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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 15, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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right now at 11o 0, new videshows florence's tossed around and homes ripped apart. at least 12 deaths now blamed on the storm. rising concern over flooding. rivers are approaching record levels. and thousands are evacuating, in
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preparation for what could be the mosttr disasous flooding north carolina has ever seen. i'm jim antley. in new bern, north carolina, where we await another high tide. dthousands are being t not to come back home anytime soon. >> new 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> u.s. military teaming up with civilian crews to rescue people trapped by florence's assault. i'm erica gonzales. as if peoe in the carolinas didn't have enough to worryt, about tonigh a new threat. hey, you guys, you know you're looting, right? you're stealing. >> a reporteron cfronting looters in wilmington. because of the looting, police have poimsed an extended curfe for som areas. officers have arrested several people. we have team coverage on the storm. we're going to get a look at the damage that florence has left behind.
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first, doug is in the weather senter tonight to talk about where florence and how the storm will affect us pretty soon. doug? g yeah. it isng to start affecting us in the next couple of days.l st tracking florence in north carolina. the latest advisory came out and it's only moving at 3 miles per hour. that's why this has been such a aolific rainmak why it's going to continue through the night and through tomorrow, too. you cee theter just north and west of myrtle beach here. look at the intenseeds out here. that's intense thunderstorms, making its way onshore with the feeder bands. this is why r we've seenfall totals of 20 and 30 inches. you see this coming around the wilmington areaagain. overnight tonight, this will move toward the western portions of northarolina and south carolina, a mountainous region. flash flood willing be prevalent again tonight. watch what happens overnight tonight and in towards the d onmonday, up the spain of the appalachi
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spine of the appalachians, and toward our area. i'll show you what t o expect your sunday. and who has the best chance to see flooding in our area on monday. doug, thank you. cars, boats, even homes have been tossed around like toys by tropical sthrm florence. damage is extensive,ly especiear the coastal town of new bern, north carolina. jim henley has a report from one of the hardest hit areas. >> reporter:t boat after b round up in back yards and front yards. nobody know where'shis one came from. it's registered to an owner in south carolina. it's believed it was on the other side of the neuse river and at the height of the storm, the heavy winds ble it right across the river, and landed it on thisf side the garage. the people who owned that beautiful home right there, they were in australia at the time. but many people were here. in fact, almost 400 people have
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been rescued. late this afternoon, there were another 100 calls out to be rescued. take a look at this drone video over new .be of the city's 22,000 residents, only 300we have these are anxious days and nights. >> since iheived , i've been through one hurricane and a tropical storm. but it's never likeis th. you know? and the fact that the water stayed over land so long makes it a lot worse. >> most people are either elderly or mt people have kids and they can't get out. and then, on top of that, most people can't have nowhere to go. it'sot like they can belieleavew they reallyted to. >> more than 4,300 homes sustained damage. many like this one, uninhabitable. thousands ofid rts are told not to come back for another two days because of the rains to come and theve we have another high tide at 2:30 sunday morning. in new bern, north carolina, jim
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handly, news 4. as b s as therm has been for many communities, the worst is yet to come. and wng are get a clearer sense of the human toll florence is take on families in the carolinas. nbc's jay gray is in hard-hit it carolina beachthe latest on conditions there. >> reporter: a day later, the effects of florence are no longer measured by wind or water. the storm has lost a bit of the power, but none of its bunch. >> we faced walls of water, at our coast, along our rivers, across farmland, in our cities and in our towns. >> reporter: stalled over the carolinas, the massive weather system continues, dumping recrdd re amount of rain, in many areas of feet, notch . >> we'll see areas flood that have note. flooded bef >> reporter: rivers and
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tributaries are spilling over theirnk bas, pushing into places water has never been before. and more is on the way. rescues continue in new bern, ave cityed by a ten-foot storm surge. >> it was horrifyi. wondering what's going on and where the watter is going to go and how high it's goingo go and how we're going to get out. >> reporter: across an expanding strike zone, trees and electrical lines are down. hundreds of thousands without power. tens of thousands in shelters. everyone, everything here, trying to escape the rising water. jay gray, nbc news, carolina beach, north carolina. we have much more aad on florence. news 4's darcy spencer is live fairfcounty, virginia, where teams are heading to the carolinas to help in t rescue efforts. meanwhile, switching gears tonight, a woman is at a local burn center after her vape pen the fairfax county fire department tells us thaswoman
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was anger sitting in a car on grant street in herndon. the incident happened about 3:30 this afternoon. they flew her to a local burn center. no word on the severity of her burns. we're told tet no one e was injured in this. think back to when you were learning to drive. so things were a little tricky, right? but chances e, this probably didn't happen to you. take a look at these incredible pictures of a driving lesson gone wrong. this carni ended up in a comty pool in montgomery village. the driver and another person got out saly. this is at the north creek community center. a fire department spokesperson says this appears to be driver error. at driver was apparently practicing how to park. > just not good day all around for drivers in montgomery county. this brand-new wcar, stillh the tags on it and everything, flipped over right in front of tzgerald subaru in gaithersburg. the driver managed to get out before rescuers got there.
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driver was the only one in the car and we're told will be okn. no word o how the car managed to fli over like that. tonight, two new frightening stories. first, an attack on the bches in cape cod. the state of massachusetts hasn't seen anything like it in 80 years. plus, a metal skewer impales ea10-year-old. the hrtbreaking
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a horrific scene off of massachusetts cape cod. a shark attack killed a man who boarding. you can see an ambulance racing from the beach with the victim. the victim died at the hospital. witnesses tried to make a tourniquet while others
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frantically called 9 11. >> just a giant eruption of oo water, 15 wide. it looked like i saw a tail and lot of thrashing. >> this is the first deadly shark attack in massachusetts in more than 80 years. last month, a shark attac happened not far from today's attack. that beach is closed until further notice. an incredible story of survival tonight, of a 10-year-old boy. he wasmpaled by a metal skewer dung a freak accident. xavier cunningham is now awake and talking about his experience while he's in the hospital. he was playing in a tree house last weekend with a frien near kansas city. that's when a swarm of yellow jackets started stinging them. xavier jumped from the ladde and landed on a foot-long skewer. an x-ray shows that metale dev went through his face and stopped at the base of his skull. >> he said, i'm dying, mom.
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ou said, i can feel it. i said,e going to be okay. he goes, i want to see jesus.t don't want to see him right now. >> it took doctors seven hours to remove that skewer, it missed his eye, brain and spinal column. he wants to keep the skewer as a reminder he beat the odds. thank god and good doctors. our team coverage on tropical storm florence continues tonight. we're going too live to fairfax county to show you how fairfax county to show you how local teens are doing i'm neal simon. i'm the son of amigrant and a family man. daughtal: hey, dad. neand now i'm running for the u.s. senate, unaffiliatith any party, because they're playing partisan games and getting nothing done, an crippling america. i've created high-paying jobs right here in maryland by lisng, bringing people together, and finding common ground, and i'll dsethe same thing as your tor.
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they s i an outsider can't do but... all: together... neal: ...we'll prove them wrong. neal simon, and i approve this message. let's finally put people over politics.
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and i approve this message. i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
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right now, more first responders from our area are heading to the carolinas to hel wi rescue efforts there. we go live to chantilly, where the elite force one has been activated. any sense of what time they may be rolling out? >> reporter: erica, initially, we were told we would be rolling out about w. you can see they're working on that. so, we haven't got an updated time line at this point. this is another example of people here in our local area being called to duty to help people in the carolinas. you're seeing some of the boats here in the parking lot. if you look right white truck, they're going to be driving down in the trucks. they're loading up the gear. they're not surexaly what they're going to be doing and where they're going to be going, but they areeady to help. and here's some of the video of the boats that are headed to north carolina tonight. they do know that they are going to north carolina.
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there's 32 team members going. because of all of the rain and flooding there,y are expecting to help with water rescues. this is a very eerienced team, like you said. they've been on many, many missions before.te ational missions. but this one close to home. you probably didn't get much notice. >> we got very little notice. we thought we were going to be ke in reserve. but we're glad we're going. we'll assist as many people as we can. >> reporter: that's what they want to do. they are used to bngalled on very short notice. of course, they've all been watching the storm, wai see.o they were sort of on standby and they got the notice. they are able to deploy again very quickly. they have the boats ready and all their bags packed. we're watching and waiting for m this t to deploy. they will probably be leaving here within the next hour. erica, back to you. >> all right. more hands for help for our
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friends out in north and south carolina. darcy spencer out inhailly tonight, thank you. as we monitor flosrence, a deady typhoon has barreled across the philippines today. it hit the northern part of the country the hardest. trees and power lines have been pushed over. smallkeillages loo like twigs. 100-mile-per-hour winds peeled back the rooftops on a gas station. the storm is heading towardsg hong knd southern china. hundreds of peorne in northe virginia lost power after a huge tee cam down on powerli nes. crews worked for hours to try to clean this whole mess up and fix the broken powers license plnes. at one point, 200 people had lost power. >> theenefit of living next to
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a scenic byway, b lot ofig trees and power cially with all ofhis rain, it just comes down. and that's it. >>ed satur grounds. most dominion customers have their power back on tonight. let's talk about the catch rated ground and the rain over othe last couple days and because of this thing that's sitting and spinning behind us, we're going to get more of it here. our friends in the carolinas are all.n the clear a >> you see the te come down in our area. that was in light winds. monday will ban interesting day, as the remnants of florence come our way. its allbout north carolina right now. south carolina taking a blow today, for sure. north carolina, today, it's been about eastern north carolina. that was the same thing yesterday, as florence made its way onshore. tomorrow, it will be western portions of north carolina. you see the satellite picture. anywhere you see the reds here, those are thunderstorms just
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blowing up over the atlantic and moving onshore, continuing the onslaught of incredibly heavy rainfall. you notice the storm north of charleston. this stayed to the north of them. myrtle beach noteeing much as far as the heavy wind theres th. but some rainfall. the i area came onshore, wilmington, north carolina. look at this. thevy hea rains still in the wilmington area, around oak island re won, asl they're trumping four, five, inches per hour at times. there's a tornado watch in effect until 7:00 tomorrow morning for this entire area. as the storm moves to the west, you will continue to see the feeder lobands. how long with incredibly heavy rainfall. look at the rainfall totals. this was the feeder band yesterday. and these are thean feeder today that are coming across here. and notice the rainfall totals. here's wilmington, 23.6 inches here. 21.2. the highe i've seen, over 30
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inches of rain. yet.e're not done just you know we have another day to go in this same area. then, itoill start shift. right now, tropical storm florence, still tropical storm, winds of 40 miles per hour. only moving at 3 miles per hour. that's goingin to co to sit and dump more rain on eastern portns of north carolina. here it is tomorrow night at 8:00, at 30 miles per hour. now, this is very mountainous region here. even if they get three to six inches of rain, they arect exg ten in some locations, you're going to see flash flooding. e of the higher-ups at the prediction center, actually saic thld be some of the worst flooding this area has seen. to western north carolina. they haven't started to see the rain yet. then, it moves through west virginia into our region. it will only be a 25-mile-per-hour or depression.m we may see winds here but not expecting much as far as winds.
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but a 30-mile-per-hour wind gust could take down some of the trees. an issue.ould be we have the redskins came going on. 1:00 start.or dryhe most part. shower activity during the game. you see some showers trying to move our way. these showers move back to the west. watch what happens as florence moves our way. back towards theh shenand valley. and the blue ridge, that's the area to watch here. we see rain on monday. d.c. will see rain. but the heavy rain, right along and just to the west of the blue ridge, this is an area, where we could see flooding and toward the corridor. chance of showers. best chance tomorrow will be south and west of washington. north and east, a little better chaps chance of sunshine. 83 degrees on tuesday.e mayb even some thunderstorms on tuesday. we need florence to get out of here because everybody needs the dry out. and we'oi finally to do so in the middle of next week.
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real nice weather next wen wednesday, thursday, friday. fall begins on saturday. >> right oncue. >> and the 70s coming in next weekend. we need it. jayrudenad his team prepared in week one. there's a new challenge tomorrow. we're going to hear about what to look out
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this is the "xfinity sports desk." >> forget i said that.n it's b rough year. d.c. united, no way,an no gain. ens all-time goal scorer making a difference in town. alexandervechkin gave us, we're not going to be bad. he said something else. and the stanley cup showed up.
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> redskins, we haid victory against arizona. now, for an encore, if they want to start the home schedule for a win, they have to contain the colts' quarterback, andrew luck, the first ov pick in the 2014 draft. a promising start to his career but has been injury-prone. he missed all last season. jay gruden knows it's bettero be good. >> i think you'll see him a lot more thmfortable. e was a time when he was gobattered pretty od, as far as protection is concerned. it's getting better and, better whichbe will make himtter. he has plenty of arm strength and accuracy with td football reat movement in the pocket. in sports, we always live under a cone of certainty. but this week, the srts world intersected with a cone of i uncertainty, o the world world. that prevented east carolina to play virginia tech. virginia went ahead with its
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home game against ohio. but it was on the road. virginia making nashvill tennessee, their home, on the campus of vanderbilt. niceus camp all-cavaliers early. up t aouchdown in the first. bryce perkins and the sidelines, mes one guy miss. he is gone. 86-yard score. part of a 240-receiving yard day for him. later in the first, it's 14-7, at this point. another huge play for virginia. lrdan ellis goes right up the gut, as theike to say. trun everyone. this is a 75-yard score. 170 rds, 3 touchdowns. virginia wins over ohio, 45-31. 79, jordan mcnair is always in the terrapins' hearts. back at college park. terrapins down three. blocks a punt. he picks it up himself and goes 27 yards to the touchdown. a two-score game a thispoint. at the next terrapi possession,
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they're driving. right to him, shawn bradley. he plays for temple. body is going to catch him. 78 yards for the score. maryland loses, in disappointing fashion, 35-14, to temple. and finally, simply amainam. that's the galaxy of l.a., scoring his 500th career goal. and the way he did it, one of the world's best, the old spin and back heel kare chop. is.i don't know what that what is that? >> you're going to see this over and over on social media, even though the galaxy lost. 500th career goal. it is fun the say. tomorrow, d.c. united wayne rooney. >> when dave is limber eteugh yoga, that's what he can do. impressive stuff there. >> >>yeah. dave, thank you so much. thank you for joining us for news 4 at 11:00. "saturday night live" is coming up next. have a great one, everybody.
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