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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 6, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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for us.t but let's stth chuck bell and how hot it's going to get today. >> your nbc washington app from the app store and get your storm team 4 forecast. that's a mouthful. four things you need to kouw the weather. another steamy start to the day today. today, likely to be the hottest day of the week. we were 94 twice and 93 once already this week. forecasting 95 today. this will be the top h of thet wave and it will be the end of the heat wave. heat index, 100-105. we get rid of the heat but your afternoon plans better include a tent. annapolis up 8 to 80 degrees. the school day forecast, maybe an indoor recess because it will be too hot. heat indexes close to 100 by
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midday. the kids will need shorts, sunglasses, short sleeves and extra battle ofater today. more about the cooldown and the weekend chances. chopper right now, over the outer loo of the beltway here. this is georgia avenue where they cleared the work zone. slow in that area. the lanes are now open. that'sor the int thing this morning. the rest of the beltway is just fine. as you're approaching manassas, 95, and slow through the wood bridge area. through prince george's county, looking okay. the delay is as you're headed inbound on indian head highway, s you 20 miles per hour approach livingston road. hearing about an issue southbound, more than that, coming up. >> we're following a developing story in fairfax county this mornin >> police a working to figure out what led to a woman and two
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children being dead wednesday evening. >> justin finch is live outside of the house in herndon where the bodies were tfound. what latest? >> this is a heart breaking story that began with a phone call to police yesterday evening. last night,ice began going inside to gather evidence here, as ouwell. three hours earlier, that phone call, a man telling policeom that he came to find his two sons in a pool of blood dead. that phone call coming from this house on the 00 block of safa street, off of fairfax county parkway and route 7 here. awoman woman was later found dead inside, as well. but fairfax county police are being tight-lipped about the details they are releasing at this time. for example, they he not said if this was a murder/suicide or what the relationshi are between those three people that were found dead inside the home. what they are saying, though, is that it does not appear to be a
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threat to the public at this time. back out live, we can tell you that a medical examiner will determine the cause of death, just what happened inside that home remains a mystery, though, at this we're live here in dohea i'm justin finch, news 4. >> thank you. >> today, despite the heat, students in prince george's county will stay in class all day. every school in the county released s of the weather.ause a spokesperson of the school district says 10 of its 200 school buildings had major problems with its cooling system dozens of other schools had issues with the air conditioning. some fixed the issues. some parents were frustrated they had to pick up their kids esrly even if the temperat in their school was fine. >> theealth comes first. >> and the air conditioning was fine. i didn't think it was a need for all schools. >> prince george's county schools says the overall backlog for school building repairs adds
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up to $2 billion. prince george's county is hardly alone in dealing with heating and cooling systems. y,ere's millions of repairs planned in montgom frederick, arlington and loudon counties. e e does acknowledge they e ing band-aid approaches. but they prioritildings with special needs or elementary students first. school in prince william co ty is going along. and how is the county school board keeping the students safe? last night the board gave normal approval to a new one-year pilot program. the program replaces rered police officers in elementary schoes. there wil six positions. three of the spots are already filled. funding for the program was c approved by tnty board of supervisors last spring.>
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ork to pick a jury for the high-profile mansion trial begins this morning. daryl went is charged with torturing with killing the fami back in 2015. yesterday was the first day of jury selection in tcase. lawyers are looking at a pool of 80 jurors. some of them gasped when they were hold the tri could last two months. went was arrested aer police found his dna on a pizza crust at t crime scene. now, a scathing attack on president trump fro within the white house. a "new york times" op-ed was written anymously by a senior official in the trump administration. the person who wrote it estions the president's fitness for office. a portion of the op-ed said meetings with himeer off-topic and off the rails. he engages in repetitive rants
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and his impulsive results in ideas that have to be walked back. there was whispers within the cabinet of invoking the 25th amendment. president trump fired back on twitter, blasting "the new york times" and calling the source es gu he demanded "the times" reveal e person's name. he said this is national security at this point. "the new york times" decided not to reveal the person'sity because he or she feared for their job. that reasoning did not sit well for the president. >> you tell me about some an ymous source in the dministration, probably who is failing. no. and "the new york times" is failing. >> the op-ed comes on the heels of a newook by bob woodward, claiming there is chaos in the white house. >> no more nra justices.
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brop the murder of our children. >> day two of thett kavanaugh confirmation hearings began with more tbursts from protesters. they've set a record for interruptions protesters. there were more than three dozen yesterday. judge kavanaugh declined to say what would happen if robert mueller would force the president to answer questions. >> can aitng president be required to respond to a subpoena? >> i can't give you an answer at hypothetical question. judgeavanaugh also denined to say whether he would take himself off any case tha might involve a lawsuit or criminal case involving president trump. > investigators are trying to figure out why dozen passengers fell ill. 19 of more than 500 people onboard the light were sick when the plane nded at jfk airport.
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100 others reported feeling ilta medics and s boarded the plane. medics and staff boarded the plane to check on everybo there. the plane had to be quarantined for se pral hours. sosengers were upset that people were allowed to board after showing signs of being sick. allegations of sabotage onboard the international space station. >> russian officials say an oxygen leak may have been a deliberate act by one of the astronauts themselves. it centers around this tiny hole. air was leaking out of it last week and it has been fixed. but russian officials on the ground said that hole had to be made from inside the space station. they admit itt possible t the hole was made before launch and not discovered until recently. that section of the space station was launched from russia in june. three months ago, muriel bowser had announced she had adopted a newborn and was becoming a mother. >> she ispeningab ut it on
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request the "today" show she decided to share the story with hoda kotb, after the "today" showboost talked being a busy mom with a hectic schedule. >> the moment that sticks out to me is looking down at miranda es and those ooking back at me and knowing i was her entire world. >> a special bond, indeed. that's coming up in our 6:00 hour, hoda will be joining us for a preview of our conversation with mayor bowser. that starts at 7:00 today. still ahead, increasing the value of your home. >> whyhe sale of coffee and sandwiches may do just that. plus, if you had the through, you know it can knock you out for days. imagine cutting your recovery
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time in half. a game-changing dr j promises to t that. chuck? another day of baseball in the nation's ecapital. cubbies are in town to play our nationals. as you're heading down to t ballpark, it will be a steamer. temperatures in the 90s. heat indexes near 100 as the game gets going. no rain delays today. tomorrow, may not be the case. the forecast coming up. how you can eat chocolate and help homeless families in montgomery county. we have willy wonka here to help we have willy wonka here to help , coming up nextus o
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welcome back. it's 6:14. the starbucks in your neighbor may give m youe than a quick and easy place to pick um your coffee. there's a study at harvard business school, that a new starbucks in a community, increases housing prices in a 'sar. ot clear if housing prices are rising because of the starbucks itself, or because of who like the peopl coffee chain move into that area. flu season is almost here. and there's an experimental drug that seems promising for treating the sickest people battling the flu. it aims to control flu systems after just one dose. the new drug appears to clear the virus from the in just a day. >> this drug is particularly promising for treating inviduals who have higher risk of complications. >> the fda could approve this
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drug by the end of the year. until then, doctors recommend getting your flu shots to reduce risks. andhey always recomme that, every year, to get a flu shot, you best dense. 6:15 is your time right now. what better than a box of chocolates? >> not much. how about a carnival of chocolates? molettereen in rockville with details on this amazing event and whos benefom sales this weekend. hi, molette. >> reporter: hey. i'm sur rounded by chocoholics, right? [ cheers ] can i have you look at this chocolathe everyw, all these deliciousco chotes with ingredients i can'tmbven remeer to tell youabout. from the t maple the ange, to the pistachios inside the chocolate and, eun and aaron, all for a vy good cause. talking about the carnival of chocolates, which kicks off on and the dwelling place is the charity, the nonprofit, that
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will benefit from everybody coming up. got a bunchf chocolateers, got a bunchfvendors. we are trying to hp homeless families, right? >> that's correct. the dwelling place is a nonprofit organization in montgomery county. we've been around f 30years. we support homeless families in their road to self-sufficiency. we provide them with the tools. we have 100% success rate, when they are stably housed once they leave. >> all of the reasons that lizette engle, to eat chocolate early in the morning, right? we have fabulous chocolateers. they left their day jobs to start this. lawyer government employees, bankers. they're all chocolate others now. and willie wy wonka will be at ieevent to take selfs with
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everybody. carnival of chocolates, on saturday. it's a free event, but you have to pay for the chocolate to taste. back to you. eun, i'm looking for the perfect piece for you. i'll figure it out. >> thank you, molette. i like the dark chocolate. >> there yougo it was one of the first binge-worthy shows on netix and showed the dark side of d.c. and politics. >> now, "house ofs" ca is coming to an end and this is a look at the final season. here it is. >> if you want to pay yourts resp you have to wait in line. >> she's the first lady at this point? >> i haven't caught u with the show. >> the teaser shows the grave of frank underwood. he was portrayed by kevin
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spacey. spacey was taken off of the show after he was accused of sexual harassment and abuse. he will not to trial for that. the new season premieres novembd. 2n >> and the last season will focus on robin wright. >> the best thing about that show, when you go to bed, you know it was all just fiction. >> i'm not going to say anhing, chuck bell. >> good tv show. all right. ea>> mostly yet ever-so-hazy sky over washington, at 6:18 on a thursday morning. we have temperatures in the 70s, just about onerywhere. na airport dropped down to a bone-chilling 78 grees. still, 81 -- i'm trying to make you feel better, eun. bone-chilling8 degrees. a frigid 70 in leesburg. i'm just teasing with you.
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garden forecast for today, do it early. get outside and have all your ya work done before 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. it will be a hot and humid day to be outside today. good time to refresh your garden with blooming perennials and shade perennials like the turtle head and the aster. great late season color for you. afternoonhe ing. the plants aren't affected by the heatex i like people are. how about it feeling between 100 and 105 degrees again today. this is the last of it. today will be the last day with the sweltering heat. thatold front near chicago and st. louis. and this moisture, which was gord, those two things will throw clouds in our direction for tomorrow. torrow, about ten degrees cooler than today. that's welcome news for sure. and then, we shave another ten degrees off as we head into the weekend. 95 today. tomorrow. and around 75 degrees saturday
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and sunday. saturday, theainier half of the weekend. all of your weekend need to have a backup ready to go. ten-day forecast and the latest on hurricanelorence in t next half hour. >> good morning, chuck. a problem in gaithersburg. this is near montgomery village avenue. report of dwrite ibris in the r. we have some slowdowns, about six total cars pulled over on to the side o r thedway here this morning. calvertton, the left side is blocked by a crash. top of thebeltway, seeing the typical slowdowns on the outer loop. travel time, 270 okay, from germtown to the spur top of the beltway, you saw how slow it was. 66 southbound, 95 northbound, pretty normal. can till ahead, the wor be a dangerous place, especially
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for kids and youngad ts. melissa is back and teaching us more about self-defense than what you can tell your kids. a heart-stoppingmoment. a power line lights a car on fire in d.c. while a wom inside. everything that happened next was caught on camera. and this afternoon on "ellen." ♪ blow when you sleep hold in the heat ♪ ♪ put holes in your jeans >> she is really funny and apparently t she can wra. anna kendrick joining ellen. and spike lee talks about his new movie. you can catch llen" on nbc 4. be sure totick around for news
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you're watching quali ining today." >> it's 6:24.ou do children walk alone? it doesn't have to be far. mayb hto a friendse or down the street to school. >> if so, it's time for a very important conversation about self-defense. melissa joins us and has valuable advice. guys.d mornin some of the moves might look tough for smaller kids. i tried them at home with my 8-year-old son. the t wayhey fight back can be infinitely more effective. >> reporter: self-defenseroexpet b fletcher is a black belt. tvels the country teaching people how to defend themselves. >> seriously thinking, what would i to ifhat were to happen? not to have a paranoid fear, but
6:25 am
a healthy awareness. >> reporter: walk withpurpose. travel in groups. take the ear buds out. it's most important to be aware. >> you're going to hit. >> reporter: there's four things to know. first, how to get in the zone se and protect yo. >> red zone is you're paralyzed by fear. yellow zone, overcome by fear. you don't know what to strike or how to strike. gray zone, you're attacked to up with. you hand that over. and the green zone, that is fight. >> reporter: yell, scream, fight and run. go for the attacker's most vulnerable areas. eyes, nose, groin. those are your primary target areas. the second target areas can be your ears, your throat, your ribs and the top of your foot. >> reporter: all right. here we go. >> what a my weapons? my fingers, thumbs,wsy palm, elnd knees and my foot. >> reporter: the most effective strikes?
6:26 am
>> you grab the person's hd. there's pressing your eyes in the eye socket. there's the thumb strike. the spear hand strike to the eyes. >> reporter: use your elbows, use you're knees, and kick fletcher has a fitness program that can help you teach your kids. >> i mean, you just keep throwing the strikes. >> reporter: as they practice how to protect themselves. >> so, lissa, what advice does rob have for talking to younger kids about self-defense? >> well, thinking about being in a threatening situation is but you know your child best. teach him without scaringm. we have an expert video that i will post on facebook and twitter later today. >> melissa, thanks t fort advice. coming up, securing our schoolsne app at a time. the local district encouraging kids to use their pnes to improve safety. plus, another verdict
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stemming from the violence in charlottesville. charlottesville. why one man's your school supplies today... charlottesville. why one man's school. grade. done. done. hit the snooze button and get low prices on school supplies all summer long. now get 50% off school backpacks at office depot officemax.
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sonew laptop,our 24/7 tech support. yep, thanks guys. omthink he might need ssupport. yes. start them off right. with the school supplies they need at low prices all summer long. like this asus notebook for only $199.99 at office depot officemax. news 4 begins with a stoea team 4er alert.
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>> we want to get right to that weather alert as you wake up and start your thursday morning. look at all that haze and humidity out there. this hot weather we're been dealing with all week, it's sticking around for another day. >> it's like pushing the start button on the oven. you know it's going tod. be >> how can we turn it off? >> it may be the worst yet oho i't's going to feel outside today. eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. the heat wave is coming to an end. so close. chuck bell is working on there st before we check in with the traffic. how close is it, chuck? >> one more day in the weather bunker, that's all we need. temperatures in the s again this afternoon. heat index is up to 100-105 degrees. a hazy sky to greet you on a thursday morning.
6:31 am
not too many clouds out there just yet. today is the peak of the heat wave. p.m. rain likeyo tomorrow on friday afternoon and evening plans. and the weekend could be impact by rain ops. it's eitr 90 degrees or it's raining. g're stuck in the mid to upper 70s to your thursday morning started. plan on another hot day today. i'm forecasting 95 only a teeny, tiny little chance for rain today. most along the i- corridor. i-95, likely to be hot and dry. more about the rain chancesn the weeke coming up. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, chuck. looking right now. eastbound ic bridge cheney. i think a car has spun around here this morning. once they get tft out the way, doesn't seem to be slowing things too much. but an issue there and they have to get a tow out there and see some delays. 270 southbound, first section through urbana, a. little sl and we get slow near montgomery. some debris in the roadway and a couple of vehicles that suffered
6:32 am
damage l beltwayks okay. top of the beltway, outer loom, approaching georgia, will be the slow spot on the beltway. >> thank you. foit's 6:32. owing a developing story out of herndon, virginia, this morning. a woman and twohildren were found dead alistening safa street last night. >> we s want tow you a look at the scene this morning. a medil examiner is working to determine the cause of death. justin finch will have more on ne investigation later i this half hour. here's a look at our other top stories. we hope to learn the identity of a man found dead after being pinned against his d.c. home by his own car. firefighters say it appears his rolled down the driveway of a home in northwest. a relative found the man's body yesterday morning. today is day two in jury selection in the case of a man accused of a high-profile murder in a d.c. mansion.
6:33 am
the trial is expected to last .wo mont despite the heat, students in prince george's county willn stay i class all day today. the district released students yesterday because of thean heat problems with cooling systems in certain schools. the district says it fixed many of the cooling >systems. school in prince william county is under way. this morning, we're learning more about how theounty school board is working to keep children safe. >> megan mcgeth is l in manassas now with more details for us. megan? >> this is a pilot program. something we'llryut for a year and see how it goes. increase security on the elementary school level. it's calling for armed, retired police officers un serve as coy safety officers in the across princehools william county. the formal approval was given by
6:34 am
the school board. th happened lastnight. and the program calls for a pho total of five community safety officers and a supervisor. they will wear uniforms that arr dit from county police officers. anu will be able to identify them. the community safety officers wl rotate through the elementary schools. >> you have 60 elementary schools. they are more or less rotating through the different schools. right now, what they're doing is going to the schools and introducing themselves and building the relationships with our younger studes. >> so, two csos have been hired, plussupervisor. they have more hires to do. they're workingen getting those people in place. >> thanks. stafford county public schools are tapping into technology in an effort to make students safer.ts studan download an app to report security issues orbu
6:35 am
ying. nd goes to several administrators adepending on the type of threat, the sheriff's office. officials say the app will om work if students and staff trust the administration. this morning, a woman is in er the hospital a power line fell on to her car in northwest d.c. this is surveillance video showing people running over to try to help her. this happened yesterday. that situation became more dangerous becausehe wires were still live and the fire was spreading. the flames tengulfedt car. now, we want to show you what was left of the car. the fire gutted the inside and pretty much the woman is expected to be okay. it's 6:35. new this mo $ing, a fine. that's all a man convict t of assaulti organizer of last year's unite the right rally in arlottesville will have to pay. this video showsim assaulting jason ksler in august of last
6:36 am
year. kessler told the court he was not physically hurt but suffered emotional trauma from t incident because people made fun of him. a jury took that into consideration and fined him just $1 and no jail time. kessler says his legal team is looking at appealing. coming up, the anonymous y op-e will be hearing about all day today. a member of trump's administration promising change from within. a we'll loo it and the president's response. plus, chocolate and charity. molette green is showing us how you can enjoy both this weekend. nice combo, molette. >> yeah. we're doing it all for a good cause. t chocolat center of it all, with williay wonka, right? >> absolutely. >> sing that song. ♪ take a look into a worldf imagination ♪ wu'e you'll see
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watching "news 4 today." welcome back. here we go. the rosters are finalized. fantasy teams are set. it must be time for football. tonight is kickoff of the 2018 nfl season. football season. the first match is the philadelphia eagles and the lanta falcons. you don't need to change the kham. 8u can keep it here all day. the game starts 0, followed by news at 11:00. >> the redskins go to arizona to take on the cardinals. that will be sunday afternoon. now, here's your cepc business rort. walmart is racing to meet its home delivery in more than 100 cities.
6:41 am
it's similar to the one used by amazon, where drivers use their dn cars top off items. waart had mixed success with previous attempts. uber anda program with lyft earlier this year. it stopped a weftest using employees to deliver orders on their way home. we're getting a first look at d.c.'s first baby. mayor bowser opens up about adopting with "today's" hoda kotb. after the break, hoda joins us live with a preview of that interview. good morning, everybody. time to take the dog out for as walk t morning. clyde is available for adoption at the humane rescue line.ou ifeed a buddy, there's clyde available for you there. best time to walk the dog, no doubt, rig away. as soon as n ts 4ay is over, of course. ten-day forecast coming up. rht now, brand-new problem on 270. chopper 4 ahead. de
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16 before the hour right
6:45 am
now. breaking news at this hour. sources telling news 4 that tyler tessier was found dead this morning in a facility in rockville, maryland. a jury selection was set to get under way for t trial this morning. he was accused of murdering his pregnant girlfriend. it was about a year when the teacher in howard county went missing. >> after a week of searching, her body was found in a shallow grave in montgomery county. shortly after that,as tessier w arrested. we'll have more on this breaking story thrghout the day. at 6:45. d.c.'s mayor, muriel bowser is opening up about being a new mother after adopting a baby gi about threeonths ago. >> she is sharing her story with hoda take a look. >> what did you see? >> i saw my baby girl. i had no hesitation. no -- the feelingas that it
6:46 am
would be the two of us. and we would make it in the world. >> joining us now is hoda kotb from new york. >> hi, hoda. this will be the first time -- >> oh, my. >> -- for mayor bowser to share. and of course, she chose you. this makes sense. >> i felted walking in there. >> you did? >> i melted. yes. you know, i arrived home. and she's holding that little girl in her arms. and it looked like it just fit. everything just fit. and i got to tell you guys, it was effortless. i know she's running the nation's capital. but sometimes a baby can throw yourorld upside-down. i was surprised how at home she seemed. she was just doing her thing with baby miranda and it was so touching. she looked at thaite girl and her eyes told it all. >> hoda, you have been there. you know what it's like to juggle this demand in career.
6:47 am
you're in the public spotlight. en, you have this new part of your life. wd i remember you saying, you just knew it the right thing, that something you had been waiting for was there all 're time. it was y a mother when you become a mother. >> your world snaps into focus. i think youif prioritize your in a way you didn't realize you would. and i also think, you thinkrehat yooing to have a baby and your normal life and add a baby. like, it doesn't worike that. the baby ends up being the focus. and you know, i don't know the mayor's level of joy. but what i saw in her home on th day told m everything. she said she never dreamt of being anything but a mother. all.s doing it and doing it >> we're so looking forward to your conversation with mayor bowser, lda. ande seeing haley joy. she is too cute for words. >> love you, e un.
6:48 am
>> my mom says hi, by theway. >> is she watching? we love her so much. >> always. >>hank you, hoda. it's 6:47. we're following a developing story in herndon this morning. police are trying to find out d at this home where a woman and two children were found dead last night. investigators spent hours at tho . but so far. >> little is being released about the scene found inside. >> justin finch is live at that home with the latest on this >>se. justin? eporter: aaron, we're watching this investigation very closely. behind me, y will see several rings of crime tape surrounding this home. crews are still stationed in the driveway investigs are working to learn what led to the three peopleeing found dead here yesterday. we do know the call to police came aboutas 6:15 night. a man calling from this home, on the 1000 block of safa street here, offairfax county parkway and route 7, saying he came home
6:49 am
to find his two sons dead in a pool of blood. a woman was i found deadide the home, as well. after 9:00 last night, police got the warrant to go inside and began gathering enside the home. and they are not saying ithis was a murder/suicide. they're not confirming the relationships of the peopl i found dea the home or releasing their names at this time. back out live, we can tell you the police are telling us there no public threat to safety at this time. miner will ical e determine the cause of death for all three of those people, the woman and two children, found dead inside that home last night. live here in herndon, i'm justin finch, news 4. back into you. >> thank you. it's loping this morning, a shocking, new "new york times" op-ed paints a vivid picture of chaos within the trump administration. the author is said to be an anonous senior administration official. the piece says, quote, meetings
6:50 am
with him veer off-topic, off the rails and engages in repetitive rant and his impulsiveness results io ideas that have walked back. it's going to be a sweltering day around here, chuck. >> absolutely right. the high heat and humidity. the heat index up around 105 this afternoon. more on that in just a second. while you were sleeping, hurricane florence reached category strength. that makes it aajor hurricane. have to watch this carefully over the next couple of days. no threat to land for the next vedays. there's bermuda. this is the end of the five-day foreca track. once it makes it past there, we have to see if it has a chance to threaten the east coast or the u.s. east storms end up making the turn back out to until it makes that turn, we
6:51 am
will watch it carefully. here's the way your thursday is getting started. a blazing h sun over a hazy sky. the temperatures are inhe 70s. 78 in washington. 70 in leesburg. it will be a quick warm-up again today. afternoon temperatures will hover in the low to mid 90s all afteoon long. and the heat indexes are going to bep over 100. highs in hometown, 92, leesburg. and heat indexes by 5:00, forecast to be around 102 in gaithersburg. 101 degrees in fredericksburg. very hot and humid today. any little chance for rai today comes across parts of the shenandoah valley. 7:00.between 4:00 and mosty aw .f o oshodathy,lle wi ten degrees co tomorrow and ten degrees cooler than that for the weekend. both days this weekend have high
6:52 am
chances for rain,, big if, florence were to make it to the east coast, we would watch it in a thursday/friday time frame. >> chopper 4 over this problem here. i this 270 southbound. you see the delay in the main and local lanes headed southbound because of that. calve calverton, all lanes open now. 270 southbound has other pain as you're headed out of the urbanah area and s a little slow because of an earlier problem. inner loop and outer loop, the slow spots will be up top there. travel times, 270 from german town to the spur will take you about 0 minutes. top of the beltway, going just 21 miles per hour. 66 inbound, going 33 miles per hour. and 95 north quantico to the beltway, 38 miles per hour.
6:53 am
listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop i your car today. a lot of people love chocolate. it's one o their favorit treats, including me. there's a great event this weekend, that is for a good cause. >> a carnival of chocolate, if you mo green will tell us about this event and who it benefits. hey, molette. >> reporter: it's ner too early to eat chocolate or have chocolate oil. dab that on there. i know you're. a chockahol and we're making you a goody bag. will work forat choc it says on the bag. we have the chocolateer's pallet here.e and w have chocolate going in. love that. and then, ruby scoops chocolate ice cream. put that in the bag. i want toalk about the dwelling place, that is the charity that will benefit from this event on saturday.
6:54 am
friday, rain or shine, we want people to come out toupport homeless families. james bond is with the dwelling place. >> yes. thewelling place has been unprofiteering helpi over 30 years. this weekend is about supporting local choco teers and supporting the families of our community. these sweet chocolates are representinghe sweet futures that we provide for our families. >> you can do this, right?es everybody l chocolate and funnel. f's a family-friendly event everybody. will e ly nka will take free selfies. rain or shine, kicks off at 12:00. we can support this event. where is eun's bag, willy wonka? we'll find it because we're bringing it right to you. >> you think it will make it?ll the way he you're a chockaholic, too. we can share.
6:55 am
>> it could be >> i love that it's for a great cause. ank you, molette. >> where are you headed mo ow? >> tomorrow it will be fantastic. new world of dance," the show that everybody loves. we have a local dance group. and we will be speaking with them about their experience on "the world of dance" tomorrow o news 4 today. let's sing our good-bye song. back to you. >> thanks, molette. ♪ and a world of d. just like the movie >> i knew you would say something. also tomorrow, on news 4 today, or johnny depp. a new netflix show and a warning for parents t comedy aimed at teens that may be triggering their mental alth. join us from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m.
6:56 am
we startour four things to know with breaking news. sources telling news 4, that tyler tessias found in a facility this morning. jury selection was under ways in his trial. he was accused of murdering his former girlfriend.y jelection continues in the high-profile.c. mansion murders case. darren went is charged with core churing and killing a family of three and their housekeeper in 2015. this trial could last two months. muriel bowser is opening up about her life as a newth . she sat down with hoda kotb to talk about the experience. you can hea about her journey and her daughter coming up on the "today kwlg" show. yesterday's hot temperatures forced an earlyisssal for every county school due to several problems with central
6:57 am
cooling system. you can read about the issue in the nbc washington app. there's a look at the ve-day forecast. good chance to download your app. you can track the heat index in your hometown. and you can track the rain chances and the cooler weather, just in time for the weekend. and taking a look at the roads. 270 southbound, that falls in the main lanes. we have a delayf because the crash on the t.ri lo call. >> look at that. >> thank you. that's the news for today. we appreciate you waking uph us. >> the "today" show is next. we will see you in 25 minutes nyr weather and traffic and local news. >> that's a pretty picture. the sun is just angry.
6:58 am
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visit us in-store or online at inside job. good morning. inside job. who wrote that blistering op-ed. a senior official inside the aministration calling president trump moral ill informed and erratic. the finger pointing paranoia and suspicion erupting at the white riuse. >> an anonymous eal. can you believe it? anonymous meaning gutless. was it anct aor krcourage or we are live at the white house. supreme show down. >> i don't live in a bubble. i live inl the rworld. >> the contentiousat con


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