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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  August 30, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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m senator joccain's daughter showing real emotion as she mourns at her father's casket. services for the american hero move from arizona to washington today. we are learning more about an elementary school music teacher charged with sending inappropriate pictures to kids, including where he may have had contact with students outside of school. er hotd we're in for ano and humid day. no heat advisory in effect but still feeling about 100 degrees this afternoon. however, some cooling thunderstorms are in the forecast. i'll have the latest timing and impact coming up.
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good morning and welcometo "news4 midday," i'mmolette green. senator john mccain will make his final trip to d.c. his body will be moved from the state capitol in arizona to a hurch for a memorial service. former vice president joe biden will speak at that memorial. already thousands have turned out to say good-bye, my waite in the arizona heat yesterday to pay their respects to their six-term senator. one of the most poinant images of the day was mccain's wi, sin cindy, laying her head on his casket. ahead of the seldices being h here in washington, roads are being shut down. mccain wi liein state in the capitol rotunda, a building where served for more than 30 years. in anticipation of the crowds, the roads between the capiol d the library of congress and supreme court will close. you can see this map that's easo castreet northeast from 2nd street to 1st street and 1st
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street from constitution to independence avenue the closures begin at 11:00ht tonnd will last through saturday night. the late senator's funeral will be at the washington national cathedral on saturday. it wi be a tribute to rival that of only a select few. news4'sle erika gonz went inside the cathedral to see how everything is coming together.ep >>ter: as people mourn the death of senator john mccain, g washington iting ready to honor the senator. on friday he will lie in ste inside the u.s. capitol rotunda, n honor only 30 other peop have had. after a private ceremony, the space will be open to the public from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. the washingt national cathedral will then host senator mccain's funeral beginning at 10:00 a.m. preparations are already under way. >> it's centralat to e do here. >> reporter: a spokesperson says the senator's family reached out a few months ago.
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>> we're always practicing and preparing. we have policies ad procedures in place so when we get the call for a funeral likethis, we're pretty much able to set the go button. >> reporter: hundreds of hands are on deck to help make saturday a fitting tribute. >> these we're going to use in great big pedestals that we're g d >> reporter: the florist is already clearing the room to make arrangements for that day. it will be a very patriotic auremony with songs like "america the ful" and the navy hymn being played. >> the last big high-profile political funeral that we had here was in 2007 for psident ford. this will look a lot like that, but it's not quite as intense. the military is involved, but they're not involved to the same extent as they would be for a presidential funeral. >> reporter: the funeral is invitation only. it will be standing room onlyth pproximately only 2,500 people, family, friends and dignitaries here to honor senator john mccain.
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>> erika gonzalez reportiná there. se will be very tight and there will be numerous road closures. wege en you to join us on erre stream it liv through our nbc washington app. now we're going to turn our aention to the weather hot out there, but not as hot. things are changing. is that correct, amelia? >> things are changing a little bit. we're going to hit 90s today, but tomorrow will be in the80s. however, those humidity levels, well, unfortunately they're not dropping. currently our temperatures are generally in the 80s across the entirearea washington one of the warm spots coming in at 88. we have 82 degrees up in hagerstown, 83 in gaithersburg and a high today around 92, potentially a few degrees warmer here in washington, but highs today on your thursday in the low to mid-90s and humid out there as well, so it's going to feel like00 degrees. we will have some late-day showers and thunderstorms. or widely chance scattered thunderstorms during the afternoon hours but it's really during the evening and
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overnight hours when rain will impact the i'll have the latest timing on that and the latest labor day forecast coming up right around 11:25. >> can't wait for that. thank you, amelia. emergen water main repairs are now complete in this is a look at just one of the several water main breaks in the city overnight. this was at southpark drive and south columbus street. officials with arlington county say up to 4,000 customers were affected by the main breaks. those customers woke up to either low pressure or noatwate all. now crews are making road surface repairs. trouble f a teacher and relief for parents. an m elementary schoolic teacher has been charged with sending inappropriate pictures to kids. ryan pick taught music at cameron elementary school in fairfax county. he was charged with felonies, including proposing sex to a minor in hanover county. a letter sent home to parents says pick is on unpaid leave and will not be returning. it also says the school
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believe any students at cameron elementary were involved. he also worked at st. paul's church in woodbridge. the pastor said he tried to start a children's choir there but there were not enough children. pick has been fired from the church. the child molestation case against a d ferent virginia teacher could go to a jury today. he is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a fairfax county middle school student. he has admitted his behavior was unprofessional, but claims he never touched the teen. pole hope this new video will helprack downhe person who threatened a crossing guard at an elementary school. they say the driver of this blue suv yelled rndial slurs threatened to run over the guard just outside lafayette elementary in northwest d.c. earlier this week. a witness tells us the same driver also threatened to shoot at p at a nearby market. investigators also are looking at this as a possible hate crime.
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we have new information this morning in the death of a girl at sandy point state park. she 12-year-old's na is kenaya kenly. he disappeared after going into the water with friends on sunday. officials say they were inn area marked for no swimmng. swift water pulled her under. three other children were able to make it out of the water. it's summer's last gasp and it's expected to be a busy one on the road lots of people are headed out for one final trip before fall arrives. news4's megan mcgrath is out there at reagannaonal airport this morning with a look at what into expect as we head that labor day holiday weekend. hey there, megan. >> reporter: hey there, yeah, a lot of people leaving most people actually are going to be getting out of town by car, but ware also expecting to see an increase in air travel thisyear. but no matter how you're getting
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to your destination, you're out there this weekend.compa your best bet is to either leave early or leave late. a busy weekend at the nation's airports as 16.5 million take to the skies for the holiday. that's a nearly 4% jum in air travel. for this couple and their dog, leaving on thursday has helped them beat the crowds. come early on thursday and beat the friday rush. >> we're coming back on a tueay so hopefullyit's just as nice. >> you really did schedule it. >> we planned around, a day in advance, a day past, free and rtear. >> reer: while air travel is up, most people will be hitti the highways.ex ect congestion on all major roads. in maryland, operation beltway blitz will be in full swing. they'll be concentrating on 495. traveling during off-peak hours is the way to go. that's what angela farewell is
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doing. her family is leaving for myrtle beach at 00 a.m. >> our plan is to leave eahy, get aead of the traffic. that's our plan.on we know how it's going to work out, but that's our plan. >> porter: another thing t consider, the 95 express lanes. last labor day drivers who used them saved an average of 35 minutes. if you're heading to the maryland or delaware beaches, you'll want to strategically time your bay bridge crossing. cross after 6:00 tonight or before 7:00 a.m. on friday, because traffic is expected to get heavy around mid-morning. and if you haven left already today, you may want to hold off, ait until after rush hour tonight. just keep in mind that things are really going to start to get crowded o there on friday. back to you. >> it's good to hear that people have a strategy at least megan, to get around all this traffic. i like that. : >> reportt to have a plan. >> megan mcgrath, thank you so much. a musical tribute to aretha franklin. comg up, what fans can expect.
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>> the celebration continues for the queen soul, aretha franklin. there's a tribute concert in her hometown of detroit happening
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tonight. gladys knight, the four tops, rforming ll, all are p for a people's tribute to the queen. today visitation for franklines mo new bethel baptist church, which was founded by her father, the late reverend c.l. franklin. her funeral, full of more star-studded performances is tomorr. the queen of soul died of she was 76 years old. now to decision 2018, the race for florida's next governor is already making headlines less than 24 hours aftertrump-backed candidate ron desantis secured the republican nomination. 's already facing a controversy. he's accused of making a ha raciallyed remark towards his democratic challenger, appear dr andrew gillum. he made the comment while appearing on fox news. >> the last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying tombrace a socialist agenda. >> reporter: there was immediate backlash at the use of the word "monkey" whichic histly has
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been used to compare black people to animals. florida's democratic party called his words disgusting, but the desantis campaign insisted he was only talking about gillum'sl policies. m responded on msnbc. >> let me be articulate and clear here, which is we're better than this i believe the congressman can be better than this. i regret that his mentor in politics is donald trump. >> if gillum wins, he would be the first black governor in the state's history. this all comes during a busy week of international affairs for the trump administration. rom stalled nuclear talks with north korea to a possible new nafta deal with canada and mexico by tomorrow. thepresident has full plate. news4's susan mcginnis explains it all from capitol hill. >> thank you all very much. >> reporter: president trump continues to tout his warm relationship with north korean leader, kim >> i have a fantastic relationship with chairman kim, as you probably kno
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>> reporter: despite denuclearization talks having stalled and a planned visit froa sec of state pompeo cancelled. a far cry from the president's declaration this summer tha north korea no longer poses a nuclear threat.en d secretary james mattis warned suspended joint military exercises with south korea could be back >>on. e have no plans at this time to suspend any more exercises. >> reporter: the president blames china for the failure in north korea, while still calling his relationship with president xi jinping a very strong bond. meanwhile, a tougher stance for an ally. >> quraendee? drieal with mexico. >> rht now we call it the u.s./mexico trade agreement and we'll see whether or not canada gets into it. >> repter: but leaves canada ett, now offering a friday deadline to on or face tariffs. prime minister justin trudeau is cautiously optimistic. >> we're glad to be sitting
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around the table and looking at ways we can makee this is the right deal for all three parties. >> reporter: trudeau seems willing to walk away if necessary, saying no deal is an better t bad deal. the president has hinted if there is no deal wi canada, the u.s. could move forward with mexico. in washington, susan mcginnis, nbc news. charles county public schools will be back in session next week and there are a number of security upgrades going into effect. new school employees will now have to get a background check based on their social security umber. these changes were made because of the carlos bell case. the former coach andac tng assistant was convicted earlier this year of sexually abusing dozens o boys from 2014 to 2016. by the time school starts, all staff will have gone thaugh new ive shooter training. that includes learning how to stop blood loss during an emergency. un> there's a contraception controversy surng montgomery county schools. a councilmember is pushing a proposal to maondoms
11:17 am
available to high school udents. news4's chris gordon has those details. county high schools would make condoms available to students anonymously and for free. concty cmember george leventhal is a co-spowaor. >> we to keep our kids safe, we don't want them to tak. >> reporter: they are also suggesting that middle schools study the posbility of providing contraception to their students. it was prompted by a report from the county health departmeam about the ic rise of stis, sexually transmitted infections. >> not only wmbre the nrs increasing across the board, they were disproportionate impacting young folk ages 15 to 24 and een more specifically 15 to 19. >> reporter: starting next tuesdayofthe first day school, condoms and screening will be available at the fourco nty high schools that have health and wellness centers. wheaton, watkins mill,
11:18 am
gaithersbu and northwood. we found opinion divided over ot whether orto expand the program and provide condoms at all montgomery county high scho school. >> i actually disagree withit. i think's a choice they should make with their families, their mothers and their i don't think the school system hould distribute contraceptives. >> i tend to be pretty liberal, more dge is power, the kids know the better, so why not. >> reporter: a spokesman for the montgomery county publi school system tells me they will analyze the proposal to pass out condoms to high school students and make a decision by the end of the school year. chris gordon, news4. d.c. is preparing to roll out new regulations on those dockless bikes and scooters. starting january 1st, the city will require the dockless ystem ies to have a lock in place. the bikes will need to be locked to racks or postsnd this is why. city officials say the move is in response to complaints about
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that's d.c.'s brian king joseph. he's heading for the final four of "ameca's got taent." h dazzled the crowd and the judges up to this point. he now aances to the semifinals. they kick off next tuesday night at 8:00. you can watch it all right here on nbc4. i saw this on tv thether night. stayed up past my bedtime to watch him. well, it'sime to say good-bye to all the junk food your bids haven eating all summer. i can't wait, my kids have been going at it. a new school year is an opportunity to reset all of your healthy eating habits, rig? so i spent some time with a chef out in prince george's county. he has some good tips for healthy eating all school year long. i >> we're her your brand new restaura
11:23 am
restaurant. he has agreed to help us get back on trackwith four tips. i want to run them down and you tell me how we can all make this work, parents,ids and family. get kids involved in the process, be creative with healthy foods, talk to kids at their own level with words they understand and praise healt choices. >> be creative. you can start off with a breakfast, have oatmeal in one bowl,trawberries in one bowl, let them mix it altogether and they're going to eat it. talk to them about why it's important to eatealthy in the morning. you're going to have good brain development, good energy in the morning. what's your favorite on her >> that spinach omlette. >> he said spinach? omlet >> yes. >> okay, all right, i like >> to get them involved, let them season it a little bit and they get excited. praise themen they make these healthy choices. so if he was my son, i'd give
11:24 am
him a high five, tell him good job. >> and we're going to have kids eating salmon? >> when they come back home for dinner, teach them how to make salmon, brown rice, give them fruit in the morning instead of candy. >> right. i don't think any parent here wonyd give them candy in the morning, right, parents? >> you never know. >> i love these healthy tips. we want to get everybody ready for school and back into a healthy way of living for brain developmen right? yes. >> are you ready for school? all right. we are ready for school. >> so ready for school.w tomor're going to be helded down to the wharf to prepare for the holiday eekend. we want to know how you cook your crabs, so i need you to do me a favor. send me your family recipes on . twit we'll share a few tomorrow morning. when i was with my grandmother as a little kid every summer holiday weekend that we could, iv went down to the wharf, we picked out crabs, took them home and cooked them. >> i love that. >> did you ever d that? >> no, no. we would get them already cooked. >> i dn't do anything but watch my grandma.
11:25 am
>> i want the recipes. people cook them with beer and old bay. >> it sounds amazing. i love crabs, though, eating them. it's likehow many can you eat, right? >> i could eat abo 40. >> 'tis the season. thisweekend. >> is it good eating crabs outdoors weather? >> i know you were asking met abmorrow morning and it does look like we could have some rain out there tomorrow morning because a colfront is moving through overnight tonight and that's going to set off the chance for sherers and thuorms during the late afternoon and evening hours and then overnight rain is looking likely. some of those showers and areasp of rainentially lingering on into tomorrow morning. so let's head to graphics andoi we're to start off today right with the ten-day forecast and then get on into the details. take a look, a high today of 92 gegrees. we'ng to have hazy sun throughout the day. it's still muggy out there. we're goi be feeling about 100 this afternoon when you i think most of the afternoon hours are dry. if the kids are back in
11:26 am
school getting home playing outdoors, itn' really shou be a problem. if you want to head to the pool this afternoon, still looking fine ere. ut it's really during the evening hours that we see some eain and thunderstorms moving through the ith a cold front. some of those showers potentially lingering on into ni tomorrow m and throughout the day we'll have a few showers and thunderstorms with high temperatures tomorrow in the 80s and lower humidity levels across the area tomorrow. now, as we look to the weekend, we're going toave some showers and thunderstorms at times, but plenty of dry time. molette and i were talking this morning, not only about tomorrow d.orning but this week it's one of those weekends that you could be dealing with rain but you st plants -- have a plan b. ourf rain chances climbing this afternoon on into tomorrow and now the good news, labor dao isng dry. here's how hot it's going to feel this afternoon when you factor in the mugginess. by 1:00 p.m. it's feeling 95 degrees across most of the. ar 5:00 it's feeling about 100 out
11:27 am
there. so again, it'sot another and humid day. not hot enough to hit heat advisory criteria. we'll have feels-like temperatures in the 80s at that point. stormaream 4 r is dry but take a look, this is 4:00 p.m. when i say this day is mainly dry, we are only tracking some thunderstorms back around arlottesville. 7:00 p.m. we see some of this rain trying to move tard the east but unsuccessfully so until here we are at midnight on into 2:00 a.m. where we're tracking heavier pockets of rain out there.e again, weoing to have scattered showers and thunderstorms may lmainly durin evening hours with the best chance on friday and those rains chancrt to go down as we look toward labor day. i'll have much more on the holiday weekend coming up in 15 minutes. b i can eat crabs inside or outside so i' ready, amelia, thank you so much. coming up, charges dropped against several people accused of abusing children on this new
11:28 am
mexico compound. the reason? a technicality. see how the judge reacts. and you won't believe how nonchalant this thie appears to be. pacollins describest
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11:30 is your time now. ab're learning more this midday
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t c mhaexuticroo.ou prosecutors forced to drop charges in a case that involves allegations of a terror training groun and child abuse. nbc's gadi schwartz has been tracking this story from the start. >> it is disturbing to me that he district attorney would p this court in that kind of a situation. >> reporter: seeming at times he irritated, judge said he had no choice but to free three of the fivnd dets after prosecutors failed to hold a preliminary hearing within ten days. > must dismiss these charges. >> reporter: the court noting the district attorney's officeh coul requested an extension for extraordinary circumstances, but didn't. prosecutors can refile charges against the three who were released. a suspect and his partner remain od cust on charges of child abuse leading to the death of a 3-year-old boy. his body discovered after the raid in this underground tunnel. the criminal complaint says the
11:32 am
couple denied the boy medical treatment and medication. the failure to provide medical eatment and/or prescribed medications caused the death. this week the body was to georgia where the boy's mother lives. meanwhile authorities haveev led some of the evidence found at the compound. a journal descring, quote, phases of a terrorist attack. according to prosecutors, interviews with some of the children revealed that they intended to confront corrupt institutions or individuals such as the military, big sinesses, cia, teachers, school, and reveal the truth to these corrupt institutions or individuals. one wouldshoot or attack the nonbeliever, according to the affveavit. there een some questions and criticism about law enforcement's handling of the case. overnight t sheriff releasing a statement on facebook saying in part i will depend the tcso stepped up and put the charges together lawfully and correctly. the fbi deining repeated requests for comment from nbc
11:33 am
news, including why weapons and other potential e dence were left behind and why authorities later destroyed much of the compound. the sheriff saying the compoann is in evidence, that everything there was collected, photograed and documented properly. the other 11 children are still in foster care. th three fendants, who a cou >> the conditions as far as remaining in the county is pending and we'll do what we can to try to make that case go a as soon as possible. reporting.hwartz he tells us he hopes prosecutors are able to refile the chaages nst the three defendants who were released as soon as today. that is the sheriff hoping for that to happen. the t formerxas police officer convicted of murdering an unarmed black teenager is sentenced to 15 years in priso a dallas jury handed down that sentence last night. the jury found the officer, roy
11:34 am
oliver, guilty of killing 15-year-old jordan edwards. edwards was killed last year when oliver fired into a car full of black teens as it drove awm a house party. edwards' mother was hoping for a longer sentence. >> we're thankful for the verdict that we received, although we wanted more years. this is a start for us and we can get some kindp;ú closure. >> reporter: oliver's lawyers are expected to appeal the sentence. the widow of baltimoreshawn su suitor is rejectin -- the report says he took his own life but yesterday his widow told "the baltimore sun" my husband did not commit suicide. she said it's a p.cover- the panel said he staged a suicide to appear like a murder. the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide.
11:35 am
efore he ed the day was set to testify as a witness before the federal grand jury. the caru involved cion against baltimore police officers. we've all heard about teves using stolen credit cards sometimes to make big purchases, but there's a case ig mery county with a very interesting twist. police say it started when a guf rippe someone at a local country club. news4's pat collins explains where heent next. >> he went to jared's! >> reporter: and why not? he said he was getting married. he said it was going to be ati detion wedding in mexico. he said he wanted to get something special for his fiancee. he went to jared's! but first he went to the lakewood country club and stole a wallet from a guy who was taking a shower in the men's locker room. -- then, and then >> he went to jared's. >> reporter: he did? >you betcha. >> reporter: here he is coming
11:36 am
through the door in a bathingan suit flip-flops, his hair wet. he said he had just come from swimming at the lakewood country club. it was a special occasion, he said, and after all -- >> he went to jared's. >> reporter: he went to th bridal department. he went to the diamond department. and then with tt stolen credit card, he bought an 18-karat anniversary band, $5,700, a white gold abrcelet, $5,800, a diamond bracelet, $2,600.e >>ent to jared's. >> reporter: after he bought the an lry here, he bough insurance policy here too, in stolen. jewelry was he used the stolen credit card for that too. now, if you know thisuy or you happen to be engaged to this guy, montgomery county police want to hear from you.
11:37 am
in rockville, pat collins, iews4. >> you've got to this guy. we've got to see him. we all know exercise is important, it is good for but what kind is best? we have some answers for you. and the redskins are in on action tight against the ravens. we'll hear from rg3 on what it will be like to face his old team.
11:38 am
11:39 am
there will be familiar faces on both sidelines when the redskins take on the ravens. former washington quarterback robert griffin iii isen cuy on the ravens roster. he's expected to play tonight. it will be the first time he's faced the burgandy and gold since he was released in 2016, but he's not thinking too much about it. >> the washiskton rs is the organization that drafted me, 2012, gave me an opportunito play this game that i've dream of playing so i'm really
11:40 am
grateful to that. if i get the opportunity to go out there a play against them, it won't be any more special or less special. a but i'llays know where i started and just looking to continue to build from there. >> won't be more special or less special. okay, i'm just taking that in, robert. you can catch the 'skins next preseason game tonight on nbc4. after the game, we have you covered with all of the postgme analysis and a look ahead to the regular season. then hang out for news4 at 11:00 with jim and doreen. and what's the game weather going like? that's the question too. >> unfortunately, you can't rule out some in at thatgame. the best chance for rain and thunderstorms here in our area will benguring the eve the same thing goes for ho .baltimore. you know football, though, they'll try to play in any ea er. but they could be playing with some rain coming down up there in baltimore, something wll keep a close eye on. doug and i are here this afternoon updating the forecast. i want to show you, here's future weather tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m.
11:41 am
some rain looking likely overnight tonight and that could linger on into tomorrow mornings as i mentioning earlier. here's 7:00 a.m. future weather bringing the potential for heavier pockets of rain out there so kids standing at the bus stop might want the rain jacket. recess for some schools may be indoors with a chance for scattered showers out there. we'll have some sunshine tomorrow overall, partly to mostly cloudy skies throughout the day. here at 6:00 p.m. still some scattered showert you're prepared for rain but know there's going to be plenty dry time as you head ghghoutu t thero weekend, 8 for a high on your friday and a 60% chance that you are dealing with some rain tomorrow and saturday as well. 87 ggy degrees saturday. by sunday that chance for rain really starts to drop off, down to 30% and the best ance will be during the afternoon hours on sunday with a high of 89. monday an isolated thunderstorm is possible with a high around 90 so labor day uimately looking dry for most of us.
11:42 am
i also can't stress this enough. while you're seeing rain and lightning pretty much every day, most of the labor day weekend is going to be dry. we're just in this unsettled weather pattern where we could be dealing with rain at times, saturday.y on so for that barbecue on saturday, have the plan b. sunday and labo day as well, but i think most of our barbecues on sunday or labor day areookings. 90 on labor day, 91 next tuesday, 90 next wednesday, 93 next thursday, even thou everybody will be back in school by tuesday. >> yeah. i like it. okay, thanks, amelia. a must-see moment. prince harry on stage with the cast of "hamilton" andhe is singing. and what is better than a ripe, fresh tomato i the summer? after the break, a local chef
11:43 am
11:44 am
11:45 am
would you take a look at that? 20,000 people taking part in spain's annual food fight. the crowd was armed with tomato tomatoes. a local restaurant is celebring this tradition, not with the fighting part oft but with the tomatoes. here to explain it all is chef robbie meltzer. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> thank you for joining us
11:46 am
here. you have dishes on th menu, the savory, the sweet. you even have a cocktail on the menu, a special tomato menu. >> we have a little bit of everything. there won't be any tomatoes beingdthrown, inst we are showcasing them. we have a whole bunch of local varietiesend we'reuring these wonderful, beautiful tomatoes called granger county tomatoes. they're from granger county, tennessee. >> is this tomato season? >> we'reight now at the peak of it. that's why they do that big festival, it's the peak of the harvest. tomatoes right now are the best of the best. we're going be featuring some dishes. today we're going to make one together. >> it's lik a little tomato salad? >> a little bit. >> can i just say the aroma coming from tomatoes is just powerful. it smells so good. >> it's so enticing. it's one of my favorite fruits. again, we're really excited to be celebrating it for two weeks. but we're gong to startout, today we have this little plate in front ofs. >>okay. >> this is actually anome to
11:47 am
a restaurant we visited in spain. this is one of the dishes that washow cased and highlighted. it's super special but has a lot of great flavors to it, so let's dive right in. >> okay. these are ripe tomatoes? how do we know. >> youe looking for the feel. you don't want it to be too soft or too har i like to refer to it as like goldilocks. not too/b2&z big, not too small the just right tomato. >> perfect. >> you can check this one out while i go ahad and get started. the first thing we'll put on is a garlic oil.we basically take a bunch of lgarlic and cook it reall and slow in olive oil so it enhances that whole flavor of garlic throughout the oil and it's very aromatic. then we sake a ttle sea salt. put these right on top. and then i'm going to go ahead and a some fresh thyme, we have some oregano and parsley.
11:48 am
we're going to sprinkle tse on top. >> i'm your sous chef here. >> you're hired. i'm going to sneak in underneath you. >> the herbs brings the flavors out, right? fresh.s so all these fresh herbs, they're very aromatic, as you mentioned. and then the flavors just tie together altogether. >> and you have the salt here? >> the sea salt went on first. at brings out a little bit of that flavor. tomatoes are superri e. what's great about these also is serving them at room temperature. >> what's the deal with sea salt? coarse salt? is that the salt you should really use? >> it's a salt you can it's going to provide a little texture and add that little flavor. a lot ofimes this is great used for finishing, whether it's a roasted steak or fillet. so we're going to finish this off with a little sherry vinegar. thiss ready togo.
11:49 am
we're going to add a little cracked black pepper. oule w ydo assortment of tomatoes right here. this special,u said two weeks of these special menu items? >> yes, it goes until the 9th of this month. so the end of this week and one more week to come and enjoy it. if you want, we can give this a try. it's got a lot of great flavor, i think you're going to enjoy it. ry>> i will definite lly try th. we want to thank you for coming out. i don't want th talk w food in my mouth. we thank you for joining us. i love tomatoes and fresh -- i can't even pick it up, chef. >> it's nicea f the you get little bounce of flavors. the garlic oil comes through and the acidity from the tomatoes and the vinegar ties all thi together. >> thank you so much. well, after a great al, it is time to think about exercising, right? do you like a good run or would you prefer a more vigorous walk? both runners and walkers reap
11:50 am
balth benefits, is one really better than the other for fitness? consumer reporter suan hogan b this all down for us. >> let's get started, ladies. >> tmi first threeles of any run is awonl. you get over that hump, it's the best feeling ever. >> when i walk is when i get serenity. >> reporter: it's alwa a good to ge kind of exercise, but which one is actually the best? >> it's important that you choose an exercise that you can do regularly. t main difference is just that running burns calories faster than walking. >> repo running for a half an hour burns about twice the calories as a half h ur ofwalking, but if the walkerovrer a cs longer time, s catch up caloriewise. but what about the other health benefits? >> running and walking are both xcellent for heart health. when you run, your heart does work harder than when you walk, hat doesn't actually mean that runners have better heart health than walkers: >> reportif runners and
11:51 am
walkers burn the same number of calories every day, both groups have a lower risk of hea disease than inactive people. one studywa found the ers might have a slight advantage over the runners. tlkers see another benefit. >> i don't havehe injuries that my husbandas who is an avid runner. >> reporter: experts say injuries from running are often caused by doing too much too soon. >> it's best to ease into running and then gradually increase the speed a the distance and the frequency of your run. >> reporter: both types of exercise are also good for bone health. for instance, running or walking at least 30 minutes a day may help mitigate mild bone loss.on a time runner and walker has this advice. >> you can get to the finish line no matter how you do it if you keep moving. >> runners don'tuffer from arthritis more than nonrunners. in fact their risk for arthritis is roughly 15% lower than for those who don't exercise at allr prince shared the spot light with the cast of
11:52 am
"hamilton" in london. the prince wowed the crowd by singing a little bitngof k george iii's song, "you'll be back." take a listen to this. ♪ you say >> prince harry and his wife, meghan, attended the special performance in london to raise y ipb% southern africa. lin manuel miranda was also at the show. he joked about writing a comic version of prince harry's ancestor. i thought, you know, it would be funny if i had king george in the show. you know, british invasion. >> it could happen. "hamilton" is also at the kennedy center in town. tuesday's show was cancelled dua mechanical failure. the issue has been fixed and another show has been added ont september 13th to accommodate those that missed that show.
11:53 am
anyone who can't attend the added show will be givenu a refund. up next, sister versus sister. 're going to tell you about the latest tes the latest tes t kers we get it.
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we know it can be a texture thing, and there are lots of brands to choose from. but it's time for you to pick up your big spoon and try new hood cottage cheese. it's the brand people have trusted for more than 170 years. a whole world of sweet, and savory combinations, like pineapple, cucumber & dill or classic country style.
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and since it's packed with satisfying protein, you'll want to try all of hood's amazing flavors. don't miss out on delicious. new to your local dairy aisle! get ready for another williams sisters showdown. tomorrow serenad venus will face off in the third round of the u.s. open. it's a rivalry that dat back to their first grand slamg meetin at the 1998 australian
11:56 am
open. serena leads the series 17-12. this year venus looks stronger thaever and swe her competition in the earlier rounds. this will be their 30th time playing each other since becoming professional tennis players. everyone knows it not cheap to live anywhere in the d.c. area, but now we know wch renters have it worst when it comes to their monthly payment. the apartment search website rent cafe found people within zip code 20037 pay an average of $2,723 per month. do you know anyone who lives in that area?f it's part foggy bottom, west end, and includes watergate. keep in mind that's just the average, which means alot of apartments are significantly more than that price. whil that seems steep, it didn't even crack the top 50 most expensive zip codes in america. rent cafe found more than half of those are inmanhattan, of course. of course. all right, let'sheck that final weather. is it priceless, amelia?
11:57 am
>> it is priceles right? you know, it's not going to be that bad for this holiday weekend. it's going to feel like summer out there, temperatures in the 80 high humidity levels. right now we're up to 90 degrees in washingt, 80s elsewhere across the area, and a high today around 92 with a chance for an afternoon shower or thunderstorm, but it's really during the evening hours whe we'aling with rain and maybe even a few rumbles of thunder that continue overnight tonight on into early tomorrow morning. then the chance for a few showers and scattered thunderstorms around throughout the day tomorrow, otherwise hazy, sun. tterchance for showers and thunderstorms on saturday versus sunday and monday, plenty of dry time and we have new information coming in starting at 4:00. >> don't cancel those plans. thank you, amelia. that's it for "news4 midday." we're back on
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
we're live in five, four, three, two, o. >> maybe my favorite revelation saom oomarosa's book is that she s s eating a piece of paper. and like it is some sensitive or incriminating document and he ate it. stationary is the back of a mcdonald's meal, t ngs like thhappen. >> and softball there and easy top oik for the late night guys. and welcome to "access live," and natalie is off today. and brian and la kendra are yesterday, we spoke of ohm


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