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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  September 4, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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doug. how is it looking out there? >> extremely hot and humid all day todayig the in d.c. 59 degrees and the heat index 105. a little cooler in the city as we did see some shower activity and we're watching this storm down to the south. you just not that yellow box gone. that's a severe thunderstorm warning and it's now been. canc set to expire at 5:00 and has expired as of 5:00. that. good news the this storm which was extremely strong broke down trees in the waldorf and laplata area. you can see lig ning left but not a whole lot going on there. the temperatures in d.c., hot, 93 in hagerstown, a repeat of this tomorrow and yes probably weather alert tomorrow and thursday and because of the intense heat we'reic tracking tr storm gordon. very close to hurricane strength and making i c way veryse to shore as well. the latest on this storm and the other in the atlantic. i'll see you back here in is a minutes. >> doug, thank you. over the past few years we have gotten used to seeing srotesters interrupting
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high-profile hearin capitol hill. >> this scene played out over and overorgain thisng at day one of the confirmation hearing of supreme court nominee brett kavaugh, some of the biggest interruptions came from behind the bench and the person in question. >> roughly two dozen people we removed and democrats also spent more than an hour trying to get the hearing postponed. >> at issue, they say, is a lack of transparency for a candidate with agt l paper trail. >> after that, extensive delay. theearing did get underway but the tension in that hearing room day.ned throughout the >> and just a short time ago judge kavanaugh got a chance to make his firstremarks. let's get the latest now from le harris athe live desk. >> jim and wendy, folks, if you had expected a contemptious aring you were not disappointed. democrats called for it all to ng a stponed early on arg lack of transparency citing more than 40,000 pagesf documents
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relating to judge brett kavanaugh that they received just last night. kavanaugh for his part sat silently tngre listes lawmakers bickered back and forth, republicans accusing democrats of politicizing the hearing and democrats arguing that they don't have what they need to make an evaluation. >> we' received and read every page of judge kavanaugh'sex nsive public record. >> the nominee's personal lawyer has only given us 7% of his documents. republicans have only given 4% these records. 96% of his records missing. >> i move to adjourn. >> the american people -- >> mr. chairman, i move to adjourn. >> this is the first confirmation hearing supreme court justice that i've seen basically according to mob rule. >> our politicalar comme talks about the supreme court like they are people wearing red and blue's jerseys. th really dangerous thing. >> senator richardha blume of connecticut who you saw just a moment ago called multipl h tims
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for tring to be adjourned and also said that if confirmed kavanaugh's name would have an asterix next to itai and he he would be a justice appointed by a president who has been labeled an unindicted co-conspirator by his former y. personal attor we can expect to hear much more tomorrow when questions actually get underway aimed at him. jim, wendy, b>>k to you. thanks, leon. explosive details about the trump white house in a tell-all book by aslongtimengton journalist bob woodward. the book "fea trump in the white house" detail how top playerses and aoutinely went behind the president's back to thwa. h woodward says he tried to contact the president many times before the book was published and he then recorded a conversation with president trump when he explained that effort to the president. >> i do, i do, and kelly anne went toom somebody and didn't to me.
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>> does she have access to you? >> absolutely. has direct access but she didn't come to me. that's okay. i'll just end up with another bad book. what can i tell you. >> among other things woodward says defense secretary james mattis decoted to follow orders from the president to yrsassinaten president bashar al assad. today the white house called the ok, quote, nothing more than fabricated stories, many by former disgruntled employees. >> the infamous mansion murders captured our anention back may of 2015. now three years later theac sed killer's trial is about to begin. the terror inside the savopoulos home began in 2013 as the family and housekeeper were held hostage. the following day the home as set onfire, the victim's bodies found burned. and an arrest came quickly. daron wint was arrested and charged a week later. his trial starts tomorrow and is
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expected to last for months. tonight at 6:30, news 4 is taking an unpress deppcedented this case and our pat collins sat down with some of the region's most respected criminal minds and experts. they did notork on this case but weigh in on how the suspect could have gotten into thatho e. >> we're not exactly sure how wint or an accomplice got into that house. there was screwdriver found in the back propping up a window, but do weave any clue? i mean, how did he get in? >> well, you know there was some talk about the construction vent maybe he donned the vest, knocked on the door a said i'm with the gas company, water company, and i need to get in. that's one possibility. >> maybe they left the garage doorpen. people come until through the garage doors all the time. the car was accessible -- the money was accessible to be dropped off, and the car was
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accessible to be driven away so maybe he went i that way. >> or he used to work for mr. savopoulo it may very well be on the door, remember your old employ, i have a question forou and then he pushed his way in because it was reported that there's -- there'f noced entry. so i will say, pat, the window being propped open by a screwdriver obviously becomes a very interesting fact. involved, eone else and what was the motive? join us tonight for "news 4 at 6:30" for a look inside the investigation. >> a judge is denying bond for this woman who was captured on video in what t appearso be a violent road rage incident w she's attacking a bus.el this is cl phone video showing her smashing the busy a window and driving with a ma the bus driver, on top of her vehicle as her.ied to stop news 4's meagan fitzgerald was at today's hearing and is live
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at sup court with the details of this. mer:an? >> reporyeah, that girl's name is mariana silva. she appeared to court today seemingly had a breakdown. she had her hands over her ears, crying and going back and forth with her head. her family also in court as the defense team tried to explain jo thge that silva has a mental illness but the judge ccided she's too much of a danger toommunity so he revoked bond. today inside a d.c. superior courtroom a judge watched this video showing the moment 20-year-old mariana silva used a carjac to bash in the windows of a greyhound bus before she returned to her car on bladensburg road. ert long a the bus driver, who you see wring that blue shirt, hops on to the hood of her car as silva speedoff. >> oh, my orodness. >> rr: mental health
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disorder. genetics, not her schizophrenia is what she wasg deal is. >> reporter: her uncle was amo the family members in court today saying his niece has suffered from schizophrenia. >> notble to use her proper judgment because she did not have medicinen his system. >> reporter: her legal team pleaded for her to be released so she could be admitted into a behavioral health facility to get the treatment she needs, but her actions in this video ultimately led the judge to t order h stay in jail without bond. >> that greyhound bus driver is expected oak and as for silva she's expected to be back in courtn september 18. >> that's tough to watch. megan, thank you. nearly a year after apr nant teacher was discovered dead in a shallow grave, her boyfriend is on trial for her
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murder. the tyler tessier faces life in prison for allegedly killing the teacher who was allegedly pregnantie with tesss child when she died. she disappeared last september and was found buried in a field in montgomery county. >> a woman is trapped inside a burning home but the d.c. firefighters crash as they head to her rescue and this is not theirst time something like this has happened as news 4's ma segraves reports the d.c. fire department is making hichanges. >>is where engines 8 and 19 were headed to a fire in this fourth story apartment in southeast washington. a woman was trapped inside. but this is as close as ey about two blocks away from the fire engine 19 ran in to engine
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8ng it off the road and off this person's front yard. you can see the damage left behind to their retaining wall and fence and eight fire fighters were sent to the hospital. >> within hours of that accident the assistant of operations sent an e-mail changing therocedure f fire engines arriving at house fires. the e-mailt sent 110:00 a.m.s instruct that effective immediately all backup fire units sent to house fires w bl stop tcks away and await orders. a spokesperson for chi ggory dean tells news 4 the teen order safety of the the public and for the safety of firefighters. this move comes after two other high-profile accidents involving d.c. fire engines. >> this incident last august when rookie firefighter dane showers jr. was seriously injured after being pinned between two fire trucks, and this consistent in march involving a d.c. fire engine and
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a motorist that kild the driver of this car. the two engines involved in the crash were two of the oldest in the fleet and did not have working dashcam race. in the district. mark segraves, news 4. >> a father caught in panic after his child wanders away at sixlags. ahead at 5:00 tonight, how he says that moment of fear ended with him bruised and beaten by park security. >> and some of our local speed cameras are going to get re-tweaked which could increase a chance of getting a ticket. adam tuss explains. >> plus, from road krewesoa painting r and
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the heat and humidity on and in full effect across the area. nowhe heat advisory is cancelled because the numbers are coming down a little 95 is the high temperature in d.c. 97 in fred rec. the average high temperature is 84. well above average and this is the way it is going to tomorrow. the current heat index. even though the temperatures have cooled a little bit. pa i the city and so 2 ed k terhefr eic heat index is about 105. degre derrick ward live in college park right now and a lot of these students are without a seat having a tough time with this heat.
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>> reporter: oh, indeed they are. they are dealing with the dual challenges of higher learningr and hig temperatures. now, the university is doing some things to try to at least see that they have some cool time, but they are just part of the popation that a over our area that is indeed dealing with these late summer high ur temperates. >> when the mercury climbs into the 90s, folks around here make e. >> it's pretty hotlly. >> he's a freshman at thectua a university of maryland whose first taste of college life may burn a bit. students housed in some of the college park cpuses oldest dorms that don't have air it coning, not in all the roots the window fans speak to that ant students speak of the discomfort. >> we sleep on towels on the floor at night because it's so hot, and we sweat in our sheets so, you know, we don't want that. >> reporter: window units in some areas of the buildings offer some respite. lobbies and lungs have ac and there are other accommodations made. >> we can go sleep i prince frederick lounge or queen ann's
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lung. >> sounds likeunhey are bng with royalty it makes a makeshift palace on the floor of another campusthuilding. fors there's no avoiding the heat. the people who put thoseines down marking crosswalks, the paint has to be heated to 450gr des before they lay it down. no fun with the ambient temperature is 100. >> sometimes you don't know how hot it is until you get in itself. >> they hope thathe sun that nourishes the plants doesn't get the best of the planters. >> i guess it's going to be really hot today. >> this is all par for the course in august in the d. derrick ward, news 4. >> and as the temperatures rise, hefolks, keep nbc 4 app handy. you can get a look at the tcoming forecast and how to dress the kids f bus stop. just search hot temperatures on the app to read allt. about >> well, we are just now nine weeks out from the mid-term elections. >> and there are several big races that will affect people
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all over the dmv. >> joining us now, drum roll, for the important races, former news 4 reporter tom sherthod. is what retirement looks like. you're very busy. >> got a clean suit. >> there you go. >> one left in your clothes, i bet. let's start with maryland. we have ben jealous, a longtime civic activist going against governor larry hogan and a conservative republican not align with trump at all r how is thae looking? >> that's the answer. ben jealous ran the naacp. very good at organizing and way behind larry han. let me look at three things here. jealous trails larry i hogan popular opinion polls, political polls and trails in fund raising. hogan has $9 million to spend in the next nine weeks and ben alous has 500,000 or less.
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>> oh, dear. >> and hogan is eve pular among democrats while jealous is not that well-known. the good news for jealous he is a prodressive and former head of the naacp. he won the democratic pamary by uch larger number than anyone expected and is hoping like many democrats are that democrats will flood the polls to votai t donald trump. >> yeah, but then again hogan has also kind ofou ded trump on many occasions so it's not -- >> larry hogan has done evything but put himself in double wrap to stay away from >> and that is happening across the country, too. one of the more local races, talk about the montgomery county executive because we've got independent in nancy florine running. what's the impact and significance ofhat race? >> the longtime council member on the democratic primary barely to beat david blair by a few votes and then he thought he would have a fairly easyace against the perennial republican
5:19 pm
fingeate robin suddenly nancy florine a veteran council member in the county, the democratic party gave her a retirement party last may. big thank-yous and good for serving and all that stuff. she got enough signatures to be on the ballot. so the question in that race is come november with the democrats in the county stick and maybe the republican candidate will sneak in. it's one of e biggest races to watch. >> he's been running like 1 year >> i'm even going out to montgomery county. >> let's look over in virginia, you know, senator tim kaine is going up against tony stewart who has wrapped himself in president trump and will use some of his nastier techniques. is that going to help him? >> cory stewart, the county
5:20 pm
executive or the chairman of the board of supervisors in prince william county since 2006, but when the statewide campaigns, like when he ran for governor last year, he just goes all in for trump. very, very righwing, and it hasn't done well for him. he's way behind fund-raising for tim kaine and even some of the republicans are not aligning with hi and he said too many nice things about confederate monuments, put out a fake picture of tim kaine in honduras. >> this was fophotoshopped in. he's really narrowed his appeal the most ardent trump voters. you have to remember trump lost tola h clinton in 2016 so virginia is a purple state. it's not a trump state. right. >> and so it's going to be tough for him to make up the ground. >> and polls show kaine way out in ont. >> it's not early. >> but heating up. b >>bara comstock's race.
5:21 pm
we saw the president last week tweeting out and actually saying pubically in different formats that he wants freeze on pay raises for most federal workers, a lot of them in northern virginia. how is this going t play for her? >> barbara comstock is a conservative republican and jennifer with exton, a state senator, is a democrat running against her o annra funding for barbara comstock and other b things the president coming out last week saying he wants to get rid of the 2% pay raise is a really bad thing. so bad that even cory stewart came out and said don't do tha so that race is really close to watch. this congressional t district, 10th, starts in the suburbs of washington and head out towards west virginia, and -- and the anti-trump feeling in that munty is changing for a lot of younger peopleing in, not traditional republicans and even some of the national republicans
5:22 pm
privately than not they are worried about barbara comstock. she is a very good cam wigner anks hard but the tides could simply be against her. >> interesting to already seeing it on the air with commercials. >> the democrats in virgini are still giddy from last year. >> yeah. >> when they won a lot of state races. this year, and i was out in picnic n at a labor day just yesterday, they are really gearing up to continue what happened in to 17 and t2017 and republicre worried they just might. >> nice to see you. >> nbc news has launched itsth in-dmid-term coverage, the vote, america's future ahead on "nbc nightly" ne with lester holt and an investigation into holt and an investigation into election meddling and how your school supplies today...
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i think he might need some support. yes. start them off right. with the school supplies they need at low prices all summer l ng. like this asebook for only $199.99 at office depot officemax. it's one of those days when you start to run out of adjectives. oppressive is what i've been saying because of humidity. >> and then we had a massive shower going on up here in the . upper midw >> saw the leaves coming down. not everyone saw the rain. wh we did see it was coming down in buckets. a lot of lightning associated with that, too. looking at one of those storms right there way off into the distance. that's ant storm southern maryland right now making its way across the poet imagine.
5:26 pm
can you see the anville portion that have cloud. you can see it right here. the storm goes up and then the anvil comes out. if you ever want to take a look at that, it's a cumulus cloud. temperatur around 95, showers came through and helpedo cool things a bit. 97 in frederick. you can tell areas d that not see the rain. huntingtown 84 degrees or 83 degrees as a result of the clouds and the differencen the wind there from that one storm. >> the storm itself was severe and waldorf down to laplata. it's gone. it's not providing a more rain to any parts of the air. >> you can see what happened earlier. right about there where the storm started up. storms around the d.c. metroar . and storms to the west, dealing with some cloudiness right now. >> all this because of an area high pressure sent it right
5:27 pm
here. that's where the hot and humid conditions reside and look at this. this goes way up and over the high pressure area right on dn to the south, and that's why we're going to stay in the hot and humid side into the day on thursd s. down to thth following that area of high pressure being pushed to the west by that area of high pressure ispi tl storm gordon. the latest advisories now have it very close t hurricane strength. 75-mile-an-hour tropical storm. hurricane bob 74 miles per hour moving norwest at 15 and coming inland in towards parts of mississippi or alabama. >> that has to be a pretty big mess. really worried about this storm. hurricane warnings coming onshore and 1:00 tonight down to 65 miles per hour. something els we're working. hurricane florence, now 85-mile-an-hour storm. this is way out into the atlantic. most of the computer models still take thisto well to the east of bermuda and turn it out to sea. there are still a few though that bring it close to the u.s. coast line.
5:28 pm
this is something we'll be tracking for days if not wee. 94 tomorrow. i fully expect another heat advisory to be in effect tomorrow and on thursday. going for a high of 95 tonht and 85, more clouds and a chance of showers and storms on friday and then look at saturday. 78 degrees with showers likely, but how about sunday, guys. >> 74 rather breezy. oh, with showersikel ye sund, loonge vy niceay we'll have much more on the forecast. more on that coming up at 5:45. >> thank you, doug. >> a lawsuit against six flags. a man says his day at the theme park left him beaten and bruised. >> felt like somebody smashed me , and it's like -- >> next on news 4, what he says happened and how the amusement park is responding. >> the first day ofchool in prince george's county. i'm tracy wilkins. coming up on news 4, challenges and als. go
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a 64 iear-old woman dead after her dog attacked her. howard county police say robin conway was killed after her pit bu mauled her at her home on tamar drive. police say the woman just adopted the dog two weeksth ago. family member found her in the yard with the dog standing over her.
5:32 pm
animal control euthanized the animal a a necropsy will be performed toee if the dog h medical issues. >> there's a potential security mistakes that left students' personal infortion exposed online. a letter sent to parents says a speet revealed the names of students along with their birthdays and other identifying information. it was available from february to last month but no word on how many students were impact. >> a father ice day trip to a local theme park ends withng th man b bruised on his back. >> heaid the security guards beat him up and the park is disputing those allegations. im this cell phone video shows guards pushing h into the pave president. news 4's darcy spencer is live oulaide of six america, and darcy, the man says guards overreacted to something,
5:33 pm
correct? >> reporter: well, that's right wendy. understand that he says he was in a panic heret six flags because his 12-year-old son was missing. he said he didn't even realized shirte wasn't wearing his and when security guards told him he had to put one on it om thered he's now filed a lawsuit. six flags is saying it didn't sappen that way. this is thick l mimds on the ground. he says he was surrounded by six flags security guards on's fathay and beaten right in front of his family. at one point you can see a hand on his throat. >>'t humiliated i even the word. in front of my wife and my two sons. >> mims says it happened because he wasn't wearing a shirt walkinground the amusement park looking for his missing son. he had been at the water park where it was okay to be shirtless but didn't realize he ad to put on a shirt in other areas. that is until he was stopped by security. mims admitted he used profanity out of frustration, and when he
5:34 pm
did he says he was told t leave. >> it was like, sir, you can't cuss. what do you mean i can't cuss? i just spent $500 something in here. no, you've got to go. >> reporter: mims said he was being escorted out when guards said he was resisting and forced him to the ground and slammed his head iavo theent causing a concussion, scrapes on his back and oth injuries. >> felt like somebody just smashed my head. woe don't even have to be here. all they had to do was let me walk out. >> reporter: he was eventually was able to leave the park with no charges filed but he's alleging assault and battery and false imprison president and g wantrds at parks to have better training. >> if they think a cuss word and a condition cushion are equal, it's not. >> six flags is saying again that this lawsuit is withoutme t. i received an e-mail from one of
5:35 pm
the attorneys representing the park saying that ile park be fully vindicated through this local process. jim, bacnow. >> darcy spencer, thank you. >> thieves spotted stolen scratch-off tickets id. maryl police are hoping you recognize this group. the four suspects were seen redeeminickets stolen from a rockville's mike-and-son's sub shop at the end ofjune. they have taken winning scratchoffs to 7-eleve in silver spring and last month they tried to cash in more in several stores iy montgom county. the most recent attempt to redeem one of the stolen tickets was denied. today was the first day for students atge princge's county public schools. there's new leadership and new excitement and still a lot of work to be de though. bureau chief tracee wilkins spoke with the interim ceo ansut the p for the upcoming here. >> it's the first day of school in prince george's cou
5:36 pm
and prince george's county schools allowed an interim ceo monica golson who is already making a positive impression. >> she's a strong woman. i think she's going to do good. >> reporter: she replaced the former school ceo kevin maxwell o became a political lightning rod after a number oy hig publicized scandals including large pay raises for some of his cabinet and accusations of grade fixing for seniors. grading practices areow being supervised by state auditors. >> the auditors are here to make sure we took the recommendations seriously which we have, so i'm excited about what that r fponse will bm their visit here and if there's things we need to continue to work on we will do that. reporter: students at tulip grove elementary are walking into a completely renovated building. >> i'm very excited. >> reporter: meanwhile students at district heights elementarye field height after they said the building was unsafe for students and making them sick.
5:37 pm
>> we know we have an aging infrastructure and we need to make sure that that changes. >> reporter: today was a showing of political unity. >> we' really optimistic about focusing laser like on the needs of children this year. >> reporter: this has allowed community members t see we're working together. >> while the focus is on students for the y schoolr it's about raising students' salary. she dismissedm people f her staff in order to help pay for incread salaries. prince george's county, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >>y montgomer county students headed back today.t the distric tells us it's up to the challenge to keep students not only engaged but safe, too. the ptnership with the police department going beyond the school doors. the police chief says today they have had a lot of training and collaboration between his overs and the school board. so the 150,000 students in the area have a safe place to learn.
5:38 pm
>> and it was also the first day of school f somef the systems in virginia. parents with kiddos in arlington and alexandria. kids are home now and back in the classgom. >> cominup, the d.c. speed cameras getting a high-tech upgrade. wh come back at 5:00, transportation reporter adam tuss on whether that means t a re more likely to ticket. >> and you can't blame the flying monkeys. the iconic shoes have bn missing for 13 years, and now they are back where they belong becausethere's no place like home. the strange saga of dorothy's stolen slippers.
5:39 pm
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one of d.c.'s hottest museums is trying to make it easier for you to advice. on weekdays you can get into the africa museum of history and culture without a pass. usually visitors neededree timed passes, and the walkup weekdaysxperiment began on monday. after the month long trial the museum will decide whether they need to return tther, as to get in on weekends in september. >> you don't know what color the road is that rothy's ruby slippers have been traveling on, but they were back home today after they were stolen. 13 years ago from a museum in minnesota, and there are still questions. the fbi is not answering who stole the slippers, where they might have been for more than a
5:42 pm
decade, and they are asking for the public's health. it's clear the investigation means a lot to the local police there. >> more than just a tair of shoe slippers. >> they are an endurin sim bog of the power of belief. >> i know you're thinking, it, aren't they at the smithsonian. they are one of four pairs that actress judy garland war in the "wizard ofnd oz" disappeared in 2005 from the judy garland museum in gnd rapids. did you know about this museum? i did not. they arealued at $1 million so it's important to get them back and it might have been good to ert somebody that they were missing. >> she had $4 million of shoes on her feet. >> i don't know ifhey were worth 4 million at the time. >> in 1939, yeah. coming up, hundreds of teachers in oura are have lost their licenses for misconduct since 2000, but finding out whys is not alway easy.
5:43 pm
the i-team breaking down what parents can do a what t can't do to find out about educators who get into trouble. >> d.c.'s new speed cameras, now you don't see it and now you do see it. up on the up on the ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my forite things ♪ ♪
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all local public school students are finally back in the classroom but some educators neve cameack. maryland and virginia have revoked the licenses of more than 100 teachers in just the past three years and tonight scott macfarlane and the news 4 i-team show what parents can and still can't find out when tracking the histories of som t ir children's former teachers. >> negativ i and negative a positive. so plus 2. >> with summer t vacation ove
5:46 pm
days are more hectic for carry knapp han her daughters including learning a lot ofna n s when it comes to teachers. >> especially because i have a mile schooler. she's got seven different teachers. >> in virginia with just a few clicks in lessinhan a me at her computer she can find out a lot about who is teaching her child. here on the virginia department of virginiata web p you can nheck out any degree held by a teacher, w his or her license expires and their specialty area of study like chemistry or english. >> they will be there almost eight hours a day so i want to hemake sure ty are with someone who is trustworthy and has good more or less. >> you can find the names of teachers stripped of their licenses for misconduct, something the news 4 i-team has investigated over the past two years. at the start of the 2018-2019 school year the commonwealth of virginia has revoked or cancelled the licenses of more than 500 virginia teaers.
5:47 pm
since 2,000107 teachersost thei licenses but things have changed in that state. >> after ouror i-team r the maryland state department of education began posting the names of all teachers from whom it's revoked a license or misconduct. go on the website and there's a nk in the bottom right and you will see all the names of those teachers and thechool districts in which they worked and the dates that the licenses wereed rev maryland does not have one of ls though ne por which you can check the licenses of all the other teachers in the state. for that youav actually h to e-mail orte call the sta department of education itself. >> same for d.c. parents. ere's no online license search in d.c. eat, r insteaduiring a call or e-mail to the state education. of >> takes a lot to get the license revoked. >> parents must be vigilant or do their homework and they do suspect something is wrong with a teacher who suddenly left a school becse in our investigation we discovered
5:48 pm
chool districts don't always announce pubically when a teacher's license has been herevoked. >> you actually have someone's license revoked for inappropriate conduct with children it should be taken very, very seriously. >> but parents won't find any teachers with revoked license in the district because d.c. educatn officials say they are still finalizing policies that won't allow them to yank ace e even though neighboring states have been doing so for decades. >> i thinkt's important again because these are people that are shaping our kids' minds, and i want to knowt, you know, someone hasn't committed a felony. >> one other note. this summer the i-team found at least 900 d.c. public school teache are working without their required licenses and for the hundreds of d.c. public charter school teachers licenses aln't necessary at >> scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. >> virginia state lawmakers have mproved new laws making it easier ande efficient to
5:49 pm
revoke the school license and a direct response for the i-team and investigations is online.o just go our updated list on our nbc washington app. >> some local speed cameras are getting a bit of a makeover and a new location to make it harder to spot them. but rest assured they can spot you. transportation reporter adam tuss has a closer look. >> yeah. a lot of d.c. speed cameras, theyre getting new loconions. you d see it behind me because the tree is blocking it. take a look upe.n the theretoa it is, lot of cameras moving to new spots. yes, take a close look. some of thecity's speed cameras now watching from a perch. >> i might have been a vic tm of ths weekend. we'll wait and see. >> reporter: it's cameras with a departure from the by cameras that many of us have gotten used to and according to the manufacturer american traffic solutions they are very high tech and complete with high-resolution sensors and 3-d
5:50 pm
capability. >> the radar is able to track the exact position o t up 20 vehicles before and after the violation point. >> what am i going to t say? itir right to enforce the speed limit, and i guess it's our obligation to respect it. >> reporter: d.c. police coul m't tell us hy of these new cameras are being used, but they are in positions where those boxy cameras were vandalized in the past and we do kn that in places likett massachuses avenue and upton street inorwest they have shown up and some not h py about it. >> i would prefer it if the camera inot there. >> others simply say if you n't want a speedt camera tic don't nspeak. >> i northwest. >>wsdam tuss. ne. >> and if you can't see them yoe can l to that ka-ching sound. >> or the flash of light. >> and the it's too ght. >> i didn't know they were putting them up there.
5:51 pm
>> finding out in this from adam. now i'm going to get in a wreck. >> because i speed down a street. >> you know. >> never. >> don't do it. >> how are ae lookiit? >> i'll tell you. >> maybe now. >> we had 95 and right now temperatures in the mid-80s we've dropped significantly because of the cloud cover and the showers that we had coming through downtown and kind of tood things for once. showers do and 58 degrees after a high of 95. i do expect it u to go after next hour after 87 degrees and take a look at the radar. there's nothing out there now for the most part and had some pretty good showers around the d.c. metro area. >> not much. i'll zoom into this area back towards norther virginia. you'll notice a little shower here around marshall and west of warrenton af a couple pop-up showers. that's really it, and we're not seeing any lightning with tse.
5:52 pm
these will be falling apart very quickly. could be seeing more.e whereave the clouds. d.c., the coolest number on the map as far as the heat ind concerned at 95. 105 quantico and 103 in leesburg and still a very hot afternoon. it's going to stay thaisway. >> thi cool. the storms form here in d.c. and look at the clouds. nght in throughthern virginia and that's helped to cool things a little bit and it's still wel over 90 degrees and still 97 in frederick where we're still seeg the sunshine. >> the high pressure area sticking around over the next couple of days meaning we're in for h and humid weather. into the day on thursday, and that's why we're talking about the heat index as weove on through the next few days. >> definitely going to continue to be hot out there, doug. this is why the weather alert, so for wednesday and thursday yore going to be dealing with those dangerous conditions. if it starts to breakid on ,
5:53 pm
we saw a little bit of a heat index and it should be right around 90 and ouremperatures will be back into the mid-80s and look as we head into thed. week oh, wait until you see some of these weekend numbers, absolutely fabulous. but tomorrow quite the opposite. especially tomorrow morning us a get the kids ready for the bus stop. temperatures in the upper 70s and patchy fog and same deals same dealmorning and as this morning. that heat index already at 7:00 a.m. is going to be into the d-80s so, again, it's going to be angeally warm mort the bus stop. by noon we are going to have that heat index rig around00 with the temperatures already into the low 90s. thendeat from 100 all the way up to 105 in d.c. and right up to 103 and tomorrow we'll be dealing with isolated thunderstorm up around the region, doug, but for this weekend i think it will come as a shock to the system for a lot of people with the temperatures coming down so much. >> so many people are sick of the heat and they have been
5:54 pm
asking for more fall-like we've got both on the next couple of days here. 94 on wednesday and 95 on thursday. chance of storms laten the day. 85 on friday with more clouds and a good chance oftorms and showers on friday and saturday. saturday a high of 78 and high pressure builds in from the north and thateay brings in much coater weather. 74 on sunday and an overnight low ofnd 64 76 on monday. do warm next week, but, still, g guys, loo at a very cool weekend as we make our way through the next couple ofgh da. now it's all about the heat tomorrow and thursday. . let's bring some autu >> yeah. >> hey, a changing of the guard in fairfax county. >> up next at 5:00, theal chnges facing new a
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a new fire chief took the helm in fairfax county. >> he takes over as they try to recoverrom recent complaints about sexual abuse and bullying. >> congratulations. >> he brings leadership skills to the fairfax county fire anden rescue depar which is called upon to help in emergencies all around t world, but the department's reputation has been tarnished in recent years by complaints and lawsuits about sexual harassme and bullying. >> in 2016er firefig nicole
5:58 pm
mittendorf took her own life after sexually explicit comments were made on a website followed by firefighters. >> i asked chief butler how he tull handle the problem. >> there is a c of we're not going to tolerate bullying or cyber bullying. not going to tolerate it. >> as howard county marchand f butler hired the most diverse firefighter paramedic training class in history. >> i didn't do much but bring an idea that had buy-in from an organization who rallied around that idea. >> both butler and fairfax county executive brian hill who job sinceeen on the january have been targeted by racially offensive posts onso al media. >> i believe we have hired this chief to incorporate our board of supervisors eo makerybody racially and equally the same. >> as we asked for specifics we realized it is early for chief
5:59 pm
butler to have all the answers of how he will address complaints of sexual harassment and bullying. >> he turned in the end and said simply i'm goi to leave. >> that's the latest fromfa fair county, chris gordon, news 4. >> news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> tonight at ed6:00, a m bag of weather as most kids head home from their first day of school. some had umbrellas to get cover from the rain. >> otherss needed fan and shorts to keep cool amid growing complaints about no contioning on aocal college campus. >> and it's not over yet. the dangerous heat ind stick arouor several days. >> and doug is tracking that from the sto center. >> that's why we're in weather alert mode, guys. >> had the heat index tay up around 105 for much of the afternoon. >> the high today was 95 degrees. were at 93. and 92 degrees. by toon today and i think we'll get up aherein tomorrow.
6:00 pm
959 hagerstown and 93 philadelphia. the heat index wel over 100. had the heat advisory that's been cancelled as have allhe showers that came through and the thunderstorms, too. pbig-time downpours ints of the area and that's all gone for the most still wat a couple of showers back in fauquier county and very hard to pick o here. >> one right here and one right to the west of warrenton and most of the area remaining o the dry side. and something else i'm watching. very close to hurricane strength and very cloo making its way onshore. the latest on this storm out in the atlantic. all that have and when we'll see much cooler air and we'll see much cooler air move in. i'll see you back here in 15 minutes. >> now to the most contemptious and chaotic supreme court confirmation heang inecent members as senators consider the mination o brett cough


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