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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 11, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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with melissa and stormeam 4 meteorologist chuck bell that has more on today's forecast. >> a very foggy start first thing this morning and rain chances remain at 30 to 40% for the day as a whole. already a little shower here moving out of culpepper county. this will reach up toward dulles airport over the next hour to hour and a half. a quick little shower chance. there's the dense fog advisory. fogned r manyuced locations this morning. not only is it foggy, it's humid outside. upper 60s to around 70 in the ar metro . a little cooler out in the valley. so the daily gradeor today, c minus. not a very pleasant day to be outside. afternoon temperatures up close to 80 degrees. a will th of clouds. maybe a sliver or two of dunshine but jeans and the umbrellas nee today. probably not the sunglasses and
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definitely not the sun block. the latest on hurricane florence coming up. for now, let's go to melissa. >> first 4 traffic oft. the district, northbound he on the gw parkway before the have a crash closing all lanes. ittu an oved vehicle. you'll have to use the memorial bridge instead this morning if you'reeading out soon. police are saying they hope this clears up soon. the tow truck is there on the scene so we'll let you know as soon as that's a safe spot to but right now you can see the delays. everybody shutdown as you're approaching the bridge. as we zoom back out here, y can see a new issue in arlington northbound 395 before the4th street bridge. crash there on the right side causing some delays there. beltway right now looking better. this problem just went to the shoulder. silver spring outer loop after university. >> now back to our team coverage of hurricane florence. this is a major storm heading right for the east coast.
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>> maryl vd andginia are under states of emergency. chris lawrence is live in old town alexandria nowfoith ation governors from both states are giving to residents. good morning. >> with a storms big, 500 miles wide and so powerful you have to keep it simple. head inland and try to get to higher ground and mind when you see all of these sandbags lining the businesses here in old town, our ground is almost completely saturated with water from all of thoseays and weeks of rain that we have. take a look now, you can see the preparations unrway in parts of virginia and north carolina and we can tell you at this point, the governor has declared a state of emergency. the evacuations are starting at 8:00 this morningn virginia beach and hampton and norfolk. he's activated about 1,500 national guardsmen and requested 21 swift water rescue teams from out of state because of the possibility of that cattrophic flooding. on the other side, maryland
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governor larry hogan also declared a state of emergency. he is very concerned about some of the low lying areas like frederick. >> we are preparing for the potential of historic, catastrophic and life threateningloing in maryland. >> i ask all virginians to take all precautionary measures. >> a even d.c. may not come out of this unscathed. the district built a levey about our years ago to prevent the flooding from pushing north. the national park service is considering for the first time activating that. they'reeeping aery close eye on this storm. it's on 17th street right by constitution and they may well activate it if need be. reporting live in old town alexandria chris lawrenceews 4. >> thank you.
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>> hricane florence strengthened quickly. in 24 hours it went from being a tropical storm to a category 4 hueicane. >> t look at these aim js spacn from you can see howe well formed th hurricane is. the images were taken by american astronaut ricky arnold on board the international space station. sheena is tracking the latest on the path. d> we have been watching this path continue towhe u.s. particularly north carolina. that's what we're all kind of looking at for a potential landfall here. this is a very organized storm and as it continues moving northwest north and it's expected to stay at a category 4, very favorable atmospheric conditions. notice how it slows down a lot thce it makes a land impact here. will be catastrophic for these states, virginia,
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potentially, north carolina with a lot of inland flooding now high pressure should be holding it down to the south where the track has been lookinf butt goes a little farther south, less rain and wind for us, a littlearther north, more rain and wind. we'll talk about when we could expect this with your extended forecast coming up in just a bit. >> thank you, sheena, news 4's jim handly is on his way to north carolina to cover hurricane 'lflorence. start filing reports on evacuation tonight and bringli coverage as florence comes ashore later this week. >> as we wait for ayorence, of rainy weather have already taken a toll on our region. things are back to normal after high tides brought floodaters back. flooding happens in that area pretty frequently. it still draws a crowd though. people were out walking dogs and taking pictures. >> i'm out here because i can. >> we thought we would come down and see how far it came up
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today. >> now many business owners ndotected their shops and restaurants with gs. >> 6 minutes after the hour and today the country will pause to remember thosele k on 9/11. >> it's been 17 years since the deadly attacks in new york and pennsylvania and the pentagon. he is live wh details of what we can expect to see later this morning. justin, gd morning to you. >> good morning. as always the pentagon is the vocal point on this day. you ca a see it'seady lit up for today's ceremony. of course a nod to the day after the attacks when firefighters used the large flag to er gaping hole. now a resolve of strength and now a sunriseon tradi every year on this day. now there will be others you have likely seen as well her including the large flags now draping towers innd arlington
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rosslyn off the route 110 area and vice president mike pence will join dnitaries and pentagon staff for an observance ceremony. marking when it crashed into the wall of the pentagon. 184 people were killed including passengers, flight crew and pentagon employees and today in just a few hours, loved ones of hat dayhat perished on will gather here at the paytagon to tribute as well. that sunrise ceremony is set to begin today at 6:47 a.m. we'llli hav coverage here on news 4 today.
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>> the human caused delta fire has been 49,000 acres. the fire d three homes already in the lake head area near the major interstate 5. as you get a closer look, firefighters saying at times they're battling 100 foot flames coming off the trees and the brush. the fire started last wednesday. it's only 5% contained at this point. more than 2,400 firefighters we know are trying to get it under control. they hope to a have itleast contained by sometime next week. by the end of next week. so as you can imagine there's still a big fight ahead. a long road ahead for residents as well as the firefighters. now back to you. >> all right, angie, thank you. 6: and today bob woodward's new book "fear" hits book shelves. president trump is calling the veteran journalistiar on twitter. and yesterday the president also tweeted the book is quote a joke. woodward is standing firm on all of the accounts and reporting in his book.
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we exapproximate epect to l about a dealer accused of cheating at the mgm casino today. scott mcfarland reportsederal agents accused him of deliberately not shuffling the deck a properly then letting a co-conspooator take a at the cards before making big bets. >> it's now6:09. more than three years after a wealthy business man, his wife, son, and housekeeper were tied up, tortured and killed inside their northwest d.c. home,sohe suspect will go on trial. opening statements are expected this morning. durid the trial we co hear from the surviving housekeeper that worked for the family for 20 years and also his family members. he faces life in prison. ee sure to stay with news 4 for continuing cover of the d.c. mansion murders. d.c. police are investigating multiple shftings. twohose shootings happened overnight. take a look at the scene here
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from this video. detectiveso responded chesapeake street and souenern southeast around 8:00 last night and a few blocks away from the, twoeople were shot near atlantic andrd thi street also in southeast. we'll update you on the shootings as we learn more information. >> more developing news this morning, four people are recovering after an suv crashed into marie's diner last night. first responders in charlestown tweeted outhis video. no one was seriously hurt and no word on what caused the crash. over the sast weekeone has been going around parts of d.c. tampering wh fire hydrants and it's putting thousands of people at risk. they have been opened half a inen times at feocations northeast. itre was so much water forced police to close an intersection and it's concerning police, firefighters and d.c. water. >> it's absolutely illegal.
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npd mpd is involved and looking for him and we're concerned. we're really concerned. >> police don't know whether the same person is behind all sixin dents and they're not sure what the motive is for opening . l the hydran >> this morning the frederick county health department in maryland is warning people t o st of the water. >> it seems as if the rain we have beenet gting is overwhelming sewage facilities overflowing you can see the rivers and areas to avoid highlighted in red. salth officials no one should swim in these areas for at least a week and a lot more rain could bee on way. 6:11. as we age, sometimes our memories can fade. >> new research suggests a way to slow down the process. plus the sto you'll have to see to believe. a d.c. rat pulle a fire alarm. details next. >> then just fallsno right well, this morning we have a lot of dense fog out vere. bey careful as you're driving. visibility is low.
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it's going to be a cloudy day th spotty showers around. coming up, chuck has a closer look into rain chances heading into the weekend because of potentially hurricane florence. all of those details straight ahead. all right. we have a nic assembly line working here. it's all about ending senior hunger. when it's over, this bell rings to make more meal packs. that and moreoming up nex on news 4 today when we talk to the news 4 today when we talk to the
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the news 4 your health thisw morning,king could help prevent memory loss. thomas jefferson university studied a group of older adulti with cognitive impairments. researchers had them makeng arents to meet a friend and go for a walk. they say taking the stepset to up the walk and physical activity helped reduce further memory loss by 88%. that's hagnificant. ng a companion, the conversations and interaction
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helps too. >> coming together in the time of need, that's what volume up tiers we -- volunteers were setting up to do inemembrance of the 9/11 attacks. >> folks are packingds thous of meals to the seniors in our area. >> they're carefully measuring out the mixture and they have an assemb line going here. one hour of volunteer time makes about 200 meals for seniors. it's all about ending hunger. i want to bring them in about this massive effort. you're going to fill up this whole room with more than 6,000 volunteers today to do what is so needed in the community. >> absolutely. we're thrilled. we have over 63. >> hubert: people coming out today to pack over a million meals in 8 hours and the reason that we're here isur that in o d.c. region alone more than 700,000 older a sltsuggle
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with food insecurity every day. >> if somebody com down here, you're not going to turn them away. tell me what somebody right now do?ome can they want to help out a senior struggling with that decision to buy grocery perhaps. >> talk to them and figure out how you can help. it could be as simple as taking them to the grocery store but also look at our organization to find tips and resources andit volunteer w things you can do in your community. >> this room will fill up about 9:00 a.m. they'll go all daynt today about 4:30 packing up these meals to help seniors put a dens in troblem of struggling with hunger. that is the latest live from the national mallight by the spot here on the mall. come on down if you can. >> always nice to see that. folks trying to help out our seniors.
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thank you so much. >> you mig want to look away for a second because a new social media rat is burni up the internet. >> just like a d.c. rat, right? this one caused a false alarm. take a look for yourself. this is video from a northwest d.c. apartment building. you can see that rat pulling the fi alarm. so this happened last summer but of course the video is picking up steam because, i mean, look at it. you can see the video on the nbc washington app. they're like i'm noturprised by this. we see the rats all the time doing all kinds of things. one alarm hechili. >> did evacuate the buildings and had to go to security foo to see who pulled the alarm. somebody pulled it. there you go. >> florence is going to be an stlinefor the carolina c starting later on in the day wednesday into thursday. most likely land fafall is proby coming up thursday into friday.w that's what know.
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virginia, north carolina, and south carolina are going to be the three states hardest hit .right aw the impacts locally for us, northern virginia, maryland, and the district, our localized impacts may not start to be felt until saturday but could linger as late as tuesday of next week. so it won't be racing up the coastline. that is good news for us in the short-term but potentially bad news for us long-term as the storrs lin on land for several days. flooding, inland flooding of historic proportions will be a real problem. the latest forecast track as of the 5:00 a.m. advisory brings the sto as category 4. the farthest north land falling on record. records go back to 1851. this will break the record currently hel by hurricane hazel in 1954. it's wlat happens after fall is where all the question marks are and it could be doing just
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about anythi. the forecast is for it to make landfall and then come to a neao lete stop and have some sort of a rain out across central and western virginia and the western carolinas and that rain out could take days and days and days. for us locally, we just had fyffive inches of rain las weekend. this one could be every bit that much rain or more teesnd into early next week. the forecast for today, take thw umbrellah you. off and on shower chances today with highs near 80 degrees. watch out for the fog this morning, melissa. >> that is true. it is foggy across the area. we'll show you a live picture in just a we're still shutdown before the y bridge. overturned vehicle. you'll have to use memorial bridge instead. th means it's a closure. it's not just slow this morning. that is a big pblem for a lot of people. try to avoid it if you're headed
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out sometime soon. zoat crash is on the right side as well. out a little bit. 95 express lanes have an accident. inner loop and l outerp of the beltway not as bad as it was. we still have a bit of a delay from an earlier crash. had a crash here as well caing a little delay both northbound and southbound this morning and you can see the fogre you definitely want to use those low beams today. thank you. your time is 6:21. acouple of weeks ago we introduced you t incoming georgetown university freshman that was kicked out of his use because he's gay. >> he feared he wouldn't be able to pay for school until hisit comm and georgetown stepped in to help him foot the bill and today he's shang his storyn ellen. >> i was just so surprised that people would actually put their money out and support me. >> it's more than 2,000 now. >> it's closed off at $141,000.
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>> you can see seth tod on ellen at 3:00 right here on nbc 4 and then stick around for news 4 at 4:00. >> t kindness of strangers. wow, coming up next, dejunk your laptop. we're not talking about deleting unnecessary files, but showi you where germs, thousands of them can hide. >> plus new details about the potential for a
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welcome back it's 6:24. your computer may be dirtier than you think. >> laptops c collect tons of germs and bacterias and need to be cleaned.
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consumer reporter susan hogan is working for y with a proper way to clean your computer without damaging them. richard knows laptops. >> laptops get dirty but they're also full of germs and they need to be cleaned. black keys are not going to show a lot of dirt but tru me, they're filthy. you clean your keyboard less thanour bathroom in most cases. >> a handy vac with a brush attachment works well onust but to tackle germs you need to get more serious. dip a soft cloth in water mixed with a splash of alcohol. next clean your screen wh a clean cloth you used to your eyeglasses. a small squirt of dish detergenw dilutedh water. help you tackle smudges andda mpen the cloth. >> with a little bit of time and
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bow grease you can get most of them really, really clean. >> left with residue from last year's stickers that same die l -- mixture works wonders on the case. >> use it sparingly and make sure that you dilute it with water. if you use too much it m actually take the letters right off of your keys. back to >> cg up a d.c. musician hitting high notes on a national stage. how you can help keep him sharing his talent coming up. >> be careful as you are driving out there. we have a dense fog advisory. some areas are seeing about a half mile visibility or even less this alrning. we'llk about what you can expect through the day today with your forecast coming up. >> plus protesting police. an outcry after an officer shot and killed a man in his own home. new details about the
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(announcer) there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are. come up for air.
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that weather alert in effect all week as we continue to tra
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hurricane florence. it is now a category 4 hurricane. it moves through the atlantic. storm team 4 is tracking it as it gets closer to the east coast. >> also keeping an eye on our local weather this morning. keep a live look at the pentagon where tributes will be starting for the victims of the septemb 11th attacks in a few minutes. you can tell it'soggy now and we'll take you live there in a moment. but first the entire team isrk g for you. we have already seen troubles on the road and melissa is here with a few updates. >> but first, the forecast and chuck and sheena are keeping an eye on theli visi. >> very thick fog. it was bad when i was on my way in about 2:30 you commented on it when you came in. everybody else is saying wow, so yo how thick the fog was? >> visibility is very low out there. especially in some cases. we could be looking at less than a quarter of a mile. it's for the d.c. metro area but seeing less than a half mile visibility there. but as you are driving into the
6:31 am
district, just keep this in mind because y t'll need toe it slower on the roads and watch out as you get close to the bus stop because the kids will be out there too. we're mainly on the dry side. still flood warnings up through arts of the area through maryland. creeks rising and still flood warnings there but we have ones shower tmorning. so if you're in that area you might be waking up to rain. 71 degrees in washington. 63 in leesburg at the bus stop. get the kids the raincoat because we have more scattered showers in the forecast today with cloudy skies. a closer look at your forecast and hurricane florenceupoming let's see what's happening on the road. good morning. >> good morning. good news here. northbound gwparkway before the key bridge lanes now open. so you're seeing delays here still as things start to workay their out but they are open and you can go that way now. i think just allow a little bit of extra time. northbound 395 before the 14th street bridge. crash there is blocking the rightane here thismorning. as we zoom out and take a look
6:32 am
at the beltway. no major issues. outerloop here. we do have a little bit of a problem. a new problem in college park as ll. we'll talk about that coming up. connecticut avenue at beach drive there. s you ca we're slow northbound and southbound. southboundea 270 28 there. we have crashes in the local and the main lanes with a blocked in each of those lanes uthbound only. t nk you. now back to coverage of hurricane florence. continue to track thisatory 4 storm churning in the atlanta right now. north carolina seems to be the main target. this is a very large storm. there's also evacuation orders in place starting at 8:00 this morning. chris lawrence is live in old town alexandria. we'll hear from him in just a few minutes.
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people trying tok soa up sunshine ahead of the storm. you can get up tthe minute information on hurricane florence and the potential impact this storm could have on us in the nbc washington app. >> people all over the country will pause to remember the attacks. 11th >> justin is live for us this morning with other events planned in remembrance of this y. good morning. >> good morning. we're now just minutes away from the flag ceremony taking place at the pentagon. behind me you can see that area is already lit up. this is a tradition that now dates back to the day after tr septem11th attacks. when the large fg wasrought
6:34 am
in to drape over the dage here. vice president mike pence will join the ceremony at the9/11 memorial here and on this day 17 years ago, 184 people were killed. they wer aboard america airlines flight when it crashed into the western wall. the dead includingassengers on that plane and flight crew as well as pentagonem oyees. all the celebrations taking place across the country and of course in our area h e aswell. i do want to give you right now a live look from the pentagon showing the preparation for that ceremony as well as that obse e ceremony that willteake place in the morning that will feature dignitaries. family and loveds o of those that perisd athe pentagon 17
6:35 am
years ago today. they'll gather and reflect on y at day and all of what t lost. >> you can stay with nbc 4 for a report this morning. a moment of silence will he . >> time is 6:35. new video shows demonstrators protesting the death of botham jean in dallas. she hot him side his apartment mistaking it a her own. there are conflicting accounts of what happened. acrding to court documents she arrived on the wrong floor and found the doory slightl open thinking her apartment was broken into. she told him to put his hands up nd when he didn't, she shot him. but a search warrant on friday says he found her at the door and a neighbor heard them talking before the gunshots.
6:36 am
she's charged with manslauger. >> now t latest on the up roar in the catholic church. st. matthew's cathedral held a meeting. people in that meeting told us they were encouraged not to talk to the media. she worries about her grandchildren growing up in the catholic church. >> i'mcared because, you know, i have grandkids and i want them to post the namesf all the credibly accused priests in the archdiocese of washington. >> last night's meeting happened days after deacon james garcia calls for cardinal wuerl to re-sign. he's accused of covering up sex buse claims when he was at pittsburgh. >> it's now 6:36.
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coming up they save lives every day and now they're easier for you to get. the pharmacy that'sck not sg epi-pens and how you can get them for free. >> one of the bestngeals for >> one of the bestngeals for eati out but
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i'm neal simon. i'm the son of an immigrant and a fami man. daughter: hey, dad. neal: and now i'm running for the u.s. senate, unaffiliated with any party, because they're playing partisan games and geing nothing done, and it's crippling america. i've created high-paying jobs right here in maryland by listening, bringing people together, and i'll do the same thing by listening, bringingas your senator., they say an outsider can't do it, but... all:ether... neal: ...we'll prove them wrong. i'm neal simon, and i approve this message. let's finally put people over politics.
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irgel >> welcome back, a live changing announcement for those with food allergies. >> walgreens will carry something similar t an epi-pen. they're available nationwide and there's noost to tho with commercial surance. >> good morning, the $5 footlong may soon disapdar for g at subway restaurants. the ceo of the chain tells usa today that starting this month they'll b allowed to decide whether to keep the sub on the menu. many weren't happy whe subway brought the deal back last year after a long hiatus because they don't make as much profit all of
6:41 am
the sandwich. it is a dark start to the day. very low novisibility. due to a broken camera but low fog and lowlouds this morning. 40% chance of showers coming your way later today with a high near 8 degrees. the very latest on florence and your hn-day forecast w sheena coming up. >> a couple of brand new problems in maryland and
6:42 am
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6:44 am
>> all eyes are on hurricane florence right now. models project that category 4 storm willarget north carolina. mandatory evacuations have been ordered along theas east >> we are taking you inside the storm. this is what the eye of florence looked like a hurricane hunter flew through it, over the atlanc near
6:45 am
bermuda and even though we're not expected to feel the effects foe a few m days, preparations are underway for its potential >> chris lawrence is live for us in old town realexandria w a state of emergency is in place across virginia and maryland. chris, what's the latest? >> yeah. well, aaron with a storm this big and powerful, officialsay keep i simple. move inland and get to higher ground. i want to take you here and show you something. when youee all o these sandbags int old town i gives you an idea of how saturated the ground is across our area because of all the rain we had. as you take a look at the preparations already underway in parts of north carolina and ia virg keep in mind governor northam declared a state of eemergency. th evacuations will get started in a little over an hour from w inhampton, virginia beach, and norfolk. he has activated about 1,500 national guardsmen and requested 21 swift water rescue teams to
6:46 am
be on stand by. on the other side, governor larry hogan is wried about the low lying areas like >>frederic e are preparing for the potential of historic, catastrophic and life threatening flooding in ryland. >> i ask all virginians to take all precautionary measures. >> as you take a look at the water still present here in old town alexandria that's one of the reasons we have to keep a very close eye on this storm. >> thanks so much. right now it's 6:46 and we want to take you liveidou of the pentagon where the flag,he american flag was moments ago in remembrance of the attacks there 17 years ago. >> this has become an annual
6:47 am
occurrence here w wre wech the flag come over the side of the building. if you watched as the trauma to the country was happening in 2001, this was an opportunityo honor the 180 or so people that died there and also to say that america's resolve would stand along with it's flag. >> 17 years ago, at about 9:37 in the morning, a pla hit the west side of the pentagon and caused an incredible plion. people were trapped inside and we heard stories ofro heroism that day. we heard that they were out trying to help their colleagues and their co-workers try to find safety. it was an incredible moment for this country but we see that in the symbol of the american flag this moment. >> i want to veryly quiring justin in outside of the pentagon for us this morning. as we watch the flag here and the first responders and service members there o the roof of the
6:48 am
pentagon there, there's an evene planned t later on this morning, right? >> that's right. a series of events taking place at the pentagon today. one will include vice president mike pence as well as defense secretary james mattis and othee dignit that will be here for an observance taking place. welso know that those that lost family on this day 17 years ago will be therel as w for a special ceremony that will be just for those that had familos and friends that perished on that day. a moment for them to gather and re as well at that memorial. so of course year after year this becomes a fal pointor so many to gather and reflect on the tragedy of this day now 17 years ago. >> an important day of remembrance. live for us outside of the pentagon, justin, thank you. >> just about 6:49 and also
6:49 am
happening today more than three years after a wealt business man, his wife, son, and housekeeper were tied up,ur to and killed inside their northwest d.c. mansion, the sole suspt will go ontrial. opening statements expected this morning. during the trial we could hear from the surviving housekeeper that worked f thatamily for 20 years and also his family members. he faces life in prison stay with news 4 for continuing coverage of the d.c. mansion murders trial. shows video this morning people already buying bob woodward's new bombshell book "fear." the tell all book about thete trump whouse. it was are elised at midnight. it paints the picture of a chaotic white house. the president is scditing it calling it a joke full of lies. woodward said he did more than 100 interviews and most of them were recorded. >> the frederick county health depament in maryland is warning you to stay out of the water. all the raine have been getting is overwhelming sewage
6:50 am
sicilities and c overflow. you can see the rivers and areas to avoid highlightedn red. health officials say no onewi should in these areas for at least a week. >> 6:50. we want to go backto to the team 4 weather alert. sheena is here with more. >> good morning, guys, look at this foggy picture. we have a dense fog advisory for the area. 71 degrees outside. you might not know it but the fogginess is going to be causing issues on the road. we have a dense fog advory for the d.c. metro area. some improvements this morning buts we have gone through the morning hours, visibility has been less than a quarter mile. that will go until 10:00. then we'll see improvements with the fog but it's still going to be cloudy. dry conditions and flood warnings and rising creeks and rivers in our area. those will be staying put as we go through most of the day but light showers nearll mars right now, temperatures are in about the mid 60s to low across the area.
6:51 am
it's humid outside and as you are commuting keep in mind dense fog and lowvi bility. be very careful around the bus stop too as the kids are out at th bus stop cloudy skies, spotty showers throughout the day. another day where you need the umbrella. here's hurricaneflorence category 4 hurricane now. this thing is very organized on the same path toward the u.s. ath north caroln most of this track here as it approaches land by ely friday into saturday. it slows down a lot which is really bad for partshe of mid-atlantic because that would mean a lot of rainfall. could be devastating with som flooding issues here and storm surge as well. one thing though, like i ntioned, the track has been consistent and hasn't changed much. if this stormoes farther south of the area we would see less rain and winds. farther north, we'd see more rain and wind in the forecast. but of course we're still going to have until the rest of the week to update this but right now we'e tracking florence and it's impact into theened wi -- the weekend and early next week.
6:52 am
>> good morning. seeing fog arounde this morning. right now looking at the beltway, innerloop, outerloop, everything looking slow. northbound 95 after the beltway and college park, brand new crash there and northbound bw parkway before 198 crashe along ight side. 270, rockville southbound, 270 near 28 two crashes. really some slow downs there. southbound connecticut at beach drive there. we still havehat crash hanging around. northbound is a little bit slow as well because of folks looking across the sl there. camp springs northbound branch avenue right lane blocked by a crash thend arlington 395 before the bridge crash right lane. travel times in maryland are slow there on 270 fore what just showed you. south of the belt way this morning. on 95 on 66 and inbound
6:53 am
both normal. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car today. >> thank you. it's 6:53 now. it could soon cost more to ride metro when there's a special event. the transit agency drafted a proposal to charge peak fares when service is beefed up. riders had mixed feelings about oposal. metro says it's a way to recoop the cos extra service without having to ask the local money.ent for more >> 6:53, coming together in the time of need. that's what volunteers are setting out to do in remembrance of the 9/11 attack. >> she's live at the aarp celebration of service wherelk are packing thousands of meals for area seniors. good morning. >> good morning. i want to thank our volunteers. these are the early morning t volunteers tha are setting up for this giant event where 600 plus volunteers will kick into action this morning. i want to bring in the preside of aarp foundation who can
6:54 am
really talk abo the impact that all of this will make today on the national mall to help end senior hunger. >> we're delighted that you're down here with nbc 4 this orning to see what's going on today. as you said, over 6,000 volunteers will be here on this day of resilience and also hope for our community. so these 1 million meals will be donated toal capit area food banks and used quickly which calls attention to the fact thae we hav about 19% of seniors that are food insecure each and every y. so we're drawing attention to food insecurity but also senior poverty. voluntee m areaking a difference. one hour of rvice, 200 meals, that matters for low income seniors in our neighborhoods. >> they have been moving nd grooving. just in one hours time we have seen them fill up these boxes with these mixes that they're making measuring out. they go into the box a t at end when the box is full they ring these bells, right?
6:55 am
all right. and so they have a little motto that is on tir t-shirts as well and what does it say? ready, set, pack. that's what it's all about. this kicks off at 9:00 this morning. it goes all day until 4:30 in the afternoon with volunteers. that's the latest live from the nationmall. back to you guys. >> thank you aarp foundation volunteers. >> thank you. >> and staff. >> and thank you. >> it is 6:55ou and here's things to know this morning. today marks 17 years since the deadly september 11th attacks. moments ago tn ameri flag was put at the pentagon as it was in t days that followed the attack ere. this morning memorials are happening there in ground zero and new and in pennsylvania to remember the victims. a special report will happen this morning at 8:45 as the ceremonies get underway. >> eoday weect to learn more about a dealer accused of cheating at mgm national harbor
6:56 am
casino. he's expected to face an judge charges of cheating and pocketing the proceeds. the fbi is leading this investigation. >> tonight 11 acts will perform for the chance to advance in america's got talent. don't forget to vote for him for a chance at the finals. it all starts tonight at a8:00 hurricane florence continues to barrel toward the east coast. news 4 is workingor you and tracking this category 4 storm's projecte track. keep up to date with the nbc washington app. >> it will be awhile before wel have to f the effects around here. chance for showers today and tomorrow. lower rain chances thursday and iday. what florence decides to do after landfall is big question for us. >> all right. thank you and tomorrow morning on news 4 today, we're taking a
6:57 am
look at those streaming services so many of us have at home. netflix, hulu, lots of others too. >> we have information parents should know if you give your kids access. we'll have much me on that story and everything else to get your day started starting at 4: i a.m. >> tha the news for today. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the " iday" show next. we'll see you in 25 minutes and tures liveou with p from the pentagon on this remembrance of the attack 17 years ago.
6:58 am
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good morning. collision course.ll coision course. hurricane florence barreling towards east coast. the monster category 4 expected to become a categ y 5 today. >> get ready now. >> mandatoryat evacuns for more than one million people underway. residents bracing for what could be a catastrophic strike. >> i don't care what you do. you better get ready. >> this morning the race to prepare, t path it's on and an exclusive look inside the storm. >> breaking overnight, new protests in dallas over thatde ly shooting of an unarmed black man in his own apartment. the shooter and


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