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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  September 12, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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orleans flee. >> been through quite living here for 30 years, this one concerns me. ated ow at 4:00, the u track. >> the countdown to landfall. >> and the escape from the storm lifetime live team coverage starts now. ro> and first at 4:00, a clobbering comingthe carolinas. look at this eerie new drone video. the party town of myrtle beach deserted today. >> on track to hit early as tomorrow, and category 3 hurricane less than 500 miles from the carina coast. news 4 is working for you around the clock as the beast of a storm bears down. this thing could dump as much as 40 inches. the storm now is tracking towards the carolinas. beach towns to the outer banks to myrtle beach under a
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hurricane warning and 1.7 million people told to ouevacua. >> can replace your property. we cannot replace yo we do not want to lose any of our citizens. >> the time toosrepare is a over. my message is clear. disaster is at the door stone. it's coming in. >> check out this stunning view of this incredibly powerful storm. u see this, this is what florence looks like from the international thace station. is is incredibly riveting and incrediblysa dangerous at thme >> let's kick off team coverage in the weather center to get us started. fill us in on the latest. >> continuin g t watch florence obviously get to the atlantic, and you heard the governor of north carolina say the time to prepare there is winding down. this thing only 400 miles away. the big thing to take from this, our area is fine. we are n going to see major impacts here over the next few
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days. >> the news here for us continues to be good news, but, doug, the carolinng, heart breahen you look at the numbers and what's going to happen there, starting throughout the day and tomorrow, wis, storm surge, and impressive rainfall amounts. >> it's amazing, the track of ,he storm, and what we continue to see from florenou can see right now, there's the storm. it's still a very strong category 3 storm. was a 4. it was downgraded to a 3. not much in the way -- it's a major hurricane for a reason. that's when you have damage. this is still a major hurricane. you can see0 this les away from womilmington, north caroli right around where we think it lands, or close to it. the latest advisory came out at 2:00. the next advisory comes out in under an hour, but now winds at 125 miles per hour moving northwest at 16 miles per hour. the pressure up to 948 milibars. it's expected to crossgu over t
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stream, very warm water, back to a category 4 hurricane and close to shore friday morning as a category 3, 120 miles per hour hurricane, and quickly inland.s as it moves the biggest track and change here is a little bit mo of a southeack. remember, two days ago, all the way up to wash igton, d.c. nos not even on the north carolina/virginia border. much more on this, what it means to the area, and what it means to thein car. we got it for you in minutes. >> thank you, doug. >> thanks, the low lying barrier islands of north carolina are bracing for a hit from the hurricane. >> that's where news 4 is now with coverage, j is live, some 280 s mouth of the outer banks right now. set the scene. give us a sense how everybody there is holding up. >> reporter: leon, they are holding up. those who have pulled out worry about what they leave behind. those trying to ride it out and stay put, they are
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understandably anxious about their safety. they got plenty of good reason for that. we spent this day an hour down thesland in an area familiar to washington who vacation here every summer. on the way down, look at the pictures on highway 12 here. we spotted a number of backhoes busy shoring up the dunes. this road has washed away many times before. we even saw puddling already today at high tide because of previous rainstorms. now, this is an important way back in for a lot of folks who have evacu teds week. along the way rs we checked in on a busy food pantry today for the outer banks, and early emergency declaration from the governor gave them plenty of s. resour there is demand for nonparrishble items the depend on in the days to come. >> a week's worth of food. about a week. we know the roads may get disconnected. we know that transportation off
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of the island and to and from the island is slower, so we make sure that we can be there in the gap between those times. >> this is going to be a lifesav lifesaver. >> it could be. >> reporter: when the tourist season ends here, the economic engine evaporates and all be ldhhi res eligible for free or reduced scol lunches. they have not been in the classroom all week. no word on whenny school up and down the south carolina and north carolina coastlines will reopen again. now coming up at 5:00, we goa whole lot more to come. we're going to talk to a couple who is ridden outy m hurricanes before, and they are determined to ride out florence, we're also going to hear from firefighters aboutpaow they are png for the next two, three, four days to come. >> all right, thank you. things picking up down there some. >> yes. >> jim is not the only one from
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the area who made the trip first responders from maryland also on the way to the carolinas. >> leaving this morning after it was determined they would not be needed here, but emergency officials say now is gd time to make sure you have an emergency kit and a plan at home. >> news 4's justin finch p repos frnce georgia's county operation center in lander. >> reporter: though the d.c. area is not forecast for a direct hit, rain and potential floods are emergencies officiale warn we' not clear of just yet. so prepping now not only gets you ready for any coming storms, but also for others that are sure to follow. prince george's office of emergency management suggests family start with go bags like these packed with foods, first aid kits, prescriptions, and toiletries. >> things you need, the chargers, batteries, there'shts, assumin going to be power, and depending
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on how far you're driving, you plan for things you have to have and need. >> reporter: just before suise, maryland's task for 1 rolled out from home blie for the ca region. >> a lot of training, a lot of yeahs r years odiness go into helping a community in need. >> reporter: they called the 80 member crew to assist in orence, forecasted to be a powerful storm. on the ground, they bring expertise like search and rescue crews, k-9 details, medics, and more. >> 14 days that they are leaving town. we have specialized resources and y,invent in the tractor and trailers to support us for a period of timend self-sufficiency for three to four ys. >> reporter: justin finch, news 4. and our hurricane florence coverage is just getting started. coming up at 4:15, the impact the storm could have on local
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high school sports after an already stormy start to the season. go to the nbc washington app for reports on the storm's latest track and strength. late developments in what could determine the future of the catholic church. with thst is meeting pope in rome to discuss resignation. at thetakes a loo potential impact that could have for >>cal catholics. eporter: what's the future hold for the archdiocese of washington? going to p donald is rome to meet with the pope itself and in the meeting they are expected to discuss the cardinal's future here, and if at the end of the meeting they deci, it is time for a chan that the pressure is such that there needs to be new leadership in washington, d.c., that they ll then go to what's called the newness slate of three candidates, and the holy father will select one of them, and that will be cardinal's
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successor. >> rorter: reporting on stories with the catholic church, look at the broader question. what's the future hold? when we say that, we have to look at those who are the future of the church, the young people. e to find thempl than here at catholic university. we caught up with a few stude s students. at 5:00, hear what they have to say about their faith and those who are i charge of it. reporting in d.c., david neculv, 4. knew today, teenagers are reaching for e-cigarettes at an alarming rate. they are now the most commonl used tobacco product among teens. gulators are putting retailers on notice. they are ordering manufacturers to come up with a plan to reverse the tren which they are now calling an epidemic. >> i'm deeply disturbed by trends i've se, deeply distu disturbed by what i see as an epidemic of nicotine use among teenagers. >> reporter: the manufacturers have twoonths toive the fda
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a plan toddress the issue.>> porn star stormy daniels says she has a lot to say about her allffedr with president trump. and she says she's goingo ll all in the new book "full disclosure," daniels, real anytime is stefanie clifford, tailed the book on "the view" about her life, legal battle with trump, and the ent's attempts to intimidate and silence here. trumpdl repeadenied her allegations. the company that changed the way we communicate is looking to do it again. >> apple reveals the newest iphone models plus a new watche se coming out that could save lives. >> news 4 erica gonzalez is in 10 news room. >> ep tter:'shere10s, and 10 max. the maxesembles the plus that your picture extends to all four
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corners rather than what you see within the white border there. cu can start preordering those on fridayting between $750 to $,000. what i found to be cool is the series 4 apple watch. bu the lead here for a send. pay attention. the screen increased by 30%. the sound by 50%. here's what's cool. in the event that you should take a tumble, the watch can elnse your fall and it'll call for for you, and you can now monitor your heart health by taking your own ecocardio gram or ecg and share with your doctor. the technology not only has the american heart of associational apprbut the fda's as well. interesting little side note here, when all the health components were unveiled on the new tch, fitbit stocks dropped. >> ha-ha!th was quick. >> ha-ha, oh, that's interesting. >> w tell ya, thech can do
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so much. the only thing it can't do, it seems, it prepare dinner. >> that's coming next. that'll be the next generation. >> sure it is. >>us hurricane coverage getting started, folks. next, the escape underway in the carinas right now, and the forecast that could have dire consequences for millions. president trump already promising swift action after the monster storm hits and doubling down o his controversial defense of last year's response to hurricane maria. really inedible student performers from d.c. schools got to hit the kennedy center to hit the kennedy center "hamilton" stage today.
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i put crimheals in prison duringay i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. w later, when i had a actice, ani volunteered to help moms. collect child support. then, as sta senator, i workedand take guns aways domestic abusers.ffendersfr in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
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>> carolinas are bracing for impae. here's a look in north carolina. things are calm now, but tet window forng prepared is closing fast. >> that's right. north carolina's governor says disaster is on the doorstep, and today is the final day to make preparations. wendy is in north carolina where people are boarding up and getting out. >> this is a mandatory evacuation. > reporter: the deadline to outrun hurricane florence quickly approaching. >> it's really big and very dangerous. we just need to get out of the way >> repter: after living through hurricanes andrew, the dunns are living the home of five months.
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>> objects and material things can be replaced. peopor can't. >> rr: joining the millions of residents from virginia to the carolinas getting out before she comes in. >> disaster is at the doorstep >> reporter: in less than 24 will this peaceful scene be pummelled by mother nature's furry. >> this is going to be a mike tyson punch to the carolina coast. >> reporter: but there are residents all along the southeastern seaboard who decide to stick it out. >> we're getting our generator wired in. we got quite a bit of gas. we already stockedha up on -- w two fridges stocked up on food and plenty of water. >> reporter: lines formito in hardwares as shoppers stock up. >> i'm not worried. i got food and a generator, and, you know, we're just doing the best that te can. >> rep shelters are filling. mary traveling from out of town to be with her parents now safe inside. >> through good and bad times, to be there for each other, that's important.
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>> reporter: whether heading for higher ground or staying put, time is running out of hurricane florence. in wrightsville beach, north carolina, nbc news. well, here, we had our share of water. we've seen the wettest summer yet on record here for the area. >> with more rain on the way, local high school sports teams are having g a hard titing in their games and playing safe. >> news 4 chris gordon looks how the remnants of hurricane florence could pact an already stormy season here. we are live at mcclaine high school,chris? >> reporter: hey, leon and pat, behind me, you see they are practicing field hockey, but in a couple hours, you can call it friday night lights. football on a wednesday night here at the high school that is hosting edison. rain and lightning played havoc with the fall sports high school
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schedule throughout our region, by rescheduling the friday night football game to tonight, it lets them get the game in and keeps players and fans safe from the weather. >> here at mcclain high school, parents support the decision to move the friday night football game to tonight to avoid heavy misi missing the game. >> i'll have the apparel so that's why i'm laughing. >> who's in the middle? >> reporter: public high schools in mtgomery county maryland are also juggling their sports schedules for the third week in a row. they are moving gameso artificial turf fields like this one because the rain has saturated manyhe of grass fields. >> we coined two new terms, the pinter header and the hexer-header, five and six games respectively on this game field in the same day. >> reporter: and behind me now
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live you see the highlander marching band preparing for tonight's game here at mcclain high school taking on edison in a game thawas supposed to be played friday, but will be played in just a few hours. that's the latest in county, back to you. >> thank you. one of the reasons the games were interrupted last week was because of lightning that was, you kno that accompanied the storms, but the stuff you see coming in here, doug, we'll get wet, but nothing like that coming? >> i saw a lot of cancellations starting tuesday for the games southern maryland and high school games in the area. again, this is not going to be a very impactful event for us, but friday is the day i expect to see the most rainfall from the storm, so, you know, getting it done today, yeah, get it done while we can for s te, but i got l ya, i went to the store, and they have a hurricane coming here. no, no, we don't. we don't. i want to make sure you -- we reiterate that to you, but tell your friends.
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es nsis its way? wrightsville beach in north carolina, and, guys, they are ing to take a punch over the next coupl days. the satellite picture shows a strong hurricane 3 major hurricane now, going through an eye wall replacement cycle. i lked about it yesterday. you can see this one very clearly. you see the eye there, you see the eye in the center of twa screen, anh what happens here. you have two openings here, two openings, outer eye wall and inner eye wall. once it comes back together one eye, that's when things could start to intensify again. we're going to be watching out for that very closely. it is expected to reintensify into a 4, but you can see how far away it is400 miles now from around the wrightsville beach area. currentlt winds 125 miles per hour moving northwest at 16. once it undergoes eye wal replacement, it is expected to intensify back to a 4 and come onhore as a3. that's good news. we could see it weaken a little
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bit, but a category 3s a major hurricane for a reasoe that's whereally start to see extensive damage and what we'll see along the coast here winds of 120 miles per hour friday morning into saturday, sunday, and monday. this storm staying way down to our south. i want to show you this in a different way here. thise is this is the wind radius. this is yellow with tropical storm force winds. thursday at 1:00 in t afternoon, tropical storm force winds tomorrow at this time down in the outer banks. hurricane force winds come onshore friday morning around 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00 a.m. and stay all day down there towards the wilmington, north carolina area and wrightsville beach and parts of the southern areas of the cape. this is why this is going to be so deadly and so dane rous is beca're going to be seeing this in the same location for upwards of 24 hours or so just pounding t it
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does not go anywhere fast. mhe reason? presstome other than hower activity on friday, and the storm, again, normally would be coming this way, but because high pressure is blocking it, the high moving to the south and forcinghis well to the west. we may actually see the remnants oft this coming nesday and wednesday once that area of high pressure moves out. how much rainfall? that's a factor too., for t much. this is all the way through next week. maybe up to 21, and look next tuesday and wednesday, another inch maybe, but look at wilmington, north carolina, 25.7 toches, over two feet of rain in areas. y, 84 degrees. we have showers and thunderstorms out there. i want to show you tse real fast. in towards montgomery county and along the i-95 corridor, you see the showers d thunderstorms. have the umbrellas ready this evening for storms not associated with florence. wext couple days, next four days, that's whagot, 83
4:23 pm
thursday, 80 friday, and best chance of rain again on friday, and we'll talk more about this at 4:45 with the lal impacts for florence. still trying g to my head wrapped around 25 inches of rain. >> a lot of rain. >> incredible. and there's some folks that are deciding whether or not to leave and hunker down, they are still told, though, if you live on the coast, get out. at's what -- those are the warning sent out now. folks told, hurry up,ack up and leave the area. >> better to be safe than sorry. well, those still left on the coast being warned and back here, the performance of a lifetime. local students perform on the stageen where it happed for the cast o f
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(announcer) there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are. come up for air. asheville. discovery, inside and out.
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students in all of montgomery county high schools have access to free condoms. the school board voted last night to expand aro pilotam that was tested out in four schools. leaders say theyope it stops the surge in sexually transmitted dihoases in the s. they are now at a ten year high. students have to ask for the condoming. the schoolistrict says there's little community pushback to the
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plan. all right. a little lighter sub ctnow. the holidays yes, this holiday seon you're going to ble to order a live christmas tree on amazon. the reta giant is planning to sell and ship fresh full size artrees this yeah. amazon says the trees will be shipped within ten day of being cut. >> what? >> if not sooner. as for the cost, amazon says you'll fork over about $115 for a 7-foot frasier fir from a farm in north carolina. trees, wreaths, and garland on sale in november. >> fair for everybody other than the driver delivering those hem up the rying step? >> a live tree in a box or something. >> okay. we'll see. >> yeah. early for me. but it's fine. still to come, president trump insists today his administration is ready for hurricane florence. >> the ominous warnings of residents in the path of the storm. our coverage continues after this break.
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continuing to watch florence as it makes its way towards the coast, ben by this time tomorrow night, we're already going to see tropical storm force winds along the coastline. now, for us, it's just shower activity and most comes on friday. >> right, and for us, too, we
4:31 pm
really thought that earlier in the week we might get a little bit of rain, but we continue to track about 2 to 4 inches of rain a most in ourarea. >> through next tuesday and wednesday. >> right. >> over the nextix to seven days, we're not anticipating a lot of impact in our area especially over the weekend. if you have weekend plans, don't cancel them because of the hurricane. the hurricane is movin south, away from us by the weekend. here it is right here, you can still see aery strong hurricane. it is expected to strengthen again, making its way up to the carolinas, but it's close to the carolina coastline now. we'll talk more about what this means to us. what are we doing here this weekend? what about fridayor could be the day in the area. just how bad does it get, and at about saturday and sunday? you got plans? we have the forecast in minutes. >> thank you, doug. we are staying on top of florence and the impact as the storm moves closer to the carolinas. you can find the most up-to-date information when you need it on the nbc washington app.ll now the question is
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whether the federal government is ready to handle what ces after florence. >> president trump says yes, , and, in fa doubling down his defense of last year's hurricane respse. blayne alexander has that part of the story, and i bet there's folks in puerto rico having a hard time buying that one. >> reporter: absolutely right. the's pushback to what he's saying, and president trump is tweeting and talking about not one, t but different hurricane seasons. the one we're currently facing, of course,nd last year where he says he earned an a-plus for his response despite a death toll that's in the thousands. president trump tweeting assurances ahead of hurricane florence. >> we're fully prepared, food, medical, everything you can imagine. >> reporter: ready to fight the storm and fight criticism that his administration mishandled thens respoto hurricane maria last year, which left nearly 3,000 people dead in puerto rico. >> i think the puerto rico was an incredible unsung success.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: the president calling puerto rico an unappreciated great job despite, quote, a totally incompetent mayor of san juan. that mayor calling the president's position dispi dispicketble. >> i don't know where he gets the nerve to say that. >> reporter: now another wave of criticism after documents show the trump administration moved nearly $ million from fema's budget to fund border t. enforcem those documents released by a democratic senator. >> most certainly very relevant in responding to disasters. >> reporter: femat says t money was for administrative purposes, never for disaster relief >> thatoney has nothing to do with what you see behind us. it does not pay for the response, and it's not coming out of a disaster relief fund. >> reporter: both sides accusing the other of playing politics with florence fast approaching. and the president is sending out frequent updates on twitter
4:34 pm
urging everybody in the evacuation zes to get out and listen to local authorities. all right, thank you. here's live pictures now from north carolina. they will likely look a lot different by the end of the week. >> stay n withs 4 at 4. we are tracking florence for you.
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i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, worked across party line tas and take guns away from domestic abusers. congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. hebreakfast makers, takers,
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step counters, outdoor explorers, faith resters, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity "hamilton" is the most sought after ticket in town, and
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in four days, 4,000 students get into the room where it happened. >> they got a special student owcase and "hamilton" matinee and he's been talking about it. >> really cool. >> really is cool. had to be the highlight of the lives. >> reporter: so awesome to see d.c. students, talent in action too, incredible. they worked for weeks on thisment tthis me. the students of the arts created and perfected and perform original creations inspired by "hamilton," shared what nay learned, and also what they hope for our country. >> number one. say what you want. >> reporter: how long did it take you to put it together in. >> tooke a day. as soon as i got it, i went into it, and i put everything into it. >> reporter: who was the person you performed it for?in what do you >> i did it for myself, but mostly for my father because i look up to him. >> declaration of independence.t
4:40 pm
hypo. v filterces rang through, and eight schools showcased work on the same stage as alexander hamilton. after they brought down the use and kids cleared out for lunch, we caught up with the peasormers. >> i feeling really nervous, but when you get out there, feel the energy, like, theaudience, you get pumped to do your best. >> yeah. i feel the same, like, as soon as you're on stage, all that nervousness disappears because you're in the moment, and looking back and forth other and focused. >> i feel the same wa but excited because it's, like, my first time on stage, and i wanted to get out there, and we've been working really hard so i wanted to make it count. >> reporter: tyeah. firse out on stage at the kennedy center. and crushed it! crushed it.
4:41 pm
hamilton institute brings this program to cities where hamilton goes on tour. first time it's ever happened in d.c. it was just - it was such an incredible morning to be there, feel the energy, and it was just awesome. >>ohat would be cool iset kids from other cities, all come together to d.c. and perform? >> reporter: no better place to do it. >> yeah. >> these kids, so great, so happy, how do i get tickets? >> yeah. >> reporter: coming up at 5:00, i have a couple ways that you can still grab tickets before hamilton leaves town. >> you got to see it. it's -- it's -- we'veta been ing about it. >> i have not. i'll talk to you after the sr:w. >> reporteperfect. see you then. >> thks, tommy. well, we're going to continue to track the devastation expected with hurricane florence. >> plus, there is a new concern right here at home. >> the rain we had has come over the banks and now fillili places this, and now the new concern is it goes to parking gages and flood cars there.
4:42 pm
what's being done about that coming up. and not only are doug and i tracking hurricane florence, but some rain and thunderstorms outside there right now on storm team 4 radar. you can see most of the activity is in montgomery and howardun es heading north. more on the impacts of florence locally and what to expectkeor the wee. i'll break thadown coming up. t
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we continue to track florence and the path moving closer to the coast. >> and with the ground already so saturated, the concern now is that any more rain we get leads >> that's right.. transportation reporter reports tonight that one area focused around here is potential flooding in parking garages. >> reporter: take a look. the rain we'velready had is causing rivers to overflow like
4:46 pm
this river. now the concern is that if we get more rain, that some underground parking garages could actually get floode and that has car owners a little bit worried. >> what happens is when this heavy rain, the ceiling will leak over top my car, it's a huge crack. >> reporter: she livesth here a war f, and although the parking garage is brand new, she says there's been water issues. >> when it justou rains, know, on a normal day, it -- a lot of water gets down below. >> reporter: now management here advising residents they may want to seekigher ground because of standing water in lower portion of the garages. >> i want to hide my car in my apartment if i could. >> reporter: saying instead, she'll just park on a higher level, and this is a concern in flood pro areas across the region like old town exdria. the transportation department says if you are parked in an area that usually floods, higher
4:47 pm
is always better. there are nora gees once the water starts rising. be aware that all of this could be a concern as we keep our eye to the sky over the next week. in the district, adam tuss, news 4. 300f miles south here in the outer banks, folks prepare for the arrival of dangerous winds and storm surge there that could reach up to 6 feet. >> jim and wen have a the angles for news 4 at 5:00. first we go to jim in north carolina. jim, how's it going? >> reporter: hi, team, well, it is going all right. i can telyou, pat, it is a far different picture from this time yesterday. the surf is really starting to amp up behind us, and there are some heavy rip currents right noou we'll tell more about that coming up at 5:00, and we're also going to talk to some ople who have decided to stay. the crusty old die hards staying put, riding out their share of hurricanes. we've certainly coveredsh our e of hurricanes.
4:48 pm
[ no audio ] >> that's true. one thing you're going to be aeing, i'm sure -- already seeing it, the surfers that go out there now because they love this stuff, even though it's dangerous. at one point, i remember the cops were out there pulling them from the war. that's something that proceeds a hurricane. closer to home talking about weather, how many eve have you had cancel because of weather this anar? hing from just lightning to actual heavy rain? well, most of those events involve our local high school sports. that has gotten to be quite a challenge. not only for parents, but for the sports teams. chris gordon is learning how school systems hope to salvage the seaso because they have to leave suco much because of rainn the area. those stories san antonoon, cov hurricane florence, and news happening here, so back to you. >> all right. lots coming up. >> i got ya.
4:49 pm
>> in just a built. see you both soon. >> doug and amelia a tracking florence. >> word is thete path sh today, so what does that mean for us now? >>eshifted further south so impact for our area, and that's what we continue to see over the last 24 to 48 urs. not much of in the way of direct impacts for us, but we'll see some impacts. >> yeah. showers might kiss the area friday from the storm, and then some remnants from the storm ug might move th next week, but, doug, we're not talking amout widespread flooding or talking abouting winds at all in our area. >> yeah. you'll talk about it nor in a second. i have to show what's happening out there right now, guys, in our area because some of you are getting pummelled by current rain, not from florence, but from the moisture that's still over in the area. walk outside now, it's warm and very humid conditions. and that unshine now, sun has led to some storms, and look what's around the d.c. metro area, in
4:50 pm
month come montgomery county, and due east, just around burke and fairfax, but this area here, zooming in again,ds up tow the rockville area, around bathesda. this is giving you showers and downpours over the next hour or so, localizm flooding fro this, and the rest of the area is gdry. nothingng on to the west. not much to the east. we'll see more in the evening tonight, but you can see that's the only game in town, threally area along i-95 l here. we'lsee more storms. as far as hurricane florence goes, we have the latest advisory on the storm, and it's weakened again, and the latest advisory coming in as of just a couple minutes ago, winds now at 120 miles per hour moving northwest at 15 or 16 miles per hour, and it's stillt putting onshore at 115 miles per hour storm on friday and could be stronger before landfall and making its way south,
4:51 pm
interesting, south away from us, but so far away from us, amelea, we dol not f direct effects from this, but indirect effects, breezy and shower activity through the weekend. >> absolutely. it helo ep the onshore flow in our area, and that's why were seeing our waterways and rivers and the bay so high fw with coastod advisories, and throughout the evening, coastal flooding, but that ramps up friday into the weekend when breezy winds that doug talked about. first, though, take a look at the rain o ylook. when d need the umbrella the rest of the week and the weekend? tomorrow, we have chance of showers in the forecast. probably want to have a small umella. better chance on friday. again, you might see an outer band from florence potentially bring showers. that's it. to the area friday. just a chance for rain over the weekend, and the weekend, guys, really notooking that bad at all, and so you want to keep the ouoor plans on monday.
4:52 pm
especially on into tuesday, though, some areas of rain are likely. here's the weather questions answered. is florence a direct hit here? absolutely not. not in any way. is the weekend a washout? no. we're looking at plenty ofme dr his weekend, but, again, remnants could move through early next week, and that will hapa a low here. i put moderate here because, again, the path of the storm, ay impact, can a change so we allow for that so if it changes, it's only up to moderate and never up to high, so coastal flooding concerns, but humidity really into next week, doug, is the biggest concern feels muggy, and, again, great news for the area with florence and just rainfall in general continuing to have a prethe low impact . >> all right. another quick question. do i need to go to the storeor toilet paper, bread, and milk? >> no. >> the answer's you don't need to do that here. it's just not going to be that much o an impact. 60% chance of rain friday. a little bit on saturday. 30% sunday. believe it or not, the remnants of florence come back towards
4:53 pm
our area next monday and tuesday. we could see heavier rain then,s but even that not a lot. more coming up in the 5:00 hour. clearing the shelves in my store too. >> now thanks to you sales are down. thank you very much. all right. today's a big day for fans of apple iphone. >> new battery life, camera trick, and new colors. >> sounding the alarm on teen vaping. the fda said it reached epidemic level levels. disaster at thedo step, that message today from officials in the carolinas. stay with news 4 as coastal residents rush to get ready for florence. waiting for a liver transplant..
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right now, high winds are generating enormous waves as the, quote, storm of a lifetime, makes its way towards the east coast. hurricane florence shifted
4:57 pm
bit storm team 4 is back in a few minutes with the latest track and what imeans for us well, we are getting our first look at the new apple iphone. they are just part of a big reveal today from the tech giant. nbc shows us all the cool new features. >> now let's talk about iphone. >> reporter: apple introduced three new phones today, cluding one that may not fit in your pocket. >> the biggest screen ever in an iphone. >> reporter: the iphone 10 s max with a 5 inch display and thego a small screen little brother called the iphone 10 s. they revved up processing powerc and upgradederas with prices beginning at $1,000. >> ware very excited to show you one more iphone. >> reporter: the big buzz comes from a goldie loc phone, a device the tech company hopes is just righ >> 10r allows us to deliv the future of the smart phone to
4:58 pm
even more people. >> reporter: the iphone 10 r ha rger screen than last year's original, but the main feature is a smaller price tag at $750. apple pulled off a trick here making us feel like a $749 phone is cheap. that's still expensive by ipho standards. >> reporter: a different camera and same face id as the other phones and dressed i a colorful wardrobe. >> blue. co al. >> reporteo released today, the next generation apple watch, with electrocardiogram technologyre trd your heart's rhythm. they focused in on health. part of an array of designed to pull at any techie's heart strings. nbc news. news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather ert. >> oh, it is the calm before the storm in north ca. this is live pictures now, in
4:59 pm
serene wrightsville beach. >> don't be deceived. the scene will be different there tomorrow. the conltions w decrease, and the hurricane continues a journey to the east coast.m the view fpace shows the size of florence. larger than the state of michigan. right now, the storm is a category 3. it's slowed down a bit. o it is sti track to arrive in the next day, and it could hit p with ach that the in more have not seen than 6 o ye0 years. >> heavy rains, major flooding, life threatening storm surges as well myrtle beach is usually , bustlind they have been ordered to close by 5:00 p.m. tonight and will not reopen until the >>orm passed. t's a ghost town. the gondolas have bee removed fromhe resort town, and the beaches and hotels deserted. here in the district, president trump urges peopleo heed the warnings and head to safety. >> get out of its way.
5:00 pm
don't play games with it. it's a big one. may be as big as they'veseen. tremendous amounts of water. the storm will come. it will go. we want everybody to be safe. >> we have team coverage tonight are in thed lauren storm center, and we are in nags head, north carolina in the outer banks. >> reporter: hey, wendy, you mentioned awhile ago, ten minutes ag weaw beach patrols chasing surfers and swimmers out of this water. this rip current behind me is nothing to mess around with.av we seen this surf kick up in a day. it's quite a dramatic change. nothing to what we're going to see tomorrow on the eve of florence. you can imagine what the surge is going to do here and even further to our south. you know, you mentioned ghost town. go to the main highway here in nags head and down to the cape, you'll find businesses boarded up, all closed no


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