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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 2, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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well as the life and legacy o senator john mccain coming fup. highlighm yesterday's tribute. good morning. i'm angie goff. >> i'm chris lawrence. adam tuss has the day off. boy oh, boy, lauryn, this morning? absolutely. you'll walkout i'd that humidity is going to hit you with ton of bricks. it is warm out there and this week is no exception. it will feel like we're in the middlef summer as we get through the first full week of september. already up to 78 degrees out there. calm winds. you can see from the picture behis we have got some clouds out there. and that'so going to continue be the case as we go through the day, a mix of sun and clouds. a bit more sunshine by lunch time. no rain out there. a little clutter, no rain out there right now. that's clutter from the radar station out in loudoun coun. on sunday, we have brunch, temperatures in the 80s for
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that, but iwill feel like we're in the low 90s. we have a chance of a pop-up storm so you may want to grab that umbrella. but i think the chances lie to the west. so not everybody is s going to them. so we'll time out some of the storms and we'll talk about how hot we'll get over the next couple of days. especially for your labor day in 15 minutes. >> thanks. we have an update on the search that continues for a good samaritan who tried to rescue a man who was swept away. 67-yr-old daniel samis' car was disabled and taken away by the water. gthey say a man and a wom out to help that stranded driver but then the woman fell and re disappin the rushing water. samis' body was found yesterday morning and the search for the woman continues. happening today a request from washington's archbisho cardinal wuerl. >> he sent a letter to priests encouraging them to talk about
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e recent church sex abus scandals. news4's derrick ward is outside of the i catholic churc d.c. with another request that wuerl is asking of his peers. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. cardinal wuerl will be here, part of the mass he will deliver will b new pastor.ation of a which is a fairly common thing that happens whens tha a new pastor. that pastor is now officially presented t the congregation and to the public. of course there are other parts of tt mass that areetting a lot of attention today. now, again, you talk about that statement that cardinal put out in the letter to priests on thursday. and it referred to the disconcerting news and terrible revelations that the church is indeed going through right now. some of it involved his predecessor father mccarrick. there we see that the cardinal wuerl actually asked for prayers of rgiveness for his errors in
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judgment referring te way that -- that these revelationsr dealt with the church officials. now, another part of that message we would like to show you is this message that he put out directly to the priest. this sunday,w,uote let your people, the men and women and he children, we love and minister to and hold in our pastoral care know that i do recognize and share their pain, end quote. this is probabhc the most foing statement we have heard from the archbishop of washington as the ongoing revelations areomg out. there have been calls for his resignation. there is no indication that will happen, from him or higher ups to the church. he'll deliver the mass at 10:30 with message to the congregation regarding the revelation we are live outside enunciation on mass avenue, back to you. >> thank you. developing story out of prince george's county.
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a woman was killed on kenilworth avenue earlier this morning. she was hit by a car in the southbound lanes of the ramp to maryland 139. officers are trying to figure out what ledra up to the. now to latest on the shooting at a wedding venue in sterling. loudoun county deputare searching for the gunman. two men got into the fight last night during a private party at the woodlands at algonquin. one man was shot and we're told that the victim has nonlife threatening injuries. this morning in fauquier county a man is behind bars after the police found a woman dead at her home. ashton barry is charged with first degree murder. barry and another woman got in a fight and another woman who lives at the house found the victim on the back deck of her home. barry is being held witut bond. new this morning, out of anne arundel ecounty, two peo
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are dead after an overnight motorcycle crash. state police say that this happened just before 1:00 at the intersection of u.s. 50 and ridgeley avenue. all lanes were two hours ago. we are told that two people on a motorcycle died when an suv driver going the wrong way crashed into them. that driver could face criminal charges for the accident. washington said good-bye to senator main, but his final ride to the naval academy today could create some traffic issues labor day weekend. the exact route for the motorcade to annapolis sn't released but they do not expect to close down the highway. police in bowie said senator mccain's motorcade will take u.s. 50 through town som between 12:20 and 12:50 this afternoon. the burial at the naval academy is closed to the public and media. senator mccain will be buried next to his best friend and academy classmate, admiral chuck
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larson. we know and we saw washington came out to give senator mccain a farewell. >> membersco of ress, military service members, all there to honor the war hero t and longe senator. >> nbc's lester holt has a look back at the moving ceremony. ♪ >> reporter: a somber service inside the national cathedral as mourners gathered to honor the life of senator john mccain. his widow cindy wearing are ica of her husband's naval aviator wings fought back tears. as those close to him paid tribute to the man they loved. his daughter meghan gave a powerful remembrangr. >> he was t warrior. he was a great american. i admired him for all of these things but i love him because he was a great father. >> reporter: as the political to d celebrated his service country and veunng moral
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compass. >> john's great strength was his character. he washonest, fair and civilized. >> reporter: as proof of his passion for bipartisanship, he asked two men who were his tter political rivals to eulogize him. >> it showed his irreverencehi, sense of humor, a little bit of a misievous streak. after all what better way to get a last laugh than to make george and i say niceng t about him to a national audience. >> back in the day he could frustrate me andno i he'd say the same thing about me. but he also made me better. in the end, i got to enjoy one of life's great gifts. the friendship of john mccain. t >> reporteir words more important than ever during a time of great division in washington. >> this is how we will honor you. ♪ ♪ oh danny boy
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the cpipes, the pipes aling from glen to glen ♪ >> reporter: a final farewell to a true american hero who put people and patriotism before all else. as the nation remembers the life of senatorai john m here at home a local community is dealing with the loss of its own. the maryland terrapins start their football season with a pretty heavy heart. they're dedicating this season to jordan mcnair an offensive lineman whod earlier this summer. on date the terps -- on saturday, the terps paid tribute to him. he will have a locker at maryland and no one will wear 79 until 2020, the year he would have graduated. the team also cam on the field with the number 79 imprinted on their helmets and his jersey was taken to the mid field for the
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coin toss as an honorary caain. one of his teammates said every play they make this in his honor. 9:09, a young woman charged in this road rage incident in.c northeast d. is being held without bond. mariana silver, yeah, she's smashing the windows with a berjack. this ifore she allegedly tried to over the bus driver with hervehicle. her car. her next court appearance is scheduled for e's thatideo of that indent too. >> wow. she was furious. >> wild. >> lord knows why. >> yeah. more than three years after a brutal quadruple murder mansion, the case is about to bo to -- to go to trial. but new evidence was foundays
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welcome back. a notorious quadruple murder in washington and only one suspect going to trial. >> yeah, earlier this week, news4 spoke with legal experts about the significance of t som of new details about evidence in this case and the thing is they don't all agree. >> we are talking about the notorious mansion murders from three years ago. savvas and amy savopoulos, their son philip and housekeeper vera figueroa all killed in the family's home one man, daron wint, goes to trial nhis week. >>s4 meagan fitzgerald's has more on the -- meagan fitzgerald has more evidence on the impact. >> a crime scene means that no one can touch anything under a circumstances. >> reporter: but according to these court documents filed by prosecutors describing the
9:13 am
collection of dn evidence, that wasn't the case. and long-time criminal defense attorney bernard grimm says when a crime scene is n flawlessly preserved, that can have major impact on the outcome of a trial. this entire case was centered a und a domino's pizza and piece of crust that had dna on. police linked that to daron wine and he was arras the only suspect, but now there are new questions about how forensic experts colle that dna and how it was processed. this document says when ans fo expert recovered the pizza crust it was in a bag with other pieces of uneaten zza. >> all the pizza is put into one paper bag. so you have what's called crossw contaminatioch is if the pizza is touching each other in the box the dna could beonetting nother piece. >> reporter: for the first time we're learning at in the moments after the fire started at the mansion on woodland drive, firefighters took water
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bottles from the refrigerator in the master bedroom in the mansion. that's where the bodies of the family were found. the water bottles were never collected and processed as evidence. >> they go in there and they take water out of the refrigerator and they drink it out of it. how you know that wintnd other compatriots didn't touch the bottles or the door? >> reporter: we'll never know, and they don't agreepohat ntial missed opportunities in collecting the evidence will impact the sse. >> i don these as insurmountable problems, these are garden variety problems that we encounter in virtually every case. think firefighters do their best, atf does its best. >> reporr: but the jurors have to convict wint beyond a reas believes this document does just that. >> inhe end, you could have a jury come back with a notve guiy
9:15 am
ict because the evidence technicians screwed up in this case. i mean, it's beyond >> it's all going to depend ong how much wthe jury gives that evidence. the d.c. fire department wasn't aware of the allegations until we contacted them and now it's part of an internal review. >> andre anxious for the jury to see how prosecutors accused the wrong person. 9:15 right now. idtaking a live look ou what are your plans for the rest of the labor day weekend? if any of it involves being if any of it involves being outsid -- yes, you'll want t
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well, do you have a car that's been hanging around yr area witho a state plate for way too long? >> well, fairfax county said it's a big issue and they want you to do something about it. adam tuss has that story from fairfax county. reporter: here's a question, would you turn in your neighbor if you karw their wasn't properly registered to the county? >> yeah, i think. i think it should be more fair. if they're living here the car should be registered here. >> reporter: is it fair to quote/unquote snitch on a car without properon registra >> no. they don't know your circumstance.
9:19 am
>> reporter: obviousnions vary, but way too many out of states plaare showing up and not being properly registered. they want to have the residents to anonymously report the cars that aren't registered. a vehicle owner is reqred to register within 60 days. nobody wants to be a car snitch, a tipster about all of this, but here in fairfax county by far and away the county says the most out of state plates belong to maryland tags. check out this statement from fairfax county supervisor jeff mckay. he says everywhere i look in the county we are flooded with i maryland car particular. and many of them are living in d rginia and avoiding taxes that's unlawful has to end. and the county also says florida,texas, d.c. and pennsylvanialates rank pretty high. >> right now we ar getting about 18,000 tips a year. >> reporter: with the fairfax
9:20 am
county department of taxation, a link has to be established to the county. >> it's hard to say how many are evading the taxes. 14% end up being assessed. >> reporter: that's why the county wants to increase the program. military vehicles are exempt. in fairfax county, adam tuss, news4. well,come back, everybody. we have a dense fog advisory out there right now. dens fog advisory will continue until about0:00 a.m. as we go through the morning. we are looking at fgy conditions. n to alities are d quarter of a mile. the fog is beaking to lift out of the -- is beginning to lift out of the region. it was dicey this morning with the thick, dense fo 60s and 70s across the board. we are headed to 90 degrees today. we have only an isolated chance of an afternoon storm, that's
9:21 am
it. mainly to the west. nothing happening on the radar right now. we have a few showers off to the eastern shore. if your travels take you there, that's where we could see actually some showers and some thunderstorms later on this afternoon. but for us around the d.c. area we are looking good.ha 9:00 a.m. w some cloud cover out there. sunshine in some spots and we'll have more sunshine as we continue through the middle part of the day. still dry at 1:30, and then we start to see a pop-upde thtorms here and there. off to the eastern shore. for the most part, again, they're isolated at best. we continue into your sunday afternoo will be dry. afternoon temperatures around 90. low to mid 90s over the next few days. today, feeling close to 100, labor day, same deal. maybe a stray shower. but we have another day that's very hot with that heat index right around 100 degrees. that stays right around 100 all through this week.
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best chances of rain are today through next weekend. ac> i'm mike murray. with the app of labor day which signals the final two months before the election it's worth recapping and recalling all of the political and trump relad news from over the summer the headlines -- it wasn't boring at all.wa ther president trump's june 12th singapore summit with nreth s kim jong-un. who can forget the controversy over the policy of separating children from their parents at the borders? and supreme court justice anthonkennedy stepped down from the bench. there was trump's july 16sth n conference with vladimir putin in lsinki. special counsel mueller's indictment of the 12 russians for interfering and revoking the security clearance fromn j brennan. and finally there was trump lawyer and fixer michael cohen
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we were allhoed by the deadly bus crash in new mexico and now authorities want to take aloser look at the medical records of both drivers. on thursday, a semi-truck and
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greyhound bus collided killing ght passengers. dozens others were injured and now the national transportation safety board has issued subpoenas for the medical cords. they are hoping that information can shed some light on what happened. a preliminary investigation suggested the truck's tire blew out and it crossed over into oncoming traffic. well, you may remember earlier this summer protest in london launched a giant balloon of president trump that now a new political target. they want to oust london's mayor sadiq khan. it shows him dressed in a yellow kini. some believe the mayor has failed t the bikini is a reference to the advertisement he banned. if you're too busy to take a summer vacation, it may work in your favor. you may be able to find a lot of travel deals because this is the time wn fewer people are traveling. according to travellou,
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avelers can save 25, up to 35% on hotels and flights compared to those peak summer prices. oh, the joys of traveling when you object have to worry about -- you don't have to worry about the ds in school. well, a retired man is kicking off h birthday -- he has no fear. jumping out of an airplane. the man marked his milestone by sky diving in hawaii. the now 100-year-old is no frranger to -falls. he spent 30 years jumping out of planes while he was in the now his friends are encouraging him to break the world record age for skydiving whiol is 101 year >> wow. have you ever been skydiving? >> never. >> i have. 's pretty amazing. >> i can barely do that virtual reality stuff that it feels like -- it makes m sick. >> got to do the real thing. as we look outside, the sun is starting to come out now and
9:28 am
boy, the heat is just coming and coming. >> yeah. as you take that live look, 78 degrees and will your outside plans for labor day weekend b ruined? well, lauryn ricketts, she is here to tell you you ke your eyes to the sky.ep
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>> welcome back, everybody. good morning. i'm angie isff. >> i'm clawrence. adam has the morning off. thank you so much for joining us on this pretty hot and humid morning. >> it sure is. and it looks like the temperatures are only going to go up from here. but hopefully we don't have toh deal whe kind of rain and heavy downpours that we saw last night, uryn. >> oh yeah, it was heavy downpours, i was outside. i was watching my radar, watching that rain come. a lot of heavy rain and it happened just like that. we still had some ponding on the roadways early this morning. the sun is drying that out right now and the sun is drying out some of the fog we we sing earlier this morning. still a fog advisory into the western zones but that is lifting and that advisory ends at 10:00 a.m. so we're just fine as that fog is moving out of here. as we get some hazy sunshine, so a beautiful looking view over reagan national airport. national cathedrald behhis one, 78 degrees is the temperature right now. we have that veiled sunshine
9:32 am
th some hazy conditions. it's going to be hot today. those temperatures be around 90 degrees and after that morning fog we'll get some of that sunshi. we have a isolated chance of a shower or a thunderstorm popping up this afternoon. mainly to the west. so we're going to be talking about those chances but reallyki thhe story is this week just how darn hot it will be out there. so we talk about the numbers and what it will feel like over the next five days. that's coming up in the ten day forecast in about 15 minutes. an all right. you, lauryn. happening now in prince george's county a homicide investigation is under way. police tell us a woman was murdered at an apartment building around 4:0hi morning. this was on south view drive. tey're not releasing very much at all about investigation, but of course we'llring you updates as soon as we get them. andte now to the about a shooting investigation at an event and wedding venue in sterling, virginia. loudoun county deputies arear seing for the gunman and
9:33 am
investigators say last night the gunman and a male victim started fighting during a private fighting at the woodlands at algonquin. the man wasnd shot then the shooter toork off. the victim is expected to fully recover. a montgomery police officer was luct to walk away from t crash overnight. near middlebrook and father hurley in germantown. no one was seriously hurt. right now, police are still looking into the crash. washington said good-bye to senatorohn mccain, but his final ride to the naval academy today could create some traffic issues for labor day travelers. the exact route to annapolis has not be released but the state police told our news tartners at wty do not expect to close down the highway linking annapolis to the district. the motorcade will take u.s. 50
9:34 am
through town some time around 12:20 to 12:50 today. e burial is closed to th public and media. he will be buriedext to his best friend. the football team of maryland started without a beloved teammate and now the team honored jordan mcnair. wearing his number 79 on the helmets. died of heat stroke earlier this year following a strenus practice yesterday, we caught up with some tailgaters before the game at fedex field who talked about coming out to watch me after coping with sh a difficult loss. >> getting back to football and appreciating our friends and tailgate. some good weather. it should be a fun day. >> maryland upset texas yesterday and is now dedicating
9:35 am
the ente season to jordan. well, washington's archbishop cardinal wuerl hason requestsrning today's mass. this comes ahead of a meeting with priests scheduled for tomorrow. wuer has faced increasing pressure to resign amid outrage over the s abuse scandal. he is accused of covering up abuse during his time in pittsburgh and having prior knowledge against his predecessor here in washington, theodore mccarrick. he asked the priests to talk about t situation a mass, please let your people, the men, women an minister to know that i do recognizend share their pain. end quote. cardinal wuerl has not granted our repeated requests for an interview. >> a lot of catholics demanding accountabi now. this morning, we're learning more about the man shot and killed in southeast d.c. police say karl day baker was shot multiple timesn t street
9:36 am
near minnesota avenue. this happened just before 1:30 in the morning yesterday in anacostia. so far, police haven't taken anyone in custody. > 9:35. a man from northern virginia is accused of bringing two load guns to dull last airport. the tsa released the photos of the gs and the bullets. the weapons show up on x-rays at one of the check point. the airport police confiscated the weapons. the man claimgo he f guns were in his bag. my kids got eaten alive by the mosquyeos erday. devoured head to toe. officials want you to help keep the number down to fight against the spread of the west nile virus. last week, two parks were closed to spraynd prince george's sprayed in the areas of lanham and temple hills. now ooicials want us do our
9:37 am
part to keep them in check. >> it's important for the uublic to hel to help prevent mosquitos around their yards or homes by emptying out the containers of standing water. you want to do it at least once a week. because it takes mosquos about e week to complete their development in the water. >> i didn't know that. officials recommend using bug spray and even staying inside during the times of day when mosquitos might be most active. >> in case you get bit, always carry that itch stick on -- or a cortisone cream. keep an eye out for men and women. firefighters at major intersections, they're hoping to fill the boot with money for muscular dystrophy. the money pays for a lot of things for patients to see specialists. attend campsnd to support research. fairfax county firefighters have been doing this9or years and they make the biggest donation to mda in the entire country.
9:38 am
that's pretty impressive. >> wow. something tbe proud of. news4 is working for you with a follow-up to a story from last week. japanese still grass is causing problems in our areas and a scout in herndon is leading a clean-up effort. thanks to who saw the story and olunteered, the project was big succes david culver has the update. >> it looks great down there. >> reporter: over tth course of past few saturdays a dedicated group of volunteersod turning that looked like this into this. a life scout from herndon isad g the effort. more than 150 volunteers joined in, spanning generations from 5 years old to over 80 years old. including students from more than ten different schools and three different scout districts. together, clearing 120 bags of
9:39 am
the grass. >> it really is provid where a nice area for us to make it be what it needs to be. so the impact has been really great. >> all right. well, let's hope he gets his eagle award for that hard work. who wins, the tortoise or the hare walking or running? well, it's not about a foot race, but really staying healthy. we'll break down the benefits and draw backs before yo morning urwo
9:40 am
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9:42 am
breaks it down for us. >> let's get started. >>he first three miles of any run is awful. once you get over that hump it's the best feeling ever. >> when i walk is when i get serenity. >> reporter: it's alw get any kind of exercise by which one is actually the best? >> is important that you choose an exercise that you can do regularly and then the main difference is just that running burns calories faster tn walking. >> reporter: for instance, running for half an hour burns about twice the calories as half an hour of walking. but if the walker covers the sameistance just over a longer time she'll catch up calorie wise. but what about the other health benefits? >> running and walking are both excellent for heart health. when you run your heart does work harder when you walk but that doesn't mean that runners have beater heart health. >> reporter: both groups have a lower risk of heart disease than inactive people.
9:43 am
one large study even found the walkers might have a slight advantage over t runners. another benefit >> i don't have the injuries that my husband has who is an av >> reporter: experts say injuries from running are d from doing too much too soon. >> it's best to ease into running and gradually increase the speed and distance of the run. >> reporter: both types of exercise are good for bone health. for instance, running or walking least 30 minutes a day maylp heitigate mild bone loss. a lon time runner and walker has this advice. >> you can get to that finish ne no matter how you do it, as long as you keep moving. >> no matter what you do, as long as you do something. it's going to be pretty good for you. >> that's right. contrary to what many think, runners don't suffer from arthritis more than nonrunners. >> this is interesting. the risk for arthritis is 15% lower than for folks who don't all.y exercise at >> you know what i always tell myself when i don't want to go
9:44 am
work out, 30 minutes away from a better mood. 30 minutes away. >> 30 minutes away from aetter yeah. >> that's right. to> looking outside, beautiful shot of the washi monument. early on this sunday morning. we have yourt labor day forec and lauryn ricketts ahead on "news4 today." "news4 today." stay with us. as your home becomes more connected... shouldn't your internet keep up? it's time for fios. because fiber optics move crazy amounts of data at even crazier speeds.
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welcome back. with the new school here
9:47 am
officials are saying is now the time to plan to keep your kids safe and secure if an emergency should strike. >> yeah, this weekend mks the start of fema's emergency preparedness month. emi emilia draper has more. >> repter: with back to school, back to the daily routine and before that calendre fills up, ce an emergency preparedness plan. a series of steps you can put into action in the event of o natural dir an emergency like a mass shooting. one of the leaders of the local fema office says you should start by updating your contact list. >> making sure that phone numbers are loaded in the phones. that they know who they're going to call if they have a problem that they know that you can't always rely on voice communications on the phone and that texting might be easier. so that they maybe have some preloaded texts that they could shoot off iy t needed to.
9:48 am
>> reporter: your next move -- picking out a yofe place for kids to go to if you're unable to meet up with them. this could be a neighbor or a friend's home. you'll also want to examine your insurance. know what you're covered for aat ou're not. do an inventory of your household goods. take photos then digitize them in case you need to make claims elter. make sure your phone can receive wireless emergency alerts. once a plan is in place,ti pr makes perfect. >> go over that plan, yeah, we didn't forget about that. >> and is a great starting point to help you put together a plan heads up on september 20th a test of the emergency system, so you can mak sure your phone is getting the alerts. like tornado, flood warnings. >> yeah. when the power goes out this is the most important thing. have the extra battery charger too. >> a good idea. very good idea. g okay. >>d advice from emilia.
9:49 am
>> i should have calle before i said crushed velvet. >> i was thiing that this rning. so hot when she walks out. >> i'm in so early i feel like it will be cold. >> i have a jacket on. >> then i walked out i was suffocated. too late. you can't change, you know? >> come in in nuary. >> you're going to be so hot when you walk outside. it is warm already, guys. that heat index right around 80 degrees. we'll contie to see that temperature rise into the low 90s today. and with thaoi it's to feel right around 100 degrees. not only today, but as we go it is going to be very, very warm.ut look there. we have got some hazy conditions out there right now. this is the live capitalcamera. this is how it will be all this week. we had some morning fog, sll dealing with that a little bit throughout the shenand h
9:50 am
but it's beginning to lift. your weather conditions could we see some more storms today, ovsome,age going to be isolated at best. so nothing like we saw over the last two days but we could have a few out there. should you cancel plans, no maybe you should download the nbc washington app, becauskn we'll let yo when the storms are coming if there's one that pops up around your area you could see it. other than thato we have the storms tomorrow, maybe a few. pretty much tod and tomorrow, stray chances of some storms but the big thing is -- i think this to bet everybody is going talking about -- hot and -- heat and humidity. is it going to stay hot and humid, yes, not only today, but pretty much all this week is going to be hot and humid. all right, nothing happening on the radar right now. we have a little clutter from the radar station. we haveome showers off to the eastern shore. if we see any storms out there today it will be east o i-95 along the eastern shore or along i-81. that's where i believe any storms will pop up across the
9:51 am
gion. we hav few coming off the delmarva peninsula. and the mid-atlantic i. looking go if you're traveling today you're going to be pretty much fine throughout the area. so here we go. 9:30, we have some cloud cover out there right now. we'll start to see that move out of here. we'll get some sunshine as was go through the da we're still dry, a few isolated storms on the eastern shore and other tthat, we are dry with some sunshine. a few pop-up storms here and there. n, mainly to the west. high pressure is over us in the upper levels of the atmosphere. so that's helping to keep everything more on the stable compared to yesterday. but again, a few pop-up storms possible. not only today, but also tomorrow. temperatures out there right s now, iwarm. we're in the 70s. we'll take a run at that 90 degree mark today. if you're headed to the d.c. united gamell be dry, but it will be sticky out there. renaissance festival bring that bug spray because there's so uch meade going on around there, all the bees are out.
9:52 am
make sure you have some bug spray for that. but a hot one out there. car wash, isolated chances of rain, so today might be a good idea to do it. the time, keep your eye to sky and for the most part we're dry. 90 degrees for today. after that morning fog we have that sunshine. wed again, isolated chance of a storm mainly . this is what i think everybody is going to be talking about. just how dar hot it i out there. as we go through the morning look at,this. i mehe feel like factor already in the 90s by the middle part of the afternoon. we are feeling close to the century mark so it's warm out there today. even at 7:00, still feeling like the l 90s out there. sunshine for tomorrow. so for your labor day looking good. temperatures are going to be in the low to mid 90s. it'sotter tomorrow. we have a chance of a stray storm across the rebuon. again, feeling like 102 tomorrow. 103 on tuesday. 102 on wednesday with air temperatures in the low to mid it be hot this week all the way through thursday and friday. friday, arontal system will
9:53 am
come through the area. that'll kick off the best chance for rain this week and then rain chan [music playing] at havertys we know it's hard to get a good night's sleep. havertys mattress sale is here to help. with our wide selection of top brands and r price match guarantee you can find the perfect mattress for everyone in the family.
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9:55 am
well, this is the last weekend of freedom for prince george's county -- >> not gng toprison. just going back to class. >> i know, it's a big deal. it's a big deal for a lot of
9:56 am
.ds. >> i kn well, we have some important traffic tips to keep them safe. and taking us inside one of the county's newly renovated schools. >> reporter: parents around students returning to tulip grove elementary in bowie have a brand-new $26 millit building. >>eels like comfortable. it feels like home. >> reporter: high ceilings, state of the art amenities and tons of natural light a me classrooms means all of the 325 students who attend this school can be inside the building at the same time. that was not the case in the old building. >> special education students were in temporaries. we had teachers in the hallways, lling groups. there was not enough space. >> reporter: there's still a long line of other need renovation and serious repairs around the county. school spokesmen are aware of the anxious students and parents. >> i think they can ensure that ioritizing the county funds appropriately and hitting the schools that are deemed
9:57 am
essential. >> rorter: as workers wrap up final touches here, drivers are seminded to watch out for k headed back to school next week. > just last year alone over 1.5 million speed camera tickets were issued across the state of maryland. >> reporter: 30% were here in prince george's. and the other issue is drivers endangering lives when they pass school stop zones. and there's a new app that will allow you to track your kid's bus like an uber. for more information go to nbc washington and search help. i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> can'tghay it en stay slow out there when you see the buses and the kids. >> that's right. that's right. taking a live look at national harbor. you can see that we have the sun out. it looks like a glorious day but it sure is going to be a humid one. lauryn ricketts will join us
9:58 am
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>> uncovering evidence that can change everything. >> you think there's somebody event? >> a special event. tuesdaat 6:30. "news4 today" starts now. >> deadly storms, a weekend of driving rain turned fatal. crews pull a o body out the flooded water in maryland but the search continues now for another victim. he had no interest in conforming to some prepackaged version of


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