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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 14, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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aspect of this monster storm. we'll show you live pictures throughout north carolina. you can see from the scenes that rain pelting them up to 20 inches or more may fall in areas over the next few days causing widespread flooding and major damage. good morning, everyone. >> we have been talking about this storm all whik and morning we're starting to see just how powerful it really is. >> news 4's jim handly is live in north carolina a chuck bell is tracking the latest on the track and intensity. before that we want to check your local forecast with shenna. what's going on? >> let's head over to chuck first and get a closer look at the hurricane as it's moving closer to the beaches. >>ooks like we have a landfalling hurricane now. just about on top of top sail beach, north carolina.
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carolina beach you'll see a repo from jaygray, farther down the coastline here but the eye wall now is starting to come over the top of top sail beach. this is goingt to be a hard for a big piece of eastern north carolina where the winds have been consie.ently on sh the water has been piling up fast and furious. some reports storm surges as much as 10 feet high or more. yo say well what does that mean? onyou were to go to a beach calm day and stand at t water's edge, add ten feet on top of that and then on top of that large battering waves. several cycles left to go. the forecast models in high agreement as the storm continues to wobble southwest ward and then get picked up in the mid latitude westerly wind. that will bring the impacts around here as you get into monday. storm now just off theoast of top sail beach, north carolina. rainfall amounts still looking at morehan 20 inches of rain
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for a big piece of norna caro could even get several independence from lands of rain here monday and monday night. more about that coming up. har now, about your friday forecast. >> good morning. yes. the very northern edge ofsthis m is actually impacting us locally right now. it's not too bad. we're just looking at cloud cover, misty conditions. it's breezy outs we but have showers and storms in the atlantic and higher rain chances through theafternoon. some of our southern counts, showers this morning. sown southern parts of charlesc ty and as we go through the ing hours southern count versus the best chance for showers. everybody else has a higher chance this afternoon. temperatures about the l 70s this morning. breezy at the bus stop for the kids. d as we go through the day, temperatures in the upperwi0s those showers continuing to move in. coming up in a bit, chuck is back with a closer look as we head throughout the rest of the day and into the weekend.
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let's head over to wtop with a check of your morning commute. good morning, jack. >> gd mornin we'll start moving northbound on root 4 opinion pen avennsylvani avenue. we had one broken down. unclear if that has been removed. we still have white's ferry closed this morning. again due to high water and debris. vre is going to be operating full schule today. also the belt way on to a nice, quite start to a friday morning. lots of green. we'd like to see that and then keep going for the next few back to you. >> hurricane florence has made landfall and slammed into the carolina coas yo heard the winds that are gusting at 100 miles per hour in wilmgton, north carolina.
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the wind may wind up being the least damaging part of the storm. it's all the rain and dangerous stormsurge. >> it's a category 1 when it comes to wind but could bring storm surge. take a look at this shot. you see that rain. it's been coming down very hard for hours and may continue lhre thisgh the weekend. three feet of rain is expected there. we are worki for you with team coverage up and down the hurricane zone this morning. >> we want to get to jim who is live in the outer banks. you have been watching conditions thange and nowt the hurricane made landfall are you seeing any differences?
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>> no winre s heavy winds. every other half hour we'd get heavy bands coming through. you haveacioned here. there's only two ways on and off the outers. ba we're approaching one way right now. route 64. this is the causeway. let's take a look now. we haven't been across this yet but for people trying to get back in that evacuated this is critical that they have access to how soon they can get back. n that's to say it couldn't close later. this will take us much farther inland. if you keep on going, we want to show you video from last night folks. deep inland, about three hours from where we are in new bern,
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north carolina, the river has already risen rapidly. they saw a water surge of more than six feet. that was about 9:00. that wasn't even peak last night. on the scene last night and it is those tributaries coming in from the ocean that will flood this area, this whole region for days to come. new bern has a curfew until 00 : e the way we have seen on the road have been first responder and one other media truck. it's pretty deserted right w. >> i know we talk a lot about the water but have you seen the water pushing the sand further inland as well? >> we saw that up in kty hawk
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and yesterday we started to see that late in the day. yesterday they closed it off because it was blocking the roadway and that was highway 12. a major road there. a lot of people thateced to stay put couldn't get out. that's a decision they made. they are stuck there. they had to shelter in place. >> jim handly reporting live for us in north carolina. thanks so much. we'll check in again on news today. torrential downpours are expected to continue today. right now the storm is bigger than north and south arolina combined. locally we're seeing the impact
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na the caro the mayor cancelled her state of emergency declaration. maryland and virginia still remain under states of ergency. >> as we watch dylan that gives you an idea of how rough the f windm hurricane florence can be. check out this gust that caught him late last night. >> it's just across the bay there and they have already starodd to see fg in some of their streets. we know the storm surge has come up and surrounded some houses and worked it's way through. >> he was just getting slammed by the wind there.yo saw that big gust right at the beginning of the clip. it's not just the wind that can be deadly. it's everything that it can pick up. all the debris that it can shoot across road. >> we have shown you the empty airports. you can't go there now. heavyvel is being
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effected by this storm. he tweeted some of the h information ye been sharing about what folks could do if they got a trip planned. >> that's right. if you are flying almost anywhere today, chances are you should be okay. that's unless you're flying to the carolina region. take a look at the boards here. so far so good. mostly on time flights but those cancelled. at least six airports are now closed because of the storm. close to 2,000 flights are cancelled into the weekend. looking at 5 airports closed in north carolina. mostly regional airports there and in south carolina,st char is closed. that airport there. southwt airlines even going a bit further here. also stopping flights tolo che in and out. the airport itself though does remain open heres at t time. major carriers also doing what they can do to keep tvellers
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away from this storm and around this sto byaving their booking fees as well as cancellation policies as well too. now back out live as you see this board rightnow, mostly on time, this storm is really getting stronge as it makes it's way into the carolina region. we don't know what this will look lik over the next several hours so you could see some delays roll in d as the wears on. so if you're flying anywhere in the southeast, it might be smart to check in with your carrier first to make sure that your flight is leavie on tf it leaves at all. i'm justin finch, news t back you. >> all right, justin, thank you. stay with us for all the latest on hurricane florence in our nbc washington app. you'll find maps showi the storms predicted path and the severe impact it will have and we'll be continuing to update the information as we get it. it's now 6:10. we're still following breaking news out of the boston area. one person is dead and dens of neighborhoods are empty this
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morning after dozens of home firesions and gas >> yeah. inspectors say problems with the gas lines sparked up to 80 fires across three towns. an 18-year-old man was killed when the house exploded and the chimneypled on to his car. at leastrt0 were some of the engineered were firefighters. one fire chief said it looked like armageddon. >> i have been in the fire service for almost 39 years and i've never seen anything like this in my entire career. it looked like armageddon. >> i've never seen anything like it. >> it's extremely scary. it's your own neighborhood. >> inspectors say too much pressure built up in the gas lines and that is what some of the fires and explosions. still ahead,ot generals announces a major recall. the details you'll want to see before you get behind the wheel of your suv.
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>> plus hurricane florence now made landfall and it's been ranging across the coast of the carolinas. when we come back, we'llake a look at the damage it's already done and show you what is happening rightnow. chuck. >> all right. yeah, beautiful top sail beach, north carolina. taking a direct hit now from hurricane florence on shore windil have the water up and measured in feet. around here, athermisty morning. rather breezy and drizy on your friday. that's coming up. >> as we head to break, we show you a live look from the carolinas at hurricane florence. this is the roof that our jim handly is driving rightnow. he's seen deserted roads as people already evaated or sheltered in place. news 4 today continues with brverage of hurricane florence right after the eak. stay with us.
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welcome back to news 4 today. we're watching hurrine florence. this is a live look at jacksonville, north carolina. you can see the rainsoming down heavily there. the storm right now is just starting to brush the coast. this is a category one storm but e winds are still being clocked at more than 100 miles per hour in some places. the pounding rain and storm surge is expecte to cause most of that damage. we have team coverage on hurricane florence this >> yeah. jay gray is live in carolina carolina.rth jay, i can hear it behind you. what are you seeing there? >> hey, chris. we had a relentless attack from this storm for hours and it's intensifying right now.
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i want you to take a look at the rain. it's coming down in sheets here. pushed by winds gusting well over 80 miles per hour at times and the sustained winds have beenpwds of 50 and that's growing. the storm moving closer to the shoreline. about 10 miles or so from where we are rht w. so we're still going to see these conditions continue to amply identify for the next couple of hours here and overall we'lltr see theg winds and rain for at least another day or that's a big concern because in many areas we're already dealing with severe flooding here and this iran is going to add to that. in some areashe storm surge already reached 10 'rtreat. we not to high tide and won't h for quite sometime here, for severalrs so there's going to build as well. it's going to be a tough go for a lot people over the next couple of days and then you have that processfetting in and assessing what's happened and repairng the clean up and
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and that's going to be very difficult as well as we get another huge surge here. >> have you seen any damage so far where you are? >> we lost power a couple of hours ago. an hour and a half ago. we've seen some things fly by but nothing severe to t and as i look around, i have a pretty good perch here, i don't see anyoof top damage right now. so we've seen some signs go and things like that, but nothing to the extenthat we frankly expected andl koul could still because we haven't seen the worst of this yet. >> i imagine the sun will be coming up there in the next hour so that's going to give everyone a much clearer picture of how much damage the storm is doing. thank you for your hard workout there. >> right. >> stay safe, jay. >> sheena is here with more on the impact to our area. >> state of emergency cancec.ed
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for but still in place for maryland and vir wnia. >> nexk we'll see the yet tos and the worst is come. the heavy rain and inland flooding will be the worst it's going to b produce the center is moving on to the beaches very,now, north carolina, very slowly. there it is. just south of top sail beach is where the eye is spinning and trying to move on shore. basically t beginnings of landfall. carolina beach is farther to the south. there's the e. so as of 6:18, the eye trying to move on shorehere. it's landfall beginning to occur his will betorm and the case over the next couple of hours because of how slow it'svi . a lot of moisture moving in from the atlantic. the carolinas will be dealing with very heavily rain.e locally have showers and clouds from it. here's the track. a pretty sloover as we go over the weekend. catastrophic rainfall through th carolinas a then it will
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pick up speed. monday into tuesday it will swing thrgh our area give us some rainfall too. here's our local weather. you can see a couple of inches in some spots. down to the south. they are going to beng deali with just feet of rain from this storm. locally on the radar showers and storms in the atlantic and locally with cloud cover it's breezy and misty this morning and this is from theorthern section of hurricane florence impacting us this morning. >> temperatures in the low 70s as you walk outside. have the raincoat and the umbrella. a breezy day. we'll have showersn the forecast but over the weekend not too bad. we had a chance for scattered showers in the afternoon. as we go into the weekend, here's a gardening tip for you. if you're applying seed and ftfertilizer wait until the heavy rain. that's when we will be seeing e remnants of florence monday
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and tuesday. that's when we haveai heavy r through the area. closer l yk atr ten day coming up with chuck. let's get a check of the roads. >> good morning. inbound pennsylvania avenue after woodyard road. oneke b down. maryland state police assisting to remove the vehicle f right shoulder lane. otherwise in decent shape throughout the area. nories to speak of. white's ferry remains closed again thi morning due to the high water and flooding on the potomac. and running full schedule today and they decided they were allowivre trains in without a delay into union station so operating full service this rning. back tyou. >> thank you, jack. coming up a classic car on its america. >> say it ain't so. why the car will no longer be produced here seven decades after it arr ved. plus forrst lady michelle coming to and talking about her new book.
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when and where you'll be able to seeit. >> this afternoon on ellen, weekday update. >> it's not a rerun of saturday night live. they're stopping by and talking about monday night's emmy awards. the ceremony can be seen here on nbc 4. ellen will air this aft
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general motors is recalling
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more than 1 million trucks suvs due to a power steering problem. including certain chevy pick up trucks and chevy tahoe and suburban suvs. the issue occurs while drivers try to make a turn while going at a low eed. it could fail momentarily and has been linked to dozens of accidents. >> pretty soon the volkswagen beetle is going to be a thing of the past. they'lltop producing it last year. in fact, seven decades after it first came to the u.s. it's unclear wn theinal bug will roll off the assembly line. >> michelle oba will begin a ten city tour to promote her morie titled "becoming". >> most do book tours in small settles but mrs. obama will be at capital one arena. tickets go on sale next friday.
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>> good morning, everybody. still watching a landfalling hurricane on c theoast of north carolina. that's the eye of the storm now just c sing onre below top sail beach, north carolina. winds are gusting to 84 miles per hour right now in wilmington, north carolina. the latest on florence and your weeken >> plus, new video showing us the scary effects of hurricane florence before it even made landfall. look at that. gas station crumbled during overnight winds. >> now florence has made landfall. this is a live look at jacksonville, north carolina. you can see all the rain. we're going to check in live with jim handly in the outer get to the ross fall fashion event... ...and get the brands you want... check this out. "oh, yeah" prices. from the latest trends to your favorite brands, it feels even better when you find them for less. at the ross fall fashion event. yes for less.
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you know when you're at ross and you ...for how much?.. yes. that's yes for less. fall's best accessories are even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. 6:29 is your time right now. take a live look at hurricane florence as we follow the track of the storm. the eye now is making its way through the carolinas as a category one storm. this is a liv look
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we were showing you of the wins and rains in wilmington, north caroli carolina. >> here's some radar. we're talking about hundreds of miles of high wind and there's a long way to go until the carolinas will feel some relief. jim isn the outer banks with the tatest on conditions, but first to our storm team 4 meteorologist. >> the latest on the florence and chuckill fill us in on the local forecast for weekend ahead. >> good morning, take a look. this is the eye. it's spinning. moving right along the beach here and this is a sto that is very slowly trying to move on land here so we'll be watsing this we go through the rest of the morning and see which areas inland itill be impacting the most but all of north carolina is going to be feeling very heavy rain from this orm. highwinds, still the category one storm and giving our area some rain thi morning. wave heights right now, 26 foot seas in thdle of the storm.
6:31 am
about 19 foot high waves as we get t closerthe outerbanks. so they're not only getting batted by high winds and storm surge but inland flooding will be a huge concern. friday into saturday and even sunday. finally picking up speed and moving into the northeast as we go from monday into tuesday and that will be giving our area heavy rain. let's get a check onhe loc forecast. >> your friday is going to be another day with no sunshine around the area. and shower chances, higher rain chances for t southern half of the viewing area. unevenly divided today. much lower rain chances up through the pennsylvania border. already dealing with theast to west motion of rain showers across the southern half of maryland.nd off on rain chances. it's not going to rain every minute of the day today but it will be cloudy and breezy with missed drizzle andf pockets rain especially here this
6:32 am
morning and the evening hours. temperatures in the 70s now and will stay in the 70s all day today. the gusty east to north easterly wind will make it feel cooler than that. there's good news and we'll talk about that in a few more minutes. let's see if there's any trouble on the roads. >> gotne this morning, inbound, pennsylvania avenue. broken down vehicle. in that right shoulder lane and authorities are going to quickly get out there and try to remove this vehicle from the roadway. we are slow headed past pennsylvania avenue the inbound 11th street bridge. ran out of gas. the delay has not. new rorted crash south on i-295 before the beltway. white' ferrys closed still due to the high water. operating o full servi today. back to you. >> thank you. it's now 6:32. back t our team coverage of hurricane florence. we're taking a live look at
6:33 am
jacksonville, north carolina this morning. this is about an hour north of wilmington. you can seehe rain pounding there and this is where the eye of the storm is coming ashore. effects are being felt for hundreds of miles. >> it was raining in the o er banks where jim is joining us live. t has been following the effects of hurricane all morning. >> what are you seeing right now?el >> we are on the northern most point, fastest easthe poin in carolinas that you can find. we are on highwaych 12 w has been shutdown. we're going to show you what is blocking us before we actually see mounds ofand which you wopt see because it's beyond this police officer's car right
6:34 am
here. wervinwed a number of people that made that decision to say they are stranded on the other sidenow. they cannot get out. people that evacuated cannot get past here. again this road isoc d. you can see those front end loaders. they have been working all w tk to sure up the dunes, but it didn't do the trick. in pasthurricanes, it's taken a week or two for residents to get back here out there on to cape hatteris. we want to show you video of what's happening this morning in greenville, north carolina. heavy rains, heavy, heavy rains captured by our photographerwi nd gusts of 60 miles per hour. theinds are averaging 40 right now there. so this ishat is happening inland by 2.5 miles per hour
6:35 am
from here. the roof blowing right off the top there. again we have seen some incredible video coming out of this part of north carolina. heading back we had to do that u-turn because we couldn't go any farther east here. we are heading back toward the rest o the outerbanks. kitty hawk too. we have seen a l o of sand the roads. earlier on we saw some puddling. those bandsf heavy rain hit us about midnight, 2:00 and00 this morning. now the rain has calmed down. let's show you what theun can do. this is what the dunes start to do and we could have hou more of this with still wind gusts out there and more rai to come to wash this over. but this kind of sand has covered the road completely back to where we were. >> all right. jim handly showing us the impact
6:36 am
of the storm. it's such ao contrastee what happened where jim is versus other parts of nor carolina. peaks of sunshine and driving rain. conditions can change minute to . that's why you want to stay with us all morning. we'll have a lot more from jim and t entire team coming up here on news 4 today and throughout the morning. it's now 6:36. now to the other top stories we're following on this friday morning. one man has died and ten others hurt in a series of home explosions in ato b suburb. as many as 80 homes are damaged. entireoo neighbo had to be evacuated. too much pressure in the gas line sparked the explosions. >> a high school graduate tha was shot and killed in the district. taquan pinkney was killed. >> the d.c. mansion murder trials had chilling new details.
6:37 am
he said she seemed nervous and ared. minutes later, 911 dispatchersh receivall that the mansion was on fire. >> 6:37, we're watching the test on hurricane florence. look at a live picture here of wilmington, north carolina. the winds are really pking up. our team coverage continues right after this back now at 6:40 with live
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pictures from north carolina. the eye wall of hurricane florence came ashore near lmington, north carolina. take a look at these winds just blowing those t trees and rain coming down. it was downgraded to a category one storm last night but it's still causing whole lot of damage. >> don't get too caught up in
6:41 am
that number. the winds are topping 90 miles per hour. thousands ofple are without power right now and more than a million have beenold to evacuate the area. >> car makers are trying to help. hear how they're doing that this morning in the cnbc morning business report. >> good and general motors activated features for owners in the pat of hurricane florence. tesla temporarilyiv aing super charging on older cars and unlocking extra battery capacity on certain gm activated it's on star crisis assist for owner of vehicles with the built in feature. they also have access to realnf timemation to help them find evacuation routes or navigate through disaster zones. it will also help them find important resources such as gas
6:42 am
and food. >> and as hurricane florence moves on shore, in north carolina, we are seeing breezy and misty conditions because of . pect some showers in the afternoon forecast and don't leave home without that raincoat. chuck is back to show you all the updates on where the hurricane is heading and when it can impact us here straight ahead. >> northbound root 4. broken down in that far right shoulder la shoulder la ne
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what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. we'rene tracking hurri florence. we have been following this all morning for you. we have looking at pictures out of wilmington, north carolina. we've watched the winds pick up and the rain come down. >> take a look. lo at the rain and the wind coming down. things are changing. forecasters say it's gustings upwaf 90 miles per hour and we just learned more than 320,000 people are now without power. we want to continue our coverage ofhis tstorm.
6:46 am
we have to start with jim t liv outerbanks. what are you seeing there now? >> you mentioned300,000. last night was 100,000. the number was likely to swelle hihan 300,000. it could take several days, perhaps a week if history serves us from previous. hurrican that's how long it takes to restore power to a lot of these areas here we got it right where we are. we want to sw youome video from our crew on the ground in greenville, north carolina. they're experiencing some heavy rains. average winds of 45 miles per hour. 60 miles per hour windgusts. near further to our south and nosah top , north carolina we have some video coming in from there. water rushing into a garage. and a wal right there before
6:47 am
your eyes collapsing. we're going to be seeing this al you a little b about n bern, north carolina and a dire situation there. watecu r have already begun. we told you about a curfew until 7:00 a.m. now in new bern they extended the curfew for 24 hours. a curfew for 24 hours in new bern, north rolina. rescues are underway there. they have seen 6 to 8 foot wates suhere from the river. again these tribeutaries bringig that and flooding people out. truly devastation is what awaits people when che sunes up there. sunrise coming up in two or three minutes. another high tide here at 11:30 this morning. we were experiencing overnight wind gusts of about 75 miles per hour and we got hammered with some rain. now t rain has stopped. h is still windy here and
6:48 am
fortunately, ween't seen any power outages and no poles down where we have been. >> that is good news, jim, but i understand you've also seen a lot ofha wind and rain push a lot of that sand further inland as well. >> yeah. that sand just takes off and hits u. it was coming off that beach but the dunes, the dunes are so high here, they are actually blowing the sand and blocking a lot of roadways that we have come across. so it is impacting which roads are open and how long it did take for people thatid evacuate. >> we're driving up to the beach right here. this is one access point to the beach here. >> thanks so much for your coverage all morning for us on what is a big problem there in
6:49 am
the carolinas. jim handly, thank you, jim. >> justin finch is watching plans change for people in our area because of hurricane florence and the impact area live at rgan national with the latest. what are you seeing? >> well, no surpriseichat hue florence is going to be a problem for air travel, especially in the carolis. several airports now closed. close to 2,000 flights have now en cancelled into the weekend. we know that at least 6 airports are now closed in the carolinas. five in north caelina. in south carolina. and earlier this week, major carriers began to wave their rebooking fees and cancellation licy in advance of this storm hoping to get travellers away from the potential harm this storm could e. the hope the airlines seem to have operations, resu bounce
6:50 am
back by the weekend, hopefully as soon as saturday. now back out live, we are seeing some flights coming in,lightly delayed here. the question now is will we see more delays as a result of this storm? that remains to be seen at this time buthw sot, for example has cancelled a flight into and out of charlotte so you may want to check withour carrier if you intend to fly anywhere, especially the east coast and southeast today. back to you. >> thank you. lucky dog animal rescue had to step in to transport more than 40 dogs from south carolina to here in d.c. but during the ride the van's alternator failed. >> that left thels ani stranded in north carolina for hours. the community stepped in. more than 55 people helped good et the anima into air conditioned cars while they waited for a new van.pp s all for sail now.
6:51 am
they also paid to replace the van's alternator and all the dogs will up for adoption. >> yeah. >> 6:51. team coverage continues with chuck bell. >> good morning, everybody. friday morning here in the nation's capitol. all is quite for us. breezy outside. drizzle and light rain. what's changed with florence over the last hour or two as the storm has slowed down gn icantly? it's been going to the west only about 5 or 6 miles per hour so it's goingbe a long duration event on the eastern north carolina beaches. georgia, a little bit less at risk now and that's good news for the fks in georgia. unfortunately, the western carolinas, heville, the upstate of south carolina and south western virginia are all in store for the potential of ma ar flooding then the storm, whatever is left of it arrives here probably on monday. we'll keep you posted on that. it may try to pick up speed once it gets on ore. we'll find out as it gets closer
6:52 am
in. for now i don't think there's going to be much rain here on sunday. stay with us. we'll update the forecast as we get closer to it. i was just interroting the radar data. dead calm winds as you would expectn the middle ofhe eye. but near 100 miles per hour winds right now. that is only ten miles from a dead calm center in the middle of the storm to nearly 100 miles per hour wind. that's over a distance of onl about 10 miles. so here it goes. the storm scraping along theli north ca coastline here eventually heading down toward the grand strand andac myrtle there and look how little the storm goes. this is 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so 24 hours from now thetorm may have only gone a very short distance and then finally starting to curve. atlanta and south georgia will t less ofn impact from this but all the moisture, alle in
6:53 am
st for potentially very, very heavy rain over the next couple of days. there's a lot of model agreement on exactly what the storm is going to do. that's the reason the hurricane center has the forecast there. so landfalling on the north and south carolina coastline. sustained winds nea 90 miles per hour and rainfall amounts will be impr fsive. t of rain likely down across parts of north carolina but here, monday-tuesday time frame we could get 1 to 3 or potentially 4 inches of rain here. cast.'s your ten day fo cloudy skies and drizzle today and tomorrow. then some september sunshine. jacktaylor, good morning. >> good morning. inbound pennsylvaniaavenue, authorities dealing with a vehicle broken down in the far right shoulr lane a now we're getting a little bit of a delay. white's ferry still closed today unfortunately due to th high
6:54 am
water. a new issue in virginia. a single lane blocked causing a little bit of delay and very few slow downs on friday so all in all n too bad. >> thank you. we're still following breaking news i massachusetts. one person was killed and at least 10 others hur after dozens of home explosions and gas fires. look at the scene here. emergency management says too much pressure in th gas lines. entire neighborhoods have to be evacuated. an 18-year-old man was killed when the chimney of an exploding home came down on his car. state police say the fbi will help with this investigation. >> also developing thisg, morn sources tell nbc news new allegations against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh are sexualurn n and date back to his high school days. the senator from californiae sas received a letter from someone that did not want to come forward and shed tur that information over to the fbi.
6:55 am
sources say the person that wrote the letr wasn't specifi about the accusations or kavanaugh's behavior but the senate judiciary committee was originally scheduled to votey yester to confirm him but it's been pushed back to next oek. >> we could find if president trump's former campaign manager reached a pleae agreement withcial counsel robert mueller. there's reports he's be t in talks wi special counsel. he'll have a preliminary hearing today for his second trial. he's accused of illegally laundering f eignmoney. it's been about three months since the caps wonhe stanley cup. they'll return to the first day trainingcamp. there's plenty to watch for in the coming months. the team is a focus ready to move forward. hee first preseason game this
6:56 am
weekend against t bossen to bruins. >> hard to believe. sundaypuck drops afternoon at 1:00 in then. aftern and it is coming up on 6:56. here are the four things to know. the redskins held their first practice since sunday's home opener. colts m takes on the sunday at 1:00. >> bridge repairs could slow you down on the beltway this weekend. starting tomorrow, crewsill be shutting down some lanes on the outer loop near the bridge over suitland road. all lanes should be open by sunday morning. >> hurricane florence made landfall in north carolinatond this is packing winds upwards of 90 miles per 'sur. already reached 10 feet in some spots. hundreds of thousands of are without power and we'll have more on the conditions right now in the storm track coming up next on the "today" show. >> locally weee aren'tg anywhere near the kind of im ct being felt in the carolinas. the d.c. mayor cancelled the state of emergency declaration. maryland and virginia both
6:57 am
remainsnder state of emergency. check out our nbc washington app for maps showing the storm's path and pictures o the damage so far. >> yes it is a very impressive storm moving on shore in north carolina. there's wilmington and the senor of it does appearbe t moving more to the southwest but that will be moving over land and we'lin be s the impacts not until next week. so your weeke forecast not looking that bad. today though breezy and mist this morning and showers this afternoon. >> the effects of it hit us next week. >> yes, monday-tuesday. >> thank you both. it's been a big week. >> yes it has. >> we'll leave you now with these pictures from hurri sne florenll battering the area. you'll want to stick with for more on >> have a great day and a great weekend.
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good morning. good morning. breaking news. florence's fury. the dangerous hurricane pounding the east coast rig. a life-threatinenstg this morning hundreds of people in north carolina already trapped. emergencyescues underway. flooding, damage, and power outages quickly piling up as the storm slowly makes landfall. the worst still tos come t morning, and we have complete coverage live. today is friday, september 1h, 2018. >> announcer: f this is a special edition


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