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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  August 1, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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are seeing reports ofn water local roads. and i can validate that. >> we do want to get thingsst ted with a look at the forecast. jack taylor is standing by with a look at the commute. he's working right now on the radio, so we'll startith storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen. good morning. good morning. a lot of the day won't be affected by rain, but the heavy rain we already had has snarled severalroadways. and there's a chance to see more come in the form of strong storms. aoing on. >> i don't think you can not have a green lawn at this right? or at least a flooded lawn. >> if your lawn is dry, you are doing something conzy >> this is true. and this morning, you probably got a lot of rain on the lawn and the plants outside. if you look at the radar currently, it looks like we never even had the rain. it is in northern maryland, but it did move through very early this morning around 3:00 a.m., 4:00 this morning, but it quickly moved to the north. becausf the heavy rain we had in northern virginia, parts of
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fairfax county tough southern parts of fauquier county, floodb warnings are oause of the ponding on the roadways. some high water on the roadwa, so be very careful driving. never drive through a flood and in parts of d.c. and parts of montgomery county near wheaton, bethesda, we have a flood warning until 8:30 thi morning. a lot of heavy rain causing issues on the road. and later today starting through noon, we have a flash flood watch areas north and west ofou d.c. t the shenandoah valley. a live look at the radar with a lo t of moisture headings way. and later today, areas north and west, we're talking about thien g where we could see the risk for severe thunderstorms. chuck, i'll she you timing on that coming up in a bit. we'll go to jack to see how all the roads are looking this morning. good morning, jack. good morning. it looks like the water is pulling back. unfortunately, the trees were involved and the downed trees are blocking the roadway. this is the crash on the outer loop near the 27 spuriding
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through the big curve coming through georgetown road. hbe single left lane is getting by. sond on the george washington parkway, the tree that fell inside thet beltway maclaine has now cleared. so your lanes are open. still waiting to hearhe all-clear southbound on the gw parkway near the 14th street. that downed tree had the left lane getting by and the high-standing water to get on the ramp to go north on the 14 street bridge. northbound at woodward road, we have two right lanes getting . just be careful headed out early ith a lot going on early, especially with flooding. we'll keep you poste throughout the morning. back to you. jack, thank you. 5:04 with breaking news concerning the weather. we'll go to chris live at the desk. >> it's happening all over. sheena just told us about the warnings and nowtse have rep of water rescues happening all over the area. one of them in bethesda. swift water rescue is on bradley boulevd east of kendall. cars are trapped in the creek over the road. bradley is osed. they got the occupant out of
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there. and boy, it is busy right now in fairfax county in vienna. fairfax county firefighters say they are just o arrivingthe scene of the water rescue on hunter mill road. and also, theve got another crew looking at a vehicle in high water at compton road and compton heights circle. i'm told we are just getting video in here. can we take a look at this? all right. there we go. now this is fromontgomery county. this is the first incident we were telling you about. the car was trapped in a creek over the road. you n see montgomery county swift water rescue team there with firefighters on the scene. that road is closed. but again, we're just getting word now of two more water rescues happening in fairfax county as well. so we'll be efforting those pictures with crews on the scene to bring you live imnlages of wt
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is going on. sheena arned us about this a now you're seeing the effects. >> it will cause a lot of problems this morning, i imagine, chris. thank you. and we are learning more about the c killed in a possible terror attack in kajikistan -- tajikistan. we have more on how this loved couple is being remembered. >> reporter: good morning. lauren anne geoghegan and jay austin are known as a loving couple. a now lauren a jay did cite their bikeling trip. lauren was a georgetown grad and worked in the admissions office here for some yme. earned his masters at georgetown and wked at hud. they lost their life on sunday in what is called a car and
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knife attack with two other tourists in tajikistan. adventure ng bike that lauren and her partner were enjoyed was typical of her enthusiastic and embrace life opportunities. she was on a quest for a better understanding of the jay's colleagues at the d.c. tiny house company boneyard studios released a statement here, jay, of theormer boneyard studios, left the world doing what he loved, connecting with people and cycling the world with the person he loved, lauren geoghegan. i ju isis just r claimponsibility for this attack. based on reporting, one person wain detainehe attack and three others were killed. we are outside georgetown, justin finch, news4. back to you. k justin, thu. now to breaking news in princeg geors county. police are searching for the w personho shot and killed a man
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just blocks away from north forestville elementary school. this was the scene on putnam lane at richie the man was found in the roadway and died at the scene. call prince georges county police if on this case.mation more drama is expected today in the alexandria courtroom as testimony resumes in theal fed trial against president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort. during opening statements, prosecutors painted manafort a greedy, hiding millions for the ukrainian government to avoid paying taxes. manafort's lawyers placed the lame on his former business partner rick gates. gates pleaded guilty and will bk witness for the prosecution. this is the first case to go to trial involving special counsel robert mueller's inveonigation. testy resumes this morning at 9:30. and president trump didsaot anything about manafort or special counsel mueller during his rally last nig in tampa,
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florida. instead, the president focused on his border wall, immigration and pushed for stronger voter i.d. laws. >> you go out and you want to buy anything, youeed i.d. and you need your picture. in thiscountry, the only time you don't need it, in many cases, is when you want to vote for a ent, when you want to vote for a senator, when you want to vote for a governor or a congressman. it's crazy. >> well, more th half of the states in. the u require some form of identification to vote, including virginia. 5:07 now. lawmakers will hold a hearing today with special social media experts on foreign influence on rations just one day after a disturbing report from facebook. the socialtw k said it just removed 32 fake accounts from facebook and instagram. it says they were involve in covert efforts tonfluence upcoming midterm elections. e pages were created of march
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last year and this may and have 290,000 followers. facebook says it koesn'tw who is behind the effort but sources tell nbc news that the fake accounts have qualities similar to those used by russian hackers during t 2016 election. second. at the last late last night a federal judge in seattle blocked beprints fo untraceable 3-d printed guns from being posted online. terms of a settlement between a texas company and the federal government would have allowed the plans to be downloaded starting today.s democrat and congress want president trump to reverse the settlement. the president tweeted he's looking into the matter and making the guns available to thu ic doesn't make much sense. an arrest and now a lawsuit. a staffor county deputy pulled over to help a driver having car trouble. this hap ned onjefferson davis highway back in april of 2017. >> so when the deputy asked for the driver's i.d., he declined.
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what happened next was all caught on the officer's dash cam. >> have you committed a crime? >> no. >> i didn't say you did. you can still identify yourself? >> am io reego? >> not right now, no. >>he deputy arrested george wingate and charged him withde failing toify himself, obstruction of justice and resisting arrest. the judge later threw out all the charges, but now wingate is suing the deputy because he believes race played a part in the enhunter. >> w officers and civilians of ourcolor, and it's time now we stand up for our rights and do this the right way. >> he walks up to the genpseman and k insisting on him identifying himself. and the gentleman doesn't need . it's calle a consensual contact. tnd a consensual contact is j basically two people, doesn't matter if you are uniformed or not, that come together. so the gentleman can technically walk away.
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and he attempts to and the officer says, no, you can't. >> we reached out to the stafford county sheriff's department and they say they cannot comment on the impending investigation. and it is5:10. and developing this morning, u.s. officials prepare to honor the boxes of remains handed over by northea byn. let's go to chris lawrence who is at the newsdesk. >> reporter: for many families,f this is thest real sign of hope they have had in decades. you remember this historic moment in northorea last month when officials handed over 55 boxes which were flown to south korea. and the north says the boxes contain the remains ofoldiers who fought during the korean war. and theyeould be from united states or one of the allies. today u.s. officials are holding a repatriot ceremony.
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hopefully the remains will be identified in hawaii. there will be an honorable carry cerekeny. ence is flying there for the usual rival. usually they see wedding rings, dog tags to help i.d. the service mber, but north korea only provided one military dog tag with those 55 boxes. so this testing could take several months or years. >> all right. , thank you. ds> and still no relief in sight for thousan of firefighters battling the massive fires sweepingcr as california. 15 wildfires are burning now. two of the fireso appear t be coming together in to one big one, putting 12,000 buildings at risk for destruction, many of them homes. 44,000 people have been evacuated so far. the wildfires have killed at least eight people, torched thousands of acres and destroyed
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more than 1,000 mes. >> it's 5:11 for the second time in a month. thieves made off with a car left unlocked wit keys inside at the same southeast gas stion. take look, this is last week's surveillance video from pennsylvania avenue in eastern market. you can see a man get out of the passenger side of the black suv. the detectives s the man then jumped inside a car at theta nearby gason and drove away. it was the same situation on july 4th. the thief was caught on camerak hereg a car at the same gas station. you can see there the man gets out of that car in the red andv sneaks to the black mercedes and just takes off. movie pass is a subscription at is supposed to save you money at the movie >> but changes mean sescribers about to pay more for less. we'll explain. us, "mash" star allen alda announces he's diagnosed with parkinson's disease. the small change that he did not
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spot that his doctors said could show something wrong. and heavy flooding a few hours ago across of fairfax, the city of fairfax and down to manassas, prince william count tin and farther down to central virginia. watch for erhigh-standing w on the commute in to work this morning. morning. we'll be whaback wit
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so many of us remember him as the army captain hawkeye in the hit sitcom "mash." now oscar winning actor allen alda is opening up about his battle with parkinson disease. >> he said he was tested for the disease more than three years ago after readingn article about how one of the early signs of parkinson's is acting out dreams. he noticed that was his first
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symptom. parkinson's disease also causesm s, stiffness, poor balance and difficulty speaking. alda who was 82 years old plans to maintain a busy schedule an plans to continue acting. movie pass is making some big changes. and some of the changes mean you're going to pay more. the service lets subscribers see a movie a day in the theater. but the company will increase the standard plan from $10 to $14.95 per month. and you also aon't bee to see all the big blockbuster films for the first two weeks they are in theaters. the comayny does s big films may be made available through promotions. a.s. appeals court upheld a lower court decision to allow metro's ban on religiou political or advocacy advertisements. last year the catholic church sued metro arguing the policy violated the first amendment. the church wanted to use ads that portrayed a biblical scene with the message to, quote, fine the perct gift in the catholic chur. tro banned issue-oriented ads
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back in 2015 ove vandalism concerns. judge brett kavangh is o of the three judges on the appeals court that heard the case. the decision was 2-0. and this is one of the feel-good stories making the rounds online rightnow. showing g autistic man an interest at stocking shelves at a grocery store. and the worker recruitin him to work as a team. this is jack on the right on a trip to the grocerytore in baton rouge and wanted to stock the shelves. so jordan on the leftd welco him with open arms, helped place items in thera refrir together and encouraged him every step of the way. jack ea jack's family is extremely thankful to jordan for showing kindness. i love to s and it makes everyone to see the act of kindness at a grocery store. >> it is such a little ing. you would like to think everywhere he goes something small like this happens, and
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hopefully he does, but he won't and the flood warnings are out. >> yes, we have flood warnings out and heavy rain between 2:00 and 4:00s morning. so while many of you may have been sleeping, it was moving through vnd falliy hard. we have flood warnings out because of it. but take a look at the radar over the p t fewhours. the heavy rain is moving out of the area. so we are not seeing any rain falling for the morning coauute, but b of that rain, we have flood warnings for parts of fairfax county. it has been extended now until 11:00 this morning. this is through parts of southern fauquier county until noon today. so the flood warnings are going to hang around for a while. never drive through flooded roadways with ponding of water out there. be very careful driving around. also, in lower parts of montgomery county through the district, including wheaton, we have a flood warning until 8:30 this harning. so just shows you what all the heavy rain did. we still have all the moisture streaming in from the south. this is going to keep us in the
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rainy pattern throuhe weekend. but for today later on, we could see thunderstorms. we do have the chance for severe storms shown by the yellow shaded area. mostly north and west of d.c. t fo evening hours, mainly after 5:00 to 6:00 p.m., with the strong storm, we cou see damaging winds, heavy rain, lightning and hail. we'll be tracking all that for you heading throughout the afternoon and the evening tonight. right now at 74 degrees in washington, most of the area about the low 70s. future weather here keeping us fairly dry for most of today. by lunchtime, mostly cloudy. through the early afternoon, a couple thundstorms could be flaring up north and west. and then we go into the evening, and theret is the line t could potentially be severe as we go through tonight. if you are making plans this week for the beach, friday and the day, we'll hold on to rain chance in the mid-80s and a mostly cloudy day on sunday. we have the weather alert again toooy. tomorrow,ng rainy in the afternoon. scattered showers and thunderstorms for same deal, we're looking at
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showers maybe early, but especially in the evening with chances for theweekend. we'll go to jack taylor to see what is happening on the roads because of all the rain this morning. hey, jack. good morning. just kindf hoping that the water will recede this morning.a the near 450 is blocking two right lanes. good news is they are wrapping thin up on the outer loop of the beltway. delays near georgetown road into the big curve, there was a i tractor-traileolved in a crash. he's gone. a couple state troopers and the ryland department of transportation authority is still along the scene. left lane only getting bysche e for now. waiting for the all-clear south on the george washington rkway. down a the 14th street bridge, you had a down tree and gh-standing water to complicate things. the downed tree is getting the e by with passa be cautious heading out this moing. be careful, please. angie and eun, back to you. thank you forhe reminder. still ahead, 30 million americans are about to find out they will oweax morees next year.
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millions of americans will owe more taxes in au say about 30 million taxpayers will pay more due to low with holdings from their paycheck. r this year, new tax laws were implemented resulting in the increase in people owing more money to the i.r.s. it's not too late, though, to adjust your withholdings b do fast. we need fewer pay periods to
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dock the necessary fall tax that paychecks.your you can find the tax withholding calculator on the irs >website. nd uber is slamming the brakes on the self-driving trucks division. the ride-sharing company announced it wil focus the efforts on self-driving cars. the company will maiain its uber freight app that helpser driv connect with shipping companies across the country. it is the latest ce of uber scaling back its self-driving technologies since the company'e ly car crash in march. well, many groups collect school suppls to help students in our region. >> but the effort by a nonprofit in father faction county is help to fill the gaps. they make sure students in need throughout the school year, but the work doesn't end in the fall. >> what w do with the money is we purchase school supplies in bulk. and then we work reallylosely with our partner schools and social workers to surprise the
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studen students. >> for per information, check out the washington app and search right path. and a reminder that news4's annual backpack for kids drive is deay. on august 8th, we'll be at the kingstown branch in alexandria collecting donations of new school backpacks and schoolpp es. if you can't stop by, you can always make a secure online na dotion. head toin and search backpack. we are looking at 5:26 right now. an still ahea a high-end heist at a luxury d.c. store. w thieves sold the thousands of dollars worth of purtss in just a matter of seconds. and what a wi thels natio nation celebrates
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with aar major . hey, chuck bell. good morning, everyone. we are in first-alert mode for you this morning. itas raining in the buckets earlier this morning. that rain has come to an end, but it has left a lot of high, standing water across the area. flood warnings are issues for prince william county. here's a look at the radar and the rest of the day. stay with us. oh! wow, you got all this stuff from ikea? what do you like not let your kids in here? oh, no, they moved in here. here. this is where i hide all the cords and the remotes, and those clack-clack-clac things. so, this is your new bed? let's just say it fits me perfectly. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. at ikea, we help you live it. does your ovsiness internet er promise a lot? let's see who delivers more. comcast business gives you gig-speed in more places. the others don't. we offer up to 6 hours of 4g wireless network backup. everyone else, no way. we letoualls from any ofdevices come from your business number. them, not so much.
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oh, no, they moved in here. here. this is where i hide all the cords and the remotes, and those clack-clack things. so, this is your new bed? let's just say it fits me perfectly. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. yime is 5:30. and we are going right back to thrm team weather alert. the storm that may have woken you up overnight is now moving out. listen to that. thisiks what it was when we were heading into work. all that rain creating some troubl on the roads. always happens. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'morngie goff in aaron this morning. we'll get a check on the busy roadways with jack tlor in a moment. storm team 4eo mrologists are also standing by and working hard. first, let's go toen chris la at the live desk
5:31 am
monitoring several rescues on the roads. chris? >> reporter: boy, oh, y, ys, across the area, we have reports of downed trees, flooded roads an i people trapped their cars across our area. i want to first take you to montgomery counthere we are getting some of the first images from bethesda. this is the are around bradley boulevard just east of kendall. a c was trapped in the creek over the road. the swift water rescue team had to get in and get those people out of the car. again, just o of the scenes we are seeing across the area. here were two swift water rescues, one in fairfax, one in clifton, one i vienna. we are getting reports of several feet of watern pipeford lane near the vre line down i manassas. we have adam tuck heading to fairfax staon road where we are hearing reports of flooding. molette greene is on the road as well. we'll bring you live images of
5:32 am
what is going on out there right now. chris wrence, news4. chuck? thank you, chrive busy morning for us. >> oh, yes, certainly. we were bot driving in in heavy rain. it is gone now, it is not falling but leaving problems behind. >> it has left deep puddles all over the region. be careful this morning. we alway say it, turn around, don't drown. especially before the sun is up. there's no way t d know howp the water is before you drive into it. make sure you can see the stripes on the sid of the road. flood warnings remain for fairfax county until 11:00 a.m. will take a while for the water to ease off. flood warnings for montgomery county and northwest washington as well until 8:30 this morning. what do you need to know about the weather? n well, the goos is the heaviest of the rain is over. it will be a warm and breezy afternoon. a chance for some strong thunderstorms during the evening hours, notafternoon, but into the evening hours. and more soggy n days in ther
5:33 am
future, meaning tomorrow and friday. there's radar to set your mind atase the heaviest of the rain is over. temperatures now in the low 70s. it will be a warm afternoon. might actually be able t get out to the pool today in the mid to upper 80s. watch out, the thunderstormom chances back in on us for tooechk ho the evening hours. jack taylor, any more road closures? >> we have had a l accidents with the high-standing water. 1 northbound, that crash cleared from the left side of the roadway. northbound branch after woodyard road, that activity is still there. two right lanes are getting by. and on the outer loop of the beltway near the 270 spur, maryland state authorities are dealing with a sand truck now. the tractor-trailer that was involvas in the big curve been towed down the roadway, but what is going to happen is they will put the absorbent down on gasoline o get that up. and we have issues alongee
5:34 am
highway. you will find we have some street flooding near sudley as well. and developing right now at 5:33, loved ones are remembering a cple killed in a possible terror attack tajikistan. justin finchsi is live o their alma mater, georgetown niversity, with more on the couple's final days. justin? >> reporter: hey there, good rning, angie. this was a dream come trueenrom lanne geoghegan and jay austin. their dreamving out by traveling the world. but their trip was cut short on sunday by what the state department is calling ans ess attack. they both kept a journey and blog of their journey in the online blog, both quitting their jobs to travel the world on bike. lauren was a georgetown graduate who worked in admissions. jay earned his masters at
5:35 am
eyorgetown and also worked at hud. oth lost their lives on sunday in what is called a car and knife attack with two other tourists in tajikistan. we are workingo see if this was a case of terrorism because isis claims rponsibility for the attack. back out live, we can tell you prom the state department thato rather three arrests have been made so far. rather three have been killed. this is still under investigation at ts time there are family members and loved ones here in d.c. deeply morning and also just very sad byhahappened to them living out their dreams abroad. back to you. >> justininch livet georgetown university. justin, thank you. and the man convicted of murdering two teens the night before their high school graduation will spend t rest of his life in prison. jose canalis yanez was sentenced to life in prison without parole. he shot and killed a 17-year-ol8
5:36 am
and ear-old. the teens were lured to the montgomery village neighborhoodw thinking thee selling tickets to their high school graduation ceremony. canalis yanez was angry at the other man due a drug bust gone wrong the month before. nd police are searching for a person who shot a man and left him to die in the this is a look at the scene on tnam lane at richie. call police if you have information o this case. day two of the paul manafort case gets underway in a couple hou hours. manart is the first person to face a jury as part oecthe l counsel mueller's io investigatn. the trial will not focus on election meddling. testimony resumes at 9:30. and facebook says it c uncoveredert efforts to influence the upcoming midterm election. the social media company just
5:37 am
remove 32 fak accounts from facebook and instagram. it says they were i involvedn ordinated behavior. those pages had nearly 300,000 followers. moren who could be behind the efforts coming up at 5:45. and it is 5:37. and w, also ahead, a warning at a local beach where swimmers are being told totay out of the water. an how it could impact your weekend plans. but first, a gas staon inferno caught on camera. this was
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
welcome back. at 5:40, after a fire destroyed hank beadle's tavern, construction began on the front porch and roof. the rebuild has been a total
5:41 am
community effort with firefighters raising money and local businesses donating materials. hank beedle's tavern has been a fixture for more than 100 years. it is great to see the community co together. > and new video showing an arsonist in action. take a look at the manere filling up the red gas can at a gas station in new york on monday. nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. n all of a sudden he douses the gas pump and gasoline sparks a fire. you can see the fireball explodl immey. the station's fire-stopping fm thankfully turned on automatically to put the flamesu out. there was a man a few feet away from the explosion and thought he was oing todie. >> i saw the flames -- that easily, hands down, was the scariest site. my immediate reaction was to double down my car. as soon as i get inside, i collapsed to the floor andin started spi and coughing up blood. >> the witness says he suffered internal h bleeding andurt lungs
5:42 am
incident. new york police are searching for the arsonist. well, on this wednesday morning, we're watching for som flooded roadways as you're driving later on,ia esplly with storms north and west. here's a closer look at the forecast. and it is a mess running through montgomery countyr n bethesda. we'll hopefully have all lanes open pretty quily, but delays ck
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start the day with the chicken you love. get the feeling of chick-fil-a, for breakfast. ♪ your time is 5:45.ew are heading to the scene of a water rescue along military sad. there have beeneral because of all the heavy rain that fell across our area overnight. >> and some getting the worst of the morning rain is now moving out. chuck and sheena are working on the fullfo cast. we'll check in with them in a few minutes. a disturbingry disco less
5:46 am
than 100 days until election okday. >> face just removed dozens of fake accounts trying toe influehe upcoming midterm elections. >> tracie potts is following the latest from capitol hill. tracie, what do they know about who is behind these accounts? >> reporter: well, they think it could be the same russians behind it in 2016. not confirmed, but that is wre all indications are leading at this point. 32 accounts ander pages that taken down from facebook and instagram because they could be inserting pitical influence and racial tensions between voters leading up to this election, specifically urging them to sit in at homeland security headquarters and protest immigration and customs enforcement, enflaming tensions around white supremacists and supporting a counter protest of the upcoming white supremacistll things like that. lawmakers heard all about it and
5:47 am
senate r more when t intelligence committee meets today. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. from facebo concerns to twitter controversy, this morning we're hearing national player who made headlines this week for their posts li. >> trey turner is the latest high-profile figure in hot water afterm tweets f his past relerface. many cthe messages racist and homophobic. other tweets appear to joke about people with take into accounts. >> his own teammate shawn doolittle called on mlb players to be better examples. he said, they should all be more thoughtful and take responsibility for their actions. both opened up about their posts yesterday. truly sorry for what i wsaid. andt to take full responsibility for that. it's not when i said the things i said, it's they said them at all. >> i know trey, i know the man he is. i love him as a friend as a
5:48 am
teammate. i really don't think that those reflect who he is. opportunity s the to demonstrate that growth. ormal word yet on any discipline for turner. the mlb could take action. the league orderedilwaukee brewer and anne arundel county native josh har to take sensitivity training after similar tweets resurfacfter the all-star game. and just in, new information on theirviation macle in mexico. officials say thend pilot a co-pilot are the only people still hospitalized less than 24 hours after the crash. the aeromexico planed. the plane was flying during a storm when it crashed. amazingly, everyone was abl to ge off the plane to escape jus before a fire engulfed the aircraft. and i'm here at the live desk with breaking news overseas. boy, it sounds like something
5:49 am
out of a "mission impossible" movie. thieves have stolen sweden's crown jewels, to gethethis, got away in a speedboat. the thieves stole twoyariceless crowns and another object. take a look at this photo to get an idea of what we't. talking ab the control jewels were locked in glass boxes iide this cathedral dating back to the 17tho entury. the ieves swiped the jewels in broad daylight and jumped into a speedboat waiting beneath the church. the investigators are searching in boats, cars a helicopters, but no leads or arrests on where is james bond when you need him. >> really. what would you do with crown jewels? because everyone would know you stole them. >> thank you, chris. 5:49. gone in 60 seconds is all it took for thiefs to get away with a handbag with thousands of
5:50 am
dollars. a man and womano barged i the gucci area. the two assaulted the employee and then five minut later five more suspects ran through. >> itea a they had a look and knew what they wanted to do. >> they swiped at least $20,000 worth of merchandise. and today you can weigh in on the proposed security changes at the national zoo. the smithsonian is hosting a public meeting at the new controversial pavilion at 6:30 this evening. yesterday the acting director of e zoo spoke to the woodley park association. the zoo wants to a security fences and reduce the number of pedestrian entrances. there is also talk of long-term plans to create physical checkpoints. the only proposal under view is
5:51 am
to add more fencing. it was ada goo for nats fans. we did lose brice harper and lebrated with a huge win. >> left side, here comes mark reynolds on the run. gar. >> game over, indeed. that is not a typo, everyone, on the score board. the wenats spt the new york mets 25-4. who knew baseball could go like that? the game t was biggest win in history. >> and mlaphyed a two-run homer right out of the park. yep, you saw the fan with the spectacular glove catht in the crowd. talk about being in the right place at the time. it went directly to other. anr reason for her to celebrate, the team's historic
5:52 am
win. and state officials issued a no swimming advisory yesterday until further notice because there's so much debris floating in the bay. the park and parts of the beach will be open. it could be a little wfole the advisory is lifted. it is sad to see all the trash an debris there. >> all the debris will wash back nown to the bay. >> the r is going to cause the dams to flood and all kinds of problems today,hu. >> it's been a crazy month of may. it goes down to the monthly record, but it was two weeks of july, we were bone dry for the first half of july.
5:53 am
11.21 inches. not only the wettest july on record for the airport, but the second wette month on record. more than a foot above average rainfall. the heaviest rain for today has come to an end, but we'll have more stormsn later in the day today. the war of humid mass moving in is going to squeeze the atmospltre. as a re we're going to see more showers and storms bubbling up in the afternoon. the rain is moving into late morning into the afternoon temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. then later on,00 and beyond, we have the slight risk for strong to severe storms primarily in the shenandoah valley. the latest modhe brings storms into the immediate d.c. metro area. but never tur your back on
5:54 am
mother nature. the slight ris is wel north and west, but along the i-95 orridor, could be a little strong. so we are in the low to mid-70s. a 70% cnce for rainomorrow and 80% chance for rain on friday. rain chances diminish a bit into the weekend, but we have a chance for rain on saturday and nday. jack taylor, 90-degree weather comes back next weha. should dry us out. good, on the outer loop of the beway, still waiting for the absorbent gas there to be cleaned up. and northbound onlion road is closed due to flooding. the southbound lanes are open. in northwest, we have activity on 16th street down near holly
5:55 am
reet to put us near the avenue. they were able to sell save -- save some of the people there in that location. and chipotle was being held responsible for aes sic outbreak again. last year it was e. >>coli. and a swimming phenom has done just that. look at this, over the weekend clark kent beat phelps'
5:56 am
100-meter butterfly record at a talifornia tournament. phelps set t back in 1985 long before clark was born. even more impressive, clark has only been swimming competitively for four years. he only ten. he was born swimming breaking records at 10. and with aik name clark kent, the swummer and coaches are calling him superman. he is. >> he does piano lessons, martial arts and stem programs. of course he es. >> that makes our kids look lazy. he's 10 years old. way to go. very impressive. >> fun to watch. sll ahead on "news4 today," paul manafort's trial moving at lightning spee a jury has been picked. opening statements given and witnesses are already taking the stand. how the former trumpam cpaign manager is dending himself against multiple federal judges. plus, a crime plays out in
5:57 am
broad daylight right here
5:58 am
5:59 am
you know when you're at rossh. o. ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that a a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. they quit their job in pursuit of adventure.w no a local couple is dead killed in a suspected terror attack overseas. what we have learned about them and the circumstances surrounding their death. and facebook thrs uphe warning flag. another attpt is being made to sway your vote in the upcoming midterm elections. and more than 30 million of you will pay more in taxes next year. this morning, howf to tell
6:00 am
you're one of them and what you can do today to prevent it from happening. it is 6:00 a.m. on a wednesday. we kick things off with look outside. if you heard the rain overnight, you are not alone. we felt it this morning. we are at weather alert mode. flood warnings are in effect as well. good morning to u. thank you for joining us for "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >> and i'm ang a steady rain has been falling for much of the nightha and may an impact on your morning commute. yocan see the fat raindrops hittinghendshield. we are hearing reports of water on local roads. >> let's go to jack taylor b sty with a check on your commute. it's going to be messy. we'll start things


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