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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  September 3, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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"news 4 today"egins with breaking news. >> that breaking news, one person has been hit by a vehicle in the westbound lanes of arlington boulevard at graham road. all lanes are stopped as investigators look at what happened. the victim is said serious injuries. molette green is on to the scene. good morning, i'm chris lawrence. >> i'm meagan fitzgerald. eun and aaron have labor day off. we're going toaboror them. if you have stepped outside, it is hot as beep. >> i know. my windows were fogging up. >> that's when you know humid when the humidity fogs up your windows. >>hen you get the condensation on your window, too, that's when
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it's a little cool inside your house. anyways, that happens to me because i have their cranking in the house. it has been hot around here lately. it will still be hot for your labor day. for everyone wanting to head to the pool, it will be good weathe for at. it's warm and humid. again, we're used to this. but as we go past your labor da monday, it wel like the dog days of summer this week. it's 80 in annapolis. 58 in leesburg, but muggy. if you'r grilling today, this is decent weather to grill. whoever is manning the grill, it will be hot for you. by no, we'll be around 90 degrees. mostly sunny. heat inx, close to 100 with the humidity. 2:00 p.m., 90 degrees. 94 at 4:00ke p.m. your eye to the sky and stay hydrated. coming , we'll look at what it
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is like heading back to school tomorrow. that's straight ahead. developing this morning, archbishop of washington, cardinal wuerl, will meet with d.c. priests as calls for him to resign grow louder. >> during sunday mass, one parishioner couldn't keep his disappointment bottled up. >> considerable animhaity. >> s on you. >> cardinal wuerl kept speaking as the man walked out. another parishioner turned her ba t on cardinal as he spoke. that silent protest was used by catholics in the 1960s and '70s. >> turned their back to say i am here, i'm a member of the 'turch, i'm celebrating mass, but i d agree with what is being said. and i don't agree withe policy. >> a pennsylvania grand jury
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accused cardinal wuerl of helping to protect som child molesting priests when he was bi bishop of pittsburgh. an officer-involved shooting happened last night. officers were called to the scene of the report of a man acting erratically in the lookby and in need of medical consist nce. when responders arrived, the man allegedly pulled out a gun. police s they confronted -- he confronted officers in the parking lot with a weapon and was shot. the man was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. no one was hurt. crews will return to the easternhore to try to find a missing man from germantown. w george barnet swimming in the sassafras river over the weekend and never came back up. that river feeds into the chesapeake bay. his friends called 911 when they
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noticed he was miaving. they worked tirelessly since saturday looking for the 51-year-old n. the search was called off at dusk yesterday. he is a personal trainer and olice officer. final honors were rendered for a revered military man and elder statesman. >> after days of public mourning, from arizona to the u.s. capitol, senator john mccain is now at rest. navyilots in salute yesterday. senator mccain is nowuried at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis, beside his best friend and class mate, chuck larsen. it caps a stretch of five-day services honoring mccain. on saturday, he was b eulogiz two former presidents, fellow senators and family. ev though president trump
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didn't attend his funeral, hisu er and son-in-law did. senator lindsey graham says he extended the invitation with the blessing of cindy mccain. thisin mo the search is on for a killer in prince george'scounty. officers found a woman on the floor in this neighborhood ofl oxon h early yesterday morning. she died on the scene. but not muc information is available at this point. we're working to see if police made any arrests. > and four people are missing after two river boats collided and sank in california. ten people were sent to the hospital after the boats crashed saturday night in moabi regional park. the father of an owa college student who was allegedly murdered by an me undoed immigrant, wants politicians to stop using his daughter's dth in their
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agendas. in an op-ed, ron tibets asked not to use his daughter's death for politic aral es. christian rivera has been charged with her murder. the ashes of one of the victims killed in "the capital gazett gazette" shooting is now at nationals park. he covered news and sports at "the capitalgazette" in idnapolis. his told "the baltimore sun," the baseball park was a sacred place for john. school bells will be ringing in alexandria city, falls church and astafford counties. >> kids are heading back in parts of maryland, as well. that includes calvert, charles,
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montgomery, prince george's, st. mary's and washington counties. efficials are rolling out a new app called comes the bus. parents can find out where a school bus is, if it's on time and if the child missed the bus, as well. >> brilliant idea. standing firm. the pastor who isnder fire for what he said during aretha franklin's funeral. and silence. the u2 front man had t
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you're watching "news 4 today." t s morning, irish rock star bono is working to get his voice back after losing it during a performance. on saturday night, u2 hadheo stop concert in berlin
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after bono struggled through a fe songs. the band says they're rescheduling the show for november, adding their received, it wasn't serious with his voice. nothing serious there. that's good. theastor who caused an uproar, saying black america has lost its soul duringis eulogy at aretha franklin's funeral not backing down. >> he also said that black women were incable of raising sons alone. take a listen. >> as proud, beautiful and fine as our black women are, one thing a black woman cannot do - a black womanannot raise a black boy to be a man. >> well, a lot of people took that cs aticism of franklin herself. she was a single mother of four boys. and a lot of people have called
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his words inappropriate during the celebration of the queen of soul. here's a part of how the bishop is defending his comments. >> i see too many women who have raised excellent men. jesse jackson, one of my dearest frenl raised by a single mom. but the women need help in their homes. and our race needs to become sensitive to that. >> this is the same pastor who eulogized her father. and franklin had specifically asked him to speak at her funeral. a new york family is devastated after an airline loses some very precious their beloved dog. jonathan roland isrc sng for his parents' emotional support dog. logan the labradoodle waso supposedly with his owner onboard from new york to paraguayast week. according to the airline
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employee, the dog was never loaded on to the flight due to a ramp issue.nd roas told a worker took the dog home and it's now missing. the airline ys it's actively searching for the dog and they're offering a reward for information on logan the labradoodle. >> oh. that's so sad. >> somebody took the dog home. >> in. quot in quotes. it's missing. >> i would find their address and show up at their house. i mean -- >> look at him. >> i'll never fly my dog. i will never fly my dog. we have had too many things about flying your dog. unless you can put it und the at where you can see the dog. this morning as you walk outside, it is warm andd. hu we're going to warm up quickly. by 9:00 a.m. in the80s. it will be hotter this afternoon. i'll show you that forecast, coming up. also ahead, the decision
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of president ump nottr
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you're watching "news 4 today." >>f thousands o federal employees in our area, no doubt, spent a t part ofir weekend going over their budgets. late last week, president trump nounced they would not be getting an annual raise.
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now, the president says he's thinking again about that cision. it could come as the president continually praises the growing economy in record low unemployment rate. >> tracie potts joinse us l from capitol hill with more. tracie, howoon can we expect a final answer here? >> reporter: we don't know. we know thathe president said he will take a good, hard look at this. he will study it again over the weekend, after announcing no pay raise in january for federal workers. while he says the economy is doing well, he says economy cannot afford a pay raise for federals. work he got a lot of pushback on that. not just from the democrats, as you might expect, but from republicans, especially t who represent northern virginia where there are a lot of federal workers. criticsaying it the president's big tax cuts and promptingill that are this squeeze on the federal paycheck.
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>> all right, tracie. a lot of people were counting on that raise. thank you very much. hearings for controversial supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh are set to begin this week. kavanaugh has met with lawmakers on capitol hilln the last few weeks. republicans are hoping to confirm him before the start o the hig court's next session and midterm elections. democrats havehe criticized gop for not allowing enough time or documents to properly vet kavanaugh. >> it's not normal because we are not able to see 100,000 docume tst the archivist -- because the administration said we can't see them. their executive power. 148,000 documents that i've seen, that you cannot see. egin confirmations will tomorrow. meanwhile, trade talks will resume this week between the u.s. and canada. president trumer went aur northern neighbors on twitter this weekend, and t threatene
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leave canada out of the renegotiated nafta deal. the two sides were supposed to come up with the deal last friday. but negotiations hit a roadblock. u.s. officials have already reached a tentati deal with mexico. here at home, a man and a woman are dead after an suv hit their motorcycle. police say the suv was traveling the wrong way on route ar50, sunday morning, when it crashed into the mo drcycle. thver has been arrested. maryland state police tve identifi victim as a man named donald tyner and janelle mcdougle, both from baltimore. a woman was hit and killed early yesterday morning. it happened on the ramp from southbound kenilworth avenue to greenbelt road. investigators say the woman was hit by two cars. the woman has been identified.
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we told you about the traffic spiking tomorrow. here's some good news. the 45-day project on metro's red line has finally come to an enn for more t a month, the red line was shut down for repairs and maintenance. metro is running on a holiday schedule today, so the system won't officially open until 7:00 a.m. >> amazon is known for quickly delivering packages to your door. >> some authorities are accusing the o giaspeed over safety. jo ling kent reports. >> reporte inside in fulfillment center outside dallas, the focus is on speed, efficiency and customer satisfaction. but employees say amazon's work demands are ruining her life. >> it's been the ultimate nightmare. >> reporter: he says she process an average of 600 items an hour. at a brokenorkstation that injured her back. >> it felt like somebody stabbed
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meacn the and drug a knife all the way down. >> reporter: allen showed us documents and claimed amazon tried to minimize her injury by not sending her to a doctor for weeks and not paying her in a dispute over her workers' coensation claim. now, she is homeless, sleeping in her car, oftenn the amazon parking lot. allen is not alone. this year, amazon, which has 175 fulfillment centers around the world, and 500,000 employees was ranked one of the 12-worst companies to work for, by the cupational safety and health, a nonprofit that advocates for worker health and safety. thege l retailer on record, it's difficult to compare to other brands. dave clark oversees fulfillment operations worldwide. >> we have hundreds of thousands of employees, working million
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of hours across the network. overwhelmingly those are safe urs and great work for customers and go home safely. >> it was just a couple years o, the occupational safety and health administration issued a warning letter to amazon. it was critical of the company's in-house service for medical care and fulfillment centers. amazon said it disagrees with those conclusions. heret home, a wild weekend of weather up and down the east coast. >> yeah. we had some rain plummeting some wfolks. and i a heavy rain that slammed parts of pennsylvania and maryland. in lancaster county, pennsylvania, look at that. this is a mobile home park that was flooded after five inches o rain fell there. all of that rain led to flash flooding and several water rescues. ma>> in land, torrential rain flooded several roads. and look at thi car stuck under a bridge. the driver tried to plow through the water. p
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onson is dead and another is missing in hartford county after they werewept away by floodwaters on friday. >> i was driving in that. i was heading to st. michael's ondfriday. he rain was just -- i mean, t was relentless for a little whil >> we tell people all the time. we say it all the time, don't drive through floodwaters. if you think you can gun it and go, you don't know how deep that water is. once it goes over yourne en you're stuck at that point. we tell you not to do it. today, we don't have to worry about the floodwaters, though. it's labor day. ifou're heading out this labor day and you will be outside enjoying the heat and humidity, probably one of the best places to do it, if you're going t the beach or at the pool or in f shade, it will like 100 to 103 degrees as we go throughout your monday. the90s, the dog days of summer, that's going to stay in the forecast through thursday. we're not going to see a break with the temperatures until mostly tweekend.
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we could see a break on friday. it's 80 degrees in annapolis. 79 inwashington. 73 in clinton. if you're heading to the we're going to heat up quickly. 90 degrees, mostly sunny. 92, humid at 2:00 p.m. closer to 100. and by the afternoon, 103. we have an isolated storm chance, n for everybody. if you're going to be at the pool, download the nbc washington app. a couple of pop-up thunderstorms are possible. we have an areaf high pressure to our south. this is the perfect weather pattern f hotnd humid air to continue to move in. this is going to stay put through thursday. and then, we see a cold front approaching and rain chances increase thursday night. we're going to be mostly dry. if you watch the model here, you can see pop-up showers later on this afternoon. it's not for everybody. i would s 20% to 30% coverage with it. tomorrow, as the kids head back school, it will be a lot like
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today. very isolated storm chance in the afternoon. the temperatures are topping out around the mid-90s and humid. wednesday, as well. thursday, we're in the low 90s. a late chance o showers. into the weekend, rain chances are going up across your weekend. and temperatures might be in the low 80s because of it, guys. >> thank you very much. the terps kicked off the football season. but they did so under emotional circumstances. before the team game, the team paid tribute to jordan mcnair. who the offensive lineman died over the summer. the season has been dedicated to him. his number was 79 and no one will wear it until at least 2020 because that's the year he would have gradued. this weekend, wnd up being a mixed bag, ofs sorts, far as local sportsmans are concerned. >> d.c. united came up with a
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win against atlanta. it was a sellout. acos scored two goals wh the rooney assist. for his part, rooney scored one final score. united, 3-1. and baseball fans, though, they didn't have a lotea ofn to cheer. a tough sunday for the nationals, which closed out the series with the milwaukee brewers with a loss. the bwers took an early 5-4 ad le. and tim collins was brought in. with the bases loaded, a grand slam, the brewers' best the nats 9-4. coming up at 5:00, centuries of u histo in flames. intense fire fills the night sky. historicalts art are destroyed in aassive hue museum fire. and a judge will find out if a few days in jail was enoug for this woman to ward off this
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wild attack. we'll explain when news 4 today continues.
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searching on the water. rescue crews are gearing up to get back on the water. two people went missing in separancidents in maryland. > and parishioners respond to cardinal wuerl. and a fal good-bye. days of remembrance for senatjo
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hn mccain ended with a touching tribute, as the maverick was laid to rest in annapolis. good morning, everybody. i'm chris lawrence. >> i'm meagan fitzgerald. the calendar says that summer it over butt is not true. >> it feels like it when the kids go back to school. the hot, muggy weather, isn't near over, is it, gina? >> it's not. this is the unofficial end t summer. as the kids go back to school, it will feel likeayhe dog of summer for most of this week. this morning, as you walk outside, it is mild and muggy out there. it's 80 degrees in annapolis. 70 degrees, washington 73 in frederick. we're really going to heat up today. you're heading out for your labor day, doing something outside. n mind, it's going to be a hot one. very humid. 9


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