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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  September 13, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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hurricane florence, storm of a lifetime only just beginning to lash the shoreline. florence is a category 2 snowstorm the impacts a l alreade threatening. >> we welcome you here. we'v got live coverage of florence for the next three hours. signs of catastrophe already showing up along the north carolina coast. it is expected to make landfall early tomorrow morning and we are expecting a deadly storm surge. feet of rain and devastating winds. >> my message toda don't relax. don't get complacent. stay on sguard. this a powerful storm that can kill. today the threat becomes a reality. >> and the threat looks just as bad from above. an astronaut writes this. this storm is chilling even from space. in fact, he had to usehe super wide angle lens to capture the
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entire thing from the internn.ional space stat can you believe it? >> liunable. >> this is just the beginning of days of misery. >> and we have team coverage. jim handly standing by at nags head. we begin with storm team 4. >> people are asking, just a category 2 now, it has really come down. a it w category 4140-mile-per-hour hurricane. h one, ye the winds come down but they also expand. it is now a much bigge storm and the threat has not diminished. >> you were saying ito well in our meeting. yeah, it is a category 2 but a category 4 with thet rain t we'll get out of this. especially all the way through the carolina coast. this is a monster storm of the 400 miles end to end. we'll feel the impact here as well. >> down toward the carolina coastline, you see how close i is. less than 100 miles off the coast of north carolina and it is continuing to make its way on
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a very slow track. you can see the center of circulation. no well defined eye. n this i longer a major hurricane where you have the well defined eye in the middle but still a monster storm.ur 105-mile-an-winds. only at five miles an hour. this is an update. this just cameout. moving at only five miles per hour. thhy's this is so dangerous. five miles per hour producing in just torrential tropical rains day after day. here it is tomorrow morning at 8:00. only just then coming in toward the shore. again, slowing cidown, pro that rain in toward the atlanta area. western back towar south carolina and then closer to our region on monday and tuesday. here's he latestradar. you can see the lashing of the outer bands coming in toward tha outer s. we've seen wind gusts over 60 to 70iles per hour already. five miles an hour. that means all of this will be
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hitting the same area over and over and they're dely expecting to set a record for the amount of rain in parts of north carolina a tropical storm or hurricane. we'll talk much more about this an the impact o our area. coming up. >> you can jog faster than five miles an hour. a long night ahead for folks in the carolinas. >> yeah. nearly 17,000eople have already lost power in north carolina alone. >> j handly picks up our team coverage. jith i outer banks, i believe nags head. it should walloping the coastline where you are. >> reporter: yeah. you said it. wallop is the word. lashing out, doug mentioned. take a look. these are the bands. they're here. we're feeling them, you're seeing them and they came aell of a lot earlier than we were expecting. as doug mentioned this field has xpanded larger than we thought yesterday so we are feeling
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strong r windsight now and much soon. ke a look at some video we shot at high tide around noon. toda we were on the roads and that's the big concern. crews have been working around the clock. these are the front end loaders and the backhoes. they're trying to frequent roads if six to ni-foot storm surge here. one road we saw cape hatteras about an hour south of us, had to shut down about 1:00. a lot of the people yesterday who saidehey would r it out, they cannot get out now. that road has shu down down the road there. they have had to close it the causeway as we undersnd it is little iffy too, in the hours coahead. g upead. at we'll catch one some virginia dominion power crews who are here. we caught up with their caravan here today. they're lying low right now
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preparing for days of hard work ahead of them and they're trying to figure out who will get hit. that's the big unpredictable. and how long some may be without power. back to you fromag head. >> take care of yourself. our team coverage moves north now to virginia beach toic wher tr storm like conditions are expected. their this is an area that could see some serious storm surge. there is a mid to lower unacuation order rway for low lying areas there. r orter: you can just look here and feel strong winds already and we are far from really the strong impact of florence. we're in virginia beach. at the beginning of the week a lot of folks were preparing for major impact. in fact, evacuation orders are still in effect for a lot of the low lying areas, the areas closer to the coast.ho ver, many of the folks who decided to leave, some even
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deciding to come back and to wait out the remnants of the storm. expected to be strong, t ates they're expecting winds at 75 miles an hour. flding could be a major issue. this hampton roads area is used to that.ha they'll stay way through the weekend. a beach that is oftentimes packed with people through the summer and the early part of the fall, you can see not many people are out here. however, the folks out here, some of them are hard core whe it comes to the strong surf. >> every time you get out here you're >>rvous. eporter: but you're still out here. yep. >> the people down here at 33rd street. the currents out here, we're trying to keep an eye onod ever the best we can. >> reporter: back out here live. we have moved a few blocks from the ocean front here in virginia hebeach. that's we have positioned
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what is a very cool piece of equipment. this is the storm ranger. this is a mobile radar and you can see just how massive this is. letround and show you the capabilities of this vehicle as we step over here, i'll take you in. is is a unit that allows to you get a lot closer to the storm. we're notown to the carolinas. we're here in virginia beach. that gives the position up close see the outer bands. i was talking to doug kammerer. said this is the kind of thing that lets you push in on those outer bands to see what thempact will be for this part of hampton roads, southeastern virginia, even potentially at times into the eastern shore. so it is something that allows to us get a better view of what ae storm doing. we are, you caneehein . feeling the impact of florence even much farther south down to
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north carolina. >> but still, the biggest and highest winds have yet to make their way into your area. it will be interesti to see what readings you get on that mache. >> that thing looks sto ready. >> thanks. the historic storm prepares to mak landfall. we have a complete gallery, pictures of very brave pple inpr the carolinas eparing for this, i vicious storm. to go our nbc washington app to see >> we always say, turn around, don't drown. in th meantime, president trump is in a fire storm of his own making. he is denying theonusions of an academic scientifically validated report from george washington university. concludes that nearly 3,000 people in puerto rico died as a result of hurricane marie and its aftermath last year. in a series of twee today, the present denied that death toll number and said that democrats
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were trying to make him look bad. blayne ralexander. orter: president trump said when he visited puerto rico, there were 18 deaths ps. w he's questioning how that number grew to nearly 3,000. but the independent report is downing the many who die after maria hit from issues like lack of clean water and lack of electricity. with florencn looming sight, president trump is looking back, arguing 3,000 people did not die during hurricane maria in puerto rico. the death h toll, claims, was inflated by mocrats, to make me look as bad as possible. toy, criticism from the man who led the hurricane katrina. >> i would kick him on the ankle and say focus on the future damn storm. >> and saying that the people's
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pain should not beti qued. from house speaker paul ryan. >> there is no reason to dispute these numbers. >> george washington university tallied deaths in the fiveft months maria hit. the fema director questioning otthe report'sm line. >> there is a big discrepancy betwee directdeaths, how people died from the wind or the water or building collapse versus the seconry or indirect deaths. >> long also weathering personal criticism after a new report revealed he is under investigatio for spending government money on private trips. >> doing something uneth pal is not of my dna or my track record in my whole entire career. >> promising to cooperate with thenspector general while they remain focused on florence. the president was briefed today by emergency officials. he promised on twitter that the government is supplied and ad >> and of course we'll be watching to see how it all plays
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out. and stay with news4s rricane florence closes in on the carolis. >> we have reporters spanned out all across the coast. >> we are already hearing stories of heroes helping out those innc needding animals stuck in a broken down van. after being>.
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ack to the coast now. atlantic beach in north carolina tting a major lashing at the mole. hurricane florence moving toward theast coast now and this is only just the beginning. >> it looks rough already. more than 100 shelters are open across southern virginia and the carolinas. many of them were already at capacity. un>> red cross vers are working to take care of the families who had to leave their homes. >> migue is in goose creek, south carolina. >> reporter: we're at goose creek, south carolina. millions ofav people already evacuated their homes and heading away fromhe storm. some of them u endedp at this high school. volunteers tell me the shelter is already completely at capacity. they go fit 400 people and they are full.
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about 4,000 people spent the night in evacuationsh ters. last night, about 1,500 volunteers are working around the thock. 're trying to get as many people to safety as they can. red cross volunteers moving supplies. they're taking them inside tsh ter to try to keep as many supplies available for the families staying inside. i spoke to some of the families. they say after the storm, they just hope they have a home to go back to. >> and of course, it is not just people. dozen of animals were traveling in a van that nearly broke down. >> they were on their wayack when they turned to social media for help. the van broke down outside yetteville. in the sweltering heat, the organization posted on facebook, emgency north carolina supporters, the van is broken down on i-95. well, the response was immediate.
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lucky dog said dozens of peedle shp with water and put the animals air conditioned cars. and then a south carolina rescue transport van pulled up and brought the animals back here to d.c. and a kind hearted person paid to get the broken alternator in lucky dog van replaced. d we'll n a lot more of that neighbor helping neighbor in the next few days. >> it is slowing down but it is getting bigger. oking at that satellite image, it looks like it could cover at least states now. >> and it is definitely weakening. as the storm weakens, it also a fects wind fields. as far as virgiach now, where earlier it looked like they would see 4 or 50-mile-an-hour winds.>> there's more water. >> that's the thing that was al >> we knew we would have a storm surge. this is now a category2. the storm surge does not lessen.
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all of that water is still about to come first off, this is out toward frying panoa . it is a bed and breakfast for a fishing area. you can go fishing here. they reported wind gusts, over 60es mer hour already. and the storm system, it is making its way closer to shore. >> you can see just how big this is. here's virginia. all of north carolina, south carolina. it is as big as three states here and it will continue to potentially grow inside as we make our way to the north and west. t not growing much in intensity. you can see a little eye trying to form but it is having a hard time doing so. i don't expectuch as far as intensity. winds at 105 miles an hour. this is brand new. last hour, at 2:00, it was
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traveling at miles an hour. now it is going five miles per hour. that's w this isoing to be so devastating. this will creek along the coast here and tomorrow rning, 100 miles right at the coast. it will just batter the shore. and next week cingo int area as the remnants of. b not a deal in our area. i want to show you the radar picture. righ out of moorhead city, defined eye clearly right here. this is a two-hour loop. look at the outer bands coming on. we've seen tornado warnings. the bands all the waynto parts of virginia beach and that's where we have our storm ranger. stormger 4 right there on virginia beach. cking up these very small areas here. these are the bands, right here. some of these coming through.
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we'llse see t linearly. this was coming right toward storm ranger 4. we can take a closer look at that with storm ranger. we sent to it virginia beach. a lot of us vacation down toward that area. we don't want to put david culver or storm ranger in danger. montgomery county, frederick county, we're sing some rain. not like last night but we are seeing showers. martins burg, back toward leesburg and frederick. a little in the way of sunshine and blue skies. not much the next couple days. 79 tomorrow. the bt chancef showers from florence come during the day and then only a 30% chance of showers on saturday and sunday. the redskins game is a-okay. rmnday, 83 degrees with a chance of s and the remnants of florence making their way. so not expecting too much in the
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way of heavy rain.hi florence, boy, do we get nice. some of the nicest ather we've seen in long time and do we need it or what? >> w need to dry out, doug. all right. oue hurricane cover is just getting underway. stay with news4 as florence gets toward make landfall. >> us, the pope investigates after another resignation. michelle obama is going on tour. i have your celebri60. first, how do you get ryan gosling into your coffee shop well, you get ryan gosling photos and place them all around. after that, he showed up in real life for cup of coffee. taylor swift and ed sheeran were taki a hike. >> the nominations cameout.
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me, you and drake. >> you're going. >> our spy saw drake leaving the hotel yesterday. and former first lady michelle obama is going out on tour. she is doing t cities including d.c. promoting her brand new memoir, "becoming." >> it is honest and utterly me. so i am a little frightened because it is so candid and honest and open. honest and open.
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i and changed diapers at night. during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom,
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ta what's ahead is as imp as what's in the rearview mirror. new developments in the catholic church investigation. a west virginia bisp accused of sexual harassment, it comes on the same day d the gafgs cardinals sat down with the pope to discuss the crisis. bill nealy discusses it. as>> reporter: the meeting behind closed doors. no big decisions were made, we
4:25 pm
understand, and certainly the vatican has made no statement about it. a just it started, the pope announced that he had accepted the resignation of yet another senior american cleric. that'sel bishop mic brumfield of west virginia. the pope has also announced he has begun annvestigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against the bishop, all of which the bishop denies. >> the church is in crisis mode. not only here in rome. particularly in the united states. >> reporter: this morning there were twodimerican cls and an american archbishop talking about a whole raft of issues. e crisis in the american church including, of course, the grand jury report of horrifi allegations in pennsylvania. clerical abuse survivors will no be happy that this meeting was so short and was behindos doors but they are meetings. all the they want action. not simply talk.
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>> whate see with this sexual abuse crisis is it comes in wave after wave after wave. the pope has found it very difficult to try to get a grip on dealing with it. >> reporter: no question, the pope is under a great deaf pressure. this is the biggest challenge to his papacy so far. indeed, earlier this week he even said that the devil was behind some of the accusations agnst them. man clearly under a great deal of pressure. nbc news, at the vatican. the threat is becoming a ality in the carolinas. >> hurricane florence already started
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news4 covering everything about hurricane florence. eden though we're seeing the wind s the category of the storm going down, this thing is gettingigger and bigge by the hour. >> and the storm surge has always been the biggest issue. it is always the storm surge followed by the flooding. a and itays has been. i want to show you where the
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storm is. it isust offshore. it will take a long time to make it here. we're still about 9 miles away. it is now moving at five-miles-per-hour, at a snail's pace. it is sitting off the coast and dremplging this area. you can see how big it is. all the way toward theirnia beach area. you saw we had storm ranger there but take a look at what we've got. here's wilmington. this is where it is expected to make landfall. somewhere along the coastline. it was coming through, seeing 60, 70-mile-an-hour winds. one of the areas hardest hit ith rainfall and with storm surge. newbern, north carolina. that's where our reporter is, in newbern. >> reporter: you talk t about storm surge.
4:31 pm
we have just started to see the rain in the last 24 hours. it starts 40 or 5 feet behind me. the river was down in its banks. justto from the surge, it was dry most of theay here. we're watching the water start to push even further back into the neighborhoods behind here. the locals s k this is td of thing that a lot of the homes, maybe 00 yearsold. a lot of the neighbors are used to it. maybe a foot of rain and this is going to be very wet, a very serious water event. the wateros dangerous. all that water has to go somewhere. it wil come right back down the river. we've been talking to people all day. the problem wve run into, the
4:32 pm
hurricane is being downgraded from a 4 to a 3 to a 2. that doesn't account for the surge. >> back to you. >> you talk about the down grading of the storms. we talked about it, super storm sandy. it was category 3 at one time in the ocean but ast came onshore, the winds were so big. you had winds 500 miles from the center. take a look at what hurricane sandy did. we all know the storm surge was the biggest issue. take a look at these aerials and you see what that here. it made its wayonland and you saw thousands and thousands of homes destroyed. billionss and billi of dollars. the second costliest hurricane in american history and it was all becse of the storm surge.
4:33 pm
>> do you see hiparallels? >> one is weakening just like hurricane sandy was and the storm surge, something similar to that. you can a look hurricane ike in the houston area. again, downgraded to a category 2. third biggest costliest storm and it was all storm surge related. >> back to you. >> you can find the most up to date information in your nbc shington app. you go washington it live as it hebarrels into coast. recent heavy rain around our region has caud high water along the potomac. the water level isn't the only concern. some georgetown residents say the rising wate has m rats scurrying into the streets. shamari stone shows us. >> reporter: as the sun sets over the georgetown waterfront, and ducks gently swim in the
4:34 pm
potomac. the scenery doesn't comfort some businesses. >> ton and joe's seafood place -- >> it has really hurt us. >> where businesses drop like wate >> it is not just me. it is not just the harbor. every employee is affected. >> reporter: affected by the coastal flooding. it filled r holes, pushing the ey said business is down 50%. >> the water goes up and the rats have to go somewhere. luckily we have these walls. >> reporter: he's right. the flood gat are up. separating water and rats from restaurants. >> i don't want the rats to come through and scareev ybody. >> reporter: he's seen the rodents on the other side of tha . >> i just look at i and i'm reporter: d.c. councilmember jack evans.
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>> we'll have a lot more rats. >> everybody is holding teair waiting to see what the hurricane does. what the flooding situation does. >> that was quite interesting photography with the if you encounter any kind of a rat issue, don't worry. just call 311. >> that's the rodent control program and people will come out. all of these bars and restaurants in the city now to our other top stories, we have learned the nameom of the killed when her car was hit. keisha whittaker was a passenger in this car. for some reason the driver jumped the curb and slammed boo the tree. it happen at 30 last night in southeast d.c.
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first responderseere una to sa h caused the crash. an emotional day in court for daythix o mansion murders trial. prosecutors calling several more witnesses. nellie gutierrez, a long time housekeeper for tvi ims, broke down as jurors heard a voicemail that her boss left her on the day they were held captive. we flared a security enginr that he had been contacted to update securit system. cameras were installed b because of scheduling conflicts, no one had been monitoring the system. he said surveillance footage went to the family's computer which prosecutors say gotye dest in the fire. ol> next, controversy on cap hill. plans to stop sexual harassment in the halls of govement, stalled. coastal towns getting drenched right now. continuing
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time isor running out congress to crack down on sexual rassment among its members. momentum has stalled. >> reporter: the scandal of sexual harassment has stalled when a few ugly cases surfaced when it wasevled that taxpayers footed the bill. the rule were changed that they pay theirwn settlements in the future. but congressional staffers say there is still disagreement over how to draft a final compromise plan. if they don't by january, the bills die. >> we had a broad coalition
4:41 pm
here. o >> oneer issue, it requires senators to be liable for sexual harassment only. not other forms of thcontact. we'll keep you updated. news4. comingxt up we'll show you just how much rain the people in the carolinas will bew getting hith over the next few days. this at of rain expected in wilmington, north carolina. >> r they're seeing rainht there. it hasn't even come onshore yet' locally getting some cloud debris out of this already. we'll talk about the impact. impact. how much rain we expec
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i put criminals in prin during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, whei had a law practice i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party linesoms to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message becauom, like every working what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
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we're continuing to monitor hurricane florence as it crawls toward north carolina. high winds and rain already batteringhe coastline in spots. these are pictures right now from surf city where the wind is blowing the hurricane flags. >> in nags head, waves crashing against the pier as the storm moves its way in. wendy continues our coverage from wilmington. reporter: florence making her presence kn gn. >> time t out of those areas. i can't emphasize enough. eeecasters are indicgattes f. >> millions leading the to trun her ferocious articles. carrying high winds and potentiall catastrophic rain. >> we won't be able to come out and get you if you have an
4:46 pm
emergency while the storm is underway >> reporter: while others make the most of every moment to otepare. >> there isng you can do here. when winds get above three digits. at the door steps, officials sounding the final alarm. >> if you ha not left these evacuation zones,d you shoul leave now. becaus time isunning out. >> wherever she makes landfall, florence promises to make the record books. nbc news, wilmington, north carolina. meanwhile a race against nature on the outer banks. >> wendy rieger has a look at what's coming up at 5:00. >> so many people have leaded the warnings and the areas do look like ghost towns. some of them are feeling the brunt of the winds and the rain and the waves. jim handly is in the outer banks for you. >> we're here on cape hatteras. the most eastern point in the
4:47 pm
carolinas and they are up against the gun. time is running out and these bahoes up and down highway 12 have been working around the:00. they're trying to shore up the sand dubose e nes to mre. we're expecting a storm surge of six to nine feet. that's why they have to build a wall of sand here. in past hurricanes, it has taken a week, maybe ttwo, get people back on to the road. >> we'll have the latest on that and the storm is not the only big st new at 5:00, in the courtro today, new details about what happened in the moments before the savopoulos house wtp in flames. now we have the latest on that. those stories, and we have a lot re going on on this thursday. >> there is even a little sunshine outside the studio here. >> who would have thought? >> i know. who would have thought? >> it's been a long time.
4:48 pm
>> see new bit. >> and doug and lauryn are still tracking thisuge storm. >> and the threat we've been talking aboutor days is becoming a reality. >> we just got 5:00 advisory. not much has changed. it is down to 100 miles an hour. the movement is still at ou five-miles-per and we're going to talk in a minute about why it means s much infall. >> not only rainfall but then the storm surge. we'r seeing some flooding around the north carolina barrier islands. this is monster of a hurricane nd it will cause a lot of catastrophic damage along the coast. >> i'll show you where this is urong the coastline. and even around area, you was gone outside. we have some sunshineut the clouds you see, especially the high clouds you see, they're noo moving east to west. that's because of the hurricane. we are now directly in the hurricane'sath for us.
4:49 pm
again for to us get the minimal effects. now take a look at the storm. starting to get its act together. we have morof an eye the last couple frames. is it trying to strengthen? will it matter? no. let's look and i'll show what iu i'm talking about as far as the radar concerned. first, here's the latest advisory. moving west northwest at five miles per hour. coming onshore tomorrow morning but then quickly down to an 85-mile-an-hour hurricane. coming onshore and then down to th south before making its way up. monday into tuesday. it bris a chanc of showers and storms. let's go back the radar picture and sho you where this is. just to theeast. you see the eye wall centered
4:50 pm
right here. the ltit p really showing that eye wall really starting to get enhanced. a couple points. i want to show you this whole area under a tornado watch. you have these bands coming on through. one of those bands, 66 miles per hour, and then it's gone west nh longere that assessment point so we don't know how strong winds are but they're coming down. the big thing, these heavy rains.or. he 'leth teyhe hl be biggest facto. >> it will sit and hang out beforet takes a little dive to the south and west and then it pushes north and east in our area. so most of the eastern seaboard seeing rain. let's see the rain across the area. we're going to take this to tuesday night. you can see right here,ight
4:51 pm
where the hurricane will come into hurricane and me andier around the area. upor us, right now possiblyn a inch and a half. this number could still change. we have to watch but wilmington could see upwards of 25 inches of rain. how much rain is that? one inch of rain is eal to 27 gallons in one acre of land. he sow with that being said, the square mileage of swimming about 41 square miles. that means 15 billion gallons of rain with the 25 inches, they are forecast to get. that could fill 22,000 olympic sized pools. that's what we're talking about. that's why youear people comparing to it harvey. that hurrican just adumping so rain. and we're seeing it in our area. >>in we're sthe showers
4:52 pm
coming through. yesterday they were moving south to north. we'll show you what we're looking at. if i put this into motion over the lasturwo notice which way it's going from east to west. it is directly related and the flow aund florence, and the high pressure, shower activity continuing. some of those areas seeing the heaviest down pours. few and far between around frederick and loudoun county. that's about it. now.c. south and eastward. no rain yet. that's the best chance forit rainfall this system. but only showers. 30% saturday and sunday.ot definitely n a washout. do not cancel any weekend plans. and the redskins game is looking good. speaking of looking good.he once remnants move out tuesday, and we have a chance of storm tuesday.k i the see one of the nicest stretches of weather we've seen in quite some time. boy, do we need it. fa begins saturday. let's kick off the summer.
4:53 pm
it's been the fifth wettest summer of all time here. i think it's time to give at this time boot. >> a sighf relief. two russians accused of a nerve agent attack trying to explain what they were doing the time of the poisoning. >> plus, while florence won't make direct hit, there is still
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
it tells the story. itrricane florence is set to come ashoren a matter o hours. stay with us for continuing coverage on the srm of a lifetime in two minutes. two russian men accused of poisoning a former russian spy are telling their side of the ory.
4:57 pm
they appeared on russian state tv today. the men say they were just tourists on the day that nerve agent attack took place in england. >> british investigators say they had no doubt they had video evidence proving two russian mee in salisbury on the day that sergei skripal and his daughter yuli were poisoned. they were in the hotel room where they stayed. and the british prime minister. ey were linked to russian thintelligence, good hav gru. >> it was not a rogue operation. it was almost certainly approved at a senior level of the russian state. >> reporter: now thewo suspects have shown their faces on russian state television. they're telling their version of the story. them they were just tourists visiting the english town that became an attempted murder crime
4:58 pm
scen to see an historic church. >> our friends had suggested a long time that we visit this wonderful town. the salisbury cathedral. it is famous not only in europe but all over the world, i think. it is famous for its 123 meter fire. famous fts clock. >> reporter: the british government reacted quickly calling t tour i story lies and flagrant fabrication. russia shot back, questioning the legal frame work for accusing the russian citizens. the truth coming down to a question of who do you believe? scotland yard or the kremlin? nbnews. >> we are bracing for storm surges of nine feet. power outages and epic flooding.
4:59 pm
>> the long siege is justnn beg. rain bands are already pushing ashore. the barrier islands in north carolina are among areas seeing the heavy rain. the dangerous storm surge. >> florence set to make an agonizingly slow turn. and the consequences because of that could be disastrous. the ses of th storm alone could be very damaging. >> it is covering areas larger than north and south carolina mpmbined. thet is expected to be felt by millions for days. >> we've got team coverage tonight. let get to the veryte . >> tracking a couple things here. the storm just off the coast. th latest advisory that just came out as of 5: has it only moving at five miles an hour.
5:00 pm
yes, y get thefitorm surge t. then the inland flooding and that could last all the way into next week. >> absolutely. thisill just hang osut will be the coastal flooding that we'll see will affect us indirectly. >> and the coastal flooding along the potomac and along the beaches. here's the storm. you can see it clearly defined. now it is trying to get its act together. the latest indications, it doesn't matter if it goes up or down ten miles an hour. this is what it is. as far as that's concerned. we're talking about it coming onshore. it is moving a little more to th north here. then toward the coastline. tomorrow at 2:00.


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