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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 3, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> is he away, roger, with ancer waying in the drop zone? >> he hasked up to see. he just asked me if it was okay, and i said i thought it was in the hazard, but he's going to go check it out first. so there's going to be a little delay unless bryson says, okay, i'm going to play. >> he probably should have asked bryson can i go look at it or you go ahead and play. >> it looks like dechambeau is going to go, rog. >> has 72 yards left. he's just trying to land this on the front part of the green, john. can.t run up if it you can't really mess this up too much. hit it 100 times, the worse you make is a bogey.
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i think he looks pretty good ght now.he didn't want to hit it above the hole buthat's not really a problem, just trickles down there. closing in on smile time. >> oh, yeah. or does that brain of his ever really stop? when he's this between the ropes. ancer continues to look. and, remember, still so much on the line for m. >> that stuff is really tall down there. all that foliage. >> this is some playoff performance, johnny, by dechambeau. as he comes up, he'll have a birdie attempt and ancer --
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>> i don'tnow if it bounced back in. >> did you hear it at all? you couldn't hear >> take a look at the shot again, that second shot. i'm not sure it came down -- to the right of the rock. >> it bounced baitwards. ould be helpful for them to find the ball because it's right there. >> the radio guy thinks it hit and bounced back. >> he's right at the rock right there. the person in white is pointing. >> it's not going to be playing, i don'think. >> telling thus is where it was. >> if they do find it yonghave no swit it. well, they found it. so he's going to go back and get ready to play after another drop, a disappointing finish for drop, a disappointing finish for ance is it possible to save someone's life... drop, a disappointing finish for ance from thousands omiles away?
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so the fourth shot for ancer. even with a double bogey here he would still make it into the fid at the bmw championship, just barely, though, and that would make the oddor tough him to advance to east lake. at east lake possibility really took a tough hit here on this hole. >> i was interested when he said yestery he was leading the championship at 13 under par, said what's your goal? i just want to make it to east lake. othat's all i want do is make it to east lake. so it's interesting tet didn't say i want to win today. just want to get there. that's his goal. >> all the great things that co along wit making the tour championship in the final 30, l the great invitations to the big championships. he knows all about that. the majors.
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andor a guy that had to fight his way back after missing a chance to stay on the pga tour a o,couple years got back on the, that means a lot. double bogey still gets him to the next leg next week as he plays his fourth. >> 74, 75 yards, i think. >> 74. >> 62/75. >> 75. easy shot, really. sitting right there for the taking with both sides and behind. >> wow. that was a very poor sho >> he knows it.
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so while we waital for this f pair to finish out, these are the projected standings right now, bryson dechambeautays obviously in the number one spot. dustin johnson stay number two. finau stays in the fourth position. justinhomas still remains in the top five. koepka right there as well. cameron smith even despite the disappointing finish,ghakes t spots up and philck son who shot that 63 earlier today showed himself something here as the playoins coue with a chance to win it all a also showed captain jim furyk a thing or two as well. >> absolutely. he >> he was 54-hole leader by one. seems like a long time ago he had the one-shot lead over dechambeau and tyrrell hatton. hatton shot , to not be a ctor.
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>> well,f he would happen to three-putt, he would drop out and ryan moore would get in. that is a three-putt from where he is right now. and if he would two-putt ryan moore would miss by the 2.8 margin you see there and ted pott jr. would be right insidene the li those guys are watching carefully, you would t. >> roger, that wedge shot was th same he hit at number two today that went down in that onde of the hazard, just way long for no reas >> so there's that triple bogey scenario outside. i can't imagine that happening, though. >> he's taking a lot of time. bryson must be antsy as can b i would be.
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>> the last player to win in insecutive weeks on tour, justin thoma hawaii back in january of 2017. dechambeau just a moment away from makingt official. so the drama right now isncer not three-putting here. >> it's amazing what pressure ye will do to a p >> still the disaps intment on face. >> i think he has no idea what that did for him having the struggles he had coming in until he gets done, until somebody tells him, you're playing next week.
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>> so it's a bogey 6 f ancer. he makes it into the field and, agai starting at 92, the odds of him making it in were not good, but he moves into the 56th position.ha >> brought ancer tears to his eyes there. >> and dechambeau just a few seconds away from making it official his third victory in his las nine pga tour starts. he's going to climb into the top ten in the world rankings for the first time in his career and grab a stranglehold of these fedex cup playoffs. >> that's super fast just tap it and let it roll right down there close. didn'treally mat because dechambeau's going to pick up
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that victory and with it hbewill he number one seed in f atlantaor the tour championship, doesn't matter what happens next week at the bmw. so a quick look at the leader board. dechambeau at 16 under par with that final round 67 comes from one back of ancer who had his problems coming home. as we se you down to steve sands. >> dan, thank you. bryson, congratulations. one of the most difficult things to do i this sport is to win back-to-back weeks. what type of statement did you make here today? >> well, consistency obviousl first off have to thank my sponsors, they are instrumenl in what i've done over the past couple weeks and my whole career honestly. i wouldn't be here without them. hiving forward, consistency has been a big for me and i've been trying to get that week in and week out and i was able to
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figure something out last week on the putting green, and that's progressed me move forward in the right way. >> speaking of moving forward in the right way, dan just mentioned that you will be number one going into not just next week but also in atlanta. you sidified that spot as you try to get to the fedex cup gtle. so as you from being the hunting to the huntedan how do youe that? >> you know, again, i have to go back down to all the little stuff i d in mybook. if i keep doing the numbers right and i keep executingt the rishots, i can't do much more than that. if i keep going that route, i'll be hard to beat. >> again, congratulations, bryson. thanks. appreciate it, guys. r> he's been unbeatable so far. his fourth caree win and he hasn't even turned 25 yet. today'smissed any of action get caught up on golf channel. the fedex cup continues as we head to thelp philadea area for the bmw. coverage begins on golf channel continuing saturday here on nbc. coming up nextnb on c, it's your acal news. later tonightt 8:00 p.m.
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easternnd time a an new "american ninja warrior." for the entire golf channel and c team so long from tpc boston where bryson dechambeau is on a playf roll.
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hey, everybody. i' storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer. trackingeat and humidity on this labor day, and what you can expect heading back to work andl sc and not to mention two tropical storms to follow. >> plus, a tragic turn after a local man is found dead in the chesapeake bay. >> i couldn't believe that he's been in such great shape. you just would not expect something like this to happen.
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>> remembrances for the popular personal trainer who drowned while out for a swim witnd fr >> and on tap for a senate showdown. what we can expect when hearings get underway for the nominee that could shape the supreme court for decades. wetart with that breaking news from northeast d.c. a tragedy averted today at a local swimming pool. >> it is not often that we're able totart a newscast off with the good news, but that is the case today. lifeguards able tota resus a little girl this, after pulling her from under the water. >> this all happened at the langdon park pool in northern d.c. and that's where news 4's jackie benn is live wit us. hi, jackie. >> hello. crwell, witnesses de the actions of the pool manager. he played a very big role in this and the lifeguards as heroic and miraculous.
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now, while what happened this afternoon here at the langdon park pool here on mills avenuert ast, it was filled with children cooling off on a scorching labor day when one child, a little girl,ent under. witnesses say she was pulled from the bottom of the pool co unnscious just before 5:00 p.m. now as others were calling 9 91 the pool manager performedcpr and they persisted and persisted and persisted until the girl was spitting up water. the little girl is said to be about 7 or 8 years old. e was takeno a local hospital to be checked out, but she is expected to recover. live in washington, d.c., jackie benson, news 4. >> thanks so much.
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no doubt a lot of people are spending ts labor day at the pool. >> the extreme heat and humidity have made for another comfortable day in the district. you are right now looking at live pictures ovedo town d.c. where tourists and staycationers felt the heat today. >> we're also watching tropical storm gordon soaking south florida right now. these are live pictures or we have live pictures from ft. myers. the wind is whipping around like crazy. experiencing lots of heavy and gusty winds. >> that's right. >> let's go to storm center where dougammerer is tracking both the storms and the temperatures right here at home. how you doing? >> d ongy. my parents in the path of that storm right now hit my brother in miami earlier today and my parents around the punta gorda area and win gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. take a look at this tropical storm. it became a tropical storm as it made its way on to portions of the sou florida coast and down around the florida keys and over towards fort lauderdale. heu can see this storm is.
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this is ft. myers right in can you see the storm moving north of ft. myers and the current windsre at 50 miles per hour. this is making its way in towards the golf and could impact places as far west as new orleans over the next couple of days. wee tracking that one and another system out there, too, as we move on through the next couple of days. first though hot and humid all day. the heatndex well over 100 again. storm chances, well, they increase later in the week and two tropical storms to watch and one that we may have to watch closely into next week. we'll talk much more about that and see you back here in a few minutes. >> thank you, doug. >> 6:17 right now. breaking news from hartford county. rescue crews saying they have found the o bodythe woman who was swept away by floodwater on friday. witnesses say the woman and another man stopped onhe
6:18 pm
hebridge. when woman got out she was swept over the bridge when she was trying to aid others caught in the flooding. >> remembrances tonight for a beloved personal trainer andie newlywed who in a swimming accident over the weekend. george barnes' body ias found a river in northern maryland. friends called him dewy. news 4's darcy spencer shows us how his clients are honoring the life of a man they say changed them forever. they gathered at a germantown park to hug and shed tears and to share stories. they are remembering dewy barnes, their personal trainer, who died in a tragic swimming accident over the weekend. >> this is comforting, but just very sad. >> barnes owned dedicated fitness and held classes like fitness in the park in montgomery county and these women are just part of his huge following. >> the man whipped me into
6:19 pm
i came to his class once and i said i'm never coming back and i came back and he took me in as a client, as a friend, as a mentor and really changed my life. >> reporter: barnes would hold his fitne classes in parks like this one several days a week, as early as 5:30 in the morning. it didn't matter whether there was driving rain or oppresse heat. barnes was on a boat on the sassafras river near bedderton, maryland, when he went swimming and didn't resurface. his body was recovered this labo day morning. the mom of triplets and twins says barnes helped her battle andurvive cancer. she recalled seeing him after her treatments. >> i walked up to h i just put my head on his chest and he wrapped his arms arounde and he said i've got you. it's going to be okay, and he did. >> barnes had another love besides fitness, his wife. they got married at a 50 in february, but their love story started when they met on the scol bus when they were just 9
6:20 pm
years old. >> just were perfect for each other, they really were. they were supposed to be together. >> the women are taking comfort in being together w, a they can't imagine life or working out without their traine without their friend. in germantown, darcy spencer, news 4. >> in montgomery county, people line the streets for the 51st annual kensington labor day parade and festival. local marching bands, elected officials, dance groups and floats traveled down connecticut aveue. the par started at st. paul park. the festival, of course, included food, vendors, games all children. for >> well, with summer coming to an end and only two months until elecnson day politic were out doing what politicians do on labor day, walking in parades, trying to get close to their voters. news 4's mark segraves takes a look. >> reporter: the republican and democratic candidates for
6:21 pm
governor in maryland both parade in the labor day here in gaithersburg. governor larry hogan and his b challenger jealous. both men had very similar goals for the day. >> i enjoyed that more than any other part of the job, looking people in the eye and shaking their hand and hearing what they are concerned about. >> i think what excites me the most is getting a chance to shhe hands of voters, look to themthe eye and talk about the issues. >> reporter: they wereto tryin drum up support in montgomery county, a jurisdiction critical in most statewide elections and the only county where gel out, th democrat, hol sizable lead over the republican edcumbent. >> just excit to get out here and meet some feeks and s them one-on-one. >> reporter: recent polls show hogan with a double-digead statewide and the governor has an advantage in campaign money. >> money doesn't vote. peoplevote, and what i know having defied all of the polls in the primarys that polls
6:22 pm
don't vote either. >> reporter: both candidates took time to take pictures with union members during the parade, and they weren't the only politicianst today's pare. congressman jamie raskin and senator chris van hollen also joined in. election day is november 6 and early voting begins october th. covering month gomery county, mark segraves, news 4. >> and in addition to larry hogan and ben jealous libertarian candidate sean quinn and green party candidate ian schleckman will also appear on the ballot. >> well, regular visitors to rehoboth know better to ask for ketchup at one of its most popular restaura but the rule has them confused andca ing a condiment flack at the beach. >> unseasonably hot and humid
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(announcer) there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are. come up for air.
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asheville. discovery, inside and out. well, it is a very syamy today. not raining, good. >> not raining, but so many of us -- alls of the k are going to be in school tomorrow. >> i know. >> i went to a school event on thursd, and it was aot day just like this. >> right. >> school is going to have a im tough tomorrow keeping school and classes cool because,
6:26 pm
again, so many of those -- thosi ac are going to be really taxed over the next couple of days, all week, the heat index well over 100. expect a coue o heat advisories. most likely the first day. hit a high of 90 and now down to 9 91 degrees. 88 degrees at 7:00 and down to 81 by 11:00. a very muggy night, that's for sure. current heat index 106 quantico nd so it manassas and 100 in d. saw so 4 earlier. i do think we get there during the day tomorrow, but as far as the radar is concerned, not much. we had a couple of showers and storms in here, and let's see if here's any inside the metro region seen a couple of pop up right here. one here around the reston area. you can seehere that is here. you can see what's happening right there in reston. that's going to contihre coming ongh and some of them are heavier downpours making their
6:27 pm
way out there, too. taking a look at the satellite and radar picture, do have nd thunderstorms well to the north, but, hey, for us, no big deal. not a bigl deaat all. the high pressure dominating the region. we are, wever, tracking what's tropical storm gordon and making its way back into thef g mexico and could affect areas like new orleans the next couple of days. the latest on gordon and florence the next couple of hours. temperatures midday in the mid-90s. relief on f
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>> first at 6:30 police make an arrest after a deadly stabbing this weekend i oxen hill. >> police say that a man stabbed his girlfriend after a heated argument. this happened on southview drive early yesterdaymorning. >> and news 4's derrick ward has new details on what happened and a look at how police caught the suspect. hi, derrick. >> well, we're heret prince george's county's police headquarters. that suspect isyn actua in virginia and they are working with virginia state police on getting the suspect back here to prince george's county, and thin is an inc that started in oxen hill and had a major development in the norfolk, virginia area. the apartment shared by the
6:31 pm
adults and two childre remain sealed. neighbor bernadette singletary heid she had seen t twice on saturday around 4:00 and they looked to be returning from doing lndry. later that day she saw them again. >> there was music playing and when i walk off they were walking off. >> the next time they were drawn to t hospital across the hall it was for a very different reason. >> 4:30 thatorning i'm leaving to go to the church trip and police asked if we heard anything. >> they responded to 1100 southview drive for the report of a stabbing. an adult female was identified as 26-year-old brittany cobb. she had suffered from stab wounds to her body. >> reporter: she was pronounced dead on the scenendolice began searching rodney conyers. the next contact was 100 miles away. the lookout went out for his vehicle and state police spotted it. >> there was a pursuit in
6:32 pm
virginia. ed>> reporter: his suv cran a downtown tunnel in portsmouth. she was arrested, and ide from the virginia charges conyers faced a charge of first-degree murder in prince george'shaounty after appears to be a violent, deadly, domestic incident. >> we don't know whether any of the childre were there when the crime happened. again, they are working toex adite that suspect back to prince george's county. also a check of court records turned up a case back in 2014 where both the suspect and the victim were involved i a case of domestic abuse. live here in prince george's county. derrick ward, news 4. >> bk to you. >> thanks so much. >> tomorrow looking ahead, the senate judiciary begins confirmation for brett cavanagh. he wasominated back in july to cell the vacancy left by jus kennedy. >> justice kennedy was off a critical swing vote and democrats are protesting several
6:33 pm
aspects of the confirmation process. >> and one complaint concerns documentti prod. president trump is blocking the release of 100,000 documents from skavanaug time in george w. bush's white house. norse will not even see those because the current white house continues them to be protected by presidential privilege. >> 415,000 papers have already been turned over to the committee, but 148,000 documents from that collectiony can o seen by senators who are not permitted to release them to the public. >> it's not normal because we are not able toee 100,000 documents, 148,000 documents that i've seen that you cannot see because they won't allows to make them public, so i can't even tell you about them right now on this show. >> well, pete williams is nbc news' justice correspondent and the big question isiv can you us any type of clarity what exactly is in the documents,
6:34 pm
and why can't -- why can't they talk about tit? >> whe government is saying is the executive privilege point is the time that brett kavanaugh was a white house counsel and discusng with the white house potential choices for federal judgeships, andhat's the essence of presidential privilege, not sharing the conversations presidents have with their advisers. that's what is holng this up. this is certainly a key talking point that senators will use in opposing the nomination. it's not so much about kavanaugh. it's really about the process and the trump administration, but the simple fact is the that arithmetic ishe not on democrats' side. it does appear that the republicans have enough votes, assuming thatll the republican senators vote with the rest of their party to support brettna ca. it does seem like he will be confirmed. >> back to these documents. senate republicans were saying come on, more than two and a lf times, more than any other
6:35 pm
candidate before. so, you know, that's their ghfense. >> and it's an unusual situation where you have somebody who has this large trail.of paper normally in a confirmation hearing you would expect the questions to be about brett kavanaugh's time on the d.c. court of appeals, but there will be a lot of questions about these documents. >> i think if i had to choose one thing that the hearing was about, it's two things, abortion and the president of whether presidentsan be indicted or even subpoenaed because brett kavanaugh's views on these issues have changed tiov. when he was working for ken starr on the whitewater he was very muscular about the kind of questions and what should be w doh clinton. since then his views have changed, and i'm sure there will be lots of questions about that. >> all right. pete williams, breaking it down for uo he's going t face a hard line of questioning. k wew that for sure. >> you bet. >> as the cav nation confirmation hearings do get
6:36 pm
under way we're likely to hear unfamiliar legal terms. we've posted all of them in a glossary in the nbc whington app. just search the c termat sheet. >> it's the final hour for kids in maryland. >> they are enjoying final mo tnts in the sun before school year kicks off tom. >> aimee cho joins from us six flags america. aimee, it looks like you're on a ride. >> i am. >> we're at the high seas right hanging out with all my new girlfriends and having a blast. looking forward to going to school tomorrow and they are not the only ones. and as the kids are prepared to get back on track for the upcoming school yr many are saying they are not too sad to see the summer going. >> ibo excited math because i really like math. >> i want to see my teacher and
6:37 pm
my friends. >> for som of the smallest at six flags they are headed to schoolomrow for the first time like michaelaailor starting kindergarten. >> reporter: are you nervous? >> no. >> reporter: why not? >> because i want to learn new friend' names. >> and over at the target in alexandria families also squeezing in the last pitts of summer with last-minute shopping. >> not ready to go back to school, that's for sure. i'm enjoying it though. my last summer. >> reporter: i'm happy about the last day of summer? >> why isbe that. use the kid go back to school and if i have to work all year the kid should be ableo go to school all year. >> reporter: back at six flags some fathers are feel the same way, too. >> get to get back to school and not sitting around doing nothing. >> reporter: and as the kids sit on roller coasters today for one last hurrah thenehave thing to hold on to as they coast into a new year. >> i love saturdays and se days becauswe have a day off. >> we love those days, too.
6:38 pm
>> coming up, there's a bit of a food fight coming up on one of the area's most popular boardwalk. >> reporter: next the beach battle over
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>> no ketchup, no problem, fewer a fan of salt and vinegar,th bu lack of ketchup is not sitting well for people on delaware's rehoboth beach. >> tim furlong has a closer look at the condiment conundrum and how a neighboring joint is cashing in. >> theelaware beaches have so many great food options but thrashers fries. >> almost all gone. >> they are on the beach food all-star team. some say there' only one way to eat them. >> salt and vinegar, the best. >> the only condiment you'll his ketchup crazy country some customers are told to look else nzwhere for their h or hunt's and other boardwalk businesses are not playing along. > customers will come over a
6:41 pm
want our ketchup and when we say no they start eparguing. >>ter: this business makes and cuts their own fries and customers are told they can buy a bottle of hunt's for 6 bucks. >> we're probably on 18. >> reporter:gu gus & has had plenty of run-ins for thrashers customers looking for freebie ketchup. all this battling over a condiment. why not jus serve ketchup? >> soft on the inside and crispy on the outside and we want you to taste the french fry, not the ketchup. >> reporter: no ketchup ever, according to the franchise deal. >> can't get it here, they ell get it omewhere else. >> reporter: shrimpy's didn't want arguments because thrashers won'tatch up with theimes but at 6:00 a bottle they are happy to take the thrashecu omer cash if they are that
6:42 pm
desperate for the red stove. >> buy it at the dollar store and make buck of profit. >> i don't blame that guy. honestly. >> they have t-shirt stands. set up a ketchup stand. i personally like mine with mayonnaise. >> that's just gross. >> this is a friedradition. thrasher's, they have been doing this since 1929. >> i just had mine plane. i do not understand the wholeuf vinegar >> it's so good. >> all right. 6:42 this evening. if you know anybody in florida right now chances are they are getting some heavy rain and gusty winds. where tropical storm gordon is headed this week. >> labor day, as you know, it's the unofficial last day of summer but the d-summer like round but t to stick round but t to stick for how long, and whe is then
6:43 pm
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a quick hookda at s top story. clients are mourning the loss of a friend and personal trainer. dewy barnes died after a swimming accident this weekend. his body was found i r aiver in northern maryland. >> brett kavanaugh's supreme court confirmation hearing begins tomorrow in the senate judiciary committee. on friday the white house informed the committee that president trump refused to release 100,000 documents from advanaugh's time in george w. bush's nistration. the white house claims the documents are covered by executive privilegeor and sen chuck schumer floats possible cover-up. >> tropical storm gordon is slamming the coast with rain and wind. the storm os moving the coast and into the gulf of
6:46 pm
mexico. >> and then things get interesting. gordon is expected to move quickly across the golf and hith anywhere from the panhandle to louisiana andthere's more on preparations well underway. >> tropical storm gordon lashed the florida keys monday morning bringing high winds a heavy downpours across the southern tip of the sunshine state. o a little afraid t drive because the wind is so strong and the rain is so bad. downed power lines cut electricity to more than 4,000.c as ols warned tourists and residents alike to stay out of the rough seas closing the beaches due to the high risk of rip currents. the deluge prompting warnings of localized flooding before the storms mided on. >> it expect it to end up like this. i thought it would be wind, rain, but not like this. >> after pounding florida tropic storm gordon is
6:47 pm
expected to make a quick dash across the gulf of mexico taking aim at the coast line from louisiana to the florida panhandle and bringinghe threat of strong wind, heavy rain and dangerous storm surge n to ms across the soutast. dan sheneman, nbc news. >> you can almost fee that air down there. dark.y is so every time we get the weather systems coming, you can just feel it. >> that's the kinf heat and humidity we have out there right now. not seeinrs the shor storms but we'll be tracking the storms in the gulf of mexico and get to that and first off for us it's all been about the heat. high temperature of 93 degrees. heat index tops out at so104 degrees. winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. rest of the region. 91 degrees leesburg and 91 fredericksburg and 9 is as well towards the eastern shore. a very hot and humid afternoon,
6:48 pm
ant's the way things will stay right on through tomorrow. school bus forecast for theol sc day. very muggy start and 79 degrees under partly s to mostlny skies. a lot of sunshine and a lot of heat, too. heat index is 98 degrees at recess. yeah, we'll see if all the kids get out there and feeling like i do think many of the schools will have an issue dealing with the heat this week so make sure the kids are ready to go and make sure they are drinking plenty of water before they leave the house and make sure they have plenty of water leaving the house as well. not much going on. haven't seen much in the way of storms at all. just a couple of pop-up thunderstorms here and there. a lot over towards sussex county delaware and a lot came home. flash flood warning for sussex county delaware after very heavy itrainfall. ae bit earlier you see the storms. watch them pop up right here, boom, righthere. a little bit of a sea breeze
6:49 pm
making its way in. showers and stos around the d.c. metro area and most of us stay on the dry side. high sessure. this very similar pattern to last week. high pressure all across the middle part of the country so from chicago to atlanta nothing is going on. that'srahy temres are in the 90s in the entire region. they will stay that way the next uple of days. where all the action is south florida and the entire state of florida. here's the storm right here. can you see itown around the miami area and south of mamie and making its way towardses nand ft. myers and on the coast it's making its way bstk. la advisory as of 5:00 have winds of 50 miles per hour and moving wesorthwest at 17. that's a pretty fast-moving storm and pressure down to 1,006 millibars. notice we get to hurricane strength, hurricaneenter brings us hurricane strength. this is very close to new orleans and new orleans is in the cone of uncertainty, but so
6:50 pm
is the extreme western of the florida panhandle so depending on where thi goes the biggest factor will be most likely srm surge warnings. 3 to 5 foot storm surge could putse lot of h underwater and at least the first floor could be seeing some water. that's something we'll be watching in mississippi and alabama. this mov inland fairly quickly and will quickly dissipate over the inlandfl areas. ence with winds over 70 miles pe nhour. this i going to get our way any time soon. some of the computer models actually bring it towards bermuda and then towards the u.s. coast. others churning this out to sea. something we're watching for days if not in the next two weeks and way out to theast of bermuda. not a big factor for us. 94 degrees tomorrow. mostly sunny, hot and humid.s isolated sto and just like today most of us stay dry. big deal is the heat andhi humidity w sticks with us
6:51 pm
wednesday into thursday. 'm going 94 each day and heat index over 100 each day. showers likely on friday and saturday and saturday aigh of acly 81 degrees and 81 on sunday and heating bk up as we head into next week. >> all right, doug. thanks so much. >> coming up. harper's heroics. so nice he did itries. how the nat star helspe
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
>> hey, this is the first day of the rest of your lives. it's a bit dramatic, but go ahead and throwway your souvenir preseason schedules. we're into weekne of the nfl football season. the 2018 season, got a yeah from doug over there. thursday with the defending super bo philadelphia eagles at home against the atlanta falcons. for the redskins it's a sunday visit to arizona and with a n player. hey, the newest redskin is dennsive line caleb brantley
6:55 pm
cut by the browns after playing 12 games with them in 2017 his rookie season. rken in the sixthnd and probe jected to go higher in the dropped might have because of a battery charge against him that was later dropped. the redskins released anthony lanier to make room for. brantl >> thought it was a chance to get our football team a littlet bibetter. like anthony, did some good things for this organization but at the end of the day we thought caleb added more to the l defensive room. from what we understood the charges are dropped and everything is okay he's been with cleveland the last couple of years. no issues y. we'll see. we understand who he is, what he comes from and what he's h done an a he's going to do and we hope to get the best out of him both as a player and as a person. >> aoc right. thel media is catching on. nike and kaepernick trending. the message believen something, even if it means
6:56 pm
sacrificeve ething. a new campaign to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the just do it otto. kaepernick's protest of racial injustice launched a protest movement across t nfl. the weekend we say good-bye summer. beach chairs fold up on the beach, much like the nationals. that's like kicking sand in the face. amthe october baseball d should be over, but to the nationals credit. no competing. how the dramatic come-from-behind win today against the brewers and more late-inning heroics against the cardals. max scherzer on the mound. gave up a couple of runs and then the kestts kept on coming. 15th time this season. scherzer with ten o strikeoutsr more in a game. today it was 11. he goes search innings giving up actually innd was line for the loss until this. bottom of the bryce t the plate and down to the last two outs and
6:57 pm
harper says we're not going game-tying homer, all tied at three and heading to extra innings. so in the tenth harper is at the plate against. doesn't need a long ball but just a sack fly to get it. michael a. taylor scores a game winning win. nats are now back at .500 on the season. you know, itation ishe sincerest form of flattery. it can also fool someeople. at tpc in boston a doppelganger, that is not a golf term, doppelganger, someone thatooks the exact same as, well, another person. is that tiger woods, a fan thinks so. grab a photo, has to be him had. the red shirt and the hat w.h the t can i hug you, come on. alas though, just a fan maybe trying to sneak inos atality because the real tiger is on right and the imposter on the left. that got us thinking if tiger
6:58 pm
has a double maybe we do, too. now after extensive research on the internet, susan, heather locklear. what do you think? >> as long as this was taken before her mug shot. >> you can call that a dark-haired kelly ripa. >> someone has called the newsroom and wanted to talk to ripa. k-haired kelly >> who new the "s" is for storm team. doug, clark kent. >> i like it. i've got the butt chin. superman has the butt chin. >> and i came up with two. compared to tom hantl a l bit. and also, this -- this doesn't -- >> you look like cousin eddie to me. >> that's dowgier that i've been compared to. >> i don't see that. >> neil patrick harris. g>> during his act days. >> and didn't work out when i t was tryin pick up somebody. hey, doogie>> howser.
6:59 pm
see a little randy quaid. >> thanks, dave. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. ni "nightly news" starts
7:00 pm
ght, a new gurricane warning for thef coast as tropical storm gordon batters florida and threatens to become the first hurricane to make landfall in the u.s. this season. plus, a flood emergency in the midwest. we're tracking it all. president trump's tweet storm targeting labor unions on this labor day attacking his attorney general and taunting a potential presidential rival as his supreme court nominee prepares for his biggest test yet. in a controversial stand your ground shooting defiant in jail. >> i did not confront anyone. i was confronted. and i answered. >> tonight, how t victim's family is responding. history up in flames. millionsf


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