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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  September 14, 2018 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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chuck bell is tracking then latest the storm's path and intensity. let's start withhuck though and check on theor localast. >> theuter eye wall coming into contact with the wilmington area. th going to be a long duration event for our winds across north carolina. they'll see the swirl just barely offshore. the hurricane center mentioned the fact that the eye wall is coming into contact with the the official center of circulation is still about 20 miles away from wilmington, nort pcarolina. itbably going to be making land fall here from the next hour to hour and a ha t. wh center of the eye is over the coast. that's when they'll consider that thlandfall. swirl though, that is the northern most extend of hurricane florence. there you can see still 90 miles per hour sustained a winds the winds are gusting over 100 miles
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per hour for a big piecef the southeastern corner of north ca nlina. over tt 24 hours the storm just creeping along. it's only moving forward speed now at 6 miles per hour. so this is going to be a long duration event foroueastern north carolina and then making the turn and effecting us as we get intoonheday and tuesday time frame. for more onal the loc impacts and your friday forecast, let's go to nash >> good morning, chuck. we're already seeing clouds. we have breezy winds and misti conditions. if you look behind me, this is the northern edge like chuck wao talking and you can really tell we have o thunderstorms in the atlantic. these are trying to head toward the coastline. later todaye'll see more showers but a closer look in, you can see the rain moving i from east to west. that's going to be the case this orning through our southern counts through areas like quantico and dealing with showers this morning at st. mary's county and again these
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are all moving in from the west so we expect more on ourou southerns as we go through the morning. temperatures in the low 70s. p the bus s this morning, give the kids the raincoat. it's going to be breezy. it's misty. then we have more showers and breeze and the forecast throughout the day a closer look as we head into the week and with that forecast coming up in a bit. let's head over to jack to see how it's looking for the commute. >> good morning. we'll start inside the beltway on 66 going westbound after sycamore street. a single vehicle involved in a crash. it's along the right side of the roadwayor now. wind warnings in effect but n vehicle restrictions this morning. our beltway is loong good. all of your lanes open. white's ferry once again this morning and made the decision that they are going to be on full service operay.ons to it's back in to you.
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>> the national hurricane center says the eye wall of hurricane florence iso beginning t brush against the carolina coast. you can hear all the damage and the winds there gusting at 100 miles pe ihour. floren a category one storm so the winds may bind upng the at least damaging part of this event. it's the rain and the stormt surge t could prove to be very damaging. already tens of thousands of ut people are wit power and we're still just moments away now from the hurricane making la landfall. >> take a look at this. here's some of that rain. this shot is from wilmington. it's about 100 miles away from morehead city. it's been like that for hours. hiy continue like throughout the weekend. so three feet of rain is pected there. that's enough to turn roads into
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rivers. >> we already so much rain. >> the grounds completely saturated. we're working for you with team coverage up and down the hurricane zone today. right towant to get jim handly. he's seen that powerfultorm surge firsthand. so you have been there now for a few whdays. are you seeing? >> i'm telling you. chris mentioned saturation. you mentioned the rains. mieright last night a we got off the air at 11:00 we saw rizontal rain just pelting us. now we are getting our first look in ourm storm t 4 by 4 of what it did to the roads here. we're headingow south toward kitty hawk because one of the concerns they had and one of the issues tha we saw late yesterday in kitty hawk was overwash on the roads. this is the first car we have seen on this road.
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it's been a complete ghost town but we s do some street lights on so that's a good sign. we haven't lost power here. but you can see we are riding through some high water right now. the sidewalk is completely covered and the grass because this area has been saturated since last weekend. they got a lot of rain before this struck overnight. we're seeing some really heavyp ling and wash over up here as we get closer and i will probably be up there in about 20 minutes. there's video south of us. in topsail beach, north carolina. water rushing into a beach front garage causing a wall to come crashing down. devasting rainfall there. extensive damaggh over we're going to be sharing a lot more video like this coming up throughout the morning on news 4 today at 5:00 and 6:00. i want to tell you last night
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here in our area of the outer banks we were standing up at 75 miles per hour winds. the rains were veryheavy. this morning, though, for about the past two hours it would be po hing for af hour and then stop for a half hour. same with the high winds. huge gusts and then it would be calm. this is a snowst moving m. it is a snail. i'm telling you, we have more in store though. we have a few hours before it actually makes landfall. >> we're getting reports that the eye wall is just starting to hit the coast right about now. a lot of folks here obvious very concerned. how do you baltce the new hours in terms of going out and trying to get as much information as you can and also trying to keep yourself safe? especially out there in the
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dark? >> that's a really good question because we were going back and forth on this. we were going to go from the tel balcony. our rooms are on the 4th and 5th floor but t beach i pitch black as you can imagine. sunrise doesn't come until 6:49. so the difference in driving here is weomo have street lights on. we worry about trees in the washington area because it's such a lush area with b trees falling. you don't see trees. we're at the beach. the only thing we do have to worry about are power lines and powe poles ande're keeping our eyes very focused on that right now and of course we're going to keep that in mind, turd ar and don't drown that we always hear from our storm team. >> we know y h're workid out there. on the air 11:00 p.m. with us and live at 5:00 a.m. stay safe. >> all right, jim. thank you very much our news 4 cruiser are not the only ones out there braving the
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elements. local reporters and network television crews are facin pretty tough conditions in order to take you into that storm. check out the winds. >> it's just across the bay there and they already started to see flooding i some of their streets. we know the storm surge has come up and s surroundee houses and actually worked it's way through this. >> justetting slammed by some of the winds there. you saw tt bigust right at the beginning of the clip. but there's all that debris. u'd see the signs blowing right by you. >> if you're hit by could get seriously hurt. and they're not showing signs of slowing down. take a look at this. torrential downpours began yesterday and a expected to continue for n days that the
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eye wall is getting closer to land. the storm is bigger than north and sth carolina combined. >> locally we aren't seeingea anywhere the kind of impact that we're seeing in north carolina. she cancelledtahe of emergency declaration. maryland and virginia both rema under states of emergency. and we have been showing you the empty airports in parts of south carolina as hurricane florence approaches. no surprise there. >> yeah. travel i and out of the state has been completely effected by this storm. live at reagan airport with what you need to know if you have a trip planned. >> hey. >> well, so farseeing some good news for the most part here. take a look, mostly on time flights departing this morning but a fewe cancellations hnd there. such as right here, these two cancellations we're seeing to charleston, south carolina. they are cancelled into the
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weekend. now at least six arirports in te carolinas are going to be closed. five in north carolina. mostly regional airports and one in south carolina. charleston, international. now southwest is going the extra mile of cancelling flights out of charlotte as well. but that airport is remaining open this morning. major carriers are waitiving booking fees and rebooking policies as a result of this storm doing what they can to get pass fgers awaym this storm. back out live what we're watching right now are residual wafects. as it makes it across the east coast as well. that's a very real possibility. what we hop right now is that flights will bounce back from these cancellations. but with close to 2,000 flights cancelled you can imagine that
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will be a slow moving process moving forward. back in to you. >> thank you. be sure to stay with us for all the latest on hurricane florence. you can check out our nbc washington maps for apps and the severe impact it will have. it will be updated as we get more information. 5:11.'s breaking news out of the boston area, one person is dead and dozens of neighborhoods are empty this morning after a couple of home explosions and gas fires. >> problems sparked up to 80 fires. an 18-year-old man was killed when the house exploded. at least ten other people were hurt berore all of them contained late last night. one chief said it lked like a armagedon. >> i've never seen anything like this in my entire career.
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>> pandimoamonium. >> it's extremely scary. your own neighborhood. >> too muchressure in the gas line caused those fires and explosions. >> still ahead,enal motors announced a major recall. the details you'll want to see before you climb behind the wheel of your suv. >> hurricane florence just starting to make landfall. when we come back a look at the damage already done and what's happening right now. chuck. >> yes, indeed. as forecast the storm has slowed considerably movingforward now at only 6 miles per hour. that's better news for the georgia coastline but parts of southwest virginia and the western carolinas, the couldinous areas there have severe flooding over the course of the weekend. right now it's cloudy, it's dr
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izzly and we're in the 7 the latest on your weekend forecast and florence. stay with us. >> we head to break with a live look from the carolinas and hurricane florence. this is wilmington, north caro ana. the win whipping up there and the rain is falling. we're expected to get updated information in less than an hour. news 4 today continues now wit coverage of hurricane florence right after this break. stay with us.
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your time is 5:16. welcome backo news 4 today. this morning we're watching hurricane florence slam into the east coast. take a live look right now at the roads in north carolina. th're driving to kitty hawk. only seen one car in a long the people have really heeded the evacuation warnings. we'll have live reports with him throughout the morning. the eye wall of the storm is just starting t approach the coast. it is a category 1 storm but the winds are still being clocked at over 100 miles per hour in some places.
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we have team coverage on hurricane florence this morning. >> yeah. jay gre is live now in north carolina. jag what are you see there? >> it's been relentless. sheets of rain pushed by what is severe winds. we felt tho gusts and understand this is just the beginning of what is going to be a process that couldast more than a full day here. we'll continue to see the driving winds and continue to see the rain and the storm surge ich in some areas is within 10 feet. that's going to continue to build as well. and that's very concerning. especially in a place like this where ww there's already some severe flooding issues. more likely on the way. this is not a good situation >>right now. ot at all. have you seen that people there have already evacuated.
5:18 am
that left that area and they're sheltered or have found shelter? >> yeah. no, i think we have been here for the last several days and i think most ofhe the people e moved to higher ground or to a place where they feel safe ands ter. there's some that decided to ride out this storm and i can tell you since late last night when the winds got0 to miles per hour, first responders suspended their work and said we're not gt.ting not putting our people in harms way because you decided to stay. >> all right. y, thanks so much. >> boy, oh, boy. take a look at what's going on there. we were talking to you just before that. it's literally right off the coast at this point. >> it is just skimming t beaches. so where you say jay grey carolina beach, that's just barely south tf where eye currently is right off the beach. so momentarily it will be making
5:19 am
landfall but technically this is it. this is a live radar picture as of this morning. this is the eye. it's right off the beach there. ere's surf city, wilmington, carolina beach and there's the eye. s so it'll right off the coastline. it's moving slowly though. ply at 6 mil hour. so this thing still has a little bit of time before it moves on land. we're going to watch it to see if it starts skimming the coastline or movesla a little bit more. wider picture here. look at this thing. still ver organized. a lot of heavy rain that will be dumped into north andouth south carolina causing devastating flooding there. here's the updated track from the hurricane center. a lot of water getting pushed ot shore through day today. so high storm surge there. it's going to slow down over the bekend but still far to our south. ur weekend forecast looks fine but then into monday and tuesday it's going to catch the upper
5:20 am
closer tos and move us providing us with rainfall and brey conditionss we go into tuesday. here's the rainfall as we go into monday and tuesday that's our general time frame for the rain from the rememborence at t. maybe farther off to the west but look at areas of north and south carolina. maybe even parts of wtern virginia. we could be talking about devastating flooding in some sections. temperatures locally though as you're about to walk outside. low 70s. it's breezy. it's misty. we have showers and storms off the astline. this is all related to florence this morning. we have showers in our southern county and as we go through the day today we'll be seeing scattered showers through the afternoo so have the umbrella with you today or maybe a raincoat. it's going to be breezy. we go into sunday a lower chance of rain but by monday and tuesday that's when we'll feel the impact of florence. let's go over and get check of your commute. good morning. >> hey, sheena.
5:21 am
good morning, talking inside the beltway on 66 going westbound as you hea out we have single vehicle crash. good news is, you can see it moving again very, very slowly. they shut the lanes down on 66 westbound at the scene of the crash right now. singleile left will get you by. pass all the equipment. eastboyd complet uneffected thankfully. 50 at the bay bridge. we do have our wind warnings i effect. no vehicle restrictions. just be cautious as you cross the o you. >> a classic car on its way out of america. >> w n the car is longer going to be produced here 7 decades after it arrived. michelle obama coming to town talking about herbo new . when and where you'll be able to see it. >> then this afternoon on ellen. >> weekday updates with collin
5:22 am
jost, michael and ellen. >> so it's not a rerun of saturday night live. th're stopping b and talking about monday night's emmy awards. they're co-hosting. the ceremony could be seen here on
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welcome back at 5:24 this morning. general motors is recalling more than 1 milon trucks and suvs due to a power steering problem. the recall involves several
5:25 am
vehicles including certain chevy silverado pick up trucks and tahoe and suburban suvs. gm says the power steering failed momentarily and has been linked to dozens of accidents. >> take a good look at this, because soon the volkswagen beetle will be a thing of the past. it's sad. the company is t closing door on one of its most iconic cars. company is going to stop production ofee thee exactly 7 decades after it first came to the u.s. next year these two special edition beetles. the final models are goingo join the line-up. it unclear when it will roll off the assembly line. my parents had an old like '76 g. a little green one. >> what about punch buggy? how are you going to play punch buggy with fewer cars on the road. impactelle obama made an while she was the first lady
5:26 am
here in washington. >> yeah and now get ithis, she coming back to promote her latest book. t she's goingbe embarking on a tour to promote hermemorie titled "becoming." right after the midterms her tour will kick off in and she's set to appear here in d.c. november 17th at capital one arena. tickets go onale next friday. >> four things you need to know about the next couple of days. rain and breezy through your friday and plenty of rain chancesingering at least the first half of yourweekend. all of that and the very latestm on florenceg up. >> plus, new video showing us the scary effects of hurricane florence before it even makes landfall. look at that. that is a gas station canopy heat crumbled there overnight. >> we're tracking latest on the storm as it comes closer to
5:27 am
maki landfall. this is a live look. we'll check in live.
5:28 am
5:29 am
that weather alert conti mes thisning as we track hurricane florence. the eye of the storm is now making its way on to land in the carolinas as a category 1 this is a live look at the roads
5:30 am
in wilmington, north carolina. outhe rainng there and the roads very slippery. > look at the radar showing florence rightnow. it's literally off the coast and this storm ismassive. we're talking winds hundreds of miles wide and, you know, the entire parts of the carolinas are going to feel. it's going to be sometime before they get some relief. jim handly is on the road with the latest on the conditions but first to our t stormm 4 meteorologist. >> sheena is here with the latest florence and chuck bell will fill us in with our local forecast for the weekend ahead. what are y seeing? >> the eye is there right off the beach and very slowly approaching the land. here is a look at it now. wilmington, carolina beach, there's the eye. only movin at 6 miles per hour so this is a very slow mover but just in minut here i think we'll be starting to say it is, in fact, making landfall but at this pointust off the
5:31 am
coastline moving very slow but c's heading toward the coastline andtinuing to make a direction inland. so we'll be watching this clely. it's aery large storm. category 1 hurricane now. rain bands far north. take a look at the wave heights. about 27 foot waves and right utalong the o banks. some indications of 18 foot waves. here is the uated track, though. it's going to continue inland and slow dow and speed up as it passeshrough our area and into early nex week. >> when you go outside this morning, the rain drops and the clouds areor theern most extent of the outerbands of hurric it's effecting areas from here all the way down to parts of the asuth carolina ine. there you can see the rain drops heading westbound here at a pretty good clip as well. showery weather for st. mary's and charlesounty heading over the potomac.
5:32 am
so take your umbrella with you here on your friday. more rain chances coming our way later on in the day today as well. current temperatures in the low 70s. that's another indication of the tropical air in place. all clouds, all the time today. rain breezy too. northeast winds between 15 and 25 miles per hour. a little better for the second half of the weekend. more on that coming up in a few. otherwise you'll find eastbound without delay heading into roslyn. now if you're headed on northbound 4, we have a rigvehi
5:33 am
in the right lane. thers a ash. only the left lane is getting by not causing a delay. white's ferry is closed again this morning due to high watan d debris. back in to you. >> thank you, jack. we want to continue our team coverage of hurricane florence now. >> he is on the teanks. >> we've seen some puddling b we have some sand that's blown off the dunes and we are about to run over -- joe has spotted -- you can see it on our camera, a crab crawling across the street too. but what you're seeing here, we're doing some wiping a little t because theoads are sandy. a lot of sand has blown off.
5:34 am
about three hours ago we had wind gusts of about 75 miles per hour. that was a big issue then. from here on its going r to be mon and more storm surge too. we are in kind of a lull right now but it's stillreezy out there. we are heading back south no this is video of a gas station where a roof blew offovernight. right off the top of the building. dramatic stuff from coming down in th there's scenes like this all around wilmington, myrtle beach too. later on at 6:00 we're going take you inland to newburn where they are experiencing some serious river flooding. right w, again, we are heading south. we're going to try to make itwn to cape hatteris but it mayit be ae dicey now.
5:35 am
they closed that road last night and we c t show you mounds of sand and want to find out if that road has seen some overwash which is what was a big fear up there. back to you. >> jim, we kno it's still pretty early, but have you seen anyone else on the roads? aryou runni into anyone? or are people pretty much >> we saw one first responder and one othru weather from i think raleigh, north carolina. but other than that, it's a ghost town. it very deserted right now. a lot of people evacuated and a loteople sheltered in place overnight and even more people got out of here yesterday and a couple of days ago. >> that's good news, jim. and hopefullyhey'll come back in their homes and their businesses will still be handing. we'le to wait and see. thank you for your hard work. we'll be checking in with you. -- nd they really hope >> go ahead, jim.
5:36 am
oo they hope they can get back in and don't have to wait long. >> yeah, that's going to be the key, especially with what shna d chuck were saying, it's moving so slowly. we got the alert, it's been over half an hour since the hurricane center put out the ale that i was about to make landfall and go it a couple of minutes still had not. it's moving so slowly. so you're going tbe right in it and when that thing stalls out right over you, that could mean a lot of trouble. >> we're of course tracking the path of the storm. it's goingo be right ove north carolina. we'll check in with jim again. thank you, again, >> new overnight, the hurricane even made it impossible for a lotil tv s to stay on the air. an abc station in north carolina. it had to becu eed because of rising flood waters. these are some pictures and vide
5:37 am
vidos. they sta behind. good thing is everyone made it out okay. >> closer to home, maryland and virginia remain under a state of emergency this morning. virginia's governor is urging people to stay away from southeasternirginia as that storm starts to head toward the coast. >> d.c.'s mayor rescinded her state ofas emergency order night. she said extra funding will not be needed to deal with florence right here. keep in mind weekend events have been postponed or nencelled. 4 is working for you bringing you each hurricane florence update as it comes in. coming up in a few minutes we'll check back with jay gray. he's tracking conditions in carolina beach, north carolina. >> here's a look at today's top stories.pi investigators to learn about a series of home explosions.
5:38 am
one person died and 10 others were hurt. the elosions were gas fires in as many as 80 homes. the entire neighborhood had to evacuated and emergency management crews said there was too much pressure in some of gas lines. >> tributes continue for a high school graduate shot down in the district. family and friends gather near the spot taquan nky was killed. he was shot while walking to a corner store onsunday. there were also other people in attendance of t vigil. horton's kids nonprofit that helps with after school homework and tutoring. he was working to pay for his tuition. >> this morning, sources tell nbc news the's new allegations against supreme court nominee kavanaugh that are sexual in nature. they date back to his high school days. she received a letter from ansomeone that didn't to come forward. she turned that information over to the fbi.
5:39 am
coming up in 15 minutes, a live report on anotherajor story out of washington. paul manafort may have struck a deal with robert muelle thosr.e ou
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t entire d.c. area is hoping amazon can deliver much more thanust the things we buy on the site. >> we're still waiting to hear where they will build their second hdquaters but it's a question that couldn't wait when the company's founder spoke in d.c. last night. >> d.c., northern virginia, and montgomery county have all been named finalists of the second headquaters. it will bring 50,000 high paying jobs and billions of dollars in tax rethnue. e decision will be announced before the end of the year. >>ating hurricane florence
5:43 am
closely and the eye wall is now approaching that coastline roigt near surf cior, carolina. a lot of heavy rain here expected so landfall basically occurring or at least in the next few minutes here. thunderstormff locallyore and showers inland and more rain in the forecast today from the very northern edge of florence. very northern edge of florence. 'll talk morewe
5:44 am
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back now at 5:46, we continue to track hurricane florence. this is all the effects of that storm. the eye of the storm is moving toward the coast of the carolinas. >> it has now just crossed over and we just heard it has just made landfall there in the carolinas and as you take a look at this live picture. this is a stark difference of what we saw evenbout 20 or 25 minutes ago. that rain coming down a lot harder right now. jay gray is continuing our team coverage this morning. >> he just lost power with his team. now back live. what are you seeing now that the storm is hitting the land?
5:47 am
>> yeah, well, it's kbbeginningo intensify just like we thought it would closer to the shoreline here. take aook at the conditions now. we have sheets of rain that continue to fall here and that water is going to be a serious problem. pushed by this wind that'sal been gusting to exemes. 90 miles per hour gusts at times and sustained well over 50 and this is going to build as this thing gets closer to where we are. a big problem because we've already seen prett severe flooding in many areas and that's something that we're going to continue t dealith as we head these conditions with this storm moving so slowly. maybe for another day or more . he so we're going to see the wind. we're going to see the rain. for another at least 24 hours and that's going to i make a tough go for so many people. not only here but across the tire strike zone. we're now starting to get the
5:48 am
full effects of florence at thi point. >> all right. arolinay live for us at beach, north carolina. thanks so much. >> you can not onlyee the deference, you could hear it how hard that rain is coming down no today a pretrial hearing is planned in the d.c. case of paul manafort could but include a pretty dramatic announcement. >> president trump's former campaign manager may have reached a tentative plea deal with scial counsel robert mueller. live from capitol hill with what this could mean for manafort's d.c. case. >> good morning. it could mean noal second t for paul manafort. this case is related to someng lobbhat he did for pro-russian separatists in ukraine. he's charged with registering as a foreign agent and we don't know what this deal could include or what the down for the president. we don't know if manafort agreed cooperate with special counsel robert mueller and we don't know if hegreed to
5:49 am
testify to what he might know about the trump campaign's involvement with russia. now this will be the 4th guilty plea in the probe. the president has distanced himself in the past saying that the verdict last month when h was convicted on tax fraud was very sad but it had nothing to doith him. the president's lawyer now saying that the white house was not concerned with whether or not manafort will strike a deal t it would not stop the president from a possible pardon if he decides to do that. manafort is due in court later on this morning. >> nikki live for us on capitol hill. thank you. >> we'll have to keep an eye on that case but back now to our coverage of hurricane florence.l it's not a threat to the people in it's path but the animals as well. lucky dog animal rescue had to transport more than 40 cats and
5:50 am
dogs here to d.c. during the storm but the trip didn't go quite as expected. during the ride to a shelter the van's alternator fled and left the animals stranded at a gas station in north carolina for hours but theommunity was able to step in and help. >> more than 5 people arrived at the gas station to help get the animals into air conditioned cars while they waited for a new van. the dogsow are safe. look at those faces. they also helped the animals get back to south carolina when it's safe. we alsoonant to men all of those dogs will be up for adoption soon. >> it will be interesting to see how long that's going to take. >> could be a little while. probably not today ortomorrow. maybe sunday afternoon. probably the next decent stretch of weather for them. to haveere, we're going to wait until monday before we get florence to come over. for now there's c these up picture of what n is
5:51 am
landfallilandf landfalling hurricane florence. just to the upper coast region of the wilmington area. up toward surf city here. there' w the eyel coming into contact with the coastline. we are officially making landfall just north of wilmington. somewhere in between surf city and women miilmingtongtwilm. the real flooding is on the north so the are blowing offshore in south carolina but all through the outer banks they're all on shore winds so the water is piling up fast a furious. all of these inland watere wave expecting a 9 and 10 foot storm surge miles i from the coast. similar to what happened here in 2003 withll isa when all the water got pushed to the top of the chesaake bay. all the water is getting pushed inland up the river. so the river is unable to drain. there you go.ex
5:52 am
the 24 hours, the storm just inching along erw. yey the storm is going 17 miles per hour. now it has slowed to only six miles per hour and just ever so slowly moving back into the upstate of south carolina by later on in the weekend and unally picking speed and coming through the mid-atlantic and the ohio valley as we get through monday and tuesday. that will our tuno get any heavy rain that we're going to get. although i mus say we'll probably be in the 1 to 3 or 4 inch tin. i don'nk we'll have anybody that's over 5 inches. so the storm is slowing down. georgia in a little lower risk ow but western carolinas, southwest v southwest virginia, this will be a lot of flooding. there's the rainfall forecast. potentially still easily an inch to two inches of rain around here. could get 4, 5 inches or more across parts of south western virginia. here's your ten day forecast. today breezy, cloudy, showery.
5:53 am
take the umbrellas today. temperatures in the 70s all day. more of the same tomorrowal ough it's not quite as breezy. sunday still a chance for a few showers butost of sunday there should be plenty of usable dry outdoor hours and then h thevy rains arrive here monday into early tuesday. stl have some sparkling blue september skies by next week. >> can'twait. as we're speaking 66 westbound out here at sycamore, that crash has now completely cleared. it's gone. also activity in stafford county on 17 northbound after plantation drive. that crash cleared from the right side the roadway. vre will operate in full service today. white's ferry, unfortunately that's still closed due to high water. we had one broken down on the far right side the roadway.
5:54 am
unclear if that's been removed because thatight shoulder does become a travel lane. >> just a heads up this we yend, girself some extra time driving on the beltway through prince george'scounty. crews will be working on bridge repairs on the outer loop near suitland road bridge. some of the lanes will be closed around 4:00 bn the afternoon all the lanes should be reopen by sunday morning. >> a surprise for many kids in the district. they brought in new backpacks and supplies for students at turner elementary school. thanks to your donat ons in backpack for kids campaign, all of these kids can start the school year with new gear and new attitude but always great to see. super cute. so you're also going to want to make a reservation pretty soon and take a trip down to virginia where you can find the firstre aurant in our region to be awarded three stars by michelin.
5:55 am
>> the inn at little washington is in washingtonrg ia. about 70 miles west of d.c. this is video of thehef that can be credited for bringing the restaurant worldwide acclaim. there's only about 120 restaurants in the world that get three stars. >> he inspired so many chefs around the world. two d.c.ta rants were awarded two stars. 13 were hop nnored with one sta. andthers highlighted in great restaurants with three courses for 40 under. >> that's my restaurant. that's my speed. >> a lot of options out there. >> the redsks are preparing for the home opener. take a look at yesterday's practice ahead of the colts ming to to now the skins are hoping for a 2-0 start for the first time since 2011. let's go. that game starts at 1:00 this
5:56 am
suay at fedex field. >> good morning. i'm bertha coombs. tesla andot generals evuated them in the path of hurricane florence. activating super charging onca . they activated the on star crisis assist for owners of vehicles with the built in feature and they'll have access to information to help them find evacuation routes and navigate through disaster zones and will be able to find important resources such as gas and food. >> thank you. still ahead on news 4 today, hurricane florence now impacting e east ast. >> yeah. hundreds of thousands of people across the carolinas don't have any power right now and the ngconditions are only g to get worse. >> when we come back, jim handlg ng to be live from north carolina. a place already experiencing
5:57 am
dangerous stosurge. look at the winds whipping there. reporters on the scene trying to get a gauge of the impact. we'll be rightack with the we'll be rightack with the b as your home becomes more connected... shouldn't your internet keep up? it's time for fios. because fiber optics move crazy amounts of data at even crazier speeds. and fios is the 100% fiber-optic network, so you can get phenomenal capacity for your tech.
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5:59 am
hurricane florence is here and the storm is only just beginning. all night long powerfulwi winds some gusts clocking in at over 100 miles per hour have hit the east coast. the rain maybe the mos daging aspect of this monster storm.
6:00 am
we'll show you live pictures throughout north carolina. you can see from the scenes that rain pelting them up to 20 inches or more may fall in areas over the next few days causing widespread flooding and major damage. good morning, everyone. >> we have been talking about this storm all whik and morning we're starting to see just how powerful it really is. >> news 4's jim handly is live in north carolina a chuck bell is tracking the latest on the track and intensity. before that we want to check your local forecast with shenna. what's going on? >> let's head over to chuck first and get a closer look at the hurricane as it's moving closer to the beaches. >>ooks like we have a landfalling hurricane now. just about on top of top sail beach,


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