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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  August 3, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the flood threat remains incredibly high. obviously, the ground is saturated from the recent rains. could get one to some spots, three inches of rain t in next 24 hours before coming to an end tomorrow. i think the second half of your saturday and sunday are noticeably drier. but this patch of moisture, g extendll the way down into the north georgia mountains. this comes all the way for today. there's today's rain and tonight's rain, right there. this isir coming ourtion here. there's no escaping the rain chances for today. already, areas of light rain to fauquier county. the rain chances increasing with time. the temperatures will not be in the 90s anytime today orto rrow. right now, in the 60s and 70s. your planner for day, expect rain, and a couple of rumbles of thunde not the severe weather threat that i'm worried about, the flood threat thatcern me the
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most. have the app downloaded t stay ahead of the weather. jack taylor is here to stay ahead offihe tr 66 will start eastbound after route 50. we have accidt activity that contained it to one right lane. you h te three to left. delays are building here quickly. on the outer loop of the beltway, just after georgia avenue there's been a crash along the left side of the roadway. crews may have showed upoc to lanes to move over to the right shoulder. traffic should be movie ining a. the ramp to go west, on 66, a fender bender. a lot of polic activity on the beltway outer loop. local lanes down on the wood row wilson bridge, we'll hear what's going on. back to you. >> jack, thank you. we're staying onop of the breaking news about the missing 12-year-old girl from china.ia virgtate police say jinjing ma is in extreme danger.
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here's a picture of her. she's 4'11", with brown eyes and black hair. she is visiting from china. >> reporter: we know that jinjing w ma at reagan national at 8:15 in the morningx what happened is a mystery. we have the last images of her and the two adults that may be with t, a look here at jinjing. she is 4'11", 90 pounds, 12 years old. the u.s.raveling in with a tour group from china. we have a new image of a man and woman at reagan national. that woman is suspected in jinjing's disappearance. image, too, of jinjing and the woman together. the woman wearing the bck dress. she's described as middle aged and asian. they may c havenged clothes, jinjing and that woman at the
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airport, before going out of view of surveillance cameras here. likely leaving in this suv, a white infiniti suv. a late model with new york state plates. ofigcourse, the question now, why did jinjing get in that vehicle with that woman? know this point, we don't the exact circumstance as to why the child left with this asian. fema the child appears to have left without any force. >> now, authorities looking into the possible relationship if any between w thatan and jinjing. whether or not they know each other or were on theame tour group. a witness has come forward to say they believe they saw that woman give food to jinjing in new york before arriving to d.c. the fbi, now, assisting in the search, as well. we're due for an update on the search thus far, later thi morning. live at reagan national. i'm justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank you.
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it's 6:03. breaking news out of southwest, virginia. i chris lawrenc at the live desk for the latest on this threat of a failing what's happening? >> talking about the possibility of more than 17 feet of water in a matter ofn minutes lunchburg. about 150 people have been evacuated so far. threat of the college lake dam failing. all of the rain we've been seeing in the fast few days, has overwhelmed that dam. that's been shrinking due to sedimentation. at one point, the acres and is down to about 19. state officials have liste that dam among high hazard dams. here's some images showing the flooding in that area. crews had to save a young driver fr floodwaters yesterday
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evening. lynchburg is about halfway between richmond ande, roan give or take, about a three-hour ride from d.c. lynchburg could see more than two inches of rain >> chrisk you. it's 6:05. our stormy weather may be partly to blame for a virginia family'n unimle loss. a tree crashed through the roof of a home in a neighborhood, just outside of warrington wednesday evening. dia gherghis' parents had just tucked her into bed.s she wanned by the tree and died in her room. neighbors tell news 4, she played violin and loved aftball. >> my heart breaa mom, to have to go through something like that. definitely having met her a few times, she's a sweet girl. >> neighbors are collecting money to help her family. link in the nbc washington app, search memorial fund.
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details on the upper marlro fire in breaking news yesterday. it turns out eve fire wasn't an accident. investigators bea former employee set al's country kitchen on fire on purpose. 26-year-old jessica marie poole face arson and reckless endangerment charges. prince george's county police say she was recently fired from al's. 100 firefighters battled the flames that ripped throu that well-known diner yesterday morning. it was a three-alarm fire that spread to nearby businesses. residents who lived before the restaurant had to evacuate. there were no injuries. firefighters had to smash through windows to get people out of an apartment fire. the fire started on the first floor and moved up to the upper floors from there. a murder mystery in northern virginia. detectives say a gunman walked
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into a home in arizona avenue in woodbridge and shot a man to death. neigheard gunshots and saw the shooter run down the street. as many as ten people live in the home where the shooting happened. the roommates are cooperating with detectives. police tell us the gunman likely knew and targeted his victim. sh> we're learning about the security scare tha down streets around the u.s. capitoli capitol were doing parking enforcement checks when they found an unoccupied vehicle with a gun inside. they searched it and found ammunition and other items. police arrested a 23-year-old man from georgia. we're told there is no o connectionrrorism. russia is still trying to interfere with u.s. elections. >> that was the message from the top natial security officials. leaders from the fbi, department of homeland security and intelligence community made a surprise appearance in the white house briefing room, just three months ahead of the midterm's detailed pervasive russian effort to try the weaken and .s
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divide the officials say so far, efforts are not as robust as during the 2016 campaign. but that could change. >> make no mistake, the scope of this foreign influence threat is broad and deep. >> our democracy itsf is in the crosshairs. >> hours later, president trump continued to cast doubt on meddling, referring to the a.ssia probe as a hoax during a rally in pennsylva first daughter, ivanka trump is distancing herself from some of her father's controversial policies. she answered questions at an evenyesterday. when asked about her high and low points during her time at the white house, she said that one of the lowest points was seeing the family separations at the u.s./mexico border.
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>> that was a low point for me, as well. i feel very strongly about that. and i am very vehemently against family separation. >> ivanka trump was asked whether she believes the media was the enemy of the people as her father has repeatedly said. she said npr thident later commented on the question tweeting, quote, they asked my daughter whether or not the media was the enemy of the people. she correctly said no. i the fake news, which is a large percentage of the media, which is the enemy of the people. sarah huckabee sanders was in ach heated ge with a reporter when asked the same question. you're going to see this on social media. when cnn's jim acosta pressed sanders to answer the question, he accused journalists of not covering stories. she went on to say she had been threatened and claimed to be the only press secretary to require secret service protection. >> the media continues to
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ratchet up the verbal assault in f is administration. >> the presidente united states should not refer to us as the enemy of the people. his own daughter acknowledges that. m asking you to acknowledge that right here and now. >> i appreciate your passion. i've addressed this question. i'm here to speak on beha of the president. he made his comments clear. >> acosta walked out of the briefing in protest. federal prosecutors continus to build theiragainst former trump campaign chair paul manafort. moreitnesses were called to the stand, detailing manafort's lavish lifestyle. we learned that rick gates will testify against him. prosecutors told the judge they have every intention of calling rites to the stand. manafort is facing for tax evasion and money laundering. ins lawyers blamed gates d opening statements. gates pleaded guilty earlier this year. testimony will resume at 9:30.
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the senate could vote on trump's supreme court nominee without seeing all ofhe documents related to him. the national archives told chuck grassley they won't be able to complete a review o documents until late october. that's later than grassley's mid-august request and were put in days before the midterm elections. despite the notice, a committee plans to move forward with confirmation hearings in ear september. urban meyer could be fired byhe university of ohio state, over what he allegedly ne did not report. meyer said he was unaware of domestic abuse by one of his assistant ecoaches. ife of that coach says that's not true. meyer's contractequires him to report known violation of the university's sexual misconduct policy. meyer is on administrative leave while an investigation is under way. that assistant coach was fired earlier this week.
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6:12 our time right now. i just tweeted som information about a retweeted some delays with amtrak today because of the train that derailed near union station. they're investigating to see what happened there. the train was traveling fro new orleans. >> we're told everyone was okay. but passengers were stuck on that train for more than an hour after the incident. it happened yesterday, just after noon. according to d.c. fire a e.m.s., one set of wheels on the lead engineff came the tracks. >> all we heard was a loud noise and we felt it. and then, the fire department andbo everydy stormed the train. people were wondering what was going on. and the conductor said to stay calm. >> amtrak is inspecting all of the rail cars involved. a heads up for drivers in fairfax county. theyant to close a ramp on the beltway. the ramp is from georgetown pike to the inner loom.
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it would only be closed from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on weekdays. the closure would slow trafficn downertain areas and speed it up in overs. it's protejected to get more drivers in the area. a daring rescue after a fire broke out in a home in connecticut. >> anybody else in this house? >> you hear theti commo and the chaos. thisue happened tsday night. fire officials say three peoine de the house were rescued by two firefighters who happened to be passing ou. a frth person made it out on r own. all four victims are expected to be okay. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. mollie tibbetts' parents are doing everything they cano bring their daughter home. the university of iowa student has been missing for two weeks. >> her parents have announced a r$172,000ard for her safe return. mollieoi was seen for a run
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near her boyfriend's home a few weeks ago. authorities believe she went into and used the computer. investigators are remaining the timeline of her cksappearance. ays he is holding out hope for her safe return. >> the only thing that comes into your head is t bad happened. and you don't -- i don't want to believe that,ha even if might be the reality. i don't want to think about that. >> police say jack and his brother have been ruled out as suspects. police are hoping that mollie's fit bit will help them figure out what happened to her. several members of a virginia family had to be rescued after getting caught in rip currents. this happened at emerald isle, north carolina. for several days, the swimmers had been warned about the conditions. the mother said she noticewethe teenager struggling as they were pulled into the deep
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waters. lifeguards and firefighters had to pull everybody to safety. >> it was pretty rough. i was scared that i, like, last week, when the guy passed away. i was scared something bad was going to happen to me or my sister. >> firefighters say no one was sent to the hospit. an oo man thought he was saving some dogs in a hot car. >> but police arcalling it destruction of property. richarhill was leaving a walmart in cleveland, when he saw several people standing around a car with two dogs inside. someone called 911 and another person went inside to y to find the car's owner. but hill grabbed a hammer and smashed one of the car windows. police showed up shortly after that. >> the officer told me that i should have waited i had no right to break that window. >> we don't condone leaving animals in cars. but what's reasonable and what's unreasonable?
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>> hill was cited for criminal damage. a judge has to decide was acting in good faith. peta has offered to pay his fine. i would imagine he was acting in good fait trying to save the dog. th no motivation for hurting the car. gedogs out. if your kids play online games you might ised to hear >> a family in minnesota, says an 8-year-old axed into sharing personal information with strangers. charlie was playing fortnite with teens from out of state, when other gamers convinced him to share his mom's personal information. his mom found text messages to asking her son to secretlyend pictures of her driver's license and other documents. >> this guy was able to talk charliinto doing something behind my back.e >> poly charges may not be filed unless they can prove thaa the informatioused
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illegally. google glass nevght on with conventional consumers. but it could be a life-changing tool for people with autism. researcherat stanford pair people with autism and google glass and the app. the app helps identify other people's emotions for the child. parents are reporting more eye act with their kids and relating better with others. this could fill major gaps in autism care. a major milestone for apple. it's worth $1 trillion. the company becomes the first publicly traded company in the u.s. to reach that market value. hares rose to an all-time high of $207 yesterday. that's a far cry from when apple stock traded for less than $1 in 1997. i wish i had done something different in 1997. >> right? >> you're looking at a dust wall here. dust wall. yeah. >> go ahead and say the word.
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what is ? >> haboob. >> it's a haboob. anyway, this is happening in -- m ever present. >> every grown is a 13-year-old man. >> how do you spell haboob? >> it caused sky harbor airport to cancel or delay the flights. there was damaging wind, flash flooding, hail, all pounding that area for hours. 34. >> allf the kids at home and the adults at home laughing. ira you'reling this summer, pack a lot of hand sanitizer. >> airports and airplanes rank high for the germiest places in can country according to a report by the huffington post. tray tables are the worst spot for germs. p the secondlace, water fountain buttons, followed by seats and tsa security bins. not just the hand nitizer, but they have hand sanitizing wipes.
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>> one of my favorite things to follow is passenger shaming. if you have not followed passengershaming. >> people putting their feet up on the armrest. >> you may never get on a plane. >> if you are on thelane long enough, your feet start hurting, what are you supposed to >> loosen the laces. >> i would never. >> aaron, i would make a citizens arrest on you. >> it is a very cloudy starto the day. no rain in washington just yet. but rain chances are coming back and soon. tmperatures around the rf the region, upper 60s in much of the shenandoah valley. low to mi70s around much of the region. high today, only 83 degrees. should be close to 90 this time of year? yes. our average high is 88. we'll get little if anything on the way of sunshine. south winds, 10 to 20 miles per hour or more.
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d unfornate a chance for very heavy rain. how about gardening over the weekend? finally, an end to the rain during the middle parts of the morning tomorrow. we should be drying out by saturday afternoon., sundour choices in summertime, either raining or 90 a rain chance early tomorrow, ack into the 90s coming up on sunday some of the things that do well ex this weather, time to plan for year. wild flower seed that will bloom next summer. this is a good time to put them in the ground, the ground is wet enough to grow flowers. that's the last wave of low pressure across the deep south. that will bring unc a c for rain today and potentially heavy rain late tonight and early tomorrow. keep in mind, if you see high or fast-moving or standing water, avoid it at all costs.
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turn around, don't drown. don't end up on theews by getting rescued. dry weather, jack taylor, for sunday and monday. s we always that in the traffic department. let me talk to you, not about you. here's our crash on 66, going westbound. just after 50, eastbound in direction. they're trying to get it over the right shoulder. the slowdown at the fairfax county parkway,hi to crash, until you get to 123. olaltimore road is closed near georgia avenue. maryland state authorities are aware. we had word of a vehicle fire down in woodbridge, south on i-95. what is left of the vehicle, just a hood up now. no fire. everything is on the right shoulder and not causing a delay. back to you. >> jack, thank you. if you're hitting the highway for a lat summer road trip, don't gonywhere until you see our next story.
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the apps you should have to help you along the way.
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you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back. if you're planning to hit the road for one last summer getaway, we're helping you find the cheapest gas and coolest attractions along the >> susan hogan is working for you with the fr apps you want to download in your phone right hiw. >> reporter: firsts, first. you want to hit the road with a full tank of gas. thp get outside app will hel you ve up to 24 cents per
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restaurants and at grocery stores as well. we have a link to all of the apps we talked about. go on to our nbc washington app and search travel apps. thank you. > if y are beach-bound for the weekend, likely to have storms at the coast the first half of tomorrow. i think saturday will end dry and sunday will be worthhe trip. our check of our local radar coming right up. it's back-to-school shopping and season. and getting your kids ready could be expensive. you might wan to consider doing your shopping in virginia this weekend. a child visiting from overseas snatched from a local overseas snatched from a local airport.
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news 4 begins with a sthrm team 4 w alert. right to the weather alert. you probably won't see rain on your commute. chuck is here with the warning sd your forecast. on top of an g amber alert, involving a young girl visiting from china. we now have new photos t t are providing some clues where she might be. it's 6:30 on tids . i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we'll get back t the breaking news. first, jack taylor will fill us in on the fcoday ute. >> and chuck bellits here a look at the weekend and our >> unfortunately another 100% chance for rain today. if anyone is going to escape thi drop might be the far northe parts of the shenandoah
6:31 am
valley. there's our washington monument right there. it's not raining another w alert. they have the washington app a download ready to go. an interactive radar feature and any warnings will be sent to your phone. the flood threat remains odngerously high. the flash fatch has been extended through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. watch out for high-standing water on adways, particularly late tonight. it won't be hot today. we're in the l 70s in the city now. all that rain across the westeri cas has yet to arrive here. it will do so later today and tonight. anear-100% chance for rain today. we'll start drying out as we head into yr saturday afternoon. more about that and a hot sunday coming up in a few more minutes. let's go to wtop and jack taylor. g >> we've a few hot spots this morni ing as you head to 3.
6:32 am
you h find the four left lanes are getting bay. a transition lane will get you by 123. inner loop on t ltway, on e local lanes. woodrow wilson bridge, there was police activity. everybody in the clearing stages already. still slow on the topside of the beltway, trying to roll towards georgia avenue. there's been accident activities on the right shoulder. it's getting quite a look, as we're solid from 95 to that point. your time is 6:32. staying on top of the breaking news of a 12-year-old girl. jinjing ma is believed to be in extreme danger. she was abducted from reagan ti onal airport yesterday morning. she's 4'11", with brown ey and black hair. she is visiting from china. >> the fbi believes these two people are involved in her disappearance.
6:33 am
they wereth seen arriving a airport yesterday morning. the next time the woman appears on camera, she walking with the 12-year-old girl. the two changed clothes and disappeared out of video view of the security cameras. >> police believe the man picked up the woman and girl in this white infinity suv with new york plates. justin finch will have more details coming u at 6:45. the search for a rape suspect intensifies in virginiae police rela sketch of a man they say is responsible. it happened last week in woodbridge on stevenson court. police say this is the man in question and the victim says he had a beer belly. he also had an angel tattoo that ofy look like what you see on the right-hand sidour screen. police say the suspect was armed at the time. fairfax county confirms its first case ofest nile virus in
6:34 am
a county resident this year. health officials say there is a surge in mosquitos infected with west nile across the county. prince george's county confirmed its first case of west nile on wednesday. breaking news from southwest virginia. the city of lynchburg says 150 people have been evacuated so far. due to the threat of the college lake dam failing. all of the rain we've been seeing in the fast few days, hav whelmed that dam. chris lawrence is tracking the threat from the live desk f us. terrifying moments in southeast d.c. as a fire rthped ugh an apartment building. it happened yesterday afternoon on 28th street. one woman had to jump fm the second floor. she is listed in serious condition. the red cross iselng the 17 people who lived there. ecc. fir says there's no wo
6:35 am
working smoke dr in the apartment. today, a judge will decide how a facase moves forward agait a man who was accused of murdering a family in their home. the man is accused of the family back in 2015. defense attorneys want to introduce evidence suggesting someone else may have been involved in the murdsas. prosecutorthe defense needs to reveal who that second person is before trial. dna evidence connects him to the scene. the trial is in september. if you went to bed before fl end of last night's preseason kickoff, the ravens won. the game against the bears was the first chance to see robert griffin iii as a raven. his first pass was intercepted. the ravens won, 17-16. we're helping you get ready for school. today through sunday, you can save a f dollars on your child's back-to-school list. >> it's tax-free holiday weekend in virginia. megan mrath is here with more.
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hard to believe we have to get ready f back-to-school. but there's areas that do have to go back to school soon. >> yeah. it's true. i went to a school yesterday in alexandria where the first day of class was yesterday. yeah. a lot of retailers are offering sales. you can see here. 50% to 70% off at the gap outlet. with a goodle back-to-school shopping can be downright expensive. clothes, new shoes, the backpacks, all of that stuff. it just as up especially if you have more than one child. st can be very, very expensive. virginia giving parents a break this weekend. back-to-school items are exempt from sales tax. rulee are qualifying school supplies need to be $20 or less per item. clothing and shoes, $100 less per item. this all starts today. and you'l be exempt from that
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sales tax through sunday. but again, just keep an eye on the prices to make sure it qualifies. back to you guys. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. >> if you're able to pick up extra supplies, please consid donating them for the nbc 4 backpacks for kids drive. we're giving them out to kids in need bore the school year. >> our teams will be out at apple federal credit union kingstowne branch on wednesday, from 6:00 until noon. if you can't stop by, you can make a secure donation online. go to and search backpacks. 23 before the hour. still ahead, another reason to say cheers to the guinness opening its first new brewery in america in decades. and it's not too far away. ke'll ta you inside, just
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you'reatching "news 4 >> crews have been h workingd to clean up the chesapeake bayd
6:41 am
et debris out of the water there. yesterday at sandy poite park, 30 volunteers were out helping with cleanup efforts. there's so much debris that swimming has been banned at the beach there in annapolis. >> today, guinness will open its first brewery in the unite t states in mon six decades. and it will be in our area. the new brewery, about ten minutes from the airport, at the seagrams battling plant. the beers were created forhe u.s. market, things like the guinness american blonde lager. >> the brand's iconic stout beer is imported from dublin. >> the brewery will be open today, and noon until 9:00 p.m. w's off i-95 in maryland. i think should take a team field trip. we're not a lot of beer drinkers, but it looks cool. >> why not? mr. bell? >> make sure our team field trip
6:42 am
includes a designated driver >>exactly. >> got to be safe. game inonals squeezed a yesterday and a win at that. they're playing the reds again tonight. this gamejust like yesterday, could easily face a delay or a post poenment, as there's a high likelihood of rain.he what aboutest of the weekend? your ten-day forecast is coming up next. >> on a friday inner loop on the beltway. st. barnabas dowthe woodrow wilson bridge. hopefully the does your business internet provider promise a lot? let's see who delivers more. ss comcast busiives you gig-speed in more places.
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you're time is 6:45. we're staying on top of this alert of jinjing ma going missing yesterday morning. she is 4'11, wit brown eyes and black hair. >> justin finch is live at airport with details how this
6:46 am
girl went missing. justin >> reporter: aaron, all signs point to an adult woman, a man, as well as a white suv, all captured on surveillance here at reagan national. y want to show another image of jinjing here, 12 years old,ouring the u.s. with a group from china. another in that group told authorities that jinjing went to the restroom before sh advantaged. is aim j wimage was taken at re al. we have an image of the woman and jinjing together. the woman is described as being asian and middle-aged. we're told that both changed clothes and walked out of view ofveillance cameras here at
6:47 am
reagan. we also have them in this week. more than likely a late-model infiniti suv. although there appears to be no struggle i the images, that does not mean there's no danger here, either >> she entered the vehicle without any force. but that does not release any of our concerns. we're veryec concernedse we don't know the reason why this child left with that asian female. >> reporter: there's concerns and questions. authorities believe that woman is visiting from china. they're trying to sort out issues from the same tour group as jinjing. a witness has come forward to say ty believe that woman gave food to jinjing in new york before she vanished here some time yesterday morning at reagan national. we're live here at reagan
6:48 am
national. aaron, eun, back to you. >> thank you,justin. 6:48. and president trump back on the campaign trail i pennsylvania, stumping forou barletta, in wilkes-barre. >> during the rally, that president touched on the border wall policy he wants, the possible government shutdown and his meeting last month with russian presidtit vladimir >> we're being hindered by the russian hoax. it's a hoax, okay?u i'll tell at, russia's very unhappy that trump won, that i can tell you. but i got along great with him.t >> presirump's comments came hours after the country's top national security chiefs warned that russia is still trying to interfere in the u.s. elections. wohl have we'll have more on the "today" show.
6:49 am
t daughter, ivanka trump is distancing herself from some of her father's controversial policies. she answered questions at an event yesterday. when asked about her high and g low points durr time at the white house, she said that one of the lowest points was seeing the family serations at the u.s./mexico border. >> that was a low point for me, as well. i feel very strongly about that. and i am very vehemently against family separation. >> ivanka trump was asked whether she believes the media was the enemy ofhe people as her father has repeatedly said. in public. she said the prt later commented on the question tweeting, quote, they asked my daughterhether or not the media was the enemy of the people. she correctly said no. it is the fake news, which is a orge percentage of the media, which is the enethe people. w witnessl be back on
6:50 am
the stand in a few hours for the paul manafort trial. court is back in session at 9:30 this morning. this just in, several amtrak trains are affected by yesterday's derailment near union stion. moments ago, amtrak northeast tweeted a few trains areca eled. >> they're trying to figureat o appened yesterday afternoon. one set of wheels on the lead train came off the tracksdy noas hurt. amtrak says it is inspecting all ai thears involved. developing this morning, we're waiting to learn what may ha caused a row house fire overnight in southeast d.c. this video shows the scene on newcombe street after fire crews knocked down the heavy fire officials say four people are left without a home. wee told theed cross is trying to help them. no one was injured.
6:51 am
and it turns out this fire we brought you as breaking news yesterday, wden't an ac. investigators believe a former employee set al's country kitchen on fire on purpose. 100irighters battled the flames that ripped through the diner yesterday morning. the three-alarm fire spread to nearbybusinesses. 26-year-old jessica marie poole fas arson and reckless endangerment charges. she was recently fired from al's. at our stormy r may be partly to claim for a virginia y fa unbelievable loss. a te crash eed through a home. ad ya gherghis' family was in her wroom. sh 10 years old, played the violnd loved football. you'll find a link in the nbc washington fund.earch memorial
6:52 am
lo fng breaking news in virginia. evacuation orders are in lynchburg where a dam is overflowing and could fail. the dam could release 17 feet of minutes. a matter of all of this is overwhelmed the college lake dam. and the virginia department of concentration listed it among high hazard damsee in of repair. that was seven years ago. here's new video showing the extreme flooding in that this was from yesterday evening. swift water rescue crews saving a driver who got trapped in that water. lynchburg is about halfway between richmond a roanoke, give or take a three-hour drive from. could ell says that cit see two more inches of rain today. >> thank you. let's check in, now, with chuck, to find out more aboutfo ourcast. >> it's the storm team 4 weather around
6:53 am
what do we need to know? >> we need to know, in all likelihood, more areas of high standing water around the region, especially later today and night. use extreme caution when driving around this evening. a hather inch of rain yesterday at national airport. that, now, brings reagan national and dulles up to 16 inches of rain now for the summer. that's more than double our average over that period. and i-rshall, another quarter inch of rain. now, 22 inches of rain since june 1st. that's triple average rainfall over that stretch. right now, it i 74 in arlington. 70 in ft. meade and leesburg. 70 in charlestown, west virginia. all of the news 4 nation, covered up with a flood watch that's extended to 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. today, rainy, breezy, southerly winds today. one to locally as much as three inches of rain possibleto y. there's the deep plume of
6:54 am
moisture going all the way into the western carolinas in the north georgia mountain these rain drops, they will impact our afternoon. and the rains down here in the western carolinas, they will impact the lateight and early saturday timeframe. let me show you future weather and you see where the train stretches are going t be. not much around town, until we get to lunchtime here. doesn't like like it's a lot of rain. but underneath each one of those cells,ou can pick up a quarter to half an inch of rain. theftnoon commute, likely to be hard hit by thunderstorms. that trip over the bridge to the beaches can be frustrating. more areas of heavy rain across northwesternvirginia. tomorrow, by about lunchtime tomorrow, the rain will be coming to an may get to see some sunshine for the second half of your saturday. sundaynd monday look sunny and hot and humid, all the moisture we've got on the ground here. it will be bit of a steam path with temperatures in the low 90s. s ane more hit and miss rain
6:55 am
chances this week. jack taylor, it looks like the coming to pattern is an end. >> that's always nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel. on the inner loop of the beltway, slow from branch avenue to thebr ge. all of the activity on the bridge, gone. two troubles o going eastbound. first out of 28, the over aer 50 fairfax. other accident activities have been moved over to the shoulder. we still have slow traffic. now, on the parkway, as you merge on to the broken down on one side of theight side of the roadway. you will be approaching at speed, please to use caution if this is normal path of travel for you. 6:55. this morning, we have good news abt a dog that's been tugging at our heart strings on social media.
6:56 am
he is terminally ill. he has found a forever home. and so far, he's visited nats pa , ate a doughnut and went onde a rilong with arlington police. we probably all dreamed of winning the lottery at o point or another. one couple saw that dream ripped you can find a full list on ourebsite for tax-free day in virginia. battled football coach, urban bfire, coulde firedrom ohio state university, for what he knew but didn't report. he said he was unaffair of domestic abuse involving one of his coaches. his contract requiresim to report violations of the sexualc duct policy. 12-year-old jinjing ma is believed to be in extreme danger. she was abducted from reagan national airport yesterday morning. ma is visiting fromchina. you can see photos of the
6:57 am
abduction suspects in the nbc washington app. mixed messages fro the white house on russian election meddli just hours after president trump's national security team shared details in the election, hoax esident called it a at a pennsylvania campaign stop. more on the back and forth ahead on today. . >> brace yourself for me rain today and tonight. here's a quick peek at the five-day forecast. flash flood watches remain in place for 24 hours from now. the second half of the weekend, starting saturday around lunchtime to sunday, should be rain-free. >> thank you, chuck. >> that's the news for today. >> the"today" show is next. enjoy your day a nd
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good morning. breaking overnight, on the verge. a dam in virginia about to break. residents forced to flee, and it keeps on pouring. those heavy rapes and high winds now threatening millions from the carolinas to nengland. this morning the severe storms moving up the east coast, and al is tracking it all. mixed messages. president trump telling supporters one thing -- >> now we're beingde hinred by the russian hoax. it's a hoax, okay? >> but hours earlier, his own i topelligence official sounding a major alarm -- t russian threat is real and tively coming after the u.s. elections. >> our democracy itself is in the crosshairs. >>e're live at the white house. growing


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