police say he went on a deadly shooting rampage inside the
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newsroom of the "capital gazette" news room in annapolis, maryland, tiving the l of five employees. a suspected motive for the grudge ramos i held against the paper for coverage of his criminal harassment conviction in 2011. lori, the victim in that case, recall s their interactions started out friendly. >> he reached o to me via e-mail to ask if remembered him from high school. i replied to him that i did not. >> reporter: months later, after several exanges, things changed dramatically. lori says when she department respond to eails quickly enough, his became hthreatenin. said, "f you, go kill yourself. you're going to need a protective order."te >> rep lori got police involved, but said that ramos still wouldn't stop. >> he was very cold, very calculated, he is very intelligent. >> reporter: ramos pleaded guilty to criminally harassing lori in july of 2011.
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the "capital gazette" wrote an article aut it. afterwards, ramos sued the paper for defamation. his lawsuit was dismissed in 2015. but ramos continued to write threatening messages about the paper and its employees on social aymedia. lori she's speaking up now because she wants to empower her stalking victims. >> one thing that i do feel now is that he can no longer silence me. t>> we should let you knot nbc news did reach out to jarrod ramos' attorney for comment, but so far, has not heard back. new video this morning from atlanta where an-i.c.e. protests turned violent. immigration and customs agents moved in on an illegal tent cy that demonstrators set up overnight. several protesters started fighting the agents, even throwing frozen water bottles at them. one was arrested. this follows nationwide protests against president trump's
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rmigration policies o the weekend. here in washington, i president trum tearing down his list of potential supreme co tnominees. >> yeah, because as chris pallone report democrats are demanding that confirmation hearing be put on hold until after the midterms. election >> reporter: president trump set to name his pickup for the sreme court next week is already gearing up for the inevitable fight to t'follow. >> probably going to be vicious, because the other side, all they can do is obstruct and resist. you know, their whole thing is resist. >> while trump says he probably won't ask potential nominees how they'd vote on a legal challenge to abortion, democrats warned the president has made his preference clear. >> the presint is looking for someone who will overturn roe v. wade. emocrats have 49 votes in the senate, so they might need two republicans to vote with them to stop a trump nominee. >> and they know that no matter what spin comes o of the white house, if they vote for somebody who's going to change precedent, it could be a career-ending
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move. >> reporter: they're targeting reblicans,ames like susan collins who supports legal abortion. would not support a nominee who demonstrated hostility toro v. wade, because that would mean to me that their judicial philosophy did not include a respect for established decisions, established law. >> reporter: democrats want to delay a vote on the president'f pick until the november elections, but right now they don't appear to have the votes to do it. one of the president's advisers said over the weekend that there will not be a litmus test on abortion for any potential trump nominee. he said that the president isok g for someone who has a track record in being fair and open-minded. in washington, chris pallone, nb >> we want to stay here in washington, because we have an update to a story that's raising someew security concerns for president trump. comedian john melendez tweeted this out last night. he says attorney michael avenatti is representing him
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this morning for a meeting with the secret service. avenatti is the same attorney who represents stormy niels. this meeting comes after plen melendez allegedly called president trump on wednesd on air force one pretending to be senator bob melendez. >> we have some great choices and be done over the next 12 to 14 days. >> the white house won't confirm that the call actually happened, but i a looks if the secret service is investigating how the comedian reached the president and if he posed a threat. mexico just picked its next president. leftist candidate andres manuel lope lopez-obrador is declaring victory this morning. millions voted in yesterday's historic election. the largest ever held in that country. mexico's relationship with the ited states was a k issue in the race, especially when it
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comes to immigration. lopez-obrado pledged to stand up to president trump during his campaign. the president tweeted last tght, congratulationsthe new mexican leader. he'll formally take power december 1st. you may have to spend a little bit more money on those fourth of july staples, you know k likeetchup for your hot dogs. canada is hitting back against tariffs iosed by the trump administration with its own tariffs. they wentnto effect yesterday. the tariffs hit a long list of u.s. consumers, includi ketchup and other kraft/heinz oducts that now face 10% uriffs. other. products, mostly steel and iron, face 25% tariffs. >>well, you hear about trade war, but then tt really sort of puts it in perspective for things we deal with every day. >> right at your doorstep. look, we're all about to meet the newestember of d.c united, and he is an icon in the world of soccer. the team will officially introduce wayneudy today. he arrived at dulles airport last week to a very excited crowd.
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rudy is the all-time leading goal scorer for eu united. talk about timing, the new stadium opens just one week from today. >> some excitementr! in the >> yeah. a special delivery to space. the snacks that have now arrived at the international space station. n and amazi video, a woman pulled into the water by a shark! that shark was not alone. we're going tol t you what happened next! >> don't feed theharks. s
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the international space station received an exciting delivery today. it's fullxpfiments and treats. the 6,000-pound spacex capsule includes a robot with artificiae intellignd two genetically identical mice for a study about gut ,bacter chris. because we've got to do it. >> sounds pretty interesting. >> but it wasn't all about work here. the capsule also included some fresh berries, ice cream, and the coffee that's supposed to be the world's strongest coffee, theco death wisee. >> i wouldn't mind putting that to the test. this doesn't need much of tease. a woman is on a boat expedition in a sudden a shark pulls her into the water. take a look at the heart-stopping moment. >> ahhh!
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>> yeah, that elicited an oh, my, from sheena. melissa bruning -- >> i said some other things. >> yeah, you did. >> come on, now! >> melissa bruning was feeding fish to a group of tawny nurse sharks that usually aren't dangerous, when one sunk its teeth into her fingers and dragged her overboard. the rest of her groupuickly pulled he back in the boat. the woman suffered just a cut d suffered she's lucky she didn't lose a finger or worse. >> yeah. >>ery lucky. >> and how many shark movies do we need before people just understand. >> i'm -- >> i will say, nurse sharks are re -- they're bottom feeders. they eat -- they don't have the -- >> but, it's still a shark. >> if you went up to -- >> key word, folks. if you went after somebody who said i got attacked by a shark. >> you need to be missing a limb in order to get legit cred.
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>> that' not a good enough shark bite. anyway, you can go feed some nurse shks, i'll give you the approval. they're just fine. >> as we go through the day today, we're talking about dangerous heat. temperatures are already soaring into the 90s and the heat index is already in the 100s. take a lo , no rain in th forecast. look at hour heat index right now. it's 90 degrees. 1 it feels degrees hotter already. it feels like104 degrees right now. and as we go through the afternoon, you can expect bothrs of these numo go up a little bit. we do expect to be in the mid- to upper 90s today. temperaturo, we expect them feel around 105, but i think some areas might be a little bio tter. a heat advisory for everybody through the rest of the day today and into the early evening. poor air quality with this, too. if you have asthma or , you don't issu want to be outside for long periods of time. nice and dry, locally. we a don't have rain relief in the forecast, any showers would stay farther west today. it's 94 degrees in gaithersburg. these are the actual air
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temperatures. 90 in dulles, 92 in clinton. but like i mentioned,e'll be feeling like triple digits as we continue with the rest of the day today. if you're headed to the pool, feeling like anywhere from 105 to 107 in some areas. could be a little bit hotter in other spots, too, since we're :0ready so hot. 95 degrees by p.m. by 5:00 p.m., 97. and look at this. so much sunshine iaround. you are going to be outside, either find the shade, have the spf inon. you dely want the hat, light clothing, or just stay inside in the ac. if you're going to be at the beach over n thet few days, it looks really good today. it will be the hottest day today at t beach. 90. 83 by tuesday and wednesday. here's your fourth of july forecast for fireworks. we have a very isolated s chanc ofwer around the d.c. metro area, or at the beach in the afternoon. most of the area will staydry, but we will be dry by the time fireworks begin. any showers will be coming to an end. your extended beach forecast, showing some more showers as we t from friday into saturday. coming up, we'lle a look at the rest of the area's ten-day forecast.
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that's straight ahead. >> sheena, a child's birthday party, the scene of a mass whstabbing. we're learning about the econdition of young victims this morning. and were getting new video of an explosion in paradise. a boat ripped apart by flames. what we're learning about the americans onboard.
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someone g the -- >> call for a doctor! >> right now, investigators are still trying to figure out what caused aoat to explode in the bahamas. this is a look at the terrifying footage fromsaturday. 12 people were onboard when it blew up, 10 of them americans. one american woman was killed in that blas nine others were injured. officials have not yet released their names. there was also trouble back here at home as aoat goes up in ames on the potomac river. the 14-footer caught fire around 10:00 last night near sullivan island, right nearhe maryland/virginia shoreline. three people were onboard at the tire. these some new pictures of crews from montgomery county fire and rescue. they put the fire out with some help from loudoun county crews. all three people are safe, but investigators tell us the boat sank before they could pull it to shore. >> we are trackinghe investigation into a horrific stabbing spree at a birthday party for 3-year-old girl. nine people stabbed.
11:31 am
six of them children. the crime so unsettling, even police are shaken. nbc's steve patrson is i boise, idaho. a quiet orning, community in boise, idaho, stunned by violence. >> there's some child victims. >> reporter: nine people wounded in a mass staing at 3-year-old girl's birthday party. six of the victims, young some suffering from life-threatening injuries. these boys say the sbbings happened right in front of them. >> we saw him saying like bad words -- >> and kilng -- stabbing our friends. >> stabbing a kid. >> this was an attack against those who are our most vulnerable, our children. it's untenable, unconscionable, and it's pure evil, in my mind. >> reporter: police respothed to stabbings saturday night at apartments normally considered a fsafe haven those all-too-familiar with violence, refugees resettled from iraq, syria, and etthopia.
11:32 am
suspect, 30-year-old timmy kinner from los angeles was capturne near the s and charged with nine felonyous of battery and injury to a child. the knife kinner was suspected of using recovered in a nearby canal. police say kinner has an extensive criminal record and was staying with a woman at the complex, until being asked to leave friday night. amah lofta has two family members among the victims. he said kinner made threats as he left the apartment building. >> he told the kids,is somethin oing to be happening here. he said, you guys wait and you will see. and that's what we see.or >> repr: the community now reeling. >> i don't tst like, now, anyone anymore. >> reporter: even the police chief could not contain his emotions. >> when you see innocents targeted and the suffering which cur occurs, and when that involves chirp, it's something that gets to each of us. it trs your hea apart. >> steve paterson also repor the police chief says some of the children have injuries that are so vere, theyill be
11:33 am
life-altering. the suspect is expected in court today. >> not often we hear tha sort of emotion from police officials. >> horrific. rescue crews are racing the clock to find 12 missing boys and their socceroach still trapped in a cave in ailand. teams held evacuation drills yesterday to practice transporting patients from the cave if and when they're found. for oys have been missing over a week. apparently, stuckfter partsf the cave flooded. thailand's military is getting hem international rescue crews, including a navy s.e.a.l. dive team. right now there is a manhunt underway for a notorious gangster in france. >> this video shows his brazen escape by helicopter yesterday. he was serving time for murder. authorities say thecofound the heer and the getaway car, but no signffayeed has escaped. five years ago, he used dynamite to blast his way out of a
11:34 am
different prison. bythen, fayeed was a published offer,nspired by movies like "scarface." many of you are hitting the ad this weekend for the fourth of july. it's coming! >> i know. i know. >> the fourth! >> like, here it is. rove it.t the heat to if you're taking the family dog along, there are some things you need to do before y leave. consumer reporter susan hogan s that story. >> reporter: 1-year-old mabel and her family are preparing for a six-hour road trip around vermont. >> we started to doing small trips around town. >> reporter:hey're working with a trainer, holly santana, to get road ready. >> you should have consistency. u want the same foo and the same schedule. if they eat at 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., keep it 6:00 a.m. and 6:00.. >> reporter: she says bring a towel or bed from home, keep the car cool, and take breaks at least every three hours. also useful, cleaning supplies and extraoggy bags. make sure your dog's collar has an i.d. with your contact info.
11:35 am
and don't forget about safety. >> pets can act as projecthees ifre not secured. >> securing them is a must. the centeror pet safety with suba subaru cducted crash tests on dummy dogs. they found among the most secure restraints, the sleepy pod air carrier for about $160. the gunner kennel's g-1 intermediate crate for $500, and the sleepy pod click it sports harness, between $65 and $75. >> family trips vermont are very important for us and i want to make sure everyone in the car is safe. >>usan found one more thing, a really important thing to rds.mber, vaccination re holly the trainer says it can be useful to carry with you, just in case your dog gets sick and you need to go to a local vet. and can tell you firsthand, a lot of the pet hotels, they are known to ask forthem, as well. won't let you board t without those shot records. >> i hear you. okay.
11:36 am
gotit. well, working for your health this morning, looking at what c be a confusing subject, diet, just days before july 4th. there are lots of them out there for thyou, fro whole 30 to intermittent fasting. a psychiatrist from columbia university let folks at the "today" show know abo a few of the most popular ones. >> theer mednean diet. physicians, we like it, because there's a lot moresvidence. this a plant-based diet. you do get some meat and seafood. th great if you're going to miss pasta, you have an italian grandma. bu we want americans to health it up. more plants, more nuts, more oliv oil. less pasta, more plants, more garlic and olive oil to make the medi diet althy. >> and the last one, certainly not a fad diet, weight watchers, a lot of pay say it works for them. we're not paid to advertise. >> it's an oldie, but a goody. the essence of alliets is about keeping track. and weight watchers is a proven
11:37 am
program for that. you getoint and they've done a really nice revamp recently, where the foods like vegetables an uits, lean proteins, no points for those. plreally nice improvement, helps a lot of p in terms of a long term. >> well, the doctor says knowledge is power and most people don't have a good understanding of, you know, the fat and calories that we all -- >> it can get a little s,nfusing. >> t can. okay, you may be able to save a little money on your t holiday cookhis year. the menu items that will cost you a little bit >> always looking at that. that's always good to know. >> you can meet a family choosing to live plastic free. we'll explain why and tell you about little changes that make a really big difference in ur own home. yo
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right n in california, a wildfire rages on as firefighters contain to flames are leaving parts of the wi country charred.
11:40 am
the fire escalated over the weekend, burning more than 32,000 acres. and this area in northern california isn't far from last year's historic deadly fire that killed 44 people. very serious. and here we are smack dab in the middle of a heat wave of our own that shows no signs of letting up. >> nope, n at all! we'll be in the 90s again today. we're already in a heat wave. and we're going to be in th 90s for the rest of the week. yep. 90s all the >> i mean, we get a little bit of relief as we go into the weekend, but today we have a lot of heat a lot of humidity, so take a look at the feels-like temperature right now. this is dangerous heat already. look at this, 104 is what it feels like in washinikon. it feels 105 i lauren and fredericksburg feels like 105. it feels lik104 to me, so 107 in leesburg now. we've been seeing thesero updat hout the morning. and as we go throughout the a afternoon, and we'll see those
11:41 am
numbers in some spots rise a little bict here are thel air temperatures. when you step outside, these aren't the numbers that matter. the number i just showed you, that's what you're going to feel, but we are sitting mostly in the mid- to low 90s. heat advisory for everybody from noon to 8:00 p.m. today. those are because of those triple digit heat indices i showed you. also, poor air quality in the area. hydrated, you stay have the spf 30 or higher on if you are going to be outside. dry across the area. no rain relief in the forecast today, for an afternoon gh, 97. again, feeling right around 105 as we go through the afternoon, plenty of sun and if you're heading to the beach today through your fourth of july, looking reallyood there. day will be the hottest of the week. 83 edtuesday,sday, your fourth of july looks great. isolated shower chance in the fafternoon. no everybody, but any showers around will be clearing out by about 8:00, even 9:00 p.m., especially. you're staying at the beach through the weekend, your next rain chance will be friy into saturday. even farther inland, that's when we're looking at our next rain chance. i mentioned those 90s for the
11:42 am
rest of the week. today, tomorrll, wednesday, sitting in the low to mid-90s. thursday, friday, still around 90. we cld certainly still be in the heat wave by then. friday, late in the day, that's going to be our next chance of rain. so far it looks to carry over into early saturday, at least. and then by sunday, we'll be drying out and then the 90s could once again return as we go into next week. and in case you're wonderlg, the norigh this time of the year, that's 88 degrees, guys. >> wow. >> that's all we ca say. >> well, 88 to 98 is -- whoo,gh that's a t one. we're going to tell you about the extreme measures elon musk took to reach a goal that could make tesla a maj carmaker. >> and lebron's new home and new contract both leading some
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well, it already passed the house, and now the senate is about to consider sweeping legislation to tackle opioid epidemic. that crisis is giving rise to a new scam. bogus treatment centers that prey on addicts and their families when they're most vulnerable. scott cohn of nbc's "american greed" looks at one of those scams and how you can avoid becoming a victim. >> king ping kenny chapmanliook famies at the lowest point they could imagine and made life even worse. >> the collateral damage that has been done by kenny chapman
11:46 am
and the other facilities florida to the parents, to the siblings, is insurmountable. >> reporter: in a story told in the next "american greed," chapman's south florida chain of treatment facilities were, in fact, vehicles for him to collect reimbursements. instead of getting patients off drugs, he gave them more to keep th insurance money coming in. rehabas become big business, and where there's big money, there's big potential for wrongdoing. some unregulated treatment centers can do more harm than good. >> you know, if there's ever an area where let the buyer beware, this is one. and i can't stress that enough. >> reporter: mark neschick that's because regulations vary from state to state. se he has be ware of anything offered for free. that could be a sign of kickbacks. and be sure to visit the facility beforehand. >> there's no reason not to knock on a neighbor's door and
11:47 am
find out, are they good neighbors. >> reporter: with nearly $5 billion in new federal money to fight the opioid epidemic, there's no shortage of shady operators hing to turn desperation into dollars. scott cohn, nbc news. >> "american greed" is also going to look inside one of south flora's most corrupt drug rehab operations. you can see that full report tonight at 10:00 on cnbc. reached a big milestone this weekend producing 5,000 model "c" sedans in a single week. tesla built a giant tent outside ofts factory in california to house a third assembly line. workers spent long shiftsehere whusk slept on the factory floor. this couldss ease some pree on the company for now in its bid to become a mainstream auto maker. and it will cost you a little more forour july 4th cookout. the farm bureau the cost of the summer barbecue
11:48 am
will cost about $6 per person, about 1% less than last year. items on the menu include hot dogs, cheeseburgers, spork,re ribs, baked beans and watermelons. with your cnbc money business po , i'm kate rogers. >> oh, yeah, it's happening. king james heading out last night we got the word that lebron james is again leaving cleveland, this time headed out to l.a. to the lakers. james signed a four-year$1 million deal. the reaction was fast on voimd ai -- social mediith many celebrities welcoming james to the team. the cavs' owner also released a statement thanking james for all of his years with the team. and so far, hearing about any jersey burning out in cleveld. and a new team means new teammates for lebron. you'll remember this kind of strange moment from the 2014 playoffs. the >> i love lebron's reaction. >> that's brent stevenson there, folks. he's also headed to the lakers,
11:49 am
from the pacers. his deal was announced hours after lebron's $4.4 million i think he got. stevenson will make thatoney in a one-year deal. they're going to get along fine on the same team. >> i think they will. i think they will. >> millionaires hanging out together. okay so chances are you, you know, you can't look around many places and not see something made of plastic, right? >> yeah. >>hink about it. it's a huge part of our lives and a major source of pollution, as well. nbc's rahema ellis has more on a new call to action to protect the planet. >> reporter: it's in landfills, streets, a waterways. floating islands ofaglastic garb are creating a disturbing rlity for wildlife who often mistake it for food. but it wasn't always this way. >> plastics played an essential role. >>theporter: discovered in e early 1900s, pstic was considered a miracle product first used by the military.
11:50 am
today, it's a vital part in son of the things we use from medical devices to computer components. and while most oft can be recycled, 90% is not. and some plastic products can take centuries to disintegrate. environmentalist say the situation is dire. >> everybody needs to wake up. and we need to do something about this can stem the tied and turn off the faucet of this stuff coming intohe ocean and coming into our environment. >> reporter: while many cities across the globe are moving to ba some plasticproducts, it's a daunting task. americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year. worldwide, 100 million plastic bottles are bought every minute. 8 million pieces of plastic end up in the ocean every day. the plastics industry says better consumer recycling is key. >> whether it's plastic or other type of materials, it's not- u know, the material itself, it's how we're disposing of those things.
11:51 am
>> reporter: this family outside of chicago is trying to live .astic fr they get milk in glass bottles. fruits and vegetables packed i boxes. but it's not easy, says mom, emily. >> did it come just naturally? oh, you stop? >> no, i i thinks a process. i think it's all aboutg tak little steps and you eliminate one thing at a time. >> good job. >> reporter: it's the little things, she hopes, will turn the tied. canvas shopping bags, wooden utensils, metal water bottles. shopping, emily steer s clear plastic unless it has an important code. >> this is p.e.t. number one, which is one of the more recyclable kinds of plastic. the kids are all in. >> one family trying to live plastic free,oping to make a world of difference for the next generation. rahema ellis, nbc news, oak park, illinois. >> ay wor effort. a rare piece of pop culture
11:52 am
just came up off the auction block. so how much would you pay f marty mcfly's self-lacing sneakers? one of the iconic back to the future shoes sold on ebay last night. >> the shoe is not in very good ape. the heel is actually starting i to crumble, buthat didn't stop bidders from going one. final price tag on this thing, nearly $100,000 for that one crumbling shoe. >> i thought you were going to say $100. but then you put the thousand after it. >> look, a heat advisory is set to kick in in just literally a matter of minutes. a look c at what you expect as you head out the door. >> and a firefighter's best friend. meet the dog lending support to first responders in o area in a very unique way. ne havertys we know everyo .
11:53 am
11:54 am
and this independence day... ...we're making it easy to find your style for the last few days, inthe more you spend, the more you save- upo $1000. how much you save is up to you! with more styles and custom fabrics to choose from. it's furniture that fits you. havertys. life looks good
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it's probably not surprising to hear about a dog living in a firehouse in fairfax, right? but the dog isn't a dalmatian riding along on the fire strucks to danger. this is a different kind of firehous dog. i got a chance to see just how he's helping some of the brave first responders. >> reporter: it's easy to see, wally lovesg people feel good. he lives a dog's life. >> fetch! >> fetches the ba. >> answers commands. >> reporter: this 2-year-old goldendoodle has a special job. 'sieve tst rtthanapdifog i ctheine c ntry o
11:56 am
live full-time at a firehouse. home is station 32 in fairfax county with arapersonalized in the family room. >> m this spot and now wally is my addition. >> reporter: after a hard day fighting the flames, spreading out wh wally comforts firefighter paul stella. >> for myself, i like it. i'mpe dog on. so i enjoy it, just toe, get outsidestress for a minute, take him for a walk, watch him run around. >> it's been nearly a year and ntlly is all settled in around gea r and into tion, wally waits for his family to return to offern therapy w needed. >> sometimes it's easier to be with the dog than other people, if you don't want totalk, you can always hang out with wally. >> i think he's brought us together. more so than what we already were. and we're a prett close station to begin with. >> and this program is ver
11:57 am
successful. ehis is a pilot program, so now other fairfax f stations are looking forward to getting a wally of their own. lw it's such a great place, because there'ss firefighters on duty there, so he's got folks heound. >> and need it. >> they go into the worst of the worst. shanna? >> i lovey,hat st by the way. you showed me that before it aired and i absolutity loved take a look at these feels-like temperatures right now across the area. it's really heating up out there. we're factoring in the humidity. we have a heat advisory for everybod already feels around 105 for some of you. and the 90s will continue for the rest of e week. fourth of july looks good, rain as we head into the weekend, guys. >> all ght, guys. if you can stand today, it does start to get warmer as we go through the week. thanks so much for joining us. we're back on the air this afternoo first at 4:00. >> you can get
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. we're live in five,four, >> spread the word. >> about that.


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