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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  September 2, 2018 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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come to come to celebrate an ♪ ♪ you make me feel >> there is a hol that will never be filled. >> y good morning. welcome to "sunday today" on a sunday, september 2. i'm willie geist. i hope y're enjoying the long holiday weekend and these waning days of summer. this morning senat to say a final farewell to an american hero. the late senator will be laid to rest at the naval academy cemetery in annapolis, maryland, later today. one dayg after mov funeral tributes to mccain from former presents bush and obama and
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some sharpre jabs at pdent trump from mccain's daughter megan with ivanka trump and her husband in the cathedral. overnight, president trump tweeting, make america great again in wha may have been a response to the tenor of mccain's funeral service. we'll go live to annapolis and discuss what mccain leaves n and to the hing country with chuck todd. later, a sunday sit h silve talking about her new show and old joke she's regrets and her early start in comedy. >> i do remember saying swears and getting this intense reaction from grown-ups. it gave me se h glee. it m arms itch. a sunday sit d filverman. speaking life well lived let's begin with the funeral ceremony and bial planned later today for senator john mccain. his family is saying one final good-bye before y without the
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es of the world upon them. nbc's pentagon hans nichols is there where senator . >> reporter: willie, good morning. it was here at the naval academy throug midshipman got his first glimpse of the kind of man he wanted to be and r the naval aviator that flew to so many countries as an ofercer and a senator it's he service and sacrifice. senaair john m honored during his last day in washington before returning to ♪ his family payin their respects to the men left behind in vietnam. he'll bd burt the naval academy cemetery next to the plot reserved for his wif cindy. at an american institution that prepared him ins way he didn't
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know for a lifef service. >> john mccain. >> reporter: and in 5 1/2 years of captivity in vietnam. >> i arrived a rebel without cause and left much the same. but i would discover that a sense of honor had been imparted to me here and that would speak to me i the darkest hours. >> reporter: his privaat burial annapolis following tpu ic eulogies who bested him for the presidency. >> john was a man with a code, he lived by a set of public virtues that brought strength and purpose to his life and country. >> reporter:h presil trutes tinged with criticism at president trump who wasn't even invited. >> he understood if we get in e habit of bending the truth to suit political expediency or party y our democracy ll not work. >> reporter: but it was mccain's daughter megan who came closest to directly criticizing the >> we gather here to mourn the
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passing omecan greatness. the real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willinglr: >> reporte unscripte that weren't entirely unimaginable senator. the trump family is represented by ivanka and jared. all were moved by the irish equest."danny boy" p ♪ recalling a lifetime of sacrifice that few his classmates had anticipated. known as john wayne mccain, better at playing poker than marching in step. first to the party, he graduatef fifthrom the bottom in the class of '58. some 20 years ago he decided to be buried next to his friend from the class of '58,chdmiral k larson.
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the academy which has seen four generations oth mccains pass ugh the >> i want to watch the hawks hunt from the sycamore and take my leave bound forn old place .ith chuck larson on the >> reporter: and jus as this is a private ceremony, john mccain was very private about his faith. bu he never left any doubt he was his faith that sustained him and helped him make i through captivity in vietnam. >> our thought with the mccain family. thanks very much. chuck todd is the nbc erpolitical director and mor of "meet the press." senator mccain will be laid to polis, maryland. this is a guy you have interviewed many times, a guy you have covered many years, you have been around him, gotten to know him. what is the country losing with the death of john mccain around what aremerican politics losing with john mccain?
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>> i think what they have lost with him is the most vocal defender of american institutions. the most vocal defender of sort of the republic as it stands. and i know that sounds a little clichist, but it i'm not s there are not other defenders of the robust name, his voice, his political capital on the line at times to do it. far too often, willie, we see politicians acquire political capital and ne at -- when it can help them win an election. they don't necessarily use it to save an institution oo maybe speak out against their party. and here's a guy that was willing to do that. willing to build a brie to the other side. he was a hard partisan when he- believedhen that was the principle. but he also didn't want toie te the other side. so he's a loud, vocal bridge builder that's gone. i'm not sing there are not
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others but i'm not sure who the leader of this crowd is going to be. >> well, yeah, that was my follow on question. why is it so difficult to find anothe john mccain? what has changed about our politics since he got into it that you can't step forward. we haven't seen a lot of profiles in courage let's just be honest in the last couple of f years in termse republicans and congressng appropriate times. why is it so tough to stand up for itself? >> right now it doesn't look like goodatpolitics. i to be that crass about it. but if our reward structus rewae base, does not moderation, does not reward the mo until that incenti structure changes i don't think -- look, john mccain was sort of -- he had a unique profile. he had acquired political capital and he was willing to y something drastic to get
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somebody else to step into that breach. >> he made the final statement at the national cathedral. his daughter was critical of prr president bushnd obama. >> so much of our politics can . and mean. and petty. in bombast and in insult. in phony controversies. in manufactured outrage. p brave and tough, but in fact is born of fear. >> chuck, senator mccain didn't write those speeches yesterday but he cerinly choreographed where that message could come through. >> and that's -- you know, it's
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interesting. i saw somebody who tweeted and said, you know, the subtext of the week with john mccain has been about a rebuttal to the trump style ofolics and then said forget subtext, that was the text. w look, that wat -- this was the final message john mccain wanted to send. i think the question, willie, there s part of me yesterday was wondering if we have a fural service for anra we won't get back or a few senators that i talked to -- before and you had -- ent, ma will think about this. spontaneous applause break out for meghan mccain's eulogy. when is the last tu heard that? >> well, business does on after labor day begins the confirmation hearings for
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kavaugh. and 100,000 documents will be withheld from his time as an attorney in the bush administration. senator chuck schumer the democrat from new york calling that a friday night massacre and a cover-up. does that change the calculation, any chance that kavanaugh will be not seated on the supreme court? >> it's unlikely unless there's something that we don't know that comes out in the confirmation process. harry reid and mitch mcconnell basically stopped, you know, each trying to one up the other when it came to judicial nominations. when they got rid of theer filibu and yes, this is a here we political but this means now that all judicial nominatio are ofeordained by the party who's wk togetherrithe u again. >> a lot to talk about as always. chuck, thank you very much.
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we'll loo o for more "meet the press" when he talks about a president under w pressureh senators sullivan and klobuchar. two people are missingnd 13 recovering from injuries after two boats collided on the colorado river.e boaters were il park which is on the border between california arizona when the boats collided head on, sinking one of them. crews had to stop rescue efforts overnight because of darkness. that search resumes this morning. it was a somber day in north carolina as a mother and her two daughters were laid to rest on saturday. shanann watts was remembered as a woman who loved her family and friends. her daughters were said to share their joy with whomever they encountered. police say all three were murdered by her husband and father chrison watts. >>person still mis6 hours after swept up in flash flooding there. the woman was a goodtramaritan ng to help a man stuck in the flooding when the water overtook her as well.
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the man's body was discovered on saturday. and great roger ask on to -- is on to the fourth round thanks to an incredibl shot his opponent could not have seen coming. he was playing australia's nick hikyrgios when he hits shot around the net.t to see that again in slow motion after the match, federer only said he had hit t few ofse in his career, but that they're always fun. yven his opponent was impressed saying you probaill be posting a shot on instagram. now, that's a tribute. posting aosing shot to you on instagram. >> i guess i don't know enough t about tenni know that was a legal shot. >> it was a legal shot, because he was on his side othe cour >> i assumed it had to go over the ne start using that today ie tennis league. >> that's my plan. >> how is the weather looking? >> if the net was there, hit the net -- i don't know. >> going to argue the u.s. open. let's look at the rain moving through the upper
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midwest. heavy rain startin to the west of minneapolis-st. paul wd gus up to 60 miles an hour. we can see severe through in morning. out ahead of a cold front that's slowly moving eastward. as it does so it will continue to fire up the showers and the storms. some can produce heavy rai t that can leasome flash flooding. ane unsettled weather to the great lakes and into wae northeast. to quickly point out this disturbance. this can become a tropical system but whether it does or nooi it's still to bring a lot of rain tof the gast. we could see some flooding possibility especially as the middle of the week. that's a look at the weather across the country. now aeek out your window. >> well, we have a dense fog advisory for areas to the west right ang the i-81 corridor. the visibilities can get be careful out and about this morning. it is soupy, it is humid and warms. temperatures in the 60s and 70s.
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a mix of sun and clouds as well. it will be hot. the temperatures around 90 degrees. after we burn off the morning fog about 10:00 or 11:00, sunshine with isolated storms mainly west of d.c. >> and that's your latest forecast. very much, dylan. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week including when world leaders british's prime minister gets down andives us a chance to relive an old presidential classic too. and theul most beaut moment we saw this week. when a young girl gets what she . and later as you roll out those recycling bins to the curb after this holiday weekend, tell you why all that stuff may. it was a shock to the system. >> it's all coming up on "sunday today" and as we head to break our photo of the week. the queen is of soul, aretha , frankl decked out in high heels fit for royalty at a public visitatio. ♪
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dylanipnd i ready to through the highs and lows of the week. weome back to bothf us. >> yeah. vacation?e we do after >> a little rusty. >> the first one goes to like no one is watching. when being the prime minister of that's theresa mayetting down this week during a visit to the u.n. campus in naobi. she was coached through the n rhythm. in fact, it wason the s time she danced in public. she wasa feeling ittle bit when sy students at a secondary school in cape town, south aanica. all thatng in africa reminded us of theistoric day in 2007 when president bush danced and drummed withne the lese we are form --
8:20 am
performers with their visit to >> you should dance like no one is watching. >> do you do i think so too. >> mine doesn't get caught on videotape. ave a cocktail first. our first low goes to the moment when you're a famous professional golfer trying to television camera won't leave u alone. padraig harrington was playing on the european tour the other day when he ted to sneak behind a tree to take care only s of quick business .ollowing his ev before redirecting to t other lwsition. >> is wondered if that happened on the course. >> yeah. >> us women have to find a restroom. >> that's true. a little easier for the fellows.
8:21 am
but a camera might follow you. this is our favorite clip of theweek. georgia couple got the good ne that their adoption of a 10-year-old child had been approved. that passed that along to ivy as a birthday surprise. >> we love you, sweetheart. >> i love you too. >> that beautiful clip was posted to facebook with the explanation that ivy had been .raying to be adopted and th the couple also is adopting ivy's younger brother and sister after three years at their foster parents. mom wrote our kids spent 1,128 days in foster care over three years. s it hard on children to live in such uncertainty. she encouraged all to consider adopting older children
8:22 am
and siblings. how cool that all three life. our foal low goes the state of the relationship between one dog and his owner. >> i missed you. love? oh, no. i thought you loved me. yeah, i got you. . >> that clip starring mr. bubs the dog was posted to instagram. th owner for whom mr. bubs has nothing but contempt.of it's the growling and then the but they seem to delight in the fact that their dog doesn't like them. i sort of like that. >> i like he's kissing the face knowing i guess that the dog won't bite him? i wouldn't be so confident. > coming up next, the sunday sit down with comedian sarah silverman o america in this divided moment
8:23 am
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state police say two people on a y crashed into them. this happened just before 1:00 at thentersection of u.s. 50 and ridgeley avenue. it'sot clear if the driver of that suv is going to be charged? and theotorcade taking the late senator john mccain to his burial will use u.s. 50 but state police say they will not close the road for the moec town at 12:20 and 12:50 this afternoon. we'll get a look at your holiday forecast whe. i wish you weren't so worried about moving. i'm hoping these nature sounds will help me relax a bit. at least we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. just call geico. geico helps with homeowners insurance? good to know. feeling better? i love you, pookie bear. [parrot 1] i love you, pookie bear. [parrot 2] i love you, pookie bear!
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hot, humid, sweltering. just a few of the words you may besi this morning when you step outside, lauryn. i'm sure you have a few. >> it's hot out there, you're right, chris. we have a dense fog advisory to the west that a ends 10:00 a.m. visibility has been cut down to a quarter of a mil be traveling around. temperatures right now, 60s and 70s. look at this through the afternoon feeling close to 100 degrees. isolated chance of storms today. mainly west of d.c. and then an isolated chance tomorrow. but pretty much every day this workweek we're going to feel like the lower triple digits. mo rain as we get into friday, saturday and sunday with a
8:30 am
frontal system. our temperaturerops next weekend. >> thank you, lauryn. more news and weather at 9:00 a.m. .ow back to "s it's the way i was raised, you know? >> that's always a good reason. justhe way i was raised. >> everybody has an opinion. d you should be open to love no matter where it comes from. let me give it to you. >> i hate to tell you this but you're a liberal. >> that's comedian sarah silverman in "i love you america." ntering the second season on hulu. she is known for her progressive weitical bent off stage, but see a different side of sarah silverman. re 47-year-old new hamps native who grew up with three older sisters travels the country in a genuine effort to find common ground with people
8:31 am
sheus disagrees with on about everything. all in an effort to understand today's american divide. sarah and i got together for a sunday sit down at the comedy cellar here in new york city to talk about her career as a comic and why "i love u americ ♪ >> yes, comedy clubs. >> a small dark basement club in new york city seems like an unglamorous place for a but long before packing theaters or starring in a hit series, do. thank you for joining us, sarah. >> you're anwelcome. for finally thank. i'm sorry i called for military coup >> what's it like to be in room lotf you work, where you made your name? >> it's quiet right now. but yeah there'sne ey and, you
8:32 am
know, i bring my notebook and it's like, all right, what about thin? this is dely not funny yet. >> for nearly three decades sarah silverman has been pushing the boundaries of humor. with herignature brand of smart, crass, i can't she just said that comedy. >> strippers should be role models for littl ♪ you're just dying am i sitting on your p >> okay, i want to go back to the beginning of your stand-up career which you said was lde th grade. >> it never occurred to me i wouldn't be ame an. i don't know why. i saw steve martin on "saturday night live" and i was like, yeah, joan rivers, i don'tknow. i always -- i was you know the class clown. familyny one in any although my family says i'm the my dad taught me swears when i was 3. saying swears that thought it
8:33 am
an getting this intense reaction from grown-ups. it gavee suchglee. it made my arms itch. n 1993 when she was hired to write and perform on "saturday night live" at the age of 22. >> hi. i'm candace, i'm your new roommate. >>one of the sketches made it to air. and she was not invited back for a second season. >> bye. bye. >> but she got back on the stand-up stage, using some of the courage she earned from a ng childhood embarrassment she wrote about in her memoi"the bed wetter." >> you know, ilws say because i was a chronic bed wetter, you know, well into my teens, so i h iense humiliation by the timi became a comedian that it was much less
8:34 am
daunting than i think for the average person'r >> when youe on the stages of a 20 something old, what are you dreaming of? what did you imagine c youreer looking like? >> you're supposed to want to get to aom si >> right. >> you don't just stay a comedian. you're being a comedian to get to something but ivelways just --el and daddyves that jesus is >> some of my favorite sarah silverman jokes come from jesus is magic. of aig was that in terms break through for you? >> it was huge. everything was this arrogant, more like the opposite of what i beli ted. ] i wanbe the first comic ever to [ bleepn martin luther king. people only te about the good up -- talk about the good things. >> comedy central green lit the sarah silverman program.
8:35 am
making sarah the only woman at the time with a weekly series on the network. do black people he the holocaust? >> no, but we d he 400 years of slavery. >> do you look back at your stand-up specials for example from ten years ago >> and cringe, yes. >> do? >> of course. there's stuff from my first special, from my first series which i love inots of ways. there's stuff in it that makes me totally crit progressing as a comic or as a human you're not looking back and cringing at your old stuff. that's what growth is. >> earlier this summer a joke silver wrote on t in 2009 was recirculated setting off a brientroversy. there's this interesting thing d ppening now where you're h responsible for everything you have said or done over the course of your adult is that a ous thing to you? and it is, it's sry to speak ctlly organizing to
8:36 am
take you down through your own comedy. comedians explore the darkest and i you couple that with the fact that comedy is not evergreen, it's art, it ♪ ♪ america from sea to shining sea ♪ >> in her latest project "i love you america" she steps out to help bridge the american divide with the sincerity that might surprise both her fans and her critics. you go out into the country and you talk to people who she world completely differently from you. what was the idea behind it when you started season one? >> well, i found myself being r no way to live and i f so i did want to do a show where i could connect with unlike minded people. you all voted for trump. whe -- for me the
8:37 am
pleasant surprises abosh the is knowing your world view. as you said you're a liberal democrat. i guess i thought at some point in the piece you go to with peo would be a wink and a nod and thatt.our way is righ a gotchaca show. come e of that, the comedy is harder. it's harder to -- >> right. >> but i like that. vem a ran, i want a challeng i like tha it's harder to find comedy in vulnerability and earnestness. >> i'll use the example of texas with the firefighters. >> do you guys all own guns? >> yes. >> where y're having a deep conversationus about serio heavy issues. then you find your common ground in a place we can relate to. >> have you ever [ bleep ] your pants? that's so rude, i'm in the south. have'all eve [ bleep ] your
8:38 am
pants? we love our families, we care e hiliating stories that involve [ bleep ]. >> you have that drink where you t you're not. n the bathroom, >> i struggled too hard when i pushed oneown and pushed one out i guess. >> they all had one. >> of course. everyone has one, excmet for >> you don't have one? >> of [ laughter ] i really don't. >> good hold. the second season of "i love you america" premieres this sunday on ketch series in a d for category that includes "saturday night live." to hear her talk about the gains made f she started out, check out our web extras at don't forget to subscribe to the
8:39 am
podcast to hear the entire interview with sarah silverman. you can find it on apple podcast or wherever you get yours. and next week a sunday lenny kravitz talking about his new album, and long standing technique of playing all the sstruments of thegs and his definition of cool. lenny kravitz next week on "sunday today." and dylan has another look at the weather. >> hey, willie, we have some storms in the middle of the country today. nny and dry out west. we'll see tropical type of rain move into parts of florida asgoe hrough the beginning of this week. the middle of the week that system cold deve -- whether it becomes a named storm or not,e're looking at rain into louisiana, alabama and mississippi. heavy rain in the middle of the country. l dry out west. we finish out with the cold fron bringing scattered showers and storms to the midwest, the ohio and tennessee valley and l watching the rain in ke
8:40 am
gulf c a lt your weather. >> out our window, a little bit of fog and sunshine deending on wh you are. temperatures are in the 60s and 70s right now. if you're headed out to brunch thoss temperatue in the 80s by the middle part of the day. wee a chance f some pop-up storms later on this afternoon. just about a 20% chance at seeing some storms, so for the most part we'll just have some sunshine as we continue through the day. and then a few pop-up thunderstorms as we get into t >> that's your latest forecast. >> thanks very mu, dylan. next as you recycle all the ans and bottles this labor day weekend a new report says your good deed may be goi when you rent from national... it's kind of like playing your own version of best ball. because here, you can choose any car in the aisle, even if it's a better rr class than the one yerved.
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8:43 am
ready to be process and a e.reus americans recycle 66 million tons a year and all that effort may be going to waste. the u.s. used to ship more than 1,000 shipping containers full recyclables to china every day. exports are down f w 40%. that's because china has stopped accepting the majority of our recyclable it all changed back on january 1st after beijing launched a new aggrtisive anti-pol push, cracking down on what it calls foreign garbage. >> it was a shock to the system. > reporter: the chinese government now bans the imports of 24 tyof scrap including now recyclables are piling up here a the change has up ended business for seattle one of the largest waste managers in the country. yoused to send a lot of this u sendi it now?
8:44 am
>> vietnam, malaysia, singapore. going to india. >> reporter: but those countries can't take all of the recycling to china used to accept. so republic spends -- sen about 2,000 tons to the dump every month. when material likth , like all this paper can't get recycled fast enough it can end up going to the landfill instead. in takoma, washington, steve frank shock. how much in total did you send hina last year? >> 120,000 tons. >> this year? >> steo row. >> rep those who recycled. china made shipped the containers full of product and now the container comes here, i fill it full of recycled paper and send it to india. somehow that container has to
8:45 am
get now from india back to china. >> reporter: keller is bracing for the price hikes. how much more is the american consumer going to pay now that al see price increases somewhere in the 2 to $4 per monthe. ra >> reporter: experts caution even then paper and plastic in the uil. continue to pile up. china still does accept a small amount of american recycling, but it must be cleaner than ever. >> if i could say anything to the american public, right, it's the shreeple words -- empty, clean, dry. we get a lot of half eaten pizzas. half a bottle of ketchup. those type of items can contaminate perfectly clean recyclables. >> reporter: a final stepo help it get reused. for "sunday today," jo ling kent, seattle. >> thank yy much. next on "sunday today" it's been another hot summer of gun violence in thf chicago. we'll show you whator one
8:46 am
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this this labor day weekend marks the unofficial end or violent season in chicago. the country's third largest is on pace again this year to have far and away the most homicides of any city in america. and the numbers are staggering. in aingle weekend in last month, 74 people were shot in chicago. 12 of them died. as police fight to keep up the violence they have taken more than 5,500 illegal guns off is trying to make some good of them. nbc's kevin >> reporter: driving the streets of a notorious west side chicago neighborhood nick anton speaks of a recent murder that happened in broad daylight. >> shot him over 20 times. hhe was dead before he the ground. we get there, i mean, the guy
8:50 am
he's done. it's a shame. he's probably19, 20 years old. >> reporter: gun violence in some areas of ccago has reached frightening proportions. >> 30 people shot. >> six died. >> reporter: has the tally of summer -- as the tally of summer y sheriff is tom darke. how big is the illegal gun problem here? >> it's a lot easier to askho people does not have a gun as opposed to who has a gun. >> reporter: in an atmosphere of unemploymentnd the lack of opportunity, the street ggs and their weapons flourish. liberty united takes some of those weapons, those seized by law enforcement, and turns them into a force for hegood. >> are evidence tags that go on every piece that and mdt form themer into a ml that we can anyone incorporate into these products like beaded bracelets. >> reporter: beautifully crafted jewelry from the twisted metal of a destroyed gun.
8:51 am
libertynid is the creation of the wat entrreneurs and the actress from s >> it's making something into something beautiful. who would have thought it would be used for good? >> reporter: thatood up to 25% of the profits from the salef jewelry are used to help fund community projects across the country. we are basically taking something worth less than nothing and turning i into money to help children who are at great risk of either becomin >> reporter: kids like these. >> i will behe walking down street and somebody just shoot me. i can't go to a party withoutg wonderf i'm going to get shot up. >> half the time boys joinca gas e at home they don't get the love they're supposed to. but with their friends they might. >> reporter: children's home and aide counselor marcus lucy says
8:52 am
this program that receives funding from liberty united provides a safe haven. are they opening up outside of the four walls? >> typically not. i mean, they don have any places to go where they could just be open like that. and then tap in and share that here. it's amazi to watch. >> r to date more than $100,000 has been donated to programs in cities like chicago, philadelphia andomew orleans. he remnants of firearms that have been transformed. >> turn them into something that is not only usn some f the jewelry it's quite beautiful. it won't end the gun problem but a wildly creative way to deal ith this is vulnerable people in society. maybe we can solve part of the problem. >> kevin, thank you very much. on thursday night the lights of
8:53 am
one of its brightest stars. neil simon wrote more than 30 plays over his famed career with a knack for producing hits. lots of them. after his discharge from the air force, simon became a clerk for warner brothers and began writing for television and ovies in the 1950s. but he broke outhis own in the theater with "barefoot in the park" which quickly adapted for llywood. >> if the honeymoon doesn't work out then he had a hit again wi "the odd couple" which was turned into the movie and iconic tv series. t he won tony award for best play with biloxi blues and lost ininyonkers. 1983 the same year his utbrighton beach memoirs d he had a broadway theatre named for him.
8:54 am
a rare honor for a liv figure. born in the bronx and raised in washington heights dur and a difficult childhood that inspired his influential work. >> what would your tell your father if he came home and i was dead on the kitchen floor? >> i would say don't go in the kitchen, >> his specific brand of humor is credited with laying the groundork for sitcom television. right through to "seinfeld." neil simon, an american icon .ied last sunday in neyo died in new york city. died in new york city. he was 91 years old. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor for postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- mbc, approved, with hormonal therapy, as an everyday treatment
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discussed earlier with chuck todd, the senate judiciary hearing will hold the first hearing for supreme court nominee kavanaugh on tuesday. president trump nominated him in july. the president's first nominee to the high court neil gorsuch was approved last year by a senate vote of 54-45. o> on thursday the kickoff on nbc.season and it's righ the defending super bowl champions philadelphia eagles -- blah blah blah. it as a pat -- as a pat's fan it's hard to say that. i'm excited to see the patriotse have an awe year. >> they open against the texans the jagsopen. remember the two times we beat thehe pats super bowl, that way the rest of your labor day weekend. senext week
8:59 am
"news4 today" starts now. deadly storms, a weekend of driving rain. the search continuesnother victim. he didn't confacm to the prged version of what senator should be and he didn't want a memorial that was going to be prepackaged either. >> saying good-bye to the maverick. tributes filled the national cathedral for washington's finat farewell john mccain. today, he will be laid to rest. off the streets, a woman in this violent road rage incident is spending the weekend behind bars and it could be the beginning of a long jail stay. really disturbing there. we'll have much more on that as
9:00 am
well as the life and legacy o senator john mccain coming fup. highlighm yesterday's tribute. good morning. i'm angie goff. >> i'm chris lawrence. adam tuss has the day off. boy oh, boy, lauryn, this morning? absolutely. you'll walkout i'd that humidity is going to hit you with ton of bricks. it is warm out there and this week is no exception. it will feel like we're in the middlef summer as we get through the first full week of september. already up to 78 degrees out there. calm winds. you can see from the picture behis we have got some clouds out there. and that'so going to continue be the case as we go through the day, a mix of sun and clouds. a bit more sunshine by lunch time. no rain out there. a little clutter, no rain out there right now. that's clutter from the radar station out in loudoun coun. on


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