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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 15, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we are going to continue to watch heavy rain for that .
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these are the bands i'm for. 12.inue like this at least we're going to get the storm surge with the winds up and around that area. back here the cloud cover we're seeing, a direc impact of florence and a few sprinkles as well. you'll wake to fog and nice tetemperatures. eratures in the 60s and 70s. we'll talk about florence's latest impact on us through the weekend. >> the storm is relentless. at least five have died since the storm made land fall on north carolina's coast. that number could climb with widespread flooding and rescues continuing at this hour. the storm surge puts towns under
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10 feet of water this moing. in wilmington a tree fell on a home killing her infant. the slow moving system could dump drenching rains of up to three feet. >> now our focuss on protecting people. we're in the thick of the storm and it's far from over. >> this g thousands of folks do not have power. at last check the estimat was around 740,000 in north carolina. another 163,000 in south carolina. help from the d.c. area is heading south this morning. a helicopter rescue team from the maryland national guard is set to assist folks dealing with tropical storm florce. >> chris gordon talked to a key member of the team about the trip. >> this is captain mike stream. for the past 1/2 years his main mission with montgomery county fire and rescue has been
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swift water rescue work. now he's being sent to north carolina to be a lowered from helicopter to rescue people trapped by the waters wf floren can't be reached by land or boat. >> whether it's too through roof, on a car, around the car, off of a balcony to get to >> governor hogan is authorizing maryland heart, the helicopte aquatic rescue team to fly two helicopters. >> putting rescuers in the water is very ngerous. this allows us to get in very quickly with ale cap aircraft and crew and rescue the victims quickly. >> captain stream has been told he'll be down in the carolinas fot five days. if more help isd nee at that point. ilother member of the team from montgomery countybe sent down there. that's the latest from montgomery county. back to you. >> a chef is at it again, feeding victims of this
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disaster. our robert harrison caught up with him. andres and his team have already delivered foodir to feed responders and people in north carolina. he says he's happy the federal government learned from the aftermath of puerto rico last year. he was asked about president trump's rejecting the death toll of nearly 3,000 people in puerto rico. >> why? nobody's going to make a responsive like he did it, but the lackf empathy, the lack ofha recognizingthe death toll was much higher and the death tollhat didn't happen through the hurricane ripping the island but happened on the weeks and months later, that actually tells you how little effort the federal government had in making sure that we will be fixing the issues. >> world central kitchen hopes
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o provide enough food for 150,000 victims of florence. the tide water area, there's a forecast having florence barrelling toward hampton road. residents rushed to board their homes upe the storm arrived, and for some folks ngorence was not goi to stop them from doing their duties. >> florence, isabel before, a lot of different storms. we're always here. >> john, a u.s. postal carrier. many residents tell me they're grateful that florence sparedat area. nbc's continuing coverage of tropical storm florenceicksp at 7:00 this morning with the "today" show. they have cws live along the coast. you see dylan and craig as the storm continues to pour dangerous amounts of rain on the carolinas. that starts at 7:00 right after
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news 4 today. right now a suspected serial rapist is behind bars without bond. montgomery down police arrested a man who is accused of raping at least three women, including ri 86-year-old. thes happened between 2007 and 2011 in germantown and gaithersburg. dna at the sces matched. it was tested in a database of samples submitted to genology es webs >> i have some experience in doing these family history searches and genealogy work, they were able to identify mr. alexander. >> detectives are combing through other unsolved cases to see if alexander is responsible. now to an emotional mass at st. matthew's ka thecathedral. a survivor of sexual abu by a
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priest and an archibishop both spoke. >> we were not allowed inside for the service. but we spoke to the survivor. >> reporter: michael nungent walked into a cathedral after sharing his story about being abused by a priest in chicago. earlier he spoke aut it at a mass. >> i went to the cardinal and showed him what i had to say, and he said it's perfect. >> reporter: the mass maged the beginnf his season of healing meant to bring attention to the sex abuse scandal. he was aner boy when a priest sexually abused him. >> he was a one man crime wave.e >>sked for prayers and healings for those assaulted by the sin of abuse. he lit a candle of healing with nugent who received a standing
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ovation. >> i think it was con vice and powerful to hear. >> reporter: there's denies that they moved or reinstated priests accused of abuse h whenwas bishop in pittsburgh. he said he would ask the pope to accept his resignation. >> in my heart i hope the popes accehe cardinal's resignation. >> the church willet healed once they start taking care of the survivors. reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. the family of a d.c. child murdered in a shootout was waiting to see some of the alleged shooters in court. what happened with the lawyers put a stop to that. we'll explppn what ed next on news 4 today on this saturday. a
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>> month after a young d.c. girl was killed in a shootout
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her famy is still waiting for justice. >> she was killed when several men opened fire at an apartment complex in northeast back in june. since then police have made two arrests. hen yesterday in front of the family, a judge delayed the first hearing for those two men. >> we spoke with the family outside the courtroom. >> reporter:ozens of family members and friends of the girl including her mother, father and sister crowd into the courtroom, but the judge delayed the hearing saying that both sf thepects in this case were entielted to new attorneys. one becau the suspect said he didn't like the representation that he was getting. the other attorney, the judge ruled, she had a conflict of interest. outside the courthouse, the mother of the girl expressed her fru ration that thece pedings were being delayed and the other three suspects haven't been taught. >> it's sad going to sleep at night, waking up and you still know there's still other people ou here. reporter: theng evenif
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july 16th turned deadly in this courtyard in northeast d.c. when four menumped out of a black car carjackedli weeks e and opened fire. spraying 76 bullets across the courtyard. hit. people were one of those 76 bullets pierced the heart of ten-ye-old makiaya wilson on her way out of her house running to the ice cream truck. in late august two men were arrested and charged with the ung girl's death. emotions ran high inside and outside the courthouse when the two suspects made their first appearance before a judge. the shooting that killed wilson appears to have be a retaliatory attack of one gang against another. she was an innocent bystander. police say one of the suspects was recorded while talking to a d.c. jail inma over the phone after the shooting using coded language calling it a terrorist
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attack. the judgeill appoint new defense attorneys over the weekend. they're due back in court on thursday. outside the court, mark seagraves news 4.ri all t. you're taking a live look at the myrtle beach. you canus see what florence is doing there. rain coming down. rand as well. we'reing florence this morning. we'll have the latest coming up. stay with us.
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for several days we've been talking about coastal flooding during high tide along the potomac. we found out rg wasn't the only problem. >> some georgetow residents say it's forcing more rats out into the en. news 4 took a look at the problem on the water front as we expect mne r from tropical storm florence. >> as the sunsets over the georgetown water front and ducks gently swim in the potomac. the scenery doesn't comfort some local businesses. edward lynch managesony and joe's seafood place. >> it's really hurt us. >> where businesses drop like water in this fountain. >> it's not jhet me or ownership. it's not just therb. it's every employee that's getting affected. >> affected by this week's astal flooding from potomac. it's filled rat holes pushing
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the rodents inland. business isown 50% compared to last week. >> the water goes up. the r have to go somewhere. luckily wave the walls and the rats don't go hear. >> reporter: he's right. the flood gates are up separating water and rat restaurants. >> i don't want the rats to come through and scare herybody. shaw seen the rodents on the other side of the wall. >> i look at it and i'm like that's disgusting. i can't stand those. ra >> it's created a real situation. >> reporter: d.c. councilmember, jack evans. >> we'll have a lot more rats than we've had in a little while. >> everybody is biting their breath waitingor the hurricane does, what the flooding situation does. >> repter: i just can't. >> thank you for that. >> i don't do rats. i don't do roaches. can you imagine eating on the water front. >> that little boy'sreaction, think we all identify with that, that's gross.
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>> we get up in the middle of night sometimes, and i've seen them in georgetown. they're bigt' as rats. >>insane. i can't deal. >> saying a lot ishe because offlooding. is that going to continue? >> listen, we are going to -- even if we're not seeing rain, we're going to continue to have coastal flooding. it's a direct result of florence. we get all the winds that wrap around it. they're coming up through the east. storm surges are the winds are wrapping around this counter clock wise. that's why we'reeeg this easterly wind. that pushes water from the atlantic to the chesapeake to the potomac. that's why we're going to see coastal flooding. because that water has nowhere to go. once it gets into the potomac, it's tafloods. co flood warnings out there. coastal flood advisories. it's ongoing until tuesday until we can get florence north of us. let's talk about this weeken a lotf people want to know how
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to flonce going to affec is it a washout? not by any stretch of imagination for the saturday and sunday. we're looking at nice conditions out there as we go over the next two days and then we'lltart to see more rain head in on hate sunday night through about tuesday. coastal flooding, that's going to be with us until at least tuesday. should you cancel plans this weekend, i think you're going to be all right to go ahead a get outside. just keep an eye to the sky. we could have a few passing showers. the good news is we have nicer weather coming our way. finally it is coming our way for wednesday. and fall actuallbegins on saturday. all right. we have tropical storm florence. i forgot to change the banner we'll go to this one. this is what i was talkiact. this hea rain is continuing to push on shore. a lot of the places tt have d a lot of rain. here's the center of circulation down by charleston. all of this rain continues to wrap around this. as i was talking about, we get
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the easterlywind. this is where we get the storm surge t now coming up into wilmington and on into jacksonville, newburn. here are the outer bands of what we're seeing for florence u by norfolk. again, this heavy rain continues to just roll right into th area. and as this hurricane drifts to he west, it's going to bring heavy rain withit. i am expecting heavy raing alon the coastline, the south eastern coastline of north carolina for quite se time. here's for all those interested. they have some rain but not as much. they still have the storm surge. back here at home since florence is shrinking, her cloud shield is shrinking as well. ig're seeing some clouds and drizzle out there now. and we will continue to have a little bit of cloud cover throughout the da you're north of d.c., you're likely going to seens ne. want to talk totals. look at this. here's the grays.
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4 inches of rain.pic it's going to continuehy that's'm saying all this rain is going to continue to push into the south eastern shore until at least 6:30 tonight. they'll continue to have heavy rain. the latest track, winds at 50 miles per hour. it's a tropical storm. it's slowly moving west headed through colombia, south carolina and will continue to the west of d.c. coming through the ohio valley. it's going to bring us ringin he ur area. let's talk about the few showers we're going to see. this ishrough today. again, some clouds. some peeks of sun. some showers out there. very similar to yesterday. and then we're going to have a chance for showers through theto day rrow. and then here we go as we get into sunday night and nday, up along to the north and east. heaviest rain most likely west of the blue ridgemo tains. east we'll get a few showers. i think maybe 1 to 2 inches in
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store. that's about it. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. here's a look at the ten-day. we'll head to around 80. a 30% chance of showers. if you're south, a chance. chances of rain late sunday through monday. should wrap up through the day on tuesday. wednesday, thursday, friday, looking wonderful. we'll have rain possibly for next saturday first day of fall. more news right after this.k
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we have an alligator crossing the road. run, gator. run. >> oh, my go. >> we just had a story onts ra. now gators. this is out of south carolina. someone had some concerns about that about her new nei bor during florence. it's an jlligator theret crossing the road during the heavy rain. >> omg. >> why did the alligator cross the road? >> to get away from florence, appareouly. >> therego. listen, florence can't dance on the spirits of a bri trying to tie the knot. beach in north carolina arried until what was once hurricane florence decided to show up. the reservations were bookefo ad paid but a mandatory evacuation threw the plans out of the window. they'll exchange vows in their hometown in west virginia and they're having the ceremony at the city hall free of charge.
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> at 6:30 on this saturday morning. the storm as weakened but the rain is still pouring in the hi carolinasmorning. tropical storm florence has already killed at least five people and could dump another three feet of rain on folks for just trying to clean up damage. >> and hp from theair. maryland emergency workers are to ing set to head sou help as rescue efforts continue for those stuck in the destruction. >> plus anlled serial rapist is behind bars. a genealogy website helped them find what they needed to crack a decade old case.
6:31 am
>> news 4 today starts now. > on this saturday morning. welcome in to news 4 today. good morning to you. >> good morn 'm meghan fitzgerald in for angie goff. thank you for joining us. we want to know what's going to be the impact of florence in our area. >> the reali is this thing is relentless. it's dumping rain out there. as you mentioned, we want to know how the impacts are locally . for that,re go to l rickets. i think we'll have to wait until late sunday night into tuesday afternoon to see the heaviest rain in our area. it d stillsn't look like a lot of rain. we could have gotten worse. liveapital camera. you can see we have the cloud thereand mist and fog out as well. your morning planner, temperatures at 71 with a lot of cloud ver. as we continue through the morning we're looking at misty and foggy conditionsew a isolated showers possible as we go through the morning. better chances lie south as
6:32 am
opposed to the north. we'll have a chance for passing ouwaers here and there. visibility down a little bit depending on where you are. worse as the sun comes up and it will start to burn off. again, through montgomery county through baltimore and the shenandoah valley, the visibility istough. cloud cover. a little bit of clear sky action just to the north of it. we are seeing a few sprinkles to the south. light stuff. of the the outer edge rain bands for florence. it's a tropical storm. and this is going to continue to sit and spin right around the north carolina, south carolina border. you can see the center of circulation around there. but heavy rain continues to pus in to wilmington, pushing into jacksonville, north carolina. this is going to ctinue to
6:33 am
ve west. we are going to look at impacts from this but not until monday and tuesday. we'll talk about that and the ntweekend e that's coming up in 15 minutes. >> all right. wuren, we'll check inh you. let's stay with florence. at least five people have died since the storm made land fall. that number could climb. the widesprea flooding and rescues are continuing right now. the storm surge put towns like newburn under 10 feet of water. in wilmington a tree fell on a home killing a mom and her inflant. the slow-moving system could dump drenching rains of up to three feet. >> now our focus oh season saving lives and protecting people we're still in the thick of the storm, and it's far from over. >> big part of the issue here is that power is still out to thousands ofpeople. at last check the estimate was around 740,000 customers without power in north carolina. add to that south carolina.
6:34 am
another 163,000. now to one man's effort to feed the victims of the disaster. our barbara harrison spoke to chef jose andre. he haselivered food to feed first responders and people in north carolina. he says he's happy the federal government learned from the aftermath of hurricane maria in puerto rico last year. barbara asked him about president trump rejecting maria's official death toll of near 3,000 people. >> reporter: wh nobodys going to make a preceden re -- president responsible like he did kill ople, but of those te lack of empathy, the lack of recognizingt the death toll was much higher, and the death toll that didn't happen through the hurricane ripping the island but happened on the weeks and months ter, that actually
6:35 am
tells you how little efforthe federal government had in making sure that we will be fixing the issues. >> world central kitchen hopes to pvidenough food for 150,000 meals for victim of florence h tomorrop from maryland arrives to the carolinas. maryland heart, helicopter aquatic rescue team isending two black hawk helicopters down to north carolina. the maryland governor authorized a team from montgomery county. >> rescuers in the water is very dangerous. so this allows us to get in quickly with a capable aircraft and air crew and rescue those victims quickly. >> the crews should be there about five days if more hel is needed. another memberom from montgery unty will be sent down there. >> h out power to more than 1 million people along the coast,nd this slow-moving system is expected rain.p up to 40 inches of >> wendy is in wilmington, north
6:36 am
carolina. wendy, i know this storm seems like it's stalled. are?'s happening where you >> we are still experiencing that torrential rain and the punishing winds at this point. good morning to you, david and meghan. even 24 hours after florence made land fall, she is not loosening her grip here. >> florence punishing the carolinas with wind and rain as she crawls down the coast. in her wake, storm surge putting towns like newburn under ten feet of water. >> it was horrifying. just wondering what's going on and where the water is going to go and how high it's gng to g and how we're going to get out. >> reporter: those rescues with good outcomes. in wilmington, rescue effort became a grim recovery after a tree fell on a home killing a mother and her infant. is home for all of us.
6:37 am
regardless ifilou have a famy or not, it's a human life. >> reporter: florence has wreaked havoc throughout the region. roofs no match for her fury. trees taken right out of the ground. >> oh, my gosh. > reporter: and hundreds of thousands will be without power forome time to come. >> if the storm hasn't reached you yet, it's stillcoming. >> reporter: still more patience needed to weather this storm. right now the death toll stands at five storm related deaths and unfortunately because the winds and rains are expected to continue throughout the weekend, it's no time to let our guard down. live in nwilmington,th carolina, i'm wendy. back to you. >> all righ wendy, our best to the folks down there and you and your team stay safe. we want to remind you nbc has continuing coverage of tropical storm florenceat starts at 7:00 this
6:38 am
morning. less than 30 minutes from now with the today show. crews are live along the coast as the storm continues to pour dangerous amounts of rain on the carolinas. that starts at 7:00. >> a o ras overdoses is wreaking havoc on the district. health officials believe at least five people have died from overdoses since thursday. medics treated at least 47 people from overdoses in the same time period. health officials believe people overdosed on k-2. also known as spice. most of the overdoses happened near oanizations that serve homeless people. there have been more than 1,000 overdose in the past two months. paul manafort is cooperating with the special counsel's russia investigation. that is o partf paul manafort's plea deal. he admltted gui to other crimes but avoids a secondldrial
6:39 am
that c bring greater punishment. robert mueller gets ful access to the man to led the trump campaign during the 2016 campaign race during a crucial time. take a look at this. tickets are going to be on the sale for the second annual meet the press film festival. it's on monday,th october in d.c. and you can get tickets at film. >> it is technology that could prevent deadly train accidents but you will not find it in maryland, and that could cause very big problems for some of youho ridehe rails. eaking down the details. that's next here on ne (announcer) there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are.
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the "today" show is coming up next on nbc 4. >> that's right. let's take you up to new york.
6:42 am
no doubt you're continuing to follow florence. >> yes. good o rning. it's gbe a busy morning here on saturday today. we're live in the storm zoneth slowst moving tropical orm florence brings relentless rains to norou carolina and s carolina. >> the storm is responsibledeat. it's knocked out people to nearly a million people. >> and dylan is tracking the storm f nmth carolina when we get started on a saturday morning here on >> sounds good, guys. thank you. >> see you, guys. >> all right. m ayland senator is looking for answers from the governor and the state's marked train system as a deadline looms for a mandatory safety update. >> the federal government has warned to the concern. congress first directed the railroads two install new technology a decade ago. the deadline was pushed back but now it's three months ago. >> our investigative reporter
6:43 am
has the story. >> reporter: the nation's railroads are scrambling to install ptc, hardware on the trains and tracks that communicates wirelessly to prevent collisions. e system can slow or stop a train automatically if it's going too fast for conditavns. it could prevented crash after crash. >> we need to make sure when a passenger gets on a train they know that they are going to get to their destination safe ri. >> theen marylandor took note when the federal government sent three warning letters saying mark is not only in derrick of missing the extensi. they said they may not let trains out ptc run on their tracks after january 1st. >> it will cause a proble
6:44 am
>> reporter: but others say it will not happen and mark is in tracko be up and running by the end of the year. >>e will do our best to urge marc toove in the right direction and try to address safety concerns as quickly a possible so we can avoid inconvenience to passengers. >> if they miss e deadline the federal government could start issues fines as of january 1st. it hasn't said how much money it would be. in an interview the governor told news 4 we'dll look into of this. >> 6:34 is your time. a live look outside at the airport. you can see another cloudy start. lauren ricketsur tracking forecast for today. she's also keeping tabs onrm tropical sflorence. . re a
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, if you're headed to any outdoor parties today, it looks fine. i would not cancel them. i me deals if you're having a wedding. ve a lot of brides contact the last but should make for excellent pictures. showers.ssing the redskins game, a few passing showers. humid but warm for the redskins season home opener. we'll look at gorence. it ing to impact us.
6:48 am
we have to wait until early next week to see the s.impa we'll talk act that in five minutes. >> neil has played with the best. his boss for more than three decades has been the boss, spruce springsteen. >> loft season back for a weekend of shows and, of course, news 4's mark seger sat down to about him being home and how meetingdr jimmy hen changed his life. >> he's known for his on stage o ti. neil is going strong as a member of bruce springsteen's band, and he's happy to be back home where itstarted. we caught up with him downtown. >> walk down m street or wisconsin avenue and look old buildings i used to work in. >> he recalls as a teenager going to the old ambassador theater in adams morgan to see jimmy hendrix. >> that night i walked out ofhi
6:49 am
thereing man, i was almost possessed with an uncomfortable notion of i think i have to try being a professional rock musician. >> a few years later he's the opening band for hendrix on his 19th birthday. >> i knock on the door and jimi hendrix a wered thedoor. he was standing there grinning at me. i shook his hand and said i'm a giant fan. you're the reason why i'm trying to be a professional musician. >> he would have a prolific career and be springsteen's he's in town this week performing his onriginal songs. and he does something ding his shows that you won't see many rock stars do t he'l dance. >> i'll take a poke at it and i'm still a beginner. it's mildly musical or hilarious. >> we asked mills what's next for springsteen and the e-street
6:50 am
band after bruce wraps up his show. >> i would imagine after four or five nights aor week a year and a half, he might want to rest, but fingers crossed, there will be another chapter. no plans at the moment. as for his solo career, he hopes to release h new album next spring and he's looking forward to his three shows this weekend. >> i always love playing in the d.c. area there's just a level of comfort here, and history that at ease. >> so cool. he plays tonight and tomorrow with his three brothers and possibly some special >> and it's at a cool intimatev e. >> very cool. >> lauren with us on this saturday. >> crazy out there. >> know >> that's from florence. >> is it? >> can't complain much c rse the mist and the humidity, it's --ul
6:51 am
>> it have been worse. we could have had that moisture. there's an arearef hoture that didn't set up over us. that moisture would have gone right into our area and we wld have been dealing with more flooding than we're going to see. we're not going to muc except along the coasts. i don't think we're going to ge. much ra maybe areas to the west late sunday night through tuesday morning. we're talking about along i-81 and west. let me show you what's going on. fog. a little bit of a breeze. that's how it's going to be this morning. we'll have a lot of cloud cover out there siday. lar to what we saw yesterday. outerin, you can see the band well south around the richmond area. we're looking at cloud cover here. we are picking up a few sprinkles here and there. for the most part, we're not looking at too much. here's few sprinkles there going toward wind chester. the outer band is justun a the richmond area. we are going to see sunshine north of d.c. today. otherwise some cloud cover.
6:52 am
here's the circulation. you see the eye just right the. and all this heavy rain continues to push on shore. florence now a tropical storm. winds at 15 miles per hour. it's going to me ander around the south carolina coastline and drop a lot of heavy rain through central north carolina before i starts to take the turn north and by sunday we'll start to see it moving into portions of kentucky. then it moves to the north and east, makes a trek toward new england. this is when we could see rain in our area. this is going to be monday and tuesday. and mainly the rain is going to say closer to the track. the hviest rain. a lot through west virginia and the shenandoah valley. a few passing showers as we continue through the day. expect cloud cover with peeks of sun and tomorrow same as today. then weet into sunday overnight. that's when the moisture rides up the mountains and into our
6:53 am
area. if you're rest of the blue ridge mountains, probably more rain. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. today 80, passi showers, peeks of sun. for sunday, not at.wash it's going to be breezy at times. tomorrow is similar to today. forecast for the mountains. monday tuesday possibly heavy rain. you could get up tnc 3s locally. i think it's more like 1 to 2. moderate rain through manassas, even up to frederick. this is monday, tuesday. areas of moderate possible. we couldave a few thunderstorms in the mix. for the d.c. metro, we're looking at showers and coastal flooding and that's theame dealor our friends in southern maryland. anybody ong the potomac river. that where we see coastal flooding from now until tuesday. by the time we get toes wey, thursday, friday, it's so nice. temperatures are going to be in the midos0s for the part. next chance of rain saturday. that's the first day of fall.e
6:54 am
we have m news right after this. .
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our coverage of tropical storm florence continues next on the "today" show. and speaking of which, it is not over yet. some people are dealing wit serious side effects. >> yeah. >> and the flooding down there through newurn all t way down to the south carolina,
6:57 am
north rolina coastlinedevastati. they'll deal with that for months to come. for us showers tay a tomorrow. passing sunshine. temperatures around eighty. better chances of rain from florence late sunday night through tuesday morning. as the areas west could see more rain along i-81 than areas eastu of the ridge. 1 to 2 inches wednesday, plenty of sunshine. si>> what gets me is how m the storm is. we're feeling the reaches of the outer winds. unbelievable. we'll have more coverage next on the today show and then we're back at 8:30. .ntil then, have a g nooo... yes. "oh, yes!" prices. like that handbag for-wait-how much? what? or that cute jacket that says "check me out" at a price that makes you say... check this out. that's yes for less. find your new fall look at the ross fall fashion event. ross has the trends you want and the brands you love. and it feels even better when you find them for less.
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good morninea brking overnight. the ry of florence. the deadly storm that road ashore as a hurricane, downgraded to a tropical storm overnight. florence wit s thehts on south carolina is still pummeling north carolina with rain. bringing with it the potential for catastrophic flooding. neighborhoods under water this morning. hundreds ofcu reses as rising flood waters trap people in homes and sending tany to meroofs. so residents wishing they had listened to the warnings to get out ahead of the storm. >> a bad decision. >> and the slowoving storm and effects are still far from .over we have d


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