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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  September 5, 2018 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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but the fire is pretty much t. this home is total loss. i just spoke with theatlion chief on the scene here. he tells me 100 firefighters battled the blaze when g they here. it was raging when they got here. one firefighter sd dehydration and had to be treated for that. he's expected to be okay. this home was under renovation. thbattalion chief tells me a lot was boarded up.ti they're sll totally not sure if anybody was inside. asey don't believe anybody inside at this point. more aylight comes and investigation will reveal exactly the details and what was going on inside that house and f anybody was in there. they want to besure. they don't believe anybody was inside the house at the me. they expect to be wrapping things up here in about 45 minutes or so. 're still on the scene as they, of course, continue to
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treat those hespots to m sure that fire does not reignite. but that was air huge here on this street. no other homesd impac and firefighters are still treating those hotspots. that is the latest. back to you. >> all right. molette, thank you. it's 5:01n we're for another day of blazing hot temperatures. we're in weather alert modeod f reason. it's crazy. >> making things hotter for some people in d.c. pepco is reporting a scheduled power outage impacting about 1300ustomers in the near northeast neighborhood. you know where it is. probably not watching us right now. we're told that the outage should be over around 8:00 a.m. >> melissa mollet is standing by with a check on your commute. but we want to start with meteorologists sheena parveen bell.huck >> another day with a fan factor of ten. you have to be hydrated and take the shade breaks. >> oh, nyes. stayhe ac really if you can. weather alert today. temperatures will feenc
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again like 105 degrees. look what it feels like outside right now. 81 actual air temperature. 78. it's very humid this morning. we have still a little bit of patchy fog like yesterday morning. sa spot. 72 degrees. dulles, gaithersburg. 80 degrees in annapolis. a warm start to your morning. here's a look at the visibility. warrenton bel half mile. martinsburg less than a mile. this isoing to fluctuate a little bit. the best chances for fog will mostly be west of. d as you are commuting, we're not looking at rain around this morning.t in fact, mf the day will be dry. could see a pop-up afternoon storm atbest. but temperatures once again in the 90s. feeling around 100. we will look at a cooldown coming up. let's talk to melissa and see what's happening on the roads. >> good morning, sheena. nice and calm here. inner loop and outer loop of of the beltway, no issues, no roadwork, no problems. 66 here. fairfax county parkway to the
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7 miles per hour gets you there in about eight minutes. ouce and clear inbound. same situation ound. no worries either way there on 66. down south there, fredericksburg southbound at 3. right lan and ramp blocked by the work zone from labs night. top of theeltway upere back into maryland, bw parkway, 9, route 1, all of tho nice and open as well. eun? >> melissa, thank you. school is getting out a little early for some kids in our area. >> justin finch is live in prince george's county with this announcement. justin, good morning. >> reporter:aaron, good morning. different schools have different schedules. but in thiscase, all students in prince george's county schools areoing to leave two hours early with the temperatures forecast to reach into the 90s. of course, it feels much hotter. those are not the conditions they want students who are walkers or bus riders to be later on today. they announced the decision on t
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r, as well posting that classes will be ending early toda lunch will be provided for students before they head home. all after school and evening classes and activities, vening school will be canceled for today. th decision extends to school-based staff, like teachers. it does not extend to emergency and staff based outside of schools. we can tell you as well, e riverd elementary school and regionalilchoolsl be closed completely for air conditioning repairs. the county say tomorrow they will reassess what they will do as far as school starting perhap lat or earlier tomorrow. that decision will come within time.ay's however, as of right now, two hours earlier when prince ge age's students going to wrap up their school day. we're live inadelphi, justin finch, news 4. >> thank you, justin.
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developingnow, one chis dead in florida and thousands of people waking up without power along thulf coast. tropical storm gordon made landfall late last night west of the alabama/mississippi border. you see the storm's track here. news 4's angie goff at the live with the latest video showing some of destruction from th storm. >> you can see how fast the storm is moving. take a look atome of the video that we got in to the newsroom overnight. you can seeb the intensity of the storm and see howoc fus and forceful the wind is here. gordon had sustained winds. remained at 70 miles per ho. the national hurricane center is predicting a life-threorening surge along parts of the central gulf coast. storm surge a big concern. it's being blamed for the death of a little boy in pensacola florida after a tree toppled down on to a mobile home.
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here's a rare view from above. this was snapp from the international space station. you see how massive it is. s thrm will start to die down, but as of right now, last check, still carrying aot of rain and force and wind with it. back to you. thank you, angie. >> now to the oth major weather story we're following. japan is dealing with the aftermathos of the powerful typhoon in that country in 25 at eight people are dead, years. dozens injured. the winds have gusted up to 110 miles per hour there, pushing cargo ships around. this is a 2600-ton tanker that slammed into a bridge that connects the airport to the mainlandt abou 300 people were stranded at that air after that crash. now to a story you sawirst on new 4. thousands of d.c. public school parents are learning their kids' personal information was exposed online for six mohs. >> n social security numbers were listed. but plenty of personal details.
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it included students' names, tes of birth, student i.d. numbers, grade level, attendance information, housing status and whether t students are eligible for special education. officials tell u the information was inadvertently up loaded to the d.c. council website. we asked the chancellor of education how the school system is hdling this problem. >> we are making surehi that does not happen again. so part of the next step our to make sure that there is a thorough review of information. th d.c. ps removed the website on august 9 after an employee noticed the problem. a setter wasn'tt home to parents until augus 31st. the deputy chancellor was to make sure they had the correct addresses for students. it's now 5:07. police arrested a man after a standoff and barricade situation that labsed for hours in the district. this happened on 22nd street northeast in the brookland area. police blocked off streets after
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getting a call of a man in a stressed state. dozens of officers in tactical gear tooke position in streets and alleys near the home. a police negotiatoro managed convince the man toth surrender tresistance. we're hearing from the familyf a woman who was mauled to death by her own dog. this happened weeks after she adopted that animal. her husba found her. the pit bull mix was standing over her body. the husband called 9-1-1 and tied the dog to a fence post. conway's famil is shocked. >> this is one animal she thought she could save. one animal that neededo be rescued and an animal that, unfortunately, killed her. >> the dog was euthanized. conway adopted that dog from out of state. happening urtoday, selection starts in one of d.c.'s most high-profile murder ca that trial is expected to last a couple of mont
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savvas savopoulos, his wife amy, son filip and vera figueroa were captured and tortured. daron wint is the lone suspect. he's pleaded not guilty. dna evidence will ccial in the case. you can get caught up by watching our mansion murders inside the investigation special. it is in the nbc washington app right now. his opinions span nearly 5,000 pages in length. >> wild andir contentious day of confirmation hearings for ett kavanaugh. at multiple times during the proceedings, protesters had to be dragged out of the room. so were arrested. democrats tried to delay the hearing. thousands of documen related to his time working for the busch administration should be available for review. president trump has barred those documents were being released. hos into the hearing,
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kavanaugh was finally able to deliver hispewnng statement. >> confirmed to the supreme court, i would be part of a team of nine committed to deciding cases according to the constitution and laws of the united states. >> during today's question and answer session, expect democrats to ask about gun and abortion rights a rulings whether kavanaugh believes a sitting president can be instigated. if confirmed, he will fill justice anthony kennedy's seat. >> john mccain's replacement could be sworn in today. former senator jon kyl will take over the seat that mccain held for six years. the timing is strategic. kylays he will only serve through january 3rd. after that, arizona's governor will have to appoint someone else to serve the final two years of the term. ru president is blasting veteran journalist bob woodward's new book about his presidency. t's called "fear" trump in the
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white oouse. in the bk, woodward quotes officials who heard john kelly calling the president an idiot and that, quote, we're in crazy town. he also quotes others who heard jim mattis sayhe president has the comprehension of a fifth or sixth grader. woodward said he reached out to interview the president but never heard back. the book will be released next week. it's 5:11. the prince william county school board will meet to discuss students safety. they're considering hiring retiredolice officers to patrol. the officers will be armed. prince william county recently gafr the school district half a million dollars to launch a pilot program that allows the district to hire five safety officers and one supervisor anl they w rotate among the county's elementary schools. safety officers already patrol the middle and high stschools. >>l ahead this morning, a look inside a starbucks locatioy
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unlike you've ever seen. plus, what's the best way to quitoking? science now mass the answer. look out below. we're taking you to the scene of a construction project that went very wrong. chuck? >> good morning everybody. another day with temperatures soaring into the 90s here. hard to believe it is september. if you're headed to the cardinals and the nationals game this evening, it's going to be warm andumid even for that. if you're thinking about the beach this weekend,y unfortunatigh rain chances but temperatures back into the 70s. cooler and maybe rainy around
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starbucks in mexico opens the first cafe operate entirely by senior staff members. >> sevengedults between the of 55 and 66 were hired. starbucks with working with the national institute for the elderly on a program that gives opportunities to senior citizens. the employees receive insurance for major medical expenses and are guaranteed two days off her
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per week. they plan to expandhe program by the end of the year. if you know someone who smokes, they wi tell you that quitting is no easy task. a new study finds that going cold turkey may not be the best ongs. researchers at the university of minnesota recruited 1200 smokers, those who quit immediately struggled the most and had more problems with withdrawalsymptoms. but those who gradually quit were able to stick it out. they endedp smoking fewer cigarettes every day and had more days of not smoking at all. for theirst time, guidelines have been released on how to treat children with concussions. the cdc does not recommend x-rays for blood tests to diagnose the concussion. if your chielt starts to vomit after a head injury or loses consciousness, a dtor may order a ct scan. concussion symptoms generally clear up within a few nths. kids should rest for the first three days after a concussion bengre gradually returo normal activities. new video this morningg show construction project
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gone very wrong. take a look for yourself. a crane fell over and split the homen half. yikes. the cra went right through the second story ofhis orlando, florida, home. the roof was under construction when the crane came tumbling down. the roofing company said the supports weren properly set on the crane. it eventually tipped over. >> the large crane above your house might be the thing. imagine if it happened in an ghea like manhattan. >> >> it has, actually. >> i do remember that a while back. >> apparently the weight of the truck also destroyed the road in front of the house. dealing with the roof collapse, the road collapse. the only upside here that no one was home and so nobody was hurt. >> true. >> now the renovations take longer. >> there's insurance for that. they'll befine. >> they probably had plenty of money. >> lot of insuounce. >> you think the crane company is insured enough to cover it. but you never know. >> how about this weather,
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though. it's miserable and dangerous and disgustingly hot. >> don't even go outside today. i meanouave to. but this morning at least when you do step outside. w 't be feeling like the hundreds yet. that will be this thafternoon. morning, it's warm and humid. but the good news, it's not raining. we have rain in the forecast ading into theweekend. this afternoon, a weather alert feeling near 100 to 105 degrees. rain chances increase mostly as we go into friday of the over the weekend, we have much, much cooler air moving in.we till have weekend rain chances but i think you'll the way temperatures feel. it's humid outside. 80 degrees in annapolis. 73 frederick. 76 degrees in quantico and we still have a little patchy fog out there this morning. it's mtly westf the district. about two miles in frederick. not too bad. 're seeing fluctuations here. warrenton less than a half mile virebility. be l. especially as the kids are out of the bus stop this morning.n
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keep eye out for the bus stop. mid-70s. humid. by recess, fd shade. it could be feeling close to 100 degrees by then. later on this n,aftern we'll be topping out in the mid-90s. feeling like 0 to 105 degrees. we have the hot humid air here the not much in the o way rain relief today. there's a lock at tropical storm gordon. eventually, this storm gets wrapped up in a cold front and it will get closer to us. mostly staying to the north. it's going to help to pull in cool air over the weekend too. today,though, o future weather showing maybe a couple pop-up showers as we gonto tomorrow. we're on the dry side until late tomorrow. just a slight chan. look at friday. have the umbrella. in the 830s. look at the weekend. drop into the mid-70s for a daytime high. let's check in with melissa mollet. >> single tracking on the yellow line between pentagon city andl fant plaza. otherwise, it's rolling along fine here. 95 in maryland.
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powder mill road, northbound, southbound, no problems. beltway is also looking good here right now. fredericksburg, southbound 95 at t we hav right lane and ramp blocked by a work zone. 66, overall pretty good this morning. same situation here through prince george's county. we'll look at more coming up in a minute. ready? >> uh-huh. >> let's go. >>ome on. >> so you kn, melissa's only job isn't tracking a commute with first 4 traffic. she is a mom to thr. kids it was back to school for her family this week. she and her husband made a family event out ofth it. 're walking brennan to his first day of school with barrett. i think cole is ovn there i the stroller, right? >> stroller. >> they're matching as usual. everybody was very, very te ex barrett is going next week to preschool for a dumb hours a y, a couple days a week. she has her elephant backpack >> i still want to squeeze her. >> i do too. the s why i hold her all time. >> third grade, loves his
5:21 am
teacher. >> how far is the school? >> it'hi probably like a of a mile. >> it's 100 degrees yesterday, . meli put the kids in the car. >> that's okay. >> surprised that you of all people, walk to school. they need to fend for themselves. cut them loose at age 10. >> uphill both ways in the snow. back to school also means busier schedules. >> that can make planning dinr more challenging. meet the local mom who found a solution. a bit later on "news4 today," first theng wasn capitals, now the mystics on their way. details on the first appearance in the wnba finals. n then this afternoon ellen -- >> i gave the answer that was on my mind.n had never bsked the question before. tried to be honest. that's what cam out. >> texas congressman and senate candidate o'rourketops by and talks about a question that he
5:22 am
was asked at a rally and hisha responsewent viral. you can catch ellen right here on nbc4 before news 4 at 4:00. stay with us.
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welcome back at 5:24. a question a lot of parents are hearing. what's for dinner? >> now that students are back in session, it's a challenge. consumr repor susan hogan sat down with one local mom who found the solution for her family. >> help me set the table. >> michelle is a mom on the go.
5:25 am
she always makes time for family dinners with her husband and three kids. >> that's just how ourn time w we reconnect with onehe anotr. sit down, he a meal together and talk. >> forget take-out food. >> i love to cook. >> coming up with recipes wasn't easy. >> tell me if it's ready. >> i was so frustrated trying to come up with meal plans. i did an internet search one day and i came across meals >> it's a meal plan service and it's been a life changer f michelle for the past six years. >> it will list every meal that they have for this week. >> michelle chooses the meals for her family and then hee's oolest part. the app actually creates an automatic shopping list from the recipe. >> it doe it in categories. it's really easy to go through the store orny you can use of the shopping features that you have to make it really easy on yourself. >> the app savne her too. because the recipes don't call for crazy ingredients you'll
5:26 am
once use >> then we have tomatoes, garlic and oil. >> even the kids like to get involved and enjoy tasting the fruits of their labor. >> yeah. you like it? >> therere lot of meal planning services out there. the one that michelle likes to use, e-meals, it costs her about $5 a month. that's with a yearly subscription. back to you. good morning everybody. 5:26 now on a wednesday morning. inching our way towards t weekend. another day today sizzle sunshine and heatex i hovering near 100 degreesai yet staying hot tomorrow. signs of lower temperatures and higher rain chances heading to the weteend. compleheck of the forecast coming right up. speeders beware. there is a new kind of camera set to catch you ahead at 5:30 we'll show you what they look like and wheret you could spo them. stay with us. it's 5:26.
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breaking news at5:30. a firefighter injured while
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fighting flames in bethesda. a home that was under onstruction caught fire overnight. 100 firefighters responded.s the fla are now under control. this is still causing some road closures along whittier boulevard down the street from llet whitman high school in bethesda. we're working to find out how badly the firefighter was injured. usmolette green will joi with a live update in a few minutes. good morning eve i'm eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. we're also tracking the rising temperatures onhis sto team 4 weather alert day. i's already 78 degrees outside our studios her upper northwest d.c. it's only going to get hotter. it's only goi to feel hotter. oppress civively so. one local school district will be sending students home today. >> we begin with the forecast with chuck and sheena before we head in with melissa for a look at the commute. this is the kind of washington weather we're known for. oppressive ht. >> the swampy humidity is what
5:31 am
we all feel when we step outsid i mean, it's humid, it's hot. we're going to be like this for a little longer until we get a nice break. >> i know. another day you hardly know that flipped the calendar to september. blazing high temperatures yet agai very unusual for us to be so far above 90. to be 90 degre is one thing. to be 94, 95 degrees in september, that is krare. stilping an eye on what was gordon madeal lanlast night. heaviest of the rain across mississippi and alabama towards memphis. we may have to deal with thatet moisture gng towards the end of the weekend. between now and then, high pressure will be dominating our weather. today, high preure is sitting right on top of us. temperatures in the 70 we'll climb easily into the low and mid-90s today with heat indexes between 95 and 100 for most of the afternoon. again, 94 today here in washington. 93 fredericksrg. even 91 for martinsburg, west virginia later today.
5:32 am
higher rain chances, lower temperatures for the weekend, melissa. there's quite the tradeoff we'll be making, though. >> i think so.ha bringing rain and not looking so great. single tracking between pentagon city and l'enfant weplaza. l keep you updated when that changes. northbound, 355 here at d27. have a problem there in the middle of the roadway. we have a little bit of closure here and there in the damascus area. inner loop and outer loop of beltway, no problems right now. nice and clear there. fredericksburg southboun 95 at -- three right laneamps blocked. 66 looking good. >> aaron? et 5:32 right now. school isng out a little early for kid in our area today. it's all because of the heat. >> news 4's justin finch live in prince george's county with details on this announcement. just, good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. it's only the second day of school and this is where things stand right now. all prince george's county
5:33 am
public schoolsoing to be closing two hours early. the the heat we're going through. it's going to feel like10 just over degrees later on today. not the best conditions for students who will be in classr making their way home from school. the county also posted this updaten twitter just sterday. no doubt, they'll remind parents as they drop off their students at schl today. more than 134,000 students are going to go home early today. k we donow that lunch will be served. evening classes and activities, even -- evening high school will be closed today. teachers will go home early as . well we also know that air coitioning repairs are completely shutting down two schools. riverdale elementary as well as thedg margaret be regiol hools and back live we can tell you, of course, people are concerned about whatill happen tomorrow and the rest of the week.
5:34 am
we do know at this point, the county says they've not made a decision about thursday. they'll come out with findings laterton y. live from adelphi, justin finch, news 4. back to you. >> justin, thank you. also happening today, jury selection starts in one of d.c.'s most high-profile murder cases. angie goff in the newsroom with more on the trial expected to go for a couple of months, angie. >> we'll be following this for quite some time. then murders happened more t three years ago. savvas savoulos, his wife amy and their sun, philip and their made vera figueroa. daron wint is the lone suspect. he pleaded not guilty. dna evidence is going crucial in the case. but some key evidence may have been left behind at the crime scene. court documents showing a screwdriver holding a within dough open in the basement oth savopoulos home was not recovered. the water bottles and gloves had been discarded from first
5:35 am
responders -- by firstde resp and firefighters. as a result, she did not collect the items. you can watch the mansion murders, inside the investigation special. it's a deep dive look into this case. it's in our nbc wasghngton app now. back to you. angie, thank you. it's 5:35. here's a look at other top stories. jury selection continues today in the trial of a man accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend. tylers tessier accused of killing his girlfriend. she disappeared late last september and was found buried in a field in montgomery county. tropicastorm gordon is being blamed for the death of a child in pensacola, florida. the storm made landfall late last night. just west of the alabama/mississippi border with winds of up to 70 miles per hour. it knocked out powor thousands of people along the gulf coast. the storm is expected to weaken rapidly as it continues t move inland. it is day two of the
5:36 am
confirmation hearings for brett kavanaugh. expect democrats to ask about guns and abortion rights rulings and whether kavanaugh believes a sitting president can be investigated. if confirmed, he'll fill the seat vacated by anthony kennedy. there's more on a book that sent president trump on a twitter rant cingup. we now know who the washington mystics will face in their first-ever wnba finals. the seattle storm beat the phoenix mercury overnight to secure the second spot. the mystics will head to the other washington for their first game on friday. they topped the atlanta dream in game 5 last night in the semifinals. the series was t at 2-2 when d.c. pulled off the wi nowt's time for d.c.'s second chance sports championship in just a matf months. how cool would that be? home games will be at the eagle bank arena on georg mason's campus. >> ticket go on sale later this morning startingbut 20 s.
5:37 am
get out and support the mystics. it's 5:36. still ahead, from a good deed to a lawsuit. they raised thousands for a homeless manpe who h them. this morning, new details about the mysterious way nearly half a million dollars disappeared. first, though, a day of family fun leaves a local man beaten and bruised. why he says he was attacked by security guards at six flags.
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5:40 am
a judge denied bond for a woman charged in a violent case of a road ra in d.c. lawys argued that she suffers and mental health issues had an episode when she was caught onideo smashing a greyhound bus window on friday.e r, we also saw her drive off afterri the bus dver jumped on her car to try to stop her. the bus driver is expected to be she's due back in court later this month. a man suing six flgs, we're
5:41 am
hearrom a man. >> nicholas mims is suing them. he says guards overreacted after a disagreement earlier this summer in largo. this is video thathows part of the incident. he was shirtless on father's day in the park. when he went tonother part of the park, he was told to put his shirt on. after words withhe guard,e was told to leave. an like you cut. i said what do you mean i can't cut? i just spent 500-some dds in here. you got to go. >> mims says he was being escorted out when guards say he was resisting. that's when he was thrown to the the l claims assault, battery and false imprisonment. six flags disputes those claims. well, it is another warm, humid start to your day. so as the kids head to theus op this morning, a lot like yesterday. we'll be in the 70s for much of the area this morning. once the sunrises, we're quickly
5:42 am
going to warm up. dress cool i the afternoon. in the 90 eads again. but feeling more like 105 degrees. chuck is back in a few minutes. more coming up. problems on the rails. blue and yellow line a
5:43 am
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5:45 am
welcome back. 100 firefighters battled a fire oaf night in bethesda. >> it destroyed an unoccupied large home. molette green isive with the latest. molette, good morning. 'r reporter: good morning to you. completely in the dark because the last fire truck rolled out of here abouten seconds ago. this large house on whittier, 69 block of whittier, was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived here. several hours ago. about a hundred firefighters had c battle this thing at its
5:46 am
worst. tell you, this home was under construction or under renovaon. the battalion chief told me a little while ago that the windows, som of them were actually boarded up. there is a car in the driveway that was not damaged i fire. but this thing was raging. there was one firefighter who was injured. he suffered somet dehydration the scene here. nobody believed to be inside the house at the time. now, when daylight comes, we'll see the fire investigators arrive on scene here to go inside and to figure outxahat the cause of this blaze was. we're notar -- as you take a look at the map for you, we're hot far from walt whitman high school, just a distance away from this house. no impact to the residents on this street other t the fact fat we're in the dark here on this street afteefighters battled a big fire here in bethesda. back to you. >> molette green live for us.
5:47 am
thank you. new this morning, another new on the scenera dem just beat out an incumbent. she beat mike capuano in a democratic primary in massachusetts. he conceded the race less than an hour and a half after the polls closed. the defeated congressman said press leeill be a good congresswoman and that massachusetts will be well-served. social media executives will be in the hot seat. sheryl sandberg and jack dorsey will talk about fighting election interference. with less than two months to the cdterms, lawmakers want to know howpanies are -- >> back in 2016, millions ofer were exposed to fake and misleading posts from russia leing up to t presidential election. this morning, a new book is providing one of th most compelling portraits of the dysfunction and chaos within the trump white house.
5:48 am
the book, ear, trump in the hite house" is written by veteran journalist bob woodward. >> he wrote at times the west wing has become paralyzed by the russia investigation. that's just the beginning. tracie potts is on capitol hill now with more on what's in this book. tracie, good morning. >> good mo iing. the boo full of allegations about insults and dysfunctio insults happening within the white house, allegations that the chief of staff called the president an idiot. he denies that. that the president called the attorney general mentally retarded and there's more. but beyond the name calling, the shear dysfunction of this white woodward'srding to book is startling. taking papers from the president's desk so he won't make decisions or ignoring orders like the secretary ignoring the order to -- president trump tweeting that this is a con on the public. the white house says these are
5:49 am
disgruntled former employees talking to woodwar who as you may recall is a prize winning investigative journalist who broke watergate. now with this new book called fear. >> live for us on capitol hill. tracie, thank you. 5:49 now. the couple accused of withholding money from a go funu me account s for a homeless veteran is set to appear in court. indica mcclure and mark dim coe still had the money after he helped mcclure get gas when she was stranded. go fund me raised more than $400,000. bobbitt got some of the money n bu he's back on the streets. the couple repeatedly denied th misusing any o money. they say he spent $25,000 in le than two weeks ondrugs, in addition to paying overdue legal bills and sending money to his family. fairfax county's new fire chief is committed to ending sexual harassment and bullying within his department. chief butler was sworn in yesterday.
5:50 am
he takes over as that department is still dealing with the firefighter who committed suicide. there was comments about her on a there was a culture of sexual harassment and bullying. the new chief says has a no nonsense approach to this issue. >> there is a culture we're not going to tolerate bullying or cyber bullying. we're not going to tolerate it. >> chiefmo butle recentlier sfd as the howard county chief. he hired one of the -- ran one of the most diverse training programs. a tradition he hopes to continue in fairfax county it's5:50. first day of school back for so many of us yesterday. including me. those are my kids. i can't believe my own eyes. look howighey are. seriously. who? are you peop me.a still loves
5:51 am
ben and jake tolerate me. stop taking pictures, mom. >> they love you. >> i hope so. deepnside. remember to share your photos with us. nbc washington on social media. >> ben has a pained look on his face, boy. >> it was also so hot yesterday, right? hurry up,mom. need to get out of the heat. >> nbc4 is commiaked to sure kids are ready for school in the area. molette gre visited landover yesterday. >> we want to make surehaveryone what they needed for a successful school year. >> molette is a member of the nbc4 team. showed up with 500onated backpacks. filled with school supplies. there's our donna community affairs. enough for every student at columbia park to receive aw brad ne backpack. it's so important to have the right gear. it puts the right mind frame. >> you can use the backpacks at
5:52 am
advisors to -- >> -- >> i grew up in georgia. m didn'tave cen air conditioning aty elementary school. >> you put your backs in a strap and threw themou over shoulder. >> it was a cord of twine, aaron. dein case you were on . >> a what? >> those were the days. the school that i was in, my grade school in georgia was built in the '20s. when was theren the '70s. still unair-conditioned. i feel you kids. it's hot outside. letting the kids out early this afternoon. get home and spend quality time in the ac gettingour homework done. visibility down under a mile for a few locations. fog is not a major concern for the morning commute. 78 degrees. the humidity is a real concern. here's the feels-like factors. by 5:00 this afternoon, the heat index running up over 100 degrees. the moisture from what was gordon will eventually find it
5:53 am
way to tuss. it's probably going to be saturday or sunday before the moisture gets here. once it does, that will take the edge off the temperatures forsu . here's future weather for today. not much going on before noon. there's a slight chance for a thunder shower or two today. rainhances are below 20%. don't count on it. but i'm not telling you that it itcan't happen. ertainly could happen. then tomorrow a dry start. dry most of the day tomorrow. a smallhance for a few thunderstorms in the afternoon. but a higher chance tomorrow evening as much more moisture starts to come our way for friday and the weekend. current temperatures in the steamy 70s this morning. today's high a scorcher, 94 degrees. that chance for rain today down below 20%.da teforecast, a lot going on here the next few days. sizzleay hot t and tomorrow. the transition day on friday with a lot of showers around. weekd highs in the low to mid-70s. a lot of clouds around much then rming back up again towards
5:54 am
the middle of next week and watching hurricane florence in the middle of the atlantic. may be something we have to watch next week. let's go over to trafficli and a mollet. >> delays on the blue line. malfunction outside of van dorn street. also on the yellow line, delays between pentagon citynd l'enfant plaza. chopper 4 over bw parkway. northbound,in southbound m pretty well. typical traffic there. 355 here, germantown, damascus area at 27, had the earlier crash. looks like it cleared out of way. stafford, northbound 95 after garrisonville, a crash involving a tractor-trailer. soun like it's on the shoulder. that helps. the beltway, inner loop and outer loop, no big issues there right now. brandywine, northbound before climber drive, one lane blocked by thera there. travel times, no big problem right now in maryland at all.g lookite good there.
5:55 am
virginia 66 is fine. 95 north quantico to the beltway, looking good. listen to 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. thanks, melissa. a new kind of speed camera making drivers think twice before hitting the gas peld dal. they're getting smaller and popping up all over t district. they have high resolution sensors and the ability to t record u 20 vehicles at a time. right now, we don't know how many of the cameras are in e. but they've gone up in places where cameras have been eviously vandalized. amazon hit another major milestone. the e-commerce giant reached a trillion dollars in market value. analysts say this is becau of the company's success with online sales and expanding its services. amazon is the second publicly traded u.s. company to climb this high in mar vtue recently. good morning. i'm kate rogers at cnbc instagram is working on a new
5:56 am
stand alone shopping app. tech news site the verge reports it lets you -- from merchants that they follow and buy them directly within the app. more than 25 million businesses have instagram accountand 2 million of those are also advertisers. four out of pfeiffensgram users follow at least one business. itould be a big revenue opportunity for facebook, the parent company forinstagram. with your business report, i'm kate rogers. it's been about three month since the caps won the stanley cup. still remember that after a long deserved summer of celebrating, the boys areack on the ice. this is in arlington. among the players were niklas backstro and our captain, alex k ovin. they celebrated just a little biju >> hockey st ended. >> i know. ready to lead the team up to another cu preseason game september 16th in boston. keep it going. bracing for thestorm. tropical storm gordon roars into
5:57 am
the gulf. r it hasn and punishing winds. > thousands of d.c. public school students learn their personal information was exposed online. how long it was out there and how it happened in the first place. dear suspicious snackers,
5:58 am
we get it. we know it can be a texture thing, and there are lots of brands to choose from but it's time for you to pick up your big spoon and try new hood cottage cheese. it's the brand people have trusted for more than 170 yes. a whole world of sweet, and savory combinations, like pineapple, cucumber & dill or classic country ane it's packed with satisfying protein, you'll want to try all of hood's amazing flavors. don't miss out on delicious. new to your local dairy aisle!
5:59 am
that breaking news. a hundred firefighters battle an overnight fire in bethesda. aaron rning, i'm gilchrist. i'm eun yang. the flames sparked inside an abandoned but very large home.
6:00 am
molette green is on the scene now.s molette, whae latest? >> reporter: the huge fire is out. the firefighters are aone. ta look at what's left of this large two-story home on whittier boulevard here in bethesda. we want you to look at what firefighters had toattle. yes, a lot of firefighters. about a hundred of them. in the last few o minut battling the blaze, they were hosing down hotspots concentr e concentrating on the rf area which caved in. one firefighter suffered from no one believed to be inside the home, although there is a car in th driveway. montgomery county police are still here on the what's next is the fire investigators who will come in when theun comes up to determine what caused thise masslaze here in bethesda. to give you a better idea of where we are, we are not very


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