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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 4, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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new at midday, police say a store clerk is dead after an early morning roery. there's suspect in custody but police still need the help of witnesses. bags are packed t with wate s hot july 4th. what you need to know as you head out to holiday events across our you already know it's going to be another hot one out there but what about the rain chances? we'll take a look in just a moment. good morning. welcome to news 4 midday.
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♪ >> the stage is set and the my e ready for a huge festival. >> we have what you need to know as you're heading down for all those festivities. >> reporter: happy fourth of july. we have been watching the crowds hegin to show up overast hour or so. they are really beginning to trickle in here. take a look. the floats are ready to go and the crowds are making their way ov into the mallarea. you'll see eight check points through the the mall to check you in today for parade whi begins at about 11:45. the parade about to begin. the folk life festival also set to begin soon. between that and the con serrto officials expecting hundreds of
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thousands t attend today's vent. for this family a special independence day. >> my mother-in-law flew in from argentina. there's no better place than the capital district. we came here to see the museums. >> i wanted to bring her here. he first time i came here to see. >> reporter: now they are here with daughter victoria in her one of a kind fourth of july kos -- costume. >> it's a little butterf w. >> reportemet them outside the mall. they showed us they're ready for a long day starting with the independence day parade or on constitution. if you'rein com down, mike advices you t follow their lead. >> makeure you hydrate throughout the day especially if ou're coming down in the early afternoon. pack some snacks. bring some water with you and
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make sure that you drink throughout the da. >> reporte car police chief says there's a multi-agency effort to protect the celebration. he's still asking. >> be aware of your surroundings. keep your cldren close. remain safe >> reporter: as you look lye right now perhaps you can see all the parade performers gettg in formation over there. the crowd still making their way to the grounds there. i can tell you the mess aage today, they want you to be safe. if you see something, they're encouraging you to find an officer. to keep them up to date for weather events as well as any
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other events that may come up as athe parade the following ceremonies ensued today. we're live throughout the mall. i'mustin finch, news 4. back into you at the studio. >> thanks. i like the buttely wings. since it's so hot outside, metro is allowing rider to rry drinking water on the trains and the buses today. that's usually not allowed. the chillers in all of the m indoro stations are working to help riders cope with this intense heat. if you're headed dn to the national mall today for thefe jy 4tivitiefestivities, catching m bet.robably your best they will run extra trains to move the crowds to and from the national croy. quickl the system will be open until 11:30 p.m. let's talk a bit about the heat youinl be m around in. >> oh, my goodness. we have the very latest on what,
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day 6 of this heat wave? >> it's crazy out there. another day with temperatures in the 9 not quite as high as yesterday. we're already at 88 degrees. shtons of se out there. winds out of southeast. we'll start to warm things up even faster here. another thing we'll be talking rain. today is that right now we're dry on the radar. as when he had through the afternoon, a bit of disturbance has come through and bring us some showers and storms. here is a look. is it goingot to be as yetd. not quite but to me honestly once you pass 90 it's hot. storms for fireworks. that's aig one. we could be in for some. i' time out that rain in big weather. you want to stick around for that. are we beginning to havera anyme this week? yes, we have a few more opportunities for rain. we're not leaving the 90s until the weekend.av i'll h more details on that for now. back to you. several families are without mes after lightning hit their apartment building in
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gaithersburg. fire officials say the lightning sparked a fir in the attic. crews quickly put the flames out and luckily no one wasd. inju now information from d.c. police at this hour. man's body was pulled from the potomac. we're told it was discovered this morning north of jack's boat house west of the key brinl. so far investigators haven released any details about the body. we're following several developing stories. we start with a homicide investigation happening right now in hearndon. >> the scene is an area where many families go to shop and fill up with gas. right now it' wrapped in yellow crime tape. david, what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you this is a residential area. q it's aet neighborhood. the p shoing center end of itself is part of a broader
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portion of this community. you s c at the one end you have this gas station. it's been roped off. it's marked as a crime scene. i want to take you to about 1:15 this morning. it started as a robbery call, police say. they got a description for the suspect and showed up on scene within three minutes. >> they're coming in a it's about 1:15 in the morning. there's not a lot of foot traffic in here. ni immediately observe him. he did resist. two officers w able to take him into stody. >> reporter: they're referring to the suspect. they took him into custody after brief resistance there. they say he died from blunt force trauma to the upper body.
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they're not gieng inoing into m detail. they are trying to find anyone who may have come into contact withhe spect. they say between midnight and 1:15 in the morning he washiut in shopping center. he was confronting customers of theunit someone had interactions with him and they need to hear from that person. not as a suspect but as a witness to help peaiece togethe this investigation. this fourth of july has turned tragic for two families. families of two d.c. boys. >> police say one boy is dead and another is injured after an accident. the boys were on scooters. take a look at this map. the accident happened late last night at the intersection of 15th place and shippin lane in southeast. that's a residential area. it's just a few blocks from a giant grory store.
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police have not lease ereleased ages of those boys. > we're following developing story in prince george county. we're told man died at a hospital after he was shot early this morning. here is a look at that scene. police haven't leased the victim's name or a possible motivenf anyone withmation about this investigation should call prince george's police. the short list of candidates for the next u.s. supreme court justice is now evenor r. nbc news confirms there are now ven candidates under consideration. they include utah senator mike lee and d.c. court of appeals judge brett cavanaugh. the list also includes two women. amy coney barrett. the white house saididhe prt interviewed many of the candidates in person. he's expected to announce new nominee on monday.
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mpbl the president and first lady will welcome u.s. troops an t their familithe white house today to celebrate the fourth. the first family is hosting a hepicnic on south lawn this evening. they will have a couple of performance performances ahead of for example d-- fireworks display. the team is fighting to avoid a sweep after getting trou ounced last night. the nats record sits at 42-42. in less than two weeks they will host the major league all-star game. looking forward to that. >> you can easily feel squeezed when on an airplane. the cramped seats are the subject of a new filing. no matter where you live,
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it's furniture that fits you. havertys. life looks good newest u.s. citizens are being sworn in. ceremonies are taking place in
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mt. vernon. there will also be ceremonies today in camden, new jersey and philadelphia. if you're planning to stay home to celebrate for the fourth, keep in mind you could get into a little trouble for setting off your own fireworks. >> it's easy and legal to buy krour o your own in the distri. when you cross the merchandiary border with intention of starting your own sky show ill get you into trouble. >> you go off the line, you're liable to get pulled over, locked up, whatever. >> welave a list of public displays throughout the entire dmv in the nbc washington app. joining us now is montgomery county with a closer look at keeping you safe on this july t'h. >> w the deal? nothing is legal in montgomery .oun as pat and i were just discussing with you, not even thes. sparkl
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>> even sparklers are illega all fireworks are illegal in those threesd jutions. >> sparklers, we all use them as kids. they seem so innocent. >> and fun. >> the tip of that sparklers is between 2 and 3,000 as we give it to the youngest of our family members and they are swinging it around, it's easy and danls fgerous for someone t make contact with skin. at that temperature, it will immediately cause a burn or burn clothing. >> are you still getting calls this timef year? >> we will have an injury or two related to fireworks in montgomery county. it's been illegal for many years now. as the clip before us, people buy them in their jurisdiction where they work and bring them home with tent of having a good celebration.
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go to one of those proflessiona shows. they are still dangerous. that board is all illegal fiworks but almostll of those are illegal in every jurisdiction throughout this region. nay are exploding. th detonate. that's the parameter most outlined in the law. have fun. if you have fireworks make sure you have a safety plan. have a garden hose or a bucket of water nearby. don'te let children em and use them with appropriate plans and safety. >> you mentioned water. we'll need a lot of tt today cause heat is a problem. >> got to be prepared. >> what's youro advice anyone going to see the fireworks or the parade or to their own
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barbecue? >> just like you've been reporting, bring plenty of water. the amount of water you need to consume when i you're outside this heat. thankfully it's not as hot ast has been. you need 10, 12 of these botuges thut the day if you're outside even in a non-strenus activity. if you're doing anything strenuous you need much more water intake to'sffset that. ery important. if you feel thirsty you're already past the point of dehydrati dehydration. that's one of the first keyfa ors that someone can be aware of. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, ladies. s >> happy 4th to you. new evidence. two years of anon explo in new york city central park that left a teen from northan virgi badly injured. new york city police just released this photo of the
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plastic t baghat exploded in the park july 4th, 2016. connor golden was 19 at the time. the high school graduate from fairfax county was visiting new york for the holiday when he stepped on the explosive. doctors had to amputate most of his leg. the bag is from a bakery that closed long before the blast. >> to be able to move on and bring these people to justice. >> police are offerin a $40,000 reward to track down whoever is responsible here. t >>re's a court ruling that will affect every one who flies. >> the faa says it will not order airlis to stop shrinking
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the size of your airplane seat. it comes from passenger rights group that went to claiming planes were getting too cramped to safely evaate ring an emergency. >> we have more on this controversy. >> reporter: it's up to aircraft prove that s t every passenger can get out of plane within 90 seconds with lf the exits blocked. look closely at thesest most people are young and fit and no one reaches for a carry on bag. critics say it's not representative of a modern seat cramped plane filled with young and old passengers. many of whom are obese. >> lives are at stake here. we need to make sure t faa and manufacturers are testing full scale. demonstratio >> reporter: the faa says the test prove planes can be evacuated and the faa does not need tregulate airline leg room and seat sizes that have been shrinking even though thr o ou four americans are now
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overweight. there's no evidence that seat di mengs hamper the speed of passenger ev from the miracle on the mudson to a fie -- hudson to a fiery explosion. every passenger has gotten out. it proves passengers are getting out alive. don't look for your airline seat to get any bigger. tom ,costelbc news, washington. >> they are gting small and more uncomfortable. from the air to yourecar. imag driving a new car every two weeks. the new lease option that will j let you dot that. an uninvited guest shows up at a local man's house. what he did after shotting this massive black bear going through his trash.
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talk about a scary a man takes out the trash and spot a bear. >> officials blooe it's the same bear that was spotted in another neighborhood. >> reporter: he was calmer than went us might be when h to saw a bear backing out of his trash bin. >> he's in there. he's shoulders deep into that track can.
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>> it was trash night. i gathered the thing up. opened up the door and my trash can was knock over i thought it was a dog in there. stepped closer and bear out of trash can and kind of steps back and look s at me. >> reporter: the close encounter was captured b turner's home security system. >> i looked at him for what i think is too long. i should have probably backed way sooner. >> reporter: he's lived at the home for ye it backs up to thick woods along big rocky run cren. >> never s a bear. seen a lot of different animals. the bear has now checked off of my list of wildlife i thought i might be able to see. om reporter: it one week after this bear was spotted steps away from parking garage. turner says hwhen hed tal to county animal control it's possible all these repts may
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involve people seeing the same young bear. >> that bear is young. >> young and hungry.>> it's pretty hot there. i don't guess the bear cares about that. how much hotter is it going to get today and are we going to ay dry for the fireworks? >> that's a lot. i got to break it down. we reached our zenith yesterday as f temperatures go. today we're going to be slightly cooler. it's still going to be hot but slightly cooler. rain is in the forecast but it's not terrible. for youruly 4th event, pool time i think you're looking great. the earlier the better. it's warm enough to jump in the pool grilling, feeling around 100 degrees out there. boating, we have to watch the radar. we could be in for some isolated storms. let's push forward here.
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on the wrong give me second. we're expecting rain as we head through the evening. very isolated in nature. that will be good news forus. t's look at the krnt temperatures. 88 in washingt i, d.c. 88 leesburg. look how close we are to degrees. it's still well before lunchtime. yoo if you're planning on heading out tthe bay, down into parts of calvert centy you under heat advisory until 7:00 p.m. this evening. we are expecting heat index values to r anywhere from 100 to g105. yolling forecast, about 2:00 you should be fine. we're headed to the low0s this afternoon. it's not until the peak heating until 4:00 and 7:00 where you have the chance for isolated showers and storms. if you'reo headede beach know that today will be your best day and as we move toward thursday, we have a slight chance. by fridayost certainly going to be seeing showers and storms
11:27 am
roll through the area. storm team 4, 10-day outlook. we're cooling down over the weekend. it's going to be ls mid. we are going to dry out in time for your second fourth of july weekbed. nd that the 90s do return. we hav to just have this heat. >> it's summer. >> the national mall not the only spot to see the fireworks tonight. we'll take a look at a big lebration planned i northern virginia. we're learning this morning it's still too dangerous to rescue that soccer team trapped in cave. we'll hne the latest the plan to kpee
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> your time now 11:30 this morning. the story has captivated the world. the stakes could not be any higher as authorities are still woing to find the best possible strategy to bring 12 boys and theiroccer coach out of a flooded cage in thailand. >> the team i miles from safety now. it's monsoon season and there's more rain on the way. >> reporter: new video of soccer team trapped a half mile under ground but in good spirits sending messages to their family. i'm in good health, he says. th also thanked theirless c ler.
11:31 am
it's a race against time in thit dangerousrain with the urgency of a new threat loomingi monsoon due to hit in the coming days could push water levels dangerous high and may fully flood it forcing rescuers to consider an evacuation attempt within days. we need be 100% confident said the providence governor if there's a risk we will not lose them out. the boys who were found after ad nine search are healthy. divers are bringing them highot n food but they are still physically weak. they don't know how to swim let alone have the diving skills to navigate three miles of narrow tunnel. they have beenct ping wearing diving masks and breathing. more rain could cut off access to divers who are bringing them critical supplies of food,
11:32 am
medicine andope. >> once the cave floods seriously again with the amount of water going through the current and the visibility in the water, it may be diving pooperations may become imible like last week. >> reporter: pumps have been going around the clock trying to get the flood water out. crews are surveying whe they might drill new entries to the cave to drop ropes to pl the boys out. tell telecom crews are trying to install an internet l the cave so the boys with connect with their families who are watching and anx waiting for the boys to come home. once the monsoon rains arrive nd they will, it would make a rescue impossible until the end of theainy season which means at least maybe september, maybe longer that the kids are trapped under ground. that's a long time to keep their health, safety and morale high.b c news, thailand.
11:33 am
there is a search in indonesia foroz dens of missing people. you cac see how pked this worry was. it was full of menmen and children when it started to sink tyesterday. mohan 100 people on board. at least 29 are reported dead. the cap pain did manage to steer the ferry onto a reef making it easier for survivors to nvacuate. it was carrying unknown number of cars. the incident comes a few weeks after a different iferry that ws crowded and claimed 200 lives. on this fourth of july there's a liveook for you at sandy point. a record number of people
11:34 am
expected to avel 50 miles. i spoke to fire officials twhre hope you'll join them for all of the fun. >> check it out. the city of fairfax in the midst of its parase. of cour here is a look at some of e groups that will be part of it. of course, the big e bnt tonight wi the fireworks show. that evening show and fireworks. assistant fire chief here to tell us more about the fireworks show tha you guysay is really good. >> it's a top notch show. i think you'll get aut 20 minutes of fireworks. the parade is exciting. come downo fairfax high school between 6:00 and 10:00. we'll havebands, food, kids activitie activities. be sure to hydrate before youe. get ther it will be a hot one. >> thank you so much for that. look at the groups go.
11:35 am
>> i mean, yeah. they're all over the place. they have a really nicee par there. 200 groups part of that parade. if you're still looking for someone to watch the fireworks tonight, check out our fireworks finder in the nbc washington app. there we'll have complete coverage on fourth of july celebrations all around town. >> looks like a lot of fun. what's old is new at the nationaluilding museum this summer. visitors can cool off inside in an interactivet. bihi t the bea. well, the team is back with fun house. it's aninteractive reimagination of your typical house killed with fun, capes and mar marbles. the beach is now a pool. >> you have this perfect opportunity of the backyard to be able to create the scaled
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version of it. we're creating this backyard pool that brings a different, familiar experience. >> the fun house officially opens today and will stay open through the third of september. you'll have plenty of time to see it. if you're in the market for new c but not sure which one to choose, get a load of this. >>here's a nind of lease that lets you get behind the wheel of whatever vehic you wish to choose to driver when ever you want. nbc business correspondent shoes -- shoe us how this works. >> you kind of get sick of driving the same car every day. >> reporter: when she learned about a new car leasing progr that gives her the ability to change her car eve two weeks she put the pedal to the metal. i have a lot of yard work coming up and i'll have to flip
11:37 am
into a pickup truck. >> reporter: with car sales dipping, car companies are trying to make the ploemold on traditional leasing and buying. now brands like ford, volvo are starting car leasing programs. >> the changepl is p are wanting a more seamless experience from start to finish. >> reporter: more convenience means more money. it's $950 a month which gets her delivery, insurance and intenance and 40 cars. > automakers are charging a premium for subscription services because you get the convenience, flexibility. that's all priced in. >> reporter: a changing autry indu switching gears on how you drive this summ. nbc news, los angeles. >> might work for some people. >> it's nice. >> good option. we're watching the weather now. >> we could seeth a few pop up
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? you never told your dad and me about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. ♪ ♪
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s a serious show in the sky over philly last night. the lightning delayed the game for 1:30. huge bolts of lightning were cracki all around the ballpark in downtown philadelphia. too strong thunderstorms went over the city last night. the teams did take the field. >> they had their own fireworks show. >> we're not going to have any of that >> well. we are going to have isolated storms but not wash out. i wouldlt cany plans. nwould make sure i have the
11:41 am
4 app downloaded onto my phone. right now, let's talk temps. it's dry out there. the feels like temperature already 98. it's not even noon yet. it's so hot. just along theoastline or the bay. 98 degrees is what it feels like. 100egrees is what it feels like in leesburg. please stay dlihydrated out the. if you're headed to the this is what you're in for. temperatures climbing into the low 90s by about 2:00 p.m. that's when we'll start to see the isolated storm chancesg poppup. really north and west of the
11:42 am
district. i'll have placement map for the moment. now i want to give you your fireworks forec it. temperatur the upper 80s. very humid out there. very muggy. we're going into be in for feels like temperatures in the 90s as well approxima by 3:00 p.m., you saw how a lot of that chance was more north and west of the district. this was 7:00 p.m. model keeping us pretty dry but you have to remember the atmosphere is very primed. even though it may not be showing up in the model, i won't rule out an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon. not a bad forecaoo. the news is we're cooling as we head into the weekend. also less humid. by next week we're going back to the 90s. we can say this. the new coach is what it will take to repeat the success of the past season. >> from burgers to hot dogs, you can't forget the food this july
11:43 am
4th. gh'll get you cau up on the top eating competition. a'll talk
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children grow fast so manyn pa buy used clothing at garage s,saonsignment stores and on facebook. safety experts say there's one thing you should thice about buying used car seats.
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like most parents at this car seat safety check, tracy cohen wants confirmation her seat is secure. >> it makes me feel that much more safe. >> reporter: she bought her son's seat new but many receive hand me downs oria v used ones. safe experts caution at buying secondhand if you don't know the full >> even if it looks fine, it may have internal damage you can't see. we test hundreds of seats and after the crash seat there was sometimes damage not evidenced. >> reporter: even a seat used by older sibling may not be they have an expiration date. roughly six to ten years from thet dates manufactured which is printed on every seat. >>y summertime tre on the side. sometimes they are on the side up here. many seaave them on the bottom. somewhere there will be a
11:47 am
sticker that ges you the least of manufacturer. >> car seats even an expiration date to ensure the components haven't degrad s. >> reporteety doesn't have to cost a bundle. the costco is arnd $45 which gives moms like tracy one less thing to worry about. >> it maybes me feel much better as a first time mom knowing i've done everything i could. >> if car seat has expired on been in crash it's important to one ally destroy it so no will pull it off the curb when you throw it out. remove aller covers, c the straps and marking the plastic do not use. news 4midday continues right now. y make surer holiday cook out is a success with expert advice from some top grill
11:48 am
masters today. long horn stake houses grill u.s. hot line. it's open right now. you can get tips and tricks on how to perfectly grill up steak burgers and more. the known number is 1-855-lh grill. you can chativwith a grill mat master at facebook, twitter and instagram. the hot line closes at 4:00 p.m. molly successfully defending her title as the z burger champion. she took home a $1500 cash prize. she ate 27 burgers i ten minutes. after she won she said she wanted to take a milha and take a nap. the mom of four stands 5'7". she only weighs 125 pounds. when asked how she stays slim,
11:49 am
she said, quote, i have four kids. >> niei need have two mo i. >> don't know how they do that with burg hs. >> orot dogs. >> the most famous eating competition in the world is just a few minutes away. nathan's hot dog eating contest. competitors weighed in yesterday in brooklyn. eaters get ten minutes to scarf down as many hot dogs as possible. he's beaten his own record for the past two years. back in 2016 hete 70. last year he ate 72 hot dogs. just last month he broke the world recordte a 73.5. e question is, can he do it today? organizers are expecting abo 30,000 people to be at the competition. >> big let's get away from that. think about this. in less than a month's time the
11:50 am
capitals won the stanley cup, lost their head coach and hired one.w yesterday the caps officially inoduced todd reardon as the fad coach after serving as the team's assistant several years. snews spo spoke with him about this channel of keeping the caps on top of the league. >> sitting in front ofou today and tell you it's an honor and a impressive lenl impressive leprivilege to be th capitals head coach. >> what are your expectations and how do you get this back to the stanley cup final? >> it's a unique challenge. it's a unique situation we're in here. something i feel very confident about. ving forward is just a number of people that are returning to our roster. players i've already established relationships with.t' now continuation.
11:51 am
it's a wontuation and now that they had a little taste of it, it taste pretty od. they are enjoying that and for the first time in the history of the washington capitals they're able to have the title of stanley cup champs next to their name. it's something they earned and deserve and something we'll use asotivation to g back. >> you get to move over one more seat. what are you lookingorward to as head coach? >> i'm happy to be a part of t staffhat we have. people that want to comeev to wk y day with the idea of getting better. we're here to develop ayers, win hockey games and give e ourselves chao defend our title. i think that's the thing i'm most excited about. th there's only one team that has chance to defend this year and that's us. >>promoting reardon is the latest step i the capitals quest to keep this stanley cup
11:52 am
team together. he did thank former head coach for bringing him to d.c. and giving him the opportunity to be ready for a moment like this. take a look at thicial moment involving this family cup. an assistant equipment manager for the washington caps is also a resident of maryland capital. yesterday he brought the trophy to the makeshift office of the "cital gazette". many staffers posed. nextp the cup heads with caps captain to russia. he's ting it t moscow where there will be a fan festvent before russia's quarter final game at the world cup. ncht aft after the break, a former senator who loves to spend time withveterans. >> where
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
it's estimated that about 600,000 are still alive. >> many come to visit the world often memorial a familiar face is there to greet them. >> reporter: crowds gather around an old soldier. reporting for duty to say thank you. >> thank you for your service.
11:56 am
>> reporter: bob doyle, a second lieutenant woubnded during worl war ii. heurns 95 this month. energized by the fellow veterans gle greets. >> howiare you? >> i'm fine. never thought i would be 92 years old. >> i never thought i woulde 95. i've met thousands of veterans, not so many before world war ii. we're all disappearing. >> what do you have in common? >> we're all in this together. we all did what we're asked to do. some wereomucky and were not so lucky. >> reporter: senator doy lerle bue driving force to get this memorial t. today veterans come by the bus load to visit. >> what's it like when you come to t bs memorial? ngs tears to your eyes.
11:57 am
>> still? >> yes. >> i was wounded. my radioeean had wounded and i crawled out trying to get him back in the little ravine and i got shot. he didn't make it. he passedaway. i tried but i couldn't save him. >> reporter: here in the shadow of the memorial, the talk generally light. >> i hear you like a good guess. >> yeah. don't tell my wife. don't tell my wife. >> what does it do
11:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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the moment she tells you she's dating prince harry. who is one of the heirs to lt throne. you're being relaxed about this. most fathers would be like wow what? >> my daughter is certainly a prize for him as well. so i don't have -- he's great. he's an interesting guy he's a prince. but my daughter has been a princess since the day she was born. >> isn't that sweet? meghan markle, dad, thomas. breaking his scien


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