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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 24, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11 aoic, bracing for more rain. flood warnings and watches in effect for just about all of us. why we ceeld soon more just d roads like this i a matter of hours. >> d.c. police respond to shots fired jus steps from their own
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front door. the search for a gunman still under way tonight. >> and the trump tapes released. audio of the presideer and his fo attorney allegedly discussing a payoff to stop a story about an affair.4 ne begins with a storm team 4 weather ert. >> first tonight, check it out. more rain on storm team radar. we are in weather alert mode for at least the next 2 hrs. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim handly. some of us got a break from the heavy rain tonight. we are not done yet. let's go straight to chief meteorologist doug cammerer for the word. doug? >> continuing to see the rain making its way in. some of us seeing very heavy rain right now. rehers light shower activity. i'll show you whe rain is right now. two areas of extremely heavy . rainfa one over towards baltimore, an area hit all day today. especiallier i this morning.
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upwards of 2.5 inches. record as far as rainfall goes. front royal seeing this area take off over the last hour or two. you.nt to stop this for a couple more in through prince george jess county. right along 97 north of annapolis and a few showers in lauden, fairfax and prince william. i want to wute this and show you what's happening down to the south. look at this lthe towards n carolina. if you live in toward parts of the shenandoah valley and county front royal winchester ups towa martinsburg, this could be the area i'm concerned about. you see this line w movingl to the north of the d.c. metro area. d.c. metro may not see a lot tonight. just swer activity. we'll talk about tomorrow morning and what this means for your wednesday. a little different scenario for see you back here in a minute. >> the national wther service confirms tonight a small tornado
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touched down this morning in northern vi. you can see the damage on the athletic feeds at thomas jefferson high school high school inal andria. an ef-0 with winds of around 70 miles hour. no one was hu. >> we'll be all over the weather story again tomorrow morning on "news4 today." you can get the updated forecast and see how the rain is affecting traffic. we're on every morning from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. >> developing right now, d.c. police are searching for a ronman who opened fire just steps if their own front door. someone shot a man near the entrance to the third street tunnel around 6:30 tonight. that is less than a block from d.c. police headquarters. news4's jackie bensens live for us near third and d streets northwest with new details on there. jackie? >> jim, we'reold that the man who was shot was conscious and breathing whe he was taken away from the scene by ambulance.
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lice cruisers rushed into the area just yards fromolice headquarters. moments after a man was shot about 6:30 p.m. he appeared to have been standing or sitting on the sidewalk lea together southbound eye 395 tubl near the intersection of third and d streets northwest. investigator closed the ramp as a precaution. they examinede the inside of tunnel for evidence in case the gunman ran in that direction. e shooting happened within sight of cameras mounted at the back of u.s. tax court. it's not clear whether they were able to capture any images of the suspect. despite the fact that there is always virginia bound traffic in the area during evening rush hour, it's not clear if detectives have been able to talkon to a hop actually witnessed the shooting. >> police officds fan out throughout this area right after the shooting, but we have not been given any information that an arrest has been made in this.
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we do not yet note motive. jackie bensen, news4. breaking news at the live sk. the secret recording i've conversation between president trump and his former tone michael cohen just went public.n obtained it tonight from cohen's attorney lanny davis. davis says that what you're about to hear is audio of trump andcohen. 2016 discussing payments to buy the rights to the playboy model ren mcdougal's story that alleges the ten-month long affair withbo trump a decade ago. >> i've spoken to alan wiesel berg about how to set the whole thing up. with funding, yes. and it's all the stuff all the stuff because you never know he's going to be. >> gets hit. >> correct. i'm all over that. i spoke to alan about it. when it comes time for the
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financing. >> what financing >> we'll have to pay for this. >> cash. >> no, no, i got, no, no, no. >> full disclosure here, we don't know if this audio has been edited in any way. but we hear cohen telling the president about plans to set up a company to buy the rights to the her story from the publisher of the "national enquirer." it was made two months before the presidential election. and the "enquirer" never ran the story. this is the only tape that has been released up to this point. we understand there were 1 seized the in the raids of cohen's home and office. we don't know how many of those include the president on them. trump gttorney ruddyliani released his own transcript of the tape tonight. he says much of theudio is muscled and difficult to understand. giuliani has said repeatedlyid e prt did not break the law. doreen? >> leon harris, thank you. new information tonight following the reported overdoes in popr demi lovato.
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lovato's representative says the singer i awake and with her family at the hospital. a statement ses some of information reported today was not accurate but does not elaborate. nbc sources say she suffered an apparent overdose of an ndunspecified narcotic a that paramedics used nor can to she celebrated six years of so bright in march. last mth she released a song called "sober" about relapsing. fox television canceled tonight's episode of beat shazas supped to feature a guest appearance by lovato taped in edecember. >>ust learned the passenger stabbed by a metro worker today has died. police telus 2-year-old jeremy bochbd rockville was upset about the red lin train running let's at the friendship heights station las nigh he walked into the stion manager's booth and hit the metro employeear in th police say she pulled out a
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pocketknife and stabbed bond in the cleft. detectives are reviewing surveillance video w. police chief peter newsham tells us the employee may have a case for self-defee. in alexandria, concern among neighbors after an autopsy revealed someone k led an 82-year-old man. yesterday police told us jerry scott' death was suspicious. they found him dead inside his home here on east reed avenue monday morning. detectives discovered bullet holes in the side of the house and roped off a nearby dumpster part of their investigation. so far no arrests. >> a mother and h 3-year-old escaped a terrifying situation in montgomery county last night. tonight that iild's father not expected to survive after being shot by police. police say giancarloerez threatened his ex-girlfriend with a knife and barricaded himself her home with the child. police say perez wrote on windows with blood andossed a
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burning object out a window eventual s.w.a.warmed the home. edward cochran shot perez. he is in grave condition right now. cochran is on admistrative leave. >> the owner of one of d.c.'s best known burger chains is talking to news4 apologizing for an offensive tweet. >> now the burger says it's ending its contract with the company that handles its social media. shomari stone tells us what happened. >> almost made me cry. >> reporter: peter owns the burger. the dc based restaurant chain has come under fire after a controversial tweet. he says he has fired the outside company responsible f it. >> they've hurt my business and we have a lot o angry customers. >> reporter: the trouble started with a tweet from z burger's
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account on saturday. carolina-based valor media, a company he hired to run z burger's social media account. ng>> i thought they were g to do a great job for our company. >> the photo sho murdered journalist james foley before isis headed himn 2014 and shows a man holding a hamburger with the caption when you say you want a burger and someone says okay and someone says mcdonald's at the reads you disagree me. it was up for an hour before it was deted. >> i w devastate andy almost fell out of my chair. >> reporter: michaelru valor wh the media admitted -- >> i wanted to say zurger h nothing to do with this at all. >> reporter: peter willpe onally review the tweets from now on and donate to the james foley founretion. >> we very sorry and want to apologize to the family and
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their friends and anybody that ew mr. foley. >> reporter: in northwest d.c., shomarstone,news4. next at 11:00, correctional officers on the frontlines. >> i just couldn't grasp t fact that it was real. >> reporter: a special news4i- am changing minds investigation. confronting mental illness and increasing suicide attempts in local jails. >> more rain expected for your wednesda i'll show you when this all filly comes to an end. >> and megajackpot. anight's drawing worth more than half billion dollars. than half billion dollars.
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correctional officers on the front lines deali with inmates who suffer from mental illness. night, those officers share stories of rescuing inmates who attempt to commi suicide. >> a series after cases in one local jail sho what those officers face and what's being done to help both the officers and inmates. scott mcfarland and our i-team has o changing minds report. >> reporter: it doesn't take long after the cell door slams for some inmates to consider a drastic escape of sorts. >> i had already planned it out. i mean, i had a plan. >> reporter: this woman who asked we call her a did time in d.c. and virginia jails and try odd to kill herself. >> even if you take a person ho never had mental health issues prior, once they're incarcerated
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the conditions are very conducive almost encouraging one to not want to live and to die by suicide. >> reporter: she hoarded pills to dull the pthn wheer he she slit her wrists with a plastic utensil. jail staff rushed her to the hospital. >> it always stayed in my mind no matter how bad it gets, i can always end my li a. >> reporteews 4 iteam investigation reveals staffers in local jails and prisons have responded to and rescued inmates from the suicides at least 400m since 2014. including a recent quick series of ses andescues here at the montgomery countyjail. how many of you have responded to a suicide attempt? how many of you possibly have saved a life on the job? corporal steven foltynewi and catherine bauer saved an inmate who tried to check heelf. >> she had a set wrapped around
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her neck. >> to where could see the marks. >> reporter: norman piles found an inmate who tied a bed around his neck. >> i couldn't grasp the fact it was real. s >> reporter: t video shows it officers scrambling to help the officers. >> you were just four jonths into t that the point. >> reporter: yes, sir. >> what was going through your mind? >> and it seemed unreal. definitely did. >> reporter: and weeks earlier, a moment these guards say ey'll never forget when an inmate leapt from a high ledge inside the jail. >> i looked up and he was jumping offhe tiers. > reporter: corporal and martin stepped below and caught him. >> he was diving as if into a pool? >> yeah. >> reporter: and you decided to just step beneath him? >> yes. >> reporter: it's an issue with which jails and prison stations wide are between 40 and 60% of inmates have some mental health esis >> america's jails and prisons
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have become mental let treatment facilities. >> reporter: corrections director robert gen says officers train to detect signs of suicidal tendencies. >> when someone's intent on harming themselves, a brief moment, a brief second. it's not just about the sheet or a towel or a shoe lace. an individual can jump off a tier. reporter: not all can b saved. earlier this month a convicted killer hung himself inside the jail. maryland state prisons are paying inmates to perform suicide watch. virginia state correctionsir re annual mental health training for all palestinians d.c. corrections added suicide resistant crews with fewer choking hazards. what can be done. >> be willing to see people you're dealing with like yourself and your own family. >> reporter: putting guards on the frontlines of not just our jails but the mental healt crisis, too. >> if you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health
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issue, we have informati about where you can get help in our area on our nbc whingtonapp. look under cnging minds. doug is backith more about our weather and it's just this silly pattern we're in. >> i went out to dinner tonight and brought the umbrella with me. i didn't have the it last night and didn't get rained on. i brought itgh to we have rain out there right now, some coming down heavily in some parts. others not seeing a very much all. montgomery county not much in the way of rain right there is moving your way. the heaviest rain towards baltimore hit extremely hard today. look at thi right here. right around baltimore, 97 up wards 95. it's going to be a tough go. pretty goodain around upper marlboro.
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towards the eastern shore. right here toward the shennen county down towards rap hanna countyas seen rain all day. it is a line of showers so this is something it you to think about if you live around the winchester area towards the front royalregion, this is hilly. mountainous. if you get out ere, it's easier to get flash flooding. watch out in those areas. other showers around thend h area. two zing lines. this is what i'm talking about. this line has just formed over the last couple of hours could come in towds the shenandoah valley. towards the blue ridge. watch out there. you notice this line, watch this form right there. ocean city places r likeo both beach get it pretty good. we're not getting it around the d.c.rea and southern maryland. everybody under aid a flood t watch tillorrow at 6:00 in the afternoon. how much more rain can we se we've seen 8.5 inches so far in
11:20 pm baltimore 12 inches of rain. another 1 tos 2 inc through tomorrow in some locations. maybe more. there's that line right there governor. this is all part of the same system. the area of low pressure a big trough of low pressure on the east coast. bringing up the tropical moisture from the gulf of mexico md the keysing in towards our region and up into canada. that's the pattern. huge ridge of high fresh extremely hot temperatures. death valley today 127 degrees. 127. los angeles well over 115 in las vegas today. for us. different. cooler than average by about 5 degrees. not much. still warm and muggy. extreme moisture coming up from the tropics in our area. that'seehy we've all the flooding. it looks like that will get you one more d before the pattern breaks down a little bit. weather alert daymo ow. 83 degrees. tomorrow morning ok.
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most of us will see wet roads. it's tomorrow afternoon'm worried about, thunderstorms could be quite heavy. thursday and friday drying out. can't rul out an ice located shower late in the day friday. a better chance saturday, sunday a good chance of storms and rain all next week. i don't expect any of those to c complete washouts. just like the laple of days, some areas get a lot, some don't. >> you shouldn't show the ten-day forecast for a little while. >> i'll just sw the nexour which is dry. >> thank you, doug. >> coming up, the nationalstt it out with the brewers tonight. tonight. plus, another big move bef still nervous about finding a new apartment?
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>> we were talking it is tough to watch. >> now it's all -- he' not doing it with that weather. so the pressure's on me. tough job. but somebody's goto doit. you know after the eagles responsible the super bowl, the sixers and flyers combineded to win 16 of 17 games. it was hoped some of the positive energy would transfer to the nationals. so much for capital karma. the nates are six games out of first. give gives you a queasy feelinging. bryce harper didn't play tonight because after upset stomach. trea turner benched by not running out a bunt onmonday. top of the first, man on for zimmerman. zim takes the ball intontceer. anthony rendon comes around to
11:26 pm
score easily. yeah, zimmerman the 33-year-old hustles for an rbi double, his first since may 4th. nates with the 1-0 lead. to the second. they call him mighty mouse. this is looking.mighty that's the mighty part. over the wall into center. a three-run st for eden. third homer for him. nationals up 4-0. looking better. brewers battle back. kinsler pitching kaine. kaine gets the best of him. this is going to right. ryan braun comes around to score to tie it. right w, it's 4-4 a tie game in the ninth inning. all right. orioles hosting red sox. manny muchado is gone. jonathan schp turning that frown upside down. bottom of the third, that's a homer. fourth home run in the last five games. the orioles a two-run lead. then during the game reports that the birds have traded zach
11:27 pm
brit tnthe yankees for three plos prospects. that means he wasn't going to pitch. brad brach comes on to close in a orioles orioles red sox within one in the ninth. mookie betts grounds into a game-winning double play. orios win 7-6. to the ice, brooks is back. capitals announcing they'vesi gned brooks orpik a one-year deal. aded to the avalanche in june but bought out by colorado. an enforcer on the ice. caps 1 of 19 players that want is the cup back. you ready for this? t.j. oshieamnd hisy getting their day with the stanley cup spending it in minnesota. oshie taking a picture with gigi marvin. her a gold medal the stanley cup marvin alsox. had these two voted king and queen of the 2000 look at the highlights.
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>> a2005. >> lot changes in 13 years. that town is describeds a snowglobe come to life six miles from the canadian boarder. >> clearly a hockey hot bed. >> two stoplights two hockey rinks. >> tha
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