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tv   Today  NBC  July 12, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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test. good morning. breaking news. playing hard ball. >> i think that nato is much stronger now than it was two dao. >> president trump holds an unscheduled news conference at nato headquarters capping off a contentious couple of days with american allies. >> i let them know that i wasy extrem unhappy with what was happening and they have substantially upp their commitment. >> nowe's off to t uk where protesters are gearing up ahead of hisng mee with the prime minister and the queen. we are live with the latest. roa to recovery. new images from the hospital where the rescued boys in thailand are skill inuarantine an separated from their parents but on the mend. the coach apologizing to their families this morning as we
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learn more about jt how they got out. miracle on the mountain. >> that was, like, whoa, we're going to get off here. >> a survivor speaks about the plane crash in a remote region of alaska where all 11 escaped with their lives. details about w the accident and the investigation into what happened help those stories plus stepping down, papa john's on damage control as the founder quits amid a racial controversy. self-starter kylie jenner set to make history t ashe youngest self-madere billionai ever but there's a growing backlash. > and it's not coming home. the world c ride comes to an end for england. france and croatia up next, thursday, july 12th, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hodkotb. live from studio 1a in
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rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today". thank you for joining us. we do have a lot of news.ou top story president trump holding an inpromptu news confer nce atato headquartering putting a positive spin on the progress after tough talks with the nato allies. he headso aews conference where he's to sit down with theresa may and kwqueen elizabe. good morning, kristen. >> reporter: good morning to you. that surprise press conference capped aemarkable two-day summit at nato with president trump lashing out at some o america's closest allies, even raising questions about whether he might pull out t of alliance all together. this morning the president claimed victorytaying t thanks to him nato is now back on track and running le a ne-tuned machine. this morning president trump
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striking a notably different tone aut the nato summit. >> it has been reallyzi a to see the level of spiritn that room is inedible. >> reporter: after a tense start the president claiming victory saying our nato allies have agreed to increase their spding by $33 billion. >> yesterday i let them know that i was extremely unhappy wi what was happening and they have substantially upped their commitment. now we're very happy and have a , very powerful, very, very strong nato, much stronger than it was two days ago. >> reporter: also talking about nato rns with russia. >> i hope that we're going to be able to get along with russia. i think that we probably will be able to. the peoplen the room think so. but theyhenevertheless, really stepped up their commitment and stepped it up like they never havebefore. >> reporter: the president also previewing his upcoming meeting
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with vladimir putin saying he will talk about russia's attempts to meddle in the 2016 election. it all comes on the heels of a contentious nato summit, the president accusing nato members of not paying their fair share taking particular aimt germany hours after thisup grophoto. >> germany as far as i'm concerned iso captiverussia. >> reporter: prime minister theresa may will welcome him at the birth place of winston churchhill. then a private dinner. after aeeting tomorrow, the president and first lady will have tea with the queen, photo ops aimed at purngt the relatio between the president and the prime minister. they have clashed on a number of issues from tra to foreign
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policy. the president clearly hoping by showtrength coming out of nato he'll be emboldened heading into the hig stakes with vladimir putin. when asked today if other leaders had expressed concerns about that meeting, the president said to the contrary. he says they're thanking h. hoda, savannah. >> kristen, thank lyou. >>'s dig deeper. we're joined by the former national security adviser in the george w. bush administration. good morning to y. i know you were up early watching this with us. i guess my question to youis, does this feel like it was all part of the plan, the president goes into nato, talks tough, sa g whatd is this organization and then gets these concession n out of theo allies? is it tough tactics that paid off? >> i think it's a tale of two summits. yesterday nato seemed to be in crisis. the president threatening to, withdr attacking partners. very positive review of what's happened. certainly praising himself in
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terms of getting more defense spending. i do think this is part of the president's he's tractional in his foreign policy. he's hyper personal in how he thinks abo these issues and so from one day to the next issues change. today you have a much more sitive view of t nato alliance. the problem of course is this le allies a bit un easy, unsure of what the u.s. commitment is long term and nirtainly quest what happens next in helsinki. there's a lotf unease moving into the meeting. >> monday the president does meetith putin. if you're vladimir putin and you're watching all this un fold, what are you thinking? >> maybe licking your chops a bit. i think he's in a very strong position. not because the president's necessarily weak, but because all eyes are on a putin and eyes are on moscow.
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putin knows all eyes are on the united states. he has seenhe transatlantic divide and the trade war and trade problems between the u.s. and europe and so he sees a mvide. he als see an opportunity tofr divide the presiden his own administration. despite what we think the president's administration bas actualn pretty tough on russia. the question is can president putin begin to divide the president, divorce the president from his own administration and his administration's policies. >> we'll seehat happens on monday in lski. thanks for your perspective this morning. appreciate it. nowato an upd on the story that has had us on the edge of our seat for more ttwn o weeks. after an amazing rescue, the thai soccer team.
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janice, good morning. >> reporter: good morsng. the b continue to be improved and doctors say they could be released from hospital withinys in the meantime the world got its first look at them. the boy recovering and relaxing after that daring three-day tascue mission wearing face masks and hospi gowns waving from their bed still together now that they're free. their family wipingway tears. their families behin glass. the team a remarkable change from the scene of 12 boys and their coach g hungry and trapped. health officials say the boys are doing well mainly because of their coach. the 25-year-old was the last person out and was also the weakest. sharing his rations of food and water to keep the boys going. a former buddhist monk he also taught them meditatn. in a letter he apologized to the ys parents. his aunt telling us she's
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relieved. his uncle proud. telling us i will hug him and cheer them up and tell them to keep the fighting spirit. just up the road the cave has been sealed off. still flooded and so dangerous crews here tell us it could be days before they're able to take out all of the equipment used to save the team. th incredible rescue mission, a half mile underground watched around the world. each boy sedated to ease anxiety, tethered to divers to get them through the dark narrow passages. thisew video showing parts of the rescue, b thes carried out on stretchers. and just after the last person was out, the main water pump iled. flooding the cave, forcing rescue workers to scramble to safety. british drive arriving back home describing the tough conditions. >> dark, poorer visibility u water. a lot of difficulty. >> the boys and their coach will spend a few more days in the hospital then home.
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at this school where six of the boys go, their friends are anxious to get the world's most popular soccer team back. >> janice, it's so interesting to hear that some of the boys or perhaps all of them were sedated in some way to perform this rescue. do you know anything more about that? >> reporter: well, officials say they were given anti-anxiety meds to take the edge off. ey just didn't know how the kids were going to react once they got in waternd panic could have been deadly for the kids and divers. they were working with such a narrow window of opportunity. the divers and the doctor in the cave needed to do everything they could to control the environment in order to pull this off which remarkably and thankfully they did. >> the results speak for
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themselves. this isncredibly. we're still marveling. we're going to have more on their road to recovery in our next half hour. now we turn to another miracle rescue. this one happened on a row moem mountain side in alaska. all 11 people made it out alive. this morni one of those survivors is reporting exactly what happened just before let's go to miguel almaguer. he's got the story thismorning. >> reporter: good morning. rescue teams say it's a miracle anyoneould have survived. stranded on a mountain after slamming into it for three long hours. this i the momenthey were plucked into the air after their small plane slammed into the ground. 11 survivors hoisted to safety after a harrowing crash landing in dangerous weather. even for coast guard pilot, a
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white knuckle flight. >> some of the toughest conditions i'v encountered in flying with the coast guard. gearter the landing sheared off, rescue teams had to navigate the dangerous rocky tree-lined cmountain, thesh site so remote after the pilot called 911 it took three hours for rescue teams to reach them. christine still can't believe she survived. >> kind of surreal when we saw the helicopter through the fog and realized they could actually see us. that was, like, whoa. we're going to get off here. it was amazing. >> reporter: she sent her husband, melvin, a series of frantic text messages that she shared with us. we just crashed, she says. now.o scared right the emotional trauma he says worse than the physical. >> she has a minor fracturi i can't think of which vertebrae, vertebraer off the where the muscles connect and
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some basic bruising. pretty minor considering they were in a plane crash. >> video of a single engine sea otter taken last year, it was flying when it slammed into mt. jumbo on prince o palewales island. one survivor says the plane came out of the crowd and hit the mountain without warning or time to prepare. >> everybody was happy to see us and a little of hypothermia. >> they have a good safety record. this crash landing and safe escape a miracle on the mountain. >> the ntsb says it's going to have several more questions for the pilot. their investigation could take weeks if not months. back to you. >> miguel, tnk you very much. now to the new fallout from a controversy involving one of
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america's favorite pizza chains. overnight the founder and chairman of papa john's stepped down hours after ung a racial slur at a conference cal earlier this year. ker kerry sandersas the latest. >> reporter: this is not the first time he's found himself at the center of a high profile controversy involving race. john snyder, the founder and chairman of this pizza chiain resigned in an attempt to minimize the damage already done. overnight papa john's founder resigning leaving the pizza company that transformed him in a household name. hours earlier phased the billion dollar brand apologized for using the "n" word during a may conference call saying in a statement news reports attributing the use of
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inappropriate and hurtful language to me during a med training session regarding race are true. regardless of the icontext, apologize. simply stated, racism has no place in our society. it all stems froa role i'-playig exerci exercise. he was trying to justify previous comments he had made about the nfl that got him into hot water. colonel sanders called blacks the "n" word and complained he never faced public backlash. the call was to prevent futurep disasters. that agency ceo declined toco irm reports he has cut ties with papa john's. theiz third largest chain in the world saying it condemns racism a any insensitive language no matter the situation or setting adding t wee great pride in the diversity of the papa john's family, though
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diversity andsnclusion i an area we will continue to strive doetter. the fallout is swift. after the news brokewednesday, shares of papa john's fell nearly 5% to a 12-monthly losing almost $100 millioinarket value. this isn't his first slice of controversy. he stepped down as ceo last year after criticizing nfl leadership and blaming slow sales growth or the controv surrounding athletes who kneeled during the national anthem in protest of racial injustice and police b w brutality. the company apologized two weeks later. this morning the company hes better behavior. john snyder n did return calls from nbc news for'somments. unclear how customers will react or punish the pizza chain.
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hoda, savannah. >> kerry, thank you. let's turn toce s croatia is headed to itsd first woup final after a stunning upset over england. that was something. >> it was some game. for much of the game it lookeds like it wa going to be england. less than five minutes in, they gave england a-0 lead on a free kick slamming the ball over the wall of players. england held that lead until the 67 minute mark when croatia tied it up. that game would go into extra time and 109th minute croatia scored thein game-wng goal with a left footer. the celebration was on. croatia will face france in the worl cup final on suny morning. of course we'll have much more in the big game coming up. as much as they're, excitedve it up for england who were so
7:18 am
gracious. as disappointed as they were, they were applauding. >> thisiny littlecountry, never been in the world cup, but here they go. we're going to turn to mr. roker and get a o checkthe weather. >> thank you for getting your first weather from us. we have atot of h from the pacific northwest into the midwest. we're looking atll 18 n people at risk for heat advisori, watching or warnings. hot and humid. look at the heat indexes. it will feel like 103 in memphis. this weekend actual air temperatures 90s right into the weekend for charleston, tampa, new orleans, omah san antonio. even the pacific northwest gs into the action. triple digits in redding. heat index danger zones, you've got to be careful. you get to 90 degrees, heat
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cramps, heat exhaustion possible and when you get to 105 sunstroke which is verynd dangerout continues as you get to heat indexes of 130 very, very dangerous. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morng, i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. skies are mr,tly cl plenty of sunshine. it will be a pleasant day for many of your activities. current temperatures mostly in
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the mid to upper 60s west of i-95. your planner for y,to8 degrees. that's about six degrees cooler than yesterday. there is a slight chance for a stray shower primarily closer to the chesapeake bay and we dry u for friday and the weekend. that's your latest weather. i'm surprised you're here today. aren't you in mourning? >> i am in mourning. >> roger federer lost. it is literally why i'm wearing black. coming up, the nfl star on defense over shocking allegations involving a violent attack on his ex-girlfriend. then later on what is ahead for the young men of th thai soccer team. they're physically okay but cing some unusual challenges ahead. first this is "today" on nbc. >
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coming up, channelling your coming up, channeling your
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wow, that's clean! and less work for my mom. new cascade platinum. nothing cleans better. this is a news 4 today news k. good morning. it is 7:26. i hope your thursday is off to a great start. >> having today in fairfax county the school board is set to have a public hearing on several new security measures. they're going to go over how to find some of the changes that theyhire recommendings like replacing old locks and hiring 18 additional school-based mental health support staff. the meeting will happen at 5:30 in evening jackson middle school. today there will be controversy on parking fees. you park at a metro garage but don't ride the train you pay a nonrider parking fee. that started in february and the fee is higher than the normal
7:27 am
price. the board is also looking at extending a saturday price hike as well. let's get to melissa in your first 4 traffic. >> looking at the belt way here. wilson bridge is a little slow and up top norma slow down. we havessas, eastbound, a live look. pretty good headed southbound, both main >> love to see that traffic moving. that's right. we'll have a check on the forecast coming up next. >> stay with us. good morning, everybody.
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it's a pleasant day to be outside. temperatures are in the 60s too 70s. temperatures will be cooler. about 88 ler on today. chance for a shower on two east of-95. pleasant evening for some back
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yard barbecuing. friday looks very pleasant, sunny and d. another local news update coming up in 25 minutes.
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we're we're back at 7:30, thursday morning, 12th of july. that's kylie jenner, no stranger to being cover girl. this time she's made the cover of forbes magazine. she's got a lot of people talking. >> we'll talk about why she is king massive news, this young self-made billionaire,he youngest ever. >> a little controversial. get 'll get to that we' to that including president trump's unscheduled news conference. sounding off. >> i can tell you nato is really a fine tuned machine. >> president trump speaking out at an unexpected press coming in the wake of tense interactions with nato allies.
7:31 am
the president now headed to the uk st to m with prime minister theresa may and the queen. under the mike cope. supreme court nominee brett cavanaugh meeting with lawmakers ahead of the confirmation battle. he went tens of thousands into debt purchasing baseball tickets over the last decade. stormy daniels arrested in columbus, ohio, overnight whi performing at a strip club charged with misdemeanor sex offenses. daniels' attorneyaying the arrest is politically motivated. unmanned adventure. a medium sized drone becomes the first civilian registered crmanned at to successfully cross the atlantic ocean traveling 4,000 miles froa north dao southern england. and pain in the grass. >> that's it, eight-time champ
7:32 am
roger federer knocked out of wimbledon. >> no! >> as rivals rafael nadal and novakjokovic advance to the semifinals today, thursday, july 12th, 2018. and i need to point out that that yell , like, no, after federer lost was literally from you. >> inow. >> people are actually stopping -- >> i have ner -- maybe my first day of work did i see as many checks as i receivedeo yesterday pple asking me if i was okay because roger lost. no, i'm not. i'm devastated. kevinounderson theth african put on a great match as well. we have to be good sports just like roger would be. now a there's anrican in the semifinal, so we can root for him. but yes, it's too soon. >> we'llcontinue. >> we'll continue to follow wimbledon, no question. there areckome sg new
7:33 am
allegations against lesean mccoy, the runni back known as shady is being investigated by police after a former girlfriend was violently attacked in a home that he owned. g nbce gutierrez is on this story for us. gain, good mo >> reporter: good morning. buffalo bills star running back lesean mccoy turns 30 today but that milestone may be muted because of veiled aegations that he may have been somehow involved in the brutal beating of an ex-girlfriend. mccoy flatly denies it, but the case is making natnal headlines. this morning one of th nfl's biggest stars is playing t offee off field. buffalo bills running back lesean mccoy hiring prominent atlanta attorney don samuel to help him fight accusations he is somehow involved in a vicious break-in in a posh home he owns in georgia. the brutal attack by an unknown
7:34 am
assailant left mcdonaldcoy's ex-girlfriend severely beaten and hospitalized. a friend blames mccoy calling him the devil and an animal writing i can't believe he did this to my best friend. several reports say mccoy was in miamihe training at time of the assault. firing back mccoy posted for the record the totally baseless andm offensive c made against me tuesday on social media are completely false. rthermore i have not had any direct contact with any of the people involved in months. court records sho mccoy had been drying to evict her from his home for more than a year. the documents saying they were no longer in a relationship after he allowed her to live rent free while at the premises for five months. n police a saying whether they believe mccoy had any involvement in the burglary and beating in his home and no chges have been filed in the case. but they do say there was no forced entry. her lawyer telling nbc news in a
7:35 am
phone interview -- >> this assailant gained access to the home but didn't break i so how did this person get in? all the doors were locked. this person actually had access through someone. >> reporter: she also release thd statemeed this statement writing the assailant demanded items of jewelry that had been gifted to ms. cordon byr. mccoy. the nfl is reviewing the matter. the players a association has no commt. >> gabe thank you very much. turn now to mr. rocker for a check of theer. >> good morning. we're watching severe weather into parts of wisconsin and minnesota. we've got flo watching and severe thunderstorm watches r we do have tk of severe weather for five million folks all the way up into wisconsin for severe storms, maybe even damaging winds andn isolated tornado or two can't be rule
7:36 am
out. storms all along f this coldnt pushing down an afternoon to evening risk. as we move into tomorrow, chicago may be under the gun later in the aftnoon fromes moines all the way back. rainfall amounts generally about 1 to inches but locally could be upwards of 3 tonc 4s from minnesota to south dakota. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning, 74 degrees feels pretty comfortable outside with humidity not so bad out there help mostly sunny skies. we'll be seeing a lot of sun through the day 68 degrees. dull les dulles. throughout thursday we'll be warming up to the 80we l see the chance of a shower mainly south and east of d.c.e anything wouldery light, not a big deal at all. as we go into friday and your weekend, we're dry. 90s over the weekend andumid on sunday. >> that's your >> al, thank you so much p. let's turn back to the road
7:37 am
heead for t 12 thai boys and theich soccer coa who spent weeks trapped underground. they're now in various stages of recovery and facing not just physic challenges, but mental ones as well. stephan stephanie gosk has been looking into that as well. >> they're said to be iood shape with a few fighting lung infections. their rescue from a flooded cave in thailandre cap the world's attention. now we're seeing the 12 boys for they were ime since saved waving, offering the "v" for victory sign for everyone who cheered them on. a few recovering from minor cases of pneumonia, but they are optimistic about their physical recovery. the boys who spent two weeks in cave have been given antibiotics, vitamins a vaccines. so far no signs of fever orms probith their vision. >> i think for the boys their
7:38 am
age was definitely anin advanta terms of physical or healtli comptions. >> right now they're all together in one hospital wing but are mostly being kept apart from their loved ones. some of their parents are allowed in the room but forced o keep their distance in surgical masks and gowns to protect the boys from infection. their fight is far from over. a expert turning their focus to what might be a bigger concern for the boys moving forward. their mental health. >> we t worry abouthe risk of ptsd. they've been confined. >> symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder can occur months even years after an event theyr ed including mood changes,gh ares, and irritability. the rescueil in td is similar to another one that caught the world's attention in 2010 when 33 miners were rescued aftepe sing ten weeks underground. all but one of the miners
7:39 am
reportedly diagnosed with ptsd. >> the support of theirrids and family will ultimately be so important for them, but a survival of this type is a wracle. >> reporter: boy beat the odds once now looking to beatin them a right now doctors plan to keep the boys in a hospital for a week and will continue to monitor them after tir release. >> aren't you so happy we're doing this story in this is how are they going to copeow that they're out? >> such great news. that poor diver that los his life, but all these boys got out. it's so straight ahead, if you ever wanted to be bond, james bond, we're goingo take you to a row mo remote mountain said, we'll take you where you can get an adreline russia all your own. we'll talk to maye musk about her remkable life and defending her billionaire son.
7:40 am
plus culture fix. cardi b welcomes a baby girl. and how kylie jenner built an empire of her own. coming up right after this. it's the ford summer sales event
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♪ add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia. nature gives me... energy. ♪ clarity. nature gives me... wisdom. ♪ courage. ♪ drive. ♪ nature gives... give back. nature valley, proud supporter of the national parks. we are back now. 7:44, with a member of the kardashian clan on yet ather magazine cover. this one might surprise you. >> that's right, guys.
7:45 am
forbes is out i with annual ranking of the richest self-made women and on theront cov 20-year-old kylie w jenner, one of the wealthiest people in america. kate is here with her rise. not without a little bit of >>controversy. epending on your age you might be awaiting her new makeup line or maybe you've oarely hear her. love it or hate it, forbes estimates the 20-year-old is worth $900 million. almost a billionaire. living proof in the age of social media celebrity sells. >> i'm kylie jenner and i am the founder of kylie. cos >> kylie jenner's success is an invention of the instagram age. she's launching kylie cosmetics, a company 100% owned by her. >> she's able to promote and advertise her products for free
7:46 am
on stagram. >> 110 million followers on instagm to be exact with millions more on snapchat and twitter. tile kylie was just 10 years old when sh started appearing with h half siblings in "keeping up with the kardashians". she grew up in the spotlight and grew controversy when she used lip fillers at 15. >> your lips look amazing. >> she said they were too big yesterday. >> plenty of celebrities would have shied away and not spoken to the press. what she dhi was t about how to turn this into a very smart business. >> she launched her first lift kit in 2015 and it sold sit. nce then the company has sold mo than $600 million in alls of makeup. if that growth continues, kylie jenner could beat out mark zuckerberg and become the you
7:47 am
youngest self-made billionaire next year when she's 21. forbes describes jenners self-made because she didn'tni techcally inherit her wealth, but tt drew criticism given some of the support and notoriety she's received from her famous famy. tweeting self-made means having succeeded in life unaided. fans said that was just mean. >> i the face to my brand. i take responsibility for everything tt happens. >>ome mightay kylie jenner's success and the incredible growth of kylie cosmetics is the'slexion of no shame game in which being famous and having nothing off limits is the way to succeed. >> her instagram is filled with glamour shots, sultry poses and that worries some parents. kylie's sister was asked about it last year. >> my little sister has an insane business and anyone who
7:48 am
says they don't want that sinsae to me. >> kylie is also a new mom. she has a 5 month old. she told forbes she plans to continue her makeup company for as long as she can.s forng as there's an audience, she's going to rake it in. one irony is she made this off her lips. this week she was without lip filler and said on instagram said she's not doing that anymore. >> she really says things thats move mark >> good for her. >> and she's smart because she found a need and she filled it. >> did you hear that? that was good. that was a good one. >> coming up on pop star, what are pool gloves and why on earth does kristen bell have them? we'rep with dak shepard. he's going to explain coming up. touch shows how we really feel. but does psoriasis ever get in the way?
7:49 am
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7:56 isig your time now on this thursday, july 12th, 2018. i'm angie goff. we want to get right over to melissa with your first 4 traffic. >> good morning. taking a lookt the roads. 95 in virginia, left side blocked by the crash there. rit now in vienna, eastbound toll road left blocked by the crash and at wooten, a crash mere, somebody medivaced out. >> a check on your forecast is next. stay with us. i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain.
7:57 am
but thanks to the virtual reality technology at gw hospital, my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successful surgery. it's remarkable that i woke up and ran five miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank you for giving me new life. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine.
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7:59 am
good morning. temperatures in the 70s for most of us. still in 60s. fredericksburg, gaithersburg also comfortable to start off your 88 s, chance of an afternoon shower east and south of the tomorrow sunny, 88 for a high into the weekend right around 90 degrees. more humid sunday and more rain chance humid as we go into next week. >> more local news i 25 minutes. back for now to the crew at "the today show" after this break.
8:00 am
it's co00 on "today". ng up, speaking out, president trump goes off script holding an unscheled news conference at nato headquarters capping off aus content summit. >> i let them know that i was extremely unhappy with what was happenin and they have substantially upped their commitment. >> what can we expect to see ahead of thengresident's m with the prime minister and the queen? we are liven london with the latest. plus museum, bond museum.ak we'reing you high into the alps for a sneak peek at the first ever james bd museum. >> we wanted people to feel like hey're in the world of james bond. >> from the family crest to the
8:01 am
trick the out cars. your first look at the new attraction. and rock in the running? after announc'tg he won be seeking the oval office in 2020, duane johnson says there's also 2024. >> people have talked to you about whether you would run for political office. do you actually take that possibility seriously? >> i absolutely do, yes. ye i do. >> today thursday, july 12th, 2018. we're here to celebrate turning 40. >> my 17th birthday. >> 30 years. >> my 70th. >> all the way from melbourneli aust >> say hello to my kidsch in
8:02 am
mian. back to "today" we appreciate this crowd. we appreciate yous being with on a thursday morning. it's a fun w to spend a summer morning. >> it is and you're playing my song. >> anything o make you feel better after the roger federlo . we're thinking about you. we do have a busy one. president trump traveling tea britain this morning after a ten final meeting with nato allies in belgium. krisn welker joins us live from london. good morning. >> reporter:in hoda, good mo to you. president trump held a prize news conference today after lashing out atnd alliesven according to administration officials threatening to pull out of the nato alliance if other countries didn't increase their definite spending. france's president denied that raer happened. it's creating atic backdrop with president trump set to touch down later today in the uk. this morning president trump claiming victory afterth clashi
8:03 am
allies at the nato summit. >> to see the level of spirit in that roois incredible. >> reporte saying those allies have agreed to increase their spending on defense by $33 billion. >> yesterd i lethem know that i was extremely unhappy with what was happening and they have substantially upped their commitment. also previewing his upcoming meeting with russia's president vladimir putin. vowing he will press putin on election meddling. >> i'm representing the united states. so in a sense we're competitors. not a question of friend or enemies. he's not my enemy. and hopefully some day maybe he'll be a friend. >> it all comes o the heels of the contentious nato summit, the apresidentusing nato members of not paying their fair share for defense and taking particular a at germany just hours before this group photo. >> germanys far as i'm concerned is captive to russia. >> reporter: after sies of
8:04 am
last-minute meetings with nato , president trump will kick off a two day visit here in britain. prime minister thesaay will welcome him at the palace, the birt place of winston churchhill. dinner.rivate then after meetings tomorrow, the president and first lady will have tea with the queen, photo ops aimed at punctuating the speetal relationshipen the president and prime minister. but the two leaders have slashed on a range of issues fro trade to immigration and foreign policy. but here i londont won't just be a red carpet welcome. president trump also expected to be greeted by protests, activists planning to mock the president with an orange baby blimp flying over the city, a demonstration apved by london's mayor who has vocally opposed the u.s. president. now, president trump clearly hoping that by showing strength f in the wakee nato summit, that will embolden him heading into tlt criti face-to-face
8:05 am
with russia's president vladimir putin. when asked if other leaders had expressed concerns about thatet g, the president said to the contrary. they're thanking him. >> kristen welker. kristen, thank you. now to the high stakes tra dispute. china is vowing to fight back in response to the trump administration's proposed levy of 10%rariffs on $200 billion of chinese made products. chinese officials accused the u.s. of bullying. they promised to respond with firm and forceful measures. oftuesday they issued a list chinese goods to be hit with new tariffs including furniture and networ routers. the boys soccer team rescued from that cave will spend another few days in the hospital and another month recovering at home. the team survived largely because of their25-year-old coach. the former buddhist monk shared
8:06 am
his fd and water rations, taught them how to meditate and keep calm. the head of the na-- >> time for the morning boost. >> you mig thinkhis is funny. a man at the chicago white sox game got his 15 minutes of fame and maybe not for the reasons he would have liked. here he is enjoying the game. he didn't realize h has an entire hot dog's worth of mustard on his left cheek. he's chatting away. somebody gets a phone call from a friend. if you read him lips, you can say we're onou tv. are kidding me? later, he says i hav on my face. go tofe sees it and they work trying to get it off a nap >> that wally a one-napkin job. he kind of needed another sone. >> i little too much mustard. >> that is so cute.
8:07 am
>> it'sadorable. >> the wife didn't see it because it was on the other cheek. coming up, from hollywood to washington, duane johnson talking about wrestling over the zegz decision to run for the white house. we went all the way to the austrian alps to see the james bond museum, coming up after these messages. my father passed this truck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah
8:08 am
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what's the #1 new skincare product in 2018? omg! it's olay. that's crazy! olay regenerist whip. olay whips absorbs faster than the $100, $200, and even $400 cream. i feel like it just melted into my skin better. it's really smooth and it's not heavy. i really really love this. i will 100% swap up my moisturizer. can i have it? olay whips. try whips with spf 25. finally, sun protection that feels light as air. this morning, a new experience for james bond fans giving them a taste of his signature swagger. that's right. we've sent our own .007 nbc keir
8:12 am
simmon to figure it out for us. >> if you are into bond thrks pla, this place will have you shaken, stirred, and perhaps a little out of breath. we are thousands of feet up in a spectacular spot. this is where they've chosen to locate a very speci place tha really does have a license to thrill. james bond, incredible location, fast cars. .007?uldn't want to be and now here in the austrian alps fans can immerse themselves in the movie. well, who were you expting? daniel craig? craig shot for the last movie here, 10,000 feet up at the top of this mountain.
8:13 am
the top of this building he meets the movie's heroin. it's the setting for a brand new state of the art visitor attraction. it's built right inside the mountain. it's an atmospheric and immersive experience. for bond fans, a ssory overload of unashamed action. >> this is over the top >> the actual vehicles used are here. an given what the put them through in these mountains, it's amazing they're still in one piece. in fact, some of them are in pieces manyf the locations featured can be seen from up here.
8:14 am
he helped design all this, but he was the art director on the last four bond films. it youally have to go up to cable cars right to the very top of the mountain. >> likeonames >> like james bond would do himself. that's part of the experience. we really wanted people to kind of feel like they're in the world of james bond. >> >> reporter: as anyone knows, the world of bond, texan born, and with changing bonds,ng changifashion. >> the original costume fhom "the spy w loved me". >> bond has ait of things about mountains and chases in the snow. in the movie, the snow-bound action scenes. then there are the gadgets displayed here in the tech lab. from the vintage golden gun to
8:15 am
"q's" latest gizmos. >> you can't have this. >> does it do anything? >> it tells the time. >> there are even gadgets you can have a go at turning you into aspy. kind of. agent .0360 doesn't have the same ring to it. okay. so we can't all are quite as cool as bond, but here in theau rian alps you can at least get a taste of what it's like to be .007 for a bit anyway. it is open now, so if you have ney and time, get on a plane and get yourself up here. or if youancy yourself as a bit of a bond, jump out of that plane, parachute wn, andski. >> ofrs coue. keir definitely looks the part. >> nice walk down memory lane of .007. >> you've gothe orange room?
8:16 am
>> i do. let me head over here. this is a story a lot ofeople might be able relate even if you're not famous and that's stting ima of your family and kids up online. halle berry just got back. she's sharing a workout routine. nice moment with her daughter and son here's t photo in question. this is the one of her 4-year-old son.ed this surpr millions of her followers because she's famous for protecting her kids privacy and this is the first time she chose to show her son's face. she said this was a struggle,al don't like to show my kids, but i do realize my people are sid for me and me for them and sometimes i feel like i want to include them. social med kind of backing her up. beautiful boy, but yes, i understand her job is to protect them. ais one says she is a proud loving mama and it is her choice to protect them however she feel system right. it's not the first time she's
8:17 am
spoken out on the issue. in 2016 she defended her decision to hide their saces saying tries to find creative ways to incorporate them into herocial feeds, but keeping their identities you guys all have kids. >> it's funny because i'm a moms i would p a picture every single second if i could because i try ud of my kids, but to keep it in balance i guess. >> i think sometimes when you don't show forg a l time, there's such a pursuit of that child and getting that picture. >> that's true too. good point. let's get to pop star. we'reoing to start with a question we've all been asking ourselves. will dne johnson run for office? vanity fair asked if the rock in a 2020 presidential rock couldp ssibly happen and he said due to my schedule it is not possible in 2020. last night stephen cven colbert
8:18 am
pressed him. >> do you take tteriously? >> i absolutely do. but at the same time i am not delusional at all. i feel like you know wha it is? i need that thing? oh, experience, yes. so if that were to happen,n a 2024, 20 would have to go to work and get experience. >> he's playing president in one of his movies. 2020 not happening. maybe 2024, we'll see. u next some news from cardi b. she shared this photo to show she's given birth to a baby girl whose name is culture kiari, born tuesday, july 10th. cardi b captioning the photo. no better feeling as her and her a husband's first child together. our congratulations going daout. shepard sat down with jimmy kimmel and was asked about his
8:19 am
wife's pool gloves as seen in th photos. he asked what the purpose was and shepard explained. >> so the heat waveas so dramatic as you spoipoint pointm getting in, i've got to get my pool gloves. i was, like, your pools? glo are you going to do some underwater welding? come to fine out she has this weird phobia that when her fingertips are pruny she doesn't want to touch other people's skin. that's too much for her apparently. >> hod actresses. ly why? i don't know. >> kristen bell, we love her. it'sll summer, we're in the pool. i'm all in in the pool with her. this is a look. sheno something. >> you wear it well. >> thank you very much. >> i've got to follow the end. >> exactly. thank you, carson.
8:20 am
what do we have now? weather? >> what are we going to talk about to follow that? first of all, we've got chris. it's moving away. good news, good riddance, out of here. ryl will possibl getting itself together over the next five days. probably not going to affect coastal mainland, but we could see some rip currents, so we'll be watching that as well. the rest of the country very hot in the pacific nthwest. heat wave in the central part of the u.s. hi or miss showers and thunderstorms. monsoon continuing in the southwest. we may see some floodingibhere po as well. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. right here at homen the d.c. metro area it's a mostly sunny start to your day and ver pleasant to be outside. temperatures in the low 70s. it will be cooler today than we've been the last few d ws. yesterda reached 94. today most areas will stay in the mid to upper 80s for
8:21 am
afternoon highs. again, humidity is trailing off a bit for today. even lower humidity for tomorrow. however, heat and humidity return for the weekend. rain chances are going to hold off until monday for most. fnchts you' if you're on the n,atch us, sirius today at 1:00. >> looking forward to that. this morning we areg launch new series called mother knows best. we're kicking things off may month. >> you might recognize that last name. one.the famous yes, elon musk's mother, but she's also a star in her own ritlt. she rec watched the runway for dolce and gabana. >> i don't want to brag aboutlf my it's embarrassing. i've done just fine obvusly.
8:22 am
it's working out just fine. >> maye musk is talking about her growing instagram account, but the 70-year-old social media maven and cover girl, but she's much more comfortable bragging about her kids. shngs shoe her tesla, the electric car created by her son elon musk the billionaire and tech mogul famous for pushing the envope with his ideas as well as his opinions. opening himself up to critics. >> ceo elon musk started insulting analysts. >> how do youandle it whe people attack your son? >> only in the media. to my face they say thank you. t t the. >> she is her son's staunchest repporter. >>ou surprised your son has become this global figure? >> he was always brilliant.
8:23 am
he's actually come out of his shyness. >> despite what her life may look like now, she said it hasn't always been easy. by the time she was 31he was divorced and raising your three kids elon, kimball ands tosska >> as long as i had good health i could workday and night and i tdid. >> whey decided they would leave for her native can dark the family moved and she started all over again. >> you're pounding the pavement, you're having three kids. is it a struggle? >> financially it was a struggle but i would get home and i had a happy family and that was more important. >> her son kendall says their mom set the tone at home. >> this element of joyful attitude towards making a difference, focus on what you're passionate about. the money will come, the success will come. >> that'sly exa what happened
8:24 am
for kendall and elon musk when they launched their first tech company in palo alto in the mid '90s. >> i would go every six weeks and cover furniture and printing. >> after arl particu rough all nighter making copies of their business plan, everything changed. >> that morning i w b camek and we were all exhausted and we looked terrible and they said they gained a finanenr. we wt to the biggest restaurant in town. >> so that really was the last time? >> yes. >> today maye is free to focus on her own career, rectly modelling with women half her age at a dolce and gabana show in italy. she says her family like its too. and by the way, she wants to utmake sure you know a all of them. >> i want equal timing.
8:25 am
she does passion flicks with novels.y romance kendall is doing the vegetable gaens in under city schools. >> ever the proud mother, she's also enjoying her time in the spotlight. >> are you prod of yourself? >> i'm happy with where i am now, yes. >> proud? >> i guess it's pride. i still think i have a lot more to do. >> starting out as a single mom and look what she did. >> and now she's having her own moment too. coming up, it's very bondy, a tote bag that's also a cooler and otherfu multtional finds to bring to all the barbecues and party this is ussummer. e'll whip up a harlem themed feast. after a check of your local news, your weather, and these messages.
8:26 am
good morning. it is 8:26 on this thursday. i'm chris lawrence. let's startith a look of the roads. >> thank you, chris. taking a look, georgetown pike oad blocked by a disabled vehicle there this morning. as ie zoom inner loop after 50, right side blocked by dre bree zndming back out, vienna east town toll ride left side blocked by a crash. >> we'll g a check oe .n th ca
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning, thursday here in the washington area. tempature now 75 downtown. low 70s across the western suburbs. plenty of sunshine. if there's going to be any rain it will be east of i-95. even there rain chances only about 20%.
8:29 am
rain not likely today. no chance for rain tomorrow. low humidity and quiteleant. turning warmer and more humid for your weekend, however. have a good day. summer's calling. the 2018 escalade is ready to move. our best offers on the 2018 escalade are here. join us for the made to move sales event. get 0% apr financing for 60 months, plus $2000 down payment assistance when financed through gm financial on a 2018 escalade.
8:30 am
it's thursday morning. it's the01 12th of july,8 it is :t8rd. it is the 12th of july, 2018. st 24 hours from now this plaza will be morel be here a and we are so exc ed to have them. >> it's going to be a big day, but you have got our crowd buzzing. >> i do. i have to say i love little girls. i love 13-year-olds. we have one. molly, is todayour birthday? >> yes, it is. >> and you are officially a teenager. >> yes, i am.
8:31 am
>> do you know you can still be nice to your parents, right? >> yes. >> actually, molly, where are you from? >> i'm from texas. >> i hear you're on a mission trip wur friend. >> yes. we are here to serve people and show god's love. >> i love that. you're going to go do just that. after the show you're going to go helput at a soup kitchen. >> yes, we are and i'm really excid about it. it's a fun way to spend my birthday. >> you are on the rightrack. can we all say happy birthday to molly? thank you for what you do. thank you so much. >> that was awesome. >> what a smile. coming up, sunscreen you won't hate wearing, sand repellant towels and other life-changing products you will want to take t the bea and pool this summer. >> al, you and i a both excited. we are going to be celebrating the flavors of harlem with a locas chef who i incredible and hitting it big. great story coming up.
8:32 am
>> looking forward to that. first let's get a check of the weather. we are expecting sunshine in the northet, mid atlantic states, some wet weather down around the southeast, some big storms in the midri mississippi r valley. hot and dry in the pacific trthwest. heavy rain in mid to upper mississippi river valley. sunday, sunday, much more humid in the northea. and t mid atlantic states. summer heat continuesntexas i the central plays. su skies and warm temperatures up and down the west coast. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good thursday morning. feels pretty comfortable outside. 68nrederick. that's one of the coolest spots on the map. 72 in clinton as we go through your thursday. 88 for an afternoon high. there's a chance we could see a shower east and southeast of the dc. tomorrow we're and sunny. 88 from friday. 90 on saturday.
8:33 am
sunny, hum on sunday. 92. more rain chances hot and humid next week. we've got all these nice folks here. it's your 50th or as you call it 1 foot in the grave? >> 1 foot in the grave. >> come yoon. re only halfway to a smuckers jar. >> al, thank you souch. megh what have you got coming up? >> if youthatch no show, watch today's show. it's impossible to over sell what wre going tohow you. we do a lot of compelling stories. this one has so many twists and turns, you must s it to believe it. watch a little. >> i touldn't believehe story if someone else were tellingit, but it's true, every word of it. >> in 1980 19-year-old arrived for his first df community
8:34 am
college in upstate new york. >> all these people are coming up to me saying eddie, how are you. i don't know eddie. what are you talking about. >> his friend broke some big news. >> the first thing of my mouth was were you adopted? >> and i was, like, yes. >> i said is your bthday july 12th? >> he said yes. >> july2th, 1961. >> oh my gosh, you're not going to believe this. i sd you have a twin brother. >> the two teenagers jumped into robert's car and drove to meet eddie in long island new york. he had dropped out of the same college the previous year. >> i knock on the door. it opens. here i am. his eyes are my eyes. my eyes are his eyes. it's true. it was like the world faded away. it was just me and eddie. >> oras it. that made national news. at the sametime, a third person
8:35 am
is sitting at home ohis couch watching the news. and that person watching that -- those two be reunited would change the course of all three n's lives forever. and what happened after that and the revelations hould havee ethical implications, legal implications. they're here today tobo talk it. you will not believe, we have footage on he today show". this is a huge sensation that went on to develop in shocking somewhat dark mind-blowing ways. we're going to get into all of it. you're going>>o love it. don't know how we can top that. i do have antnvisible swam cas on. we've got pop up food tents and other handy items you'll be reaching for all summer. so take that, megyn kelly.
8:36 am
cooler bags that holds wine. this is "today" on nbc. wow. look at jim go. man, that guy works hard.
8:37 am
courtside seats? multitasking isn't for the faint of heart . i'm in! it takes experience, skill, hey babe. do you have my credit card? i can't find it. nope. i haven't seen it. i'll keep looking. and a bank that helps you take care of business from anywhere. you know, we could use more guys like jim around here.
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bb&t. all we see is you. this morning onhi b morning on better basics, innovative ideas better products that will make your life easier. with warmer weather and we cannot live without and didn't know about them. >> those are the best fine. >> let's start with sunscreen. you've got good ideas. >> why not use an spf that does even more. we have these awesome products that give you se protection, but this one refleshreshes your keup. i'm obsessed with this. it's like a highlighter but it's spf 50. >> we've been keeping this invisible swim cap. what are you talbong a? >> itk has this product thater basically ws what damages your hair. this makes your hair water
8:39 am
resistt. you put i on. you rub it from n from your scalp all t way tohe end, get in the pool, go out in the sun, it will retain the color. and you don't have to look ridiculous with a swim cap. >> when we have grill cleaning, it can be a big pain. >> this is so great. it's much better than your basic ouill cleaner. what y do is you will take it and kind of start out by getting ese grime influence, scrape it off. are healthy for food for the environment. they're white. single use. then you put this on and do the final cleaning. >> all in one. >> all right. this looks like it's great for the sun, butt looks like it's complicated. is it? >> it is so simple. i always think these tents, by the time i can get themtl s, they're in the water. this is under 60 seconds. i posted a video. i put this together in less than a minute andas it upf 50. >> i love this one.
8:40 am
sand ou get to the beach, gets all over everything. >> yeah. >> you've got a solution? >> sandy towels. your basic towel, you putt in the car, sand everywhere. these are microfiber towels from a company called dock and bay. they dry in 1/3 of the time and they're not going to get sand stuck in them. put the sand on it. lift it up. >> it wipes right off. >> it's something to get used. it feels different. >> but it dries you off. >> it dries you veoff. been using them a week in the shower to test enthem. >> oou wish you had a place to hang your hat, hang your towel. you actually have this. >> so smart. this is $6. we found this onn. amazo you put it arounyour beach ul br umbrel lar umbrella, you're not going to get sand on it. >> if we like a little beverage, and whocooesn't. >> ose. >> what's the best way to get it to the beach? >> you've got your basic cooler
8:41 am
that's kind of bulky. heese are brand new. known for great insulated bottles. these are cooler sbags, they're insulated. it's a backpack. you can fit 24 cans of beer a four bottles of wine. they're lightweight, easy to carry and they're cute. this i kind of a great way to bring your wine to the beach. >> is this the same kind of thing? >> yeah. there's all different styles. it's totally insulated. put your ice in there, your drinks. >> this is a gray way to enjoy your beverage while you're on the beach. >> yes. your basic w gess or champagne glass. look at that. you put them right in the sand. so smart, right? >> okay. and they're not going to break. they're sturdre and the acrylic. it's genius. beach ou're going to a party or lawn partyav you and high heels, you're in trouble.
8:42 am
these are called grass walkers. you basically use them withsi adhe. you peel off the adhesive. they stick on your shoes. this is my heel i fall all overi you it on and they're oing to walk with you so they move. they're clear. no one sees them. they're like $8. two different sizes. s rolling. duct >> first we've got this skort from outdoor boys. if shorts are uncomfortable and not flattering, this has little bike shorts underneath and you run in it, bike i in this bike is from hover way. we found it on amazon and it has erelectric >> yes. yes better than you basic beach. >> how did jen do? we've got more information on all these products and a few more summer best basics at
8:43 am and your demo on how to put that tent up. > up next a harlem chef takes us to enjoy local flavors you create at home. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
i'v never seen our crew so i've never seen our crew so excite about a meal. this morning we're getting a taste of harlem from restaurant chef and a young chef on the rise,.j. johnson. their new cook book isle f with recipes inspired by asian american culture. together they gave us an insider's look at some of harlem's delicious flavors. >> tonight we're having the afro asian american gum into. >> on any given night you expect some big namesg sampl great food in the harlem homef
8:46 am
alexander smau alexander smalls. >> i love bringing people home and feeding them. >> harlem isindf the epicenter of the african. we askedhef j.j. johnson to show us the flavors that make up the varietyrl of . >> i'm going to show you where culture meets food. this is one of my favorite places, hand-pulled noodles. i love it. i love it. excited. most people think hand-pulled noodles, they'rehinking china town, but we're in harlem, deep culture, deep history. so, so good. this plaup i geter geeked out about. these are things i love about harlem. >> you thinke y'r tical g thing, but there's a through gem in this place that brings me roots.o my childhood they have a crispy rice at the bottom o the pan.
8:47 am
i'm excited. this is what it's about. childhood memories. nothing like finding a grandmother to cook your food. 're here where harlem -- we're on lennox boulevard stro. >> we've got pan fried chicken like my mother used to make. >> are you a brine guy? >> no brine. >> is it rude if i start digging in? >> just go right in. >> j.j. johnson joining us now. good to see you, my friend. >> good to see yo >> we are so excited about what you're making. >> this is everything between harlem and heaven in the cook book that me and alexander put gtogether. i'ng to give you a little
8:48 am
bit of the chicken. the ingredients are over here and we'll get to your favorite salad with ch salad which is the collar green salad. sugar, tomato paste, and peoplee get upset you used can tomatoes, but there's nothingwr g with that. >> i don't get upset. >> you let this stew down, chili, ginger, garlic. >> all in. why do you like the bird's eye chili? >> it comes from west africa. i spent time iha. in the cooking i feel like i'm bringing west africa to everybody. >> you cook it down. >> this is what it should loo like. but you've got to throw in pepper rns, all spice, bay leafs. keep this stirred up for i rice wine vinegar, but you
8:49 am
can use champagne. >> of course you can. >> then you're goi to cook this down. >> cook it down for 20 to 30 nu s. you want it to be a nice consistency. it will look like this. this is liquid gold. throw it in here. i will let this marinate for about an hour. >> could you do this on the grill out >> you do this on the grill outside. you can do it in a big green egg. you do it on a opinion in your omme. this is how myould do it. she gets nervous on the grill outside. >> this would cook up pretty quickly. >> right. also these are chicken thighs. i'm a chicken thigh guy. a lot of juiot and a of meet. but you can use chicken breast. cook tse on each side about five minutes. and it will look like this or like this. >> beautiful. and i love that rice. >> the black rice. >> yeah. that's gorgeous. >> i know you're rushing me down
8:50 am
here to will salad. >> red beans, coconut dressing, some candy cashews. noe. bra no soak in saltwater. >> in the book he writes about collard versus kale. it's really funny. >> i don't get respect. no respect. >> loo at my plate. come on. >> it's so hot. it's got a nice spice to it. >> you don't know this is goin to taste like a sal id aad and chicken rice. it's delicious. >> throw the dressing in. i'll throw the beans in. >> are these canned beans? ans.hese are azuki red you can buy them in the can, but aley're really small, a chinese bean. nice. mix it all together. it will look like this town
8:51 am
heres >> igorgeous. >> i cannot wait to try. >> dig in. let me know what you think. because down there they're not talking. >> what's great about this isth e's a little heat. but it doesn't get in the way of the flavor. >> nothing. >> all the recipes in between harlem and heaven, things that you can do at home and you're an amazing cook, so i want you to post on instagram. i want toee what you make. >> i absolutely will. are you working on something. >> i'm working on a new restaurant up in harlem between 115th and 116th that will open soon. >> you heard it here first. >> too early to make reservations? >> way too early. >> you can find all these recipes at for the book go to back in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
we're still delighting over this food. are you going to be able to do birthdays? >> let's bak out the smucears day we had somebody who was 108. guess what? today we have 111. i believe that's the oldest person we have ever had. evelyn, a bingo champ from minnesota. for the past 11 birthdays sheed celebrating a full lobster. yes. bon apetite. and celebrating 107. active in church. hangs with family and friends happy 0th birthday. an air force veteran from connecticut. 18 grand kids, 32 grade grand kids and two great great grand kids. we salute you for you service. elizabeth is 103. she's an avid reader fm
8:55 am
fremont, ohio. a kindergarten teacher for over 20 years. charlie from p.a. this penn stat fan celebrating 100 years. he served in the navy duringr world i. and say hello to these love birds. allan and hope jones of franklin rginia celebrating their 75th anniversary. they say the secreo a long and happy marriage, communication as long as your wife has the last word.. >> exact >> amen, brother. >> if you know someone celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary, tell us about it at >> i love you're finishing up the thighs. >> it's t the waygo. >> we're got life changes and a performance by a band called wildfeathers. get ready. >> megyn kelly, top of the hour. see you after your local news.
8:56 am
hi. good mornin everybody. the time is 8:56 on this thursday, july 12th. i'm angie goff. let's begin wit a check on the roadways. >> good morning. taking a look at the belt way. inner loop looking okay. a little bit s of aw down as you're crossing the american legion bridge. 66 inbound throughansas a
8:57 am
little slow. 270 in montrose rolling along nicely. a oheck your thursday forecast is next. stay with us.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. a nice start to the day. by the afternoon 8 degrees. we'll see mix of sun and clouds. outhou're mostly east and of the d.c. otherwise sunny tomorrow, upper 80s. friday, saturday, and sunday will be around 90. 90s and n humidt week with some more rain chances, angie. >> thank you. get more news and weather nbc washington app.
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