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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 7, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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60% chance you're going to get ran rained on. 69 in gaithersburg. 76 in arlington right now. your fecast high today, 89 degrees. rain anderstorms likely in the day today. if you're going to the nats and d cubbies game, i would bring a ponc poncho. a rain delay is possible, especially as late as those games go. let's go to melissa and see if there's hiccups on the commutf a couple things we were dealing with, out of the s crossed. top of the beltway here, 95 in maryland. 25 route one. no problems, northbound and southbound. intway is moving smoothly both directions this morning. 66 is all right. 95 northbound, a little slow here as you approach quantico, going arounhi wood bridge t
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morning. but no other delays. it is 6:01. a developing story in d.c. this morning. a child recovering after being hilt by a stray bullet in southeast. >> this was the scene in lo langston place. the child was hit in the ankle and is expected to be .ok police do not have a good description of the shooter. age emergency on a fairfax county school bus enldzed wi ene death of a child. >>usn finch is live in herndon, where paramedics were caed. >> we know fairfax county police have begun an investigation and th fairfax public schools are investigating. they and others, including parents, want to know more about what happenedn that bus and how that young student las we have a look for you at where this happened. this was a mixed use neighborhood off of the 2300
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block off dulles station boulevard. this is a newer too far from the airport here. we have a look at the school bus here. we know that boy was the only student onboard that bus. other student there. and a few other adults, as well, when he sufferedhis medical emergency of some kind, not specified what ts.t but that bus did stop and 911 wascalled. fairfax county fire and rescue raced to the scene here, tried to save that young boy. he was rhed to the hospital where he latered and back out live, again, we know police are investigating. stil early in that investigation. no word on who that student was and where he w in school or what the emergency was onboard that bus. once we no mo we'll bring that information to you. we're live in herndon, i'm justin finch, news 4. back into you in the studio. new details on the deaths of o children and a woman inside a home in herndon this week,
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sed on what we're learning from neighbors and police dispatch balls, the woman is the boys' mother. the father found his two young sons dead wednesday night. his nephews were around 9nd 11 years old. new information on the death of an accused killer. tyler tessier was found dead hours before he was set to stand trial for killing his girlfriend. official from the department of corrections said earlier yesterday morning he hanged himself using a bedsheet. he said that he woke up at 4:00 in the morning to prepare for trial. he was given breakfast 45 minutes later and was found dead ten minutes after that.
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wallin's family spoke out about the surprising turn of events. >> i d believe there is such a thing as closure. >> laura, you every day.i miss >> this is the second suicide at the jail this year. nlice foundes in tessier's cell. in them, he contemplated suicide. back in the breaking news in baltimore. a huge fire destroyed a 150-year-old business overnight. gchris lawrence trackhis from the live desk. >> look at the video of the massive this is on south broadway, in thef hearte fells point neighborhood, in baltimore, near the inneror harb fire officials have had to call in o dozensf crews to try to knk this fire down it started inai shop. and now, we're told the fire has spread to a nearby church. want to show yohe now, view chopper 4.y from it gives you a clear idea of how
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big this is. this area is in a national historic district. some of these buildings date back over 200 years. thisives you an idea of how powerful the fire is. the entire area is blocked off. we did with one person, a resident, who lives near this to be listen to what they say. >> it's not that scary because i got ou i was worried about a couple of residents that are there because we have older people. >> obviously, that's a big worry. what we're hearing right now, so far, no reports of injuries. as for the paint shop, that company staed back in 1868. aaron? >> chris, we know you will be following >that. e turn to capitol hill, where tensions are running high on the final day of the confirmation hearing for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. yesterday, cory booker said that he planned to release a document about racial profiling.
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that document dated back to his n the george w. bush whi house. that's despite the fact its release would violate senate rules. republicans fired back on booker's political ambitions. >> i'm goi to release the mail on racial profiling. and i understand that that -- the penalty comes with potential sting from the senate. >> running for president is no excuse for violating the rules of the senate. >> in one of the documents, vanaugh suggested legal scholars do not consider roe versus wade settled law. and capitol lice arrested 70 protesters for disorderly conductreyesterday. blicans hope to confirm ervanaugh for the first day of a new supreme court on october 1st. president trump is accusing "the new yortimes" of treason. late last night at a rally in montana, he demanded the paper reveal thenonymous source inside his administration that wrote that damning op-ed this week. the paper revealed it was a senior level officials.
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so far, nearly all of his senior level officials have ge on the record denying it was them. the president was in montana campaigning on behalf of republicans for november. he warned that if democrats win in the midterm elections, he could be in danger of impeachment and that would be bad for the country. >> a country that will turn into a third-world country because if the opposite party becomes president, they'll say, we want to impeach him. >> the president said "the times" op-ed did nothing but help him pick up support from his base. the president will not answer investigators' qutions whether he tried to block the ga russia inveson. rudy giuliani told the press questions of obstruction of justice, in person or in writing, were a no go. he rejects robert mueller's efforts interview the president to try to stop the probe into the 26 election.
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leaders all over the d.c. area sound confident about landing amazon's new rs headquar there's 20 different locations on the short list for the new headquarters. our leaders believe it will land in montgomery county, the o districtnorthern virginia. that could move 50,000 new jobs. other local businesses see competition from a giant like amazon, but they're also seeing opportunities. >> i think it's going to attract a lot of people to come to this area. >> bring someone like amazon into the area just gives us more of a nucleus by which we can a partner wi team with. >> maryland governor larry hogan called lding the headquarters the biggest economic development opportunity of our lifetime.ot amazon het a date for announcing where the headquarters will be.
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the speculation is that the announcement could come in october. >> it's vaed at a trillion > it was a late start for the 2018 nfl season last night. >> weather p hed back kickoff. but we had our first real game of the season in philly last fireworks for defending super bowl champions, the eagles, unveiled their super bowl banner for the fans there. the game didn't start until after 9:00. the story of tns game was de both teams put up good efforts. it was the defending champs to get the win here. the eagles beat the falcons 18-12. another major american company makes the move to get rid of straws. and o looking backn the life of hollywood icon, burt reynolds. it is a big weekend of collegotball. if you're headed out to annapolis, the midn ship of navy are taking on memphis. cool and rainy, the temperatures in the s. the hokies and william and mary ay at 2:00 in the afternoon. we're hoping that the get more miles on it as we beat
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the bruins tomorrow norman. your five-day forecast coming up. what's next for this amazing step team from prince george's county? he coaching to talk to and the team members, coming up next. we head to breaking with a look at some incredible images coming out of baltimore this morning. chopper 4 is over the sce of a fire that's been burning right now in fells point. this is a 150-year-oou business on broadway street. that's a main street in that neighborhood. much more from the live desk in a moment. stay with us. your school supplies today...
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in baltimore, the scene from chopper 4. this is a 15year-old business. there's flames they are trying to put out here at this buke's paints. if you look at the msive scene, the firefighters who have to be there to douse the numbe of buildings, this huge area. so far, we know there's no injuries, which is good news,g onsiderhe number of firefighters and emergency america personnel on the scene right now. >> this is aeighborhood where there's a lot of old buildings. this fire did spread to a church. we're going to stay on top of this all morning. you can go fromere and the nbc washington app as we learn more. ♪ good.ey're so >> remember these guys? this incredible team from "world of nce"? they are from right here in our
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area. they go by the name dem raider boyz. >> they didn't advance in the junior n,competithat hasn't slowed them down one bit. molette green is with the team at roosevelt high school in green belt. they're so impressive. >> precise moves. can you imagine being able to do this on a giant national stage? they made it to the qualifying and dual rounds. here they ar at eleanor esosevelt high school. the coa are here. richard melburn and jita is hiding out from us. talk about this exper nce and what is next for your amazing steppers, dem raider boyz. >> i can't imagine having theo opportunityo this. and coming up next, we're going to do whate have always been
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doing. we are competitive stepping. we're ready to u gearp for the next competition. and then, just getting the art form of stepping out there. it's what i'm passionate about and what they're passionate about. >> jonhan williams, how close did you get to jenniferpe >> pretty close. ten feet. >> okay. what was the experience like aor yo your teammates? >> for us, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. we're extracurricular step teamt to fly o all the way to perform on a worldwide stage is unbelievable for us. >> unbelievable for them and unbelievable team. get right back in formation. coming up later in the hour, they had a chancer encounith one of the judges, dancer derek we're going to talk about that experience with one of the team members here when we continue on news 4 today. >> such an gimpressiveup of young men. >> and the expressions,
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really into it. >> part of the steppingtr adition, they use. thank you so much. [ laughing ] actor burt reynolds being remember as a true legend this morning. he starred in more than 90 movies and more than 300 tv shows. he's mt famously remembered for his role in "smokey and the bandit" in 1977. that propelled him to be the top grossing actor in the world from 1978 to 1982. reynolds died at the age of 82. united airlines is saying good-bye to plastic straws. this is the latest to ditch plastic due to environmental concerns. united will place disposable plastic drink stirrers with bamboo versions on all planes. american airlines and alaska airlines announced similar measures this year. >> we have to figure out how to
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live without them. or they make stainless steel. >> stick my finger in there. >> he does it to his seat mate's. >> get your finger out of my coffee. outside, it's a hazy start most important, get your finger out of eun's coffee, aaron. cloudy skies rolli in later on today. you will get precious little by rway of sunshine ohe course of your weekend. enjoy the sunshine while we have it here in first half of your friday. rain ming in by this evening. quite rainy tomorrow. breezy, cool and showery on monday. it looks a little on the stormy side. a lot of moistur to our north and west. this cold front is going to be sliding in our direction, picking up all this moisture an puttine squeeze play on us. rain chances go up quickly later on today and tonight.
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and those rain chances ahang around over the weekend. that front will settle to our da south for sat and sunday, leaving us on the cool sideth o gs and on the rainy side, as well. flash flood is issued for the 81 corridor. here's futwee her. mostly dry in the early parts of the afternoon. coul see showers bubble up between 4:00 and 7:00. but the steadierain moves into the shenandoah valley. and that rain comes here int the city. temperature-wise, in the mid-70s now. we'll get 80 to near 90 today. if you're going to try to garden this weekend, good luck with that. temperatures falling into the 60s tomorrow afternoon. and barely getting above 70 on sunday. ght not rain every minute of your weekend. but it will rain for a lot of the minutes. >> thank you, chuck. right now, chopper 4 you unbelievable pictures from above this morning.
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this is a fire in downtown baltimore. a lot of people go on 90. th is south boeadway. a bigsurclosure. oxon hill, a n crash reported ere. northbound through that section is a little slow. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway,o complaint there. travel times in maryland looking ood here, no matter where y are. and 66 inbound. 95 quantico to the beltway, miles per hour. that's not bad this time of day. listen towtop when you hop in your car today. the wrong message. that's what some parents think a for teens show made could be sending. what you need to know about "insatiab "insatiable." and this afternoon on "ellen."nt >> we wao know your butt exercises. >> you get on all fours.
6:21 am
okay. >> is someone else in the ro k? >> i want w where she's going with that. she stops by "ellen" today, though. not only talking about staying fit at 72. she's also going to talk about her new album and about the time she and meryl streep saved a fan's life. >> you can catch "ellen" on nbc at 3:00. and stick around for news at 4:00.
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keeping you up to speed on this breaking news o out
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baltimore at 6:24. chopper 4 over the scene of thae big f that's been burning in fells point. this is a 150-year-old business on south broadway street, the main road through that area of baltimore. that injuries reported here. look for updates here and "insatiable" is the name of ath new sho's streaming on critics are accusing the teen comedy of fat-shaming. justin finch on the story that is not using enough care to handle sensitive subjects.s >> fatty-pattyge. >> reporter: meet patty, the lead of "insatiable," a teen that is overseen and overlooked because of her body. that's until her jaw was wired after an attack, leaving her suddenlyim self-assured and vengeful. >> where is patty? >> rht here. >> patty's hot. >> i pictured myself watching iw
6:25 am
when in high school, when i was struggling with my issues at the time. and i imagine i would have seen that and would have wanted to be like the main character. >> jennifer is a therapist specializing in ting does orders. a few of her clients find "insatiable triggering." >> i began my eating disorder to get approval by others and for a guy. to see something to be validated as okay, is scary. >> reporter: she worries that young people watching "insatiable" may see thinness glamorized and heavy as shamed. >> the second episode is titled "skinny is magic. " >> reporter: wt she calls unhealthy messages. an online growing petition is asking netflix to cancel the series. c the showator is responding. the goal for "insatiable" was never to hurt anyone, but
6:26 am
instead, highlight the strugglee that tith body image issues have every day. i'm justin finch, news 4. it is 6:26. coming up, another airline ou reak. two airlines quarantined after tohing down. temperatures are going to be warm today. not as hot as it's been. temperatures in the upper 80s. not a big rain chance before the school day is over. friday night otball, could b a little rained on. no need for the umbrella early today. fast, reliable internet is crucial. does it every go down? can't do my job. business grinds to a halt. our gig-speed network not only downloads files up to 20 times faster, we go beyond fast with 4g backup for complete reliability. so if the unexpected happens... (snaps fingers) in you stay up and runn we lost power... but not to that. i want that. (laughing) for a limited time get fast, reliable internet
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for a new low price. (laughing) call now. comcast business. beyond fast.
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news 4 today begins with breaking news. >> that breaking news out of baltimore this morning. chopper 4 islying over the scene of a huge fire in the fells point neighborhood of the city. the fire started inside a paint business overnight and has been bu for hours. there's a lot of firefighters on the scene right now. chris lawrences monitoring the situation from the live desk. we're going to check in with him for much more on this story in a few minutes. good morning, everyone. >> 6:30 right now. you start your friday, you'll
6:30 am
notice a big change in the weather. the cooldown is finally moving in.k but ch here for a check of the weather. >> tgif. made it through a shorten f work we many, including yours truly. a ltle pinkish hue to our sky. sunrise about 12 minutes from now. our heat wave is coming to an end. probably going to fall just degrees. 90 flash flood watches are issued, as well. rain is a long ways away for now. you should be ready for rain drops around 5:00 or 6:00 today. nothing locally yet. there's the flash flood watch, from noon to 11:00 p.m. night. not included is the d.c. metro area just yoyet. friday morning temperatures are in the low to mid 70s.
6:31 am
it will be a hot one today. take the puppy dog out f a walk. this is bella, available for adoption at the heane res alliance. the best time to walk the dog is firstmohing this ing. chances for a high of 89 degrees. way cooleror puppies and people alike over the weekend. that forecast straight ahead. good morning,ss me >> good morning. showing you the pictures in again.ore once chopper 4 over the scene. mentioning this because people head up 95 to the fells point ea and that is on south broadway, a majorsu c for much of the morning through that area. oxon hill, southbound ne95. loop aend outer loop, in problems there. as we look at tca ame legion bridge, the inner loop and outer loop is behaving itself. >> melissa, thank you. it's 6:31. following two develop stories this morning. the first in fairfax county, where a medical emergency on a school deabus led to a death.
6:32 am
>> this happened yesterday. and fairfax county police said there was just one student on that bus. paramedics responded to dulles station boulevard in herndon where the bus was stopped. police.rking with the child's name has not been released nor do we have c word whsed that emergency. the oth story is southeast washington where a child was hot >> megan mcgrath is at the police station with more on what we know at this point. ine, for the family of this young girl. she was not the intended target, it was a situation o wrong place, wrong time. look at the video here. it was w last nightn shots rang out on langston place and heast washington a stray bullet hit a little girl in the area. she is going to be okay. she was apparently shot in the ankles. she was taken to he hospital
6:33 am
and recovering from those injuries. a very close call. not aor lot of ition has been released by police at this point. this happened about 9:45 las night, in the 2700 block of langston place. police looking for witnesses and tips. at this point, they have not made any larrests. stilking for the person who is responsible. back to you. >> megan, thank >>you. back to the breaking news out of baltimore. chris lawrence is at the live desk wh more. chris, this is a massive fire. >> boy, oh, boy. we are watching it grow and grow. look at this. chopper over that fire now. you can see the glow from the intens flames. let's look. look at the police and fire respon there. they have several blocks of this area completely blocked off. this is on south broadway in the fells poi neighborhood. it's a national historic district with buildings that go nback more tha 200 years. the fire started in a paint shop. according to the company's website, that company started in
6:34 am
1868. let's look at what's happening on the ground. the fire spread to a nearby church. and the paint shop is forcing crews to fight this fire from a distance. >> when you're dealing with flammable substances, our best bet is to perform operations, just to be on the safe side, to make sure there aren't explosives that can occur. >> particularly here's a shot rth sharing. right in the middle of this massive fire, you saw how big it is, the american flag. and it looks to be almost compleucly und. pretty amazing. we also heard, nobody injured in this fire right now. >> chris, thank you. it is ht6:34 r now. more breaking news in your top stories this morning. brazil'sotential front-runner is recovering after being stabbed at a rally. you see some of the scene here on your screen. this was in the southern part of that country last night.
6:35 am
bolsonaro is in the hospital recovering. police have arrested a >suspect. >> investigators are searching for a motivebehind a deadly shooting in cincinnati. officials say the gunman walked into a heavily-armed dotetown bank yay morning and started shooting with a legally purchased 9 miimeter semiautomatic pistol. the gunman was killed in a shoot-out with police. a vigil is planned for this heternoon. ury is expected to be seated in the d.c. mansion murders trial. darren went is accused of killing three family members and a housekeeper before setting that house on fire. attorneys on both sides questioned the potential pool of jurors. th tuesday.uld start on the man accused of kidnapping a young girl and her grandmother led police to their bodies one month after they disappeared. they were last seen in harrisonburg, virginia, in early
6:36 am
august. found their bodies on wednesday. he led the police to the bodies as part of a plea deal. a historic game for o washington missiystics. they tweeted this video, t ladies practicing in the other washington, across the country. e storm look strong after securing the spot in the finals earlier this week. but t mystics are riding high after takin down the atlanta dream in the semifinals. they won that last game with momentum on their side. >> if all goes well, thisbeould he third championship for the team's. stepping to success, the local contestants on "world of dance," joining molette green this tmorning. >> "world of dance" show made them local superstars. coming up, we're going to see how the step experience hashe maturedm during the
6:37 am
difficult high school years. first, two moreul flights first, two moreul flights of passengers quara for top-quat rock-bottom prices,
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you're n watchins 4 today. >> back at 6:40. more flights from the middle east quarantined due to sick passengers. multiple passengers were sent to the hospital after showing flu-like symptoms on a flight to philadelphia. >> 12 people arriving from saudi arabia, had to be takenf off their flights after landing. this is when a flight from dubai had to be quarantined on jfk airport. >> much more on "today." first, an upgrade coming t american airline flights. i'm leslie picker. american airlines is bringing tv free livo its jets.
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a dozen channels are available on fghts equipped with high-speed wfi. channels include nbc, espn, bravo, cnn, disney and telemundo, which passengers can stream to their phone, tablet or laptop. i'm leslie picker. it is timeor some friday night baseball. the cubs and the nationals tonight at 7:04 at nats ballpark. chances for a rain delay increasing with the l innings. if you're beach-bound for the weekend, just know you can watch a movie at the beach, our ten-day forecast and the latest on florence, come
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
oue watching news 4 today. >> you're time right now is 6:44. it's not me. the list of officials denying w york times" e op-ed is growing but the author is a mystery.
6:45 am
>> at a rally, president trump demanded his anonymous critic step out of theow sh >> nobody knows who is hell he is, or she. that's proebably a little disguise. it's probably she. but for the sake of our national security, "the new york times" should publish his name. >> nbc's peter alexander is outside of the white house. bat do we know this morning? >> this hasn a remarkable parade of top trump officials, one by one, playing this game, the washington edition of not it. the white house still hunting for the anonymous administration official who wte thatop-ed. "the new york times" is writing that rand paul recommended theo presidentd members of his administration to take lie detector tests. another option, asking senior officials to sign sworn
6:46 am
eaffidavits. utside adviser saying the white house has a list of about 12ec su. this is not something the white house wants to be focusing on right now. it's something that we're told has made the president livid. coming up on the "todayshow, we're going to have the latest on this effort and the latest on what we expect t hear from day, asnt barack obama he returns to the campaign trail. we'll see you shortly. >> peter alexander at the white house. thanks. it's 6:46. on capitol hill tensions are running high on the final day of the grilling of snoreme court minee brett kavanaugh. yesterday, cory boor said he planned to release a document about kavanaugh and racial profiling. that document dating back to the days of the george w. bush white house.
6:47 am
that was despite the fact that its release would violate senate rules. a medical emergency on this bus last night led to a child dying at the hospital. now, fairfax county police and school officials are working to figure out what happened. >> justin fin in live in herndon, where it happened. justin, what can you tell ? >> reporter: well, eun, fairfax county police have launc investigation they hope will answer some of the tough questions now being asked about this case. such as, could anything have been done to save this child's life? we know this 911 call came after school yesterday, from the 2300 block of dulles station boulevard, where the bus came to a stop. this is a newer mixed use neighborhood, right across from the airport out re. have pictures of that bus, as well. fairx county fire rescue was called to the bus to help save that boy yesterday. he suffers some kind of medical olergency onboard, we're t we know he was the only student
6:48 am
on that bus. no word on how many adults were on that bus with him. we know despite t best efforts of the medics, that boy did die at the hospital a short time later. fairfax public schools tell us, they are cooperating with the investigation. know that boy's name, his age, or where he was in school m or what tical emergency was that caused him to lose his life yesterday on that school bus. live in herndon, justin finch, news 4. the fami of laura wallen has reacted to the suicide of her accused killer. tiler tessier was found in his jail cell earlier yesterday morning. montgomery county department of corrections officials say tessier woke up and had breakfast 45 minutes later and und dead 10 minutes afte that. they say he hanged himself using
6:49 am
a bedsheet. back to the breaking news out of baltimore we've been tracking all morning for you. look at these five piclive pict. this is a massive fire in baltimore. started in a paint business and continues to spread to other buildings. >> brad, what can you tell us? >> this is an actene this has spread to the south,as towardrn avenue. we're looking left-to-right broadway. in historic fells point. this 150-year-old building filled with paint and decorating supplies quickly went up, spreading to a rmfour-a fire. no injuries are being reported right now. you can see, all streets surrounding this block, are closed down as this continues to fall in fells point.
6:50 am
we want to turn ourat ntion to chuck bell for a look at ourforecast. i can sense there's relief,k. ch >> it will be a cooler weekend than we're used to here. partly-cloudy over washington this morning. we have sunshine this morning. keeping a close eye on what is currently tpical storm florn florence. it has weakened because it's running into wind shear. it's expected to be back togo ca 3 by sunday or monday. the threat to the coastline is .ncreasi it's six or serve days away from part of the coast. staying a tropica storm for the next day or so. regaining strength ase get towards tuesday and wednesday of next week. yesterday, it looked like it
6:51 am
would make the turn. mid to late parts of next week, 'll have to watch this real careful. if you have interesting interes shore, next week could be dicey. for the near term and your weekend, rain to our north will come with a cold front later this evening. ere will be a chance for some locally heavy rain. flash flood watches going until midnight tonight. may have to be extended a little longer. future weather keeping us pop-up showers later in the afternoon. after 5:00 or 6:00, the rain becoming much, much, much more likely. if you head down to the nats game, could be a rain delay in the later innis. mid 60s in the shenandoah valley. check o the ten-day forecast. way cooler for the weekend. the temperatures will be falling into the s60 tomorrow afternoon. that will feel almost chilly. >> and great. it will feel cool. laurel, a big problem.
6:52 am
northbound b.w. parkway a crash. we're seeing g ining delays hea northbound. oxon hill here, 295 southund near t beltway. had an earlier crash. that'sleared out of the way. inner loop and outer loop okay. inneok loop ay. and outer loop, typical slowdowns near connecticut avenue. if you're headed inbound on 210 toward kirby 1 hill, miles per hour. some delays there, as well. travel times in maryland, 270 looking pretty good. outer loop near connecticut. inbound on 66. inbound on 95. both about 35 miles per hour. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car today. >> tha you, melissa. did you stay up late watching the kickoff of the nfl season here on nbc 4? can't blame you if you did. but this gameidn't end well until after midnight. that was a rain delay.
6:53 am
we shouldn't have been up anyway. the eagles were able to unveil their super bowl banner before defeating the falcons, 18-12. the skins start this season on sunday in arizona. ♪ they stepped their way on to the national stage on "world of dance." while they were eliminated, ts hometown team isn't slowing down anytime soon. >> i tried to do a kick and about broke my neck. dem raider boyz are from green belt. molette green is catching up with theat their high school. looking good out there. >> reporter: i c't try any of the moves myself. they're fresh off their "world of danc perience, making it through the qualifying and duel rounds. they're local superstars in this up to. we're at eleanor roosevelt high
6:54 am
school where they are attending classes. cedric ello is going talk to us about -- you didn't see jennifer lopez up close-close. but you did have an encounter with derek hough. what happened? >> derek hough came out of the wrong door. and we were standing right there. we were lucky enough to get up and clo with him and give him a hug. >> what has this done for you as a young man growinup? >> drb has given my high school experience a lot ofhysical and social development. where people have not found lssion in high school, it's taken me aot of places and meeting amazing people. >> dem raider boyz from eleanor roosevelt high school. ♪
6:55 am
>> reporter: wow. okay, they did it. aaron, don't try this at home. we're going to send it back in to you. this is an amazing group of young men with a great future ahead. >>, yeah. >> bravo. >> leave it to the pros, for you' sure. thanks to the guys from roosevelt. at this hour of the morning, too. thank you. coming up,on-month-old, on news 4 today, summertime or the school tough decision, should i leave my child home alone? we talk to local parents and law enforcement about when kids are ready for this responsibility. join us monday from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. on news 4 today. it is just about 6:56.
6:56 am
we start withre the bing news in baltimore. a massive fire has destroyed a 150-year-old paint store in the fells point neighborhood. no word on what started this fire. you can look for updates on the nbc washington ap a child is recovering after a stray bullet hit her in soutast d.c. the child was hit in the ankle and is expected to be okay. we'llupdate this story in our nbc washington app. a student died in herndon. paramedics rushed the child to a hospital where he died. police have not said what str triggered the emergencrs we're h away from the first myseyc's finals. ace the seattle storm for a chance for a title. game one tipsff at 9:00. another peek at the ten-day forecast. near 90 today. thunderstorms roll in later today and tonight. rain both days over the weekend.
6:57 am
temperatures will fall into the 60s torrow during the afternoon. imagine how cool that's goingo feel. and barely get above 70 on sunday. keeping a close eye on florence late n look at the roads here. faigaithersburg, right in fron of king pontiac. the otherproblem, ocourse, is northbound on b.w. parkway. do have the crash there and big delays. >> thank you.ew that is the for today. we appreciate you starting your day with us. >> the "today"how is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for weather, traffic and local news. until then, enjoy your day and your weekend. >> make it a great friday, everybody.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good morning. theapresident's p at a late-night rally, telling the faithful to get to the polls to save him from impeachment. >> if it does happen, it's your fault because you didn't go out to vote. >> straight ahead, the president'al newlying cry and what he's saying just this morning about the mystery official in his administration at thinks he's not fit for office. >> it may not be a republican. it may not be ans coervative. it may be a deep state person that's been there a long time. >> we're live at the white good-bye, burt. new tributes to burt reynoldsg in overnight. co-stars and fanseb celrating his life. l.a.'s fed chinese theater bing dark. we'll lookk at his legendary life, career, and love. quarantined.


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