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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  September 7, 2018 12:05am-1:09am EDT

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eight catches, only 34 yards, averaging four yards per reception. >> cris: they are staying with that rpo. now one of the things the falconwanted to do to it is toe take away ckers have done a nice job there. deep down the field. one-on-one and broken up at the 2 yard line. intended for mike wallace and robert alford is right there to
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bust up the play. brwnging it back to a third and eight. >> cris: this is a brilliant quarterback play by alford on the outside.he then gets hiad back around. turns e head around and gets the hand on the ball. >> al: perfect. third down and eight. from the 48. foles. pass caught. breaking a tackle is sproles to he got hit a couple of yards wo behind whauld have been the first down. vic beasy couldn't corral him. big first down. >> cris: vic beasley is go to drop out. unfortunately for vic beasley,
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he tackled like a pass rusher on that one. darren sproles is a tough guy to grab. that was the difference. the guy stays alive. >> al: 4:30 foles the four-man rush. sproles again. picks up a couple of extra yards. 35 years old. always get tony dungy, the last play that tony coached against sproles in san diego, overtime touchdown. >> that is a good thing for us. >>eah. >> cris: that guy, so many la clutch of the year. >> al: only frank gore is older
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at running back. darren, 35 years old. second down and four. here is ajayi. and now they have a third down and one. you are at the edge of field goal range s down on the field. >> cris: i am not sure the fans are believing him. >> al: yeah. if nothing else he will have to come out of the game for one shortn a third down and two upcoming. >> cris: he is working against jason peters. probably would want someone else. i know one thing it will do. it will allow them to make substitutios. substitution
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they have mcclain in the game. o morethe pass rusher in jack crawford. you get all of those run players in there shelby, n in there. jarrett can do everything. r >> aht now if they don't gain a yard you are looking at a 53-yard field goal. clent, big hole inside the the last guy he had to beat yaknocks him down at the 1rd line. 21 yards. >> cri right up the gut. this is one of the hardest plays in all of football to make tha open field tackle.
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there was nobody aro he comes out of nowhere to make. the pl might eat up the rest of the clock. they are already in game winning field go range. >> al: 3:13. clement taking it to the 11 yard line. atlaa can stop the clock twi and they have a two-minute warning. >> cri a little bit like new england playing on offense, thel philadia eagles running back rotation. they all have specific skills. jay ajayi is one of those guys. more first down and second down. looks ke they are going back to the jumbo package. then you got corey clement who can catch the football. darren sproles does a little bit of everything.le very specific they are jumbo on the right sidf with an extra nsive lineman
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in the game rit there. a al: second down and seven. hands the ball offnd into the end zone, jay ajayi. so ajayi 62 yards now. 15 carries. two touchdowns. c >>s: looked like nick foles go up there and saw the kfensive line overshifted to the jumbo package,led the play and came back to the other side. there was nobody there. deion jones tried to run through on the inside and couldn't get there. >> al: i think they are uncertain whether or not they wa to go for one or two and
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the clock runs all the way downc ris: foles up to the line of scrimmage. er. we are going the way. once those three big defensive v linemen shifted to the jumbo side, you decided he would go back the other way. deion jones. you can see them overshifted that way to the jumbo. deion jones ran through the middle leaving no pursuit whatsoever. there is nobody left outside. >> al: philadelphia had to use a ceme-out because they had the touchdown and the lebration. the play clock starts. it was taken all the way down. they are looking athe bench. does that become critil? first things first the two-point conversion trying to make it a
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six-point game inste ajayi again.ha he does just t loses the ball but after he crosses the goal line. the conversion is good and philadelphia leads 18-12. falcons with plenty of time. two time-outs. 2:19 on thclock. >> cris: the ball has to cross the front edge of the line, i think without questionont did. posses that is it right there. rember, it does not have tth crosback, just the front edge. that's front edge of the thing is the line you have to cross and
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it did. >> cris: still plenty of time. you can see it, atlanta's defense wearing down. i love the play calls by doug pederson. he went with the big guys and > drive from the 25 yard line aftellthe touchback. , matt ryan, mvp two years ago. not as good last year. a lot of bad luck last year.ce 12 intions, five were on tipped balls. 35 year game-winning drives in his ten-season national football league career. >> cris: what we have en so far when they need a play in this situation they put julio jones on jalen mills.
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they have got that at the top but now it looks like the two deep safety situation so they will not havthat and come back chance. >> al: ryan throws aaught. five-yard gain just to put tt next graphic into perspective.e me-winning drives are the most of any quarterback in the league since ryan me in the league in 2008. can they get a play off? they do. ryan on second and four res. caught in philadelphia territy. jones will take the ball all the way to the 33 yard line. 54at takes us to the two-minute warning coming witeconds left. 36-yard gain. >> cris: that is brilliant coaching right there. the play before ran basically the same route in here and it was open. the coaches saw it and came right back to it
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good stick out on the outside by julio jones. aatches it out of mid-airnd almost broke it for the distance. >> al: atlanta trying to turn the table. this is a team that lost a lot of leads and have bln a lot of leads over the last few seasons. julio jones, huge night. a reminder to stay tuned for the volkswagen postgame report. michele as usual star of the game. liam mchugh and a look ahead to lambeau field bears/packers fo "sunday night ball". >> michele: devonta freeman the sideline favoring the right knee. he has been trying to wa it off but noreally testing it. no helmet in the hand. looks like the falcons are without him. >> al: last year you will recall in the playoff game he had a bad knee and didn't have a good
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night. tevin coleman is the running back. the lightning and thunr and lightning in the atlanta backfield. from the 33. a toss. it looked like ryan held on to it longer than he wanted to and the pass drops incomplete at the feet of coleman. >> cris: jordan hicks was in man coverage and went right to it. matt ryan saw him and he knew he had to go right to the football. jordan hicks, a very smart ot foll player deciphered that one beautifully. sometimes that cano big but one of the linemen had gotten a block he might still be running. >> al: carson wentz getting them stirred up. second and ten. three lined up on the right side. jones in that group. ryan flushed out and down he goes at the 40 yard lost his f and is sacked re the 40. hicks and long aoth there. m
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that is going e it third down. third down and 17. clearly four-down territory ss is caught going to the ground is nes in front of darby. goes to the ground. makes the catch. phenomenal night for this guy. that is a gain of 18. >> cris: matt ryan, he knew he was going to take a shot. he held the ball as long as possible. he floated it out there. the play they had had earlier in the game. he runs right to the sticks. thats what you are told.ti run to the scks and turn around. watch ryan. he takes a shot here.fl he had to oat it because julio had not tued around. there it is a huge pk up for the first down.ow look harly the ball comes
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out. brilliant by matt ryan. that is chris long jus he threw it. he had to put an arc on the ball so that julio had timend it. >> al: needed 17. he got 18. >> cris: think they go after mills again. that is where they are making the most money. >> al: ryan fires. jones again picks up about nine. mills on the tackle again. >> cris: they are really not giving him much help on the outside when julio jones is that way. they bring him the other way. he hasn't had the success against darby but he did get that one. >> al: ryan. sacked at the 20 yard line. that will make it third down and long. cox is in there for the sack. sack of seven yards. it will be third down and eight.
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>> cris: there is utter exhaustion on everyone on the field. >> al: atlanta just one timeut. third and that is snagge sanu. mohamed sanuad a very quiet night and takes it to the 10 yard line and atlanta takes their final time-out right here with 23 seconds. >> cris: watch this jiggle move here. rot it. going against the ie, sidney now it does look like a lot of time because you are out of time-outs. but effectively you are going to take your shots into the end zone so that there should be plenty of me to get it done. >> al: to leave philadelphia nothing.el philadphia can come back with a field goal. here we are again as we were last january with a first and
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goal in the waning sec >> cris: all they have been doing this usa working on theirf red zonese. here they are with a chance to come in here and knock off the world champions if they get it done. >> al: coleman in motion to the outside. ryan, buying time. looking down the field and throws it in the seats. 16 seconds. that took seven seconds. last year's game ended with julio jones going up in the air, couldn't make the catch. would have come down out of bounds anyway. second and goal. >> cris: rolling to that direction. working on jalen mills. a i methis point julio jones has been your offense, right. >> al: no doubt. >> cris: somehow he has to get at least a couple of opportunities win the grahaame. >> al: five wide here.
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ryan to the back of the end zone and too tall there. inteed for julio jones. now you ha 11 seconds, third down and goal.ri >> that is where i disagree. i said you have to work him there. doit was obvious presnap, uble coverage. inside. outside. they are going to t double u coveragethe field against julio jones. they still go ther that is when you have to come off and trust the other guys. >> al: third and goal. jones on the right side. me cris: looks like the sa coverage. double julio. somebody else has to make the ay. >> al: ryan, hit as he throws and thpass is it comes down his, fletcher cox got in there. ame play left in the ballge right now. >> cris: are we watching the same game over? >> al: close. of cris: this is just like wha
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happened in the pl. i can't imagine jim schwarz coming off of it doubling julio and the falcons have not had an answer. >> al: this time julio is coming out to the left side. you have got coleman wide to the left. jones in the slot to the left. >> cris: they are going to double him again. >> al: this is it. ryan throws. flag is down. hooper was the closest. the pass wasn't even close. e at is the call. >> cris: looks liklegal contact. >> before the pass was thrown illegal contact, defense number 58. five-yard penalty. automatic first do. >> al: well, you have got one second and jordan hicks. doug pederson is saying uncatchable pass but the illega contac early. >> cris:llegal contact wouldn't matter. if it were pass interference,
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yes. my second favorite guy is mohamed sanu. he has been clutch in the red zone before and both are at the bottom of the screen. >> al: jones and sanu, 11 and 12.s: >> couble coverage again. >> al: ryan to jones. . couldn't stay in. that is the way that opening night ends. >> cris: once you go up in the air the defensive back can push the receiver out of bounds. there is no such thing as a force out anymore.
12:25 am
has the ball in his hands but h is driven of bounds. the philadelphia eagles, philly philly one mo time with passes to the quarterback win it. t theam has a lucky rabbit's foot going rht now. >> al: hardly a work of art t at least it went to the finish. >> cris: it did. welcome ck nfl. >> al: dramatic ending. tight game all the way tough. 18-12 super bowl champs. volkswagen postgame report coming up next after the messages from your nbc station.
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100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. get the fastest speeds available for the best price with the fios gigabit connection. welcome to the volkswagen postgameeport. here is liam mchugh. >> nfl is back and the super mp bowl cns open up with a win at home. the final score here 18-12. the eagles over the falcons. it felt very familiar. the two teams met in the playoffs. it was low-scoring, julio jones with a chance to win it. this time on the other side of ate end zone comes down with the football but ultimely is out of bounds and the the big wi now to the players oe game.
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game ball goeses s goes to nic darren sproles and rdarby. another philly special and moments ago he was with our michele tafoya. >> nick, another philly special, i guess you call it philly philly on third and five. how did that give your offense a spark? >> we needed to do something. he called it. it was the right time agn. we needed a boost or something. we needed to make a play. just the right time for it. >> not a pretty win but a win is a win. >> we ke working. keep working. this is a hard foughwin. atlanta is a tremendous team. they did a great job on defense all night giving us different looks. but you know, i thin build i ont and keep building. >> congratulations. >> liam. >> micle, thanks.
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yeah. he plays football, huh? yeah. believe it. geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. welcome back to e volkswagen svw postgame report. here now are al michaels and cris collinsworth. >> al: lambeau field always exciting. chicago and green bay, normally exciting and especially exciting this year. khalil mack is going to play. >> cris: khalil mack is going to play. aaron rodgers is going to play.
12:33 am
there are new looks all over the green bay packers, including in the secondary. t fense, defense, everything is different there riw. it will be a new look. we saw the offense really struggle tonight. i don't know if we will get the same thing in there. i think matt nagy will do good things with that offense >> al: aaron rodgers missed most of the second half of the season last year. he is back and healthy and rich. >> cris: he is rich. khalil mack will be after him all night long. >> al: that is sunday night. he is pretty rich too. >> cris: everybody is rich >> al: s you on sunday night except for the west cot next your local news. all new tonight show with paul mccartney and kendall jenner, s the home of the championd they win it by a score of 18-12 over the falcons. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, the entire crew as usual sayg good night from philadelphia. ♪
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with the fios gigabit connection. now on news4, tragedy on a school bus. a child dies after a medical emergency. police and school officials g trying t to the bottom of it. >> president trump on the at ck. >> deep state radicals afa their news allies. >> going after "the new york times" and the anonymous critic
12:37 am
in his administration. an accused killer takes his own life hours before his trial is to start. >> an individual who i think showed every sign of being a pa psyc. >> how could it happen? news4 getting answers all new tonight. >> is there a suicide problem at this jail? >> news4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. first tonight, d.c. police investigate a shooting that injured a child. this video shot around 11:00 tonight on langston place southeast. you can see markers on the ground where officers is fou shell casings. we're told the child was hit by a stray bullet in the ankle. the girl is expected to be okay. it's notlear who the target was. police do not have a good description f theshooter. also tonight, the worst possible news for the parents a fairfax county student taking the bus home from school. >> the child died after suffering a medical condition on that bus. and police and paramedicsth
12:38 am
responded t call on dulles station boulevard and herndon. but asnews4's jackie bensen reports tonigh the child did not survive. >> reporter: fairfax county school bus 653 remains stopped on dulles station boulevard at exactly the spot where first responders is fire and police boarded in response to an emergency call to help young boy in medical distress. >> there was a juvenile on the bus that was transported to a hospital and unfortunately, you can succumbed to the condition or circumstances of the case. >> police say the child whose age was not made public was the only passenger on the bus at the time. it's not clear how many adults were on board other than the driver. the bus was taking a route through an apartment and re-tay complex not far from dulles airport. people who live and work here exprsed shock and sadness at the flus. >> you don't want to see anybody that young, you know,st to be ck down.
12:39 am
it's very unfortunate. >> reporter: the school system released a statement saying it is cooperating with theolice investigation into what happened. in situations like this, it is aditional for the virginia state medical examiner to determine the cause of death. in fairfax county, jackie bensen, news4. leon harris in the newsroomp president t accuses "the new york times" of treason w ans of a dire future for the country if he's impeached. >> have a country that's going to turn in a to third world country because if thertpposite pa becomes president, they'll say we want to impeach him. >> the presidentis rallied supporters and stumped for a senate candidate in billings, montana tonight and toldor surs if he is impeached it would be their fault because they didn't vote in the midterms. here is some video from his taping of a fox news interview right before erally.
12:40 am
in that, he says "the new york times" decision to publish op-ed from an anonymous administration official backfired. he claims he's picked l up a of support because of it and continues to demand the "times" name theauthor. president trump says the person could be an unelected deep state operative. some two dozen members of his administration have publicly denied writing it. jim, back to you. >> thank you. now to the stunning end to the prosecution of an accused killer. hours before opening statements in tyler tessier's murder trial, authorities say he killed himself in his jail cell. >> tessi is the second ntgomery county inmate to take his own life this year. the ystate's attor tells us there was no sign this was coming. >> only on news4 shomari stone asked the man in charge jail how this could happen. >> i feel for the. populati i feel for the individual. >> reporter: robert green is the director of th montgomery county department of correction
12:41 am
and rehabilitation. he speaks inside the clarksburg jail where murder t suspecter tessier died this morning. >> anytime there's a ls o life in our facilities, we take that very seriously. hangedrter: he says he himself inside his cell using a sheet behind this section of the jail early thursday morning. the state's attorne says tessier woke up at 4:00 a.m. to prepare for trial. he was given breakfast at 4:45 and was found dead in his cell tenut m later. life saving measures stopped at 5:30. green says police found notes of his contemplating suicide in his cell, the second suicide at the jail there year. officials tell us 35 years tiery nixulf hanged him on july 5th. >> is there a problem at this jail? >> anyti you have a suicide, that's a problem. hanging is the most prevalent way thats suicide committed inside a correctional
12:42 am
environment. >> reporter: tessier accused of killing his girlfriend lauren wall len who was 13 weeks pregnant. john mccarthy called him a psychopath. >> lying was like breathing. he ld about everything. >> reporter: her family talked about the stunning end to this tragedy. >> i don't believe that the is such a thing as closure. and miss i love you you every single day. >> reporter: a family heart broken over the loss as they try to move forward day by day. while remembering theirov one. shomari stone, news4. the news 4 iteam has reported on several steps k montgomerp the is taking to reduce the risk of suicide in its jails. to see the i-team's full report go to our nbc washington app and search attempted jail suicides. right now, police are trying to piece together what led to bloody scene inside a home in herndon we told but last night. a father found his two young
12:43 am
ns dead wednesday night. based on what we're hearing from neighbors and police dispatch calls, tir mother is suspected of killing them. then herself. police tell us all three victims ed from gunshot wounds. the they found the b mother'sy upstai after the father found the boys and called 911. faiax county's police chief is frustrated by information his department can't release about this case and others lite ed rossler says a state law passed in 2017 prohibits him from identifying children hop have been killed without parental consent. he says it hurts transparency, makes investigations more difficult, and causes more pain for families whe his detectives have to ask permissionings to identify victims. >> the law is not working the correc way for transparency but most importantly, it's
12:44 am
traumatizing families and it's not helping tus solve crimes >> thankfu law passed overwhelmingly last year. 30-10 in the virginia senate, 98-1 in the house. >> now to our weather forecast. a big change you're going to notice on you friday. actually later today. >> we are we are in the morning. it's breakfast time. doug, what can we expect closer to the weekending? >> no 90s. highsesterday 93. that was the last day. four days in a row temperaturei he low to mid-90s. 93d.c., in philadelphia. really all across the mid atlantic. that will nottoe the case rrow. we have a frontal boundary making its way across the region. you can see the cloud cov associated with that, shower activity earlier, a couple of thunderstorms, too.av most of those died off. but this storm system is going to stick with us for the couple of days and bring big
12:45 am
changes towards the weekend. something else that can bring changes, florence is now a tropical storm. you go oh, down to a tropica storm. that's good news. temporarily. we'll talk more about t the updated track. i'll see you in back here in a u . >> thank you. it's the quickest cape that may have save ama s life. she's out of the hospital but still shaken up by the critical moments in this video. a power line fell on herar whil she was parked on mcarthurd boulevn northwest on wednesday. she jumped out when the fire started and peopleushed to help dragging her away when the fire got out of control. . he cole is still investigating. we asked what you should do if a line falls on your r. pep cole says it's important to stay in your vehicle and call for help. if a fire starts, you should jump out. do your best not to touch your car a they say you should
12:46 am
shuffle your feet, don't take fu steps because the ground may be energized. >> days from now, crewses will shut down the entire arlington memorial bridge as work continues on a much needed makeover. the orangearls and scaffolding and barges are moving into position. if you use the brid t, it'se to get ready. the shutdown will be september1 through the 17th. in october, respectful time lane closures and shifts while crews repa things like the steel supports for the bridge. full project will take two and a half years. >> for a thi straight day, capitol police arrested nearly 70 people for disorderly conduct during hearings for judge bret kavanaugh. the actual hearing erupted into a battle like we've never seen. democrats purpose released confidential documents from kavanaugh's time in the white house despite warningsing that
12:47 am
breaking senate g rules could them expelled from the senate. republicans accused some of them of campaigning for 2020 a little early. >> i'm going to release the e-mail about racia profiling and i understand that the penalty comes with potential out the senate. >> running for president is no excuse for violating the rules of the senate. >> in one of thedocuments, kavanaugh suggested legal scholarso n consider roe versus wade settled law and during thursday's hearing, he refused to say if heee a with the supreme court decision legalizing same-sex marriage. >> a school resource officer back to school after tragedy. >> what do you want parents and students to know about y being backing? >> his first intervihe since deadly shooting at great mills high school. >> my door is always open. >>next, why he says he's ready to be back even if hiswn children worry about his safety. children worry about his safety. >> she your school supplies today...
12:48 am
children worry about his safety. >> she school. grade. done. done. hit the snooze button and get low prices on school supplies all summer long. now get 50% off school backpacks at office depot officemax.
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yo sonew laptop,eadphones,, 24/7 tech support. yep, thanks guys. i think he might need some support. yes. start them off right. with the school supplies they need at low prices all summer long. like this asus notebook for only $199.99 at office depot officemax. t a new school year under way in st. mary's county but for some painful memories in re >> great mills high school was the scene of a deadly shooting just six mono.s tonight, only on news4, erika with the its down school resource officer who ran toward the danger that day. >> you feel like you did everything that you were supposed to do and that you could do that day. >> i do. >> in his first sit down interview is,lae gaskill talks to me about the day when hean towards gunfire great mills high school.
12:51 am
while he's been. law enforcems,t for ye s.w.a.t. team even, it was his rst year as a school resource officer. on that frigid morng last spring, 17-year-old austin rollins opened fire shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend jaelynn willey and injuring desmond barnes. deputy gas kill ran toward the gunfire and shot rollins in the hand. >> our policy is simple. it's a single officer responds, go. we're not waiting for anybody. >> reporter: he also fired shot taking his own life. gas kill was okay, but said the ordeal left his young daughter rattled. >> after thencident, obviously, she was concerned and crying and allhat stuff. and she will gets nervous for me to go to rk, period. >> congratulations. >> deputy gas kill was awarded a special commendation from larrym hogayland governor and finished the school year. >> do you think tha i there anything to be learned from that day that mayou would do differently in this new school
12:52 am
year? >> so i was to be have a chance to watch the video of the incident. fand there's aew things that i noticedhat needso be changed. or addressed. our school for what happened, didntn excel job. >> post event, i don't think anybody's the isame. don't mean that in a badt way buour perspective is different because it happened here. so we're a community where it happened. >> now with t new school year ahead, the deputy tells me he's excited to get brkk to excited to continue guiding young students he says as he reminds his family of one very important ing. >> i just told her i'll be fine. dad will come back home. >> since the shooting, st. mary's county public schools added newsafety measu and bolstered others. for starters every school in the county will now have interior room locks and security cameras. the cnty h also hired seven
12:53 am
additional safety and security sistants and a new school safety coordinator. great mills itself will have a front office security st'sion. prototype for what could be coming tof all. mary's county public schools. >> time for wakeup weather, doug. go. we >> oh. >> it's late. >> or early. >> yeah, chuckbell's alrea outside honking right now because i'm not out of the parking space. >> you're i hisspot. >> it's not good. he's right there right now. i got another call. hold on.w let's sou what's happening right now. it's very mild after high yesterday of 93. a very warm day for sure.'t today we like that, waking up to mild temperatures. still 83 at thishour. 83 at 1:00 in the morning. that's unbelievable in the month of september. that's because we've got the front and cloud cover. 70 degrees in winchester. 75 in huntingtown.
12:54 am
it's still very warm. 83member, is the average high this time of year in the afternoon. for the kids atus the stop and a couple of hours, 78. still on the muggy side. 84 by recess. could be scattered showers by this me. i inspect more during the afternoon. not a washout of a day. still warm and humid. high of 97. right now, nothing on the radar. we had a couple ofhors and thunderstorms earlier in the evening, some ofn thosee strong side with a lot of lightning. even though we have a frontal boundaryaking its way through. you can see the cloud cover associated with the frontos draping a the area. that's the case as we move on through the next couple of days here. this is the remnants of tropical storm gordon spinning down towards louisiana. this moisture will ride along the front. we're expecting more shower activity into the day on saturday and sunday, as well. if your kids have games this weekend, yeah, we have to watch that closely. tomorrow 9:00 a.m., just cloud
12:55 am
ver. that's about it. by noon, not much going on. more clouds.f a little bit sunshine. here comes the afternoon showers. a coup of afternoon thunderstorms, as well. same deal tomorrow evening. look at satuay morning. yeah, i think saturday could be a rather wet deal. same deal into the day on sunday, too. something else going on. we've got tropical storm florence. yesterday, there was aeg cy 4 hurricane. it's now weakened extremely st. it's called sheer kind of ripping the storm part. you go where's the storm? it's this little guy right there. that's the storm making its off towards the west. winds 70 miles per hour down from 130. it is a tropical storm. winds moving to the t west-northwesteven miles per hour. on this track, it moves very close to bermuda. look at the forest, category 3, winds 125 miles an hour. close to a 4 again and expected to strengthen quickly. after this, where does it go?
12:56 am
a lot of computer models bring it into theinas and some out to sea and not affecting the east soast at all. ll a lot of time to watch the storm and we'll be watching it for you closely right here. now, next couple days, the cool air moves in. 76 on satuay. 74 on sunday. not just that, showers and breezy conditions. a fall dayor sure on sunday. showers likely and storms on nd . not too bad tuesday and wednesday. florence if it has an impact, it would be next thursday. we'll track that for you. or coming up, philly had something special the faons in the nfl opener. >> sports next. first here's jimmy. >> pau mccartney is my guest tonight. he's here. he's here.
12:57 am
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk. >> forget that weather delay. that was a long game. >> it was a long rain delay raining on parade of e season opener. we waited seven months for football to be backnd a little anti-climactic. the redskins take on the cardinals in arizona. tonight the eagles hosting the falcons. the game left many wanting more action. redskinyans look a on there one. eagles celebrating their first super bowl win t raisi championship banner. the fans loving it. they also loved this, third quarter e ales down field goal. on third and five is this, the philliesspecial, nelson agholor
1:01 am
throwing it to nick foles. a 15-yard gain ended with a touchdown. falcons come up with an answer to tevin coleman. cuts it back into the end zone. nine-yard touchdown run for coleman. the falcons take the lead ter eagles respond with a run es their own. jail it 11 yards into the end zone, his second tchdown of the n aht. two-poin conversion and. one second left, matt ryan to julio jones whoowan't come dn in bounds with it. out of bounds. eagles hold on to win, 2.18-1 the redskins have to wait till sunday for their season opener. the burgundy and gold off the season in arizona against the cardinals looking for their first seaso opening win under jay gruden. for the first time for the team nce 2012. after aots, minicamp,g train
1:02 am
camp, preason, the team champing at the bit to play real football. >> jacked up this last week. you know? like a kid in a candy store. trying to figure out h i'm going to be the night of. i know i'm going to gets butterflieor the first time in a long time because i'm so excited about this year. we have good stuff socooking. i'm ready to get out and eat. >> nationals hosting the cubs earlier today. ryan zimmerman lateo the team photo. n finally mad it, smile everybody. mark reynolds smiling in the fourth. nats down a run with a man on. reynolds takes care of th, sending this one into the september sky, a two-run shot for reynolds. the nats take a 3-2 lead. cubs send it into extras. top of the tenth, david bodesm acking this one to right ce victor robe lease can't make the play. albert al morale wheeling around frbi second scores an go
1:03 am
ahead double for bode. cubs take the 5-4ad le. bottom nine, cubs with a lead. men on the corner for reynolds, trying to tie this to be the he. skies it deep. just not enough. that will do it, nationals lose to the cubs, 6-4. u.s. open, serena williams taking on anastasia in the semifinals. serena serving in the far court. serena making sure she doesn't have a chance with this one, a powerful forehand by williams. the first set 6-3. second set, serena ends with another forehand. williams wins it 6-3, 6-0 and will fac osaka in the final on saturday.ic it's tecly friday. the mystics in if the wnba final in seattle. >> they've an ied. >> they've an ied. >> >>rb
1:04 am
1:05 am
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>> he was a s symbol and a movie star who hit the peek of his stardom in the late '70s and early '80s. >> tonight stars fro clint eastwood to julie and drews are remembering burtor reynolds f a career that spanned decades. >> a great profile. >> i do, don't i? >> especially from the side. >> smokey and bandit one of his hits.pp hered in 90 movies and 300tv shows. he won a golden globe and was
1:08 am
nominated for an oscar for "boogienights." >> he was 82 years old. >> that's right. everybody's gotte a favo you go back, way back to the '70s. yours is? >> what is it? >> ""the longest yard." >> ""the longest yard." >> welcome guys! hi! you are gonna love the neighborhood! it's totally wired for fios. is that a good thing? good? fiber-optics can move crazy amounts of data at even crazier speeds. and fios is a 100% fiber-optic network, so you can stream, game, and watch 4k shows all at once. kid's right about that! see! we are gonna have so much fun here. 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. get the fastest speeds available for the best price with the fios gigabit connection.


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