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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 12, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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this morning all of us keeping a close eye on hurricane. floren >> storm team 4's chuck bell is looking at the path and we' check out melissa mollet and sheena parveen.? shee >> we're seeing a little bit of fog, too. stly in maryland. other than that, a little bit of drizzle. eading towards baltimore, the fog isthicker. the rest of the area seeing a little bit of patchy fog with a dense fog advisory. that's closer to the philadelphia area. if youe traveling that way keep in mind visibility is not looking good. degrees i washington. 68 gaithersburg. 60.leesburg like i mentioned, a little bit of drizzle. we have a lot of clouds in the forecast. a cluster of storms is continuing on. there's the stationary
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that will keep us cloudy as we go through the rest of the weeko ng up, chuck will tell you how that stationary front is going to influen florence as it heads on to land. keep in mind drizzle, patchy fog and showers for the afternoon. speaking of the commute, let's t'ad over to melissa mollet to see how looking. good morning. >> in bound near richie marlboro road, we have the traffic stopped because of a crash. you can use richie marlboro road or water street to get bac on to 4. you'll still have pretty big lays there. you can see it on a big map as well as you're headed in bound near ritchie marlboro road. nner loop and outer loop, both looking good. no complaints in the first 4 traffic complaints department. white's ferry closed. >> 6:01. this morning we are tracking hurricane florence and the
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millions rushi o to g of the path. we're staying on top of every angle fm the impending rain to how it's going to impact those living around he. >> people living from the coast from virginia to the carolinas have been ordered to find a safe place to ride out the storm. forecasters say there have been more than two feet of rain. both sides of a south carolina highway are being used to travel away from the shore. the category 4 storm is growing in sfe as it churns hundreds miles away from north carolina. florence will arrive late tomorrow. there is an emergency federal getting a state ofemergency. t it's in the outer banks and he'sking to people who have decided to ride out the storm.
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john van lunen hasn't decided. he's boarded up his business but isn't sure if he wants to leave his beach house. irene washe big one. as a matter of fact, we would be in three feet of water right now. >> at the peak of irene when it flooded the sound. i evacuated -- >> you didn't lose power, damage? >> no loss o power, no difference. >> could be risky to stay and get out before the storm arrives. count on jim hanley and photographer joe casana. as millions flee before hurricane florence arrirss, responders are getting ready to head into the danger zone. >> we're talking about 80 members of the maryland task force one is about to deploy.
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>> news 4's justin finch is at their headquarters. more on where they're headed and what they're these experts. >> reporter: that's right. they've been given the activation to head down to the hurricane florence zone. they got the call close to 11:00 p.m. now as you mentioned, they are heing down. what we're seeing right now are the final momts before the maryland task force one deploys down south?t. >> corr they started their briefing at 6:00 a.m. all of them are here and checked in and the bags are assembled. the vehiclesere last loaded z, getting their final information. we're heading to could he llumb. what is on board? >> it's 80 to 100,000 of rescue
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equipment. six boats that you see there. the capabilities to deal with heavy collapse structures as e well as l support for 80 rescuers. we are inself-susta rescue suppo support. food, water, gasoline and i'll see if think of it. it's just about a half hour or so for a mission that would last fortwo weeks. >> justin, good luck to all of them. n it only emergency crews in maryland that are prepared to help out. additional crews have beenn calledrom missouri, ohio, and as far aways and we'll check
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in with rescues. chuck,e seen many of these and the storm is no joke. it changes by thehour. what's the latest on the path and strength? >> the latest update is for the storm to come to a near det sto and this will be arolonged gh impact event t f upcoming weekend. very high agreement with what the storm is going tove do about the next 48 hours orso. with time though, watch the divergence of could bring the center as far west as atlanta or chattanooga. there's more uncertainty out tuto the . it brings it to the greenville, spartanburg area. travel delays will be extremeg gohrough the weekend.
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sheena is back with a check of our local weather. >> thank you. president trump says the federal government is, quote, totallyrepared to face florence and during yesterday's briefing a reporter did a what the u.s. could learn from its response to hurricane maria. >> the storm pummeled three thoufpl p andhere's his response. >> puerto rico is our toughest port because it's an island. when the storm hit they had no electricity and when it hit it took it out. i think puerto rico was an incredible unsung success. >> many do not agree with the president's ssasnt.
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it's 6. pope donald wuerhle said he will seek the assistance from the pope whether he should resign. he's facing mounting scrutiny for the way he dealt with priests accused of sexual abuse while he was bishop in pittsburgh. now to an nfc exclusive is spo sponsib responsible. russia is now the leading suspect. that's according to three u.s. officials and two others briefeo in the g investigation. officials tell nbc news the evidence is backed up by highly secret communications intercept.
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ey also believe the americans were deliberately attacked rather thanll acciden injured by faulty listening devices or other >methods. oday the five people arrested after a raid on a make shiftompound in mexico will appear in federal court. they're facing charg of firearms and conspiracy last month authorities found 11 h huk -- a judge dropped child neglect charges against the five aulast month b a local prosecutor missed a deadline. the death penalty accused of killing his 2005 crystal and opened fire on fellow officers.
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he the nshooting's happened the 11th birthday of crystal's son. he was home during the killing. pe sus is going around the district illegally opening up fire hydrants. police haverrested nemacastalani. the suspect had a 14 inch wrench on him. still unclear if the suspe is responsible for other hydrant openings in the area. time is 6:10. the australian w cartoonis is responsible for a cartons ag serena williams is he's asking, can you just let her
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win. the aist mark knights said people are depicng it the wrong way. williams accused the ump of sexism. to the washi miss sticks are back home tonight. >> the team is down two games right now in the wnba finals against the seattlest m. they must win tonight in order to stay in the finals. this is the first time they've been in the times. they need the home crowd to get on board. >> i know. head out to george mason. >> lotar of goodng there. >> easy. what you can do startingy tohat may help you handle aches and pains better. how you can start monitoring what you kids are doing.
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chuck? >> cloudy, cool, damg outside this morning. very little sunshine in the extended forecast. extended forecast. we'll be with as your homed,ecomes more connec you need fios to keep up and fios is the 100% fiber-optic network... which means you get yenomenal capacity fr tech. now, get $200 toward a range of googlest and ne smart home devices
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then, as state senator,os i worked aparty lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what ahead is as important awhat's .
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you're watching "news 4 today." peanut butter and jellynd ches have been staples in school lunches and many schools have banned them to protect kids with pottially life threatening nut allergies. researchers looked atthe imp of banning nuts from classrooms. they found it had no impact on how often school nurses had to use epi pens on kids for nut
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allergies. many parents are simply unaware which products contain traces of peanuts. some people have a higher thresho threshold. people who practice meditation are less likely to feel pain. i guess that makes sense. >> right? >> no. >> i need to meditate. i could take five minutes of silence. you have some great updates for us. , you e green, as you kn are fanning the community. you are finding what's good in the corners of our earth. >> get this opportunity to kind of go back and see the updates and what these kids are doing. >> local super stars. >> absolutely. people want to know where are they now, what are theyp to.
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i want to start with local hollywood red carpeteporters from our area receiving lots of prrom top city leaders. >> check them out. heey're on red carpet. d.c. students from elliott high school's tv network. they just returned from interviewing celebrities at the creative a emmys. >> this is not their first red carpet moment,ouknow? we profiled this studiohat's there at their northeast d.c. school. >> look at the social media shoutouts from may muriel bowser about them telling them their future is bright and council member charles allen praising them f representing d.c. so well. >> keep it up. you're doing well. the numbersre still coming in from alex's lemon aid stand.
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folks jumped in to buy the frozen ice. they raised 500 bucks selling lemon ice. it's raised $173,000. >> everyit le bit counts. >> and clarence goodman, aka ite chocolate. everybody calls him that. nobody knows him by his real name. he's even a bigger star at the wharf. p we him on tv the friday before labor day. that story resonated big. arence says jesselo tay has never opened early in the 43 years we were there. >> i brought my own table and chairs. >> you can sit out there, lay the newspaper out and be hagood
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>> day you didn't come back to work. ou stayed out there all morning. >> i was working, angie. and quick update, they're not getting a lot of business because of the storm. once the storm's over, sho the guy some love down there, buy some clams. >> order double. 6:19. letting you know before you can send us your storyideas, molette is out in the community looking for something. it was such a beautiful video and rear' going to have this. this it is, look tat that. now from one green to anoth 'll head over to sheena parveen.
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new advisory that came in. >> there it is now. we can see it in view. at's going to be a big influe mer when florencees inland. it's still a category 4 as it t continueards the carolinas. it's going to stall a bit because of that front. high pressure will be keeping tt dothe south. the carolinas bracing for the storm. pecting heavy rainfall. as it moves inland it will be a little bit farther south of us from what we were looking at that means heavy rain from the storm, they're going to be delayed until about t middle of next week once the remnants finally do pass tough and move off shore. >> visibility mild.ic as you head towards
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baltimore. be very careful on the roads. s.mperatures in the 60s and 70 a couple of showers passed through early. right now looking at mostly oudy skies. walking the dog, that's max. you can find him at the humane rescue. you'll want to see rain totals or theum ella. chance of showers, planning this weekend already, we know florence will be farther down south. rain chances won't be too bad. mostly cloudy skies over the ekend. chance of showers if you're gardening. your tip of the day, you want to harvest the ripening tomatoes and melons. as we get closerndo the wee as well, it will start to get breezy here and chuck willave the ten day forecast on when
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florence will affect ourwe her. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, sheena. pretty bad here. upper marlboro. in bound between ritchie marlboro road. all lanes blocked. crashestigation underway. this will be sometime before. water street to richie marlboro road onto the pike but it will be slow and closed for some time. that way looks okay. 301 in heather moore, darlington eastbou eastbound, you have a crash there a well.
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you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back. 6:25. from netflix to hulu, amazon prim chancesre you subscribe to one of these streaming services, probably a whole lot m of >> yeah, there are. the convenience to having access is raisingrn some con to you parents who worry about what exactly your kids are watching. newsus4'sn finch tells us how parents can take control. >> reporter: it all begins with the main screen the portal like page welcoming amazon prime,hulu and netflix viewers to their next streaming experience. with the internet a device and a few swipes or clicks a child can easily land on just about anything, from a family friendly
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show to a foul language filled ature. you're right to be concerned. >> i don't think there's a way for us to completely shut them off. >> reporter: he says prolonged, unsupervised access to streaming content canr impact y child. that's why he said it's critical parents talk to their children. >> approach them in a way that doesn't shame them, punh them, have an honest, candid conversation about what they're watching and how they make sense of what they're watching. >> one way l toit what your child sees is to go into your platform settingsor and look f parental or connt control. there you can block certain media or try setting up a special account for your child that does not allow access to ture content. >> kfgss about section, financi financial.
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>> you can use this opportunity to help build bonding experiences between the child and the parent. >> justin finch, news a local college. how the scoreboard ended up on the basketball court. chuck? >> and over the next couple of daysthere's going to be hardly anything in the way of sunshi keep your umbrellas ready to gom a cplete check of the forecast and the latest on florence coming up. >> reporter: more than aeek after someone jumped up in church and yelled shame on you. church and yelled shame on you. the cdinal wrotear a ♪ you said you're not like me,
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♪ never drop to your knees, ♪ look into the sky for a momentary high, ♪ ♪ you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ♪ fo ♪ everybody fighta little bit of light, i believe. ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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news 4 begins with a storm team 4th w alert. >> that weather alert continues as we tracken hurricane fl. it is still a category 4 and you casee it's massive as it continues to move through the atocntic n. >> but there's been somewhhanges en it comes to where that hurricane is expected to linger after it makes landfall. chuck and sheenaill fill us all in. meanwhile, justin finch is in
6:31 am
rockville, maryland, where local crews are heading towards the storm. it's not just florence we're keeping an eye on. melissa molt will have the first 4 traffic warnings. wrst we beginh chuck bell and sheena parveen. >> some areas in marylan the fog. it gets more intense towards baltimore and philadelphia. >> wn will we ever see the sunshine? >> not for a while. >> chuck, it's been since last thursday or friday since we saw the sun, and there will be very littleunshinen your future for today or the next couple of days. the latest on florence, we'll give you that information in a little bit. threat. serious right now though we're dealing with a couple of showers across southern maryland. hit-and-miss showers will be with us. thicker fog out onte the e shore. visibility down to 1.1 mile
6:32 am
ere at joi base andrews. future weather carries that rain out onto the eastern shore. there will be a 50% chance you can get hit with a rain drop. umbrella in the 60s and 70 highs in the 70s and 80 degrees. not much sunshine today and the ten day. for now, let's hear from melissa mollet who probably has nothing wt good news. >> ih i could. i would be a rich woman. upper marlboro, in bound between rich marlboro road and wood lawn road there's a crash investigation. , note means we're clos just slow with the red and orange colors. 30u can divert on to water street to old marlboro pike to get back on to 4 here. that'souhat will get around that. another problem 3rks 01 at
6:33 am
heather moore. hyattsville ridge road, university of maryland, crash reported th southbound g.w. parkway, delays northbound and southbound. pothole causing flat tires. after smokeef town,t side blocked due to a crash there. eun. >> your time is 6:33. back now traing hurricane florence. the storm's track has shifted even though we are expecting a direct hit, d.c., maryland, virginia have all declared a state of emergency because of potential flooding. millions of people from virginia down to the carolinas have been ordered to get out of the path of the storm. in the meantime, members of la ma's task force one are moving in. you can see the members getting ready toet on the bus. >> they have a caravan of
6:34 am
support vehicles and canine task force one will be down there for 10 to 14 days, a couple of weeks. you might remember the crew worked around the clo in hurricane rescues for harvey and ria last year. >> meanwhile, news 4's jim hanley and joe pisano are morning here thi covering the evacuations and the stor look for the updates. they'll be updating the accounts all week as well. 6:34. new developments in the crisis in the catholic church. cainal donald wuerl has written an e eye openith to the priests. the the heavy assertion he will ask pope francis for guidance about his future as archbishop of chris lawrence has more.
6:35 am
>> eun, we just got ahold of the letter from cardinal wuerl that says he's going to fly to rome to talk to pope franc about resigning. it says when he was in charge of the diocese ingh pittsbur at times wuerl did go out of his way to quickly remove soalled predator priests, but in some cases he allowed some to stay in the ministry, including priest who gave alcohol to onenage boys before molesting them. petition had 80,000 signatures demanding wuerl resign. in this letter he says after talking with some of the local priests under his command, it was clear that some decision sooner rathe l thaner on my t so is an ee sensual asp that this church we all love can move forward. it is a little over a week since this church, enunciation, right
6:36 am
here when a woman turne her back on cardinal wuerl during the homi and another man jumped up during mass and yelled, shame on you. chris lawrence, thank you. a >> university of maryland football player died of heatstroke. he could sue the university. he collapsed after a workout in may. the family filed formal letters notifying the state of a suit. espn reporhey could seek up to $30 million. the overall conductfof the ball program are still in progress. a jumbo blooper on a local basketball court and this had nothing to do with thgame. check it out. george washington university's jumbotron fell to ther. fl
6:37 am
the big screen was already lowered to the ground when it fell. they were doing some maintenance on it when this happened. nobody was hurt which is good news. still not clear if any damage is caused because of this. >> when you think of how large the structure is, a short fall will cost the school some money. it's now 6:37. coming up, hometown team with a shot at a championship. one player said a local bar refused to show their game. refused to show their game.
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i'm neal simon. i'm the son of an immigrant and a family man. daer: hey, dad. neal: and now i'm running for the u.s. senate, unaffiliated with any party, because they're playing partisan games and getting nothindone, and it's crippling america. i've created high-paying jobs right here in maryland by listening, bringing people together, and finding common ground, and i'll do the same thing as your senator. say an outsider can't do it, but... all: together... neal: ...we'll prove them wrong.
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i'm neal simon, and i approve this message. let's finally put people over politics. you're watching "news 4 today." >> so if you're one of just loves the new products from your day.ay is >> the company is just hours away from revealing its newest products. rumors have been flying for weeks about what ceo tim cook
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will announce this year from a new macbook to a smartersiri. they may try to connect with a laer audience by releasing more than one iphone. apple's announcement begins at 1:00 this afternoon. >> it will be interesting to see how they're improving it, better camera. meanwhile, azon hoping you to get what you want. amazon is branching out. they report the company will sell live full sized christmas trees starting in november. they will be spped in a box within ten days of being cut down and should survive the trip just fine. w somel be eligible for free ipping with amazon prime. this convenience isn't cheap.
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a 7 foot frazier fir will run $115. i'mate rogers. good morning. we have drizzle. we have somere fog out t this morning, too. as you're planning your ect theay, well, e clouds again. expect some scattered showers. later on, highs closeo 80 degrees. chuck has the updated track on hurricane florence and when it could be impacting our weather straight ahead. plus several brand-new plus several brand-new probms aroundle
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i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers.
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i approve this message because, tlike every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what in the rearview mirror. a storm team 4 weather alert comes as hurricane florence closes in on the east coast. right now la-minute preparations continue from virginia through the carolinas. >> mandatory evacuations are in place affecting more than 1 million people who live in the potential strike zone. we do have live team coverage this morning. justin finch is inle rockv where local crews are beginning to help. >> but we begin with nbc dylan
6:46 am
dreyer who's in surf city. dylan, even though some have been ordered to, evacua some have decided to stay and ride out the storm? >> reporter: that's true. i find that's typical i most hurricanes. people find they can ride it out. the last one that's comparable to this is hurricane fran in 1996. it looks like this one could be worse. there's a chance the storm could stay just off shore as it gets closer friday into saturday. that would put the surf city area in the heart of the biggest storm surge. the strongest winds. that would put it on the nortastern side of it. there are people taking in the ean. the storm is 575 miles to the east of us. we will sta to feel the first impact going into thursday especially thursday night as the outer bands of the hurricane start to move in.
6:47 am
that's the first sign of torrential rain. once it starts, it's not going stop. going into the weekend we'll be measuring rain in feet. the storm surgeould produce a 12 foot wall of water thatill make its way on storm. driving around, several places are boaed up, several more will be closing today so it seems likee several people h heeded the warmup. there is a mandatory evacuatio and a curfew at 7:00 p.m. >> alliohose precautns i place. dylan, thanks so much. morelo on hurricanerence ahead on theto "y" show. continuing our coverage of hurricane florence now as millions of people flee the storm's path, fst responders from our area are heading in. maryland task force one is headed to south carolina at fema's instruction. >> news 4's justin finch is live
6:48 am
at the rockville facility. good morning, justin. >> reporter: goo morning, angie. take off time just a few moments away behind us here some of the supplies and the crews that will help them leave. montgomery county police, they're standing by. the large truckpi are h to carry supplies from fema and task force one. they have a search and rescu team, canine teams and more tools to help. again, just minutes from leaving to head down. they got the call just after 11:00r so last night that they were going to be, indeed, t activated fors duty here. just a few moments a i spoke to the chief from montgomery fire rescue and he tells me they have a lot ofs supplieo help them. take a listen. it's about 80 to 100,000 pounds of rescue
6:49 am
equipment. six boats as youee there, but the capability to deal with heavy concrete collapse and shelters as well as sleeping. >> reporter: and some major supplies for major mission. this mission could last as long as two weeks. the crews have to be ready for anything. th are bound for the s.roli we're live in rockville, news 4, back to you. >> coming through once again. justin coming up chuck and sheena will have more. 6:49. president trump says his administration is ready for florence. a government report is questioning his track record. during yesterday's briefing the president talked about the response to maria. he said it was, quote, an unsung success.
6:50 am
the gover accountability reports fema was short staffed which delayed help to the island. 6:59. a man is being charged -- the prosecution said dna evidence found at the scene will le -- he tricked the half brother into coming into the house. he didn't know he was at the crime scene. he faces life in prison if convicted. a former mgm car dealer is facing jail time. he admitted to stealing more than $1 million on a cheating scheme. zhang allowed his partners to
6:51 am
take pictures of unshuffled cards at the table. heiv faces years in prison when he goes to trial in january. chuck bell is here to fill s in. chuck? s, indeed. it will be a cloudy day around here not related to hurricane florence. you can see the storm now, 575 miles off of cape fear north rolina and that storm is continuing northwest bound at 17 miles per hour. sustained winds still aveging 130 miles per hour. hurricane force winds go outst al70 miles in any direction from the center of the storm. this is a big hurricane no matter how you look at it. making landfall near cape fear and wilmington, north carolina, thursday. then slowing down this is almost 48 hours worth of
6:52 am
moveme on the forecast track. this will be a humongous flooding problem and then the storm inches its way in towards the inland areas of south this is a very different track from what we've seen yesterday. this has dayed them. we will end up having to deal with the heavy rain. we will deal with it later instead of sooner. rainfall amounts could be in excess of two feets. our threat for flooding here has been delay probably into the monday night to wednesday, thursdim frame of next week. we are not going to escape saling with t moisture one way or the other. foreta foreta foretast, lower rain chanc for the weekend.
6:53 am
not much for sunshine. likely to impact us sometime next week. then a little touch of autumn. lateee next wk we could be below 60 degrees for the first time since june. right now upper marlboro pennsylvania avenue between richie marlboro road and wood lane we have all lanes shut down because of this crashin stigation. as you take a look here, purple shows you that we are closed. red showing you we are in major delays. you can divert on to 301, marlboro pike back on to 4. allow extra time f sure. springfield before braddock road, blocked before the crash there. laurel, southbound g.w.wa pa pothole causing flat tires. slow as well. prince william parkway, elier
6:54 am
crash. southbound 270 before urbana. 34 miles per hour to be exact. southf the beltway typically slow. looking prettyor normal this time of the morning. remember to look at wtop when you hopca in youtoday. guys? ♪ ♪ it s a electric night on "america's got talent."in d.c.'s brian just wowed the judges again on stage. what a talent he is. tonight we're going to find out who will move onto the finals. after the performance, things are looking bright for king. >> i'm going to say he's going to be in it. judge simon cowell says he could win the whole thing. you can still vote for him.
6:55 am
go to nbc's website or by downloading theta "america's go lent" official app. >> you only have a few more minutes. the poltop at 7:00. we'll find out who advances tonight right he on nbc 4. 6:55. an alexandria sports bar trying to make it right to the mystics fans.r family asked the bartender to change the tv to their game and they said, yeah, no,re w not switching that. so after cloud learned what happened she took s toial media. soon after glory days issued this statemitt. reads in part, quote, we are making every effort to ensure it doesn't happen again. cloud says she hopes this is not
6:56 am
a temporary fi >> it's 6:56. four things to know before you head out the door. game 3 of the wnba final is on night. they're down two games against the seattle storm. they must win tonight to stay in the fight for the championship. cardinal wuerl will ask the pope if hehould resign. he's facing mounting scrutiny for the way he dealt with priests. more on our story in th washington app. the death penalty trial is underway. charged with killing his wife and a prince william county officer in 2017. look for the updates in the nbc washington app. right n members of maryla maryland. the team has a caravan of
6:57 am
tractor trailers,ixanines and half a dozen boats. more on florence's track c up. we're stuck in a cloudy, dreary weather pattern. by friday, still have the umbrella. , the middle of it.loweokexek nthat's whetn we willee whater is left over. florence giving us heavy rain. inner loop of the beltway, heading into a crash. in bound pennsylvania avenue beeen richie marlboro and wood lawn. rs i n i just say it app am the luckiest person. >> you are, chuck. w> at least he knows. >> the "today" s ne ixt
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good morning. storm of a storm of a lifime. hurricane florence one for the ages inching closer to a devastating strike on the ead i major shift overnight. officials pleading for people to evacuate now. >> don't bet your life on riding out a monster. >> this morning the frantic preps as an entire regn is set to face days of torrential rain, and a life-threatening storm surge. we are there live and al with when . is the embattled cardinal of washington, d.c. about to step down after devastating accusations of cover-up? the high-pre file meeting between pope franci and


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