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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  September 6, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> this picture fools you. maybe the worst yet, really, when it comes to how it's going to feel outside. despe the heat, prince george's county students will today. all day they missed classes because of problems with air conditioningch in manyls around the county. most of the issues have been fixed now. it is 4:30. you want to make sure that everyone in your family stays hydrated. avoid spending too much time in the heat. it's already 80 drees and the sun hasn't come up for a couple of hours. >> it's 4:30 i the morning and 80 degrees. it's banana town. have chuck bell working with him for your forecast. chuck, this isaz >> it is crazy. we had record high minimum testimonies t temperatures the last couple
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mornings in a row. 78 was a record high. 79 before that. and we're in the upper 70s to near 80. washington airport has not dropped 8 degr0. nonetheless, a very strikey start of the day today. the school day foreca, the kids are all back in at this point in time.up sut 6:41. heat indexes over 100 again today. shorts, sunglasses, short sleeves. i wouldxt take water with you, as well. today is the last of the worst of it. that's the good ne t. we trade i 90s for increasing rain chances. ten-day forecast coming up in a few. goodorning, melissa. good morning, chuck. the beltway looks
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clear, as far as slowdowns. we'll talk about issues as far as roadwork. the crash here, ox hill. again, the just the tiniest slow downhere. and mclean, getting by ueere. no big i 66 inbound to the beltway, .you're on ti >> thank you. we're following a developing story in fairfax county this morning. a woman and two children were found dead in a home in herndon last night. >> chopper 4 was there as police began their investigation. officers came to their home after a man who was in the homemade a her if iing discovery. >> two sons were laying in the house in cold blood. >> there's no threat to anyon else inhe area.
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this is likely a domestic case. no names have beenreleased. now, to video of a heart-stopping moment. a power line fell on a woman's car and caught fire in northwest washington. take a look. surveillance vwseo s people running to help her. this happened yesterday and the situation became more dangerous because the fires were still live and the fireas spreading. the flames engulfed the car. wealked to a couple of witnesses that ran in to help. >> it w the first time i'd seen anything like it. >> this was my first exp sience. i was ck. >> look at the damage there. the woman ista in the hos and will be okay. a man was found dead when he was pinned against his home with
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his own car. it appears his bmwow rolled the driveway. the car crashed into him and a wa his home. a relative found him. he had been dead for some time, possibly overnight. we hope to learn his identity later today. montgomery county fire investigators are working to learn exactly whataud the house fire in bethesda. this issen the aa view of the aft aftermath of the fire. the cause of that fire was likelyar accidental and std in the kitchen. the home had been under renovation. wthe family not there at the time. the fire officials say one firefighter suffered an injury that wasn't serious. new this morning, the second trial for an attack on an alt-ght leader, led to a conviction but no punishment.
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that punch was only worth a do iar. accused of assaulting jason kessler on the right rally. he was not physicallyurt but suffered emotional trauma from this incidene because h made fun of him. a jury took that into consideration and fined him $1 and jail time. his legal team is looking to appeal the case for a third e'time. h a look after the top stories this morning -- jury selections in thesi m murders trial. the trial could last two months. darren went is killing his wife, their son and housekeeper in . 20 the prince william county school board has given approval pilot program. it replaces retired police officers in elementary cools. there will be six positions. three of the spo are already filmed.
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this w approved last spring in the wake of thein sho in parkland, florida. president trump calls it gutless that somebody wouldn't put their name on allegations. it questions the answers ofes fitns for the fice. tracie potts will have reaction from capitol hill. the rosters are finalized, faasy teams are set. it must be time for football. tonight i kickoff ofhe 2018 nfl season. football season. the first i match the philadelphia eagles and thelc atlanta s. the game starts at 8:20,ed folly news at >> the red go to arizona to take onhe cardinals.
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that will be sunday afternoon. coming up, a historic movie prop returned years after they were stolen. now, we're hearing how local curators helped crack the case of sdoroth ruby slippers. a man targeting a teenager breaks into her home how he founder h
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> right now, the driver of this pickup truck is in police du custody after slamming into a p dallasice station. police say he drove his truck into that buildi. you see t papers scattered around the truck, those are all flyers about an officer-involved shooting that happened years ago in another texas nobody was injured by the truck. police say a sexualda pr used social media to track down
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teenage targets. >> his latest escapade was in california. he broke into a home and snuck into a 13-year-old girl's room and startedhileasuring elf. the girl woke up. and you can see, the man ran out of the house. he was quickly arrested. lice say he started stalking teens after seeing them at a local dance studio. >> he targeted the young girls by viewing their social media accounts. he was able to identifyhere the victims lived, as far as photographs that were posted ot r social media accounts. >> police say a day before this incident, ward was in court answering from a similar crime last year. the mother in this case says parents need to talk to their kids about what they're posting online. that's dangerous, the fact he found their homes by looking at the posts. >> that is scary. a little less scary, baseball forecast for today.
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> wtcome back 4:45. vivid pictures, fear, chaos and questions of president trump's fitness, all in a stunning "new york times" op-ed. the author is an anonymous senior administration official. news 4's tracie potts is on capitol hill following this story. this op-ed has the same themes that are detailed in bob woodward's new book. what is the president's reaction to this new book? >> that t"the new york times" should turn this person over to the government because it's a
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matter of national secuanty. he said this was him getting rid of bad apples in washington, draining the swamp and the swamp is now fighting back. sarah sanders says whatever it is, should resign. an administration officia doesn't necessarily work in the white house but is described in the article in the-e someone who works for the president. >> tracie potts on the hill this g.rn thank you. to a story you're seeing first on news 4, a local district is considering additional safety measures following the death of a third grader. he was helping a teacher operate the motized partition when he wamehow became caught between it and the . we've learned that not long after the accident, fairfax county public schools started asking for more information about anddional safe aa aal saf device that can be installed
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when using these the school district tells news 4 it has no current plans purchase the safety device and it is, quote,lways evaluating opportunities to update safety practices and procedures. we know that fairfax county has 127 motorized partitions in the schools. it cost between $5,000 and $6,000 tost l each one. you can read more about it in the nbc washington app. stafford county public schools are tapping into technology to make them safer. reporter: outside brook point high school, a stafford county sheriff's cruiser the first thing you see. inside, the focus is where it should be, on classroom discussions. as the county's superintendent tours 31 schools, he is reminded of wt is top of mind for
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students. >> make sure it's a place they will be safe. and i understand that. >> rorter: he believes there needs to be a balance between secuty and school freedoms. he does not want students going through a tsa-like checkpoint. they want students a staff usin technology. the school system here is encouraging teachers and students to be downloading the app on their phone. to use it, 's simple. click on the tip line and type your message. you can use a range of subjects fromly bulg to drugs to weapon you can specify the school and most importantly, you can send anonymously. it goes to several school administrato administrators. and depending on the top of ri threat, the s's office is notified. we hope we can get more because use apps.ike >> it will only work if studen and staffs trust the school
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administration. the best line of defense -- >> getting to know your children and families. that's relationships. to sing those relationshi build trust, fostering a safe zone of its own. a big congratulations to a stafford county teacher this morning. dan was the teacher of the year. >> he was surprised ing an asesembly yesterday. >> the teacher of the year, mr. dan riekart. >> you can see all of the students very excit for him. he told students he had followed his dream to become a and then had words of wisdom for them. >> you can do anything. it doesn't matter where you live or what the color of your skin is. how much money you have. you can do ything.
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>> mr. reichard goes up against other regional winners to be considered virginia teacher of the year. also being considered is tim coleman. he is a minority achievement coordinator at jeffersoniddle school. educators are so very important. they do so muc having three kids in the car makes me nuts. can you imane being a fifth grade teacher? >> my mom did 32ears in third, fourth and fifth grade. >> god bless her. >> and she raised me. >> there you go. >> automatic sainthood for your mother. >> this is the peak of hurricane season. and believe it or not we're watching hurricanelorence which became a major hurricane. categories 4 and 5 are considered major hurricanes. and p 00 mil hour winds and
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much is hurricane status. that's where florence is right now, a long ways out in the ocean. however, the track of this storm worth keeping an eye on. were not modeling landfall now. the first one would be the land ofbermuda. and this is tuesday or wednesday of next week for bermuda. if it's going to pose any threat to the u.s., and there's wo guarantee l or won't at this point, but if it's going to be a problem for us, it will be in that thursday, iday, saturday timeframe late next eeek. we have even m days to watch it. it's not in a favorable location to make an east coast landfall. butve time you have a wushg out there, you have to watch it. it's a stifling heat day today. temperatures in the 70s to near 80. leesburg, one of the cool spots at 68. it'sup, up and away for
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temperatures today. hot and humid. just aiserable afternoon to be outside. temperatures by 3:00, 4:00, b 5:00, wil in the low to mid-90s. heatr indexes o 100 degrees. our forecast for downtown today, 95. there is the slimmest little chance forto rain y. aot of deep, tropical moisture out to our west. and this cold front, an increase chance for rain. there's an increasing chance of rain for tomorrow. today's chance, can find west of i-81 in parts of the shenandoah valley. with all this in mind, here's your ten-y forecast now. it's going to be a hot one today. cooler weather tomorrow. we shave about ten degrees off tomorrow's temperature, only 85. and mid-70s for highs over the weekend. rain chances keep creeping up for saturday and sunday. >> not what you want to hear silver spring, outer loop,
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left lane gettingy the wor zone. we're having a lit 8 slowdown up top, as people squeezeby interloop before the toll road. that works some. alexandria, southbound 395 after semina seminary. tw left lanes are getting work there. 95, southbound, a little slow as you're approaching quantico this don't have a report of a problem. we'll keep an eye on that. looking at 95 southbound, 32 to the beltway. a little quick there. going to get you there inen minutes. an update, now, this morning on thee pur line, the new tram-like train system being builtn maryland. once completed it will run from w bethesda to carlton. until then, there's going to be construction across the coties. yesterday, news 4 transportation reporter took a tour of the
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work. crews areigging out aunnel along the bath of the train right under arles street. residents say they're frustrated. >> all day long, i wear ear plugs, all day long. i wear the sound-canceling headphones. this is not just a month or two. this is with this. of dealing >> the purple line is scheduled to be finished in 2022. go to i don't know what you can the residents about waiting for it to be over. >> try to be patien capital mike shares arein te out new electric posts. >> there will be 80 of the
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e-bik e-bikes throughout the system. they hope it will be anption fo commuters with longer rides. and it's easier for those with hills on theroute. you can track down the electric bike by using the share app. no upsets at the u.s. open last night. but the heate it hard for everyone. can you imagine playing tep nis tennis in this kind of weatr? look at novak djokovic. he'sr. like, whate he didn't baother to go to the locker room. djokovic would go on to win it in straighet and advance to the semifinals. madison hekeys, american, she also advanced. >> good job. an update,now, on the return of some of the most recognheed shoes in world. the ruby red slippers used in "the wizard of oz."ou we told that the shoes were returned. they went missing after a
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late-night robbery at the judy garland museum, in 2005. the smithsonian had a mismatched pair in its collection. i mentioned that. and the stolen pair was also mismatched. >> so, we were lucky enough to have the other pair of shoes and we were comparing the two. they were able to find that they are chesistent wit pair we have. >> they were able to get the right shoe with the right other shoe, right? the fbi says -- >> what you >>said. no one has been arrested or charged in this case, but they have multiple suspects here. they made four pairs of shoes forvihe mo they're in different places now. >> i want to put them on and click my heelsust to see what ppens. >> see where you end up? >> yes. still ahead, we'reorng for you with ways you can keep your child safe. melissa meets with a
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self-defense instructor, showing what we can do to defendve ours and our children. and we're live in herndon where police areti cing an vgs into a horrifying discovery. a womann and two childund dead inside a home. news today continues next. your
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news 4 begins with a storm am 4 weather alert. >> those soaring temperatures are showing no signs of down today. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. this cld be the hottest day of the week. melissa is standing by with a check on our commute this morning.
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let's start with chuck bell and a look at this heat wave that seems to never end. >> no kidding. th cendar says september. the kids are back in school. that tells you it's fall. the fours you need to know about the weather, another very steamy start this morning. the heat is peaking today. this may b the hottest day of the week. it's been 94 twice already. 93 yesterday. heat indexes over 100. it's all about the svelweat ande misery for 'rday. if y wondering about the weekend, you can be in trouble. the ouoor plans may be rained out. current temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. there's a tiny chance for a shower or thunderstorm. don't count on mother nature cooling you off. afternoon highs,


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