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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  September 12, 2018 5:00pm-5:54pm EDT

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don't play games with it. it's a big one. may be as big as they'veseen. tremendous amounts of water. the storm will come. it will go. we want everybody to be safe. >> we have team coverage tonight are in thed lauren storm center, and we are in nags head, north carolina in the outer banks. >> reporter: hey, wendy, you mentioned awhile ago, ten minutes ag weaw beach patrols chasing surfers and swimmers out of this water. this rip current behind me is nothing to mess around with.av we seen this surf kick up in a day. it's quite a dramatic change. nothing to what we're going to see tomorrow on the eve of florence. you can imagine what the surge is going to do here and even further to our south. you know, you mentioned ghost town. go to the main highway here in nags head and down to the cape, you'll find businesses boarded up, all closed now.
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we have no place to eat tonight or tomorrow, but if you venture into the neighborhoods, you're goingo find the holdouts, people who refuse to leave, even on this eve of florence. we have more on their stories coming up, but first, back to washington into the storm center for doug and amelia, and, guys, weme all ears fere waiting on the big picture from you. >> where jim is and points south inouth carolina, all eyes on hurricane right now going. a lot of people, thinking, no longer a 4, it's now a 3. still a major hurricane, but about ot just worri wind that's one of the lower things. >> what we're worried about is the amouwe of rainfall. e talking historic rainfall, and that's going to impact areas like wilmington, north carolina, baldhead island where i vacation ery year. the rainfall there is close to harvey type situation. the stm's onl going to slow down approaching the carolinas. >> talking 20 to 40 inches, and number one killer is inland flooding from hurricanes. that's exactly the potential we have here.
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rainres in our too. >> right. >> we have rain out there really coming down in parts of the area. most of us finally seeing some sunshine today, but when the sun ma its way out, it caused thunderstorms to develop and showers now in montgomery county, prince georgecounty, d that's the area that's seeing the heaviest rain up towards rockville to the only area this location has seen the rain in the last half.ho you'll continue to see the rain for the next 45 minutes to an hour. this is the boundary that's right there. you could see localized beooding. e ularth i that extends all the way down to richmond by the way, buttaow we florence. here it is. right here. getting its act together, weakening a bit, but that's because of the eye wall replacement cycle. you see where it is. only about 400 miles away from the coast of north carolina. again, jim is going to be
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cinland. at te now, but, jim, you're headed inland to an area wenowill be safer than you out there on the coast. >> reporter: yeah, you're guiding our steps to the way the next three, four, five days, so we are staying in close contact, we know, doug, thank you so much. we mentioned cape ashatt we were an hour south of here, we talked to die hards holding out and refusing to leave the outer >> our little island just can't handle all that. >> reporter: neighbors are sticking it out. toug h stuff. >>d to get back on the island. we'll be stuck off the island for two weeks or more. yeah. that's expensive. >> reporr: their tiny house is here on the sound, right across highway 12 from the ocean in cape hatteras. they have been down the road efore. >> you grew upre. >> yeah. >> reporter: tell me as bad as it got before? >> this deep in isabelle. bottom of the windows. everything we had washed up.
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all the grass, like this deep. >> reporter: jim fisher is a firefiter in cape hatteras, trying to get a read on how many residengs are stand where they are. he's fully prepared to make some rescues. >> being kind of checking in on everybody. we've been -- i've been visiting with some of the older people in town, if trey are if they are gone. there's a woman in town, our first centennial resident. >> reporter: wow. >> she left yesterday, and she wasayot going to leave yeste morning, but finally decided her family said, we're is the first storm she's left for. she built her house in 1942. >> reporter: a fear after florence, folks can't get back to their homes as roads will be washed out. we spotted a number of backhoes shoring up the dunes here on highway 12. back live here in the outer banks, joe, our photographer and engineer, thougknows the ter in surfll. they come here every summer. look at the houseshere. how close they are to this surf, one boarded up in the back.
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one is not. very, you know, light wood, that's the way it's ilt. if you don't own a home, you have to leave here. only people who own property can stay. in the meantime, we'll have much more coming up at 5:30 and 6:00. follow me on instagram for stories and b pictures ofind the scene and on facebook. posting content there. ck to you for n from the outer banks. >> that couple made a good point. a lot of people economically cannot afford to leave for two weeks. they just simply can't do it economically, and that's -- >> reporter: so true. >> something when we shouldn't beg jing them for that theying they are a bunch of -- they think they are bigger than this and withstane' it. th a lot of stay or not.hoht so, all right, we look forward to seeingyou. >> reporter: that's exactly right, whether you can afford to stay, that's ght. all right, thank you. see you in a bit. >> interesting to see that house
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wehind him on the beach will be there through theend. now, when florence makes landfall, dozens of first responders from montgomery county are there to help with searches and rescues. 80 members based in rockville left early this morning to head down to the carolinas. specially trained team is bringing gea and k-9s with them to help with the fema response. they know what theyetreng into. task force 1 assisted with marina in puerto rico and harvey in texas.w they kno the drill. the florence mission could be two weeks. wendy? >> we e coming out of the wettest summer on record. a stormy start for the high school athletes. the remnants of hurricald florence clay a huge part on whether the sports teams are going to be able to salvage their season. news 4 chris gordon is live at mcclain high school. adopt think about this. we think it still goes on. >> reporter: it's a rareht wednesday n game here at mcclain hosting edison.
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fairfax county public school system decided to move this, gahich was originally scheduled foro friday night, move it to tonight because of concern about the weather, and ere is goodreason. take a look at a high school football game and what happened there. less than two weeks ago. igh school x county football game was spended by lightning. friday night fans who watched westfield play south county evacuated the b stadiumause of the lightning. players and some of the fans returned saturday m ning to finish the football game. mcclain high school will host edison tonight rather than on friday night as scheduled to get the game in while keeping students and fans safer.rom the weat >> this weather's disrupting everything, but it's not as bad as it is for those in north carolina and south carolina, so try to keep it in perspective. >> rather go to a game on a goon
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night rather t rainy night like you talked about. >> reporter: jeff sullivan is the public director for the 25 high schools in the county, and he says the frtl spo schedule is being disrupted by the weather for the third week in a row. >> in addition to our fields being saturated, things like oua trails our cross country teams run on have been satura saturated, so we, you know, yesterday, our parks informed us that, you know, nonpaved trails are going to be close the because of all the flooding, so we had to make adjustments with that as well. >> reporter: from the high re school, they ready for wednesday night football against edison high school, and as far as other high school games, friday throughout the region, u need to check because they could be postponed, delayed, or moved to an artificial turf field.'s thhe latest live from fairfax county, back to you. >> thank you, chris. here's a look athe probable path of hurricane florence. find this map and find updates on our nnbc washing app, just
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search florence. > sad news from horton kids, a local program helpi underprivileged kids graduate high school. got a lot of attention when formerirst lady michelle obama visited in 2012. their own te of gun violence. he was shot and killed sunday night on the 2800 block of stanton road and southeast. horton's kids released this photos with details on a candle light vigil for him tomorrow ni t insoutheast. the 18-year-old had finished high school and set to attend udc this semester. right now,ot of information surrounding the death including a motive or we are working on gathering those details. tonight, more uncertainty in the dacatholic church as
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washington archbishop suggests he's closer to resigning. in a letter written to his priest, cardinal donald says he going to rome to meet with the pope and discuss the next steps for him and the wschurch. takes a look now at the potential imcts of the possible departure. >> reporter: tonight, the archdiocese of washington could be on the brink of new leadership. he plans to meet withhe pope to discuss his future. >> i think people want t see some action taken. >> reporter: as is required for a catholic bishopt the age of 75, he submitted resignation three years ago. >> the holy father, the pope, is not required to accept he'll accept it at the point in which he's ready and willing to replace him with his successor. >> reporter: the pope now reconsidering the cardinal's resignation given the grand jury report that dates back to when he was bishopsb of pigh. the report suggests werle did not do enough to protect victims
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from predator priests. >> it's scary i went from there, to here, h like,ave to face this again. >> reporter: carolina chung grew up in pittsburgh. his name since removed. shend katherine mcgrady are freshman at catholic university. allegations of wrong doing are overwhelming for them. >> for me, personally, it's completely infuriate, and a frustrating situation. definitely. >> reporter: that the young catholics have u not beg up.nting to a troubled bkstpa we have leaders and saints who get back stup, and i ant to be a voice for that. >> reporter: you've got students who are undergrads. when you look at them, do you see that they are looking a a disillusioned future here? >> what i hear a lot from my students saying is that it's time to get all the truth out. let's get itllout.
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let's get it all out. if we get it all out, begin to do the work that the church is c tleddo. >> reporter: that was david reporting with that story. emotions running high in the courtroom as the prosecution calls its first witness in the d.c. mansion murders. just ahead, what the father of one of the victims had to say day. plus, recent rains creating an issue with a local garage that some drivers have not seen before. what's going on there? a special matinee of e "hamilton" at the kennedy center. we talk to the local students who were inspired
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hurricane florence is closingin. storm team 4 as you can see working on the latest updates foyou. they will be back. doug and amelia are back with a ew forecast in a couple of minutes. prosecutors called their first witnesses in the d.c. mansion murders trial. amg those who testified today is the father of amy, one of the four people killed. others who spoke helped to establish when everythg unfolded. news 4 is covering the trial for us at the d.c. superior court >> reporter: wendy, amy's father, james martin, he was the firsfy to tes this morning in what was certainly an emotional start to the day. we heard from several different people that testified today. h rd from forensic persons.
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we heard fromre a s service agent who analyzed the computer of amy, but before the prosecution today, it was f them to meticulously line out a sequence of evehat led up to this murder. jurors listened to the testimony of seven witnesses today. one of them was the director of reservation at a pet boarding company. a business the family used frequently to board their two dogs. the woman testified that on may 13th, the day the familynd her housekeeper were held hostag her staff called the home at 3:14 to confirm upcoming reservatio b for the dog,ut the land line phone was disconnected. throughout the day, voice bssages were left on amy's cell phone, it was not until 5:35 that night when amy called the receptionist back. she described amy as sounding sleepy. she was rushing. this time, with fence. she was held hostage at the time
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of the call, prosecutors say. earlier that day at 3:25, a neighbor testified she saw amy walking in a nice outfit near calvert aleveland in northwest in a knee-length skirt, flat shoes, sweater across the shoulder, and a nice leather bag. head down like she was deep in thought. she was, clearly, walking to get somewhere. but the defense team tried to dilute the neighbor's testimony by showing the jury surveillance food of amy and her son, phillip, six hours earlier in the day, in a different outfit with a different ba jurors got their first look inside the home through a vidth was taken in the days after the daren, the suspect in the case, showed no emotion when the footage showed theharred bedroom and the burned coils from a box spring. the only thing left of a bed where the -year-old child was found. reporting in north watts, news
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4. the woman who lost her government contracting job over this photo you seere, her flipping off the president's torcade outside the golf course, she's now running for office. lie brink man plao run as a democrat challenging a republican incumbent on the d.c. board of supervisors. she believes ctnge starts the local level. republicans currently control the county board by aargin of to 3. all right, we have -- you can't call it good news, but it's a category 3 now so that's good, but how do we interpret that, that it's downgrade little bit opinion. >> still major. >> of course. >> you have a storm from alison back in 1986, still one of worst flooding in the south. that can still happen with this storm, although it's a category 3, even dropping to a 2, it's still major flooding.
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that's the issue here. wind.ot t the wind is one aspect of the storm along the coast, and then it's into the inland flooding area, and the problems. have look first and show you what's happening. this is the myrtle beach area, andhis is an area around myrtle beach -- what's that? okay. so we got myrtle beach here, and myrtle beach was looking tor spa -- to be spared, but now the lwsest track st's going to myrtle beach. wrightsville beach in the cone of uncertainty, and you can see there, that place just about pty as well. here's the storm right now. you notice the storm continuing to bar rl its wayht on towards the carolinas. still a very powerful storm and could intensify a little bit going in, goingver warm waters ght here. still about 400 miles from the coast. night, we'remorrow talking about tropical storm force winds at 120 miles per hour moving northwest at 16 on that track. comes onshore or close to shore
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around wilmingtowilmington, nor carolina as a category 3 storm, a major hurricane, 115 miles per hour winds and moves south to the myrtle beach area back to the aanta region on monday, and as a 25 miles per hour tropical depression or rem na t thereof and moves our way tuesday and wednesday. this is the wind radius from the storm. anywhere in the yellow is tropical storm force winds. you notice here we are tomorrow at 2:00 in the afternoon, already, seeing tropical storm force winds. therae is winds close to 60 miles per hour in the cape, and red is hurricane fce winds coming in early on friday morning. most likely around 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. and watch how long this stays here. hurrice force winds in to wilmington, 12 to 24 hours in the southern portions of the state, and behind that, well, that's wn we seehat storm move to the south. why is it moving south? most move to the north., wet's all high pressure over our area, and the area of highure blocks the storm from moving south.
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as a matter of fact, it's moving off tond kicks the storm the west away from our area. again, we're not going to see the biggest ipacts of until next week, but we have some minor effects. what's happening w? 85 in d.c. 75 in leesburg, and seeing sun today. it's warm and humid prompting big-time storms to develop. ey dowou inowtnnghli in the prince georges county and fairfax, but these right here have prompted a flood warning for parts of howard county, and i would not bed surpr to see warnings in montgomery county as well and rockville area. you can see what's happening now. incredibly heavy rainfall, 2 inches per hour is falling. watch out. this is w an areah the little creeks and streams. never drive through flooded roadwa . rest of tharea, though, not seeing much. the boundary extends down to richmond. amazing to see something like that today. no 83 tomorrow. 40% chance of storms like today. better chance on friday asn
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area of showers, again, on saturday and sunday, but notice sunday, 30% chance. the redskins game? problem. i don't anticipate problems for the games. some of the reporters today asked smith how do you feel about the rainfall? where did you get that from? oit's not going happen. don't worry about it. the storm comes around on monday and datu that could give us shower activity, but as i said and continue to mention, this is not a big deal for us. his is what i think is a big deal, nice weather and sun. >> yeah, baby, yeah, here we go. now you'retalking. that's what we want to see. >> all righty. there's a warning from the fda tonight. the number of kids using e-cigarettes has reached epidemic proportions, and ahead, the action that they are demandinghe fda wants to take to reverse this trend. some really incredible student performers from d.c. schools got to hit the kennedy y.ntern hamil stage toda
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i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i workedarcross party lines to tt sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic ins, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as imporarnt as what's in the ew mirror.
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w(announcer) is as imporarnt as whanthere's more to life thhe climb. there's the view. you've gotta stop and look around a shed life's layers in asheville. discovery, insand out. i think we're all suffering from this. hamilton fever. >> may it never leave us. >> it' not going to leave any time soon. >> kennedy center run, however, is nearing a close, but, today, there was a special matinee. we talked about it. we wish we were there to see it with extra special guest stars. >> tommy saw it. >> yeah. >> here to tell us about it.
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>> reporter: so awesome. students from the d.c. public school area who worked on programs, and they got together, and, yes, i't do, d worry, have details how to get your hands on tho but students. thweeks learning about the look deep into history, and, today, they got to be in the room. >> dear continental congress, we hold these truths to be self-evint that all men are except --ual >> the thousands of human beings you collectively own, your ives, daughters, and mistresses, and -- >> in the back of the room, just commanded the kenne a cennd brought the house down. what didee you from your view of the stage? >> pitch black, and we could hear people clapping and supporting us, which was really cool.hi >> reporter:was inspired by "hamilton" in hopes to make audiences sing.
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>> my teacher was sayg t goal is not to rip the founding fathers apart. they had amazing orcomplishments. it was importants to look at them as individuals who can make mistakes and have accomplishments. they are complex human beings like us. >> reporter: d4300. students will see "hamilton" over two days in conjunction with institutes of american history education programs. >> when i study, i make up a a sout it or a rap, anything, just to understand it bett >> uh-huh. >> something about this made me understand the founding era better than sitting in the class and getting talked to. >> amen. >> reporter: powerful. the two ladies are from duke ellington. therehr are ways, standing room available performance by performance, two hours before the curtaiti show up, buy ets if there's room. standing room. there's also a cancellation line, people sometimes, believe
5:28 pm
it or not, doesn't go to see it, so you can grab them then. >> what? >> reporter: and on the app, there's 40 orchestra tickets for $10 through you and a lottery u all try to get into every sing. sh everyone has access to great seats to the show so everyone can see >> t. i want to pay the see the kids perform. >> reporter: they were awesome. >> i wish they would be brought back so we can pay to tch them. that would be wonderful. >> reporter: there was 11 different high schools in the district represented, andur all quadrants, it was awesome. >> were they just -- did it give you goose bumps they were so good? >> r iorter: yes, got there late from the radio show, rushed those three in, and young ladies were on stage, and the room like "hamilton" was being performed with 2,000 students losing their minds f their, you know, their fellow students. >> love that. good. >> the lessons they took away from that. in huge. >> just am
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>> yeah. >> transformed their lives, i'll bet. thank you. >> reporter: you got it. coming , there's no place like home or is there? why tonit's must-win game of the finals might feel like a road trip for the mystics. plus, people in the outer banks preparing for heavy wurds fromcane florence. jim is back with a live report jim is back with a live report jim is back with a live report (music throughout)
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oh, we're watchingy very
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heainfall right now. if you live in montgomery county, prince george t area and fairfax, there's rain, but, really, it's right here, and this is a two-hour loop heremehere me me . you see this loop here hour after hour, rain in the same .ocations, and right over to the rockville ar watch out for flooding in this region. we could see some over the next hour give yourself a lot of extra time at 270, and, also, you know we're watching hurricane florence making its way to the coast now under 400 miles away from the coastline. and now at 5:30, we are not the only ones watching florence. who else is? the astronauts on the internationa space station. ese are the images of the monster s as they seet giving us perspective how big this thing is. myrtle beach, south carolina, people are stocking uk and cheing in, grabbing supplies like cases of waters re and shelters opening up feeding people and sheltering
5:33 pm
them for the night. places as far as the heartland are gearing up forhe hurricane. a kansas city base nonprofit is sending teams to help victims and provide supplies, and florida emergency leaders are heading to the carolinas to set up an emergency operating center, so everyone is -- we're all in this together. >> of course news 4 is working for you around the clock as the beast of the storm bears down. >> jim is brinng you live updates on conditions in north carolina. right now, in the town of nags head in the outer banks, and you're saying it's like a ghost town there already? >> reporter: yes, it is a bit, else on the main road and businesses. most homeowners have evacuated, but there are some, as isa , some holdouts. you know, they got theg, warn so many warnings over so manyhe. look what we found today, sometimes boats are smarter than we are. as we were driving down to cape
5:34 pm
hatteras, we saw hundreds of boat slips empty. boats have been dry gone up the waterway to safer ground. fishing is a livelihood for a lot of year round residents here. national geographic films their "wicked tunam "progre. surprising surprisingly, a lot of homes are just boarded up today. there is a mondarandaevacuation. those who left are not sure what they'll find in perhaps a week. businesses, again, are boarded most of them are closed. all the restaurants here, certainly closed, and the concern is getting back in for residen thhy the backhoes were 'sresidents. busy today trying to shore up the dunes so that the roadways, main es, only two ways in and out, don't wash out. that been a problem in past tropical storms and hurricanes here too. >> yeah. i can only imagine, yeah, from all the hurricane coverage, you know, it's just -- a lot of
5:35 pm
people wait until the last minutend once the roads clear out, and then they decide, well, maybe they'll, you know, venture ou and ride itut at least for 24 hours. check back with you in a minute. >> >>exactly. you know why? it's so beautiful, wendy. >> and this- >> so gorgeous, people don't want to leave, and it's hard to believe what i loo like tomorrow and friday, and saturday, and, perhaps, beyond, but, today, it's idyllic. you can see people strolling on the beach here. we point the out surfers were chased from the water by rescue, but people do not want to >>lea. ll right, all right. see you in a bit. >> thank you. now our rion here is not expected to feel the brunt of the storm, but local health experts say it's never too early to be ready for future events. emergency officials with princ george's county say you should have a go bag in case you need to evacuate for any reason. they say the most essential items are medications you nee and include things in the bag like batteries and flashlights just in case the power goes out.
5:36 pm
you'll want nonpairishble foods, and first aid kits as well and a phone charger. if you don't have it already, down j download the nbc washington app for the latest storm team 4 forecast wherever you are, and we'll send out alerts about potentially dangerous weather. the live desk has breaking news surrounding the archdiocese of washington. in particular, cardinal donald werle. just confirmed from the phone that the cardinallans t ask the pope directly to accept his resignation. now, we have been reporting quite clearly that he is going to meet with the pope and told that to his priest, and he was going to discuss his resignation. he now, according to the spokespers spokesperson, will ask the pope
5:37 pm
to accept that resignngion. we are go have much more on what it means for the future of the church and our area at of the church and our area at the top of the hour i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice,i luntethenaso help moms collect child support. i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve liis message because, every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
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welcome back, we continue to track heavy rain in montgomery county up to howard county and showers in parts of baltimore county as 'swell. hehe thing. the rain, especially montgomery county, has barely moved over the last few hours so along 27 o
5:40 pm
and top of the beltway right now, a slow go as we move through the rest of the workweek to the weeken we're going to continue to see some rain at times, and some of that, in part, due t florence. here's the latest imagery of category 3 hurricane florence coming up. we'll break downow florence impacts our area next week. >>hank you. our washington mystics continue the history ming run in the wnba finals game three tonight. the glory days grill in alexandria is planning a watch party. that bar is making amends after refusing to put on ge two on sunday. the manager at the time says they were only showing nfl games. well, mystics guard cloud voiced disappointment online and the outrage quickly followed. the sports bar apologized and plans to make up for it at tonight's watch party. ndere's drink specials giving away mystics merchandise.
5:41 pm
>> the mystics want to give the crowds watching a big showing tonight. it's a must-win game if they want to win the franchise's first title. home court does not feel like an advantage, and there's a reason for that. we are liv infairfax with more. different environment for the mistakes out ther chris? >> reporter: well, leon, seattle, they had 14,000 fans show up to game two, and certainly provided a home court advantage for the storm, but if you l around here in fairfax, virginia and george mason, you think you're still out west because the colors are very similar for george mason and the seattle storm. look at the bask, you see the green and the yellow. if you look into the stands, you see more green and yellowment again, they are similar colors, but they could it home court advantage, and that's why the mystics have the home court right here at the arena. ain, these two teams have
5:42 pm
similar colors tt green and yellow or, if you want to call it for george mason, green and gold. capital one arena undergoing renovation and gw smith center with a scheduling conference, this arena is home court tonight. >> no excuses. walking in here, are we still in seattle? like, it was a little taken aback, but, you know, you adjust, new bg for them too. no excuses. do your best. >> reporter: in storm colors. >> i know. >> gw didn't bother us, shot the ball well there. hopefully it's the same here. >> i didn't think about it until now. it's a goo point. you know, right no there's two baskets, there's a court, there's a ball. you know, all you got to do is play basketball. >> reporter: well, if youck go nd look at game two, the mystics did not hit a sing the nter yet. they lost the game by just two points, and so a lot of reason
5:43 pm
r optimism, even though they are facing elimination, leon. > you know, if sheisses the blaming it on you. she didn't even notice the colors until you brought it up. r>> reporter: she'sdy to go. >> i don't think it's a problem. >> reporter: s g's ready to in mvp form. >> she has to play basketball. all right. >> thanks, chris. now unfolding, to stop what the fda says is an epidemic. neports o
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there's hurricane florence, we are still tracking it as it's headed rights for wilmington the carolina coastline, but there's a big reach. this thing is bigger than the state of michigan. doug gives you an update wesh the l information in just a minute. in the meantime, we have a breaking situation we also have
5:46 pm
our eye on here. this is unfolding in union station. d.c. police and.s. capital police are investigating a suspicious vehicle. you see here live pictures coming from the scene. this is along louisiana avenue and northeast. area f the roads in the near the capital building are blocked off for this. this is having an effect on traffic trying to get to union update you as we learn more. you may have heard the term "jewelling" recently. it's a popular brand of e-cigarette. use of the vaping devices among young people reached an epidemic level. hereloser look how they are trying to crackdown on sales of these kinds of cigarettes to kids. >> yeah, hi, wendy. remember these vaping devices were invented to help adults quit smoking, but that is n helping to work out. the fda says sleek designs and sweet flavors make them appealing to teenagers.
5:47 pm
the agency's commission says the big concern is another generation becomingte addic to nicotine. over the summer, the fda did an undercover operation to curb the sale of the devices to minors from retailers. this is the mostommonly used tobacco product by young people according to a national youth survey that found more than 2 million middle and high school users last year. the fda commissioner says those stats are alarming. >> i'm deeply disturbed by seen.s i've i'm deeply disturbed by what i nicotine epidemic of use among teenagers. >> reporter: as a result of the undercover operation, the fda sent wnings and fines to 1300 retailers like 7-11, walgreens, and shell and sents ng tm 60 da to submit alan how to addre
5:48 pm
uc ts. wi there fda warning if they fail do that, they could puts their prodff the market. vaping involves toxic chemicals tlates, but nicotine e higher, and addictive, these things pose their own risks to teenagers. fda wants them to stop marketing them purposefully towards young people. >> all right, thank you. let's get back to the situation with florence now dow in the eascoast. we've been watching the storm, and, actually, we have not heard lately if there's an update. do you have a new track or information on the track, t dou? >> gt before the 5:00 hour, now a category 3 at 120 miles per hour. th winds weakened, but national hurricane center says that this storm weakens, i happens a lot, the hurricane force winds extended from the center so this is a little bit bigger than it was, even though the winds came down a bit.
5:49 pm
>> here's the thing, w focus on the track a lot because we talk about it a lot, but overall, doug, the impacts have not chalged. the rai that is going to impact parts of the carolinas, wilmington, nroth na, myrtle beach is going to be catastrophic in some areas. >> talking0 to 40 inches of rain down there. you witnessed that in hurricane harvey back in houston. you s the devastation there. >> right. >> this is from the hurricane hunters. they are flying on in across the area, and take a look at this. you go out and into what's called the stadium effect. that's what happens when you get into the eye of a hurricane. it has, like, a stadium effect. you can see that very clearly right there as the hurricane hunters move on through. i always wanted to go through a. hurric believe it or not, guys, they have never lost a single plane in the eyhurricanes. fly at 10,000 feet. it's extremely bumpy, but they have never lost a plane. out there now for us, got t talk about our weather beause angerous situations in our region right now, not related to florence, but it's
5:50 pm
all heavy rainfall, and you can see where it is. in through parts omontgomery county, but it's montgomery with the heaviest rain, falls church, fairfax, and around the great fallsarea, but look at the are i righ here, right along 270. tremendous amounts o rain. 1 to 2 inches an hour falling in thes been falling area for 1 to 2 hours. seeing flooding here in the creeks, and may start to overflow b watch in aspen hill, wheaton, rocksville, and watch out in the regions. okay, here's hurricaneor ce. the picture showing what we are deal g withhere. you see a thing to notice here, right there, an opening, and that's good news, that tells us the storm has weakened a little bit. agai s it is massive as it makes its way onshore. you can see it less than 400 miles from the coast, winds at 120 miles per hour, moving northwest at 16 and come on shore as a major
5:51 pm
category 3 storm. then move to the south. that's been the big change over the last few days. it was stalling up to the north, but now it's coming backown to the south to myrtle beach tting the south carolin beaches at risk. for us, the risk comes lessening as theays go by, again, much less of a risk for us, and rainfall,eah, still going to see it, but amelia, the rain is not a big deal for us, but it iu deal for them. >> absolutely. what i want to show you is a odel output, but a lot of them are in good agreement of rainfall amounts. look what we're looking at right here now, as we head throughout the weekend, on into the early part of theweek, look at the numbers just stack up here, parts of wilmstgton to char seeing anywhere from about 8 to 25 inch of rain. i do think areasn th ie wilmington, especially in the coast, back through charlotte, and you look to our area, and, different story.
5:52 pm
take a look at this, only about 2et inches of rain falling acro our areas through tuesday. that is certainly something we ca handle and gre news for us. so, no, florence is in no way going to have a direct hit here. it's all about the carolinas and ion that it causes down there. the weekend here? it'll have rain chances, but not a washout. there's plenty of dry time. the redskins home opener is just fine, just humid out there, though b but there cou remnants of florence next nday, especially on into tuesday. right now, it looks like a low impact, put moderate, doug, because that could change, impacts could go up, and we want to allow for that. mostly, what we are focused on is coastal flooding from onshore flow, and the humidity levels it's jus downright muggy out there, and we're going to stay muggy into the weekfad. , though, hey, that's on the ten-day forecast. that's something we have not talked a lot about. >> yeah. we have some nice weather. we have not seen much of it. i an, really, extremely wet summer, and now moving into
5:53 pm
september, wet there too. 83 degrees tomorrow. 88 degrees friday. friday the best chance for r during the day friday from florence, and saturday as well. some florence shower activity, but sunday, 30% chance of showers, most of the day dry, not a big deal, and better chance of showers monday into tuesday as remnants of florida move across the region, and lk at next week, behind it, oh, gets nice. temperatures in the low to mids ith plenty of sunshine. >> nice. we're going to need it. >> we are. new help for peopl struggling with mental health issues. today the nonprofit boulder crest cut the ribbon on this constitute for post-traumatic grth, operating at boulder crest retreatbluemont, virginia staffed with post-traumatic health officials to provide support patients need. >> past five years, we worked to create a new approach to mental health thatwo s. we're now ready to take it to the next level, and we are
5:54 pm
launching the bould crest institute for post-traumatic growth to translate solutions for mental health challenges for people around the wor who can learn to live great lives. >> a beautiful building and looks like it's a in this case sanctuary fpeople. for more information on boulder crest, and the work it does, you can search "changing minds" in our nbc washington app. recent rains creating an issue here that some drieers have notbefore. just ahead, what's plaguing some people who park in the garage at the warf. rivers are overflowing, and now the concern is thatf we get even more rain, that some garages nd parking could get flooded. that has car owners a li


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