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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 19, 2018 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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clouds, really depending onwh e you are right now, but for the most part, thwhumidity is nd it is rather comfortable out there today. let's take a look at thosees temperatow because we have had 70s across the board, still in the 60s out in winchester, 68 is that temperature right now. so you're just looking at a chance for some scattered sprinkles out there,f you're going to be outside, you have an isolated chance for a ashower. mix of sun and clouds out there, not a lot happening on the radar, a few sprinkles right now, we'll time out any more sprinkles coming day or tomorrow and talk about that bigger chance of rain an tuesday, that's coming up in about 18 minutes. guys? >> thank you very much, lauryn. we are following a developing story meanwhile in utheast d.c. where man was shot and killed. >> news4's derek ward joins us
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live from southern and pennsylvania avenues. what's the latest? >> reporter: we are here in the 3900 block of southern avenue. there's nothing remarkable about it. lots of traffic onavouthern enue at all the times of the day. but early this morning it was a different situation out here, it was 1:32 when t police were called out here to southern avenue when they got here, they found an adult male who was suffering from gunshot wednesday, he was taken to the hospital and then pronounced dead. the clpolice cleared the scene little while ago.e theyooking for a man who's wearing tan linen pants, a blue baseball cap and a dark blue baseball jersey. that's all the information they have atpo this t. we don't know the identity of the victim, whether or not he lived here in this area or was just passing through, all of
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that stuff is under investigation as wno speak but again, a very different, quiet, peaceful scene h e now in stark contrast to what it was like just a few hours ago when a man died on the sidewalk just behind me. we are live in dsoutheast,ek ward, news4. >> certainly more to follow up on there. alsoov developing night, a woman was shot near the corner of r and 14th streets in northwest. that happened just after 11:00 a.m. last night. police are looking for a man about 5'10" who's responsible for thisll g. yesterday morning found an injured man along rhode island aven near the mcdonald's. he later died from his injuries. investigators have not released any information about the victim. we now know the names of the two men who died in a small plane crash in maryland. michael kilpatrick and his passenger robert johnson cshed in a field in westminster
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yesterday morning. both of those men were from marynvnd. federaltigators are looking into the cause of that crash. now to a developing story, thisne out of oklahoma, where at least 14 fans were hurt while waiting for backstreet boys concert. you're looking at new video just into our newsroom. you can see fans waiting under umbrellas before arm sto sterday. this was at the wynnstar casino and resort. about 50 people ignored orders to take shelter. a metal awning collapsed and that's what caused injuries. maryland university held special meetings following the death of a player, the athletic staff, parents, school officials and the parents of wallace lowe
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were all there. all o this stems after offensive linemanai jordan mcnr died in june, two weeks after he reportedly suffered a heat stroke during practice. on friday, the state board ofnc regents ann an investigation into that incident as well as the culture of theiv sity's football program. >> i think it'sra aal process and we're hoping that things will be well in the future. >> parents we tked to say they supportch coa durkin but will also suphe outcome of this investigation. new details this morning, the suspected russian agent suspected of using sex ando deception gain access to the u.s. has been movhe from d.c. jail to the alexandria jail. butina secretly worked to develop back channels to the kremlin. she's pleadedguilty. she's in the same jail as former
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trump campaign head paul maomfort. trow there could be a sperkt in paul manafort's trial. he's facing tax fraud, bank fraud and failure to declare foreign accounts. manafort still has another trial starting in the district next month for charges of money laundering, failure to register as a foreign agent and nspiracy to defrau the united states. meantime, president trumping and former cia director jn brennan now openly at war with each other, mincing no words. >> this all started after president trump strtyped seculearance from brennan. in an interview on friday, brennan said president trump is unfit for office and president trump fired back on brennan who said he is a loud mou partisan political hack who cannot beus d with the secrets of our country. >> i have never respected him.
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i have never had a lot of respect. >> he's drunkaln power, he ly is. >> the president's decision to revoke clearances has set off dozens of formernc intelli officials who wrote a letter. rudy giuliani will also be on the show. >> it's going to be an interesting show. hey, it's back to school time, get your kids ready to head back with discounted hair cuts today. alexandra de paris are offering $20 hair cuts for children and college students. it's all on a first come first serve basis and that salon is located on federal park systems drive in fairfax. >> it time to get kids bac to their routine. ovi's stanley cup runneth
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over, he just had a child. >> alex and his wifeelmed a baby boy. ovi aounced the girbirth with a instagram post and then he later umcelebrated byng into foundations. >> who knows? >> could have, probably. the baby's name, meantime is sergey. >> welcome to the world and to washington. >> congrats. 10:07 right now. >> let's take a live look outside, as we have a mixture of sun and clouds over the nation's capital. we're heating up a bit too. degrees, but how hot will it get today? lauryn has the answer when we come back. the flames set records in california now the smoke from the largest wildfires that the state has ever seen f iswing state has ever seen f iswing into the.c. d z2x54z z16fz state has ever seen f iswing into the.c. d
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hundreds of counter protesters shut down what was in ed a free speech rally boston. an estimed 300 counter protesters chaed and held signagainst racism yesterday. they surreered a few dozen people there for a planned rally. there was a few shoving matches between the groups and one member of the group boston free speech says they have been falsely labelled as neo-nazis and racists. take a look here, you can see first responders in colorado springs giving a piggie back ride to a child from an suv on friday. heavy rain left about two feet of rain on the highway. 11 people were trapped in six rs and it took about 45 minutes to get them all out. but once they did, they did bring everyone out to safety. as the nation mourns aretha
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fr fklin, herily will hold a ublic memorial and that wil happen on september 8. >> more on the legacy the queen of soul leaves behind. >> reporter: her music played to so many audiences. ♪ i found my way out of touch >> reporter: whether singing pop or r&b, she was first a gospel singer. she discovered her voice singing in ovchurch. er the decades her music in some ways was aou track for the african-american experience. her father was an activist and marched with dr. martin luther king jr. music was aretha's activism. >> she did it in a way t yt was quie powerful. look at the afro that she adopted. look at theunapologetic embrace of her own city of detroit which
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was being spurned because it was a black city. >> reporter: when detroit's mayor declared aretha franklin day in 196, dr. martin luther king jr. wasthere, two years later, actress angela davis was held without bond, aretha franklin was ready to pay for her release, black will beill be free, she said, i know you got to disturb the peace when you can't get no peace. civil rhts icon john lewis remembers her support. out.e did her best to help she just wanted to make the movement a♪uccess. ♪ >> reporter: the voice bookending a turbulent history, singing at the memorial for martin luther king jr.,he funeral for rosa parks. ♪ thank you for her quietnger quiet st ♪ >> reporter: later performing at the inauguration of the first african-american president. >> she wasn't just a singer, she
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we, we're taking on the marlins today at 1:35 down at nats park and it's not looking too bad out there, there's a chance of a stray shower, but that's about it. the humidity won't be too bad, especially for mid-august. temperatures are goibe in the low to mid 80s. passingst a chance of a shower, and if you're headed out to d.c. united they're taking on the new england revolution, also looking fantastic for that. so both games should be able to get in. we'll talk more about t for showers today, tomorrow, best chance comes on tuesday, but the end of this workweek, we have fall like weather for august. we'll tell you about that ynrecast in about five minutes. >> thank you, la looking forward to that. 10:16, quite the show coming up today on meet the press.
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and it's always quite the week. >> well, forget about it. i want to get back to rickets, i need more weather. >> you got a big show today, you got john brennan on, you've got rudy giuliani. you've got the security clearance that was stripped, you've talked to some of the rightw. >> we have the issue of tremendotreeason, whes treason treezon and can you unring the treason bell? i thi he wishes he could unring the bell. my guess is that he wishes he said approaching treason. you get the chance that he's tryingo unring the treason bell. this is what the president is, i think, so effective at. he knows how to pick his foils.
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where he finds people that, ere it makes his opponent so that he knows his opponent aren't crazy. we know that many on the left are not fon of brennan, and he makes it harder for his opponents to stand by someone. some will say john brennan took the bait at times. but j thinkn brennan is thinking of filing a lawsuit on behalf ofhe . look, we have never had a president do this. is he doing this to tryar to their ability unfairly to get a job. if you have your security cli s clearance pulled, it's like saying, how do you explain that? it could prohibit them from working in the private sector. s is he considering this not just for himself? >> it sounds like if thinks he can be helpful to creating ae
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injunction to prevent himt from doingo the other nine people that sarah sanders listed, it's quite possible. don't miss a few things in that interview, number one, it's the first time i have heard it where he says of the trump tower meeting, the intention was t find dirt on hillary clinton, but he seems to deny that donald trump jr. should have known that it was the russian government,t it was j anybody that might have been providing that dirt, that they didn't know at the time that i rwas thesian government. then he was talking about the president versus jam comey on truth. and he used a new phrase that i think is -- truth isn't always truth. there's a version of truth that trump has, there's a version of truth that comey has. >> thats remi me of a business ethics class incollege. truth is not the truth if the
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truth t is not expectbe spoken. how about that? >> that's letting deep. >> it is. but it's goingo be a good show, make sure you stick around. >> i was going to have deep thoughtsor that. >> out of the entire business ethics class, that's the line i remember. truth isn't always truth. >> it's the truth. thanks, chuck. i'm interted in seeing also coming up on the show what he has to say about brennan, giuliani on brennan. i'm sure he has an opinion. >> you can see "meet the press," coming up in about 10 minutes on news4. on theyn's got the truth weather today. >> i do. i think people probably thought -- >> i open it's better than yesterday. >> i lied stday. you never said you lied to anyone. you formed a hype pt thinks. >> i literally told my friends
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yesterday when i was trying to find this rain that was supposed to be coming through, didn't see a drop in alexandria, i told people on air to cancel plans. >> you said plan b to your credi credit, have a plan b. >> did you give a shoutouto a friend that's having a brida shower? >> i do have a friend who's having a bridal shower. >> there's lot of events outside, like the big carnival out in loudoun county. >> i'm working fverybody here. "working for you" guys to let you know when you nd maybe an umbrella out there. i really don't think you'll need one today. we're goingo have a stray shower, and that's about all it's going to amount to. ooks like it's going to rain, out there. temperatures are in e0s, very comfortable out there, if
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you're headed out toun , maybe church services, there's going to be a mix of sun and clouds. we a few sprinkles possibly out towards the i-81coidor, this could also be a little clutter from the radar sweep. again, few sprinkles out there todd, that's all it will amount to and an isolated shower, we do have two systems that are going to be headed our way. tuesday will be our best chance for som rain. and it's because of this frontal system right here this frontal system brought some severe weather to texas and oklahoma. then this little thing right up re, that's another front and it came out of canada, so a lot of cool, refreshing air behind that, that's going to be right on its heels and that's going to head in tuesday night into wednesday, that's going to drop our humidity. a little muggy out there right now, but not that bad. and agn, a m of sun and clouds out there, a few
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sprinkles, as we continue through the day, an isolated shower that's about it. the nats graham looking good, thet reggae f in d.c. is looking good. anything you want to do looking fine. if thunderstorms, thatill be mainly south, closer to virginay. sunday, mond tuesday, best chances for rain.ou if want to wash the car, i would say do it on wednesday, only because we hav o chances rain. tonight if you're grilling, about a 30% chance of rain, that'sit. tomorrow morning you wake up to a bit of fog, more clouds around tomorrow,nd a strayshower, that's the bus stop forecast, a lot of kids headed back to school, if they haven't already. so again, we have a few sprinkles, this is monday, and a little bit of drizzle the day tomorrow. that's got it. stormy by the time we get into tuesday, humidity lowers on
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that your brain went offline. next time ask your cvs pharmacist. our proprietary search tool analyzes ways to help lower your prescription costs. just drop in.... before you conk out... see what you might save at cvs pharmacy. one person was killed in an overnight shooting on southern avenue in southeast. officers are now looking for a man wearing linen pants, a navy blue hat and dark blue baseball jersey.
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al alexandria de paris is offering $20 hair cuts. and the former head of the cia john brennan and president trump's attorney rudy giuliani will both "pear onet the press" this morning, that starts in just a new minutes on news4. >> get out and enjoy the day today. >> we have chances of rain tomorrow a tuesday, and dry the middle of the
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russia probe. president trump revokes the security clearance of former cia chief john brennan. >> mr. brennan has a history hat calls into question his objectivity and credibility.te >> and threans to do the same to other former officials who have criticized him. >> security clearances for those who still mhave them may be revoked. >> i think bruce ohr is a disgrace. i suspect i will be taking it away quickly. >> brennan reacts. >> i think this is an egregious act that flies in the face of traditional practice as well as common sense as well as national security. >> says mr. trump is abusing the power of his office. >> he is drunk on power. he


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