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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 13, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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and to this day, one of my biggest regrets is that i never finished if you're the first in your family to go to college, if you took time off to raise your kids, or if you're in one career and you hear another calling, i get that and strayer university gets that that's why we're teaming up, to help the people that matter the most the students let's get it together let's do this news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> hurricane florence just getting started. take a look at surf ty, north carolina. boy, the wind there is whipping. but it's the water that's the biggest danger. >> the eye of the storm churning out over the atlantic right now as we look live atgt wilm,
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north carolina. landfall still hours away, a thateans hours more rain. storm surge andlife hf-threateng flooding. >> look at the conditions in topsail beach. look at all that water. that is just amazing. it even knocks down this see that? and it'surging even further inland from here. storm surge being measured up to ten feet in some places tonight. good evening, everyone, i'm leon harris. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. we just got thet new hurricane track. our chief meteorologist doug kammerer will break itown for us in a moment. >> but first, let's start off with jim handly live for us in nags h jim, set the stage for us. >> reporter: guys, timing is everything. we've got high tide rolling in in justbout seven minutes. we are feeling wind gusts right here of about 75 miles an hour so far. we have seen tornado warnings,l
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flash warnings. but as you -- concern for everybody out here in carolina, south carolina and in the days ahead, perhaps georgia, is the surge. we're going to show you just how far inland this stuff is moving. but doug, first up, what are be going te waking up to tomorrow at sunrise? >> yeah, jim, sunrise tomorrow, that storm just off theoast here of parts of north carolina and right now, only about 60 miles away. eabut theest winds still have yet to come. the heaviest storm surge still has aet to come, well. that's all going to come during the day tomorrow. take a look right now. you cansee, the storm is really just off the coa right here. look how big this sucker is. and it just continues the grow in size here as it weakens. it is weakening. look at this, though, t eye very well defined here on our radar picture. and you can seehe outer bands coming on through. you notice wilmington, north carolina, they've n gusted to 80 miles per hour and this band right here, i've seenusts
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upwards 108 onshore with these bands making their wayinland is is going to continue. florence now down to a category 1 with 90 miles per hour, moving rthwest at 6 miles per hour. it's going to stay here until sunday. days and days of rain. that's the biggest concern. the storm surnge for the next 4 to 36 hours and the rain. all because of an area of hig pressure. that's going to give us breezy conditions tomorrow, but it's eping florence down to the south. because of that, because of the fact it can't move to the ilnor, it wl stay to the south, moving very, very slowly. as a result, you'r talking feet of rain. one, two, even three feet. that means flooding for north and south carolina. much moreinn this cup. he that's the double whammy. rain coming fromky and the sea. thanks, doug. let's get back to jim handly now. >> jim, we're getting reports of major floing and power outages
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from this storm and we're just at the beginning. >> reporter: you said it. just gettingstarted. as you guys have mentioned, the power is a big concern. we're at right here in the outer banks, so far so good here, but ound north carolina, along the people have 0,000 lost power tonight. that number is likely just to take off and it could take days for it to be restored. speaking of days, for days, people have been hearing they warnings, mave heeded them, but some have not, to leave their homes. last minute, tonight, and this afternoon, a lot of people are heading for the shelters. last check, we have 12,400 people in shelters here tonight. and in new bern, north carolina, some incredible video we're going to show you later of a river surge there tonight of about six wset. our c are on the ground there, we'll show you that in justs, about ten minuut first, jay gray has the latest from carolina beach, north carolina.
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>> reporter: the early calling card from florence, driving rain. wind and waves. >> this is a powerful storm that can kill today, the threat becomes reality. >> reporter: and this is just the beginning. roads have already been washed over, commuties from virginia through the car lies thats are filling up. water pushing into places where it's not supposeded to be, andn more ishe way. >> the first bands of the storm are upon us, but we have days more to go. >> reporter: the massive storm is expected to linger. >> let's get out of here. >> this is enormously dangerous. >> reporter: meandering along the coast for 36 to 48ho s, battering communities across the strike zone. jay gray, nbc news, carolina beach, north carolina. >> reporter: and back live in the outer banks, flooding is
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going to be b problem. it already is. when i join you live again in about 11:15, we're going to take you to new bernro north na, where they have had a huge problem with river flooding, we've got a crew there, we're s going tw you those dramatic pictures, too. back to you for now. >> all right. >> impressive stuff, that's for sure. >> thank you, jim. we'll be back to you shortly. >> jim and our photoapher joe cassano are going to be riding out the storm tonight in nags head. 65 miles to the north of them is news 4's david i culver virginia beach. >> david reports tonight, you don't have to be in the bulls ey to feel the powerful effects of florence. >> reporter:e are slefrl bevera blocks away from the oceanfront here in virginia beach, and we are here with the storm ranger. itill allow us to tap into the localized portion of the outer bands, get better detail as to what florence is doing,
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especially when it comes to this region. a lot of folks will have seen that trajectory push florence south. people who live here are seeing that, in some cases, they're saying, oh, we're in the clear, everything's safe. officials are saying that is n the case. there are still storm surge concerns and floing. >> check on these people down here over at 31st street. >> reporter: virginia beach lifeguards restrictg swimmers to ankle-deep waters. >> stressful. being a new mom her by ourselves without any family. >> reporter: nicole o walkerut here with her father-in-law and her baby. she, like many militarypouses in hampton roads, taking command of a single household. just last year, she weathered rricane imr irma in florida. vu.this is like deja >> reporter: many locals are boarding up, dropping sandbags and waiting. in virginia beach, david culver, news 4. here at home, d.c. mayor rescinded the state of emergenc
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ordenight, she says extra funding will not be needed to deal with florence in the district. virginia governor ralph nortwam s people to stay off the roads in southeast virginia as the storm gets closer. d a group of first responders from maryland is in south carolina tonight. news 4's nicole jacobs just spoke to the larder ofand tosk force one via skype. >> the size of the and the movement of the storm, it's going to take quite awhile for it to pass over this area a then as soon as it doese then we willving in, but it's actually, as you've se in the week leading up to this, the storm's been some what unpredictable. >> fema will decide where the first responders will go. 'll have more coverage of hurricane florence and we'll check back in with jim handly around 11:15. now, we turn to some breaking news coming in tonight, we just learned that someonet
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died in t series of gas explosions north of boston this afternoon. these explosions sparked fires at more than 70 homes, forcingb entire neioods to evacuate, injuring about ten people. a fire chief who has been working for 40 years in what area says he has never seen anything like it. authorities are blaming overpressurized gas lines for forcing the gas back into these reructures. enommunities had their gas and power shut off as a result. the gas company is saying its crews are performing safety checks right now. a lot of questionsin swi around a d.c. court hearing tomorrow for paul manafort. nbc news has learned the hearing has been pushed bac from 9:30 to 11:00, and there reports that manafort may once again be close to aa p deal with special counsel robert mueller. we do not know if any dealas been finalized yet. manafort's second trial on illegal foreign money launderino is supposed t start next week. he was convicted of a banknd tax fraud in virginia last month.
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new tonight, an emotional vigil to honor a teen tragically killed this weekend in southeast d.c. family and friends gathered on stanton road to remember taquan, who was shot when he was walking to a corner store sunday. also there at that vigil, members of horton's kids, a nonprofit that he was part of. that group helps withte chool homework and tutoring. he had plans to attend u-d.c. and we understand he was working to pay for tuition. ordinarily, the washington hilton's ballroom only gets attention during the white house correspondents dinner, but there we e a lot ofs on that room tonight, because amazon's jeff bezos was there. shomari stone reports tha everybody was listening for clues for the new location of hq-2. >> reporter: the ceo and founder of amazon receis applausal the economic club of washington, d.c.ti celeb dinner at the washington hilton. >> you have become the i
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wealthiest m the world. is that a title that you really wanted, or -- >> i -- >> is it a burden? >> i can assure you i have never sought thattitle. >> reporter: but that's not what's on the minds of locals in this ballroom. they wonder where he was built amazon's second headquarters. northern virginia, d.c. and montgomery county, maryland, are on the short list for possible locations. the d.c. mayor and maryland gove or the are confident in their bids. >> i think we have put forward four great sites. we're obviously asought-after city in a very hot region. force. educated work >> we feel very good about the proposal we made. it's very exciting that gi maryland, va and the district are all on the short list. >> reporter: virginia's didn't make it tonight because of hurricane florence. amazon has promised 50,000 new jobs and construction spending of more than $5 billion.
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bezos didn't announce his decision tonight, but he says -- >> we will announce a decision before the end of this year. >> reporter: shomari stone, news 4. back to our top story now, hurrheane florence battering t carolina coast. we're seeing major storm surge already tonight in places like new bern, north carolina. here are live pictures of nags head, in the outer banks. florence wil makeandfall by this time tomorrowin mo >> florence, a category 1 storm right now, but still extremely dangerous, even at thave jim handly and doug cakammerer
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and we're back live on the outer banks now. we spent a good hunk of this day, about 45 minutes south down in hatteras, where they have endured some storm surge already and some significant overwash on a lot of their roads down there that t have just had to shut down early this morning and late this afternoon, thtoo. 're worried about people trying to get back in. we've shown you the past couple of days howhey're trying to shore up the dunes so they peopleac can getin in three, four, five days from now. we want to take you down about three hours from us inland, to show you some real storm surge already that is a eady happening and it is river storm surge. this is new bern, north carolina, about three hours from us. the river has already risen rapidly. they saw a water surge of six
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feet about three hours ago. that wasn't even peak. is video from our crew, b.j. forte on the scene tonight for us. now, it is the tributaries coming in from the ocean that will be a big flood concern for days. new bern, agn, has a curfew, 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. you should also know that south carolina right now is just now starting to fee the effects, with some heavy rains and rising waters there, too. volunteers say they are ready for this moment. >> gives me a good sense of satisfaction to know that i cn do what i help out my local community, help o my friends and neighbors when they're in need. so, if i get in the same situation where my home is under threat, i'me there's plenty of other men and women across this state that would be willi. to do the sa >> reporter: times like these, mmunities come together, people come together to help one
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another and they have had plenty of practice here i'll b back live in about five hours for news 4 today, going to be aong night for a lot of people. doreen and leon, back to you. s >>y safe down there, please. >> yeah. and high tide comes in, seven hours fromnow, eight hours -- >> coming in now.t 11:09 hatteras and then again tomorrow morning, early in the morning, as well. they'll go through that next high tide cycle, that's the one we're really worried about. the next two that will be extremely high down there and they are up to ten feet around theew bern area. >> and what we saw, what we're seeing in new bern i y exactly wh've been warning about. >> absolutely. this is a category 1 now, but it does not matter. the water is there. the water has been brought all the way across. remember, we've been tracking florence for two weeks. this is the 13th day that florence has beensn the mn the atlantic and it just brought all that water with it. and that's why wre dealing with the flooding and will continue to do so.
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then you add the rain on top of the storm surge, yeah, just going to add up to one big mess. show you what's going on now. you can see the storm. this is a 12-hour loop. ,and you can te this thing has not moved a lot over the last 12 hours. it is now moving at 6 miles per hour, off towards the west. just to the northwest here. you can see the eye, and you see the bands. a hurricane has bands. one band, two bands here. if i zoom in, you can see them a little better. this band right here, this one right here, came through wilmington, north carolina, 84-mile-an-hour winds with that band, jacksonville, 72 miles per hour. now you got another band moving through. and can you see these bands moving through the morehead area. and then around hatteras. rain.ely heavy some of these bands coming in with ones of 100 to 8 miles an hour. that's the biggest winds that i saw right here at the point, around the morehead city area. what about current winds? well, 81-mile-per-hour one hes,
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this a buoy close to the eye. 81 miles per hour. 69 in beaufort. 51 in jacksonville, 59 in wilmington. the strong windsng are only g to pick up as we move through the night tonight. all right, hurricane florence, a category 1 storm mov ag northwes 6 miles per hour. only at 6 miles per hour. only 60 miles you're looking at ten hours before it makes its way onshore here as a category 1, but still, i75-mile-an-hour winds ais making its way inland, we'll continue to see it down grade to a tropical storm, but the rain is just going to sit here for tadays. we'reing, 20, 30, potentially even 40 inches of rain. now, for us, it does come back and, yeah, does come back up our way and a chance for showers and thunderstorms monday and tuesday. but we're going to have a long fy to go over the next days. for us, tomorrow, we actually get in on the action as far as florence is concerned. just looking at the onesr s wi
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at the chesapeake bay bridge, 20, 30 miles an hour. high temperature tomorrow of 79 degrees. bands of rain, some heavy, but they'll be fast, because they're moving quickly. speaking of fast, one of the thunderstorms today that had a carolina,rning, nor the thunderstorm was moving at 89 miles per hour. th's up in the atmosphere. incredible. incredible what you get out of these 79es on your friday. here's what else is incredible. we have a hurricane to our south and it's 80 on saturday, 40% chance of storms. 30% chance on sunday. sunday looking great for the redskins game. if you're going to be out there tailgating, no problem at all. i put 30,ut really a a 20% chance. monday, a little better, 40%, as the rep thats of florenc start to make under the circumstances way our way. and then a chance of showers, ybe a couple o thunderstorms on tuesday. notice tuesday, up around 84. bend that system, boy do we get nice. wednesday, 85, but then beautiful weather in the middle
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of next week. n we're going td it. they're going to need it down there. jim handly and i were talking out how long he may stay down there, he may be down there until monday, maybeng , because the flooding is going to take that long to get through. >> wil still be a stourry. >> absolutely. >> for weeks, probably. doug, thank llyou. aright, still ahead, one redskins star hoping his team can get in on thes capit party plans and party get to the ross fall fashion event... ...and get the brands you want... this out. "oh, yeah" prices. from the latest trends to your favorite brands, it feels even better when you find them for less. at the ross fall fashion event. yes for less.
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you know when you're at ross and you ...for how much?.. yes. that's yes for less. fall's best accessories are even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. this is the xfinity sports desk. is he redskins home opener sunday against the colts. thegundy and gold looking to start2- 0 for the first time
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since t11. bu for josh norman, he's got a bigger goal in mind. that's following the lead of stanley cupio cha washington capitals. norman spent some time with alex kovechkin earlier this at the brazil/el salvador friendly, enjoyed his time catching upth he caps and hoping their cup magic spreads to the redskins. s so cool. i asked them, y'all still celebrating? he's like, no, no we kind of over that right now. i was like, i don't know about th. i still g a couple of keg over there. be, now, they're having a good time. i think jt being able t bring back a championship of any kind in this, you know, city and heat's much beloved and needed, and they are kings, really, and so now,ou know, got to pass the baton hopefully off to us and we can bring some magic, as well. >> makes you nostalg for cup keg stands. nats and cubs with their makeup game today. javier baez h,
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doing work. launching this one to right. his 31st home run of the seasons ake a 3-2 lead. bottom seven now, man on with a full for trace horner, count. he makes it count. takes it deep to left. the wall.oes off a run comes in to score. he heads to second, an rbi double. nats even this one up at hthre. wed to extras, top of the tenth, sean doolittle facing baez. lays down the bunt. ryan't zimmermann just can get there. the go ahead run comes in. five-game the nats' win streak. they win it, 4-3, in ten innings. eang back to football, jalen ramsey is one of the nfl's best. and one of t best trash talkers. ramsey hasim taken at the patriots' rob gronkowski, who he faces this sunday a says, is it good wn he corner covers him. the jaguars corner isn't worried about hurting none's feelings on the field, and he means anyone. >> i don't believe on having
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friends on the field, i mean, my brother, my dad, my mom,a gran was out there, like, it's on, like, after the game, we can be cool, it doesn't matter. you got w i feel like to respect the game of football. football is not a game meant to be played being nice to each other and all that. after the game's over with, that's cool.ou >> youn't really hit your grandma? >> i definitely would. she know at. my grandma know that. i love you, but you know that. >> what? don't play on ngthanksgiso, gram won't be out on the field. >> as long as she knows that, i bet she brings it, too. >> got to get it from somewhere feisty. >> that's great. >> that's great. >> wanto be t
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a very long night ahead in the carolinas. and it looks like nags head is getting hammered right now. >> what a difference ten minutes makes. jim, one check. and you guys are really getting slammed now. >> reporter: yeah. yeah. cue the horizontal rain. what a difference ten minutes makes. ti are g pelted down here. i'm going to join you tomorrow morning on news 4 today. it's goi to be aong night for so many people, but the real stories happen tomorrow from those people who rode it out, those who evacuated and are trying to come back to get their lives back to normal. we'll be hearing from them for days to come. back to you, live from the outer banks. >> oh, we lost him. oh, there he is.
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but he's okay. >> but he's okay and he has a tafe place to tonight. he's not in harm's way, right doug? >> you guys goake cover. >> all right, stay safe, handly. onat's it for usht. kws the tonight show with jimmy kws the tonight show with jimmy fallon" is coming up (birds chirping, a running brook,) kws the tonight show with jimmy fallon" is coming up ahh. the new deer park sparkling is made with real spring water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious, you don't need slo-mo models to sell it. real spring water, real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. just what's refreshingly real.
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