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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  September 13, 2018 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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probably the mondayti tuesday frame of next week. four things to know about florence. it's a serious threat still for the ncarolina, south carolina, and parts of potentially the georgia coast. although, mor of an inland georgia threat at this point. landfall likely about this te tomorrow, maybe a little earlier than this. impacts around here mony and tuesday. our main threat will of course be flooding. severalai inches of likely here as the remnants of what will then be left of florence come through. the outer most bands, wilmington, north carolina, is right there. the outer most bands haven't made it there just yet. it won't beuchonger. for us, a couple rain drops here near hagerstown first thing this morning. mainly cloudy around town. a few sprinkles around there arno around dulles airport. we're in the mid-70s rht now. 68 right now in leesburg. your forecast for today, lot of clouds around. a 40% chance for showers. much ly,e yester you'll at
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least get a peek or two at the sunshine today. today's high, 83. f more aborence with sheena coming up. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. a reminder, ite's ferry shut down again today because of high water on the potomacer r taking a live look. 95 at newington. fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 67 miles per hour. that's going to take you eight minuteserthis morning. headed outbound on 66, you're looking good as wel no big problems this morning. beltway, inner loop and outer loop nice and green. everything is rolling along. this has just cleared. leesburg e eastbound 7 was diverted at river creek parkway. that is now out of the way. >> melissa, thank you. it's 5:01. we have breaking news right now. d.c. police say a elderly man is in critical condition after being hit by car. the accident happened late last night at the corner of north capital andhanning streets in northwest.
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police say the man was crossing the street when he wasthit. driver of the car remained on the scene. anyone who may have seen tci dent should call d.c. police. crews from our area a rushing down south to help communities that will be impacted by hurricane florence. terday as ere y maryland task force one deployed to south carolina. >> today virginia dominion energy is dispatching its crews to head south so they can be in place to h pp restorer after the storm justice fs live at their facility. what are you hearing about the mission?or >> rr: well, dominion nergy crews are readying for duty they will send down a 12-member crew to that hurricane florence zone there to help those down there, restore power, and also assist those in need. generally we know that agencies li dominion energy send down experienced crews that have know-how from previous disasters. they also have just the general knowledge of helping their own
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customers and our region bounce back from past big storms. again, they'll send down a 12-person crew along with three bucket trucks and what's called an auguster truck. already there's talk of millions of customers that could be impacted, losing power as a result of this storm.on dominergy joining several other crews to assist. they also say that given how this storm i moving, their needsing chang needs could change. they're already expecting a mission that could take several days. live in fairfax, justin finch, news 4. >> wish tm the best. thank you, justin. it's new 5:03. the track and power of the storm is something that continues to change every hour. >> storm team 4's sheena parveen has been tracking it all. what can you tell us about the latest? >> we're not seeing too much o a change in the track of the storm. here's a look at it right now. it's getting closero north
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carolina. there's wilmington. it's right in the middle of the cone here. that's a liv picture we showed you. some of these rain bands getting closer to the outer banks. our radar is finally picking it up, or at least half i of we'll be able to see a lot more of it today as our radar reaching out into those areas. it's a category 2 still. winds 110 miles an hour. could be makin landfall early tomorrow morning. we're talking about 24 hours fromer now. ths wilmington right under this icon, showing it could still be a category 2 hurricane. weakening very quickly after that. here as we go out in time, this is the updated track. we're looking at very much of a slowdown as it goes through potentially parts of south carolina and swings back up to the north and impacts us by parts of next week. we're talking about mainly monday night and tuesday. here are the computer models coming in. they're going towardse the s location in agreement as the hurricane cone. there you see it again sweeping through and bringing us rain next week. ld just beme, it w
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the remnants. we'll talk about how much rain we may be able to expectup comi >> thank you, sheena. remember, you can count on news 4's jim handly and his photographer to bring you updates from north carolina for the rest of the week. they'll be on the ground.he find t continuing coverage 4.e on news it's now 5:05. we're following a developing story in alexandria. ke a look at this fire at a high-rise apartment on duke street. you can see tho flames shooting out of the upper floor window. a viewer sent us this cell phone video showing the fire in the apartments. the fire went to two alarms,ut firefighters quickly knocked dem down. alexandria's firartment said medics treated one person, and their tryg to figure out how the fir started. also developing this morning, a pretty bad overnight crash in the district. d.c. fire and weems ted out this video from 18th and p street. officials say they had to pull one personof out that car. a total of four people have been
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injured. one of them is said to be life threatening. no word yet one what may h caused the crash. d.c.'s cardinal wuerl's title may be changing later today. >> yeah, he's expected to ask pope francis tosi after being named in a massive child sex ase report. news 4's megan mcgrath is live at the vatican embassy in northwest d.c. with the latest. , reporter: we cardinal donald wuerl has been facing growing criticism that he hasn't done enough to protect children from predator priests back when pittsburg bishop of now comes word that cardinal wuerl will go to the vatican to ask the pope to accept his resignation. it's standard procedure for bishops to offer their resignation when they turn5. wuerl did that nearly three years ago, but the pope did not act on that resignation lette at the time. now cardinal wuerl is going t fly to the vatican today to personally ask the pope to allow him to step down. it remains to be seen what pope
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francis will do. meanwhile, we spoke to a ofessor at catholic university about the reaction that young catholics have on campus. >> what i hear a lot of my students saying is that it's time to get all the truth out. let's get it all out. g let' this all out because if we get it all out, we can t begido the work that the church iso called do. >> reporter: now, a recent pennsylvia grand jury report found that some 300 priests abused more tan ausand children since the 1940s. cardinal wuerl washo b of pittsburgh during some of that time period. he's being criticized for resigning or reinstating priests who were involved. back to you. >> thank you very much, megan. roads around the uto. capi and union station are back open this morning.
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d.c. and u p. capitolice had to investigate a vehicle near union station and louisiana avenue. officers used binoculare to scut the area. we did see a man gear up into a bomb suit to inspecteh thele and take some items from inside the car. investigators are not sayingat hey found, if anything. now to the latest on the search for amazon's second headquarters. speculation is zeroing in on our area. here's why. jeff bezos, amazon's ceo, and the board of directors are reportedly in town right now. donight bezos will sit for an interview hoste by the economic club of washington. on september 19th, he will be the keynote speaker at an air force conference at national harbor.s pace company blue origin ntends to compete for pentagon contract tomorrow he will visit "the washington post," which he owns, but amazonls officia have already told some of the reporters there mr. bezos will not be answering any of their questions about blue origin or
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the new headquarters. i think some of them will slip a question in. >> maybe. it's 5:08. this morning there's a new warning about e-cigarett from the food and drug administration. the government calls devices an epidemic among american teenagers. the fda is cracking down on retailers that llegally sell these products to minors. the agency sent 1300 warning letters to five major e-cigarette brands and gave manufacturers 60 days to come up with aee plan to their products out of the hands of children and young teens. well, foreveral days now, we've been talking about coastal flooding, especially during high tide along the potomac. you were there. you saw it. the water isn't the only problem. >> man u here on this one. >> i'm not even going to look. >> some georgetown residents say the rising water is forcing more rats into the open. shomari stone has thela st. >> reporter: as the sun sets over the georgetown waterfront nd ducks gently swim in the potomac, the scenery doesn't comfort some local businesses.
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>> it's depressing. >> reporter: edward lynch manages tony and joe's seafood place. >> is really hurtus. >> reporter: business has dropped like wer in this fountain. >> it's not just me, not just the ownership. itec every employee ated by this. >> reporter: affected by this week's coastal flooding from the potomac. it's filled rat holes, pushing the rodents .inla tony and joe's says business is down 50% compared to last week. >> water goes up, the rats live next to the rif. they have to go somewhere. luckily we have these wates. >> rep he's right. the flood gates are up, separating water and rats from restaurants. >> i don't want the rats to come through and scare everybody. >> reporter: sean mckenzie has seen the rodents on the other side of the wall. >> i just look at it and like, ewww, that's dis gusting. i can't stand those rats. >> is really created a real situation. >> reporter: d.c. councilmember jack evans. >> unfortunately we'll have a
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lot more rats thane've had in a little while. >> everybody is waiting to see what this hurricane does, what the floodingon situa does. >> reporter: so as you can see, the business owners out here on the georgetown waterfront are in the wait-and-see mode. meanwhile, councilmember jackev s recommends you dial 311 for the district's rodent ntrol program if you see the rats. that way someone can come out here andoo what they can fix the problem. along the georgetown waterfront, i'mshomari stone, news 4. >> just to add insult to injury, you have to have rats after the floo yng. >> you hr eyes closed the entire story. >> you know me. i'm not looking at that. yuck. > still ahead, our coverage of hurricane florence continues. pa're going to tell you how a popular beer c is stepping up. plus, why officials are concerned local parking garages could be at risk with the forecasted rain. sheena? we have some rain coming as hurricane florence eventually moves inlandnt and elly moves through here. it's not going to be for quite a few days though. for today, expect those clouds
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welcome back. it's 5:15. it's been nearly 5 years since neil armstrong took the first steps obje steps on the moon. now the nationa s air andce museum is getting ready to celebrate one of the greatest achievements of all time starting thi fall. on display will be armstrong's helmet and space glove and the space suit the pilots buzz aldrin wore. artifacts, there will be events with former astronautsrand celtions on the national mall. so cool. we, we know them for their beer, but h withricane
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florence fast approaching, anheuser-busch is stepping up te producemergency drinking water. the compa is doubling its efforts to provide clean, safe drinking water for some of the communities. two plants will be producing canned water in georgia. last year the brery provided nearly 3 million cans of water to some of the areas that were impacted by natural disasters in texas, florida,ni and calif with the ground already so saturated by all the rain we've had, the concern is that a more rain we get could lead to a lot of flooding. >> newsio transport reporter adam tuss shows us one area of focus is parking garages. >> reporter: well, take a look. a lot of the rain we've already had is causing rivers to overflow, like the potomac here at east potomac park. now the concern is if we get even more rain that some underground parking garages could actually get flooded. that has car owners a little worried. >> what happens is when there's heavy rainfall, the ceiling will leak. over top of my car is a huge
5:17 am
crack. >> reporter: sherry henry lives here at the wharf. even though her parking garage is pretty much brand new, she says there have been water issues. >> when it just ras, you know, on a normal day, a lot of water gets down below. >> reporter: and now management here advising residents that ay theyant to seek higher ground because of standing water in lower portions of the garages. >> i want to hide my car in my apartment, if i could. >> reporter: she says instead, h ll just park on a higher leve now take a look. this is what it looked like outside bwi marshall airport a while back after heavy rains drenched low-lying parking lots. this is a concern in flood-prone areas all across the region like old town alexandria as well. alexandria's transrtation department tells us if you are parked in an area that usually floods, higher is always better. there are no guarantees once the water starts rising. just be aware all of this could be a concerns we keep our eye to the sky over the next week.
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in the district, adam tuss, news 4. >> when we look at tt storm, the thing is it's going to m ie landfa north carolina, but that's coming soon. then it's going to affect us later. right. >> and we're already so saturated. us.that's the problem for we've already had a crazy amount. it's already the fourth wettest year on record, year to date. a couple very infamousears are in front of us. 1972 was a rainier year than this one. that was the year agnes dumped crazy amounts of rain in june. september of 1934, the rainiest month everecorded in washington. september 1934, over 17 inchesa of with two different landfalling tropical systems that month. our forecast around here for today, just a couple showers around this morning. peeks of sunshine late morning into earlyftnoon. warm and humid, in the 80s again
5:19 am
today. just like yesterday, add a little sunshe to this amount of humidity and you end up with thunderstorms later on in the day. this morning, most of the rain is fairly light. it's now on the daryland/pennsylvania border, heading northbonto pennsylvania. there's florence right now still about 0 miles east of wilmington, north carolina. the latest advisory, they're maintaining it as ale 110-er-hour sustained wind. there are indications there has been some weakening at the core of the stoat. ill do very little to change the impacts along the north carolina coastline. as itl makes landf around this time tomorrow morning and then spends the better part of 24 to 36 hours with a near continuous onshore wind flow. so this means high flood threats along the barrier islands of north carolina, the outer banks, all the way down towd emerald island and eventually dragging its way down the coastline to myrtle beach, then doing the curve to north georgia on late sunday. we get the impacts around here
5:20 am
late mondayo i tuesday. here's your five-day forecast. take the umbrella today. you're also reall going to nee it tomorrow. rain could be briefly heavy at times tomorrow. better ns for youreekend. still a few showers on saturday. sunday, more clouds than anything ee. not a big rain threat. monday and tuesday we'll see florence here. let's go over to melissa and see how the commute is coming along. >> good morning. right w taking a look at prince george's county. inbound 210, branch, aven pennsylvania avenue, everything looking quite good inbound and tbound, actuall inner loop and outer loop of the beltway still rolling along this mornin we're green nothing in the way. no incidents, no accidents. we'll keep you updated, of course. white's ferry closed again today. this is day four. high water on the potomac. obviously not likely to open any time soon with t moisture coming this way. montgomery village southbound, montgomery village at lost knife right, r
5:21 am
right, rebound lane getting by. it's 5:20. they've become must-see events. we're talking about those apple product announcements. >> we now know what the company will be putting on the market. come up, we'll show you first hand. >> and check out a ellen tod picture. kristen bell from "frozen" will be on.
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temporary workers. in about a month, there will be a seasonal hing event at macy's stores nationwide. ne b workers will also eligible for bonuses if certain sales targets are >> pick up a little extra cash for that christmas shopping. well, apple has vealed its newest products. >> three new iphones to a next generation apple watch.he 's what you can expect. >> now let's talk abt iphone. >> reporter: it seems that bigger is better. at wednesday's product launch, apple unveiled three new phones that pushed the boundariesf technology and pocket space. >> the biggest screen ever. >> reporter: the iphone xs max features a 5.6-inch display. the company also gave it a small-screened little brother called the iphone xs. both have revved up processing and cameras. pricestart one pixel shy of $1,000. but the big buzz comes from a ldilocks phone. a device the tech company hopes
5:25 am
is just right. >> iphone xr will al to deliver the future of the smartphone to even more people. >> reporter: the iphone xr has a larger screen than last year's original x, but the main feature is a smaller price tag, $749. >> apple pulled off a trick here, making us feel like a 749 phone is actually cheap. >> reporter: it has a different camera but the same face i.d. as the other phones and comes dressed in a more colorful wardrobe. >> it's striking. it's beautiful. it comes in all these colors. at 749, i think that's the new mainstream product. >> reporter: also released a bigger screen apple watch with technology on board to record your heart's rhythm. over the years, it seems they have focused in on health as the real core use for the apple watch. part of an array of products designed to pull at any techie's heart strings. thursday morning, we are closely monitoring hurricane florence. locally, though, we don't have to worry about it just yet. we're looking at clouds around, some showers near hagerstown.
5:26 am
coming up, we'll sho you where florence is and when it could be impacting our forecast.
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that weather alert this morning continuesck as we t hurricane florence. take a live look at wilmington, north carolina. it's a bit blurry there, but you can see that flag pole and the flag blowing in the wind. te that's still exp to be one of the hardest hit areas. the latest track was just released a few minutes ago. still a cat 2 storm on track to make landfall tomorrow. >> it's 5:29. good morning, everyon i'm eun yang. >> i'm chris lawrence in for aaron. we have team coverage on that hurricane,lus your local forecast and a look at the commute. re here tond sheena start things off for us. >> another day much like yesterday. cloudy, humid, make a peek or two of sunshine toasy. thatice to see the sun, even if it was just a few
5:30 am
minutes. >> it was. fd you could reallyl once we have any of that sunshine, how warm we get. the atmosphere is still very warm. we haven't been seeing too mh of i i'm going to back up for one second. we haven't been sing too much of it because of all the clouds around. but today, we could see peeks of sunshine. here's a first look from radar at some of the outer bands approaching the outer banks of north carolina. florence is still a 2 category we're going to talk more about that coming up. seas you it is very far to our south. we're looking at mostly cloudy we've been watching some showers around hagerstown. those are continuing to head to the north. as far as visibility is concerned, not too bad. a little bit of patchy and west of d.c. this afternoon expect maybe a couple moving showers, passing showers as we go through the day. let's check in wit melissa, see what's happening on the roads. >> good morning. in northwest, southbound 1th reet at u street, all nsouthbound lanes shut d because of a crash. police not quite there yet.
5:31 am
66 looks good. 95 northbound, we're slow in our normal spot. ve typical for this time of day. 14th street bridge, inbound doesn't looko bad. we know that's going to get a little slow as the morning commute progresse hite's ferry closed today again. high water on the potomac river. another issue, northbound 5 at 301, the split there have a crash there. eun? >> melissa, thank you. news 4's jim handly is leading our team coverage of hurricane florence. he is starting his day i north rolina's outer banks. >> there are people who plan to ride out that storm, but as jim reports, a lot of them have already boarded up and left town. >> reporter: we're along the banks where the winds an the waves are starting to amp up. florence still hours and hours ay, but anxiety is runni high. the big concern here is the flooding that may follow will there be power outages? will the hundreds of residents
5:32 am
ho evacuated be able to g back in, and how long will that take? some people have decided to ridu it out, but fonesses, they are all but a handful shut down. they have boarded up. boats have moved to higher ground some have been boarded. we'll be following along in the hours to come and have live coverage this evening and tomorr too on news 4. in nags head, jim handly, news 4. >> you can see t wind starting to whip up there. >> changing. while we won't get a direct hit from hurricane florence, odi area is s resources down south to help the impacted communities. >> yesterday we saw the crews in maryland getting ready to go. now this morning, dominion energy crews are preparing to deploy. news 4's justin finch is live at their facility in fairfax with more on their mission. justin? >> reporter: chris, they're sending down a 12-member crew fr dominio energy as well as three bucket trucks like the ones you are seeing back there
5:33 am
behind us, as well as an auger truck as thll. once o ground, they'll work around the clock to restore power in that hurricane florence region in the carolinas. this does stand to be a pretty big job, but this crew does have perience with storm relief just in their own backyard heree getting own customers back online after big storms and small storms as well as others across our region. sce they get down there, once thisrm comes through, the early estimate is that millions of customers down there could be left in the dark. that not only impacts customers but also that first response too. so having pow restor as quickly as possible is going to be key in helping that area bounce back from this storm here. back out live, the crew is set to get here in the next half hour between 6:00 a.m. and 6:30. they're hoping after a briefing to re on thed by 8:00 this morning. live here in fairfax, justin
5:34 am
finch, news 4. >> all right. we wish them all the best. thank you so much, justin. now to a developingil story that make any parent cringe. s kidsrector of heathe day care has been accused of assaulting a child in her care. heather whitfield iswi charged assault and battery. police say she told the little boy's family an accident led to injuries to his lip and arm last month. family services launched an investigation, and that led to these criminal charges. whitfield is out on bo, and e state is still reviewing her license. hearing morning we're from a heartbroken d.c. mom after the murder of her 18-year-old son. taquan pinkney just graduated fromh school in may. someone shot and killed him sunday afternoon on snton road southeast. his mother tells our darcy spencer he left to get a soda and never came home. >> no parent should feel like that. that's a hurt to the core. >> reporter: it's a feeling only the loss of a child can bring.
5:35 am
>> it's so sad because look at who got caught up, the innocent. >> reporter: her son taquan pinkney left home to get a soda and never came back. >> it's a big hole. they broke us. like, we are never going to be the same. >> reporter: he had gone to this a rner store to get that s and was walking home when his mom says gunfire erupted. she says he was running away. he was shot in the back, an unintended target. taquan had graduated high school and was getting ready to start college. >> they robbed us of him. they stole him from us. >> reporter: taquan had a big family andany, many friends. >> he was my best friend. he wasy everything. we talked about everything. we did everything together.
5:36 am
and they just took my everything away from me. >> reporter: taquan was also a big part of horton's kids. it's a nonprofit in the community that providehomework help and tutoring. his siblings are also part of the center. they're all trying to understand the loss and how someone could be so reckless with a gun. >> they took an angel from us.'s and ot going to be okay until justice is served. >> reporter: in the district, darcy spencer, news 4. it's 5:36. we continue tour trackcane florence on this weather alert morning. the latest track expected to ben releasedust a few minutes. the winds already starting to pick up in wilmington, north carolina. our team coverage of storm team 4 continues right after this. stay with us. for tile, wood, and stone, come to the nationwide
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cr pretty ible while it lasted, but the washington mystics' historic run is over. >> but theystics set the franchise record for most wins and made their first appearance in the championship. they fell short and the storm s swept theies 3-0. even though last night's elimination game did not turn out the way they wanted, the mystics are already looking ahead. >> i think the gre w thing is, can still improve. we don't feel like we peaked and this is it for us. obviously this isn't how we wanted it to end, but it's an m.experience we can grow f >> we got to keep things in perspective. everybody else in the league wishes they were playing tonight. so we're very aware of that and veankful we were here. we know we can impso we will. >> indeed. and we're looking forward to t xt season. mystics made d.c. proud for sure. the mvp award went to breanna
5:41 am
stewart. >> we want to conatulate the mystics. it was such a great run. chuc >> all right. thank you. here we are watching the very latest on hurricane florence and making an ever steady approach to theth carolina coastline. here locally, se rain drops around hagerstown, maryland. those are lifting northbound into pennsylvania. good riddance to those. afternoon highs today will once again be in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees.ll take your umb with you on your way out the door because more showers are likely this afternoon. sheena has your whole ten-day outlook coming up in five or six minutes.
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5:43 am
5:44 am
your time is 5:44. as you wake up, hurricane florence is barrelling closer to the eas coast. it is now a category 2 storm. it's expected to stay that way before it makes landfall tomorrow. >> the carolinas are already seeing and feeling the effects of this storm. these are some live pictures fr wilmington, north carolina. we know it's grainy, hard to make out, but you can see t effects of the wind on this flag. chucknd sheena monitoring the very latest.
5:45 am
we'll continue to bring you team coverage all morning. d.c.'s cardinal donald wurlwur wuerl's title may be changing later today. >> he's expected to ask pope francis to accept his resignation after being named in a massive child sexual abuse report. megan mcgrath isive with the latest. reporter: ll, cardinal donald wuerl has faced increasing criticism that he didn do enough to protect children from predator priests back when he was a bishop of pittsburgh, and now comes world that cardinal wuerl will be going to rome to ask pope francis to accept his resignation. it's standard procedure for b h bishops to offer resignation when they turn 75. wuerl did that neay three years ago, but the pope did not act on that resignation letter. now cardinal wuerl wilflbe ng to the vatican today to personally ask the pope to allow down. step however, it remains to be seen what pope francis will do.
5:46 am
>> the holy father, the pope, is not required to accept it. he'll accep it at the point in which he's ready and willing to replace him with his successor. >> reporte now, a recent pennsylvania grand jury report found that some 300 priests sexually abused more than a thousand children since the 1940s. cardinal wuerl was bishop of pittsburgh for part o that time, and he has been criticized for resigning and reinstating some of these priests involved in that scandal. of course, something we'll be keeping a close eye on. we may hear word later today as to whether or not the pope is going to accept his resignation. >> megan, thank you. while all eyes are on hurricane florence, all ears are on president trump's recent comments on the incoming storm and hurricanes of the past. >> yeah, the president continues to bring up the, quote, un
5:47 am
rappreciated great job his administration did in puerto rico after hurricane maria. news 4's tracie potts is live with reaction on the president's hemments. what are you ing, tracie? >> chris, not only now is the president reacting h to how administration dealt with the last storm but also whether oney in fema's budget to deal with this one. >> reporter: it's a mad rush to safety in the carolinas.>> feel kind of scared. >> reporter: supplies are moving in and so is this storm. the outer bands of hurricane florence set to hit north carolina today. >> my message is clear. disaster is at the doorstep, and it's coming in. >> reporter: despite criticism re his response to hurricane maria last year,dent trump is defending the federal government's readiness then and now. >> protection of life is the absolute highest priority. >> reporter:ut can he pay for it? confirmed, $10 million shifted frommergency management to immigration enforcement just be
5:48 am
re hurricane season. >> significant amounts out of its response and recovery account and another siant amount out of preparedness and protection. >> that money has nothing to do with what you see bend us. >> reporter: this response complicated by people deciding to ride it out.o >> there areny people who are offering free places to u live, but yohave to have gas money to get there. t >> reporter:he president's message -- >> get out of its way. >> this is a mandatory evacuation. >> reporter: so far, nearly 2 million people have. this morning, they say that money is a rumor it will affect disaster recovery. they say it was for training and travel b not for t response to this storm. >> that's got to be concerning for a lot of folks down in the carolinas. thank you so much, tracie.s i now 5:48. d.c.'s brian king joseph is officially in the final gof "america talent."
5:49 am
>>le the ectric violinist has already taken this show to new heights. take a listen. >> brian kingoooseph! >> at that reaction. even the tough judge, simon cowell, says finals are going to be a lot more exciting because of brian. we checked out his personal website. get this, he's self-taught. he's even nicknamed the king ofi in. you can watch him next week as he competes against four others for that million-dollar prize here on n 4. >> i think he's going to win, and i think we all couldar easi teaching ourselves. >> i was going to >> maybe not chris. >> no, leave me out of it. >> there's a bunch of things i want to learn w >> thald be amazing to play the violin like him. i really admire people who can do that. it's sook entertaining. ay. well, i guess we should probably talk about this hurricane. >> exactly. >> it's still off the coast. it has not moved on land just yet. saw that live picture from wilmington, north carolina, bringing rain andut wind, our
5:50 am
radar finally picking it up.o we haveait until it gets closer because our radar beam can't go outar that now we see the rain bands approaching parts of the outer banks. it is basically moving to about the west and northwest right now. is heading towards the carolinas as a category 2 hurricane, winds sustained at 110 miles an hour. as it moves inland, this would be in about 24 hours or less from right now. there you see it potentially as a weak category 2, strong cat 1 hurricane. you see the stationary front. that's what's bn giving us cloudy, dreary weather. that's what's going to grab this storm and slow it down. sunday morning, i has not moved too much. finally, though, it gets caught in a cold front and s swing back up to the northeast. this is the time frame, tuesday into wednesday, when we see the remnants of it, which would be locally heavy rainfall. here we go from monday into
5:51 am
tuesday.ew we could see a inches of rain across the area. keep that in mind. heavy rain expected. when compare it down to areas to our south, nothing like they're going to see. they're going to seeing devastating flooding because this storm is going to be slowingy down. locahis morning, if you're about to step outside, we have a little patchy fog mainly north and west of d.c. nothing too dens thismorning. temperatures are in the mid to low 70s. 74 degrees in wehington. we looking just mostly clrody. showersd hagerstown, mainly to the north, now moving into parts of pennsylvania. if you're planning on being outside, expect mostly cloudy skies. show chances will start t increase around lunchtime and through the afternoon. just passing showers it'll be a humid day with temperatures about the low 80s. here's future weather. as we go through the afternoon, there you see mostly cloudy. passing showers, not a washout. tomorrow in the morning, we could have a couple light showers around. by the afternoon, rain chances will be looking higher. over the weekend, not too bad. again, florence will still be far tour south over the weekend.
5:52 am
we're looking at mostly cloudy skies, lower rainhances. it's late monday into tuesday when we expect some of the heir rain from the remnants. then all sunshine after this. over to melissa, see how the commute's looking. >> good morning. in est, southbound 16th street at u street, take a look. we have a crash there withhose southbound lanes blocked. also hearing about a new crash at the 12th street tunnel. brandywine northbound -- i dropped my clicker. chuck, where did it go? >> it's way over here. i'll get it. any you have dropped i furthe >> thanks, chuck. brandywine northbound 5 at 301, crash reported there. 66, new crash inbound at northbound on 95 in virginia, no problems there. inner loop and outer loop at t beltway also looking good here this morning. taking a look at your travel times, 270 south looking okay. top of the beltway, no problems. 66inbound, 95 northbound, just that tiny slow down 95 north
5:53 am
through woodbridge. remember to listen to 101. fm. wasn't that exciting? >> you're human. you dropped the cl.ker. it happe >> chuck to the rescue. h> it's now 5:53. your child won'te to worry about certain unexcused absences in montgomery county. b the schoolrd says walking out of school to protest will be considered excused. this week board leaders unanimously passed a resolution to excuse students up to three times per year. back in the spring, students from montgomery county and the d.c. area walked out of class. it was over gun violence following the mass shooting a the a florida high thhool. e were also walkout protests last year oumr president good morning. i'm leslie picker at cnbc. headquarte americans love to splurge, no surprise there, but a new study by finds exactly where we're spending nearly $3,000 a year on financial vices, such as eating out. guilty of that.
5:54 am
in fact, 38% of peopl say they dine out at restaurants or get takeout at least threeimes a week. lottery tickets are also a big splurge among lower-come households, 28% play the lottery ateast once a week. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm leslie picker. >> all right, tha> you. other splurge, theater tickets. "hamilton "hamilton," obviously, the most sought-after ticket in town. 4,000 students from d.c. are he room where it happened. >> how exciting. news 4 caught the special asstudent showce at a "hamilton" matinee. >> how long did it take you to put this together? >> it took me a day. as soon as i got it, i went into it. i put everything intit. >> who's the person you performed it for? you're like, i just did this, you got to check it out, what do you think? >> i did it for myself but f most my father because i look up to him.
5:55 am
>> repter: the unfiltered voices of district students rang out from schools showcasing their work on the same stage as "hamilton." after they brought down the house, we caught up with the performers from e.l. haines high school. >> i was feeling really nervoust but when youut there and rg feel the e you feel like you can do your best. t as soon as you step on stage, that nervousness jsappears because you're in the moment. we're looking back and forth at each other. >> i felt the same way, but i s also excited. it's my first time on stage. oi wanted my voice to get there. we've been working really hard, so wanted to make it count >> now here's a question a lot of people are asking. how do you see "hamilton" before it leaves town on sunday? you're running out of time. the kennedy center says there are three ways.
5:56 am
standi room only may be available on a performance by performance basis beginning two hours prior t curtain time. they're $49 with a limit of two. you haveo go to the box office to check. then those last-minute i can't imagine there are a whole lot. but you have to go to the box office to check that. >> probably the cheapest way, did you know there are 40 $10 a orchestra seats offered for ormance, but you have to play it through a lottery on the app. going for e peopl that. what a deal. >> pretty cool. 5:56. coming up, why the future of embattled d.c. cardinal donald wuerl lies in the hands of pope francis. re and hurricane fe is coming. continuing coverage is next on news 4 today. (announcer) there's a freedom about asheville.
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st hours away now, hurricane florence continues its push toward the et coast this as nearly 2 million people ma a final effort to get out of harm's way, and they are running out of time. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm chris lawrence in for as youoned, we're not enaaron. talking days anymore. we're talking less than 24 hours. here at news 4, we're tracking this hurricane very take a look at this live picture. i know this is hard to make out. it's because of all w thatd and rain. this is wilmington,
6:00 am
carolina. >> the wind is already starting to pick up there. you can see throu haze there on the left-hand side the seas are churning up and the rain i falling. our sheena parveen is keeping an eye on the storm's path. we begin w a check on current conditions and your commute with melissa and chuck bell. what can we expect here? >> allright. for today, we've got another pretty high chance for some showers around later on in your thursday afternoon. a typically dark start to the rning. showers overnight have basically come to an end now. we will get a few peeks of sun.l itbe warm and humid again today. another likelihood of showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon. there you can see local radar here. the showers we had in northern maryland are now above the mason dixon line and moving away from ss. temperatures, i humid morning out there. we're in the low to mid-70s now. wternoon highs todayl be up in the low 80s once again. about 83 downtown. 40% chance or so for rain


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