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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 28, 2018 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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breaking news tonight. ex-police officer found guilty of murder after opening fire on a car full of unarmed teenagers, killing a 15-year-old boy. fiwhy the ofcer's own partner testified against h. a shocking turn a year after hurricane maria, the official death toll raised to nearly 3,000mericans killed the numbers far higher than even hurricane katrina. a controversial come back for comedian c.k., telling jokes and the backlash and controversy being raised. a mom's plea after her 9-year-old s took his own
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life. >> my daughter told me he came home and said kids at school were telling him to kill herself. >> tonight, action what s wants you to do to save others. >> do you recognize this woman, authorities desperately searching fer after she was seen ring during bells in this middle of the night. e-cigarette explosion, a man running for help when his pants suddenly burst into>> flames. a little girl with so many people rooting for her. tonight, how she is doing after the transplant she so desperately needed. this isnbnightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening, everyone. i'mavnah guthrie in for lester tonight. we start with the words that rang out in a texas courtroom late today, guilty. a police officer on trial for murder near dallas after hoping re on a car full of teenagers leaving a party. a as15-year-old boy killed that night and today the jury convicted the officer that fired
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the fatal shot. nbc news national correspondent, miguel almaguer has the story. >> we the jury, unanimously find the defendant, guilty of murder. >> reporter: the guilty verdict coicd put a former texas pole officer behind bars for life, roy oliver convicted in the death of 15-year-old jordan edwards. >> it's been a long time, a hard year. >> reporter: the 2017 officer involve shooting was captured on body tam. oliver and his partner were clearing a house party when gunfire rang out nearby. as high school students fled the scene, oliver's partner ordered a car packed with five black teenagers to stop. as the vehicle pulled away, oliver fired five times. fatal shot striking freshman jordan edwards in the back of the head.
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oliver told the jury he thought his partner was going to get hit but that officer ttified he never feared for his life. >> knowing that he had to be forced in position to take a life, words cannot describe that. >> reporter: a call to a house t ending in murder. the w ath of a teenager and no the conviction of a former police officer, miguel almaguer, nbc news. m> tonight, two kansas deputies recovering after ambushed them inside their own sheriff's office. versions say jason whitson walked into the building and started shooting through a door and managed to hit those two deputies. shorts say he ran and let a woman and five children out of the car before they finally caught up to he was laterunced dead by a self-inflicted gunshot. no word yet on a possible motive. one of the injured deputies is
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out of the hospital, the other listed in stable >>ght, the facts are co ng out how many people were killed when hurricane maria balted puerto rico nearly a year ago. the numbers are jaw dropping. authorities now say nearly 2,000 people were killed 60% more killedhan in hurricane katrina. yet, until today the official government death toll was 64 people. nbc's ga gutierrez with more eson what is now the dead u.s. national disaster in more than 100 years.ep >>ter: outside puerto rico's overflowing, the government brought refrigerated trailers to hold dozens of unclaimed bodies. today, the new report from the washington university indicates nearly 2,000 died, dramatically higher than the previous official count of 64. d it's way too early and not look at the total counting for what might have ha
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over several months. >> reporter: shortly aft the lmtegory 4 hurricane tore through the islandost a year ago, president trump touted the low death toll. >> if you look at a real ph catastlike katrina and look at the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died, everybody rytching, can really be ve proud what's taken place in puerto rico. >> reporter: today, researchers slammed the president for speaking prematurely. the report blames the puerto rican government for a massive communications breakdo >> i agree hindsight is 2020. this could have been done differently. hirecognize all of that. >> reporter: the house responding tonight saying the president is proud of the federal effort and will continue to support puerto rico riroughout its recovery. throughout puerto , thousands of blue tarps are on homes. what happens if another major hurricane slams into this island. the new report says while all
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of puerto rico was affected, those who died in and est numbers were po elderl gabe gutierrez, nbc news. now to that controversial comeback attem by comedian louis c.k., telling jokes. for a lot of people nothing funny about it, it comes less than a year after he was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. shc, stephanie gosk has the latest on the backnd the question, how soon is too son. >> reporter: his performance on sunday night at a new york comedy club was just 15 minute his appearance unannounced. the crowd gave him a standing ovation. it was his first performance since being accused of exposing and touching himself in front of multiple women. >> it was just like regular louie. >> reporter: the club's owner said he made no mention of it in his act. >> i do wish he had. i think it would have been much
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better for him ande it would h taken some of the heat off of us. >> reporte in november, c.k. ed the axizations were true and the response was quick and deals with fx, netflix and hbo re canceled. now, the comedian and new york club are facing criticism for his performance. i's a very difficult position to be standing between a person and his livelihood. >> i know #metoo was supposeto destroy a lot of men's careers, it hasn't exactly. what it didn't do was given women the opportunity to have careers. >> reporter: lastay, one of c.k.'s accusers, rebecca corey, wrote an article and said shehr received deathts online since coming public. the idea that c.k. re-entering the public eye would ever be considered a comeback story is disturbing. he abused women. c.k. said there is nothing about this i forgive myself for.
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adding i will now step back to take a long time to listen. tonight, his critics don't think he took long enough. ewstephanie gosk, nbc new york. a huge turnout tonight in new york as a sea of friends and fans came to pay r-e-s-p-e-c-t to the queen of soul, the body of aretha franklin in an hearse that previously carried her father and civil rights rosa parks. e viewing will continue tomorrow and then friday. could the government do a google search?go thrnment is looking into it? the government is accusing google and tech titans of rigging searches to silence him and other conservative searches. is there any truth to that? >> reporter: the president, who bus base on social media, now attacking it, accusing those companies of bias. i
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hink google and twitter and facebook are really treadinn ery troubled territory and they have to be careful. >> reporter: he alleged google s search resor trump news shows only fake media and adding google and others are controlling at we can and nnot see. >> google blatantly suppressing conservative media o. >> reporter: just last night, fox businessetwork aired a thinly sourced media covere on the topi >> i believe the government should step in and check this out. >> reporter: the white house he suggesting t administration may do just that. >> we're takg a look at it. 'll let you no. >> reporter: no reliable data to back up the president's claim. search inot used to set a political agenda. we never rank search results toi late political sentiment. top tech officials are set to be on apitol hill next week to talk to lawmakers concerned about russia election interference and some members
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of congress have concerns about something else, the president's escalating feud with his iptorney general. >> this relations beyond repair. >> the only beef the president seems to have against him is that he's not going to get rid of the investigation. thank you, president trump. >> let me finish the second part.ep it's much than that. >> what else are we missing? >> we won't say on this show. it's a pretty deep breach. >> reporter: it's a cryptic hint graham later walked back. >> it's not one thing, a serie of things. >> reporter: from the top republican. >> i have total confidence in th attorney general and think he ought to stay exactly where he is. >> reporter: there is no indication he is p snning to fisions right now. >> thank you. now to the fight ofre 3d gu, weapons am in to be made from home and virtually untraceable. today, the man at the center of rte legal battle said he s instructions how to make them and making them available over anybody willing to pay.
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nearly two dozen states sued to stop him. a judge sided with the state, so how is this happening? tom costello picks up the story. >> reporter: cody wilson says he's not violating a federal judge's order against posting online the 3d printer instructions for making handguns and assault weapons. instead, he'll mail the instructions on a flash drive to anyone who pays. suggest a price, $10. >> i have the right o give things away for free related to making guns. this information to help you make a gun, i can give it away. >> reporter: the instructions are alreadne. wilson posted them before 20 state attorneys general sued toa stop him aederal court issued an injunction citing federal firearm export laws. today, the washington attorney general issued a statement, i trust the federal government will hold a cody wilsoelf-described,
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crypto t anarchist accountab that law. if they don't, president trump will be responsible for anyone is hurt or killed as a result of these weapons. last month, president trump tweeted, i am looking into 3d plastic sold to the spoke to the nra, doesn't make most sense. but they dropped objections to the instructions. n control advocates warned that could sometime uetectable into the hands of criminals and terrorists. >> they can be used in hijacking, high security environment like a concert or sporting event, all of those are serious concerns. >> the question tonit is whether any state attorney general will move to block wilson yet again. savannah. >> thom -- tom, thank you. a major reversal tonight, military exercises in south korea are likely back on, another sign things have gotten tense again between the u.s. and north korea despite the president saying there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea.
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nbc news's chief foreign contemporary, richard engel. >> reporter: tightening the screws today on kim jong-un defense secretary, jim mattis suggesting massive military exercises he north korea border which president trump canceled are now on. pe>> we took the step to s several of the larger exercises as a good faith measure coming out of the singapo summit. we have no intention at this time to suspend any more exercises. >> reporter: at the summit, president trump's move to su spend those war games came as a surp bse. >> we wistopping the war games, which will save us a tremendous amount of money. >> reporter: north korea was delight. it had long complained the in exercises invothousands of u.s. troops are a dress rehearsal for an american invasion. the u.s. and o allies, they're terrents. how much has the united states gotten in exchange for
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suspending them. north korea did free three ic am detainees and north korea sent back dozens of american remains from the korean war. on the main promise from north korea to get rid of its nukes, president trump tweeting jus last week, i feel we are not making sufficient progress with ization to the denucle of the korean peninsula. >> as you know, critics always warn this was a danger of negotiating in reverse, having the summit before working out the details. now the u.s. is trying to claw back some of the leverage president trump gave up. >> i know you will keep your eye on it. thank you. still ahead, a mother's plea. her warning to other parents after she said her 9-year-old took his own life after classmates told him to. also, explosive surprise, the camerang moment caught o and warning now for e-cigarette users. so are all these.
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next next tonight, a heartbreaking story outside of colorado, a grieving mother speaking out after her 9-year-old son took his own life becae, she says, he was bullied for saying he was gay. nbc's joe fryer has her emotional plea tonight to other parents. >> reporter: he was just 9 years old and already had dreams of becoming a social media ar. last week, jamel myles took his own life. >> he put smiles on my face every day. >> reporter: he said over the summer he came out as gay and after the summer she learned the problem was getting worse. >> my daughter came home and e told me kids at school w telling him to kill himself. >> reporter: the denver school says it is investigating and deeply committed to making sure they're eated with dignity and respect. jamel's death is receiving
7:18 pm
reactions after cox tweped it must s bullying children. and deeply committed to ensuring n l members are treated equal. >> we know one per their life an make a huge difference and reduce the risk of suicide by. >> reporter: gay lesbian and bi-sexual high school students are more than four timely to commit suicide than their straight peers. >> i wish i could take the pain away from him. >> reporter: his mother clutching his favorite stuffed anim says it's important to speak out. he wanted to make people feel empowered. in order to do that, you have to stop bullying and teach people h's okay to love each other. >> reporter: she nes her son's death can help save other lives. joe fryer, nbc news. >> we'll take a break right now. coming up, the pol searching for a mystery woman.
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jamel miles well, imagine this shock in the middle of the night. tpolice in texas are aski public for help, finding a mystery woman caught on camera, there you see her, ringing a stranger's doorbell and vanishing and appearine wearing some kind of restraints on her wrists. she's reportedly done thisf o a iember ohomes in the area but so far not ident tonight, new alarm about the danger of explodin e-cigarettes. this latest incident caught on camera, a man minding his own , busineopping in a store when suddenly his pants burst into flames. here's nbc's gadi schwartz. >> reporter: in a california electronics ostore, minute a customer is in the back roopi cking out a tv, the next, his pocket explodes into sparks and flam. >> he was screaming and yelling. his right leg was completely burned. >> reporter: the latest
7:23 pm
e-cigarette to explode in a long list of similar cases across the country. most are caused by lithium ion batteries made overseas. a study showing 62% of explosions happened while the e-cigarette is in someone's pocket or actively being used. earlier this year the first documented case of an in e-cigarette kisomeone, a 38-year-old man died after his vape pen exploded. his cause of death listed as a projectile wound to the head. now, another e-cigarette explosion caught on camera showing potential for danger carried by millions everyday. gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. up next, the little girl we've been following who made millions smile and the life saving birthday gift she just received. e of great deals like zero percent financing for sixty months on the built ford tough f-150.
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finally, she has millions of people, including a music superstar cheering her on. tonight, the little girl we have been following has finally received a life saving gift for her 11th birthday and hopefully means many more happy birthdays to come. kevin tibbles has tonight's inspiring america report. >> reporter: tonight, the little eghter begins rest of her life. spirited sophia sanchez wanted just two things for her 11th birthday, to meet the wildly popular rapper, drake, and a new heart. >> please come and see me. >> reporter: it was as if she willed it to happen. >> oh, my god! >> you asked me to come, i'm here. >> i'm in the hospital and drake st came to surprise me. >> just for you, my dear. r >>orter: the second half of
7:28 pm
her wish, the one that would save her life, arrived via special delivery. nd in a nine hour operation at chicago's lurie children's hospital, sophia received her new heart. >> a miracle, definitely. >> reporter: director of transplants, carl backer says he expects a fuel recovery. >> it's awarene w and thatl bring her back. >> reporter: toda the kids at kingsley elementary sent their well wishes. >> get well, sophie, we miss you. >> reporter: drake said on instagram, so happy for you, my love. meanwhile, dr. backer's own children were star struck. >> they were more impressed that drake came to visit my patient than that i did a heart transplant. >> reporter: a hospital filled with rock star sincere, the rock star and organy donation fam and the doctors and the little
7:29 pm
girl whose heart stole our own. >> bless her heart and the organ donor's, too. there are 375 kids also hopingh for a net tonight. that's it for "nightly news." for all of us at nbc news, htanks so much for watching and have a great nig z2x56z z16fz
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y2x56y y16fy lights camera access. >> no, i'm not an alcoholic. no, i'm not a sexaddict. >> mel biction denies addiction rumors but she'ser still enting a treatment facility. a farewell hit fit for a


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