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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 30, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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got vemo s. or>> wldf oan dce finsal emseptbe 1r breaking news nioverght. 15ears yn i onpris. th at'she t sentence for ex-police fiofoycer rli over who is found guilty of killing -yr-ea joldornda edrdwas. new details thisor m.ning >> o>n the h oeelsfhi woute hse ounsel d monahcgn's deurparte, another bombshell as a second white house legal evening legal ionen8 4 hour >> farewello an amecarin pattrio as the filamy of satenor hnjoaiccn mourns his dtheand a lebrates his life, we're learning that one very prominent potili ncalam weot n invit ed isto h rafunel. > to a new york sty slettree ghfift o aeb datewe beten o-twtime gerovnor andrew cuomo ndll chaenrge cyniath nonix frseom "x th& tye ci" faer. >> aftavingis h life,he t sool flows in dad's footsteps
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in one othf e most dangerous escitin ill a of america. "early today" starts rights now. >> good moinrng. . mar mlie ha >> and i'mhi p bweegins thi morning with brngeaki wsne. theor fmeter p convteicfd o kngilli an unarmed acblenk teag heras ledearn his . fate oliy over wasen sedtenc to 15 e iarsn prison anded fin 100,00 forhe t shooting dthea of 15-year-old jornda edrdwas. w liver convicted ofur mder inhe t 1720 sothogin on tayuesd teafres rponding to a house part oy,liverpe o fnedire on a car leangvi themeho,at fally shti engdsdwar whoas w in thege passenr >> a trial, edwards said he fi bredecseau heho tught the car r.s tinryg to hit his rtpane ut tarhe ptn terfyesti hdea nefaver irea f fredoris hif le. fter senncteinghe t waedrds' mily sternd sai while that i wod heav liked a longer secenten tt.ha es>> rpect the jury's tiposion. ler a'snettoryay ses hl wil fin a n ewon cscern tshi mngorni about dangeusrogs druet gti ng ndbehi bars at america's
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onpriss. in iooh, peolicon cedfirm with ou nrbcff ailteia tovernightt aucnaombitionf ooi hern and fentanyl cd an inmate erovsedo at ross cctorreiolna n.stitiout o tnha a denozta ssffer required medical teatntion. a similar scenario forcingan pennsylvia to putll a its atstri pson on lockdown. tom costelloas more. >> reporter: at the albion state prison in pnsylvania to hazmat tes llcan ed itole cnar a entirel cel bcklo,iv fe sfftaers si ackftersc engteti an inma ghthouto tndbe uer the fline.uenc ince early august 29 state employs have been sickened. bad bchat ofee strtru dgs clinudyng sthicet cbiannanoid veha netir the way into state prison. emeeploys reqreui wd toear gloves and all vitiss suenspded. anilwhace, ro tsshete stae lin in iooh,n a emeenrgcy hospital
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atr tgeodayft aer s 27ffers dwo t inmastee weric skedne at another prison. hannah riley wasid insehe t pr,ison hopg inisit her .ice >>id i dn' ktnow what was gngoi onif, e h waska oy orf he was dead or alive and i still don't know. >>us sinpectg anpi ooid overdo,se emts issuedar ncan fobeusre rhingou thrgh to a lloca hpios tal. >he t folksha tt weer expedos tohest subance came in eathing.cis dan notbr tsohey cldou cn'tonoltrir the ai. rway >or ciorectnsff oicserie belve he drugs are being mdaile or smuggled into the prinsso. silympch touing anyone or ytanhingha t bt'seenxp eose ndcaeidat cseauio serus lniless. tom elcostlo,bc n news. j audgemi dissses all harges agastinro a gup of sutespecd slmuxtim erestmis. th moseen andom wen accusedf o stviar1ng 1 cldhi orenn a remote as dmpou wrehe one chi wld dead. eneve mor disturbing, prosecutor says these kids weer being
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taught toar cry o school tishoongs. c'mis aguellmueagpor rerts. >> reporter: in taos, new d xico, all chars gesmdiseis aagainst the suspectsccused of d chilabe usaland led ge teor ism at a secret desert mpcondou. th e charges dropped on a technicali aty pfterrocuse tors edfail to meet a preliminary heindeg neadli.>> he rule visclery eathr at omif seby odn is icuodstd y an n te gysoes by, that the distctrirt cou sllhami disss the matterit w phoutredijuce. >> the district attorney lirefingha c argesgastin o twof e thecsusptsin, includg nspiracy and abuse of a chd il suinlt dg thusis jt after prosecutors itcubmted a handwritten dont ized from the compound titd le "pseofs er a trorist aack." the dismissal ack shoingurn of seven i an casthe atrt staed ith a dead d and an alarming threat. five suspected musliexm tremists m d cuseofbu a 1sing1 ilch dren while training the use an
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assaulrit fofle r tufuchre sool o shootings, accordingcourt documents. the raid on the compound has been plagued with problems. inigvestats orthsay iss ie wher th fey 1ound1 arst cvinghireldn and the body of a 3-year-old hidden in th underground tunnel. i,the fb psecuro, torsand e th ershs iff'dertpa amentll sirefung repead requests by nbc news to answer questions about the handlingf ocathe se,d inclg why nbs c' gadi hwtzar a wasbltoe k walamg on thlee pis poftienal evidence like large amounts of ammo or dyboor arm tt ha lreeft behind unllcod,ecte owhr coy a urt ordesur relt iede n thcompound beg inrodestye id,dinclunghe t e unrground tunnel which is now ri iedbbn rule. nyea fe r thsuecspilts wl soon beel rd easeba ickthnto e coituny. nt aguellmueagbcr, n ns.ew ing presiderump is pntoi ein fger at china for sekstbac
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to nleucarks tal whit north rea. e wtehise houla cg iminthe ountry'sut ptingss preuren o ingm jo-usn' regimtoe stall netiioatecns bausef o their te.n tgrade dpuis comes amidon cfltiic ng meagssroes fmhe tsi predent and shi denefhise cef autbohe wther th ue.s. willes rume war gesamt wiouth korea. c'nbsus sancg minsni joingni us velih witthlae otestn this. g. odmoinrn gd ooinmorng. isth is c far fmro pderesint umtr dp'secralationar elierhi ts su tmmerha nt korthor neao nglooser pes n aarucle rethat. .aslk have bkeron down thela pnned visity b sreec tary ofta ste mike pompeo has bnee elcancedth, ree psident saying sufficient makg prreogss on nudeclrieaonzati. defense sectareatry mti iss nwarngho tseoi jilnt mityar nseercis thwith sou keaorld cou esume, somethingth korea dootes n ntwa, auglthohhe t presidentai satd lere h does not ese any rnso for atth. am oidlf al isth,he t pderesint ip ns ueto oheut t hism war elationshith north kornea ad keronim jg-, un bandlas me n this impasse oina.
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t ihink wree'ng doi wlelit wh rtnore hkoa. we'lle to see. anthinpak f rt othnoe korth re prmoble isau csebyd our trade spdi wutesit ha.chin t>>rehe psintdeay sshinas i nore pssinurgor nthor kea uenn oheuc nlearss iue and as given thesim icgnifantid a s.includg financial and commoditie h hougheti sesll dcresib his etishonip with the chinese pridten as aer vy sontrong bdd nec exptsha tllt a of this wi lvresoe it.lf php?illi >> susancg mnis,ha tnkou y. >>ay> singog e odbyton a icameran hero. thsaoulinds ni ungllp we io nt nithe ghatt a therinazote sta l pay their final reecspo ts tsetonahnr jo maiccn. e th slinetrchetfoing r urhos mwithouerrndes unteedrrth by e day's blazing heat. sevel raccof mais n'drchilen rerng inheto t blduilaing te stig nshht, akg ins handwi thste la othf sie as w theee okf tburites ldsea up to mccsain' nefural, we're now rhe fingro om pneernso who wote b erthe.
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sah ranpali was mccain's runngni mate inhe t00 28re psidential lonecti,ut brc soues for both ali tes nellbcew nshe t rmfoer alaska governorno is t vid.te a source close tohe tal pin ifaly tliel kelly'd oonllne ou of resctpe toen sator maiccn and his family, we have nothg in ddto a atht oiis pnt. theak we of mccain's atdeh, some lawmakers have sugstgeed renaming t rhellusseat sene office buiinldftg aer the senator. oggo mleapspp atlareny getting ahea of itlfse, blyrief spdinglayi t bheinuildg' ns ame ashe t mccain senate office dibuilng. it has since been rrcod.ecte c'pes alter exdeans r hamo re pfromhoenix. >> reporter: a theri azona t estat citaporol fhe teb celradte setonandr a atstn,esma a final sate. edhn mccain'sif wein cdyla fnk by the lecoup'swo t sons. hiflagra-dped ct ke leading thome sber prsioceson. ca jin tusthe third person to t 40tain steer h te inheas p ars. > a imaginingzonait whout
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jo mccain is liketu picri angn arizona without the gra nd caonny. it jtusot n natural. >>or repte fr:or maiccn's grieving fa, milythvoe id is .pde s.yemr mccain saying goodb daerughteg manve oe.rcom speitit whengri heat, athound csgomin heer to ypa thr respects. wthheouer y're blrepuic,an decr, atevit ner maedtter. he has always been my moral mp scoass. >vice memrsbe v andetaners arvingly ear to honor one of n. ei ow h jcan mcin to you wash muc ?o tnha litician >> heas w otbrhe r. ep>> rorr:te t onhis dheay wn e therrm p.o.w. would have n ed82, a long-timeid ae sa oyingnl syorenatcc mn could ig a bigir bthydaeb celraonti for himselfik l is. n o shodul we remem jberoh mn?ccai >> byng beiin kde tro leop, to coreingnizg ethan humityn i our opponent,nd a recognize that weal're l erams.ican well aav hear for me in cmoomn than weo d erdiffens.ce e ater y,toda theor fmer vic prenesidt joe biden willay p
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trutiboe t jn ohinmcca at a chchurvi serce here inho penix to ecc mreain tus rn shgtinon for the last time. ha>> tnk u.yo > l'setn tur i overo t nbc meorogol bistill karins. , billfitrs of all,d goo morning. it's leat aut.ust. kwe inowt's supposed tbeo . hot ong iees bn a litetl l ration heatwave. t's eg inin manyas ares a a co fntrote sysmog c itthrough. stillug mgyir a mass. that's why weet g theur hnericas that's a lot highe than the .ual mpteurerates he feels-like in reialgh wlil .e00 da aasbout 101. nfortunelathay, ttro finnt kd ofll stas out. and evennto friyda weee kp the oasuthet pretty hotnd a rhtig thhroug yrouab lor day weweeken. e going bto te inhe0s 9 in navie.ll taa in 90. yo g caneto t theak le or pool orbeh,act' thashe t pcela to cool off. juavst he tood dhege t afternoon 'sthat a lkoo aet th big wereath .tyorth of eay d no heera is lo cser look at your day ahead.
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you canee sth in e utsot,heas ethwe shorsnd a stosrm again. s 'satic typalft aonerno srmto atil w ble hit and miss. .enotveonrye wlil get emth inth nor tasexla pinld o hot. anhod penix reporting in at 104. iove cool lobster is shfinerma in m hneled in thees rart ofar r leob centers. uay mhi tnk blue. no! it'swn kno aths ose ght has this rare iridescence loter look. t's a geniceton cdiontiha tt took ayaw itsur natalar dkol cor tochltds of cchating a white telobsr,00 1li milon to one. thetelobsrman ssayhe t fdinas w too alsmol t .keep tsoofakginto phos,e hed iss it back >>ow h autbo atth that's oneay w toav seou yrsf.el jujuste tranucslent. thanks. st ahd,ea theleilnnial dream. ho dw ion't can get paid for tieang andrk spas in the tyci. ntcynihia xotan onkes the governorn iyonew rk.
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>>el> wco meback. ia pr of pryrima upsset followed byn a urproa in idflora. rnbeanie sders bdackend arewum gills headh seto t face aiagtnson res dtian isn the gubernatiaorl .race bo sthidesd surge s aisurpre vior by,ut the rliepubcan candidat ielrs aeadyom cin g runde refi, ausccf ed oracially chard geencommtsga astin his opntpone.nb s hlialcke jasoniv ges us a closer look at eth ntcorsrovey. r>>teeporr:n i aac re that's rebaly buneg,on certrovsy already. you know, he nis@aic artuleat spesok lin. >> repubngr conesansm ron desantis referencing his odeiccrat opponent, the first black majorty parom ninee for vego irnorn orfl idasthior y. he>> t lastd thing we deenead o dos io t mkeonys thi up by trngo tmb erace a socliiast ag. teda >> repor almostmm iteedialy, . la tsho that phrase > "monyke this up". tyor repte tr: fherilo da democratic par calling it sgdingusti tthaan desti iss uninchisg her genalle enctio
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campaign with risact dog whistles. danestis' cpaamign insistshe t aidnd wateasbv olyious talngki bout florida n mgakin the r dongecioisn to embrace the s.iscialt picolthies my gillu pe >>re we' bteetrha tn this in idflora. bei eliev t cheesongrsm canean b better than this. i regtreha t htis mrento in politics is dond alumtr p. r>>orep her:gillum, t taahsease morays i the prreogessiv docem wratho sckhoed thste eabshli wntith his upset n. ade hntisashe tup sport of donald trump. r: k aecameri gatre aiag > reportehe presintde nslouy worning what could haenf i the gopos les big in the mid teinrptsre, telngli r,angelical supporte political opntpones llwi erovturn the adminirast'stion pgrroess cqu aklynd violently, and rencferein agnre extmi stve mont, addginn whe youoo l k t anti, faand you look ate som fhe tse groups, these are ltenpl peoe. >>ll we, i just hope treheon w't be violence.
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reporte tr:rehe psintde reonngdi c toriciti asmbo ut cothe mment. >> theres ia lot of neunarcessy butence all over the wod,rl son i cthisourynt. d anoni d'tan w st toee. >>ep rr:orte the psiredentls ad yester here at the whi te ehous was ask aed tntuthat oversial on"mkey this up" cotmmen down in florida. hed sai hhae dot nea h the mare brk,uten wtn oo t perais ngcomaressnan destiss a xaotrarrdiny and someoneho ra a indincreble aicampgn. ilph blip,actok u. yo >> all righ tt, yhankou. s pasrk fly d in theocratic ryimareb date for new york's gurnorat ialcera. encurrtov grno andwremo cuo fangci a fryll chaen fgerom tcy nhiaixon who is best known xoerr h rolen the tvho swse " & the city." th cshlaned o eryvegthin fmro theubwayte sysmo t legizaling rimaa.juan butot nhing gothe tm itquse a fired up asre psintde umtrp. > norew yk sulho bde the steta wh wereeay s were a thete ald ive steta toon d um ap,nd wree' notoi gng let mhi bringis h extreme conservati picolits tos thi
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e.stat it ends in newor yk. >> i woulday s tthaal dond trump did tetwet a youbo aut whether or not arimeasca w t,greand a you backed down etprty icqukly. uyood sto utop im h about his we alles h sndtasp uto putin. ing non isur clyrent tilra the polls, but herea tm has ohedffhe t nuermb eld finut ohe t winrne wnhe orsea hd to the pollsn sebeptemr3 1th. just ayahead, the green ackers pay .up uarterbackon rodgers cosme the ueleag's top earner. plus,nc prie har iryots n ingog to miss hisho sto t sr ta ton.l"ham" hitan ke oe thmuhit casil, next. watch .me ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried ls ofothi ts ngr myfooi j paint nochw? wat m ( )♪ joni: think i'd give up showing thesgue ys ithow 's pldone? ea. p realeowiple ctivth ae tipsoriac riarth are changing the way they fight it. they're moving forward with cosentyx.
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an brd wepo r. heinlpu g yobubey .tter
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ou♪ y s ay ap>>[ plause ] that's ditefinely not going . haenpp >> hey, not prceinry har onta sge t with loonndt casf o "lthamion l"ast ni aghts he srttas toel b otut e turo fm h theit sh.ow th prince and his weifha megn rkmale joined creoratin lue-manl miranda for a scipeal rfpencormaeo t raise money for chdr aenteffecd byiv h in africa. >>ot nt jusny a rolehe eitrha tk asing ge'sorgee linn i the muca le.ther so good. today's news by the numbers, aaron rodgers, he's now the nfl's highest paid pler. the green bay packers quarterback agreed to a four-year extension worth $434i million wh aax mimum ptiotenal value of $180 miiolln.
3:51 am
his sneaso more than $175 llniolil change hands for llco fegeooaltbl teams to play a guaranteed game. atth m'seyonai pdo t smaller prraogms whosu ually serve as saifcrliciabs lam toar lger schools looking to fill their stadiums while alsoet gting that primveessi fstir ctviy. finally, la omalinda d unerivsity in california is offering $300 to anyeon wilngli etoatca avodofos r wgheisst lo. uyoe havo t eat one avocado a h day andaveo t beve or6 2 yrsea old. >> i'll do that. ie lov ocavados. a family faafir. agchico' tsopop cel ws comea new gerati oonf office, rs hiclg udinthe n sovewho sad s feli. just i switched gtoeico an mod got re. more ? got mpa coany cai n trust. th's aatk hecof aot l more. 7 over5 years ofre ginat savgsn rvicd see. u yot arcan'guwie mor
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♪ lean on me... ♪ mmm... ♪ lean on me... >> n>ow for the good stuff. slet' get to theid holayee wkena fore. aew shorswe thrghouor nnther ilnolisois, utrnhesc hein t sthoueast typalic orrost. no pems iann my a oreasf eth .west n tyete nicdaony ur satda iy eas of the northeast. nd,ayou thgh s, comelosud and so smershowe wlil eacrse, especially dinureg thft aonerno .rho noevyoersne i going to get enedchut, b ty'he be hit and ss. erwarm boonnt iheo t 80s. ilsttho in texas. the time weet g to mony dafor tuaca lb ar bo tday,ypalicwe shorsnd a .tms no one is perfect buto n i ones hornl either. >> we'll take it. >> thet heaisn o at the u. s. open anoby anject. y rfacsue.
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se i rvine g theeneral assembly and we rkwo geerthos acrs e thenesl to get things do and that's t whe ay its itcat ca. a what fred needed was management team. ju-tt st to have a longm strate fgyor quantity olif bufe, t aalson tiactrve satyeg foqur y alitofif le. mysa pun is decor l.ntro ct avca ge ameopn pounrttoity aomcchplis oa gls and my dreams. n learmo aret cancercenter.c/pomdehilalpahi appointments ailva nableow. > uendrer arst. ng cal mucsie tacrhe cifa i ld sexcharges. eec s htione s ha atolo alc hu lrch. >> theast thgin weed ne todo is tomo nkeyh tisp u by trying
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