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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  September 4, 2018 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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administration refuses to release., thanks for joining us. i'm eun yang. >> i aaron gilchrist. parents are endin the long holiday weekend, going back to work. >> this is a bigay it's knnotorious day for traffi. > let's start with the weather aler we're talking about dangerous heat today and over the next several days? >> the 90s will not be breaking until friday. even though for many o you, the unofficial end to summer has comendnd gone. we go through most of this week. it's 80 degrees. but soid hutside, it feels like 85. if you head to the bus stop this morning, you will wait until the
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sunday went to the department. gaither sburg is at a half-mile doesability. watch t for the kids at the bus stop. and here's your bus stop forecast. >>nts want to look cool today. it's 105 degrees. let's go over to melissa and s how the roads are chshaping up. >> looking at the roads this morning. this is a live look at 95 here. 65 and northbound near norton. no problems here this morning.
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everything is rolling along just fine. had an earlier problem on the etter loop of the beltway. we don't have that problem any more. right side is blocked by the crash here this rning. that's a little bit of an issue. you can see a little bit of that slowdown out of his all, north dakota. no issues, 32 down to the beltway. >> we'll keep an eye for the traffi this morning. in a few hours, the final students will be heading to class today. >> that has an impact on your morning commute. aaa called today terrible traffic tuesday. the worst backups are at i-633
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and the beginning of the mixing bowl. the travel times and con legislation guy wanted me to show you how to do report cards. >> more than 100 schools of classes will be at our live, rest. >> justin finch with justin boerpe. that's exact right. this year, students and track th bus, here comes the bus. it's a free drop stoegs once you let the 87674, on the scream
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now. you'll think, create the idea using their student i.d., that's the stings andknow, as well. the county reports more tha, 130 more,66 students.n, agai beginning, the inter. she is visiting fe schools today in total, beginning at maryland. and of course, two triple "a" reminding ugs, if there is when bikers and walkers are on the road this moshing. we're lye here in bouwis eshgs
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news 4, back to you. to montgomerycounty, where the schools will be ringing for life today. th a lights on. the safety sandters soon an mrch way this morning.y this is the arents love and kids anybody the aren't three cbs cbs cbs for more t,0n do that on the head storm. you can't premaring the less than plans prepare.18 new teachers to head back to the classrooms, as pell. principals hopes to be a live
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look. some students are arriving, as well. they are allel get and pret tet and high schls. you wer right-bri right-eyed a y ailered. to get tha reality check that fun is officially over. >> i keep thinking high schools. there's something about the first day. happy about a little bit, all ro thank you, nicole. one of people in our area who can expect a quicker commute this morning, metro riders aealing with no york over. riders have not been able to
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that redline road now. the start of a project that could slow you down for a long time. construction begins today on the i-295 in d.c. it's odesigned easy access from his 280 and it will create quiter and safer access nose. there's been four shootings overnight. eun, we get information and video. wa to show two of the four shootings over night. the double shooting happened after 1:00 took southeas that's within walk from there. we know that two men were shot and expect them to be okay.
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the third one, hopefully has the section of volley avenue andwh ler read. police will say there's not a xhop there. no arrests and any of the in crmation. we'ltinue to bring it to you throughout the hour. that's the latest fivm the le bessing. >> thank yous. >> national fray garage with a multiwith a dangerous weapon. >> this played out east after sill brer rl clvded with him. this rning, we're giving him a new persctive. silver's uncle spoke only with news four and said his yees also struckles. and anybody who was a schizophrenic, if they're
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sed out. they go to a one onpeality. >> the dus w driver preventing her from leaving the scene. the trial for a man who was set to kill his freg of last year,s ready to show his pa mass cass. she was a teacher in howard without. news 4 is working for you on one of he would sewk about his what would went getting in the license plate. some ofhe jimmies. they did not but they didn't agree of anybody
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seeing win. i think because there is discussing down. that's going to weigh on the loars. >> join u for exclusive m reporters to match some of them are okay. ad maryl family is grieving after they pssured authority. she was trying to save a favor who was skaped in frush water. she leaves hind 4 children. for the first time, pope francis i responding to those who new about dansie to stop it. i rens and xart.
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before leaving the kentucky county clerk, who refused to agent big lying. y, was the basal ambassador. to con firmation hearings for brett kavanaugh to fill the supremeourt vikeay by the retirement of monthny combat. >> docrats are protesting of the confirmation process. they're focused on $100,000, then, in the question by the release of those documentaries. i don't know about 4,000 released over night. well, inch is develong.
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a 200 weird the planes have settled and we're getting a new look at how devastating the fire was. and he hasn't been on an nflst loster for two years. he's now the face of nike wants that loolike next. it will be a hot one out video. because of this, it will be a faster and humid this morning. i'll show you what the afternoon i'll show you what the afternoon hour os back to mest.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> now, to an update on that devastating fire that destroyed
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brazil's 2,000-year-old museum. they were put in shows with total devastation. the fire is supposed to have was an arty contact and what caused fire. after facing outrrke, the new has dropped steve bannan was going to appear next month. but several other high-profile threatened to attend thick in his romate. he reexcited, very dannon cauted the editor less for the information take a look at this
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add ooh. the former quarterback is kwn for iking a tee nuational him t raise awareness for police broad kill cal can i. >> were you werepi swng. >> the hokeys and seminoles have melt five times. the hokies dominated 24 the terps big a wind snell out of this game. >> i should not have been there. >> or because i can check a
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good. >> thank thank state is making good. wasn't a title recently but it's one sufficient. >> just fall to the big league florida. a lot of kids renting with a weather alert. just keep in mind, it's very mid. we have a voothe 90s, the baugh days of zechblt. in temperatures, that means weville a rain coming. >> 72 in faithersburg. and very ducky. the kids make their way out to
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bus stop. it will with warmer with the humidity, it's nice and prue. feeling we could have an isolated thunderstorm or and ya popping out around. t here rear advisory, almost anybody, until about baltimore, is close to the osters, put in place. ththwest wind is going to eat us up. you're watching won tand watchig problem cal tomorrow in alabama. we don't have to worry about it. those starts to go gup and friday. >> pretty nice.
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arlington 395, side by a crash re. 66 looks good. so does 95 in california. we have ago lan with clen phone all-there. >> inner loop and outer loop on the weltway they intent to gr sue. >> no issues i'm fourth or close. just norm. now can you help your kid stay nourished all day. stay nourished all day. >> som pips to het.
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oue watching news 4 today. >> welcome back. it is the first day of school for your kids. or second week. when they are hungry, theyet home. >> susan hogan is here with the best w to fuel your kids for success. >> when my son, jack, came home nid told me when i just had you morning in the m. there's kids that eat breakfast so learly. and thch early at options.
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>> number one, otein. min tan elps kids focus. we sweetened it with blueberries and honey. remember how egg were bad for you? >> yes. >> they are good for kids. they have a development for wayne development. we nuclear some educables in thesan ew you prepare them as a sunt and prok th the week. >> absolutely. just pop them and go. >>hat they eat for lunch as the same as breakfast.
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dr. wallace will share some easy thoes every breakfast. we're so focus and energetic. still ahead, the labor day tweet. thisime, he charges for the fimt of two young questions. for one business body, the school building will be off limit because of that. >> a heat advisoradvisory, look quickly the temperatures warm up. humid and we wel close to 80 but showing 100 hit this afternoon.
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developing this morning, a powerful tropicalar storm bls into the gulf coast. a look at the preparations and the damage already done. a trip to the pool nearly turns tragic for a family. e quick actions that kept things alive. new overnight, the ceo of
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usa gymnastics steps down. >> grab your pencils, your books, your backpacks and don't miss the cuss. school kicks off in maryland and virginia in a few hours. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. >> we're looking at another scorching hot day today. melissa is wating metro 2. sheena, here with that alert. 80 degrees at 5:30 in the morning. feels, that's not what it like. it feels like 85 degrees. it isut very humidde this morning. we have a weather alert. later on today, itll will r heat up. the humidity already making a difference this morning. the good news, though, as a lot of students heading back to class. standing at the bus stop.
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at least it's nice and dry. but it's muggy. 70 degrees is the temperature in le leesburg. we have patchy fog out there. i've been seeing it fluctuate. if yoour on tu're commuting, tw probablyl through an isolated thunderstorm. but little to no rain for . today's foreca's he the heat advisory for everybody. feeling 105 degrees. we'llboalk more how long hen we t will last and will see more rain cooling us down. let's go over to melissa and see what is happening with this morning'sme ssa.
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interrupe and out eer loop lookg good. arlington, tb near green. 66 is okay opinion so is 95 in cleanial road. we have a tree and fir down there. powder mill road, northbound, southbound, no problem. the outfits areicked t. the bunches are picked out. it's tim for prince george's can county school. >> a new tool can help them get to safety spot mar. justin, come.>> come. but it's only going to be waiting at that point. that's when the here comes thet
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bus to tel pking them . once you have it downloaded, if you enter the print code of 87674 on yourig screen then, you will create your account using your child's last name and their student i.d. once they're in there, you can customize your settings and the notification about the buses'ti ng, as well. this year, the county is not spending 144,400 stunts to enroll this year. more than 20,000 schools in the accident. and 19,000 employees. there's newp leadershi this year. i have taken the helm in the summer. as visited five schools
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today. she's warning for drivers out there to slow down. we have clintons and you will want to be efficient, as your crepe i lives four. >> justin, thank you. students have district heights rool loomtry so ty cans a mold problem. they will finish at forestville high schoo year. the rescue of a d.c. kills.
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one child, a 7-year-old gone, went under. someay she was puld from the bottom that you performed. le they persisted until the little girl refine consciousness. this is a reminder of knowing how to safe the he looks his children. >> yesterday, police tracked him down. it's been happening today. confirmations aeroi begin for brett kava to fill the anthony left by candy's retirement. he would abortio rights and
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thought they took eed block. the next judge would often be a critical swing vote. thousands ofederal workers will no doubt be ftaking the holiday example reallow not rai raises. t no announcement ot issue has been scheduled. the partial red line shutdown is now trains beunall the way to ft. cotton. francis front, but pope is not silence for people who seek
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only 58. also ahead, playing through. a massive alligator on the grshg.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> you're time is 5:39. this week facebook executives will testify on capitol hill how they're fightingio ele interference on social media. back in 2016 millions of photos from 1.3 billion fake accounts. in an exclusive nbc book
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interview, the company feels better positioned heading into the facebo elections. >> is facebook a saufer perform a. cheryl sandburg and jack dorsey will chance be tightening its appor they will start backing down on 07s don't have a privacy policy. all apps, including those in the testing phase, how the music b will used and air paired. the new pal di will working to se starbucks heldier. the company wants to get rid of 56% of all sugars by 20, 20.
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according to the skwarecipe, i be making fewer po ee eer that sugaralories and less >> some golfers ran into something. take a look. >> oh, my god. >> the golfers rolled up on this unit on friday. he's been singing at golf item. >> look at that thing. the base has a warning join
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loan. the football everybody every to do it. >> i was wfling in mcdonnell when i was in florida the last time. t when i do baiter. you see baiters almost cross the force like that and he's so big from a kiss dance. today, i have talking about heat. it will feel like 103 the 70s. before you head out wfr heading back that i lover clovr and cool and the return of rain. and taking after the justice department after the zamt of the terg. a look at the tweet that raised
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eyebrows when we come back.
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you're watching news 4
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today. >> 14 before the hour now. and a labor day tweet from president trump ignites another restor firestorm. the president lashed out to jeff sessions because of the legal troubles of the congress among. in the two tweets he said, seats could be rewon but now in doubt. >>le the white house was supportive. >> this isn't the firime jeff sessions has been the target of attack. he was the first to relationship to go south. >> when jeff sessions steppedm down f the russia investigation. president president trump should have never step inned out of the
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first time role e that witt schism. saying he's not going to fire the attorney. there's people that don'tike the anti-sessions tweeting going on. saying this is another a clothing referred to. this was based on ed and no politics. >> tracie tts on the hill today. kerry parry was tasked with larryay delight that masmass kept it up. he had no experience in gymnastics or the olympic movement whenhe took thatjo b. the resignation will coming
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today. masur is serving life charges of abuse. it is 5:48. >>icole jacobs is at north wood high schoolol >> high scs a little different. independent.ore they're waking up on their own and driving themselves to school. ey come together to just a incredible members. you have the balloon archway. everyone clearsp fib this loved about it. the early makeup county. they more than preparing to head back to school today. we certainly can't forget the
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teachers who pour so much but a relaxing y. preparing the classrooms a eir lesson plans for the 2018 school the county has offered 850 teachers to theclassrooms. and 25% there be a year of excellence. we're at northwood. we have the folks in the own in basing. the superintendent for our next live ne, eun, back to you. >> nicole, thank you. one of the proudest moments in u.s. history i the subject of a new movie. the new film, "first man,"
5:50 am
celebrates neil armstrong and his mission where he woked on. the film's intent was to focus on armstrong's tourney. the flaghe was on cooking surface, several times. two months away until election one with democrat ander ary glaitersburg. >> they wer trying to get wracks up. >> just looking people in the eye and making their hand is just getting a chance to shake the hands of voters. ok them in the eye. and talk to them about the issues.
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>> polls show that governor hogan has a double-digit lead, state-wide. parts of louisiana and mississippi are underic a hue this morning. storm has gone through. >> it's moving through theulf of mexico. hurricane conditionsre expected by the central gulf coast. >> residents along thesa snow h thbags. >> last night, i was pretty nervous. >> if gordon turns into a hurricane, i don't think it is for laber day. >> yeah. it's miamile peach.
5:52 am
>> just stay hello. >> you don't want to be here. >> he has potential hurricane heading your way. a lot of humidity. you might not realize how warm it is.if ashey were through the entire day. we have a weather aler it will feel close to 105 eat. we're torning rain into the weekend. temperatures are going to be do quite abit. that's not going to break the 90-degrees awake. >> this is going to be leesburg and quantico. a lot of students acting maybe.
5:53 am
dress cool today. not much rain in the best. we're looking at temperatures in the mid 80s. by 105 degrees. let's heat advisory feeling over 100. still following this weather pat ernl. looking at it, and tropical score it is. vchly, that vch will bring us to canada. look at this, mid th, mid-90s again. that leads us into storms. we sta to break lout until saturday andsunday.
5:54 am
that's working right your i look what your the commute is almost done. >>679. chopper four looking good and left debris. we h some debris. now, it's oner th er thr that f. >> waldorf, inpound, the flag is. >> a vehle fire reported this mornin morning. 66 inbound. 96 northbound. parts and kids in prinls george's county are getting
5:55 am
ready for mschool. th in their lives, tooki together to take a different mr prij this year. details you know this morning. the >> reporter: good morning. a whole bunch of bads with their chairman the. >> reporter: ready to take answer importance mretng and we're g to do it again before the young weres so, the 6:00 hour in the 6:40. i'mssly picker at all uses.
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tellg cnbc it's time to deliver. there is command for that kind of stone. the samsung is likely to foe that your cnbc morning business report, i'mlesscy licker. >> thank you. coming up at 6:00, thequ estions start today. wmakers are set to start grilling president trump's withdocuments. this woman spent the weekend infa il. now, what may have caused this attack. and that nexten the news 4 stay today.
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lunches are being packed. buses are warming up. classes are starting for thousands of kids across maryland and virginia. we're getting you ready for school and a rough commute. he b for her return and he was charged with her murder. the man charged with killing his pregnantirlfriend is going to start today. and congress gears up to grill the supreme court pick. several lawmakers are focused on mystery documents the administration refuses to release. >> news 4 tod starts now.
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>> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morng. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. it's 6:00 a.m. the holiday is over. the summer is over. time to get back to. busine it's going to be a busy one for school starting for a lot of kids today. and parents are ending the weekend. >> it's a rou day fortraffic. and it's rough for anybody who has toe outside. >> melissa is tracking the records. let's start with sheena. she has the weather alert for is school year. >> dangerous heat in the forecast today. before you head out to the bus stop, it is very warm and humid. dress cool because the afternoon will be very hot. feeling like 105 degrees today. a heat advisory with the humidity is going to make it ngerous in some cases. it's 79 in washington.


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