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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  September 14, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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news4 mid tay dayth begins breaking news. >> good morning. welcome to "news4 midday." i am chris lawrence. >> these are live cameras. this one from carolina beach. theas area h seen high surf and heavy rain and high winds this morning. take a look at this. hurricane force winds dismantled a gas station canopy in south
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carolina. let's g live to nbc's wdy live in woolfolk with the conditions. >> reporter: the winds and rains are brutal and the conditions will not changeme any florence's much-anticipated arrival on the coast. driving rain and relentless winds already wreaking havoc. the feared storm surge already putting some communities underwater. >> we are there helping to support the local first responders that are going out and saving people that were asked to evacuate. >> dozens of people have already beenesed and nearly 150 more stranded.
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>> we knew we were stuck because it was our fault forng. >> reporter: power outages across the region, likely to last for days and weeks to ce. >> surviving this storm will be a test of evndurance, teamwork, common sense and patience. >>lorence's threat now a reality. the storm is going to continue to pound thi region for at least the next 48 hours. that's the latest in wilmington, north carolina. back to you. >> thank you. t t's going to be the danger is that continues to dump rain and water on that area. let's get to the latest on the bath path of lawrence. >> it's just going to sit and
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spin. look at the clouds righe . this is from florence. these are the outer bands we are seeing in our area from florence. again, this is continuing to sit and spin right around the wilmington oak island area. it's crawlg at three miles per hour. it can dip a little bit. it could dip back in the waters here. the eye of the hurricane gains more strength and then heads back over land. right now it's meandering off the coast and staying put and crawling and dropping a lot of heavy rain. you can seell of the water being pushed rhtig new berg where they are having a lot of issues. this is where we have tornado warnings and watches.
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you can see the red band is from our storm range, picking u heavy rain to the south. we will talk about the tornado threat possiblyarly next week for us as the remanence pulls ld through, we c have severe weather for that. we will talk about the weekend and sort it all up in 15 minutes. >> thanks. one of the areas hit hardest so far new bern. this morning the mayor told the "today" show, first responders have been working around the clock to help people. >> a lot of our staff have not had sleep for 36 hours now, and they are very tired but very tenacious, but they will make it happen, we will get the folks i
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bathe safe shelter. >> these liveicres of hurricane florence come in. it's clear. a lot of people will be needing help over the next few days and weeks, and one of the things you can do righte now is g blood. >> megan mcgrath is live at a nlood donation center northwest d.c. where people are already lining up, we understand. >> reporter: yeah, we are here at the donation center on e street northwest and you can see already we have people giving donations. they donated blood. other people have donated plate let's. some of the people are going to need medical attention, and there are a lot of people at
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home wondering what they can do to help, and giving blood would be an excellent way. many blood drives previouslyhe led had to be rescheduled, so there's an urgent need for blood. the people you see here are stepping forward to do their part. >> new bern there, it's certainly a dire situation. if you are interested in giving blood, it takes about h anr to give blood, longer, of course, to give platelets, and they are lookg for all the volunteers they can get. you can come to this location or the red cross has locations all
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across the region. if you don't want to wait in line or anything like that, you can go online and make an apartment so you can comeight in. there's going to be lots that will be needed in the areas h hardest by the hurricane, and really just how much is needed is not known yet the rescues are in the early phases. anybody who is willing to give blood, you are encouraged to do so. back to you. >> megan, that's a great way to help thoseton the's path. as we continue to watch t damage florence has caused, thousands travel plans aregi ng. 2,000 ay, close to flights now canceled into the weekend, and watching the boards here receive the cancelations, two cancels to charleston, south carolina, and same fo wilmington and raleigh durham.
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mostly regional airports are closed, and charleston international. southwest airlines going the tra mile to actually cancel flights into and out of charlotte just out of precauonsere. charlotte, the airport itself there is actually open. major carriers doing their part to waiving cancelation fees and rebooking ahead of the storm. we are seeing mostly on time ldights but that c change as the storm moves on. if you are flying at any point this weekend, check with your carrier and make sure your flight is okay. we are just beginning to see the full affects of th storm. myrtle beach has been bracing our or and in the last so they are getting stronger winds and heavier rain, almost
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every one has evacuated the resort town earlier this week. a emergency crew asking people not to come back anytime soon. let's recap the latest. the storm made landfall around 7:15 this morning near wrightville beach. 200 people have been rescued in new bern because of the overnight flooding. you will want to stay with us forology the latest on hurricane florence. you will find maps in our app, and we will update it as we get the. informati the hurricane is not our only breakingew ns. manaforts has agreed to plead guilty in a deal wh special counsel mueller. he's in court right now and we
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will bring you the latest. at least one person is dead after a g series of explosions near boston. itaud fires in at least 39ow homes and n we are learning homes and n we are learning morebout what caused it. aol
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deep hydrating eye gel breaks through the competition
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olay eyes with b3 complex hydrates better than $100, $200 even $400 eye creams. that's something to see. olay back with some pictures froe carolina h, north carolina. the area still getting pounded by hurricane florence.
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we are getting an idea of how rough the winds are. check out the gusts th. >> they are already seeing flooding in some of the streets. we know the storm surge come up an surrounded houses and works it way -- >> you can see gaudy is getting slammed by the wds there, and you saw the big gust at the beginning of the clip. >> in wilmington, north carolina, you can see the winds picked up considerably. >> you can see craig melvin already getti b hit hard the wind and rain. we are not even through the worst of it, but president trump already praising the response to hurricane florence. he tweeted, incredible job done
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by, feirst responders and law enforcement. this morning president trump is being called delusional by san juan's mayor. >> the president said, quote, this was done by tra dem in order to make me look bad, as bad as possible when i was successfully raising billions t help rebuild puerto rico. an independent study by george washington university said nearly 3,000 people died due to the lack of resources. even republicans are critical of the government and paul ryan says he disagrees with the tweets. paul manafort has agreed to a plea deal withederal prosecutors. he will plead guilty in special
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counsel mueller's iestigation. manafort was accused of participating against the u.s., nd money laundering, and failing to file foreign bank account reports, and lying to the justice department and charged with conspiracy t obstruct justice. no word yet on the impact this could have on the tru administration. >> it is hard to imagine an tagreementt doesn't involve cooperation. >>ueller is not going to make a deal with manafort until manafort can give himhe goods on donald trump. >> jury veletioselection for tht trial in d.c. was scheduled to start last month. one person is dead and
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dozens ofeighbors in the boston suburbs are empty this morning after dozens o homes explosions and gas fires. inspectors say there were problems with the gas lines and that sparked 8 fires acrosshe towns. a 18-year-old was killed when an explosion toppled a chimney on his car. some othe injured are firefighters, and one fire says it looked like armageddon. >> i have been in the fire service for almost 39 years and have never seen anything like this in myire career. ageddon.d like arm gette really did. >> so scary. >> emergency management officials say too much pressure in the gas lin built-up and caused the fires and explosions. crews had to cut electricity to more than 18,000 customers while the fires a gas leaks were
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contained. this morning general motors is recalling more than 1 million trucks a suvs due to a power steering problem.l the rec involves several vehicles from 2013, including chevy trucks. the issue occurs while drivers m try toe a turn while going at a low speed. the power steering can fail momentarily and has been linked accidents.f take a good look, because pretty soon the sroevolkswagen be a thing of the past. next year these two special beetle final edition modelsill join the line-up. it's unclear when the final bug will roll offss thebly line. love that car. >> i remember my parents had an
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old '76 green bug, and it was bad. >> yeah, one-of-a-kind. >> yeah. former first lady obama will kick off a 10-city tour to kick off her book signing. >> the former first lady will be at capital one arena. her big day in the district is november 17th. tickets go on sale next friday andiler tour wl start right after the mid-term elections in her hometown of chicago. w ill take you back to the live cerage of hurricane florence after the break. >> the storm is just n sitting ovth carolina right now. lawrence takes a closer look at where flo
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i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
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for the first time about the early release of one ofer kidnappers, wanda barzee who is scd to leave prison sometime in the next week or so. smart says she is dangerous. sh says herarly release comes after the utah patrol board ruled i favor of her attorneys, and her attorneys argued t prison sentence of up to 15 years should count her previous time served, at least count against it. here's stephanie gosk with more on what is happening in the case. >> do i believe she is
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dangerous? yes, but not just to me. >>lizabeth smart not holding back. >> i nope the depths of her depravity. >> she is a woman who had six children and yet could co-conspire to kidnap a 14-year-old girl a not only sit next to her while being rad, but encourage her husband to continueoape me. >> smart's 2002 abduction, taken at knifepot fromer bedroom. >> elizabeth, if you are out there we are doing everything we can to help you. >> smart was held for nine months before being discovered 18 miles away from home after a couple spotted her kidnappers. >> it's real! it's real!
11:23 am
r barzee late tesfied mitchell wanted smart and other young women has his, quote, plural wives. she pleaded guilty for her role in the abduction i set to walk free in a couple days. >> she saw me as her slave. she in her own right abused me he >> now that the utah patrol t count s ruled they m time spent in federal custody, and that means the 15-year-old prison term should have started in 2003. smart, now a child safety advocate says she has forgiven her, but doubts thater kidnapper has been re dbilitated. >>'t think she is just a threat to meut any vulnerable person in our community.
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take a closer look at the terrifying video, look at the water, it has reached the windows of a home ornight. that water had to be at least seven feet high. you can see it almost came up to the o ceilingthe home's carport. some of the heavy rain has caused rivers to overflow the carolinas. more than 30 p000ple -- that has beenumd up to half a million people without power. and that storm is moving so slowly. the rain is just coming and coming. >> i don't know where bell haven is, that looked like storm surge to me.ha that's they are going to see. that's the leading cause ofm death f 1963, there was a steady in 2010, and storm surge,
11:25 am
that's a huge stat. i know the power is out now and we are trying to get updates but i know they have got a lot of waterown there, as you can see from the live pictures. the heaviest storm surge, look outside, this is from florence, all the cloud cover you are seeing. the moist air mass, the fall, this is a direct from florence right now. we are on the outer ban, but you ca see it stretch all the way up into d.c. some of the rain moving from the south and west u -- sorry, south and east up to the north and west, that, again, is from florence. here we go, looking at florence right the and made landfall at 7:30 this morning around here, and coming on to wilmington, now th heaviest rain, that eye right here right around oak island area, just to the north
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of myrtle beach, ariving time, this is about an hour and a half from myrtle beach to wilmington. this is sitting just north of myrtle beach. we haveur storm exclusive radar, storm ranger 4, there around the virginia beach area and they are having tornado rnings to the south and we see that sometimes. don't know if we had any tornadoes there yet, at least that i can confirm, and that's something that we will watch. a lot of people are asking me about the rain down to the south around the new bern area, but that heavy rain is there and for us we areeeing light showers. again, look at the bands, all of this is moving to the west, so again, that isrom florence. one thing i want to talk about is the storm surge. anywhere from savannah to charleston, look at that, over a foot. now through wilmington, great
11:27 am
than six feet above, and around our area we are going to have storm surge even if it's not raining. we will have it because we get this easterly irflow, at affect from hurricane florence. with storm surge athree feet, enough to come up to your etwindows, nine feet, ten coming up over the house. all the wind is pwhro and go into the atlantic and potomac, and that's w we get storm surge around here and that'se why they dealing with the storm surge there. are going to continue to have showers today and tomorrow, and could be breezy at times, and showers on sunday and then we will see a little rain move more into our area with the remanence of florence. we will talk about the track for monday and tuesday of next week, and that's whene will have to
11:28 am
pay attention, and we will talk about local affects u coming in here about 15 minutes. >> thank you. hurricane florence is still a danger. we are going to get the latest from fema that just held a briefing to talk about the damage like this already being reported. i had been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. i serve in the general assembly and we work together across the aisle to get things done.
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and that's the what fred needed was a management team. not just to have a long-term strategy f quantity of life, but also an active strategy for quality of life. my psa is under control. ctca gcce me an opportunity toplish my goals and my dreams. learn more at appointments availableow.
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take a look at this.
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this is a gas statith in n carolina. a gas station that was -- it has been toppled by winds from florence. this happened overnight. just some of the destruction we are seeing this morni a. we take a look at live pictures. there are a lot of concerns about power outages along the coast. about half a million peoplen' dot have electricity this morning and that's just in north carolina alone. >> as you have been hearing all morning, flood something a big issue. 200 people rescued in new bernr carolina, because of riding floodwaters. the storm is t expectedo just sit over the carolinas for days. the fury of hurrica florence being felt along the coast now. >> there are parts of communities that are underwater right now. people are stranded in some of the floodedrgomes and ecy management officials say the danger is far from over. i do want to emphasize that
11:32 am
this is only the beginning. florence is a very slow mover, will continue to trek along the north carolina andnaouth caroli coastline for the next 24 to 36 hours. >> you know, every once in a while you get the gusts that knock you off balance. that's for sure, compared to how it was before, though, this isc ainly a lot better and for the crews going out to make the rescues, these are much better conditions to be dealing with. now you can remember not that long ago i sasnding out in the eyewall and craig was, too. if you can pull up the radar, the eyewall,he tye of the storm is shifting to the southwest so it's pushing the conditions further to the southwest and here in wilmingtot we are getting the drier bands that work through and you are not w dealingh the tr
11:33 am
torrential downpours. a few cars have gone by, and all of the flood water you are seeing, that's just rain water at this point because we have had several inches of rain fall in a short period of time. there's lot of low-lying areas. you can see part of the road here is flooded and then it goes up in elevation just a touch. that's the concern. once the cars do get back on the roads, you don't know just how deep that water is, because you go from dry land into a deep puddle and you don't know how deep that puddle is and it doesn't take much to lift that car. n it an see it's deeper t looks. it only takes 12 inches of water to float a car, and two feet of water will push a car away, so that's why you do not wan to drive through this type of water because you cannot judge how deep it is. that's gng to be another concern once folks go out and assess the situation a little more. >> it's amazing how quickly the
11:34 am
conditions have changed. when we first saw dylan there in wilmington, she was getting knocked around by a tremendous amount of wind. stay with us for all the latest on hurricane florence in our nbc washington app, you will find maps showing s therm's predicted path as well as some of the affects and we will be consistently updating that a we get information into the news room. we have new details this morning about thef future cainal donald whirl. he says it's time for new leadership at the archdiocese. the cardinal has been fac g grandopposition since the jury report criticized the way he handledriests accused of sexual abuse. he says a new leader will help the archdiocese move past the, quote, current confusion, disappointment. >> just a heads up this weekend, you may want to give yourself a
11:35 am
bit o iextra timef you are driving on the beltway. this is right over suitland road. all the lanes should be reopened by sunday morning at 8:00. tons of grapes have been taken from a vineyard in virginia, and that's not a e exaggeration. they say the loss is devastating, and the vineyard is going to have to be closed until further tice, and police are investigating. >> what do you do with six ton of grapes. >> where do you store them? >> where do you sell them i tyou are tryisell them? the team start thaeureir fi day of training camp. despite mt of the tea coming ack from last year's winning season, there's plenty to watch
11:36 am
in the coming months. there will be, like toddn, riorda taking over as headco h. the caps are focused and ready to move forward. >> yeah, the first pre-season game is this weekend against the bruins. the puck drops on in sunday afternoon at 1:00. and this is a look at practice yesterday o aheadf the indianapolis colts coming to town. they t lostir first game to the bangles, and now washington is hoping to win their first two games. after the break we will learn if fans will get wet at the redskins game. and then animals that needed toe rescued b a
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people areot the only ones
11:39 am
needing to be rescued from florence. the trip didn't go quite expected. during the ride the van's alrnator failed and the animals were stranded at a g station for hours. more than 55 people showed up to help get the animals into air-conditioned cars while they waitedor a new van. the furry little creatures are all safe now. we also want to mention all of the dogs and cats will soon be up for adoption. >> amazing how stories like this can bring out the best in people and how generous people can be. >> yeah, and that's what you want to see in a time like this. >> absolutely. we are seeing pretty bad conditions there in north carolina. >> is the storm going to slow down again?
11:40 am
could it move back out to sea and strengthen again? >> it could, but it's going to meander around tha area. it will go just a touch faster, and once gets over land it loses energy, maybe three to five miles but that's about it. yesterday when doug and i working it it slowed down tope0 milehour about 24 hours ago. when i did the 11:00 a.m. yesterday, it was at ten miles an hour, and it could gain a little more strength and speed up just touch but really it's three to five miles an hour not going to make too much difference. for us, that actoslly some good news because it's going to be well to oue. are we talking about a weekend washou no. are talking about a few showers around our we will have c flooding with the storm surge. that will bring that water from the atlantic into the chesapeake
11:41 am
bay and into the potomac. so that water is not going to have anywhere to go. coastal flooding definitely a possibility. sh should you cancel plans this ekend? it's going to look like this all weekend, what it looks like now. nicer weather isoming. these clouds are from florence, and floor suprence is a categor hurricane. just to the south they had tornado dowarnings, torna watches. this is always tbe expected. right now just seeing heavy rain coming through the norfolk area and not aroundhe outer banks, although we are worried about the storm surge there. coming r most band is through our area, and that's how it's going to be throughout the day, showers through tonight and plenty of clouds through ndtomorrow morning,ould be breezy at times, and as that
11:42 am
stormushes to the sou and west on sunday, then we have chances for showers on sunday, and then back on monday. not a washout over the weekend. we will talk about the local beaches. if you are headed there, some erosion and breezy. probably just stay at home. and redskins game, it's going to be fin with few showers but that's about it. heavy rain possible monday and tuesday. we will talk about that. i will show you the latest track fand the 10-daecast coming up in ten minutes. >> thanks, lauren. and then if you are looking for something to do this weekend, we have ideas for you. >> ye will tellou about a local restaurant that is local restaurant that is celebrating a prettyig honor. b
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i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
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hurricane florence is bringing in plenty of clouds. the storm made landfall near wilmington california this morning. we will look at our rain chances in a few minutes. we need to know if you pose a threat? >> we're assassins. >> the most lethal hunters in the university are stronger and smarter and deadlier than ever. >> they are part of thetoatest "pre series. it started out with a bang and then it meandered.
11:46 am
what do you think of the new one? >> yeah, i really enjoyed the first one, 1987 and we are in e jungle and we had schwarzenegger and jesse ventura, two governors. they stayed in the jungle, then al had its invisibility cloak, if you will, when they were trying to hunt it down. and this is the sixth installment, and this one i think makes a mistake by leaving the jungle and goes to the suburbs. i think maybe it's trying to go for "stranger things" or an "it" sort of vibe, l and theittle kid in the room is wearing the predator mask out for halloween and using it to shoot bullies and things. if that sounds silly, it's because it is. i would have enjoyed a more serious one like the first one where they are out in the
11:47 am
jungle, and i would have preferred that, and you would have seen less of the alien. overall, the biggest thing is the sense of humor, they give one character turettes disease and he starts spitting out very, let's say, sexually offensive things, and so iteels kind of tone deaf for the era we live in. for me, i am a mixed to negative on this one. >> okay. so far the first one was still the best. turning to another show, social activist was known for his genius. >> i ameallyxcited to see this. i see it next week. it's "turn meoose" at arena stage and produced by john
11:48 am
legend, and like you said, eutsz t it's the story of dick gregory. so many people came from dick gregory's style. we caught up with an actor greg gibson, and he told us the story flashes back and forth where you will have gregory on the '60s and '70s, and then we chart the rise of when h made that decision to go into the civil rights movement, and heli rs at a certain point i have to leave allonhe behind, millions of dollars, and a top actor, and so there's a lot of common ties that factor into sday's comedians, too, so i can't wait to it. again, "turn me loose" at arena stage. >> i would like to see that, >> too. there's a mix of music on tap
11:49 am
in the coming days. give us a rundown on some of the concerts starting this weeken >> yes, paul simon will be at capital one arena night, and i am going. jiffy ozzy osbourne at lube live, and then biz coming. h kevin hart will be at capital wo and looking ahead to tuesday, the great country artist,so akrauss will be at the anthem. keep an eye on the weather and maybe the indoorens will work better. >> sounds like a great tip. >> have a great weekend. >> thanks, jason. it's all gold everything for the first time ever. they say good-bye to the coveted red carpet and say hello to a
11:50 am
gold one. the duo also has a special appearance later today. >> this "weekday update" will colin and michael and ellen degeneres. >> yeah, they are stopping by the ellenhow this afternoon to talk about the emmy awards. the ceremony can be seen right here on nbc 4. you will wanto make a reservation to find the first restaurant in our area to be given three stars by the michelin guy. >> the inn is 70 miles west of d.c. this is the chef that can be credited for bringing the restaurant worldwide acclaim, and there are only threera restaus worldwide with three
11:51 am
stars. congratulations. a waiting for a liver transplant.. will die waiting. don't wait. find out about living-donor liver transplants at upmc today. living-donor liver transplants mean less waiting and better outcomes. upmc is the nation's leader in living-donor liver transplants. so, why wait for a liver transplant? call upmc today. upmc. life changing medicine
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we're outside the station right now because we are previewing an event coming up saturday the 22nd. it's the d.c. walk for the animals o a we are talk about is a very exciting race. re is matt williams.
11:54 am
>> it's been going on for years and it's an opportunity for people t come out and raise money, and for $35 you can take your dog for a walk around the block and get a t-shirt and goodie bag, and you get to take part in the event and it's fun. >> itbenefits? >> the human rescue alliance and all the services provided to the district's animals. >> and you guys are helping to host the wiener 500, right? >> yes, it will be after the race and all the proces of the wiener 500 goes back to the rescue. there's lot going on ande we excited for it. >> the trophy is forhe wner of the wiener 500. these are dachshunds racing, right? >> yeah, whatever you want to call the there will be 128 dogs racing
11:55 am
that d>>. 128? >> yes, there are 16 prelinary heats. y wow, this is a really big deal. h, it's a big deal. we had well over 2,000 people attend last year, and combined with the walk we are expecting the same numbers or more. e and they so generous to raise money for our program and services. we will have adoptable animals on site. there's bee and foodn site, so a great day. >> basically why would you not comeat out to event, especially with th atkadoptable animals. behind us, we have wiener dogs ready. in the jumpsuit, that's an guy and we will see how he isdo. th is a preview of what will happen at th d.c. walk for animals. ready? on your mark, get set, go.
11:56 am
okay. so was it a tie? i think we have a winner. there we go. i think it was this one right here. who iss? thi >> tater tot. >> and then we have the guyn the jumpsuit that did notven move, but maybe he will move on saturday. make sure you check it out, the wiener 500 which is going to be at the d.c. walk f animals. thank you so much forei here. you can find out more about the animals up for adoption. >> and yeah, check out >> hopefully you can make it out there. >> thank you. >> a great cause. >> yeah. oi> we are to take a final look at our weather and hurricane florence. here' another live look at wilmington, north carolina. looking very dark and gloomy. high clouds and rain are expected to be a problem for days to come. what is theatest right now? >> the latest is that the eye is weakening a little bit and filling in with more rain
11:57 am
showers, so still a category 1 hurricane, and it'swl cg at three miles per hour. it heads throughilmington and then it heads west, well west of by pb phomonday. we will have rain until tuesday and it could be heavy at times for our area, and the take a look, wednesday, thursday, friday looking fabuls. absolutely wonderful. we are going to continue to watch for showers this weekend. heavy rain by monday and tuesday possible. >> thanks, lauren. that's it for "news4 midday." thank you for joining us. we are back with the latest at 4:00. >> have a great day and a >> have a great day and a fantastic weekend.
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♪ we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ >> for now, let's eavesdrop on a host guest. i'm julie chen moonves. good night. that was her in the first cbs appearance since he stepped down at ceo. welcome to "access live." scott evans is with us. >> hello! >> on this friday. i thought that moment was ae drp th mike. boom. end of the show. >> interesting there. she didn't start the show like that. she used julie chen like she normally does and how "big brother" ended and said jie chen moonves. which i don't thinkhe


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